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jpe ||eniK) and Jems.
watered at the Postoffice at Newijrjr,
S. C., as 2nd ciass matter.
Friday, November 24. 1916
Anonnvr TUtWfiGIVIXfl !
TTILIJJ U1><9?UIC Ji U.tilliUVtA lA.ivt I
In order that all of the boys at the 1
office may have the privilege of en- j
joying their thanksgiving dinner and
the college football game The Herald
and News will print the next Friday;
S3sue on Wednesday night of next
- week. ^Advertisers and correspond |
ents will please take notice and gov-,
ern themselves accordingly.
Gov. Manning has ordered one of;
the military companies from Anderson
but it is stated that he may keep
tie military at Anderson until the
legislature meets.
The First regiment 01 soiaier uuy? j
are to leave the border on Saturday
for the return trip home. They are
expected to arrive in Columbia next
Wednesday or Thursday and will pitch
tents at Styx near Columbia. The
place from which they moved to Texas.
iWe will all be glad to see the
boys back home and hope they may
all have a safe journey from far away
A ?
Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria
who died the other day af the ago cf
*7 years and after an eventful and
tragic reign of over 68 years never
slept more than five hours a day. Jt
is said that he rose at 5 o'clock in
the morning and had a breakfast of
fresh boiled ham, rolls and coffee and
then strolled until 6 o'clock when he
began his day's work. That is theN
same prescription of Mr. Edison
the retention of youth and vigor. Little
sleeping, little eating and much
working. Then you do not find so
much time to give to your neighbor's
business and not so much for gossip.
It is a good prescription. 'Emperor
"r ?*- ?~ -+rx thp verv last
JOSepn was atuic bv V*?v ? ? - v
and a good horseman.
The Herald and News prints today
the statements of several of the bants i
of the county under the call mad?
.-of November 17. We have statements
from the four banks in the city an I
two in the county. The four banks
of the city make a fine showing and
so do the two from the county.
Take the c&ty banks and all of
them show a marked increase in the
amount of loans and deposits as compared
with the statements as made
under the September call. It
is not our purpose to make any
comparison a3 to the several i.anks
but if you will look at the statements
you will see th,it the four show a
" *A/v,A1>0 ? trttal I
total loan or $i,4uutivi.<o ciuu a tv |
deposit account of $1,446,970.69. And
all of them have a less amount, o"
money borrowed, the Commercial
showing none at all. The total is
only $114,760.16. All of them show I
a good amount carried to the surrmis j
account and a decided increase over
the amount as it appeared in the Septom-h?r
statement. The National Bank
has just doubled its surplus and un-j
divided profit account since Septem-j
These statements show a healthy j
financial condition and money should j
be cheaper. Comparing the loans with i
the deposits it verifies a statement
we saw once that a bank made money j
out of what it owed.
My mascot failed me on last Sunday.
He may not have been entirely
to blame. It was partly the street
and maybe partly the fact that w?
? * I
should have remained at nome. auj i
way, we did not, and as we werei
driving along through the streets of J
Prosperity, and we were observing J
the speed law not to exceed ten!
miles the hour, a spring popped right;
in front of the Wise hotel. We had
started to St. Pauls Lutheran church)
for preaching. That is my old hom}|
church, you know, the church r t myj
childhood. And I always 7 e j go j
back and the older I gr< e -.lorej
fond I am going there tc i ing. J
Incidentally I was going to .iome:
of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Werts v- Red") j
for dinner. Mrs. Werts, at the Pros-j
perity fair on Friday, had invited mei
ro?.f said j
to come anu unu6 *
they were going to kill hogs on Sat- j
urday morning, and, of course, I ac-i
cepted the invitation, and it was a
great disappointment to all of us that
we were denied the pleasure of eat- j
ing that dinner and spending a few!
hours with these good people. But
then it might have been a great deal
worse. The spring might have broken
when we were several miles away j
from a doctor or anywhere to stop, j
Any you recall it broke in front of
the Wise hotel. So I just unloaded f
therp and these people always have j
something good tc eat and we had a
good dinner with our cousins.
Mr .Tim Hunt came to our rescue;
and Firge Wise had a spring and with j
Mr. Hunt to put the spring on we
were ready to travel home as soon \
as we had dinner. Mr. Hunt was very j
nice about It and was more reason-j
able in his cearges than any automobile
fixer we have ever run against, J
and he did a good job.
We took 111 and the mascot backj
- in that country on Tuesday and wentj
over our new road from St. Pauls
fcy the old home and we are -pIeafle*Wto
see that the road is beir j * ised.;
Statement of tl
Tko l nmm
A 11V Wiauaa
Located at Newberry, S. C.
November 1
Resources. 1
Loans and discounts $459,750.4.1
Overdrafts? |
? - - ^ ? ' Aon '
Secured by <jouon.ii.i,vao.ov
Secured and Unsecured
Real estate owned 17,422.25
Due from banks and bankers 118,108.34
Currency 15,530.00
Gold 1,005.00
Silver and other minor coin 1,804.86
Checks and cash items ... 1,944.59
Total $733,291.06
County of Newberry, se:
Before me came Jno. M. Kinard, Pr
being duly sworn, says that the above a
dition of said bank, as shown by the \
Sworn to and subscribed before me 1
... . r
? -X - ' .* 1
Correct Attest:
F. Z. Wilson,
WT. H. H-unt.
Z. F. Wright,
?- i
It is again our pieasi
to our continued rapid ?
above statement. We tl
our Bank one of the lars
^ Vr\lini fa &
lit UUU111 V/ai vuiia* tt v
as^an Institution for S
building up your mental,
The Comrni
r\f m curktf
V/l ll^TYUV
The Bank That Alwai
and I am going to have the best road
in that section. Of course, there are
a few hills on the road, but then there
are hills all through that section, and
they add so much to the beauty ot
the scenery that you feel like you are
in the mountains. I sat in the yard
nf ttio niri hnrH*k the* other dav and my j
V/l l"V/ V*u MWAMV V?? ? J _
mind was busy with the scenes of
other days when as a boy I ran up
and down those hills and carried the
horses to water and galloped them
up the hill. The stables and the yard
fence and all the improvements are
gone, but the old house is still there,
and I am having it covered and uope
to be able to get the whole thing
looking better soon. But the scenery
and the landscape and the beauty
of nature still remain and you look
out and feel that you are in the mountains
of North Carolina. It is a great
old place. Well, all this does not interest
the reader, but sometimes one
just can't help writing what he thinks
and feels, and it occasionally gets
personal. Tlie point is, I am going
to make this a good road out to St.
~ ~ - ? % ai ? -"v^ C 4-VIA
Pauls, and l nave me yrumiae U1 tuc |
carpenter to "have the other two
bridges built by the first week in
The road through the business portion
of Prosperity is about as bad as
any of the road from Newberry to
Little Mountain, except the portion
that goes through the town of Little
Mountain. How about working it up
a little, Mayor Morris? And then I
want to say to Dr. G. Y. Hunter,
while I am talking about roads, that
Mr. E. J. Watson in a private lettes
" *
says that lie is out 01 commission iu?
a little while, and suggests that Dr.
Hunter call a mass meeting at Cliapin
and see if something can be done on
the improvement of the road from that
town to Little .Mountain. Get the people
behind the officials and work up j
a sentiment for an improvement of
the road. It is bad, and there is a
lot of travel over it, and it should be
a good road, and with a little work
- - r\f it
ana. & nmc ouau5& ?>. ???.?.?
could be made a fine road. How about
it, Doctor. I will help you all I can,
and 6tir the people the best I can.
The Lexington supervisor has entirely
neglected this section of road. A
little agitation and arousing of the
people sometimes does -vronderful
things. Try it, Doctor, I will help
J on and. The Herald and News wil?
o'&ll It can. Oar mailing li-st covers
a whole lot of people at Chapln and
at Peak and everybody at Little Moun
le Condition of
ercial Bank
. at the Close of Business
17th, 1916.
Capital stock paid in $ 50,000.00
SA-plus fund 50,000.00
Undivided profits, less current
expenses and taxes
j Due to banks and bankers. 688.62
| Dividends unpaid 1,075.00 '
| Individual deposits subject
to check 195,448.66
Savings deposits..401,063.45
of deposit 3,600.00
Cashier's checks.. 172.85.600,284.96 j
! Total . $733,291.06
ssident of the above named bank, who
md foregoing statement is a true con>ooks
of said bank.
this 23rd day of Nov. 1916.
Notary Public.
ire to call your attention
jrowth as shown from
btank you all for making
^est and most successful
want you to think of us
ervice in fostering and
physical and material
1 D 1
Hum Ddim
srry, S, C.
jrs Treats You Right.
r?.V?/\1rt r? ATT' ViQ C? frArrt AM Cl f A '
V> UlllC U II LA J L?\J FT Xiao 11 urn v/ll^ uv
two copies in the family.
The point is let us all cooperate and
see that this one main throroughfare
at least is made so good that it will
remain the main highway from the
low country to the mountains. If we
do not do something it is going to b*
taken away and the travel will find
another route and that means the
toVinnr owov frArn no r\f o Inf nf
kumiig u n uj a.a vyjuu uu v/a. a avl vi vmvi^
that floats around this way by virtue
of this travel. And then we need the
The first thought that pops into a
man's mind when he looks over the
new Oakland Six is: "There's a car
that is really pracitai in every way.
It is sensible to say, power, equipment
and price, and it bears the nam?
of one of the most reliable concerns i
in the business. That is the common-!
sense car for me to buy."
The new Oakland Six is sensible In |
size. The wheelbase of model 34 is j
112 inches. The bodies of both tour-j
ing car and roadster are not only Ion- j
ger and wider and higher than the j
- .3
Model 32, but tney are roomier a.uu j
more comfortable than In other cars |
of the same, or in many cases even
longer, wheelbase.
. ?.
The Nation
j Newb
From Report to
Showing Conditio]
Loans and discounts ,
U. S. Bonds
Stocks and Securities
Banking House
Cash due from Banks
and U. S. Treasurer....
United States
Sole depository for U
road for our own noble selves, and
. , j
why should we noi nave u. i
The community spirit which the'
community fair helped to bring aboutj
must be kept in exercise or it will j
lose its cunning and its force. Inno- |
cuous desuetude will bring paralysis!
of effort and we must keep things a
moving so as to continue having the '
benefit of the good work of this fair, j
The weather has been fine and the
roads are good now, as roads go in '
this section of the world, but you just,
wait until it begins to rain and then'
if there is not some energetic use of.
the split log drag we will have some'
roads that you can't travel even with a J
Ford. But if the drag is properly,'
j -s-ui. +>,o rain <a and the
useu Ilgiii auci uiv ? ,
Tie Sen*
It is sensible in pmer. The motor [
is the high-speed valve-in-head type,
and develops 41 liorsepo.wef* at 250
revolutions per minute.
It is sensible in weight. Though
big in capacity and very strongly
Lui.t, the new Oakland Six weighs
1:150 rounds or 53 pounds to every
horsepower developed by the motor.
It is sensible because it is oyer- j
tired. Tire manufacturers recommend
32x3 1-2 inch tires for 2200pound
cars. The Oakland Sensible
Six weighs 2150 pounds, yet it has
32x4-incli over-size tires. This means j
not only improved riding qualities,
but greatly increased tire mileage, j
Una Au!
al Bank of
erry, South Cai
& 11 j
> uie vuiupiruiicr u
i at theClose of Busii
i: l:
. $477,238.57 Capital Stock..
102,000 00 Surplus and t
9,682.48 Circulation __
.__10,000 00 Dividends Un
82,563 36 Redise't with 1
i, State, County and Cit
. S. Postal Savings De]
. KUaviIIo anrl nrAAnwnnr
LUMV f 111V UAAVt vw?* iv
roads smoothed down this powdered
dust will make a paste that will make
a good road.
E. H. A.
? ' ' I
Children's Humps, Sprains and Minor
Harts Quickly Relieved by Sloan's
It is the very nature of children to
"hurt themselves?to come crying to
mother with little fingers bruised, with
heads bumped, with sprained ankles
and wriste.
They are painfiil hurts, too. But
their pain and sting can't survive the
gentle use of this liniment. A single
application of Sloan's Liniment and?
the little fellow's bravely kept back
a i n*i
sible SV
It is sensible In construction. Some
features of the Oakland Sensible Six
are: Oakland-North way six-cylinder
motor; Hotchkiss drive; Delco starting,
lighting and ignition; tapering
frame on which entire length of body
rests; long, semi-eliptic springs; Marvel
carburetor; over-sized tires, genuine
leather trimming, pleated type,
with deep, comfortable upholstry;
low center of gravity prevents sidesway?,
and skidding, which wear out
tires and rack the frame and driving
It Is sensible because of its wonderful
riding qualities. Tires are over'
-_j" rro
size?32x4 incnes?auu reai 0^1 iU5?j
are 51 inches long and shaped to eliminate
rebound. Upholstering is deep
ta Com
Naurkamr ^
f the Currency p|
nessNov. 17,1916 pliabilities.
rridived Profits... 14,056.26 i
AA r\r\ti AA
i l/V,WV.l/V
paid 96.67
Ted. R'sve. Bk.. 104,260.16 j
$681,484.41 M
H. T. CANNON, ; 1
Asst. Cashier. 1
mmmmmammsmammoB mmmmmmtammmtammmmmmmmmammmmmam
y Depository 9
aosits for Newberry,
: Jj||
j tears give way to smiles. His hurt is. fl
relieved. m
In every home where there are chil- I
dren a bottle of Sloan's Liniment is a. M
necessity. m
Aching muscles, rheumatism, lum
bago, stiff neck? backache, chilblains,
etc., can be effectively relieved with ^
Sloan's Liniment. Cleaner than mussy^^
ointments or plasters.
Sloan's Liniment can be obtained at 9
all drug stores, 25c., 50c. and $1.00.
I SuDscriDe to rue neraia ana ????, ^
r 1
: and soft and wheelbaae is of correct I
; length to give perfect road-action.
It is sensible because it is economi- J
caL Fuel gives 18 to 25 miles per a
gallon, and extra-large tires last JE
| much longer and cost less per mile ^
: nf it sp than in cars of the same or fl
| higher prices than the Oakland Six. fl
Lastly, the Oakland Six is sensible
in price. Considering all its features
! ?greater power,, lengthened wheel- 1
| base, "bigger body, over-size tires, j
light weight?this car at $845 sets the ]
I standard of value for cars of its type. j
At less price you cannot get all the
, qualities you really want in a car, |
and in most cars at higher prices you
pay entirely out of proportion to what
you get.
: pan^l

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