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Jilt IkalD and {ems.
latirti tt tk? PoftoBtc* at n?wHny,
S. C, w 2nd elu? matt?T.
Friday, February 10, 1922.
"VVe publish from The State an interesting
interview with Gov. John.
Gary Evans. Mr. Evans has just returned
from an extended trip to Europe.
He says the people over there
"want our cotton and other produce
but that they have no money with
which to buy it. The people hav
only one cotton garment and in manj
places he says he saw them go aowr
to the river and wash and dry that
garment, because they had no change.
What they need is credit so that thej
can get something with which to gc
to work. We thought the war finance
board was established to open trade
relations with these people and arrange
the credit so that they might
go to work and be able to buy what
we have to sell and to pay for it, and
what they want and really need.
There is something wrong with o\\\
economic system when there are people
in the world who are almost naked,
and in anothfer part there is more
cotton than can be sold with which tc
make the clothes to clothe them, and
the producer can not get enough foi
fr? nav cost of oroduction.
May be now that a peace treaty ot
^ a disarmament agreement has beer
reached that trade arrangements may
be made with the rest of the worl<?
whereby we may sell at a profit the
things that we are producing and thai
the world not only wants but needs.
We notice that- the highway commission
or some one has put up a sigr
at the corner of Caldwell and Boundary
streets indicating the highway
* to Greenwood and points up that
- 4- k ' v\ ATA/? tlfn O T*?
way. xms is a gwu tu.ng uuu ?*? >.
glad to see it, because in many place:
the stranger does not knew how tc
get out of town into the road he deaires
to travel. We could not heir
wondering, however, when they were
making the signs why they did not pu1
oh the distance to the places indicated.
It would not have cost mucl"
more and from our own experience
the traveler in a strange land is always
pleased to know how far it is
to the place to which he is going.
The legislature is a little slow ir
reporting the appropriation bill fror;
the ways and means committee. W<
understand that it is desired to pas<
the new revenue bills before reporting
the appropriation bill so that xhe>
?may know how much to make the
state levy, but by this time wc shoulc
lhave an idea what is going: to pass
and what not. The main thing seems
to be not to reduce the appropriation;
but to find new sources of revenue-.
Washington, Feb. 5.?Within the
next few days, President Harding will
call congressional leaders to th<
White House for a conference on om
of the mcst important problems con
fronting the administration?that, oj
finding- funds to pay the soldier bonus
Senator McCuir.'ber, advocate of the
sales tax. probably will reeommenc
th'.s form cf revenue to meet the bo
nns. Other plans are:
To rely.upon repayment cf the interest
on the $10,00 3,000,000 allieC
war debt. So far, England is the only
debtor ration to indicate that sh(
is in a position to make such payments.
2. To establish three cent postage
expected to raise about $70,000,000
coupled with a series of special taxes
possibly on tobacco, legal documents
bar.!: checks, automobiles and gaso
o. i.ar^e increases in esuue ant
inheritance taxes.
4. A combination of the foreigr
debt interest repayments and special
Despite the opposition of Secretary
Mellon, there is a strong tendencv
among the administration leaders tc
rely as far as possible upon repay--ii.
. r :? j.kt.
menis oi uie ivrcigu ucuu
Sometimes an officer locates ?
moonshine still by beating around the
o %
Who got stung when the Irish repri'olic
sold its bonds for Germar
You have noticed, of course, thai
fa=ct girls hardly ever catch a hu?
Well, if women do roll their stock
* ' ' 1 jl
ings, is 3t anyooay s ousmess out iriei
Isn't it about time to take up an
other collection for the Armenians?
Two Others Agreed to In Substance
Fourteen Resolutions and Ten
Declarations of Policy
Washington, Feb. 6.?Six complet
ed treaties, two others agreed to ii
substance, 14 resolutions and tei
separate or joint declarations of na
tional policy comprise the formal an<
tangible contributions of the arm
j conference negotiations to history.
| By the major agreements of th<
> 1 />n?iforQn/>n +Vir? (TToaf riAwors r?i?'!* ;
' | VVi.' i V. 1 VUV V v. uv Vt* W |/V ?? V4 ^ jk> V* V ?
' limit on their naval strength in cap:
i tal ships, abjure submarine warfare
against commerce and use of po'soi
jgas, give China a new bill of right:
11 based on territorial integrity and th<
^iopcn door and set up a new interna
. | tional concord to preserve peace ii
', the Pacific. In addition Great Bri
> tain declares her intention to restort
;, Wei-Hai-Wei to China, and Japai
; hands back Shantung and promise
| to withdraw from Siberia as soon a:
: conditions there are stabilized.
;j These are the six treaties which
I during the 12 weeks of negotiation:
; here, have been brought to final com
' 1. The naval limitation treaty, bj
- which the United States, Great Brit
i am, Japan, France and Italy agre<
> to scrap or convert 68 capital rhipi
I and so limit future construction that
after a ten year building holiday, theii
first line naval strength will remair
at 525,000 tons, 525,000 tons, 31500C
i tons, 175,000 tons and 175,000 tons
- respectively. The respective tonnagt
I of airplane carriers is limiter to 135,
> 000 tons each for the United Statei
: and Great Britain, 81,000 tons for Ja
pan and 60,000 tons each for Franc*
and Italy. Individual capital ship:
sr? to hp r>o larger thin 35.000 toni
? C 7
1 and carry no guns in excess of If
inches. Aircraft carriers are limitec
7 similarly to 27,000 tons and auxiliary
' craft to 10,000 tons, and neither car
; carry a gun larger than eight inches
? A fortifications "status quo" is set uj
> in the Pacific, under which the Un'.tec
States agrees not to further fortify
the Philippines and Guam and Japar
' agrees to observe the same restric
- tion in Formosa, the Bonins and th<
1 Submarine and Poison Gas
- 2. The submarine and poison'-ga;
. f rt 4- * * ^/\ ?1* ? A X* 1* /\ MA A ^ A V\
ciiracv, iu wxiicii tiic sauic nvc puwci;
? are signatories. By its terms th<
powers agree as anion.? themselve;
not to use submai-ines "as commerce
1 destroyers," in all cases to observe
1 the rules of visit and search, and t(
" regard as a pirate any submarine
; commander who violates the existing
law. As among themselves they out
In wnsp of noison e\is altogether.
3. The four power Pacific treaty
' by which the United States, Greal
; Britain, Japan and France agree tr
respect one another's rights in rela
5 tion to their insular possessions i*
the Pacific and to meet in consultsl
tion whenever those rights are threa
tened. The Anglo-Japanese alliance
? . i 11 * J. - Jl 1 i.1. .
is automatically aorogaiea wnen tin
new treaty finally is ratified,
j 4 The general Far East treat}
between the United States, Grea
Britain, Japan, France, Italy, China
Belgium, Portugal and the Nether
' lands, binding each of them to re
spect China's integrity; the open dooi
policy is to be applied in detail, anc
j every oppoitunity is to be given th<
Chinese people to develop a stabl<
government. It is agreed that n<
treaty infringing these principles if
j to be concluded, that no contracts v:
olating them are to be upheld, tha'
discriminatory practices in the Chi
nese railways is to end, and tha'
China's rights as neutral ,are to b<
respected in future wars.
' 5. The Chinese tariff treaty, adher
ed to by v'ne same nine nalions, pro
' viding international machinery foi
' an immediate revision of Chinese cus
? p r
toms duties on a oasis 01 o per ccu
j 'effective and periodical revision:
thereafter, together with change:
which will permit imposition of sur
I taxes.
6. The Shantung treaty betweei
Japan and China, by which Shantunj
is restored to Chinese control.
By one of the uncompleted treatie:
agreed to in substance during th<
conference, Japan gives the Unitec
States the long nought cable and wire
^ less privileges on the island of Yap
and by the other the five principa
nnwprs and the Netherlands allocat<
the former German owned cables ii
the Pacific, so that one goes to th<
United States, one to Japan and on<
to the Netherlands.
Resolutions in Brief
Briefly, the 14 resolutions giver
conference approval, embody the fol
lowing conditions:
! Agreement for withdrawal of for
fv?/Am P'mrm nn .Tanil
UUSlUiUV.ts Hum
ary 1, 1923, provided China maintain;
r an efficient postal service and contin
ues in office the present foreign co
director general.
Establishment of an internationa
^commission to investigate the Chines<
j judicial system with a view to abo- p
*, lition of extra territorial rights.
j Authorization for a consultation
jbetween foreign diplomats and Chi-,
* j nese officials at Peking with a view to (
j withdrawal of foreign troops from
, China.
i Relinquishment to China of unau.
thorized foreign radio stations on
" ?!r?iilatinn that
1 L-fllTlCSt SUH, wiui iuc ~
i all plants are to be used for official;
.! me.^sages only, except in emergency.
1 j Agreement to exchange full infor- ^
s mation among the nations regarding ^
'all international commitments that af- A,1
. th'
s ; feet China.
i Creation of a board of reference
-'to consider cases arising unuti gf
? open door and railway provisions of ^
i the general Far Eastern treaty.
5 j Convening1 of a special commission
? of the five powers to meet in the near
- future and consider rules to govern a
i the use of new agencies of warfare. ^
-1 By a second resolution on me same
2 subject it is declared that the comi
mission shall not "review or report j
supon" the submarine and poison gas
s rules laid down in the treaty on that ^
| subject. i
, | Recommendation that "better pros
tection" be given the Chinese Eastern ^
vnihrov. Another resolution attached, n/v
; but riot subscribed to by China, de- ria
7 clares the Chinese government must ^
- be held responsible for its obligations ...
C ci
2 regarding the road. Expression of ^
5 hope that the Chinese railways may
, be developed toward a unified system
r under Chinese control. p0
i ; Request on the part of the other
) pewers that China reduce her military
, forces. I
- 1 1 ll. .rv
? Supplementary agreement 10 mt- ^
- naval limitation treaty, declaring the j0
3 nations "in honor bound" not to dis
pose of the ships which are listed for ^
? scrapping1, before the treaty is rati- co]
5 fied. ne
; Supplementary agreement to the nu
5 four power Pacific treaty, excluding cu
1 the islands of the Japanese homeland f]u
r from the treaty provisions. rei
i Of "the declarations" made by the ce;
. various delegations , and formally
) spread on the records of the confer1
ence, chief interest attached to those ?0
' relating to Siberia and the "21 de-'ch;
i mands." Regarding Siberia, Japan na
- disavowed any territorial designs in an
? Russia, and pledged herself to with- be
; draw her troops from Siberia as soon
; as stable conditions warrant, while hir
? the United States reasserted its hope S0(
5 that the withdrawal would not be long s]j.
? delaved. The famous Group 5 of the fin
5, "21 demands'' was abandoned by Ja}
pan, along with other concessions rci
lating to economic and political con- pa
) ditior.s in Manchuria and Mongolia. d'i
J ( China filed a protest against the re- thi
I ma:ning port:ons of the "demands," eh;
- and the United States reiterated its
[intention not to recognize any of
them which might abridge American _
-: rights.
>The British declaration of readiness
to withdraw from the leased territory
i of Wei-Hai-YVei was not eiaDorateu,
- but will be taken up in diplomatic ex-1
changes between London and Peking.
As a supplement to the Far Eastern
i | treaty, China declared her intention
I not to alienate any additional porT
(tions of her territory, and, as a supt
nlement to the tariff treaty she agTeed
: to retain the present maritime cus
toms system. In two supplements to
- the radio resolution, China declared
i 7
r she recognized no right to instal for1,
e'gn radio plants without her express
- consent, and the powers other than
- ( China declared that in future wireless
>, disputes the open door policy must be
5. applied.
;! Albany, Feb. 5.?Gerald 0. Holdi
ridge, chief enforcement officer of the
. | United States department of justice
. I for the northern district of New York
r i was today arrested in Troy on charges
-1 of attempted murder, felonious ast
j and intoxication, and released in $5,51000
s1 Holdridge was the host witn a par-!ty
of friends at the Sunset inn, at
| Troy, early this morning, when he was
ij handed a bill for $67 for refreshr'ments,
it is presumed. When the
'waiter handed him the check, he res1
fused payment and sent for the pro
;; prietor, who tried to arrange the
\ ! matter amicably.
Holdridge became boisterous, when
Policeman Timothy Mahoney of the
1 roy police department, ordered him
?j out. Holdridge pulled his revolver |
j'and showed his badge, and Mahoney
2 realizing that Holdridge, who was
j under the influence of liquor, micrht
shoot, knocked the gun out of his
hand and then placed him under arj
j rest. Bail was furnished by Martin
. lOrmsby, a Troy hotel keeper.
^ I
Anyhow, the arms conference
j'brought the Far East right home to
5 US* ^
{ Some pedestrians are just about as
"i careless as they say automobiles are.
I! An optimist is one who still cairies I
i a corkscrew on his key ring. ||
tousands Watching in Front of Vatican
Give Mighty Shout as Smoke
Announces Choice
i j
Rome, Feb. 6.?Cardinal Arcihilli
itti, archbishop of Milan, was prolimed
elected Pope in succession to
c late tfeneuici ay tms momung.
? has taken the name of Pius XI.
The thousands waiting; in front of
. Peter's for the wisp of smoke
lich would tell of the election of
new pope or the failure of the sasd
college to reach a decision gave
mighty shout at 11:33 o'clock when
thin wisp of smoke came from the
imney leading from the Sistine
apel. It was then known that the
.tholic -church "had once more duly (
. . M v,
;cted pontitr. ^
As soon as the two thirds' vote for
irdinal Ratti had been verified,
irdinal Vannutelli, as dean of the
:red college, arose and proceeded
the throne of the chosen one, acmpanied
on either side by c-ardils
Lcgue and Bisteli, respectively .
ans of the cardinal priests and the
rdinal deacons. He was asked in
tin by Cardinal Vannutelli, in acC
rdance with custom, if he accepted
3 election to be pontiff, and the new j
pe answered with the formal:
linee it is the will of God, I must
ey." j
Then the purple canopies over the .
rones of the cardinals were let 1
wn one by one, until only that over *
2 new pontiff remained. This was
ne to show that the whole sacred
llece rendered obeisance to the
w head of the church. Dean Van- 1
telli thereupon asked the new inmbent
what name he chose to take
ring- hi?, pontificate and upon his
ply, "Pius XI," Monseignor Sin:o,
secretary of the conclave, veri- *
d his election to the papal chair.
The new pope was then escortcd
the ante room within the Sistine
aoel, where he discarded his card:- c
l's robe, assisted by the conclavists e
d the papal vestments, which has c
en held in readiness since the open- i
f of the conclave, were' placed upon t
n. These included the white cas- 1
;k, white sash, white stockings, red '
ppers, a red and gpld mozetta, and '
ally the stole of red worked with
id. . . | c
Tlia nnrififf frill v ir! thp T>a- t
[ garb and accompanied by his car- t
lals, thereupon returned to the t
-one he had occupied in the Sistine t
apel. ' t
Then the cardinals, according to t
, We have installed
Roaster at 910 lower I
roast and grind eoff<
Peanut Butter. You
r\ r\
JLVUclOl/CU. VUlitV. tvv/ij
as you require it. This:
Flavor and Aroma-fa:
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economy in buying Fr<
it contains all its str
goes farther.
Thursday, Frida;
Feb. 9th, 10th a
Come in and enjoy a
Roasted Coffee and
Royal Co
910 Main Street
heir rank, and headed by Vannutel!i.
made their act of adoration to his
io!iness, kissing first: his feet and then
lis hands, after which the pope reeivi-d
them in embrace and bestowed
apon them his apostolic benediction.
"The fisherman's ring" was placed
:>n his finger and he left the chapel,
the whole assembly wending its way
through the Sala Ducale and the Sala
Regia, along the Loggias of the Sala
Clementina, the pope's official resi-1
ience. All along the way he receiv?d
the homage of the attaches who
served during the conclave.
Meanwhile the dean of the cardinal
ieacons, Bisleti, followed -by several
rardinals, repaired to the central bal
- j: c*i. ? l.:?u j-i
:oriy 01 ou reter 5 xrum which uie
elections of scores of popes have been
jfncially proclaimed to the world, and
:olgmnly announced to the great
:rowd awaiting expectantly below.
''I announce to your great joy the
election of the pontiff."
TViic r?f>rt fi rmorl tr> trno tfirrvrtcrc in
St. Peter's square the election which
lad been indicated by the thin stream
)f white smoke which came from the
netal stove pipe projecting from the
oof of the Sistine chapel when the
,'oting-papers of the final ballot were
Meanwhile Pope Pius XI after waitng
for. some moments in the Clementine
hall, had' "left for St Peter's
iccomranied bv the members of the
sacred college. Arriving at the bal ony
at the entrance inside ihe ca;hedral
he raised his hand and beitowed
upon the multitude his first
public 'benediction. He then returnedo
the Vatican where, although reignng,
the popes have remained virtual
jriscners until their deaths.
American is Hour Late
Rome, Feb. G.?Cardinal O'Con
Ifil, m L'HL'JMIU}; UI ai xivcu Hi
Rome at 12:40 o'clock this afternoon,
in hour after the new pope had been
elected. i
:hina's president
thanks harding
Washington, Feb. 5.?On the eve
>f the lasrt session of the arms confer
mce President Harding tonignt received
a personal message of congratilatlcn
on the settlement of the Shanur.g
issue from the president of Chi;a.
The message follows:
'President Warren G. Harding,
"I am most happy to learn that
iurirg the conference at Washington
hroi-gh the untiring friendly interest
aken by your excellency and by all
J-i i.:? -
ne American aeiegauun a 'oumuun ui
he long outstanding Shantung ques,ion
has been made possible. Thus
he peace of the Far East is further
:ke good
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Vlain street, and will?e
daily and make
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I brands. There is
jsh Roasted Coffeeength
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Y and Saturday
nd 11th will be
cup of our Fresh
see our Roaster in
cp r* _ i
rree j
Newberry, S. C.
[assured. On behalf of government
and people of the republic of China,
jl have the honor to extend to your
j excellency our sincere thanks, and fe
1 a t "atiq
"Hon Shih Changr,
i "President of the Republic of China."
! A trade note says there is a shorti
I ?
| Wantto b uy 1!
! Fat and Sci
j how Old or L
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i Monday, Feb,
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j Some people will never get out of
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Sunday Feb.
y Stations and
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? Public bers
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M. on Sun
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