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Only four creameries in South Carolina.
In 1913 Mr. W. 'W\ Long, direc-!
tor of extension work in South Carolina
conceived the idea of establishing
cooperative creameries for the
^ fnwmAw. /sP +Vi A C f O f A f
UCIlfcUlt, U1 LUC laillJCltj UL LUC oiau.
The first one was established at Clemson
College that same year making
\ only 500 lbs of butter the first month.
? This creamery has succeeded even beyond
the dreams of the originators
and it is now making and selling for
its patrons 12,000 pounds of butter per
Small farmers near the creamery
-who once had to buy supplies on time
with which to make a crop are now
?el;ing cream from 3 to 5 cows and
getting a monthly check large en- j
ougb to run his farm on a cash sys- j
tem besides be nas tne Dy-proaucts. i
manure and skim milk to use at borne, j
This of course requires some time and |
labor but does not curtail the production
of field crops. Thier yield
in a few years will be increased' because
of the increased fertility of the
soil from manure of the cows.
This creamery has demonstrated the
fact that the creamery can be made !
a success in any part of South Caro-'
Srartanbursr has thp next largest!
in the State from the point of production,
producing 8,000 pounds per
Darlington and Rock Hill each have
one, producing not quite so much as
But the point I wish to make is this:
If a creamery is a good thing for
other sections of the State, would itj
not be a good thing for the people!
of Newberry county also? If it enables |
the poor farmer in other sections of i
the State to run his business on aj
cash basis would it not do the same!
thing for the poor farmer of New-'
herry county? If it enables farmers'
or gooa circumstance m omer sections
of thf- State to make money would it
not do the same thing for this class
*of farmers in Newberry county? It
will also enable the business man
wheii he wants a pound of butter for
3iis table to get the best right at his
own home.
I. as demonstration agent am in aj
position to know the people of New-j
berry county, possibly better than any i
one else in the county. I know that'
we have as good people in Newberry
county as any where in the State and
I feel that the best is not too good i
for them. I feel that we need a
creamery In Newberry county and we j
need the cooperation of bankers, mer-j
chants and farmers in this matter.
It will require about a $4,000 capi-i
tal stock to put up a first class cream-;
cry. It will require at least 400 cows i
making from 15 to 30 pounds of but-;
ter each per month to begin with. Now j
7 am going to ask that every man in
^Newberry county or nearby in adjoin-!
ing counties who is interested in sell- j
mg cream taxe a census or tne num-.
toer of cows available, and either come
or send representatives to Prosperity
on November the 16th and take up :
the matter with W. W. Long, who will j
at that time explain exactly how the
thing can be done. There will be only
2 or 3 more creameries established!
"in flla QfofQ ^iroof V*tt
.Au uu u y tmo ucpax
and I am very anxious to get one of
these in Newberry county. If all will
cooperate we will get the creamery. |
Will you do it?
County Agent.
S-'-'Trclay was another big day. The
streets were crowded until late in
the afternoon and partly extending into
the night. It was a busy day and
business seamed to' be brisk. In point
of number of persons it was a success.
although the bales of cotton sold were
about 200 less than on the previous
Are you in doub
" As to the kind of household
are going to buy, and have
yet as to what will best sui
TX7/J /?/*n unii
vv c- yuH
By showing you ;our lin?*
complete this year than usi
which we have will make 3
T) I * J T
knmncAn c 10
| liuumuun & & v
Members Grace Congregation Invited
to Wedding of Pastor Sliealy?A
Surprise Marriage?Pastor
Leslie on lisit.
Prosperity, November u.?All parties
who are interested in the establishment
of a cooperative crramery at
Prosperitywill meet at the Town Hall
Saturday, November 11th at 3 p. m.
Dr. G. Y. Hunter, president of the
State Live Stock association will preside
at the meeting and will explain
fully the working of a cooperative
creamery and tell the benefits tnat
i + nAmrvninitr Will <le_
tTosperiiy duu i
rive from such. You are wanted at
this meeting. It will nnan dollars
to you now and much more so when
the boll weevil infects this community.
An invitation is extended to Grace
congregation to attend the wedding of
their pastor, Rev. C. J. healy to Miss
Elizabeth Voigt of Columbia, the
marriage to take place November 16
in Ebenezer church, Columbia. S. C.
Grace congregation will receive Mr.
Shealy and his bride with a very cor- j
dial welcome. Miss Voigt is the
charming daughter of Dr. Yoigt, president
of the Lutheran Seminary in
Columbia. i
The Rev. Mr. E. W. Leslie, former
pastor of the Grace church stopped
over Friday night on his way to his
new home in Lone Star after attend- j
ing synod in Walhalla. While here!
Mr. I^eslie was the guest at the homej
of Mr. L. S. Bowers. The many friends j
of Mr. Leslie were indeed giaa 10 acc
him again.
Quite a surprise marriage took place
Saturday afternoon when Miss Geor.
gie Hair, one of the Prosperity high
school girls ran away and was married
to Mr. Gary Boozer of the St. j
Luk?s section. Mrs. Boozer is th^ (
daughter of Judge B. B. Hair. Mr. |
Boozer is a prosperous young farmer
and their friends wish tiiem well.
Mr. and Mrs. Lois Dominick spent
the week-end in Newberry.
Miss Annie Singley of Excelcior has
1 ~ "Mian ?T ip?Q Roll Olirlfie.
Of en visiLing ?n 103 uUU
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hunter of the St.
Lukes section were guests Sunday of
Mrs. Ai. H. Hawkins.
Mrs. J. P. Wheeler has gone to j
Greenville to visit her daughter, Mrs.
Granville Wyche.
The William Lester chapter, U. D.
C. meets Tuesday afternoon at 4 with
Miss Effie Hawkins.
T>- cm-tc Wnr?t \fr. and Mrs.
LJl . auu .ui u.
Porter of Saluda spent Sunday with j
Mrs. B. B. Scbumpert.
Mr. John Sease spent the -week-end j
in Ohapin.
On Friday County Treasurer C. C.
Schumpert. Auditor J. B. Halfacre and
Clerk of Court J no. <j. uoggaus, jm.v
commissioners, drew the following
names in the panel from which the
juries will be selected during the first
week of the court or common plea3,
which convenes here on the third Monday
of this month;
J. W. Sligh, M. B. Chalmers, J. B. |
McCrackin. J. C. Craps, J. M. Counts.
M. J. Smit,h, John A. Nichols, C. M. j
West, D. S. Teague, N. E. Bowers, j
Gtfo. Martin. H. C. Bouknight. J. W.
r t>?^dnn-ort; t aa TTamil
i-OIlg, ,Vi. UJUgcn iju ?. w w, ^
ten, R. C. Neel, E. B. Abrams, G. F.'
Siocknian. Jno. S. Floyd, Jr., L. F. Gall-'
man, Oscar Burton. M. E. Dawkins,!
G. J. Kinard, L. H. Folk, B. B. Schumpert.
J. M. Johnstone, E. Lake, A.
M. Conwill, J. M. Bouknight, H. C.
'Wilson, J. H. Campsen, B. O. Chap-i
man. J. G. Morse, J. H. Willingham, j
E. T. Mayer, B. S. Counts. j
t j
I and kitchen goods you
rn't made up your mind j
it you? ?
of these which? is more
jal, and the large variety
rour selection easy.
n fpnt Nfnrp
_ j
Houseal-Goggans. <
An xceedingiy beautiful and impressive
wedding was solemnized
l rw. , : ? i- r.on ot
inursaay evenmg <tu i .ou huvh ??.
the home of Mr. Z. F. Wright, where c
his ne;ee. Miss Sara Houseal, became S
the bride of Mr. John Carwile Gog- ii
gans. a
The guests were met at the door * <
: by Misses Eva Goggans and Mary P
! Wright and were entertained preced- ^
ing the ceremony with a musical pro- gramme
lasting for half an hour, Miss 0
Pauline Gilder singing "The Bacar- 11
clle" from "The Tales of Hoffman,*'
followed by Miss Blanche Simmons, a
who sang "At Dawning,'' and ';Be- ^
cause." Miss Mazie Dominick presid- 31
ed at the piano, accompanied by Mr. ^
Earle Hipp, at the violin. *(
At the appointed hour to the strains c<
of "Lohengrins" wedding march, ren- 3'
d< red by Miss Pauline Gilder and Mr.
Kipp, the bridal party descended the *
broad stairs to an improvised altar
formed of white pedestals twined
with smilax and crowned with cath- 84
edral candelabras holding seven tali a
tapers. The background was of ferns
with an altar rail on which burned f
seven cathedral candles. First came
two small ribbon bearers, Mary Alice McConnell,
who wore a lovely white
I French organdi accordion pleated
and Thomas Pope both holding, large I ^
yellow chrysanthemums tied with j ^
wide yellow satin ribbon, the corres-! ^
ponding ends being held by .Missei J p
Franccs Houseal and Mary Frances!
Cannon. The soft white tulle dressss <j.
with yellow bodies added to the girl- Q(
ish beatuy of Misses Houseal and ei
T&nnon. irj
Xext entered the maid or bonor. Miss ix
Agnes Houseal, who was charmingly ai
gowned in changeable yellow gros de jo
londres with tulLe- draperies and se- ir
! niiin Hnriire Prom her hair she TOre ht
yellow- tulle en train caught with t<;
rhinestones. She carried a lovely p;
bouquet of yellow- chrysanthemums n
a{id ferns. Then came the little flower
girl, Laura Nance McCaughrin. r(
scattering showers of yellow pedals Lc
in the path of the bride, who descend- ui
ed the stairway on the arm of her father,
Dr. W. G. Houseal, passing through p]
the bridal aisle to the altar where they ,
were met by the groom and his best
man, Mr. James uoggans. ine riug [ q
ceremony was performed by the bride's p]
gr.at-uncle, Dr. A. J Bowers. K
The bride's brunette beauty and p(
charm were enhanced by an exquisite
creation of Duchess satin, with
real point lace and court train; the
foundation of silver cloth having beau- ^
tiful overdraperies of filmy tulle. The o;
veil was arranged court fashion with tj
a wreath of orange blossoms. She '
carried orchids showered with vAlley oj
lilies. Her only ornament was thn ,
groom's wedding gift, a handsome dia- g(
mond lavalliere, set in platinum. ^
The'bride's mother wore veined f>(
charmeuse with.gold lace. Assisting K
the bride's parents in entertaining p
were Mrs R. B. Parks, who wore or- ^
chid taffeta with metal lace trimming. ^
Mrs. Herman Wright, who wore white
taffeta with tulle and sequin embroid- ^
ery. and Mr. Z. F. Wright. le
j The colonial halls and rooms of the
j lower floor were thrown en suite, a fT.
j profusion of yellow and white chry_ /
j santhemums being used to carry out ,.f
j the color scheme. ^
After congratulations and good ^
j wishes had been extended the happy ^
I couple, the guests were asked into a
j th? dining room. The bride's table ^
was Deauurui,' Having as a vc'uci ' jr
piece a hug* basket of yellow'cliry-i
ranthemums. From the chandelier ,_j
2Iso were showers of small yellow q
chrysanthemums and the tulle reach- ^
ing in streamers to four silver candle w,.
sticks on the table. A delicious sal- '
ad course was served. Those assist- t
ing in the dining room were Mesdames ~
C. H. Cannon, L. G. Eskridge, S. B. ?c
Tones, Frank Wilson and Misses Fannie
McCaughrin, Daisy Cannon, La- ?>
vinia Kinard, Sara Davis, Nancy Fox. ^
Harriet Mayer, Kathryn Harms and ^
Woody Bowman. Misses Frances
Houseal and Mary Frances Cannon
pinned the favors.
From the dining room the guests <&
were invitt-d to the front parlors where <?>
coffee and fruit cake were served by ^
Misses Lucile Wilson. Mrs. J. X. McCaughrin
and Miss Lucy McCaughrin
and Mrs. J. H. Harms.
Messrs. W. G. Houseal, Jr.. and 0. E.
| Mayer, Jr., acted as ushers.
In the spacious halls on the second ?
floor were displayed numerous and
handsome gifts which attested the
popularity of the young couple. <?>
Th? bride's traveling suit was of ^
navy velvet with Hudson Bay beaver
hat and accessories to match. ^
Mr. and Mrs. Gogg&ns motored to "
! Columbia where they took the Sea- *
| board train for points south.
j Tho cut of town ^uest-s w^e: Miss ^
j Rlanchp- Simmons, Greenwood. S. C.:!'?
j Mrs. T. X. McConnell and Mary Alice 4
| McConnell, Jacksonville. Fla.: Mrs. *
J. Q. Wertz, Salisbury. X. .; Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. Houseal, Misses Houseal, 4.
Columbia. S. C.; Mrs. R. B. Parks. Miss ^
1 ~ ~ rtATT'?! \Tr
Agues nuujcai, VI-UOII,U.-II,
Jas. Oorsrans Mrs. J. T. FUoan. Colnm- bis.
S. P.; Mr. ami Mrs. !\ P.ail^v. Miss \
Annie Bailev, Mr. Arthur Littl . C!ir:- . rr
'on. P. C.: Mrs. Z. W. Bedenba:v?rh, Mr I *
ana Mrs. Carlisle Bedenbaugh, Mr. and j E
Dr. Kinard. superintendent of the
ity schools, has a letter from State
luperintendent Swearingen, announcip'
tho fact that State aid to the
-p ? *
mount of $500 has be.n appropriated
> the Newberry high school, with a
robability of getting $200 more if
ie appropriation holds out.
At a meeting of the Newberry board
f trustees held last Thursday afteroon
tiiis aid was farmally accepted.
The board and the. superintendent
re to be congratulated on securing
lis money for the Newberry h.ign
3hool. It will be of material benet
to the people "of Newberry county
)r it means that the people of the
Dunty and of adjoining counties can
end their children to the high school
-ithout paying tuition. It will help
ewberry by bringing about a closer
ond of union between the county and
le city. It is hoped that the high J
;hool will be able to offer next year j
good business course. I
i 4i ~ ? ?
One of the most attractive entertinments
that has ever been given
1 Newberry will be the "Feast of
ie Five Tables" which will take place rida'J,
November 10th, in the vacant
ore next door to Copelan<f Brothers. <
his entertainm^nt is unique and will ,
3 something that will appeal to ev- ,
ybody and promises to be a charm- <
ig affair in every way. There will <
2 a committee to r* Ceive the crowds <
id to see to it that each one win en- <
iy the evening. Everybody should be
iterested in the schools and be on
md to help in the good cause. Great '
leasure ; and genuine enjoyment is ,
romised- to those who attend, and a i'
lost * cordial invitation is extended ]
the people of Newberry. The pro- j
?eds of this entertainment; will go j
r improvements to the two schools
siting-in this work. ^
The chairman of all committee will;
lease meet the chairman of the exe-:
itive committee Tuesday morning at I (
3:30 o'clock at Buzhardt-Langford ' 1
o's. store. The ward committees will j
[ease have their full reports for thl6
teeting and bring them in person if
ossible. ^
Deatfi of JMrs. Elizabeth Johnson.
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, relict of
William Johnson, (lied at the "home
? her son, Mr. William Johnson, in I
lis city, on Sunday morning at 41
'clock, at the remarkable old age |
? 9.?, vpars. about 26 years after the |
sath of her husband. The funeral I
irvices were held at Central Metho- !
ist church Monday afternoon at 3:$0, j
inducted by her pastor, the Rev. F. .
Dibble, assisted by the Rev. Edw.
ulenwider of the Lutheran Churca '
f the Redeem,-r. # Interment in Roseont
cemetery, the following citizens
:ting as pallbearers: R. T. Caldwell,'
. F. Goggans, E. C. Jones. E. P. Brad-!
y, W. Y. Fair and J. G. Rikard. |.
Mrs. Johnson was the oldest resi- j (
?nt of the city ana tne last survjv-j
ig mother who ga^e a son to the |
mfederacy. For Seventy-nine years j '
lie was a devoted member of the;
ethodist church. This is a proud and j stinguishe<1
record to carry through
long and eventful life to the grav-.j '<
id an honor to those who are to fol- 1
iw. '
Besides thi son v-ilii whom she lived
ic is survived by a daughter. Miss
. C. Jolinson, three grandchildren and ?
ve great-grandchildren; also by a :
* * ' x^ T-Toimv/J r?f Sil-I
ill-sister, j/irs. .jhuc ua>n u, j
jrstrpft, who, although 82 years old,
:tended the funeral, as did also the 1
randdaughter, ^Trs. R. B. Wallace and
?ur children of Columbia.
<?><?<$> $<$ $
Newberry. <$ \
Cotton 18.62 <3> !
Cotton seed, per bu..?, 90 <$> J
Prosperity. Q j
Cotton 18.50 <8>;|
nor hn ... .90 I
V^ULLUil octu, pv*
Pomaria. <? |
' Cotton .-. 18.50 G j
Cotton seed, per bu 90 j
Little Mountain. j
Cotton 18.50 ^ j
Cotton seed, per bu 90 I
Cotton 18.35 <?>
Cotton seed, per bu 97.50 $>
Silver Street. j
' Cotton 18.35 *r> j
Cotton seed, per bu 90 ^ji
Kinards. ; j
Cotton 18.50
at sZ i I
' Cotton seed, per du so
Whit mire. <? !
' Cotton 18.50 ^ |
Cotton seed, per bu 90 ;
/ <4s rSs <j> c9> <?> <? < > <?> <^> < > <$> <% <$ ;
" " ' !
?rs. Gerhardt Pederrbaus'h. Mrs. Her- j
?an Wertz. Prosperity. S. C.; Dr. and ,
Trs. Thos. Pope. Tbos. Pope. Jr.. Mrs. '
cb Smith, Miss Gary. Kinards, S. C
f}n if AJniil ifs Rt
During The
Clubbing Offers Will Not Coi
paign Manager Urges Cand
^ * * T
tumty?Second Vote re
Owing to lack of space, it <?> 1
was impossible to publish the <? '<
v list oi candidates and their <?> 1
standing in today's issue. The <S>
<$> list will appear in next issue, ^
'$> $ };i>
100,000 extra rotes for each > <
y club of $12.00, consisting1 of <$> I
$ classes of subscriptions, no lim- <e> (
S> it to the Dumber of clubs any ?> r
& candidate may turn in. .This <S> 1
offer begins Nov. 6th, ani ex- (
f pires Saturday, >'oy. 18th. .Dur- 3> 1
$> ing tills offer Prize Ballots will f
v be awarded candidates sending <S>
* in the largest amount of snb^
v seriptions between the dates <s>
?> named as follows:
400,000 to the one turning in < >
?> the largest amount, 300,000 to ?>
i the second; 200,000 to the tniru <?> L
i- 100,000 to the fourth and 50,- ^
v (K;0 to the fifth. 3>
?> Positively the last elub offer ^
?> made. j
!Up to date the manager of The Her- c
aid and News Circulation Campaign c
tias not heard of any of the candidates $
setting arrested, although for the past
week or so quite a number of them J
have "Rested" periodically of their j t
3wn accord. But, however, every ac-}
Live candidate is to be congratulated j ^
an the co-operation their friends- have ! 1
been giving them during the past few j t
weeks, and the Campaign Manager j
wishes to take this opportunity of! J
calling their attention to the explra-!(
tion of the second vote period which
will expire on next Saturday night. ^
November 11th, after which time the *
voting schedule will decrease and can- '
didates should get every subscription
they possibly can during the week, j 1
We also call your attention to the
final club offer of extra votes on ~
clubs of $12.00 in subscriptions which *
is Dositivelv th^ last offer that will be
ma-dV during the Campaign. Thie of- z
fer began Monday, November 6tTi and'^
will expire Saturday, Nov. 18th.
From this time forth, ana every day, c
and every minute during this final; "
club offer, and in fact, during the re- j j
mainder of the camr/iign the mana- t
ger wishes to impress upon every candidate
the importance to the "Do it
Now Spirit." The man or woman, who
coined that little phrase as a business
maxim knew that it embodied the ] *
wisdom of centuries; that It was theij.
verv bed rock unon which everv sue-' '
^ess rested; and without its applica- j CQ
tion no great or small object was ever ^
obtained. J .
And that is what the 'Campaign | T
Manager wants every candidate to; 1
understand. No 'moment should be J
allowed to slip by unimproved during
this great offer, and in fact, during c
the remaining weeks of the Campaign, f
Right now you have-the greatest op
portunity of securing a number of c
extra votes than you will ever have a
a,2ain. Tf von have not <?p-' r
Mules an
Will havi
of the kind yt
working kin
stables Nov.
to see them,
I for you.
I jas. D. Qi
est Tip
a I. D_ j
oecona jrenoa
itinve Long and the Cam[dates
to Improve Opporriod
Ex vires Saturday
! L
;ured a number of subscriptions, do
iot wait any longer but start at once
md see those who have promised to
lelp you later on.
The commissioners of Public Works
iave arranged to give the etayat-homes
Dn Tuesday night the result of the
presidential election at different stages
>f the game, by, flashing house light*,
rhe flashes will be distinct, and will
begin immediately upon the receipt
)f returns of any consequence. They
will continue at intervals until the
inal result is declared.
The following code will be used.
1 Flash?Wilson leads.
2 Flashes?Hughes It-ads!
3 Flashes?iWlteon elected.
4 Flashes?Hughes elected.
5 Flashes?Result in doubt. Goodlight.
Pablic Sales Monday.
Monday being salesday Master
L Rikard made the following sales:
In the case of Sims G. Brown and
fthers against William R. Brown and
ithers, 300 acres to S. G. Brown for
J. Epps Brown and others against
ohn L. Brown and others, 100 acrea
o S. G. Brown for $1000.
Louis F. Cooper again_st William
V. Bullock and William R. Reid, 4300
of an acre, to Geo. B. Cromer, atom
ey, for $2100. ' /
George W. Bowers against Fred
Johnson and others, 150 acres, to T. J.
)xn r for $1050.
Irvine K. Heyward against George
J. Glasgow and others, 550 acres with
)uilding6 thereon, and 220 acres, to
?. L. Spearman for $22,000.
As trustee, James B. Hunter sold
and as follows:
One hundred and 79 and 36-tOO acres
?the Coppock place?to Dr. James
tfclntosh for $3*50.
The Teague place, 72 and 23-100
icres, to Z. W. Dennis for $1450.
The Boozer place. 69 and 82-101teres,
to G. B. Summer for $1250.
The heirs of Alice Stockman sold . .
17 acres to S. C. Stockman for $1500
Chas. H. Counts as executor of Mary f
2. Counts, sold 65 acres to F. R. Huner
for $1675.
Death of Mr. J. H. Ogden.
After a week's inlnfss of pneumonia
Ar. John H. Osden died at his home
? - ^
n West End on saturaay evening m
o'clock and was buried at Rosemont
:$meterv, after service at the house
Sunday afternoon at, 3:30 by th*
ixev. Gobe Smith." The followng
were the' pallbear?rs'i W. H.
fardeman. J. D. Wicker. .John A. Senn,
Trank G. Davis, McK. Hutchinson,
esse L. Burns. - \ ^
Mr. Ogden was 65 years old. He
ame here from Ashevill?, X. C.. and
or the past fifteen years had been
employed by the Davis Contracting
omranv in Xewberry, where he iras
skilled workman. He leaves a wid,
tw and two little cnnaren.
id Mares
z a car load
du need "the
d" at my
10th. Come
I have one
,,i i I
c s^>
y, -5- *- I

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