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fkt Movements of many People, Aew.
berriaus, and Those Who Visit
Mrs. Duncan Johnson was a member
of the bridal party of Mr. and Mrs. W.
P Jacobs. Jr.. at a reception given^
TSioc/??iv ovonin? at rfxid^IlCP of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferdinand Jacobs in
Mr. Jim Dowd and family visited
Mr. R. A. Derrick iast Sunday evening.
Mr. Dowd lives in Xewberry county
near Slighs.? Chapin <:or., Lex-[
ington News.
Mr. J. P. Adams .?? the county was
called Tuesday to Askeville, X. C., on}
account of a railroad accident inj
which his son, Mr. C. F. Adams, \vas|
hurt, although not seriously.
Messrs. Cole L. Blease, Fred H.
Dominick and Eugene S. Blease are'
in Green wood, counsel for V. B. Cheshire,
editor of the Farmers' Tribune,
who is to be tried this week.
Richard Julien of Helena left yesterday
for Laurens county on a visit.
to his aunt, .Mrs. W. F. Wright. .
Miss Leah Boland was married in
Savannah, her home city, to Mr. Louis
Trebony, Jr., on Tuesday. She is
known in Newberry, -where she has
visited her aunt, Mrs. . F! Lathan.
Mrs. Herbert Ehrhardt and two lit-'
tie children have returned to their'
?v uuiuaiui anct visniug iYirs.'
Efcrhardte mother, Mrs. Alma Taylor.
Wells and Martin?Henry and Burr
?two "big Masons of Newberry, are
in Charleston attending a Masonic
meeting which only the biggest Masons
can attend.
Mrs. Theodore Johnstone, after undergoing
a month's treatment and rest
at the Baptist ho-pital in Columbia, is
now with her sister, Mrs. W. P. Houseai,
in that city, recuperating. Her
friends will 'be glad to hear of her improvement.
W. C Hayes has gone to Columbia,
whftro ho is pmnl/wofl hv fho .Wootom
Union Telegraph, company. i
Mr. Everette Hite, who is attending
at Newberry college, spent the weekend
at home with his parents.?Aiken
Journal and Review.
J. L. Kempson of Whitmire is visiting
homefolks this week.?Big Creek"
Cor. Saluda Standard.
Miss Gladys Higsins, who is attending
Newberry college, spent Sunday
and :-Mon<l*y in the city with her mother,
Mre. Maude Higgms.?Easley Progress.
i ',
Miss Sadie Goggans of Newberry is
visiting \Ttv and Mrs 1j. G. "Ralle.?
Lanrens Advertiser.
1 j
Mrs W. H. Hunt, first vice-presided,
Mrs. U W. Floyd, Mrs. E. V.
Babb, Miss Eva Gary and Mrs. P. H.
'Culbn-ath are attending the Woman's
Missionary Union of South Carolina
iv, Orangeburg this week. Mrs. Hun:
presided at the meeting yesterday afternon.
'Mr. Jno. Paysinger of Sharon, S.
., a nephew of Mrs. C. B. Cowan,
"was a guest of Dr. and Mrs. Cowan
a few days ago.?Associate Reformed
Presbyterian. {
' t
Mr. J. E. Summer is in Newberry,
where he was called on account of the
illness of his mother.?reenwood
President Johnson spent Saturday
in Newbfrry. where he was the guest
?f honor at a luncheon given by
the Newberry chapter Winthrop"
Daughters.?Rock Hill Herald.
Mr. J. L. Henderson yesterday sold
Summer Brothers a Dale 01 couon
weigluiVg 631 pounds, the price being
19.35. It brought $122.09 The seed
-sold for $36.24. When a bale of short
staple. -with the seed, brings $158.33,
it is some bale with same cash.
Mr. Henry Lane of Hendersonville,
representing the firm of Harrison and
Lane will conduct a big horse and
cattle sale at B. A. Havird's stables
Saturday morning at 11 o'clock. It
will be a great chance for good bargains.
The M. M. degree wttl^be conferred
tonight at the meelng of Amity Lodge,
No. 87, A. P. M.
The Voirhorrv Fnrfi "^??>tor company !
got in another carloaa of new touring |
ears, 1917 models, this week and de- j
livered them immediately to purchasers
who had already paid for them, |
as follows: J. D. Wheeler, Sample '
and Dudley. Geo. O. Koon. H. M. Booz- i
er. J. M. Dominick and Monroe 'Wick- j
< I
Ben 'Allen, colored, for exceeding
the speed limit, forfeited a $5 bond in
the recorder's court Monday, and Mar- i
, i
melius Dacus, colored, was sentenced;
to pay $10 or serve 30 days.
Among those drowned by the Ger- J
astan submarine which torperoed th?
3farina was a nephew of Mrs. A. J.
Bowers?a Mr. J. R. C. Brown. Jr,
?f Roanoke, Va.
Go to the Arcade to see "Blue Bird" i
pictures and be happy.
At the afternoon session two highly
instructive lectures were given by visiting
educators, Charles P. Barre, superintendent
of education for Newberry
county, and Miss Sadie Goggans,
formerly supervising teaclier for Newberry
and Richland counties. Mr.
Barre discussed the "School as a So
cial Centre," wnne miss ^g^aus prv-1
sented in a pleasing manner her idf a !
of -making a daily schedule and the!
combination of classes.?Laurens Cor. |
'i he State, reporting mc eting of Teach-1
firs' Institute. I
The oyster su~pp~er to be given Friday
night at the home of Mrs. C. C.
Duncan for the benefit of Reagin
school has been postponed.
In the Baptist Courier of this week,
under contributions of South Carolina
W. M. U. for one month we find the
following: Reedy River W. M. U.,
$151.55; Reedy River Y. W. A., $3;
Keeay Kiver k. a., j^eeay xvivet
bands, $17.46.
Among the donations for Dunlap
orphanage, as published in the last#
issue of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian,
is the following item: Mrs/
D. M. Ward an3 Mrs. Etta Blease,
Newberry, S. ., $1.50.
Clerk of Court Jno. C. oggans, at
ms OIIU'C. mai upq <a wuyit:
afternoon?Paul Rice of Newberry, R*
F. D., and Annie Pearl Anderson ofT
Mr. Pat Wise left Tuesday for Atlanta
to get another load of mules,
saying hp would bp back Friday. This
is the third load this season for Pat
Wise. Wise Pat.
Some people in ^ewberry are still
waiting for the balance of the "elecrvirtoT'
trj-ifrto + i~i ho Tiparrl from
ii iv^ax * vwv mv ? w. v.
Robert Golden, alias Guinney Golden.
colored, Ossie Geiger and Cora
B^Walt, also colored, who were arrested
by police of Newberry and
trrned over to Magistrate Pfayer-^by
Chief Rodelsperger, were sent to jaii1
to await *rial in the sessions court on
the charge of housebreaking.
Mary Lake, colored, ha? shown us a
sweet potato in tiie exact form of a
small snake, coiW as nautral as a
real snake, which she set rrom ner
The Kings Daughters of Newberry
will meet at the Aveleigh Presbytera^T
church on Saturday afternoon*
at four o'clock, Mrs. A. .1. Bowers
There will be an oyster supper Friday
night at the residence of Mr.
Clarence Duncan, for th? benefit of
the r.eagin school. Public invited to
patronize the supper.
i <2> <$
b ^
Mrs. M. F. !W?ight entertained the
Houseal Gaggans* bridal party in a
delightful manner last Wednesday evening.
Tho VinncA mic arnstif* in vellow and
white chrysanthemums, the white being
used in the halls and parlors,
while yellow was the prevailing color
in the dining room.
Immediately after the rehearsal the
guests assembled in the dining room
to cut the wedding cake, Miss Frances
Houseal cutting the ring. Miss Pauline
Gilder the thimble. Miss Lucy McCanjrJirin
t^e dime. Miss Eva Cfoggans
the penny and Miss Blanche Simmons
the button. A buffet luncheon was
Assisting Mrs. Wright in entertaining
were Mr. Z. F. Wright, Miss Daisy
Cannon and Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Those nres^nt hesides the bridal
party were: Miss Eva Goggans, Miss
Mary Wriglit, Mr. Walter Wallace,
Mr. W. G. Houseal, Jr., Dr. and Mrs.
Thof Pope, Mrs. T. X. McConnell, Mr.
ar.d Mrs. J. X. McCaughrin, Miss
Lucy McCaughrin, Mrs. Z. W'. Bedenbaugh,
Mrs. W. G. Houseal, Mrs. C.
H. Cannon, Miss Daisy Cannon, Mr.
and Mrs. Herman Wright, Mrs. R. B.
Parks and Mr. Wright Cannon.
One of the most enjoyable parties
of the ^season was given -Saturday afternoon
by Miss Gladys Chappell at
the home of her aunt, Mrs. Haskell
Wright,\in compliment to Miss Miriam
Morris of Edgefield.
The entire lower floor was thi-own
ODeil for the oma-Sinn and Hip
decorations were autumn flowers. Rook
was the chosen game, after which a
delightful ice course was served. The
; hostess was assisted in entertaining
i by Mesdames Frank Wilson and Has
kell Wright and Misses Azilee Parr
, and Haskell Wright.
The business men and farmers of
Newberry county are hereby requested
to meet in the new court house at
NYwberry on Dex: Tuesday, the i4th
November, ',1 eleven o'clock, to consider
formTfil^a creamery organization
for Newberry county. They are being
successfully operated in several counties
of the State at this time.
The boll weevil is on the way, and
Is scheduled to reach us during the
next two years. The only possible;
way to combat his ravages is a thor
ougn ciiversincauon or our interest/
There are only two more creameries
to be organized under governmental
tupprvision in this State, and Mr.
Hr. W. Long of Clemson College has
kindly consented to give Newberry
county an opportunity to secure one
of these. This exceedingly important
'ndustry cannot be secured except]
through hearty co-operation of the1
people of our town and county.
Don't forget thp dap, place and
hour, viz: Newberry, Tuesday, 14th'
Nov.. at the new court house at eleven
o'clock. *
Jno. M. Kinard.
WANTED?Ten or IS fresh mil^b
cows. J. G. Ixiwe. Spartanburg. S. C.
! Under the efficient direction of Mrs.
I Re<d Boylston, with Miss Nannie
i Wheeler of Prosperity as assistant,
j Johnstone Academy is coming to the
j irout. AiiLiost evei) umiu ui suuuwi i
! age in the district is in school. The j
j first month s reports show nearly fifty J
j per crnt of the pupils with an aver- j
1 age of over ninety. The honor roll |
lis as follows: k
j Sth Grade?Nannie Cromer, Gerald-.
! ine Ruff. Eula Wicker.
7th Grade?LiTTie Mae Banks, Helen
Halfacre^ Bertha Ruff.
5th Grade?Earl McCullough, Isa-li
dore Ruff. ~i
4th Grade?Snnie Banks, Evelyn I
| Halfacre, Hattie Tew, Lossie lew; |
1 Swarmy Tew. }
; 3rd Grade?Blanche Franklin, Beulah
Coppock. '
o_,i ?0*to Banks, 'C. !W. Mc
Culloush, Lila Long, Marvin Ruff, Vir!
gil Schumpert.
| 1st Grade?Ruby Banks, Marie Copj
pock, Paul Schumpert, Mark Tew.
Death of Mrs. Lula Graham.
t iiio nrcTiam xcifp rvf Mr "Felix
| aVII O* uuxa u* ?. ?- ?- .
iA*. Graham, died at their home at New j
Hone, at 1 o'clock on Wednesday af-;
i ternoon and "was buried in the Graha/h
! -amilv ceroeVef^ Thursday afternoon
?t. 2:30. funeraf service conducted by
fbe R?v. W. A. Duckworth. Mr. Gn-_
ham is doubly grieved having buried
his mother, Mrs. Felix A. Graham, Sr.*
f ?"Aunt Polly"?only about a week
Competition with houses that sell hv
mail is often a problem which the
merchants' association in smaller
towns and cities seek to solve. System
recently asked a number of represen1
'ative associations wtrat they belive is
the best way to handle thi3 ploblem.
Five typical replies are given in the
following paragraphs.
(1) "We believe that real service,
a willingness to exchange articles not
satisfactory to the purchaser, excellent
catalog descriptions of the mer|
chandise and?to some extent?price
I reductions, hav? made mail order
j houses successful; and we believe that
! when the local merchant learns How to
' make real salesmen of his clerks, when
; he himself learns what real service
| means and knows how to control his
i own business, the mail order business
in this state will begin to decline."
1 (2) "One of our main objects in
j organizing is to hold business at home
} and place a price on merchandise that
will give a saving to the mail order
'customer. We are planning a monthly
house organ, to be issued to the
farmers in our 'buying community.
j naming articles that can he oougni
here at mail order prices, with a mer!
chant's guarantee back of them."
| How Some Merchants are Fighting
Ontside Competition.
I (3) "We cooperate as far as we can
to keep trad-e from going to mall orj
der houses and nearby cities by promoting
the 'Buy in Freeport' idea. In
. this connection, let me say that I think
I the solution of the buy-at-horoe probj
lem is largely up to the home meri
chants. The smaller merchants in a
: city like this are perhaps too prone
: to condemn buying 6way from the city
without taking active steps to rea
lize tnat tney must aaopi progressive
methods of doing business; and that
they must give service and goods which
will persuade people they can buy at
home as well as or better than they
; can plsewhere. When the merchants
M peopl? know more about their
(brr;iness through advertising, and
; v^en they po after business with
J something of the progressive methods
j their successful competitors use, then
! they will solve to a certain extent J
i the buy-at-home problem. There are
1 some merchants, of course, who do
this, and they are not the ones who
"j complain most about the mail order!
j houses and people going to other cities.
C4) "Pav no attention to mail or;der
competition, is our advice. We
j urge members to make their goods
j worth buying, and their store service
; inviting. We believe that ' personal
cmitact and s-eins: before paying will
business, if other conditions sre
attractive. "A'e advise pursuing the
same policy with regard to energy
cities. Our retail stores draw trade
from forty-nearby cities, and this
! trarlp ic pro-wine- lareer everv vear.
(5) "We have found thaf the less
j that is said about irfail order houses,
the better for the merchants in the
town. An active campaign against
them will create new business for thp
mail order houses instead of for us."
i )
Edgefield Advertiser.
However unwelcome a visitor Mr.
B. Weevil may be, it will be more
than a year or two before he will take
up his abode on your farm. He's going
to pitch his tent on your best land,
your pet fields, and tell you if there's
any moving done, you'll have f0 it, j
c? - 1-~ ~ * ~ i t ?
IUI' lit; 11 i-? r> 11/ ii Lai iiici 9 I
fs.il to diversify and get caught, they
have no one to blame except themselves.
The crash of 1914, caused by
the European war, came like a thun- j
derbolt from a cloud/ess sky, but you |
have been forewarned of the weevil i
pest. Being forwarned should cause j
every farmer to be forearmed.
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Won't ~ w. {
The worst cases, no matter of how long st a^uioc |
ar? cured by fhv* wonderful, old reliable- oz |
Power's Anti5ert.1V Healing Oi1. It relieve* I
x,: . vi.t Hi. i ijtr- * "' ?"
The Omniae That Does Not Affect The Head i
Because of its toaic auu itu.al.ive effect, LAXA- j <
TIVK RROMO QUININ^is betterthnn ordinal |.
Quinine and does not cause nervousness j <
rin^iTj^ in her>d. Pemetrber the ft*.*" rame a?ir' j i
W>?ut L\jt the signature E. "W. VH. 25/: j <
This interesting event on Friday afternoon
and evening to be given for
the benefit of SDpers street and Boun
clary street schools is being anticipated
with great pLasure. The committer
ill charge have spaired no pains to
make i: a great succ. ss and the
schools are fortunate to be able to secure
the old court house for the occasion.
This entertainment is to be a progressive
feast and the doors will be open
to mie puonc irorn -> ociocx in ui'3 ailernoon
through the evening. A cordial
invitation is txrended to all ,the
people in Newberry to attend. Admission
Following are the tables with the
Table 1. Oysters, cracker;-;, coffee,
'fable 2. Dinner?Turkey, dressing,
rice giblet gravy, maccaroni, bread,
pickles, coffee?50c.
Table 3. Salad?Chicken sa.lad, crackers.
pickles, coffee?25c.
Table 4. Ices?Ice cream, 10c, cones
uu., ca,K.e oc.
Table 3. Candies.
There will be free amusements for
the childr. n in charge of some of the
teachers and young girls
It is hoped that some music may
also be had.
All tickets will be sold from the
ticket booth and a "dinner ticket" of
thrte courses can be purchased for
A nnroniofin or f o if fn 1 wo
luxiiiiui cli t ivc, r? c
hereby take pleasure of nominating
Mr. W. A. McSwain for reelection as
School Trustee from Ward No. 1.
The Citizens of Newberry.
0. Klettner is hereby announced as
a Candida e for commissioner of public
works and is requested to accept
me position by
His Friends.
Hon. Geo. S. Mower is hereby nominated
as a candidate for School Trustee
for f'\Y&rd 3, subject to the rules
of the Democratic Party.
His Friends.
W. G. Mayes is hereby nominated
for school trustee for the graded school
from Ward 3 and will abide the rules
of the Democratic primary election.
C. E. Summer is announced as a
candidate for Commissioner of Public
Works for the town of Newberry and
will abide the rules of the Democrat
is primary.
Many Friends.
. .UAT1L ilRTHEK NOTICE we will
gin Thursday and Friday of each week.
Silverstreet Ginnery, K. S. Stillwell,
ll-3-tf. '
FOR RENT?One 6 room dwelling
at Helena; one two bors.e farm in two
miles of Newberry. M. M. Buford.
COMPANY, Columbia, S. C. Office
and banK supplies. Manufacturer*
of rubber stamps, seals, etc.,
ity and service. Prompt attentiot
to mail orders.
FOR SALE?Two hundred bushels
of seed wheat at two dollars per bushel.
Farmers Oil Mill.
AMITY LODGE, >0. S7, A. F; 3L
A regular communication of Amity
Lodge, No. 87, A. F. M., v.ill be held
next Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
ir. Fraternity Hall. Visiting brethren
cordially welcomed.
J. W. EARHARDT, Secretary.
| M ' --W
! v,
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
All Work Guaranteed.
Corner Cal?'N? ii and Friend Streets.
Eyes fitted and sold on Installment
Newuerry, S. C.
| Dr. F. C. Martin |
! ' llll^ Specialist!
f Examines Eyes, Fits Glasses f
% and Artificial Eyes.
$ . . i
*If your eyes are giving you|
^trouble don't fail to consult him|
| Satisfaction Guaranteed. |
f Office over Anderson's Dry*
* ? - ? JL I
fGoods Store. J
I *
2-rerl Imp Drama Featuring
Agnes Vernon.
1-lteel Joker Comedy.
1-Reel Rex Drama.
2-Reel 101 Bison Western
Featuring L. ('. Shumway.
L *
1-Reel Big U Western Featuring
Grace Canard.
"mirr TDAV rr 4
"inr, liivr.i v.u.1.11
2-Reel Pathe Featuring
Pearl White.
Rer. Edw. Fvlenwider, Pastor.
Services at the Lutheran Church of
the Redeemer next Sunday as follows:
10:15 a. m. Sunday school.
11:15 a. m. Special Reformation
Services. Sermon bv Dr. Waiter E. ;
" 1 aa ? ? e *1.^ ??T ,,f>i aron Cnrvflv "
I ib-CCLUeiifc! VI ULIC uuvuciau UU1 IV;, J
Columbia, S. C. Dr. Schuette is a fine i
speaker and will deliver a strong message.
Come out and hear him. The
public is cordially invited to .all the
j Pee Dee Advocate, Bennettsville.
Is it possible to make eight bales
lot cotton to the acre? An Alabama
i man has accomplished this on a sman
plot, according to the old and reliable
agricultural journal, The Countr>
Gentleman, which says, editorially:
Down in Alabama lives Sam McCall,
eighty-one years old, who for
more than thirty years has made a
living for himself and family from
two acres of land. It was poor land
when he began with it. But he found
lie couid make his land rich and grow.
We have a
mules at Pom;
see us before bi
J. H. and V
S Miaa A MMI n
! 111155 A1IU1C
and Co
Abloom with
il tinctive fashions i
wear in Coats, C
linery, Furs and
Art G
il sta
AXlVi. UV?i.JLX ^ www.
Dresser Scarfs,
Combinations, T
I Bags, Centers anc
^ * -
j/acKage ounits,
Embroidery TLr
ciety, O. N. T. &
big crops by supplying plenty of \e&t~ JB
table matter, ?nd he worked the idei- fl
ior all that i: was worth. fl
His crop- were a source of won- fl
dAr to 'lis neighbors and a source
of unbelief to farmer*; living at a dls- 1
'aiice. Men came for many miles to
see his littlo place, an-? the National '
Department of Agriculture issued a
bulletin 0'.> Ms farm. He is credited
with having made lit'ty bushels of
oats, fifty bushels of corn and a bale
of cotton on one acre in one year.
He made a five hundred pound bale of
cotton an one-eighth of an acre and
had an unrealized ambition to raise
nine bales of cotton, which he had
figured out as a poesib-e yield, on om*~
acre of his land.
In a way he was a very successful
farmer. Hp marlf> n fair livins and
was an object lesson to farmers everywhere.
No n an can know wha^ i
an acre of land ia the Cotton
is really capable of unless he knows
what Sam McCall d^ri.
Anderson Mail.
Mrs. Jarnagin, an aged lady of
Greenville, was walking aiong a street
in the suburbs of Jreenville last
Sunday night, on her way home from
church, and was run down by an automobile
and killed. It was stated
that the automobile, which was running
at a high rate of speed, did aot
stop after striking the lady, although
she was dragged for some distance.
The machine disappeared in the darkness
before the occupants could be
identified, and so far there is no clut
eTs to their identity.
It is to be assumed that the Greenville
officers will put forth every effort
to apprehend the people who
were in the machine. This was a
clear case of murder, if there ever
was one. Reckless driving such as
was displayed in this case amounted
tc malice, and when a peron is kill
ed mrougn mance 11 is muraer.
C. W. Fant, Columbia manager for V
McHardy Mower of Newberry, an- ^
nounces that his agency has talten ^
.)?i liif Marmon car and will be Stafce
dealers. The headquarters will be at
the Capital City garage. A demonstrator
has just been received. The
Marmon is a well known high grade
car, selling for $2,900 at the factory.
Mr. Mower is already dealer for the A
Studebaker and the addition of the W
Marmon1 tends to n e his line com- 1
pletp.?The State. \
I I i I !
car of -L enncsee
aria. Come to
ir D uner
f. IF. TflULi j
! I. Smith I
new and disfor
present time
^ % i *4
,oat Suits, MilNeckwear.
mped Gowns,
Pillow Slips,
owels, Runners,
1 Royal Society
Slippers, Soles,
eads. Royal So?
C. M. C. CroV
\ .
; - yvA.

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