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the Movements of K#ay People, Jiewberrians
and Those VTbe Visit
Xew berry.
Mr. E. M. Tvans, Jr., spent Sun.
day in Carlisle.
Mr. Munson Buford of Newberry
6pent several days here this week with
fiiends.?Clinton Gazette.
Mrs. Willie Matthews has changed
fcer address of The Herald and News
\ from Newberry 7 to Kinards 1.
Miss Georgia Hair and Mr. W. G.
Boozer were married in Newberry by
the Rev. L. P. Boland last Wednesday.
TtJfr- T a a "W nitt n f Po llnntin a onont
the w^ek-end in the city with lii* parents,.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Keitt.
Miss Lona Mobley of Granitevills
, is the attractive guest of her sister.
Mrs. G. W. Yonce.
Prof. S. J. Derrick went to Columbia
Monday to attend a meeting of the
State board of education.
Mr. Roy Summer returned Monday
A ? ? 1 . ^ rv _ V>?? /< ? Vt ? V1 r\
irom voiuiiioia aiter <x uusiucos nif
to that city.
Airs. J. Claude Dominick and Miss
Mazie Dominick spent Monday in Columbia.
Mr. Geo. W. Summer of the Mollobon
Manufacturing company, left Saturday
afternoon for New York on a
business trip of a week or ten days.
Miss Lucy Hargrove of the Maybin-|
ton section has accepted a position
with the Blue Steel Racket?Clinton
Prof. W. L. Motes left Friday to |
resume his duties as principal of the
Mt. Prospect high and graded school,
near Monroe. N. C. 1
The brothers of Mr. Tom Senn were
visitors here from Newberry last'
werk.?Graniteville Cor. Aiken Senti-'
nel-Valley News.
Jtfies Lilly M. Stockman of Pros- j
perity and Mr. Ernest L. Nobles were ;
> married a week ago last Sunday m
Prosperity by the Rev. B? WT*Cronk.!
jtfrs. Frank Sligh and little son,'
Francis, returned Friday from Green-'
-wood, where they were the guests of
Mrs. T. H. Hill.
Prof. Gilbert Voigt returned Friday!
from Columbia, where he attended the
'wedding of his sister and Rev. C. J.1
S&ealy. ;
JMisses Agnes Houseal and Margaret
Davis and Mr. Frank Davis motored
to Columbia Thursday to see "The
Blue Paradise."
Mr. C. H. Taylor, special agent for
tbe State Vohmteer Life Insurance
company, spent Friday night with
Agent Eugene S. Werts. I
Mrs. D. C. Turnipseed and little
daughter, Elizabeth, arrived from
>Jew York Monday to visit their cousin,
-vMrs. E. E. Scott.
The many friends of Mrs. J. H.
Summer will be glad to know that she
is improving after her long and 6e
TI" ' > nilItoj.
Superintendent J.- Marion Davis, or
t&v .stfwocrry cotton mills, is still
Y>*e president of the Southern Textile
association, which closed its meeting
in Columbia Saturday night. j
Mrs. iW'illiam Hornsby, Misses AHce
and Jessie Hornsby and Mr. Douglas
Ho-n?hv snent several days of last
week in Columbia, attending the New.
niari--Lewis wedding. Miss Jessie assisted
with the refreshments.
Miss Hallie Wright, teacher or v'en
tcaL school, Pomaria. spent Saturday
mght and Sunday morning wttlT her
eister. Miss Haskell Wright, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Wright.
T"> rY,a VqTV*_
-Manager ntmv n. wens vn. i.u&
berry Opera House left for Atlanta
Sunday. While there he will look af_ier
future films for his moving picture
/ Owing to a fall one day last wer-K
Mrs. Ijbura P. Ewart is in bed suffering.
very much, the many friends or
tbip estimable lady will be sorry to
learn. Fortunately no bones were
broken. >. j
Prof. James P. Kinard went to'
Rv _k Hill Saturday, where "he delivered
an address before the literary
-societies of Winthrop^ college Saturday
night. We just know the girls
fceard something nice.
Mr. Frazier Evans left yesterday
for Johnson City, Tenn., after a brie!
visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.
H. Evans. Frazier's many friends
ytere glad to see him looking so well
and bright.
Mr. Bennie Mayes, who was one of
the efficient clerk6 at the store of the
late J. T. Mayes company, is now
giving good service with Summer
Brothers Co., where his many friends
will be glady welcomed from time to
;time in the receiving line of trade.
Mr. Benjamin Greneker, formerly a
to^:>cr in Magnolia Street school
?nnnn hie in
-jiere, win cuu^un ~
Washington in the government position
some time during the latter part
-of November. During his stay in
Washington lie will study law at the
Georgetown university and after
graduating from that institution he
will take a post-graduate course in law
at Harvard university.?Greenwood
Dr. S. C. Byrd, president of Chicora
College for 'Women, Columbia, preached
in the Presbyterian church here
Sunday morning ana ai l lie ua^ua^
church Sunday night. The Rev. Wilmot
Holmes preached in the Episcopal
church in the afternoon. The sermons
are highly spoken of. While
in the city. Dr. Byrd was the guest of
his cousin, Mr. Haskell Wright, while
Mrs. 0. McR. Holmes entertained Rev.
Mr. Holmes. *
^g^HNfc^?he last episode of "The Iron Claw"
^^Arcade Saturday.
of the
Beas Degai^resTeraS^^^
has been char$15,000.
Hal ses|l.
Bowman of Orangeburg will preside.
The old cry of early Christmas shopI
ping is beginning to be heard again,
i Do your Christmas shopping early.
At thp Onpra Hniise nn Tnesdav will
I - - ? ?
I be presented "The Gilded Cage," w-ith
j Alice Brady in it.
Dodging automobiles on the street3
j of Newberry is an art, especially o?
nights from the blinding headlights,
j Read the excellent program for tup
Opera House entertainments this
: week.
Following the completion of "The
j Iron Claw," "The Shielding Shadow,"
! a new Pathe serial will take Us place
: starting December 9th.
j The women voted and hence Wilson
is reelected and four more States ad:
ded to the "dry" column. Hurrah for
j the women.?Abbeville Medium.
; The Democratic party owes a debt
of gratitude to Mr. Bryan.?Anderson
; Mail. It does and we are glad to circulate
the statement of that fact.
"The Three Godfathers" from the
short story by Peter B. KTyne at the
i Arcade Today (Tuesday), it's a bluej
! Ninety some odd cases of whiskey
j came here Saturday. Shipments had
; been delayed a day or so between
| here and Jacksonville.
Helen Holmes in "The Wreck in the
1 Fog," chapter two of "The Lass of the
Lumberlands" at the Arcade Thursday.
I It is a pity Newberry cannot be
in the group with Clinton, Laurens,
Union and Spartanburg in getting up
that trolley line.
If Newberry had about a dozen or
so more young men with the talent of
Ned Purcell, this town could have a
first-class minstrel troupe.
night at the Opera House all right.
Mr. Thos. W. Folk bought a Hollier
light 6 Saturday from Havird and
aiitr>mr?hilo rtpalftrS.
iTliiaUl* UU wiuvf v.
See "The Flower of No Man's Land,1 !
with Viola Dana, Thursday at the i
Opera House. j
Home talent broke loose Friday j
The Coca Cola bottling plant is be- j
ing kept very busy sending out tne!
favorite soft drink beverage in tlie
city and surrounding territory. . j
The St. Phillips Luther league will j
hold a Thanksgiving service at 10:301
o'clock on the morning of ThanksgivTi-hirth
tho nnhlip is invit
nig ua>, tv ??un,u ....v- ~ ?
If .you can't have a turkey foi
Thanksgiving get a chicken. If there
be no spare chicken the many goodj
butchers in Newberry will have some'
mighty fine beef for roast, which will
go mighty well with pumpkin pie.
Wildev Peden. the boy preacher,!
will preach in front of the courthouse
next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.,
- - " * ? A
Hear him. Tnose wno nave ne<iru,
him say he is worth hearing, as he!
is a remarkable production. j
The football and other attractions
by thp college boys here on Tranksgiving
day will be witnessed by an
immense crowd. Messages from vjlin j
ton promise the attendance of one'
thousand from that place alone. It
will be a big day.
There was a fire at Mr. J. S. Dom-j
tnick's ginhouse at Chappells Friday, j
The fipfit they saw of the fire it was
coming out of the condenser. It was
""t out bv buckets of water in the!
hands of the workmen. The damage
was about $50, without insurance.
Tho onen season for hunting took ;
a good many hunters to the fields and ;
woods 'Wednesday and the balance of
the week. Some say birds are scarce, j
but if they were ever so plentiful no j
hunter would be allowed to kill more
than 15 on any one day.
Somp neonle learned more about autliori
fhov pypr knew be
tuuii/uiiea iiiun
foro bv rpadinar the ad of the Carolina
Auto Co. in the last issue of The HeraM
rind Xews. The ads for the Max-'
wells and Chalmers are worth reading
e^en though you don't have the price
of a car.
Manager J. R. Peden, father of the
boy preacher, promises good speaking,
fine singing and excellent music
by a left-handed fiddler next Saturday
night at Oakland hall, at the illustrated
Bible show and lecture. The boy
A / ? lr T o t*w7
preacher will preacn at wc UOiViauu
church. Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
The public is invited to both. As there 1
will be no admission to the show a
free will offering will be taken. j
Chief Rodelsperger, through the.re-'
porter for The Herald and News, in
behalf of himself and the whole police
force, returns thanks to the commissioners
and the superintendent of
public works for the erection of a
-a?* of fVio r>nrnpr hetween Mr.
street 11511 t au wuv w* ?v - Joe
Mann's front yard and Mr. Otto
Klettne'r's back lot. That was a very
dark corner before the light appeared,
and the light was very much needed.
Rev. Richard Carroll will speak at'
the colored fair grounds on Thursday
afternoon and Prof. Booker T.
(Washington, son of the late fatuous
Booker T. Washington, will speak at
the same time on Friday and Saturday
afternoon. The speaking will taKe
place at 3 o'clock on those afternoons.
Rev. Richard Carroll is well known'
here as well as elsewhere. Washing
ennprvisor of the colored schools
IU1X AO - -
of Alabama.
The civil court convened on Monday
morning, with Judge I. W. ETb"ftman
of Orangeburg presiding and
Court Stenographer, Jno. L. Perrin,
of Abbeville at his post of CttlTy. *P!ie
jurors were dismissed until Wednesday
morning in all cases except the
case at bar, being the W. J. Hentz
T"*? c?i,rtoio Men which is now en
ran ouuaio vu-v
. gaging, the attention of the court. At;
tomey R. Beverly Herbert of Colum.
bia is present representing the Parr
: Shoals company. VAttornev P. B.
Barron of Union is here for The plaintiff
A mintrial was ordered in this
case sometime ago.
At the A. R. P. church the Rev. J.
W. Carson of Newberry and 3. "W".
! Reid of Atlanta. Ga., addressed the
~ ~ ' 1 1 rviAVnintr ?Wirk
SaDDain scawi mra <?*?
Cor. News ar.?d Courier,
i i
f _
j| AT THE r
Harry D. Carley in
tmirr rririJpr PAnLMTUUDC''
"inn, I 11 lit L wui/i xx inijiio
In 5 Parts.
: !
Harry D. Carey in
In Six Acts.
I j
2 Reel Big U Drama.
Featuring Murfloek MeQuarrie.
1 Reel Nestor Comedy''Featuring
Eddie Lyons and Lee Moran.
1 Reel Laemmie Drama.
Featuring Maude George.
Holcn Mrilmp<s in
*0? !
Two Other Reels of Selected Untvei-i
sal Films.
Automobiles kep many peop^&^way
j from church, although they take some j
to church. The former outnumber;
the latter by a great majority.
LOST Little brown purse with $2
in paper on Monday afternoon be-!
tween residence of H. H. Blease and:
Salter's studio. Finder please leave
at Herald and News office.
LOST?At Arcade or on street Tu-;
esday afternoon, Nov. 14th, a blacK
feathered neck-piece. Kewara 11 ieii
at Herald and News office.
CABBAGE?A few. more left, phone
or write us your needs and let us
save them for you as this is probably j
the last car we will have.
Summer Bros. Co.
ll-21-2t. i
FOR SALE?One gasoline' engine,
Galloway 5?H. P. One shingle mill;
outfit complete, J. D. H. Kibler, Po-j
maria, S. C.
WANTED TO Bl'Y?A Mtrte or
Horse, cheap. Apply to F. A. Gall-1
man, Newberry, S. C., R. F. D. No. 5. j
11-21-ltp. j
LAND FOR SALE?Forty-five acres
in the St. Lukes community about six :
miles from Prosperity. Price $700.00.:
For terms see me. One tenant house,
one barn, one well. J. Chesley Dom-|
inick, Newberry, S. .
to be had we have them. j
' Summer Bros. Co.
O A I TJ*. A f vn /if rtf n Vinn f t
r Vli OrV.Li.Cj n. na^i ui tauu uvuui. :
two miles North of the town of New-J
berry, containing one hundred and:
sixty-four acres, more or less. Will!
sell as a whole or in suitable parcels. 1
For further information see the un-J
dersignel. I
11-14-tf H. C. Holloway, Attorney I
FOR SALE?That desirable lot at j
corner of Johnstone and Glenn streets,
fronting 200 feet on Johnstone and
100 feet on Glenn. will De soia toi
the highest bidder on first Monday in!
Terma: One-half, cash, and one!
year's note at 8 per cent interest.
Miss Joe L. Jones,
B. L. Jones, et al.
stock just received let us supply you.
good goods and prompt service.
Summer Bros. Co.
gin Thursday and Friday of each week.
Silverstrecc Ginnery, K. S. Stillwell,
11-3-tf. j
QABBAGE?We will have a car in,
few days of the finest cabbage you j
ever saw. The greater part alieady!
sold so please write or phone us "how
much to save for you.
Summer Bros. Co.
FOR SALE?That six-room cottage
and lot containing one-half acre on
"College Hill" at corner" of Lindsay
and Chick streets, will be sold to the
highest bidder on the first Monday in
Terms: One-third, cash, and balance
in one and two years at 8 per
cent interest.
Miss Joe L. Jones,
1 B. L. Jones, et al.
' 11-17-24-28-1
I '
: BARB WIRE?Let us supply you.
Summer Bros. Co.
I FOR SALE?Two hundred bushels
o? seed wheat at two dollars per bushi
el. Farmers Oil Mill.
j NEW CROP, New Orleans and Mus'
cavado molasses at Johnson McCrackin
11-141 t-f .
j Opera House
Tl'ESDAY, >OY. 21s
I THE REFORMERS?-Vim comedy.
[ featuring i'lump and Runt.
: GETTING BY'?Vitagraph comedy,
fpflf]irin<r Shirlov \1nnro
The World Film Pictures will present
.-Alice Brady in "THE (*ILDE1>
CAGE** in Five Acts.
PETER THE HERMIT?2-Reel Essanay,
featuring Nell Craig and Harry
RIVAL ARTISTS?Kalem corned},
featuring Miss Ivy Close.
THE HAIDERS?Selig. featuring
Tom Mix.
comedy, featuring Hoghie MacK
Metro pictures will present ^THE
FLOWER OF NO MA>'*S LAND," featuring
Viola Dana, in five acts.
The following have been drawn to
serve the one week of the court of
general 'sessions, which convenes December
W. L. Buzhardt, W. 0. Pitts, W. H.:
Sanders. W. E. Baker, tW. J. Atchinson,
John Gilliam, W. B. Boinest, Geo.
A. Cromer, Olin 0. ' Shealy, W. /R. i
Cromer, G. W. Stockman. Wm. B. Wise,!
D. M. Langford, H. M. Henderson. .1. j
E. Xabors, M. B. Hendrix, H. T Long- ,
shore, R. M. Martin. C. T. Paynngor,!
S. B. Miller, X. Martin. R. E. Living
stone, T. K. 'Workman. A. C. Thom- j
psson, Jr., J. P. Baker. John Boiling-:
cr. ,T. W. Wise, Chester W. Redeiibaiigh.
.T. C. Parker, D. Allen Reigl:ley,
Lois Dominick. C. P. Teague. W.
0. Senn. WT. H. Hardemann, Geo. M
Epting, R L. Sterling.
The program to be offered by tlie
Waverleys consists of contralto solos,
baritone solos, vocal duets and read- j
ings. Mr. Thomas Lewis will sing sev- j
eral Harry Lauder songs. Miss Grace;
Loreen Springsted, contralto, will sing [
a group .of songs In costume. Miss
Jean Williams, a charming southern '
girl, will present some Interesting read- j
Mr. Lewis is n native of Wales, and j
wAvtin" in a Wplsh coal mine!
?r UHV rr-rrnSXXZQ ? I II i
bis beautiful baritone voice was dis-'
: _ . / .- '. : .. - :
: ' "
... : _, .
K yS&ffra&a^^ i
^ r~ i
covered. He came t<> America t ten
years ago and began work in-the steel j
mills of Pittsburgh. Later he was persuaded
to take up music as a profes-1
... .,. i
sion, his work Having come u> me m-1
tention of Dr. Frank XV. Gunsaulus of
Chicago, who has given Mr. I>wis j
great encouragement.
Miss Springsted was for two seasons
with the Avon Sketch Club and for
four years was a pupil of Snmuel I.
Slade. well known instructor of De-:
,TT,ni"~ /?/\mAis fmm fir. i
MISS VYllUULUy. v? uu \.uiuca iiu"? v- i
ford, Ala., is a graduate of the Columbia
College of Expression of Chicago
and for several seasons has been engaged
fn Lyceum and Chautauqua
* i
The Waverleys will appear at uhe
high school auditorium on next Thursday
night at 8 p. m. The proceeds of
this entertainment will be used for
the benefit of the athletic clubs at the
high school, both boys and girls.
Mr. W. P. Houseal of Columbia
spriit Saturday night and Sunday
morning in Newberry with his brother,
Dr. W. G. Houheal.
I %*v*v?V?V? v # V V *VTV*rWVTV J
jl Dr. F. C. Martin |
!{ 'Specialist|
1 ^ t~" Y"* /"* J ?
iiLxaminesnyes, r its masses^
* and Artificial Eyes
fr, *
J If your eyes are giving you I
I f trouble d ?n't fail lo consult him X
* I
! | Satisfaction Guaranteed, i
1 | ?
I Office ovt. Anderson's Dry?
i |Goods Store. |"
I _
/marathon /f c
In the L(
Itpiysto buy your T
Knives, Dishes, etc, at a rel
is of first consideration. VI
ges of kitchen ^joods at all t
for comparison or purchase
good things come and give
We feel sure it will be favo
Thanksgiving cards noi
Robinson's Tt
rn i r
?ru? tl
111C 1IHCC
The most wonderful outdc
From the ?jreat Saturday Even
Kyne. With a remarkable str
Harry D. Carey ai
To all Auto Owne
By ordinance
>1 i* *.T
town council ot 1\<
have to keep our g
Sunday. We will
tomers to be sur<
gas and supplies o
Carolina j
I >
1 1 /^?
bacco ana vulgar
ettes by wholesale
and Company ^
Will save you money if
you buy now.
?: -i k
>ng Run
urkey Roasters, Carving
iable atore where aualitv
" ? 'f
)e welcome all good jud- ^
imes, whether the visit is
If you are a judge of
us your opinion of ours.
n on sale,
in Tent Store I >
r uesday 1
er 21 st ^
jcbirFi 1
ro-PLAYS M 1
Er. S EN T Mi \
Godfathers" j
>ors picture ever produced,
ing Post story by Peter B.
ong cast including
id Stella Razeto
Theatre N
I _
oassed bv the A
I -- - +
ewberry, we will
parage closed on i
* 41
ask all our cuse
and get their
11 Saturday.
Auto Co.

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