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ki,I i' Aiil 1 lO
HIA, 5>A 15> BL?A>fc '
i oriuer Governor Sees Overthrow <?a
iristocracj and Juaiiaiiijr iiuio
m rigui oi i?io.
Columbia, Oct. 26.?'"I now predict j
that the year iyli> will see the grea<.-,
est political battle tnat has yet occii
iougnt in South Carolina, and iua>
tne Reform tacion will be the victws,
because the rigiit will prevail, a^.i
"truth crushed to earth snail rise
this inoi ning, in the course of af
statement wnicli he gave to Thei
Cix<u lesion American reviewing the political
situation which has developed
during the week as tiie result of the j
convention roi the Reform faction.
~>r\ rpniv to a Question as to his own i
.political future, he said that person-1
ally ho had 110 further political arnbi- J
tion. "but I stand ready to serve my
triends whenever they call. If it be ,
to canvass the state as an individual j
citizen and make speches for m;*|
party I shall do it. If it be that 1 am
compelled to be a candidate for some !
office, in order to reach the people.!
\and my friends request it, I shall do
it In other words, the future must1
^ take care of itself. I cannot say wnat,
I do, or what I won't do, but at j
present I am not a candidate for any ,
Former Governor Blease's statement j
in reponse for an expression from Mm
upon the Reform convention, in con-'
nection with the entire political sltua-j
tion, is as follows:
"I have never seen a more representative
gathering of citizens. There were
represented there as much wealth, as
brains, as much proud blood and
as much honor as have ever been sepS
stated by men who were deadly in
of South Carolina, and in looking into
the faces of those who had there gath
?r?d together you could see thai thy
j;reat masses of the people, the farmers
and laboring element, were reprel
sented by men who were dealy in
Good for 1C
t tion Ca
I nominate Mrs., Miss ...
Nominated by
In the Campaign, only t
sent in for each candidate wi
I* r
Void after Novn
r.nnn ptw
^ VJ A. w
K Address
Fill out properly, mail
ft Office of The Herald
expiration date.
^ prcviuus i- uti
with families using
Kigl Cole's Origi]
KfB Hot Bias
The Cole.Manufact
g y ,.y Co. of Chic go, estir
that their first half rr
8 Hot tsiast .Heaters
paid dividends to
owners a m o u n t i n
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Now is the time
replace past fuel wai
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To avoid imitations look t
Cole's on feed door.
fwberry Hdw.
Newberry, S,
earnest, and who c*; ne not to cele-j
brate a victory, not to cheer on in his ,
i ace some candidate for office, not J
looking for the spoils after tbe victor.*
l.ad been won. but men who thorough- j
ly realized that tt present there was J
nothing in sight for them. Some of j
them must have realized that possibh ;
before a victory could be reaped they j
would have passed into a great beyond.
Hut tlie\ were there, honest,
upright. true citizens of South Ca.\>- 1
iu:a U; to what they considered
lor i.ie Li<_'st interests of their slate,]
rf t]:oir children rtn.l children's ;
children, ami determinted to put int!/;
motion an honest election system un- j
d-er which in the future they could not ,
be robbed, as they themselves, by their !
resolutions on Tuesday night, said they 1
bad been. !1
The Nominee.
"Those resolutions, beyond contro- j
versy. declared that I was the nomi-1
nee of the Democratic party, the reso-1
lutions saying so in so many words. |
The nomination is not made by the;
nnr iq ir
MUIC CAt*lUU?t v.vuiu*4ww,
made by a convention, but is made 1
by the voters of the state, and he who '
receives a majority of the votes is thb j
nominee of the party. That conven-j
tion said emphatically and positively i1
that I had received a majority olj
those votes, and vias therefore the!
nominee of the Democratic party for j'
governor. They further said that the 11
? * -1 1 1 aK/\/? linm J
Yjciory littU UtJfcJii wieuvucu nuiu u?ui j
by fraud, coercion, intimidation, theft j '
and perjury. I would much prefer to ,
be in my position today than to be in
Mr. Manning's. Samuel J. Tilden, al- j;
though he was never president, went j
to his grave a much more beloved and J
honored citien than did Rutherford B. !
Hayes. I would far rather have never I
been governor, and never be governor, :
than to have had such a representative j
body of citizens, coming from every 1
county among the rorty-flve counties j
of my state, pass such resolutions as J1
that convention passed, condemning j ]
the nomination, or so-called nomina- i
tion, of Richard Irvine Manning. Mr- :
jor J. C. C. Black, of Augusta, when
he was cheated in over Tom Watson
?or when it was intimated tliat ho j i
>,000 Votes
,ND NEWS SubfcripmpaigR
firat amrnnatinti trmrna
-v 1 I
ill be counted.
leber 11th, 1916
> NEWS Subscription
. /
or send, to Campaign
and News on or before
Blast in vour home
saving dividend equal
Bank Account! $15.00
aving over a
; is the rule j
- mkk !
nates ?|
i ill ion gm
war,-- said lie would never accept tliv
nomination where it was intimated
iha: iraud existed; demanded another
primary, and was elected to congress.
Ho v. ever, it seems that the so-called
nominee for governor of this state,
no !-. ic thn li on "li tin nf Vl i Q
JM'I I 111^, CX n 10. ui^ uvtiv.uiav.it ui '?*?
faction, prefers :o have the office,
v.hethcr there be any honor attache 1
oi not.
\ot Fiiir.
soeinc; tlie representatives in
this convention, and having had perInterviews
with men from every
T10CK ana corner oi oouui \ annui-;
rtr.p'vjr the }.resent week. I am absoltely
and confidently satisfied that
Sout'i Carolina is facing the greatest
political crisis of her history, and that
the honest yeomanry of this State,
even some of those who are opposed
to mo politically, have awaKenerl tc
a r^lization of the fact that their
elections are no longer fair and honorable,
nor is the victory to the man or
men-who engaged in honest methods,'
but to those who can steal, purchase, 1
intimidate or coerce the largest nam- j
ber -f their fellow-citizens. Realizing
this, they have made up their
minds with full determination, to go
into the fight with renewed vigor,
snd 1 now predict that the year l!>ls
will see the greatest political Dattl*
that has yet been fought in South
Carolina, and the Reform faction win
be the victors, because the right will i
prevail, 'and truth crushed to earth j
shall rise again.''
f'X 1 .. T"? _ .
>ian(is? ntrauj.
"What of your own political future?'' j
Mr. Blcase was asked.
"When I was cheated and defrauded
of my election for the United
States senate," he said, "which, was1
brought about hy pimps and hirelings, j
[ decided to retire from politics, so j
far as self-interest was concerned, ana j
to work only in the future for those .
who have given me mv life's ambition, j
the governorship. 'When the call was
Hade for me to enter the race for gov- |
ernor mis year, remcianuy i weni in. j
r sairl from the stt.-np all over the j
state that I was going to win the
victory, but that it \ras going to be j
stolen from me. I did win the victory.!
and it was stolen from me. Personally
I have no further political ambition,
but I stand ready to serve my
friends whenever they call. . If it be
to canvass the state as an individual
citizen, and make speeches for my
party, I shall do it. If it be that I
am compelled to be a candidate for
3ome office in order to reach the people,
and friends request it, I shall do
[t. In other words, the future must
take care of itself. I cannot say trhat
I will do or what I won't do, but at
present I am not a candidate for any
3ffiice, nor, ar stated in my speech
before the convention, do I exp?c:
:o be."
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Can t rest at nght;
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They are for kidney backache;
And other kidney ills.
Here is Xewoerry proof of their
J. J. Eargle, prop, machine shop,
935 Friend St., Newberry, says: "1
caught cold about a year ago and It
settled in my kidneys, causing backache.
I had dull pains across my
loins and was troubled mostly while
working or standing a great deal. The
kidney secretions passed too freauentlv
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over. Doan's Kidney Pills, procured
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me up in fine shape."
50c, at all dealers. Foster-Milbur:
Co., Props., Buffalo, X. Y.
Southern Christian Advocate.
The "Life of Henry Laurens," by
Dr! David Duncan Wallace of Wofford
College is a piece of work of which
all South Carolinians, and especially
we Methodists, should be proud. We
were .the good Doctor's pastor when
he was a boy at Newberry. He is emphatically
a product of Methodism,
in birth and training and education.
And it is no small tiling that one of
our own boys should "arrive" after
this fashion.
This book is a monumental achievement?
the l ist word of research and
scholarship. Dr. (Wallace has rescued
and rehabilitated Laurens in a
way that puts all under deep obligations
to him. It would be too much
to hope that such a work should be
"popular." but we do cordially recommend
it to every Advocate reader who
aspires to have a library that is
worth while.
J. Lemack Stokes.
Walhalla. S. C., Sept. 26. 1916.
COMPANY, Columbia. S. C. Office
and hank supplies. Manufacturers
of rubber starass, seals, etc.. qt*4sity
&n(^?ervic*. Prowpt attention
to mail orders.
Jovfgoratlag to trie Pai? ana SlcXi^
The Old Standard jrenersl strengthen incr tonJc
GROVE'S TASTELESS c'.iil! TONIC, dHccs cui
Ma!">ri.i.evjricbe -t leMco'l.anr] builds apincsys
>ux A fvu? ton r for s?.d Hb Mivd
. 4i_ J%f.i i .>L A
10 TttJE WOMfc-N
! ? i
i Preside:.; Wilson's message to the.
women iouuws m Dart:
"iucic never was a time wneii it
was ljLiUie neciS.>a;v lur u.e nations
.. . . v? I J C.xv'? v li>C tl ocii-posses'
sic 11 to acciane seil-Kiio xetUe, to dettiuiv.ii'
diiejiijn an.i purpose
an<; ij re-ate tneiiiseives to tne
e.ai work 01 establishing justice
liuill.vind. i ti.llllv iii<U t'Ve/V
cixo us ao A.iicricaiii would be
asuamed 11 Anu'iica aid not know,
wiidt s~ic was ajoul ana uy wii..t
means and instrumentalities sue was
going to act. J tnerefore thought
mat you would indulge me this atternoon
if I tried to point out what
seemed to me the leading peculiarities
of the task that lies oetore me. , ;
"You can best illustrate it by the j
relations between employers and em- '
ployes. Justice can 110 longer be i
and sympathy and emotion in it. And j
coid. It is beginning to have warmth
there is coming the time, unless I j
am very much mistaken, when na-!
tinns shall aere^ wltli nations tnat
1-" ?CP- -w
the rights of humanity are greater '
than the rights of sovereignty.
"Therefore modern society has a
new set of problems to meet. It has
to say if the employer will not voluntarily
establish the proper conditions
of laaor the law must oblige him to j
establish the proper conditions of la- j
"I have said before that .one of the !
thing3 that most deeply distressed me |
in the recent conference of the
heads of the railways and their employes
was to find that there was a;
profound mutual understanding, dis-!
trust and hostility.
"It jiight not to ^e so. Something !
is wrong when the men wno are'
working together at the same tiling
do not trust one anomer and that
wrong thing rests, I am profoundly
convinced, upon ignorance; it rests
upon not associating with eacn oth-j
er in the kind of conference which;
will enable them to understand one j
"Politics, my friends, consists of
something that you can almost ex-!
i 1
press in the formula 'get together.' j
Try to understand what the common '
task is. You cannot understand so- j
V1Y11 understand the coin-!i
ponent "parts bo that -after all the for- j
mula 'get together' lies at the bast of;
it all, and the first step is for the ele- j
ments of society to understand one j
another. The next thing i3 that the i
elements of society should understand!
their common relationship to the so- j
ciety of which they constitute a part.
When I see some gentleman running
'imuck I am perfectly aware that thev
do not see that by running recklessf
ly against the interests of other people
they are really checking the enterprises
which they think they ar>3 j
"If you are wrong, you will get it j
knocked out of you and if you are
nght you will help knock it out of
other people.
"What difference does it make
that you think a thing as a Republican,
if it is wrong? What differ-j
ence does it make if you think as a|
Democrat, if it is not true? And j
what difference does a party make, or j
a party's interests make as compar-1
'' 1 Ll nf +V10 nofiort I
60 "Willi Hie C3LO ui me j
"Now it occurs to me that you |
would permit me to suggest wh-it the j
particular function of -women is in j
t.hic new age. Men have tried their |
bands at it and in the opinion of a|
great many of you have made a mess j
v-f it. And it must be obvious, if |
hat I have -nlready said is true, that!
the functions that have to be deter- j
mined 'by those who lead opinion have j
taken on an entirely new character.
"The whole spirit of the law has,
been to give leave to the strong, to j
give opportunity to those who could J
dominate but it seems to me that the
function of society now has another
element in it, and I believe that it i.-> j
the element which women are going
to supply. It is the element of me-j
diation. of comprehending and draw- j
j ing the elements together." j
! lino uciTnii'C ICTTER
irinoi (villiun o LLiikii
To Tired Worn-out Mothers
Jackson, Miss.?"I shall feel repaid
for writing this letter if I can help any
! hired, worn-out mother or housekeeper
J to find health and strength as I have,
j "I have a family of five, sew, cook
! and do my housework and I became
! eery much run-down in health. A friend j
' asked me to try Vinol. I did so and now i
I am well and strong and my old time j
inergy has been restored. Vinol has no j
superior as a tonic for worn-out, run- :
down, tired mothers or housekeepers." j
' ?Mrs J. N. Meltok, Jackson, Misa? 1
J Gilder & Weeks, Druggists, New-,
j berry, S. C.
W wmrww&a w
For Forty Years Ly(
Y c^ciauic K^uiup
Woman's Most F
?Here is More !
To women who are suffe
woman's special ills, and have a
J -4-^- ?- i.U f/\ll^tirir\nr 1 Affnrc
auwil, U1C II11CC iwnuwmg
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ll j jj^^pSSEi | old I got married a
' ^H ^wins an(^ & left me
I l?g?<?B not wa^ across t3
^own Tes^ ^
<||y and do my work.
I I me I had a display
| j have to have an op(
l l^m 'av! much that I did n<
heard of Lydia E. P
\ iljp % I thought I would g
'M : IwpII as ever. I can
; ^inkham remedies."?Mrs. Mayme Aj
Testimony from
Lawton, Okla.?"When I begai
Vegetable Compound I seemed to be t
and had headaches much of the time ar
before my little child was born and it
good at that time. I never fail to re
Vegetable Compound to ailing wo me]
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From a Grateful Massachuset
TJnvhnrv Mfl.cc?UT wm cnfiFp.rinp
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My symptoms were .bearing down pa^
and sluggish liver. I tried several k
cine; then I was asked to try Lydla
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pleased to be in my usual good healt
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1 Haynes. Park. Roxbury, Mass.
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E. Pinkham Medicine Co. fconiic
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leiwr win oe opeoeu, reita auu aus
in strict confidence*
The Boll
fc P All
If it isn't here next year t*ie chi
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prudence on-tbe p?rt <?f everv fair
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school books.
The House of a Tin
iia E. Pinkham's
ound Has Been
Reliable Medicine .
:ring from some form of
i constant fear of breaking
ou^ht to brinp- hoDe: ?
o " O 1
Wis. ? " When I was 16 years
rid at 18 years I gave birth to
with very poor health. I cotild
ae floor without having to sit
was hard for me to keep about
I went to a doctor and ne tott
cement and ulcers, and would
sration. This frigntened me s?
Dt know what to do. Having
inkham's Vegetable Compound,
ive it a trial and it made me sm
mot say enough in favor of the
sBACii, North Crandon, Wis.
i to take Lydia E. Pmkham^g
jood for nothing. I tired easily .
id was irregular. I took it agar*
; did me a wonderful amount of
icommend Lydia E. Pirlkham1?
a because it has done so mueh
Have St., Lawton, Okla.
ts Woman.!
from inflam- J 11 [ |
ins, backachej 8
me and_I am
ite to Lydia
lential) Lynn, Mass. Yowr
wered by a woman and ?eld
ances are that it will be here
Micincec it ic meet pntiimnti ,
/U.^lUV.O%^^ 11 1 v7 j VIOOV \.VA1I44*V*.
ner to raise his own food
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tolasses cane at home will
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rouble when the boll weevil
nd oats, if vou reailv want
- - ~ J J - - - ^
st about it, fertilize it when
sh and Blood goods. That
in. Ngw is the time.
>sphate and
, Secretary,
areenwood, S. C.
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ollowing lines will
wedding gift.
la, fine Cut^Glass,
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Vo tfiafrw \lnira
t ai nij uiui v
Dasand Things.

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