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R?acoiml&8fr>Bed Officer ? Union
" ? * 1 ..4
10*panj, f irsi oesuHcci, J?
Typhoid Yictl*,
Testerday brought the first d?atk
imtmg tie South Carolina troops on.
tka border. Sergt. J. I. BlalocK,
- jottp&nj S (Union), First South CaroIhuf
.infantrr, died at 8 o'clock yester-'
4av'morning In the base hospital a?
Ftrjt Blise, El Paso, Texas, according
fc# & telegram received in Columbia.
His' mother, Mrs. M. M. Kaney uvea
it. Columbia, at 903 First street, Elmir*o<3
f*ergt. Blalock died of typhoid, the
Message received in Columbia said.
He had been promoted from corporal
fti&ce leaving the mobilization camp at
Sfcyx, near Columbia, August 7, for
- T?xas. The commander of his commwiy
is Capt. J. F.~Walker, Jr., son of
J. Frost tW^lker, clerk of court fori
"Dlol Artlf T3T Q C ?? I
KkSpiana coum/. rat. ~ ^ _
UK&iniat and was working at that
trade in Union when his company was
4tlied into service. His comrades i
inucui him a good soldier and believed
fets promotion well deserved. A friend i
ia Columbia said yesterday that he <
developed typhoid a fortnight ago '
?ad was transferred to-the well equip- I
yed base hospital so soon as it was
realized that he was seriouly ill.
* 1 - 0^?fK ror- '
The heaitn recora 01 tue OISUUli V/t?* | <
lina troops on frontier duty has been i
exceptionally good. Fire units from i
tfcis State are in Texas. These are the 3
First and Second regiments of infan- I
*ry, a troop of cavalry, a conmpany of
engineers and a field hospital.
Minneapolis, Oct. 28.?Thousands of
letters, each containing 10 cents, are
?curing into the local postofflce da4,y
Irom women in various parts of the
* * ?? "nnHlaoQ
pnntry "vrno nave juiuou au cauivuu i
bain" cheme, promoted by the socalled
"National Brokerage Exchange.''
federal agents arc searching tor oticers
of tke "exchange." who are
wanted for using the mails to defraud.
Tc ever? wman who would sen.} 10
ceots in silver and write five frieTvls
mrging them to Join in the chain, the
"exchange*' promised ft "new 191.
-?odel, silk petticoat."
''The volume of mail for 'Exchange'
SB rapidly growing," said Postmaster
? ? "a-nA tr.rtav we received
-K. vA. X Ui VIJ , uuu J "35,000*
letters, inclosing 25,000 dimes.
? Thousands of the letters have been returned
to the writers, hut a large majority
carry no return marks."
eosmjruAixr blyixg *
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Wgfcer than they should. Perhaps the j
kousewife has forgotten the great
-soap saver?borax.
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jnakes your clothes cleaner.
Use borax whenever you use soap
' It pays! j
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at 25c will do mere cleaning than I
Oc worth of bar soap or washing;
Hock Hill Herald.
It will be well now for you to re<?&11
the history of Hollowe'en. The
ghost that told it was a jolly old
? chap whose name was Jack Apple.
a int of his friends he said Joke?
bim a good deal by turning His namb
around and making crude jests about
Apple Jack being a much better
apirit than Jack Apple?well, anyway,
it was Jack Apple that first
made it apparent that ghosts as a
class are not moody, mournful folk?
of course there are some that take
death seriously. Hallowe'en, Jack
Apple made quite plain, is a sort of
ghosts' night off when they would
like to have as much fun and be of as
much assistance to people as possible.
It is for this reason, possibly, j
that Cupid has chosen the sme night ;
to endeavor to straighten love affairs j
or start some in the right way?the!
spirits are first aids and do their 'best:
to help; place your trust in goblins,
or ghosts, or elves, or fairies or which j
ever branch of the Hallowe'en family
you most favor and be of good cheer,
for you have your desire.
Hallowe'en is called so b^eause it
falls on the night before All Saints' i
Day. It is the night of the Witches' j
Frolic, when hearts are mated and j
front gates have wings and things
happen to those not skeptical.
v'Jor ^lUHALH iroubU? I
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Stomacn and Intestines, Auto-lntoxi-1
cation, Yellow Jaundice, Appendicitis
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ach Sufferers owe their complete re- j
covery to Mayr's Wonderful Remedy j
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? ' - ?' ( ??)> QH>a O P?L {
isvi VTUi ne ?ief u*i? &*<- murjt
Real Democrats Tired
hi the Trap.
Columbia, Oct. 20 There were
comparatively few definite political
announcements during fair week, but c
those which were made give a some- r
- - - .V- ? r
what definite line upon me suuhhuu ?
as developed so far.
Solicitor R. A. Cooper positively an- 1
nounced that he would be a candidate *
for governor two years hence. Up
until this time, the anti-Reform party "
seems to have centered upon him, and 8
the strength which he will develop ^
will depend upon his ability to hold 0
this following without division in the e
ranks. It was said by & prominent 7
? - - * - ii i
Manning supporter toaay mat n*r. <
Cooper, during the past campaign, was f
to the Manning taction what Belgium 0
was to the allies?that the personal *
support which he secured from the /
Blease faction in the first race pre- I
vented Blease's election on the first I
ballot, and gave the Manning people
time to lay their plans and get into
line the entire Manning support. This I
summary of the situation seems to be' I
correct as for as it goes?that the en
trance of Cooper prevented the elec- i
tion of Blease on the first ballot, but I
does not take into account the va- I
rious charges which have been made
in regard to the arbitrary carrying; I
through of the second primary, in the' ?
Interest of .Mr. Manning by a partisan j I
machinery_which had in mind the de- . I
feat of Blease at all hazards. t
Peeples a Candidate.
The only positive announcement for I
governor by a supporter of tbe Re- ^
form movement during the past cam- I
paign has come from. 'Attorney Gen- j 1
eral Peeples, who said positively thatj ^
he would be an entry in the guberna- i 8
torial race against all comers. Gen-!"
eral Peeples has been recognized as11
an able attorney general, who has 11
conducted the office fairly and impar-; ^
tially. His announcement came be- j |
fore the convention of the Reform 11
party, which appointed a central com-1 ^
mittee to secure a definite organiza-!)
tion throughout the state, looking to the
election two years hence. It it
known that others on this side ar* (
contemplating making the race for
governor in 1918, and that the general _
idea seems to be to concentrate upon
a ticket, as the anti-Reform faction 1
has done during the past several years. ?
This policy may, and probably will, c
change the whole complexion of the ^
political situation "before it is fully c
developed." In 1&14 - tfce*-Reform^ fac- *
tion went down in defeat because of
lack of centralization, opposed by cen- ?
tralization on the part of the oppos- x
ing faction, and it is the political (
error which it is desired to correct. It
will be recalled that the anti faction, 1
in 1914, went so far as to holfi an 3
"elimination" convention at the Jef- <
f>rson hotel, and, as a matter of fact, I j
dM eliminate a good many candidates ^
for governor in view of the fear excreased
by them, with the number of '
gubernatorial candidates which thev (
had in the field, the second race would i
be run between two avowed Blease
candidates for governor. The "elimi- ]
ration" conference worked, and Mr.
Manning was elected governor. '
5o Xore Primary?
There are a great many Demo- i
crats who >ay they will never go into
another primary under the present
machinery, basing their position upon
the assertion that it is impossible for
[ those in the faction opposed by the
machinery to secure a fair showing.
Events strongly point now to a new
I olitical dispenssaion two years hence,
j unless matters complained of are corj.
Real Democratic Party,
There will be no appeal, however,
to an alien vote by the Reform fac- j
i :ion, which considers itseir tne reai i
Democratic party in South Carolina ;
today and which, if necessary, "Will |
take steps bo enforce its claims by
polling in such elect/on as a fair count
as may be secured in the majority of
the white Democratic vfcters in the
'Hie talk of a bolt from the Democratic
party this year, indulged in as ,
a charge against the Reform faction 1
by the anti-Blease press since tne dec-1
laration of the result of the Demo-i
??;~ o~,r VIOQ ihooTi effectuallyI
fc'i auv; liJLUaij, Hiw> kvvm ?? ? ? J
dihposed of by the action of the James ;
| convention. There are a great many
I Democratic voters in the state, how- ,
| ever, who are not satisfied, in view of ,
the evidence which has been present- (
ed, and of the facts which they liow
within their own personal knowledge. |,
Col. ?W. Jasper Talbert, of Parks- J,
ville, who presided over the Reform j
convention, positively announced for i (
the United States senate. !(
Blease not a Candidate. j 1
Former Governor Blease, in a full j1
statement which he has given to The j*
Charleston American, has fully stat- j?
ed his Dosition. He is not now aj
candidate for any office nor does he j
expect to be, but he will do whatever 2
is necessary in the interest of his j"
party, even to the extent of stump-;
ing the state in favor of such can-!
didates of the party as may be in
the race, or, if compelled to become
a candidate for an office in order to 1
reach the people, of doing so. '
Hon. (Claude N. Sapp, assistant at- j
torney general, will be a "candidate for j
congress in the Fifth district Hon
W. R. Bradford, of Fort Mill, now a t
' - * 1 0/>
meraoer 01 ire legibiatuic, ia awu oo- i
rlously thinking of making the ra ce 3
There is a good deal of speculation
in regard to whether or not United I
States Senator B. R. TiPman will he 1
a candidate for re-eleotion to the *
United States senate. He has made
no positive statement. In a speech *
n the United States senate he said
hat he would not be a candidate, but |
? ^ ? . !
hero was a reservation, ana mts
jreenville Piedmont stated recently ,
hat it had information that the senior ^
;enator would not refuse to heed a call
)f the people if it should be made:
ipon him?in other words, that he :
ras in position to be urged, as most!
andidates are. If he has absolutely;
nado up "his mind, there has been nomblished
statement of fcfs decision.
Governor Manning has i. ade no pub
ie announcement of his future course
n politics.
The whole political situation in I
k>uth Carolina at tnls time !s prob-j
.bly more involved tlian it has ever j
>een before in the history of the Dem-;
icratic primary of this State, and any !
iffort to make any definite prediction !
rould be pure guesswork.
in iho citnatlnn as it anDeara i
rom a careful review of the reunion |
if the politicians of the state during !
air week.
Delicate Woman j
Is Truly Grateful!
r? :
or aieira niae
Mrs. Paralee Frazier, of Long- w
view, Tex., who had been in bad
health for two years, writes this B (
heartfelt letter in behalf of this ^
1 great preparation for women.
**I have taken a few bottles of STELLA Bj
VTTAE and am now almost well from a ^ <
sJ-jco of sickness. I cannot say too |
I much for tnia wonderful medicine. I had B
taken other female medicines for two years I
with no good results. Iam tru)y grateful
for the good Stella Vitae has done for me." w
1 STELLA VITAE is guaranteed. |
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I- firet bottle, your money Dac& n
you want it. Do not delay. Begin I
taking it now. At your dealers' 7*
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Bryan Works for tbe TJeket.
Charlotte Observer.
What is Bryan doing? "He baa aleadv
stumped 14 states and has four
nore to tour; lie has never aroused
>uch enthusiasm in all his campaign
Lays, and is making more votes for
rVilson than he ever did for himBelf,'
So writes Mr. ^David Lawrence to The
Vew York Post from Kansas City. He
kids that Bryan is convinced "the
mountain region of the west will go
solidly for Wilson," peace in that seclion
being the "paramount" isaua.
Lawrence says that one day with the
jx-secretary of state "would convince
he most skeptical that he is not only
Democratic, heart and soul, in ueano-1
:ratic success, but he 1b giving more J
time, energy and money combined!
than any other single man. to brln*
about the re-election of Woodro-vr Wilson."
Thousands still shout for William
Newberry is Eliminated by the Clta
dal After a Hard Fought Game.
?Clemson Is Easy Winner.
News and Courier.
The week's play in South Carolina
football narrowed the contenders for
the State title down to two elevens,
the Citadel and Clemson. Neither of
these teams has lost to South Carolina
institutions on the gridiron this
fall and preparations will now be
pushed for the battle when the Tiger
and Bull Dog meet at Orangeburg November
Newberry's showing against the Citadel
was the real surprise of *he
week, the Lutherans scoring one
L J ? AM TTfl
LOUCJUIUWa IX1U1 C uiau CllrU?7i. tuo urn
rersity of Georgia, the Presbyterian
College of South Carolina or Davidson
was able to do. Switzer displayed
great form in his rushes, gaining more
ground than probably all the other
men on the field in straight line
That the Citadel was scored on and
threatened with a tie or a defeat was
due to its lack of a defense able to
:ope with the forward passes of the
Lutherans while the Cadets were unable
to make theirs work with any
great degree of success. The visitors 1
bailed to make a first down during the j
jntire game and thetr defense was an
^specially strong one against the overlead
attack. It clearly demonstrated
.hat Jimmie Driver had been working
since reading the accounts of the Cit-,
idel-Davidson game.
For Clemson Game.
However, Cadet supporters may rest
issured* that before the Clemson game
Made Her Delicate Boy Strong
New York City.?"My little boy waa
tn a very weak, delicate condition as a
result of gastritis and the measles and
there seemed no hope of saving his life,
the doctor prescribed cod liver oil, but
le could not take it. I decided to try
ifinol?and with splendid results. It
jeemed to agree with him so that now ho
8 a strong healthy boy."?Mrs. Thoiia3
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We guarantee Vinol, which contains
>eef and cod liver peptones, iron, and
nanganaw peptonatea and glycero*
jhoaphates^ for run-down condition*.
^ agists, JNew erry,
S. C.
the Citadel will have perfected a defense
against th Tiger zeppelin attack
as well as their lateral passes.
The Clemson score over Carolina was
much larger than expected by many
and is proof that coach Hart has succeeded
in setting his aggregation of
green material into good working order.
Trick plays galore are said to
be contained in the Clemson make np.
Furman continued its winning by
decisively defeating the Presbyterian
College, 42 to 10. Furman has an exceptiontlly
heavy team and one In
*hich the attack is built around Capt.
Gresaette. a plunger of ability.
Woffopfl showed unexpected and
gratifying reversal of form in defeating
n-nilfnrH %\ in ft Tho
have been a "big disappointment this
year, but It appears as if Coach Mosep
is drilling bis men in straight football
with the forward pass as something
to fall back on and not to be
used as the chief weapon of offense.
Ersldne did not play.
Following are the scores of South
Carolina elevens to date:
The CttftdeL
Georgia fi
35?Machinists' Mates 0
34?Presbyterian College ?
7?Davidson (College 7
21?Newberry College 14
97?Total* 34
Clem&on College
7?Furman University 6
* 0?Georgia 2S
0?Tennessee 14
0?Auburn 28
27?South Carolina 0
34?Totals T4
dewberry College
10?South Carolina 0
13?Chick Springs ... : 7
14?The Citadel 21
37?Totals 28
FBrman UiilTerslty.
6^Clemson College 7
64?Erskine Colleee 3
21?Georgia Tech "Freshman ... 0
a o n.ii - a
vi n cauyici lau v>uilt;ge IU
133?Totals 20
Fnlyersltv of Sonth Carolina
0?Newberry College 10
23?Wofford "College 3
0?Tennessee 26
0?Clemson College 27
23?Totals 6$
Presbyterian College.
49?Wofford College 13
7?The Citadel 34
10?Furman University 42
.v.60~r/TotAi? 89
Wofford 'College.
13?Presbyterian College 49
3?South Carolina 23
7?Erskine College 12
31?Guilford College 0
?4?Total* 84
Erskfne College.
3?Furm&n University 64
I 12?Wofford Collese 7
13?Totals 71
Poster Ittlltftry Ae*4emj.
0?"Port Moultrie 13
14?Duval High School 0
14?Totals 13
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Partner* Oil H81.
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! The Manliness of Bryan.
(Charlotte News.)
TTTUI. A/inoiiiTirmiota GO a G ?J T1H fiTRPfi
YYILil wnou'iii iiiuw^ vuuu o - ~
Mr. Bryan is sweeping sadie his critics
of almost a generation and as lb
his custom he is measuring up to th*
full statue of the man ho really is
in the campaign now in progress.
When Mr. Bryan left President Wilson's
cabinet because of a disagreement
over foreign policies, gave up
v,"'~ ? o a eoppotarv nf Rtat.ft hfci
i AUS pUi UUUU awvtvu..,, ?- ?
j cause he thought Mr. Wilson's efforts
were too virile, and departed from the;
inner circles of the administration
rather than become a source of embarrassment
to President Wilson, tho
multitude of his critics from coast
to coast arose in their wrath and
poured upon him their condemnation
for leaving under Are, for deserting
the president at the most acute stage
of his many aimcuiu entanglements
and ventured freely the suggestion
that the deadliest foe Mr. Wilson
would have within the ranks of his
own party in the coming election
would b# Mr. Bryau; that if the Peerless
leader from the west did noi
actually seek to dethrone him at the
i national convention, ne would sulk
! In his tent , and at least 3eek silentl<
j to depopularize him before th? people.
1 ~
j These maligners or this matchless
I democrat must feel rather chagrined
| at this moment when they set Mr.
j Bryan traversing the west, using th?
I trip-hammer of hJ? genius to drirt
' home the truth ahnut Afr Wilar^i
| speafcing with "that compelling logic
and eloquence which has been ?ae
: despair of foremost public speakers
! attention of the Individual men and
| of the country, to enforce upon the
' women of this land the necessity of
retaining Mr. Wilson in tLc white
! house. Mr. Bryan is throwing his
whole soul Into the campaign. There I
! i-i no hot-and-cold fervor In hie preeI
ent attitude. He is lending everj
talent at hii command, throwing
upon the altar every particle of enj
ergy he can requisition, giving gladly
| of his time, hie money and hie efforts.
5 to present the cause of the president
! to the people.
] He is a marvelous character. Beati
- ?
| en and buffeted about by those within |
the ranks he sought to command,
maligned and maltreated by those
ht/aimed to serve, spit upon, impris
6ned and crucified by those of his
own political household, ie has never
surrendered his arms. When the
time came for him to contribute to
the party that has never placed a
victorious laurel upon is brow, he
psmp runntTic intn tho rartVa rrnrvm- i
| ed for the battle, energized with, all
the elements of his giant brain and
soul power to yield weapons for the
cause of his political faith. But never
101 acres of land in toi
as the Ware Place. Has]
cellent well of waterjwl
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li A
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to 8 inches.
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3. C
1400 Mai
has he arisen to heights more subllmn
than just now when he is putting his
critics to flight, when he has gotten
down as a private into the trenche*
and is flahting with all that zeal ami
earnestness that characterized his .activities
when he had personal ambitions
and personal honor at sta&a.
Here la the measurement of a maa.
m Mrs. Jay McGee, oJ Steph- flj
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