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eroS) qhD Stm
Retired at the Postofficc at New
S. C., as 2nd class mattr
?. w EDITOR.
Tuesday, May 22, 1917.
We see it stated in the papers that
all of the county chairmen of the
State except four were present at
tie meeting called by Gov. Manning in
Columbia on April 30. We suppose
this means The Democratic county
chairmen. Wc would like to ask if
these four who were noj present
"were invited to be at the conference.
And who they are. We know at least
one of the four who offered to do
anything that might be in his line to
4o and to cooperate with the governor
who received nc invitation to attend
the conference, but he happened not
to be a supporter of the governor in
his last race. Wonder if that had
anything to do with his failure to re
ceive an invitation to the conference.
As stated in the last issue of The'
Herald and News Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Luther Aull have been on a visit;
to their son, the editor of The Herald
find News fo** the past few days and
"*r a lia r? r\? n vt /\fVx in cr ViiU fol-a t^nm
around among the scenes of t-i^ '
younger days and to meet some of
their relatives who still live in that
section of the county. It has been a
pleasure to as and we are frank to
O Amn i f f)ia( f Vi o*r BAiMn Vi o r?a nlns\A
bUttb WAAVJ w UA1V ?9 V>WU
the travel better than we have. On;
Friday we went to Pomaria and Pros-j
perity and on Saturday to Little Moun-,
tafn and on Sunday we went to old
fit. Pauls Lutheran church for service, \
the church of their younger days.'
There are very few there now who
were members of the congregation j
when they left that community Rome:
45 years ago. Still it was pleasont to
Yisit the scene and bring back the ,
memories of other days.
Saturday afternoon ?nont ~*-?i
hour at the old home. The same Mils
are there and the old snrir? *
flows under the everlasting hills, but
there are many chan ? . .1?
the old place look desolate anil sot
like the busy scene wi?id- tney io-j
jnembered When they left it.
It was a pleasure to have them
i with us and we hope they may be
able to come again and remain longer.,
Wo ara fltOTlbfill ttl/wr ?*a rr
ii v <*iu wauaiuj bucj aw SblUUg
end healthy and are still able to *n~,
Joy life.
We can't helo remarKtng tha* tho!
road from Little Mountain to Pros
perity is rougher than we have ever
seen it and we can't help wondering
why it is that the red clay would
crystalise in such hard "bumps equal,
to the rocKs of that section of the!
-county. If the drag just could be
used at the time it is needed and
should he used we wonW hav* snmp
at least, passable roads.
The Audubon society met in Colum
bia on Saturday and wrangled for
several hours The fight was between
the Richardson forces and the Gibbes
aucuttruBuii naa a majority
present and the society passed some
long resolutions and again sent the
name of Mr. Riehai ds^n o Gov. .Man
ning for appointment ne warden.
The society should ha?e taken our
advice and sent in a new name.
The conscription boards are getting
Dusy ror tne registration of those of
our boys who come between the ages
o{ 21 and 31 for service in the army/
We hate to see it going on because we
hate to see our boys sent to the
trenches. j
^ <5>
# ;
Mrs. Powell E. Way entertained the
members of her cluh in a deliehtful
manner Saturday afternoon at her at
tractive home in Calhoun street. Six
members were present and after a
fcappy social hour delightful fruit
punch and cake was served.
Mrs. W. H. Wallace entertained
Thursday at a charming rook party
in nmnnlimorit tn \Trc T5 WaL'
lace, a recent bride, and Miss Luctte
Wallace. The four tables for rook
v/ere placed in the library and parlor,
"which were beautifully decorated, red
roses being used fn profusion. Those
enjoying Mrs. 'Wallace's hospitality
"were: Mrs. Walter Wallace,"ftiss Lu-.
cile Wallace, Mesdames Tom Mayes,
Leland Summer. D J. Rurns r H
Weeks, R. D; Smith, Jr., W. R. Reid.
Robert Parks, Misses Josie Reid, Oc
tie Griffin, Blanche Smith, Lucy Wal
lace, Eunice Dora Burns, Lucy Spears
-and Miss Lou Jones of Ridge Spring.
After several games of rook a delight
ful ice course was served.
An enjoyable children's party was
given Wednesday afternoon by Mrs.
T. C. Pool to her grandsons, Ellerbe
and Brantley Pelham. Eighteen chil-l
dren were invited and many interest-;
ing games were played. Delightful re
freshments ere served late ic the
evening. I
The banquet given bv the Junior;
class Friday evening in compliment!
to the members of the senior class of
Jsewberry college was a most delight-!
fill and enjoyable event. The dining
room of the Savoy hotel was prettily
decorated for the occasion, the long
tables having red roses for their cen-i
terpiece. A number of impromptu j
speeches were made and toasts given
by members of each class.
The following notice of the banquet
is from the college correspondence in :
The State of Sunday:
The principal event of the past
week on the campus was the annual;
junior-senior banquet, given by the
juniors in honor of the senior class.;
The ba^uet ir-aa A%bo
Their Sixty-Fit
Throuhg More Than
nnrJ Mrs. .J. L.. Aul
(By John K. \nlU)
To Jacob Luther Aull and Julia Ann
Haltiwanger Aull, who have trod life's
pathway and shared its joys and its
sorrows, its hopes and its fears, us?
sunsmne ana its snaaowB, ior turee
score years and one, hand in hand to
gether. their children and their chii
dren's children, and their children,
and all their friends and loved ones,
bring gresung on uns me vita auui
versary of their marriage.
A union extending through two gen
erations, and well into the third, lived
in simplicity and love and honor! A
long journey through a country frag
rant with the flowers of happiness be
cause enriched with the usefulness of
service! Truly the God of their fath
ers nas aean geuuy auu mum/
them. And now they sojourn in the
polden land ot the sunset, where ten
cler memories of happy aays pami iue
landscape in the soft purple of twi
light, and in fv faith which knows no
fear they look out upon that vast
ocean >ft-hich bounds it, somewhere in
w hose expanse they se dimly the
"island-valley of Avilion; where falls
not hail, or rain, or any snow, nor
ever wind blows loudly; but it lies
tieep-meadow'd, happy, fair with or
chard lawns and Dowery hollows
crowdn'd with summer st?a."
"U-'hon thr? hictr?rv nf this r_nntinpnt
was in the making, long ere it had
entered the minds of the fathers to
found a republia in the western
world whose fla<* should be for all
men an emblem of liberty, their fore
fathers, in search of political and re
ligious freedom, journeyed here,
across the Atlantic, from a land with
tfvirtcck l^r-o +V>io noHAn ic tiaiv at
war. Nearly 82 years ago, Jacob
Luther Auil was born on the old home
place, in the lower part of Newberry
county. More than 85 years ago,
Julia Haltiwanger first saw the light
in old Edgefield county (now Saluda)
rear where Trinity Lutheran church
points the way. On May 22, 1856, they
were married, and they lived in the
Aull homestead until 1872, when they
moved to their present home in Green
wood county. Their union was made
happy by the birth of seven children,
all of whom are living but one, who
died in infancv. Good health has fal
len to their lot, and today they exem
plify what manner of sweet old age
comes in the declining years of a life
lived simply and well. Born on the(
farm and reared on the farm, they
have remained on the farm, free from (
clamor and grind of thickly populated;
communities, and they have pursued;
the even tenor of their way, in the
fear of God, as taught by the Lutheran
faith handed down to them from the
centuries that are gone, loved by their
ciate Reformed Presbyterian ladies on
Friday evening at the dining room of
the Savoy hotel. About 80 were
present. The following program was
carried out immeditaely after the sup
Toastmaster, B. F. Kaiser, president
of the junior class; "The Class of *17,"
Miss Teressa May-bin; response, 0. B.
Mayer, Jr.; "'Oar Inspiration?the Co
eds," W. H. Shealy; response, Miss
Amy Werts; "T'.ie Gown and the Gun,"
S. M. Derrick; "The Faculty," W. R.
Wicker; "Farewell," R. W. -Sease. The
following responded to impromptu
toasts: R. BocWe, H. D. Epting, Miss
A*. Klettner, H. Langford, Miss Sema!
WiHiamacn. Miss Katherius E?rd,
st Anniversaryi
Three-Score Years Mr. \
7 Have I rod Lite 's
I neighbors and respected by all who
have known them.
! Descended from a race which in
whose creed labor is holy, the work
of their hands has been g'adsomely
, and zealously done, ana tneir mmus
! and hearts have been kept pure by
; clean living ajd right thinking. They
! are of that sturdy citizenship whose
i onmhinpri efforts have made the na
tion great in resources and have
glorified It with high ideals.
It is fitting that on the anniversary
of their marriage they should have
come among th^ scenes of their young
er years. It is to them a hallowed
lend, which holds the dust or tneir
people of other days; in whose fields,' ^
spreading out before them smiling
and sun-kissed with memories,-stands {
the home where G1 years igo today;
thoy began life together, wiuh hopes *
running high, and with love painting ^
the future a roseate hue; where still <
live many of the friends and near'i
ones of yesteryear. U
And now, it only remains for me to
say that tlie prayer of their children
and their children's children, and
their children, and all their friends
and loved ones, who have brought
this greeting, is that they may be
gpared yet many years of health and
of happiness; and "when the dark:
does comes, that still above the shad-!
ows, will linger God's white thought
for them, to .light to perfect paths." j
And I know that their prayer for!
thedr loved ores todav "is that, thev'
shall know and hold each joy aiid(
hope they long to have?not the wist-!
ful-wished desire that shall come
awhile and tremble in its beauty and
flicker back to emptiness from which1
it came, but that the dreams that God(
has made for them, shall be and linger,
with and bless them. For these are
not the wishes thnt a common world
would give, but the pleading that(
shall always be for them; that shall
abide by them at every corner of their
life that waits. And even along the]
straight, glad-wide stretches of their j
days shall it be above them; in the
dark and drearied ways of shadows,
that, mayhap, shall come again, shall
it hold out its hands for them; and
as its reward shall ask that they be
stayed; that they be upheld by God's
eternal arms; that life's rough step
ping stones be gentle for them," until
that time shall come when, life's jour-j
ney over, they shall reach that land
where they shall "never get tired at
"And only the Master shall'praise us,
And only the Master shall blame,
^.nd no one shall work for money,
And no one shall work for fame,
nut each ror tne joy 01 me aoang,
And each in his separate star,
Shall paint the thing as he sees it,
1- or the God of things as they are."
Prof. Cannon Prof. Derrick, H. G. J
Gotschall, E. K. Bodie, H. W. Boozer,
Van Oxner, R. L. Riser and H. H.
Wyse. The banquet was complete in
every way and was one of the best
in vftara. The hall was neatly deco-1
rated in garnet and black, the senior
class colors, and blue and gray, the,
junior class colors.
Card of Thanks,
We wish hereby to express to the
neighbors and iriends of Mr. and Mrs.
E. N. Fov our sincere gratitude for
their kindnesses during the sickness
and at the death of Mrs. Foy,
F KO M PKOS PE it J T Y TO W > ,
Prosperity, May 21.?The annual
piano recital riven by the pupils of
?.Irs. J. D. Ouattlebaum was very
>.1 cuiuiuic, : lie pitlUU iiiUblU w ,
interspersed v.*ith several vocal selec- j
tion.^ by her voice pilpils. The even-:
in a: throughout was a very enjoyable1
one to music lovers.
Mr. R. L. Lather of Charleston spent
the week-end at the home of his
father. Dr. U. L. Lamer.
Mrfc Sr>tn WhfPlor anri r?f
Florida are quests of Dr. J. S. Wheel
Mr. C- P. Barre of Newberry spent
Sunday with Mrs. E. 'W. Werts.
Miss Marie Schumpert has gore- to
Batesburg to visit Mrs. Annie Mose
Mr. Bur Barnes, the popular sales
man for the Chevrolet car, leaves to
day for the navy yard at Charleston.
Miss Florence Bowman of Newberry
has been visiting Miss Clara Brown.
Miss Willie Mae Wise was in Ridge
Spring last Wednesday in the interest
:>i the demonstration work. ;
Mrs. B. B. Schumpert and Miss Tena
Wise visited in Saluda ?last week. i
Mr. F. E. Schumpert will join his
brothers, Fred S. of Dallas, Texas,
B. S. of Columbia and Johl! E. of
^idalia, Ga., at Vidalia for a fishing
.ir. and Mrs. R. N. Taylor of Bach
nan Chapel were the guests Sunday
)l* Mrs. George Dominiek.
Sunday will be the beginning of the
closing exercises of the Prosperity
high school at which time the bao
^laureate sermon will be preached at
irace church. j
Mr. Johnnie Langford of Clarendon
%oi:Dty is home for the summer vaca
ion. i
Miss Katie Mae Nance has returned
lome from Kinards. ' i
-Mr. Leonard Sease of Little Moun- i
:ain is visitirg his daughter, Mrs. C. j
r. Wyche.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Mills, Misses
Willie Mae Wise and Lottie ' MilU
spent Saturday in Columbia.
Mrs. Sallie Black of Columbfa. is
risiting her daughter, Mrs. Julian
Messrs. F. M. Calmes and Pierce
Scott of Clinton spent Sunday with
Dr. and Mr3. E. P. Taylor of Bates
burg spent The week-end at the home
>f the Rev. E. P. Taylor. i
Misses Lizzie and Erin Taylor of
Cachman Chapel spent Sunday with
their sister, Mrs. Lois Dominick.
Mrs. Granville Wyche of Greenville
is spending awhile with her mother,:
Mrs. J. P. V/heeler.
Mrs. Campbell Lake of Union is'
>cme for the summer.
Col. and Mrs. E. H. Aull of New
berry, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Aull of Dy
;on were guests Sunday evening of
?rs. j. m. weruj.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wise spent Mon-:
Jay in Columbia. J
Mr. and Mrs. Walter 'Wise have re-!
unred from a short stay to Irmo.
The eight-'i grade of the Prosperity
)igh school gave a reception in honor
>f the tenth grade Saturday evening
.c liie school auditorium. This tenti /
un i
rcno m
was created 1;
fit those enefa
and agricultu
time to pus]
the productic
the time. Its
rency more r
We are memt
secure its benefit}
coming one of ou
We, ourselves
Loan and will gla
Stop in and let
particular needs.
The Nation
r* m a t ?i <n?i inifg T* 1/
B. C. MA 1 I ntw "3, I. IN
Send for Booklel
grade seems to be especially honored
as this is tho second reception given
to thern by the high school. Icea
were served during the evening.
William Coleman is Succeeded as
President by Alex Lon?.
Whrtraire, May 20.?There was a
great deal of interest here a few
days ago when it was rumored that
the management of the Glen-Lowry
cotton mill had been changed. The
people of the community have been on
the tip-toe oi expectation till today,
when William Coleman, former presi
dent of the mill, made a speech to a
number of people in front of the mill.
He said he had agreed to sell his in
terest to New York parties with the
piivilege of buying it back. Alex Long
of Rock Hil] was here yesterday and
took charge of the plant as president
and manager. Mr. Coleman made a
fine address, bringing applause from
those who heard him. He has done
rnucii lo mane wniiinire ana is ueia
in high esteem here.
Death of An Infant.
The 11 months old child of Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Gilliam, living on Mr. C.
L. Leitzsey's place, died Sunday aft
ernoon and was burled at Mt Pleas
ant on Monday afternoon.
On Thursday, May 17, at 4 o'clock,
at Hannah A. M. E. church, in the
Utopia section, the colored people had
a very interesting meet^g on food
and feedstuffs. The meeting was
opeDed in the usual way by the pas
tor, the Rer. J. C. Coaxum, and pray
er was offered by the Rev. I. w. Domi
For Your
new Books Dy
$1.00 Copies for.
$1.25 Copies for
Gilder &
il Reserve jt5an
argely to prote
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?n of food cr
i main purpose
>rrow and pro
pcnnncivp tr% m
>ers of this systei
5oAA fn i+c q
7 ?V?U VU JL Vk7 u
ir depositors.
. have subscribed
dly aid you to sub
us see just how w
al Bank of
Cashier Asst. C
nick, after which the business was
turned over to the chairman, 0. L.
.After statins the object of the meet
ing and the pr ssing need of the
country, there being four white men
present they were called on to make
addresses. Mr. H. L. Boulware made
! the first talk. Ha spoke of the press
i ing need of our preparing food for
j ourselves; that the West could not
afford to help us much longer because
! the help will have to go the other
' way.
Mr. J. A. Foy spoke next. He im
| pressed the idea that the thing to do
! was to do now and not talk; that
| "Uncle Sam" was only allowing us a
! chance to help ourselves and if we
I <lo not he hacl a place for us.
I Wp t t navis snnkp on the line of
! economy; that it was just as import
! ant to save as it was to make. Hg
| gave us a nice, timely talk. t
j Mr. 0. W. Long also spoke on
j preparedness. The crowd was very
attentive to hear what he was doing
in that direction.
Next to speak was Dr. J. L. Duck
ett.. He said that T. A. Williams had
asked him to take his place as he
could not get here. The doctor is a h
fine talker and he well mastered the
Next to talk was Wade McNary and )
A. Moon.
After the speaking was over O. L.
Singleton, who conducted the meeting,
asked for a hand primary; that every
one who expected to do more in the
way of foodstuff to hold up their
hand. Every hand went up, white
and colored.
The meeting then adjourned until
some time in June. X.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer will
meet with Mrs. T. J. Hayes Tuesday
aftemoou at ? o'clock.
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ashier Asst. Cashier

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