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s.~zxujJB>*r~x3j -a^r: :-rr; ;- -J* */-> <
f 'j ,. i_y personal
. lev.meat of Many People,
A rv jcrrl.ins cr.ci Taose Who
nj j
V 15 ? ^ v. * V J
\? "! . X. p.-* >!'( :" two nay.s
. ., < w.'.o h:; I un-iw^o ill' j
a . ./ riospitah
' < ... V. S::inner spent We<l- '
o.i ru>.nes>.
' * of the pant tie- :
p. rin;> .! of the Southern Cotton O !!
C \v: > he;; : :Ua"!t'i*S ::i ?- ? "?:; I - ;
? ne . Ai u sp- n iir. - a vacation I
?' \ i Trs. W. R. Sr.iitn, Sr., in j
r f"
: - Elizabeth Pominiek spent i
v It \V i I w ? ; ;
_ I
inrervst is being mnaifesieu j
7 lc -A RofcrrijffiS in the next meet-?
; o i c.'j 'j on February 7th, when j
- r' z Governor Joseph Turner of
T. "/is, Va.. will be the honor truest, j
.... .... T> .
A : R( tar in iiai Aoin says. evei> kv- .
Inn will be expected to be aciomr
v,". by his mother, sister, daughter;
o v or someone's else. The com-!
r :e- charge are arranging: a
v y :r' 'ac ive program?musical and
o her.vise?and a big time is anticipa- J
tr ' hv the Rotes.
!r. \V. K. Gotvrald went to Green-1
"W od Sunday, he filled the pul- j
p! of the Lutheran church for the t
V -:or. Dr. A. J. Bowers, who was j
r. from the city.
v.-. ar 1 Mrs. J. Claude Dominick j
r re n;rvcc into the residence in Wi!- j
i:y si.ree: near the Lutheran church j
rc 'c-ni:\ vacated by Mr. and Mr?. Ed-!
v: rd Davis.
Dr. Z. T. Cody of Greenville will :
11 : the pulpit of the First Baptist i
e; "jrc" in Xe\"b Try Snrday
afc th'j regular preaching hour.
The M alienors Concert bar.-i wvZ
:e a :>sr class show Saturday, Jan-;
ii; iy 28-th, 1922 at 7:30 p. m., in the J
new school building. Come and en-!
Mr. Wilbur Vorams is now connect-j
eC: with the Royal Coffee company j
recently evened by Mr. Geo. W. I
C omer in lower Main street. They1
rc ist and grind cclTee daily and will
be rlad to have you call.
Two young men were seen on the;
st~eets of Newberry Wednesday1
v i r.rir.g straw nr.Is. They believe in j
' inshinr the season.' i
<V^ ,*> < > < > ^ <^> ^ <^> ^ ^ !
G> <$>1
vt> <Z '
G- <$> <$> <?: <J> <^ $> ><?> ^ ^?> <S> <?? 3> <?> <S>'
Just eighteen years ago the Xew-;
. . ry county library association \va^!
o:-."in:Since that time the books
h -2 been kept; in a large room overthe
s: -re of Haliiwanger and Car-!
por ter?this room being given rent
f' for these eighteen years by one
c" Xew:>erry?s big hearted citizens,
the late lamented George S. Mower, j
rhvr < r.ce the county rest room was!
given quarters in the old court house.!
t'.e officers of the library have made |
:.'orts to space in the building:,!
bi'.i not until the present board of'
c remission ers took charge of the
ccunty's affairs could permission be
obtained. Not only did Mr. George j
P. Boulware, the chairman, and his I
b ard :.*ive this permission, but they [
a pointed a committee, with Mr. j
Welch Wilbur as chairman, to see j
that t room and the hallway were!
put in first class condition. Sheriff j
Please kindly lent prisoners under!
Jailer Sanders' supervision to do all!
the necessary scrubbing- and cleaning,!
foJowed b\* M r. Mover with kalso-!
rr.'re an ' '-aint. When the room was!
:.:h* 31:-yor Cromer sent the town:
h:.nd? t> move the books and book-i
crse?. Mr. J. C. Goggans. Jr., of the!
wberry Electric company, most,
g- nerousiy off ere! a handsome eiec-j
t; c fixture which he installed.
In t: se frc-h sunny wuarters, with j
f1 ctriciry for brie.tening cloudy j
ri?.ys, and v.\rh the beautiful sur-J
round in us bci/.c planned for by the j
c . ic loaffue. the ' 1st cf subscribers;
v.'l! materially increase. Those in i
chrinr? hope very much to bo able to i
h: ve :h.* i'brary cponc I on Saturday,;
sc that those who come *o the res: j
r<om y J so ' ko a.;va:iUge of the!
1 livai v
Th - >v's :.)R for 'he privilege |
of tal-in? boaki. out (four books a
v'eek) s .00 a vear. Evt rvbody is'
, " . " t
v ; ?? > - -w. or to nur.t up rexer-j
. :,i ry hours. There j
r:. .. urr.' *.*.* ; valinble reference j
; ' v?ks :: *h. s : v. s, e.r > ! ehii-|
: t
l't.'ke use of these.
} > f \ iim~: t. 4. iv,? .
/a- . 1 -V : win- : :
' 'x : :: Kv .. i
:r r :> t'.e South, died'
1I3 morning: at f> o'clock. Dr. ?vIotf-'
i f ;.! . -? ' .?? i?<-"?Tllbor.
CON r :iDcRA"K HLI<\I..>
rJorvlces .r::-,iy " < Me:::wry ct 1
arc: Jackson?Address i:y
Or. ftt-rr:'>0: :r 'e - ,
h-Av to ntliiv'y observe the : :veiS
of the : :;-;h> of : :u of the
the riey -Genev.ii
K; h crt ih?n*ani Lee ;tm! General ,
'Th-.er.as J. t St-:?r.<?\vaII) Jackson.
The ex-rcises were heui under -he
aus;-iei< of the Dray: on Rutherfoni .
o*?.i rnr- 'v r\ i % \%t\v -1. .* . :v. ; ? M
G. A large number 01 people were
h.:" i. ciu : ic vet:-! .ns of *: : ? <.
v.ars many other citizens. Mujt.;
i. F. J. Caldweii was master of ceremonies
and despite his S3 years of
me, presiaea wiwi an easy grace
which iit- has retaim-il throughout ihe f
Miss Mazie Dominiek directed the
music and played appropriate variations
of oi l Southern so.nsrs as a prelude.
"An.eric a" w.-.s the nrst number on
the p'ro-srram, ..no this was followed
r>v the invocation by Dr. J. i,. Daniel.
DeKover/s "Lest Yv'e Forget," was :
beautifully sun.tr by the special choir. .
after "which -Miss Benetta Bu~hardt .
read with much express or ihc poem, .
"Let Us Pass Over ihe River."
A quartette compose of Mr. and Mrs.
T. L. Hicks, Dr. Jno. 2. Setzler \ j
ana the Rev Mr. E V Eaob, next rer.- ,
aereu a vocai seieiniyn.
Major Caldwell in a few rerr.inks';
paid a hijL'Ti tribute to the greatness1(
cf General I ye. saying that hconsidered
Lee the greatest American
except Gtoi^f W&shon< an-ct tne
equal of Washington. H*- said it ;
not only proper^ but; aiso the duty .j*' '
Southerners to koto r.iive his mem- ,
ory. and that his l:fe is worthy cf
emulation by all your.tr men. He said -
-L : -1 i r.r
tnere is no more langj.us-.-a-v ui
Lee's greatness than the chapel in .
Washington and Lee university in
Lexington, Ya. He spoke of Lee and
most of hi- family since the Revolutionary
war wan a?v intern- 1 in the
' ? -- i ,,-e
mausoleum <11 .i:.s i?i?cc ?um i. i ? va
the danger now i;> which the b-.i.Min;:
stands of being: destroyed by fire and (
of The effort to be made by the United
Daughters <>f the Confederacy to;]
make \z fire proof.
After Major Caldwell's remarks a ;
lovely selection w?s suns: by a male |
quartette- composed of the Rev. Mr. .
Bafc5>, Dr. Jno~ B. Setzler, Mr. T. L. i j
Hicks ar. i Mr. Clarence Overby.
The main speaker of the occasion i
was Xewberrv's eminent, attorney a::u
brilliant or a; or, Dr George H. Comer. ;
Dr. Cromer made a splendid address ,
on the lives of these two great lead- 1
ers, toiling first of the ^f" and character
of Lee, which, during the War <
Between the States, was so closely ]
interwoven with that of Jackson. II.*
said that the ay or id is coming to ree- ;
ognize General Lee's place in history \
and quoted from writers and historians
in Europe and America who :
sounded the praises of this great :
leader. ' ji
He told of Lee's own high opinion <
of Jackson, and compared in an in- <
teresting manner the lives and char-;,
actors of ihese two great military
geniuses. He especially emphasized
Ultf lllV.ll fMri'III 1 v . ? IV/L A-V .
fn the North, speaking of Leo's statue
in Confederate uniform, which has a
place in the capitol of the nation |1
against which he fought. He told of
Lee's career at the close ox the war
when he came home to build up the
waste places of the South and to
teach the youth of the land loyalty to >
the Union.
Dr Cromer closed his address by a
thought from General Dick Taylor? 1
that in the hereafter when ihe roll is
called, and the name of Stonewall
Jackson is read, the shadow of the ij
matchless Lee w;;! answer, "I):ed 0:1
the field of duty."
After this inspiring address the
exercises closed with th<- benediction
which was pronounced by Dr. ,')anie:.
H. <\ vV.
.\ ?. vi .. <? ?, <? .5 .
? * * '* * 8 V " ? '
Il!nev?>v of Home Demonstration
Ml. B-. l";e! Ganviaiiy? Thursday.
Miss U
Little Mountain?Friday, Feb.
:i 2 ::l0 > t* : 00!.
! .10 IJ': 1.: 11:. ;" k A ' '
5- .' OlH' ' Ivi*
lb: . r-y A.: ;
J . . 'A ... ' . \.-..vtici!
iind ci:u> marker mi
a* / asked ! ? fcm in *nr?r?
Daisy M. Berriv,
H'lrr-e Peru. Aar'it.
? < * > + \ V * ? * * N
? * t \ *.?>> # < f
\ * :1 I 'll.* ?.*X V|'' '! t'* 1'!' -.'t' ' fit':' i" ;
i. . :
\ -i . . .v; ..
It . ;:r- :<! t lis . <-r the
.I ;?? . : "
Kin - .. r
It i Sua iav-':.;. ri P.ook
Vv- .
V. L:: '? s i': . Aht*:l 1u
of 'vc-r present secretary <.
H ! Kohii. w.-s heard : t'v e ih. 1
.'or. be it knovn, if there ana thin,* J
. la Potarian will no? ; ?>. that one
thing: is to have an unexeused abst nee
ireu u;? ara 1 ***
: !! . the above is <:'m; !y a
k relude to the statement that the reg-L
i f on nightly I'jrrheon of the ?wb'.
' -.y i?jt ;ry club w.;s he" 1 in the ',
xrili room of th NVvberry he:. : o.i j
ruc-sflay afternoon ;u 1 :'!0 oVtoek. :
i'ri >i :>vn: Ben Cromei vie:; led the
ravel. looked over the bunch, used hi? ..
>t iu'iirment and?well, the result
' , I
i-.as a well rounaed program. Kotar?
- ' i j* ^ ^ |
Ian Earie ?>aiOt>, wnose larne us ?j
singer of note h is now gone abroad? '
even as far a< Prosperitv?tried tor
convert tne meeting into a song-rest;.
but this could not be done. for Lotari-;
:n Hal Kohv. who has well earned ;ha
soubriquet of "Dollar Down/' ju st had j
: ? rtU'.iie ii". - every-'.;:eeiin.r-t::!k <
Afinance." Fho :olu : was that j
either of these Rotarians monopolizj.'i
the hour and a quarter alloted to}
:>.o luncheon (akhcuah sucm was almost
the case). President Een Cromer L
managing: Xo obtain a little time for i
L-* her flotari.ms and u :<.
"The Ol.i Grey Mare," who has,
tier! ;> ;* {" .- Rotarv }unbheons
for :>ia?:v moots. agaHn made j
arro-arance and its prajsa '?vs liss
; sung by the assembled Rotes "un-j,
per the leadership of Rotarian BaJfcib.;
Rotarians Jainvs Kiaaid and D U'.r
V'.'eck.-. again budded fonh as j >i;c- ;
^niths of the first water, James con- j
tenting himself with the recounting: :
a r;evsonal 10 "'-c. while Don? t
r? <1 h!ms( If to fav-a-.vay Texas for',
:ke scene of his story. |
"The Radiorphono.*' by Rotarian ;
John Gosrgans, proved most interest- i'
ing, as this Rote told of the workings'!
the little Instrument, which is one j:
the won<krs of the day in the eiec-.
Srrieal world. Two of these instru-!
1 H->11 1, i * in Vi'ffhpv:"'.'
: a very early dale.
Mr. C. P. McDanieL secretary of j'
ti 1 chamber of ^commerce. who was a ,
rut-st at t'ic luncheon, was called upon
u r a short talk and responded in a
most happy and interesting mariner.
Mr. (or just plain "Mack"*!};
ic he I kes to be called* c Id of some ;
>f the things that are new :?eine: done ;
tN Xewberry char;-y.-r of com-j
ir.crce for a greater Xev.ber y. both:
city and county. Among other things
v. stated that a creamery for Nov-''
berry is. now an assured tact; mat |
preparations a?e now bcinir made for!1
the est:-tblis!v:nent of this enterprise. I
Also, that mattress factory and a,
broom factory are now beins: planned, (|
t: ese plants to be put in operation in 1
ih;' ' ear future. The announcement'
of the probable establishment of an- :
; *. !ier enicrprire, the details of which!
he is not now m rmitte i to r.ive to the
public, was also made by Secretary i:
V-Daniel?and now the Rotes are.
wondering what surprise, and one of .
considerable magnitude, too. "Mack'"*
has up his sleeve for the citizens of <
Dur greater Newberrv.
Mr. MeDaniel told of other?things!'
in connection with The chamber of .'
comnif.'ce. covering lots of ground in :
his talk of :: few minutes, which was
[riven the undivided attention of this
bunch of busing >VI -n?men whose
faith in .Vow-berry is unswerving and;'
Another gu- st of the club was Mr. ;
A. J. S. I.unsrford (familiarly known i
as "Red") who would not hand out j
any words of wisdom or advice to the
Rotnvians. \ir. -i-mericed <vnn--]f with
listenin.g--- and eatirsr.
Oh, \v>. a!! of in- above wa- inter
spersed with songs a la Babb, "which
were rendered in true Rotarian style. ,
This was true even of "Brighten the}
i'of:."! \Y . Ym: >re." C'liy Siui'
!:'! Rou?-:%'.'avi"
librarian ::?' * < an, < -5
Titc ' ;y : . A' ' -'?
11 * ' 1 ' ' v '
i ! ? " \V::C . V ... ' ! ! .
; I.'
X' \ . };
' "> aut'.'ld ' : > ?* . .! ; :
V : '
: . i
noihi,n0p bcin? spared DV the commit- 1 <
reamer*' for newrerry . a
is now assured armors
Cooperarc It It is
? :rc: 1. ? Other
Also f ar.ncd
' . "
v. he*%y el-am*" r < f <:
-- - - : ! ; fn-' .
.. ;
: <>* : 1:1 <
\wo6rry. ; tnrougii an snnouncc-i
Lion on yesterday the creamery is now
:vur - .r.vcwr. there remain many . ^
;u>ta::s to bo wot ko<! ??u; beiore .1 ?s
definitely announced that the cream- j
ry v. ill be est ibiished.
;!r.>t jv.m launche-l by t!i;?
niher of commerce in
. . the ereamerv wi s to have the farm- 1'
:* of tie 'y .? ' < ; camery
but due to boll weevil conditions,
inany far rs are ' hi position t ~
invert money in any project at this
rime. i-.iJ I: was so > ;v ilized >' ihe
. 1 ^ thai ;!u* nroj-^.-itiaa 4
"ou:<i h<?ve to hi financed through
some other channel, and the announcement
i> to the effect that the
organization is now i*> position to
have the projec t finance i without any
::i-u!ty what:ver. so the only thing
i:la;t remains to be nia; pe-i cut now c
1 f r*
.! 1 cOi'^evai -^n tt..?e ysrmvrs
of Lhe county." Many of them arc r.irc:::!v
familiar with the or< oositioi j
little explanation is necessary, i
In maki a ?u:ou:i cement reurardi:;?
the creamery the chamber of
c-i.-nrmerce slates thai nu farmer v. ill
be called on to take stock unless he C
50 desires. The only thing1 that will
oo a:k:-d cf litem is to furnish the
-vc m ';?> ti e < -earner**. ami in ov-ier
i V* information in hand as
soon as possible, every farmer hi the'c
DV-: * ", PS S M' i:. C.'lj J' *. '.'A'S .
ked notifj
cfaaurber of commerce how xnanj <.vs;
;:ie arc- new milking: and whether or _
not they will supply the cream from
Liese cows, and at the same time state
'low many cows they will consider
I i\ *;r. provMe-.l a plan can bo map- r*
t>e.l out to buy a !a.e:e number of p
cows j:u2 >e)! them to the farmers on ,r
terms. In speaking1 of this plan, Sec-:
rotary MeD-mi.'l of the chamber of
commerce stated that the plan could
be *,vori'c?.l out if the farmers were Tr
uiTicieiitly interested. ' p
In the meant :r-H\ however, every ?'
farmer who will supply cream to the 1
.- earner v shouM c* -: 1 at the o"'ice of
* :
;hc- chamber of commerce at once or *urite
them a card or letter advising
;i:?t bow ir.ar.y cows tney ?vw iwm ::d
how many they will consider buying:.
It should be thoroughly under-!
stood that in no ecse will a farmer be
4 ,
required t;> buy ruMitioirial cows? p
the main idea being to get them to fj
ssui'c the cream from t*?e cows they 'f
now have.' ;
One of the 'nosi interesting points T
in regard to vi-e c tablishment of this
- - - ? ..
i-reamery is in:'.", itif :;ini,n a. i.^*
have to worry r.boui getting the
dream to the creamery as the management
v.-;!! r> > rk'.nt to the* farmer's ~
rloor ard pick the cream up, leaving
h*;n a:i empty r:?n for the* next lot.
In addition to thi< the very highest
market price vi! be paid for the
: rea m.
Ii is also announced that after the a:
creamery has been established, a cold
storage plant \v i 11 be connected with
it. and later developed into ?. cerUM.!
marketing point for a!i f?.rm produc ts, pLet
every farmer us well as every,
business man of tht county get right
in behind this preposition and make it -r
a success for it means the salvation
of Newberry county. *
Other Industries Planned
In addition to announcing lhoc-reanu:;-,
project, the chamber of
. omnic-s!:'o announces ;hat pl-'.n.-for
the establishment of a muUavss v
fac-lory are materializing very
nid that within i.he r.vxt few wcvks
it. is believed all phns will be complete.
A broom factory for Xewt
ry.is also an the program'of the or-j
T'int'/'V'ftii mi ! tT>?*n?r>i"*T.s fo-r li'is I
industry are exceptionally jrorxi.
It seems that the new y ;/ \\ill T
bring: many good tsings to Newberry
f ev<. rv i i:ize:: w!:! fall i': iir.e an i;.:!
i 0;??*r:r v:Hh c-u*. chamber cf comflic'0,
so K-: every one of u>. do our
... ; fc A G:v\i? r X 'W berry City
' le nu"::'.ev-* e*" the -ir "5
ut v-. : ..
The aimouncenient was rJ:>o m::d<
by Secretary. Kohn that the Kivrapis ?
<-" ? > - i.- '_v\. r : .! : :v?
i- v. v- a?: ;
<T 1 ( I'-.'-S iu'.V;
' : . co::\;.'r U cist \vh -n
ii:. by Mine Host Bullock, of the y,
z.:cr:n? to ;i Ro Brian's r.ppetite.
. I 1: R: e-iy River
y at i 0 <> k.
-I. . W M s : ?>c Simrrav
T ".? s;-i . x!-:o ;rcr.
v:i;i ' . *vc3t- .
The :a<!ifs of the First church will
>rve lanch.
Tie ''onfcrvatior. 'iimiii^e.
:r f j 'L \ ' .
_ :
? 1 f? i -iv!tyr .
5V a r.S.Cri y. I v. \- J
more e ugs. Brvson Groeerv
Co. - ' 1-27-2.;
:.iv r. sr.ck of .*ui O v? Laying m i:; 1
for more eggs. Brvson Grocery.
Co. 1-27-2*;
or o!o S x : um\ ';vv( I';?r
i'ro.: Close i , elec ' le
"hi-. good water, garden, barn,
< (J <; ! nice ueisrhborho <"
splei did location. Reasonable
alterations. Apply J. A. C. Kibier
~.V. j"ii E. 7th f ireet,
Jacksonville, Fia. 3 -27-1 r
v iss Mondains Pigeons?Pure white,
>'.2> r Welch Wiibuv, Jr.,
Xcwi. ;ry. S. 3-27-2-:
Laipaiobilft Paint Shop?We are doing
the best work at reasonable
prices. Put your car ir now. Upper
feain street, McHardy Mower,
phone -jGO. l-27-3t
'xy Ace.ylcnc V/c'cirr;?We are prc:
ared to do any kind of welding.
Bring us your broken or frozen
parts. vT-Har :y Mower, upper
"r" i stveev, phone oOO.
1 (} ? Of
cr?ycd fy yi r:-~ hr>:n? <>n Purcell
4* .'V . v. ^ 0. * 0 v f' X) c30j ^
.. ;r > i;;: WbV-i .: 'U receive
.' vai'd. C. II. S~oon.
1 - 2 7-tf
Millions. yU varieties. hardy and
>sted by froist. Inspected by governor:
.-and fi'iir I t'reo of disease. .SI.00
* thou-::.! I. f. o. b. e:-:nress cr rarcel
ost. W. Lykes, Lykesland, S." C.
: ,
f.-.vc.f wo nress vour suits for
2o cents We call for and deliver.
Quality Pres >ing Club, phone 260.
CR SALE FVost Proof Cabbage
Ir.nts?Wo ?row our plants and
lip nice fresh plants. 5000 $4.00;
1 nno O-1 on Pin/>AS "P
'.i/.'J ,11..)'); JL U '.I U Oi.iW, i ?
. I>. shinpi.-yv point, i'otatoe and
om-atoe plants $1.50 1000. Kinsey
rtiolesale Plant Co., Yal&osta, Ga.
/.-Tjteci?You ; > know that John L.
Cannon prcp.ired to do fanning,
gardening or plowing in the town
of Xcv;berry. Appiv -27 Caldwell
Street. ' ' l-24-3t
ARM WAN"'ED?V/anrd to hoar
owner o? a tarm Tor sa i>, ?ivtswosi,
price, and fuiI particulars.
. J03"us. Box ">i, Oiney, Hi.
rcsD^ss Notice.-?AI! persons are forbidden
to trespass on the lands of
th'- und'TSgr.C'd in No. 7 tow ".ship
by fishing. hu::i..:g or ir. any other
manner. G. J. Jones & Son, rf. IJ.
Lindsay. 'JlG-SOtp
/"anted? To rent a good house with
few acres of land suitable for
trucking and poultry, short distance
out. Willing to p:.y reasonable
rent in advance. '"LandBuilder,"
care Herald and News.
1 >
l-o-ll. I
0 trespass!r.g either by Hunting
lishing or otherwise will be allowed
en rny lands. Mrs. M,ar.i! B Der1
cl: l-o-t> . taA'p
a- : ' r.t :ir ' lount
Pi : church. Write A.'
Wr;;;!.:, A;..,/.:-. Ga. 0-L'3-20t
r?spass Notice?Ail persons .ire
hereby r.o::fie 1 not to trespass upon
Jr.:;.'!; of the undersigned located
in townships Nos. 2, 3 and 5 of
Newberry county by hunting, fishin
or in t.' jv.::j!i:er \v!:.it 'ever.
T. W. Keitt," T. E. Keitt, Geo. W.
Keitt. 12-5-4 ltaw
ow.it* men, women. ever 1'/, desiring1
positions, $130 month-}
' *' > It 1 , now
i Leonard, ?. former civil ser~
i a Hi?!'), 2 11 i'. !
Bid., Washington, D. G.
; wrhid c.riv r.. o:i J::* . JT1 '.
Carrie Pugk. 12-16-tfj
P! ase take noti e that the license
w for this year has been enacted
.:[ your ii/( :;?>> i:ix i' n-.?v,' due.
S; he !ule same as last year.
( i\- T 1 usurer.
-RM'u'.v It;
ro r i. :ic!oi -, j in ? ra;? "
:*i ..K it, : .v/' iBakers
:.e Bakerv.
11-18-tf. :
A' i 5 0 N ?. ' ' 5 S A L ?
] v.*ili > :at Little Mountain, South
arcK ; i ic hours of eleven
rid twelve orcoc-k. on the 0:h day of
_ i a::' . !. s: _'k of
v fit-ion *.
:ery, rc idy to wear goods.
s and
hats and aps, shoes, hardware,
r- anc in fact
. .V' ; > : i i class- trenera!
I '?; of si- 'k
iows 57.745.00, fixtures $;>?C.OO. Is
: ' ;"v iif <Tt?. J.'. ;
y further information, aj>piy to the
: at his office at Little
S. <
c of J. H. \\ Company, and
A\r ut of Creditors. j
C no'.v supply hatchng eggs from J
my Sarrcd Plymouth Rock matings. j
Am bookins: orders for babv chicks.
W:M have chi ks after Jan. *17. My .
v..:i e:;rht pre iiiuni; on seven ?
pnii es at Bishopville. 1st. 2nd and <
3rd exhibition cockerels; 1st pen. 2nd
ana pui'ets, 1st I1..'!;, all cockerel I
bred, als > shape special. Eggs from ;
i)< \;> I. ~ a rut '> ->.00 per l.">;
No. j an i per i">; Xo. (5 an<l j
.. !. i ? per 1.). rleliverwl. K:thy
cnicks $20.00 the 100, delivered. All
, f*v, r*. rot* 1
....... I. :>uu i : V- I .vut
V. i". L'iCKIiUr.
honv :.
? i 1/1 -2 ai O ?
3I'd I-'Ioo- ^xch^ri?r-3 Bank EIJ^
broken Leases Duplicated
^ ?????- 11 .
Come to the
Sash ana Kanv Market!
<J I
for some more of that
good steak at 20c a lb.
"We didn't have enough
for the trade last week
but will have plenty
from now on.
Hoy Maggie, whar.. yu gwine
Ise gwine to the Kash and Karry
Marki-t far wof ov liver
Gee you mus he ^onna hav compnv
fpr dinned.
. r^?-; >s
ta^;rio.Ti jcaaig in 'wr-L? i^jtcrajor .Tin^.varcTOPafD
^ 11
i | ^.r. pr:
t JL?0 %-v I I i
i Car- i racl
j Engine Repai"
i . .
Come in anc
i : _
our new low pric<
We can
/?? *3" ^
::V' f 3 ^ T^/TvJi^ry
8 ;> ?, $ jl %! g? vl J8 /
0* *? Ahfc &J* -* W V?^r O
i t-* ^ ?,? v /? ?*? ?)*?* ^ ?*
WppCI ifldlll KJ-.p
w *" " * I'wwra-'.w *?_: mr.^MAL?: /^aia^Wi - - /r^ r?*; v ^T?r. r-*!.^^
J ?Trft,Tw? TT^ A
ft /T "3
ivAoaaay ar
| -?
1 Bervsu 8z
/T* *3 w a
comedy 1V21
High Class c
Introducing a "-args V<
cal Instruments, incluclin
P i arc-Ac corc ia n?I mpcrfcec
Don't Fall To Hea- On
In Connection With R<
<*** ?# ucv rmanr.vryt >cr^w*j*.'?i?A^c<
| Cleaning, F
| Work Called
Prompt Service. A
Ladies' and Gents' Suits Sp
Ladies' and Gents' Suits CI
Ladies' and Gents' Suits W
Dry Cleaning at Reasonable Frees.
A 14i_.
! yuaiiiy rre
Phone 2(3U Next to
I ,
FriJc.y, January 27
"R. S. V. P."
Charles Ray
Fox News
Saturday, January 28 ^
No. 5 M
! Monday, January 30
Barbara Bedford A
Fox News
Cfnce Exhange Bank Building
2nd Floor, Rooms 212 and 213
Oi'"cc Hours: 12 to 1 O'clock P. M.
and 3 to 4 O'clock P. M.
Other Hours by Appointment
Residence Phone 36
Cfficc Fhone, 66.
Let us examine your
Eyes. Glasses fitted
only when needed.
P- if rf.imni' n n
Li. UMIU y U? !/
Up-stairs Over Bake-Rite Bakery
i i i. ?
! ? _ A?
ices ue
s-Tractor and
I let us quote you
ison Repairing.
save you money.
m rsr i
- Mower
Phone 300
aw? xi*aaii??i noaHBHaaaanai
w ^ <?^n -ar v in !
id Tuesday
usieai Show
md Refined
*rict.y of Latest Novel Musi
g: Octavm?iaxaphone?
I Sv/inging Concertinas.
ir Many Curious Imitations.
jgular Program.
ressiiig and Repairing <
for and Delivered by Auto
H Work Guaranteed.
on^ed and Pressed 25c v
eaned and Pressed 50c
n a 1 ?i I ^ v ?Li ca rl ^ ^ r*
d^IICVl ClllVl X. I ?Jt
Give Us a Trial Order
ssinff Club
& Tw>fM
Spotts & Cromer's Garage
/ ,i

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