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| Autoing For S
L ?
? Herald and News Ganpaigr
r O'Clock P. M. Sat. Dec. 2
iioned to Make Every A
to the End?Be Sure t
tificates?Results oi
in the Dark ?Ju
The following gentlemen hare >$>
kindly consented to act as <$>
^ judges and will take charge of
k ^ the closing of The Herald and
V??o r o m n ;> i OT?
9 v ncna
<$> Mr. W. W. Cromer, National
<$> Bank of dewberry.
<s> Mr. Earl Hipp, Newberry <?<$>
Savings Bank.
<?> Mr. Cland Sehnmpert, Connty *>
<$> Treasurer. $>
<$> Dr. J. E. Stokes, Newberry <$>
Drug Co. <?>
<?> Mr. Alfred Matthews, Nation- <S>
al Bank -of Newberry. <?>
4> The above gentlemen are well $
<$> known throughout the entire <?>
territory for their fair dealings 5>
<?> and their intefirritv. This fact <$>
assures each and every can
didate that they will receive <?
<? fair and impartial treatment.
> <$<$>$
Candidates in Tlie Herald and News
Circulation Campaign are cautioned to
be -careful of their voting certificates
I and extra votes. Remember, these
k little pieces of paper are the things
that will decide whether you ride or
HT wa& or receive one of the prizes,
V wiiich will be awarded to the successful
onces just one week from today.
f The time is getting short in which
f to put forth, the most determined ef,
fort and exhaust every resource. Don't
rvn -iVnrjr
V?CHWfl. a yjwywvw wu jw ?
list, as that subscription may "be the
one that would have landed you the
capital prize. You still have five days
In which to secure a large number of
subscriptions. j
Campaign Closes Saturday.
Saturday night as the clock strikes
the hour of ten, The Herald and News ]
Circulation Campaign will be a part j
of history and the deserving will have
received their just reward. The last
day should mark the heaviest polling,
of votes and subscriptions won during
the <vunn&ien and fhe indications are
that such will be the case, as ever1"
one of the candidates have expre? themselves
as proposing to make \ *
week a record breaker, in the po:
As an evidence of their apprecia-J
tion of their pastor and their joy over,
his return for another year, the mem- i
bers of Central Methodist church
went in a body to the parsonage on j
Fridnv nieht. laden with tans-ihlp tok
?ns of their esteem.
After the various assortment of
boxes, baskets, bags and bundles had
"been deposited in the dining room and
the turkeys, ducks and chickens had
heen safely stowed in the coops, Mr.'
Z. F. Wright in a clever impres-j
sive way explained the unexpected
visit, calling on Mr. W. H. Wallace,
Mr. J. H. Wicker, Mrs. P. C. Gaillard,
and Mrs. R. D. Wright to say a few
words in behalf of the various organizations
of the church. To all of
these Mr. and Mrs. Dibble responded
In words of deep feeling and appre- j
ciation. Dr. A. J. Bowers, whom this
congregation hoids very dear, had
"been invited to share their- pleasure
and. the impromptu program with an
eloquent tribute to Central's pastor
and a most earnest prayer.
The past year has been one of remarkable
endeavor by the pastor and
congregation of this church, and tlie
dominant idea among them seems *.o;t
be that the coming year will be by j
far thp best in the history of the
It is safe to say that many people
will see "The Hidden Scar" at the
Opera House Tuesday, when it* Is
Known that Ethel Clayton and Holt>rook
Blinn will be featured in It.
Those two bright, particular stars
always draw the crowds.
The leading question now is whether
it will be a married or a single
lady who wins the automobile at the
close of the contest now arawmg to
an .end in The Herald and News. The
closeness of some of the contestants
Is setting to he more and more exciting
as the days slip hy.
Next Saturday
i Will Close Promptly at 10
} nd?Candidates are Cautinute
Count From Now
o Send in Voting Cerc
Campaign are Still
idges Announced
of securing subscriptions and tliat
lm:ans an enormous volume of votes
j will be cast Saturday. Between the
t early morning and 10 o'clock Satur|
day night a steady stream of votes
| and subscriptions will be piled in the
office and an increased force has been
! provided to handle the rush. PosIi
lively no votes or remittances will be
| accepted by men at the office after
10 o'clock p. m., Saturday, December
j 2nd. All votes and remittances sent
1 in by mail must bear the postmark
: showing the letter containing votes
i ana remittances were mailed before
I 10 o'clock p. m.. Saturday, Deer 2.
Don't spite yourself by being late.
! It is odd. the idea some people have
! about the time the campaign will
! close. The manager wants ft tfiori
oug"h!v understood that every ballot
mu^t be in tlhe ballot box or in the
malls by 10 o'clock p. m., Saturday.
December 2. This means 10 o'clock,
i not five, ten or fifteen minutes after, or
even one minute after.
Candidates make your biggest effort
during the next five days and record
the fact that you did your very best.
It is now or never?do your best or
forever hold your peace.
No Chance to Know.
Don't think for a moment that any
, information will be given anyone as
to how many subscriptions you have
I turned in. Every candidate will be
fairly treated in every respect, and no
favoritism will be shown anyone.
' The Herald and News is conducting
I this campaign to make friends, not
enemies. Don't seek to find out bow
many votes anyone has in reserve.
: You -will find that the Campaign Manager
hasn't the slightest fo*a, in fact,
he has a very poor memory.
The Campaign has been conducted
in an absolute and impartial manner
from its inception and it will so continue
to the end.
Now, candidates it is up to you and
frt vaii olana Ia conn rn rv r*r! to rvf
IV ? VU WiVlIt LV Ot-VyUJ, ^ WUC pjt VI
your choice. Make a heroic effort and
let your mark blaze forth as work well
The prizes will justify the work,
ind remember your voting; certific
tes and remittances must be in
office or in the mails before the
sing hour.
Thursday, November 30th, 1916,
"Thanksgiving Day," this postoffice
will observe the following hours:
All departments will be open from
8 to 11 a. m.
City carriers will make one business
from 10 to 11 a. m.
City carriers wil make one business
uciouiy ^uui?; v <L. m.
R. F. D. window will be open from
10 to 11 a. m.
All outgoing mails will be dispatched
and incoming mails distributed to
the boxes. .
Patrons are requested to note these i
hours and transact all business be- J
fore the offioe closes.
W. A. Hill. P. M.
<$ <? <?> & <?> <?> <?- <?> <$> <$><?> <S>
<$> Newberry. ^
<- Cotton 20.06 <S>,
/"I - 4.x J . * . 4 A A >Cv I
v ^ouon 6eea, per du i.uu w i
> Prosperity. $
<? Cotton 20^5 <?}
Cotton seed, per bu 1.00 <J>
<$ Little Mountain. <S
Cotton 20.12 <$>
Cotton seed, per bu 97.5O <3>
Chappells. <$
Cotton 20.25' j
Cotton seed, per bu 1.01
'- > Whitmire. <? 1
3> Cotton 20.25
^ Cotton eeed, per bu 1.00
<5- Pom aria. <?
Cotton 20.25 <? j
Cotton seed, per bu 93 3>|
<?> Kfnards.
Cotton 20.25 <?>
Cotton seed,- per bu 1.00 <?>
Cotton 20
Cotton seed, jver bu..- 1.00 <?>
Presbyterian College Will Meet Xew-;
berrv on Gridiron?Teams Well
It will be a case of Greek meeting j
Greek when the Newberry Indians line j
up -against their time-honored rivals, j
tlir- Presbyterian "Blue Stockings'' ::i
their annual gridiron contest on
Thanksgiving afteroon. Both teams
are being primed for this important
game, which resembles, on a smaller
scale, tht> Virginia-Xorth Carolina
> contest in Richmond. Those *vbo at
i tended the game at Clinton last year
: have r.ot forgotten how, in the last
I minute or two of play, Ralpli Baker
I carried the ball across the Prosby
terian goal line for the winning touch'
down. This year again it will be a
i battle to the finish, in which the vic'
tory will not be conceded by cither
; team until tlie time-keepers announce
f the end of the second half. The two
elevens are well matched, in weight
and skill, each having won from WofI
ford and Erskine, and both having
; fallen victims to the -Citadel "Bull
| Dogs." At the helm of the team from
- - t ,1 iL _
Clinton is Johnson, wno coacnea mem
| last year, while "Jimraie' Driver, of
j Virginia, has piloted the local colle;
gians through what has been thus far
| a successful season.
; The officials in charge of the game
! will be Maj. Bowen (Army), referee;
; Mr. McMillan (Clemson.) umpire; Mr.
j Woodhouse (Washington and Lee),
; head linesman.
; The line-up Thursday will include
! such ilustrious names as Renken, the
! big German who has been a tower oi"
! strength at left end this year; Brooks
the powerful center developed by Ray
j Thomas; Aiessinger a star on defense
| in the recent Georgia game; Buster
, Mover, speedy end, and Williams, also
a daring player; .Josephus Nichols an/1
Motscli, as steady men as ever cbarg|
ed an opponents' line; Fisher, the sen!
ior who. in his first year in football
| Las played wonderfully well, and Gaili
lard, a local boy who has made good;
and don't forget Stiles, the tackle
j who uses his hands with such deadly
i el'tVct! The backfield is a power in
i itself, including Dellmin, as brilliant
| and heady a team mentor as South
j Carolina footnaii lias seen mis , i
j Taylor, the wonderful, slippery side- f
stepper a:id broken field runner;
Kennedy, with his mighty punting
toe: Captain Gotschall. the old reliable,
always to be depended on; ai>l
Bachman Nichols, the most terrible
plunging back and greatest ground|
gainer of them all.
In addition to the big game the day
will be marked by the running of the
fiv* mile intercollegiate cross coun
try race. Teams will be entered by
the Presbyterian College, Newberry,
and possibly tlie University of South
Carolina. The finish of this event will
take place on the field before the beginning
of .the football game which
is to be called for 3 o'clock. Last year
Newberry succeeded in winning the
cup, offered by citizens or unnion auu
Newberry, which becomes the permanent
possession of the institution that
wins it three times. The Newberry
team will be composed of Motsch. Davenport,
E. K. Bodie, Cromer, with
Counts as substitute.
Preparations are being made to
make the day-a notable one socially
as well as athletically. Each of the
contesting elevens will be represent- 1
ed by at the game two fair sponsors.
Those chosen for the Newberry team
by ballot of the students are M13S
Louise Haltiwanger and Miss Woodie
Bowman. After the game a banquet
- - j.-rc i.
will be tendered tne aiueiuui atuic^
ic teams and In the evening the-New.
berry Colleg Club will entertain the
visitors of the day and the members
of the college community at a reception
to .be given in Holland Hall.
The big parade before the game will
assemble on the square at 2:45. It
will be headed by one of the Newberry
bands and several hundred col*
? 1 ?.in fr,n linp hftliind the
lcgti UU > b ?> m lull ill ?
music. This procession will wind up
College Street and on to the field of
play at 3 o'clock.
Will hold a regular meeting Friday j
night, December 1st. The protection
degree will be given four can<t:?2tes
at this meeting.
R. S. Maybin, Clerk.
J. E. Sterling, Con Com.
Speers vs. Boundary.
Cn"a",? otrnot sphnoi rvlaved a samel
of basket ball Friday afternoon. Total
21 to 17 in favor of Speers street
school. The following that played
on both schools were:
Specrs strcoc?tamnie spons, renuc
Fpotts. Vera Derrick, Ruth Wilson,
Edith Wilson. Susie Buford, Colie
Blease and Jessie E&rhardt.
Boundary ?Louiso Wicker. Carrie
Nell Swindler. Clara Stewart, EHzabeth
Wrigrht. Lucy Morris.' Ella" Dunir,
Bessie McCarie, Pearle Padget.
/ ? ?
Will Speak in Newberry at JJetlilebein j
Baptist Church (colored) at 3:301
o'clock, next Sunday, December 3rd.!
The Rev. Richard Carroll of Columbia
who has travelled extensively
througout the South and Southwest
with Dr. Weston Bruuor, manager of
the Department of Evangelism of the
Southern Baptist Home Mission Board
* * i- i x _ n . ?I if
witn neaaquariers ai Auaiuu, wm
sneak at Bethlehem Colored Baptist
Church on next Sunday afternoon.
December 3rd. at 3:30 o'clock. He
will tell how the Southern white Baptist
are solving the negro problem
in the south by the gospel and why
othrr Christian denominations should
engage in the same work. The pastors
and officers of the churches have
offered snecial seats to white people j
who would like to hear this address:
and they hope that all Christian white
people of other denominations will
During the South Carolina State
convention which will meet at New
berry, December 11 to 14th, Richard
Carroll has arranged to have a meeting
at Bethlehem church each day and
night and these meetings will be addressed
by prominent white ministers
and laymen. Next Sunday afternoon
he will tell of the plans for this
Rev. J. E. Kirkland,
Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church.
A Musical Treat,
On Wednesday evening, a sacred
cantata will be rendered in Centf^fc,
church, beginning at 8:30. This hour |
is necessary on account of the prayer !
meeting services in other churches.
An offering will be received to be ;
applied to the Calendar society's
pledge on tlie church debt. I
A cordial invitation is extended to'
the public.
The following is the program:
Thanksgiving Hymn?Choir and ;
congregation. j
Solo?Miss Pauline Gilder.
Sacred Cantata?A Song of Thanksgiving?Maunder.
Soloists?Misses Pauline Gilder,
Carolyn Caldwell, Elizabeth Salter, j
Dr. J. B. Setzler.
Chorus?Mesdames W. W. Hornsby, j
Minnie Merchant, Misses Pauline Gil- j
der, Carolyn Caldwell, Maude Bpting,;
Lucy Epps. May Tarrant, Mary Fran- j
rtnc Ponnnn TT1!lvo HofV> QaHop !
VsV^O \^uxxuvuf ^ ^?*vv _
Hornsby and Minnie Salter. Messrs. i
Garrett, J. H. Wicker, R. L. Tarrant,
Douglas Hornsby and J. B. Setzler, 1
Violinist?Mr. Earle Hipp.
Organist?Miss Mazie Dominick.
Box Party.
There will be a box party at the
residence of Mr. C. L. Graham on j
Thursday night, November 30 for the ;
benefit of the Methodist parsonage '
Peruana. Everybody is invited to at-:
Turkey Supper.
The school improvement association
of Silverstreet will give a turkey
supper Wednesday night, November
29, in the school auditorium. Prices
20c and 40c. The proceeds will go to
buy lights for the school auditorium.
The public is cordially invited to
Th* stock of arooas and merchan
dise, fixtures, notes and accounts and
other property of the late J. T. Mayes
Co., advertised for sale by the Exchange
Bank of Newberry, were bid
in by the bank at the sale Thursday
Mrs. J. B. Walton is the agent far
the NuBone corset and takes your
measure and gurar.tees a tit. The
ladies will be pleased to call on Mrs.
Walton for corsets and be sure of a
fit and comfort in the wearing.
All members of the First Baptist
church of Newberry are earnestly rennoct
ail on/1 nrcr<vr? t/i mAPt nf thfi
church Wednesday evening at 7:30
p. m. for the purpose of perfecting
plans for the convention. There #are
important matters that must be attended
to by the congregation. This
meeting will be over in ample time
to attend the musical program to be
held at the Methodist church the same
The civil court adjourned from Friday
to Monday on account of sickness
in the family of Mr. Barron, the prosecuting
attorney. The only other
* * - " * * i - XI TT i._
case msposea 01 nesiues me tiemz j
case was that of the appeal case of J
Wise-Lathan Co. vs. 0. L. Wilsin. In
which a new trial was granted. The
W. .T. Hentz case against the Parr
Shoals Co. for $20,000 resulted in a
verdict of $3,500. The jury, B. B.
Schumpert. foreman, deliberated from
3:20 o'clock Thursday afternoon to
9:35 Friday morning. The next case
Kken up is that of W. H. Suber for
*5.000 aeainst the Parr Shoals comnahy.
The jurors for the second week
have been called off.
The School Will Furnish Supper and
Kvrrv man. woman and child is in
vited to attend the above meeting to
be held the first Friday evening in
December, commencing at 7:30 in thcschool
auditorium. Prominent speakers
will be present and will furnish
valuable information regarding the
greatest fraternal society in existence
The teaching force of the school
have agreed to furnish many good
things to eat after the meeting is over
and these teachers have a rep of succeeding
with what they undertake.
The following program will be rendered.
Friday Night,'!
"Dot, The Mis<
Temperance Drai
David Mason, a farmer
Herbert Mason, David's son?just froi:
Royal Meadows, foster-son of Mrs. CI
Arthur Floyd, a villian
George Clifton, a returned Californian.
Parson Swift, an astonished clergyma
Rill Torry, a boatman
Brewster, police office
Ebony, a colored individual
Mrs. Mason, David's wife.. i
Dolores, the Miner's daughter
Mrs. Clifton, George Clifton's desertet
Winnifred Clifton, Mrs. Clifton's daugl
a. ladv of color
ACT I.?David Mason's home. Davi
tal paper. Susannale in the role of a
bale make$ a batter. Entrance of Hert
threats. Meeting of old friends. As
ACT II.?Dot's communings. Floyd'
id's story. Flirting propensities of ci
fred walks into a trap.?Susannah's \
ACT III.?Ebony churns. Mrs. Clift
Winnifred. Second Scene. The farm 1
?* i- i n.i
ACT IV.?mere is no nope, a
Winnifred's story. David is free. Dot
Doors open at 7:00. Curtain rises j
Newberry, S. C.
The finish of the 1
Country Run wil! tak
before the beginning <
H Agent
H Newberry, S. C.
?g Appointments to suit your convenience,
jj you will not feel obligated to purchase
Address of Welcome by Rev. J. J,
A brief Historical sketch of the
camn bv J. B. Derrick.
Address by H. H. Blease.
A rl v n q o Ktf YT W DT*W of * */> T>a
-iuui *j\ 4U. ft. uioiiiv.1 i^uputy.
Two kinds of suppers will be served
as follows:
Stewed oysters, pickles an<i cracaer#
Rice, gravy, chicken dressing, pork,
pickles, bread and custard, 25c.
Ice cream and coffee will be served
extra. The proceeds will go to the
school. Everybody come.
December 1st.
er's Daughter"
na in Four Acts,
Jeff Metta
^ WIIC5C A1 111U1 UigOWU
ifton Thaddeus Boinest
Dan Stone
Willie Boinest
hi . .Enos Rikard
Odis Listngston
James Richardson
Alva Werts
Ida Mae Setzler
.Erin Taylor
1 wife :. Marie Singley
iter Mildred Boinest
Lottye Lee Half acre
KJ & U.
d's soliquy. Floyd secures the farogue.
Floyd returns. Aunt Hapzijert.
Floyd's proposal. Fierce
tartling recognition.
s first card. "Dots sacrifice." Day- \
ty gals. Ebony gets scared. Winnie
faming. ?
on's story. Herbert searches for
louse parlor. The.wedding.
on's widow. A foolish Frenchman,
's parents. Happy ending.
it 7:30. Admission 25c.
i ?mmm?m
S _* ; . - S
r College
in College
College Park
' ' 5$
Intercollegiate Cross
e place on the field
>f the game.
ten SOc. Ladies 35c.
n 25c
A Trained Cor set iere [J
J fits Your Made- 7\i
Measure NuBone. \ ji J
No Extra Cost |l ^
Know the luxury- of a r<~r- 13 A
fectly fitted corset?a cc^ct
with lines that are modish to .-3 i,,p
the last degree and with tho I H 4V
1 - * ? ? /i :3
^ comlort ot penect nexiDimy.
The NuBone Corset yielda ^
i to every movement?permits jjj
perfect grace and freedom of g
the body, and yet actually H
SM) holds the figure to lines of || \
^ artistic beauty because jg \
NuBone I
1 If
I > +ViA AfltlT <IA*Oat nn'th S
the NuBone patented triple- S
wire stays. These stays of H?
three wires, interwoven and g?
j interlocked give that greater jj
support present styles demand, =|
? yet ana will not take a permanent if
5. bend at tfte waistline. ?j .
' i
/ "H
, i

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