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i.jAtrca dt LiivT i usluiiicc al Acw
CD. L,, c*S xSlKl waco limiLCT'.
?. H. A ULL, EDiTOK.
Tuesday, October 31, 1016.
The Herald and News is late again
"with this issue. It is impossible for
lis to get up tne aus mai cumc iu u.
cur friends do not bring the copy before
the day we go to press and then
sometimes bring it late in the afternoon.
We apprecaite your busr.ess
and make the best effort we know to
handle it, but we cannot do it if the
copy does not reach us in time. We
are forced to leave out at least a
half page of advertisement this issue
simply because we cannot get the
copy up and because it came in late.
We regret this more than the adver-;
tiser, because we need the money, but
we must make at least some of our
- i
mails or the ads that are in will De
worthless. Don't wait until press day j
to give us the copy for your ad.
We have driven in several sections
of the county recently and the roads
are fine as roads go in Newberry, but
so many of them could be made so
much finer by the use of the drag that
yre still wonder why it is not used
more than it is. And then most of
* ~ ~ TM-IO a tool
lilt 111 die luu nauun. jiuv wvw
bridge road from Prosperity is good,!
but will need attention before very
long. The Piedmont beyond Xewfoerry
towards Kinards is about ?he
best of the roads in the county though j
it is entirely too narrow and needs i
lagging. Especially the first two
miles out from Newberry is full of
-toad and jolty holes. Why not drag
the roads when it rains again. It
"will pay.
"We have read with a great deal of
interest the series of articles that
Bditor Koester has been publishing
in the Piedmont giving a resume of
the political history of the State for
the past 25 years. They are very
readable articles and we would like
to see them printed in more permanent
*- -6 !_ M
form and more convenient xor reierence.
We know of our own knowledge
of many of tlie incidents w^hich he re;
-oites. In one of his articles he says
tfcat he never did understand why it
was that Gary Evans had such a h.oid
v <m Tillman. We happen to have in
, possession an interview with a
prominent politician o! the Reform
movement which would throw considerable
light on the subject, and it is
tbe handwriting of the gentleman
kimself, and it has never been published.
<He did not care to have his name
msed, but said if any one questionea
-the truth of any statement that then
he would acknowledge the interview.'
The dailies of that time would not
print it without the use of the name,
and it has never been published, and
not that he is dead of course we should
aot print it. From what we knew
-at the time we are inclined to think
tfaat the statemen in the inerview is
about correctly stated.
orD vprV
JIT. 3 cvx ixvivo mi v t
readable and his recollection is good
and the reading of them has called to
mind many incidents "which we had
forgotten. We hope he will revise
tbem and have them put in pamphlet
The Herald and News is doing the
fcast it can in placing the new names
on our mailing lists and in making
tbe corrections. Many of the new
subscribers are being sent in single
packages and the paper may be delayed
a little in consequence. j
Mr. W. H. Jones will take the place
of Mr. C. & Rikard as manager of
the federal box at Oakland mill.
Nat Gist bought twelve bales of
leng staple cotton Friday at 25 cents
a pound, eleven from Mr. A. C. Slign
and one from Mr. H. T. Carlisle.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Davenport
of Saluda were in Xewberry yester-j
<iay. ;
council of St. Phillips Lutheran church
will sell at auction to the highest
bidder for cash the old church hu,'lf' j
ing and carpets on Wednesday
ember 1, the sale to he at 3 V ik
in the afternoon.
FOR RENT?One 1-horse farm, one !
2-lhorse farm and one 3-horse farm
for the year 1917. Apply to M. M. Buford.
FOR SALE?Two hundred Iwishels
of seed wheat at two dollar? par b?sh-el.
Farmers "Oil Mill.
I FPflfP fi
! 1 NIm &_
eo?pamta?ca?rii i in iiihum??
Men's am
'' : / '
v . ' 1 >
? S v0
ur stock of i
odd pieces are
quality and fit, an*
just a few broken
a full clean stock
dise, all new we
patterns. They g(
low price of, $5.9
Our ?tock of boy
, as good as the besl
to you. Come lool
close inspection i
prices are $1.49 an
baby boy suits. M
come 100 miles to
Boomer sale for all
dise. Rain coats f
dren. Come to th<
; on sport coats, rair
misses' long coats
boomer sale.
Blankets, Sweater
In this departme
needs in bilk. Wool
The Fc
IJCVM.^crrccv.Trysn s * i. . ?- *tr~. " " _ 'r-rv
F&1P A ^ ?^A'
" ^ Sjj t ' \ S te"< 9 1
ICIj 51 iJ
1014 Main
' keeD tibw
~ &
d Boys* Suits
lien's and boys' suits and
the very best in style,
3 lower in price. Not
lots to select from, but
of high class merchanaves,
neat and nobby
) in men's suits at the
8 and lin.
s' and children's suits are
i, the prices must appeal
i the stock over. Your
is invited, the Boomer
d up per suit. Big lot
others, it will pay you to
this the big November
. wants in clean merchanor
men, women and chili
Hub and save 25 pr ct
1 coats and ladies' and
specially priced for this
s, Coat Sweaters and
jnt we have just your
en and Cotton |Sw eaters.
kofncf riw
V .'ViUlV'". ^ ' " * - . .
If pv:
II Is ?*fi P U
I tifiliijii
- QJ7
Street, Ne
f6! ^ TV
The many pretty sha
mention. The booi
$5.00 Silk Sweaters
and men's all wool S
world over $3 to ?3.1
each, misses and chil
Our line of woolei
are bought at th
while you have a ch<
same way. we say <
for you all know thi
per cent in the fac
boomer's prices for c
$1.49 and $1 79. \
than the lowest. *
Men's and Boi
In this department
newest and nobblj
John B. StetsonY th
hats. We call your
line of nobby shap
shades in men's hats
low price of $2 eacl
worth less than $3
I them. Caps for all
cents up.
Dry Goods, Dress
Your special atten
partment. The sayii
tively the best value
jwing S
| *3 ft * ,*1 $ & h
SHi lAl
Ui SJ Villi!
wherry, Souti
*e strivin
I at price
J as a?A nil m awAII* t/\
uto at t iv-' liuiuviuuo ivr
raer price is on them,
at $3.49 each. Ladies
weater Coats worth the
>0, boomer price $2.49
dren's 49c up.
l and cotton blankets
e old prices and now
nice to buy them the
:ome now, don't dalay,
5 line has advanced 50
:e of 20c cotton. The
:otton blankets are 98c
Voolen blankets lower
s Hats and Caps
_ -
t we are showing the
r shapes and shades in
e worlds best makers of
special attention to our
es in all the leading
for you ag men at the
1. Not a hat in the lot
.50 each. Ask to see
, large and small, 24
Goods, Ladies Waists
tion is called to this delgs
will be great. Posi
ever offered in ladies j
ts s
[Y, Proprieto
?tore in !
*v r -m-" -t > ? n ht i n> ? w ??**'
F| A. A lf PH
ig imih &?
? tit isrir.Sft
EtJP iL s?
Ii Carolina.
ig at all
s to please
skirts and waist, they are
low. Now is the time to
this boomer sale is made
in the midst of the buying
most need the goods. Th<
mered down to the lowes
will agree with the m
satisfied customers that t
the place to trade and sav
article. Our line of Silk
worth looking at. They
Others in Crepe de Chin
the leading cloths at the
and up. Come, look this
merchandise over and we
you a clean saving of 25 ]
article. The boomer sale
Hub Store.
Shirts and Ui
A full line to select :
priced and neat in style,
these lines over.
Big lot men's fleece
1 . . %
drawers at the low price c
stop on the wayside. Co
Hub November boomer sa
Nnvpmhpr i? flip rnnnfli
ges, rain and cold, so a v
given the buying public,
shoes are lower than the
Boston of today. So we ;
now while you have got 1
the unheard of low pric<
prices are trade winners
wear and must, or a new ]
A lot of $5.00 men's Ed
shoes at $3 50 and $4.00 a
Just arrived by expres
ment of ladies' high cut b
black and patent leather a
of $3.00, $3 50 and $4.00
If you want the best Ell
come to the Hub, every p;
another pair free. Even
boys and children's, ask t<
stock is complete. Don't
the great November boom
want in clean merchandi
priced, every article, not i
prices, but every article
g?ifiy& irWil
South Ca
% ii ^ ?4
L JfiliL
k A
: i
pncea specialty
save money and
for your benefit
season when you
3 prices are ham.
11 ^
t notcn ana you
iany hundreds of
he Hub Store is v
e money on every
Waist at $1.98,is
will please you.
le, Reps, ,and all
low price of 49c
i $2500 stock of
will try to show
percent on every
begins now at the
from, all specially
Don't fail to look
undershirts and
>f 39c each. Don't
me direct to the
ile, it begins - now
of weather chan
ord of advice is
The prices of our
; manufactory in
idvise all to buy
;he advantage of
;s we give. Our
i, the shoes will
pair free.
glish Russian Tan
pair. \
is the third shipoots
in white and I
it the low prices
worth double. a
; work shoes made 1
air must wear or
rthine- in misses'.
) see .hem. Oiar
fail to come to
lersale for every
se. All specially
i few, catchpenny
lower than the

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