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of Manv People, ;
Newberrians and 1 hose Who
Visit Newberry
Mrs. Carl T. Julien spent the week-:(
end with relatives in Greenwood.
Mrs. Anna Campsen, Mrs. liena Hi- '
kard and Mr. F. H. Camps n and c
family motored to Columbia Sunday
and spent, the day with relatives.
Mr. Aiken Feagle spent the week-;
end with friends in Greenwood. J
~ *t-V n i ~ ^ ^ I
Mr. Harry L> uonnen, nignway cun
tractor whose present good work is '
in the low country, spent the week- j i
end with his family in Newberry. j Miss
Frances Bobo of Union, the' i
trained nurse who has been with Mr. j t
Donald White left for home on Mon-J
, _ ? ?<i
day, -Mr. w nrce navmg sunivicuu.v
recovered not to need the services of, :
a trained nurse. His many friends "
will be pleased to know that he is get- *
ting along so well.
Mr. J. E. Brown of Xew York city
was a pleasant visitor in Newberry .
Saturday and Sunday. !\
Paul Anderson, Jr., G. M. I. cadet,'t
spent tne week-end in the city. : t
Mr. Nat Gist, Jr., of Atlanta, paid j
his father a week-end visit. (
Miss Agnes 0. Shields of Spartan-J j
i AV C romornil -t
VUrgT i5 viMtiiij; .'ii3. ii . t.j. vuii.v, v... t
The banks of Xewiberry have agreed
to close Wednesday, February 22nd,
Washington's birthday. ; j
"Rose of Washington Square," a ;
big Bohemian revel of Xew York's (
Greenwich village with a host of \
comely artists' models who are not <
stincrv with aisply of their curvilinear ;
charms, will be at the opera house 1
Tuesday of next week, February 28. ]
mmm % i C
Death of IWr. Bachrnan Cromer ! c
Mr. George Walter Bachman Cro- i
mer died at his home in Whitmire!,
Saturday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock,;,
after having been in ill health during'
the past two years, and was buried at:,
the Prosperity cemetery on Sunday!
afternoon at 4:30, service by Rev. L.
: .
P. Griffin, assisted by Rev. W. H.!,
Dutton. Mr. Cromer was 65 years ,
XT** r\xr i
UJLU. 11C iUl ViVCU kjj mo
who was formerly Miss Fannie Ad-!,
ams, and by all eleven of the children ,
as follows: Mr. George W. Cromer .
of this city, Mr. L. J. Cromer of (
Prosperity, Mrs. Knotts Morris of (
West End, Mrs. Ernest Wicker of the i
St. Philips community. Mrs. B. B. Bo- i
land of the O'Xeall section, Mrs. Asa ,
? 1
Bowers of St. Lukes, Miss Lula Cro- (
mer of West End, Mr. Forrest Cro-: i
mer of the Macedonia neizhborhood.1.
Mrs. George Enlow, and James A. i (
and Rufus Cromer of Whitmire.;
Thirty-five grandchildren also sur- , i
vive. His surviving sisters are Mrs. i
L. L. Moore of Union Academy, Mrs. j 1
Wallace Koon of Pomaria and Mrs.:
J. C. Wilson of the Prosperity section. ;
The deceased was a well known far-;
: j
mer and citizen and had many friends ! ,
who join his large family and other
relatives in mourning his death.
"NT.. r> 1 i . a '
A'ix. v/iwmcr uecame a meinDer 01
Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran church in which
he remained a faithful member un-'
til death. He was a kind father and ;.
devoted husband, good neighbor and |
generous friend.
<5 3> i .
^ ^ i'
3> <?> I
Midway?Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2:45.!
at school.
Silverstreet?Thursday, Feb. 23,1
2:45, at school. i
Vaughnville?Friday, Feb. 24,1
S:00 p. m. at Mrs. Watkins'.
1 i ;
| I
The proceeds from the community!
*y> o?*4* c* 1 nn x>i c * ?
1UU1 ?vtx^ y X VV.t/1 Vil OcttUI"
day. More vegetables were in demand.
There has been some misunderstanding
concerning: those privileged-"to
sell here. Any one can sell
his p.oduce provided it is a product .
of his farm, it is not necessary for
him to be a member of an organized
club. This market was established
to help ALL the people. Will our'
good customers please return cream :
jars. i ]
Death in Pomaria ! '
Pomaria, Feb. 11.?Mrs. Louise 1
Swygert, wife of C. H. Swygert, died (
at her home in Washington, D. C.,i
Feb. 7th. Pier remains were brought
to her old home at Pomaria. Inier
mert took place in the Summer bury-;'
:ng grou nd near" here, ? vidaV morn-1
ing at 10 o'clock.
She leaves to mourn her loss a de-1
voted husband and one daughter and
two brothers. B. M. Chapman of.!
Washington. D. C.. and H. S. Chap- (
man of near here and a host of reia-'
t:ves and friends. i
She was before marriage the only
daughter of Dr. .J. K. Chapman. The 1
funeral fervics were conducted by
the 1 It*v. Vv\ II. K'ser.
__ i
W? Tl rx_
?t ..ui.i 2 i:uy L> J
< i
Orator: An;! speaking of work. . J
Voice from rear: Landlords do the
leased!?Wayside Tales. i(
? v $> < $> "*/ <?" <*,' -$> 'V ' * T
b <*>
I $, ,;> <?> <$. ^ <? A < >
.\t the next luncheon of the Roiary
:lub, Tuesday, the 21st, in addition
o sonars and jokes the fwliowir^ nv.-niK-rs
have been asked to prepare tai!->"
>11 -u:\if. ts assigned i;> them:
Earle Babb will make a talk on
notary jleiiu cation.
5'id Derrick will discuss the plans
lijcI proposals for the new "gym."
Lad Eskridgre will jrive ou: information
about the Rotary conference
n Winston-Salem March 21st and
'2nd, and arouse interest in the trip,
'or many members intend to motor
o Winston-Salem for the conference.
' ? * V , >
5> <S>
5> <$>
?> <$> <?> <?> < > <5> < > <? .? <?> <$> <?> > '?/
"We Build'' is the motto of the Kivanii
club. Who sny3 that the Xew>erry
club is nut living: up to this moto?
Name the project or constructive
movement that has been put on
n Newberry since the organization
>f the club that has not received the
ridorsement and aci ve support w
he club.
True to her history in the past
>vhen the proposition of selling athetie
tickets to finance athletic sports
it the college was presented to the
;lub at its meeting Thursday, a moion
was passed unanimously that the
iu'0 indorse the movement and pledge
he committee its whole-hearted support.
Xot content with this every
member present agreed to purchase
it least one ticket (several members
stated voluntarily that they would
buy more than one ticket) and then
>ent a challenge to the N< wherry Rof-irv
club to match the iJwanis club
by buying1 tickets 100 per cent
Dr. E. B. Setzler and Coach Freci
Mac Lean were guests cf the club and
ivhen called upon for remarks responded
in happy manner.
Prof. Setzler gave a splendid talk
on the part that athletics plays in de1
?-11 1V.J J
reioping a wen ruaiiueu cuuwitvi
man. With concrete examples he
Jemonstrated how that athletics benefit
the student not only physically
but mentally as well?developing1 in
him that initiativeness so necessary
to the highest success in the affairs
;>f today, and fostering the spirit of
loyalty to a high degree, not only in
the participants, but in every one
connected with the institution.
Prof. MacLean began his remarks
by saying that he deemed it peculiarly
fitting that he should have the
privilege of explaining to the Kiwanls
club and plans formulated whereby
dewberry is going: to have a new gym
nasium and a new athletics field, be
cause it was while a guest of the clul
along wiih the members of the foot
ball squad last fall, that the idea ger
minated. At this meeting the el a1
voted to get behind the movement t
put some equipment in the gym. Th
idea then occurred to him that per
Uivie flinvo \x-m?rk nfhpv organization
in Newberry that might be interested
in boosting athletics at the college
Hence the plan to sell 1,000 athletic
tickets at $10.00 each was formulated.
He showed how that if the sale o!
tickets is successful this plan wil'
build and pay for the jrym. within a
few years, and at the same time finance
athletics at the college; equip
Newberry teams as they should In
equipped; pay for coaches and supplies;
and, perhaps best of all, do
away with athletic subscription lists.
Then. too. the purchaser will be get['"n?
$15.00 worth of athletics for the
i /\ A i.'L ^ 4-1*.1-^4
jiu.uu paiu iux Liic
The resolution mentioned above
ft*ent through wi;h a whoop. The Kitvanis
club is behind the movement
100 per cent strong. What club will
be the next?
Olin Cannon had change of the
meeting and put it over in fine style.
"Pat" Wise received the attendance
orize?a box of cigars?given by
Ernest Carpenter. Oiin Cannon g:'.ve
[he favors?erase rs?"that the members
erase all past m;vt;:kes and live
rue to the Kiwanis spirit, "service for
others,' in the future/'
The club is looking forward with
pleasant anticipation to lanies' nicrht
March 16th. There will be something
Ioin.tr in the old town that night.
A Kiwanian.
Aunt Euphic Bowman D;ad
Aunt Euphie Bowman, one cf the
jid time darkies, a faithful old soul,
' 1 C}.
!:ed this mormnir a; b o cjocv:.
faithfully served the wi;iu f?Ik> in
dewberry county for years, the last
few years she cooked for J. T. May md
.J. P. Moon. She leaves .<e\v:*a!
:hiidren. two of theM are well known
i;k1 replied, the oldest d.uifrhlcr.
fV.nie Pit's, works for Mr. (.!. L.
Hpp>\ the son. 31 :rk Smith, works ' "
rl. 0. i.on;r.
Aunt* Kliphie will be buried Tues
lay miomr.g*.
t %> -'i/ <?> ^ "$ '?> ^ ^ <s> <$> -t> > 1}
i ;
j i\ ,?> - ,#s i .* / <. > ?'^v ^
Members of the South (' indina de- (
i pavtment of the American Legion a< ;
'c-uki.otr furw.ii-tl wiih a irrvat deal of ;
j Merest iu the visit oi Ilanfon! Mac- ,
i Xi.Yr. national : -nan ; . iv ,
i ' <
i i \r-*o in a next ??< :;! h. X .der will .
J be in Columbia March H'ih, an i a .
I conference of !eg:<m leader-? ar.d those (
I interested in the American Legion is |
j being planned for that day. Oar post ]
should send a large delegation to 'his i
conference. This will give us an op- ;
".ortunity to meet and know person- ]
ally our national leader. Those who
know MacXieer most intimately say ]
that he is some hustler?a regular
i Let's see him in Columbia .
on the I Oth. ,
Mrs. Hobart, national president of
the Legion Auxiliary, will be in Co- >
lumbia at the same time. Plans are
under way to have a joint meeting of
the legion and the auxiliary the after- ?
| noon of the 10th.
Friends of Hanford MacXider will (
be interested to lea/n ti^at recently
i -iio mKnnn m" United Stales senator ,
from lova. math? vacant by the appointment
of Senator Kenyon to a
jfederal judgeship, was offered to Mac- ,
i Xider. lie declined to accept it be- !
cause he considered the position of ,
; national commander of the American
! Lejiion a more important duty than i
! .h:v of senator. This was quite a com!
pliment to our commander, inasmuch
i as lie is only 32 years of a^e, and has
never been active in. partisan affairs
nor candidate for office. By profes- .
, sion he is a banker, and while not
wealthy, has made a success of his
! own business since his return from
Perhaps the one tijir jr more than
inv other that helned to nut MacNid
or on the map in legion circles wis
! the "service and compensation drive"
that he put over in Iowa whUe ho was
' commander of that department. At
i the conference held recently at India,
napolis he described in detail the plan
of the census and told of the results
obtained for the legion in his department.
As a result this conference decided
to put on a similar drive in ev|
cry department. Throughout th *
to;;/;try there will be house to houre
census of ex-service men. Tht' main
- i ?-ii ? J- i- - a -
, joDjeet oi ine census win not ue iu
';*efc members for the legion?it Is
hoped that as one of the by-products
j there will bo an increase in member,jrhin
in the legion?.but in 'this way
I we hope to become ac quainted with
every ex-service man in every coni1
nunity, and find out if the legion can
] be of service to them. A questionnaire
will bo filled out telling who ex,
ii'rivate John Doe is, where he served,
. whether or no: he wns wounded or
disabled, how he fares since his war
service, if he has received his victory
nodal. liberty bond, etc.
That was a beautiful but touching
( rtor'y told of Scott Montgomery, ex-service
man, who lay for hours in the
ruins of the Knickerbocker theater
i with the weight of steel and concrete
. I crushing the life out of him. When
i the rescuing party reached him he
' as.ked them to attend to the women
first. "I am all right," he said. They
I finally got him out and took him to
| a hospital where he died a little later.
. j John B. Setzler,
I i Publicity Officer.
? ?
A Ford Car Burned
About 10 o'clock Sunday ni.rht the
1: fire alarm was sent in. Mr. T. C..
' j Durham on his way home to Grcen'Jville
frem Columbia had stopped :.l
Gulden's filling station near the Cen
' tral house in Friend street to got
' .some gas. A lantern was used to
', s.ce how much gas was in the tai.-k
| and the oil caught lire and before the
11 flames could be extinguished the car
, i had been badlv damaged bv the fire.
Durham had been to Columbia
I to lake a patient to the hospital. In
; the party besides Mr. Durham were
' Mr. T. P. Dine, Mr. A. T. Durham and
;:"ss Sarah Durham.
It reminds us of the story of the
! man who struck a match to see if he
had any eaj in his tank, and he had
; some. i
It is said there was insurance on
' j ihe car but if there was no mure than
j i. .v iJlUU. Ki -WW O'V i i t> .v.j I
I write it will not help a great deal.
! If the fiiremems chemical works
hadn't so quickly extinguished the
j'flame.-- the car would have been ccrri
pletelv d'St/oved or else sustai:i< d
i *
greater damage than the burning of
j the cop and seat cushions. Oar firemen
remind us of bird dogs or some
ether line specimen of that nob!:*
animal. Von have seen the hunting
. pointers a ! : : ier.\ fox doe; , rabbit
land Opossum hounds eager for the
ea:ue. at -nr : i," the Oar
, c .' y firemen it re just as ready to r spoJ'd
at the aiarm of
T!;cugh Lo:.t to S:jhi?
''I see the ladies are beginning to
' wear longer skirls."'
i "Oh. \v<-l!. 1 have a ^ood memory!"
j- Wayside Tales.
Prosperity, Feb. 20.?Full infornia.
concern in the proposed potato
,: ! x hou. o for Prosperity could not
" Jim! when we prepare 1 our letior
... *J .1 .5.-.,. trt.
ilM. U 1.1UJ tilC Ut'.iiv ui.i ; w
'v. In this connexion n wsc know
chat the representative of The Her11
I unci N'.-vvs at i .iy, .Mrs. Lillian
Harman, will be pleased to hanUe
any nows at any time. She ca:i
jo found in her office or ai. the Wise
bote!; in fact her services are to be
ar.fi for the asking and when she can
crv;> ar.y per..on or community cornman.1
Flans for the erection of a 5,000
bushel potato curing house have been
perfected by the Farmers Cooperative
i??ociation of Prosperity. After a
anvass of the farmers in and around
Prosperity, -the business manager, Mr.
Thompson Hunter, reports over one
hundred acres to be planted in .sweet
potatoes?which will be more than
iiifiicient to ti ! the proposed house.
Ail farmers interested in the growing
:>f the above crop are invited to talk
with the manager of the above asso
in passing it might be- of interest
lo the public to learn of the workings
;>f tile Farmers Cooperative association.
This organisation has been in
operation for a few years, during
which time two cotton warehouses
have bv en built, much farm .-upplies
boukht and sold and much money
saved the farmers in buying of fertilisers.
The phin of this organization
is to buy and sell on a very, very
small profit, and the same to be given
to the stockholders, about 100 men,
in form of dividends. In view of thi.
fact every stockholder gives his support.
? $> '?> <$ <t- <?> <$> <$> vy '{> 'y & G
*> 4
>V <!
< > < > , > <<i> <?> <^> :?/ <^> ;S) ?> <$> <S> <$> <}
Why We Should Save the Birds
One well-known bird lover sayj
"The busy bee has nothing on tin
mother martin when she is feeding
her four young ones.'' une woun
hardly believe that a single bin
\V(M.;j(i ( licet ; ucii an enormous cro]
of insects in a day as the martin i:
known to clo. In the stomach of i
female martiin. which had been acci
dentally shot, a careful examinatior
shewed that it contained more thar
2,000 mosquitoes, a large number ol
house iiic?, Mayrose and striped cu
cumbcr beetles and various other in
5G?-:s. A scarlet Tana^er, bcin.u
v.atchecl. was seen to devour gypsj
moths at the rate of 35 for IS min
at. s a: a time. Mr. Edward F. Far
bush reports seeing a pair of gross
?' : " ^'vc-4- 1 -.0 (imoc \r\ 1 1
Vi.'i*. tlit.il :KOt -X'jyj aaa .
hours, currying to their young two oi
more larvae at a time. One of the
reports of the Biological survey re
cords finding GO grasshoppers in the
crop of a nighthawk (bullbat) ar.c
.300 mosquitoes in another; J'.O cut
Vvorms in the crop of a cedar bird
These vn :o make a practice of enter
raining birds in summer time chain
that they never have to spray thai]
fruit trees and attribute the same t(
the faei that they are protected, Ai
THEY ARE. by the birds.
The English sparrow is a post anshould
bo destroyed. Designs fo:
sparrow traps can be had from th<
department oi" agriculture for th;
The Cotton Boll Weevil
The damage done to cotton by thipest
runs un to tens of million?. o
dollars. The BIRDS STAND RE.\m
The following is a partial list oi
birds known to destroy the cotton-V>ol
Six kinds of orioles, nifrhthawks
swallows, martins, flycatchers, wrens
blackbird?, kiIide-\T, titlarks, meadow
Pii'Ks arm qiiiiii.
The species which catch their foot
en the \v:ni? are erneehilly valuable
s'nee they help to destroy eu:p: lade:
ft:-males i'eekine; new field.-; in whicl
!o introduce the pest.
The ;raiiie laws of the state sny thai
r i.s uni.-iv. ful to kill any son^, i".?eet
ivorcus or mijrmtory bird. I'ohin
: re n^errntory bivds and as su.-h art
prot etc! by }'i\y.
The I'-iy Scouts o? Amcrica con
-id t i: their duty to recort to the
proper authorities any violations o'
the jranv v.hn-h th?'V beconv
::%vare of.
The Si'vcr Lining
"J :'1 !t irre:;t!" chortled Jones.
r.i:quarantined cn accoun;
f -mall-pox.''
"What's irreat aSiui that?*' de? .:iri
!. <j Smith.
"We!!, you sec." explained Jones,
Tv< ,iu>* bouu'hc a new c;i<: and in'
. i' ?! ton thousands dollar?."
"And all my in-laws live in Blinksvi"
i " finished jui?i!ai ' !y.?Wayside
i j
Baby Ch:c??s?A:. . i.r.u* varieties.
I.:\v varieties irur.rantced. Charjr;-.:
prepaid. Zvl>*5j. J. A. ILmmai. Little
Mountain, S. C.. il. F. D. No. i.
; 2-21 -'Ji
To Rent?One furr.i.-Iw d be:i room.,
with ali convenience. Mrs. !. R.
! Eison, Scott Bidg. Phone j
: 2-21-it
! Why Pay More? V, alk around the
I corner and save a quarter. All
1- ather jruaranU'ed. Electrical
hoimtal. A. W. Price,
! 2-21j
For Sale?Dixie Triumph Wilt He-.
,J sistant, Colt Seed. Apply F. A.J
j (ial!aian, XewLenv, S. Rout"
:>. ' 2-21-ltp
ifoi- Rent?Desirable six room d'.villinc:
in Prosperity. Close in, electric*
lights, trood water, garden,'
ham. etc. Good town, desirable
j OOlTiOOU a:m
! >ii. Reasonable alterations. A'ip!y
to J. A. C. Kibler or W. E.
J'.-:)01 E. 7th St., Mae-sonvi!
1 e, Fla. 2-21-lip
?~ i
5ccrl ?ra?"uts?Leave your order With
V. (). Wilson a oJnh.'.'SOP.-Mc'Cra *k!:i
(*>. for Improved Spanish Peanuts
fo see.!, nice and sound,
j 2-21 -1:
For f-.lc?Two mules, 8 years old.
$125.00-each. First class order,
u. ... ..iir\r rivr>
von; % in i*'. y/ .i'K. i? cl> j " '
hor?e wagcn. J?40.00. One threehoiy
sinney plow, >'.).O'j wo:th of
points with r>lo\v, $25.00. J. W.
George, Prosperity, S. C., R. F. D.
Xo. G. 2-21-3tp ltaw
Money to lend on real estate. Apply
u> F. L. ilynum, Ally. 2 21-1 tp
! Tor So.K--?One Beagle hound dog.
* | Seven months old. Price 3?r>- Good
traih r. J. D. ii. Kibler, 1 o perity,
K F. I). <!. 2-211 ltp
, jFor Sale?1 "j barrels of t lime at
v 1 .f1 (?. Dr. G. \V. Harmon. ProsI
peiity, S. 0. 2-21-11
The IviVw- 3hoo Shop, 12 L'' ( j;!oge
1 street, in with I!. If. Rikard, is
re^dy at all times to do your work
whiie ycu wait. Lac:'..5* worl: a
; specialty. Our motto i.-, satisT.ici
ticn guaranteed to aii. Prices
'I right. Yours for business. P.. G.
? R tag In, Mgr. 2-17-41
i Fyrac Suarlr. Pir.gs for ca!"?We W.ll
soil to any customer four Fyrac
} Plugs for $-.00 or six for $5.00.
5 j Pri e $1.00 each. Nichols and
. Longshore, Silverstreet, S. C.
1 i 3cok your order now for settings of
l j my fine dark S. C. R. I. Reds. OwJ
en's and Mahood's strain. $1.50 per
H seit-nsr. (Miss) Dorris Kohn, Pros
perity, So. Car. 2-17-tf
,-| Please take notice that the license
_iiaw for this year has been enacted
J :?iid your license tax is now clue.
"I Schedule same as last year.
Clerk & Treasurer.
J I-13-1 taw 4t
i Trespass Notice?AH persons are forbidden
to trespass on the lands of
the undersigned in No. 7 township
; { by fishing, hunting or in any other
' j manner. G. J. Jones & Son, II. B.
-j Lindsay. UlG-30tp
' i Wanted?To buy 4.000 fi-et one-ir.ch
drv pine boards. H. C. Hellowny.
i 2-7-tf
Beardless or Sprir.r< B.irley?For S.'i'o
} by Johnson-McCrackin Co.
5 2-3-ltf
, For Rent?Light housekeeping rooms.
'! Arplv to Sanitary Laundry, ; hone
rj 6S. * * *2-3-2t
' I r* 7.:' vC::::oldzrs
.? an:.: .1 ex.'.... ; of the stockI
holders of the Moltolion Manufacturj
ing coiiipany wlil be held in the ccm.
I ?):;r.y's uptown oflice at Newberry, S.
o;i Thursday, the 10th day of F--b
;u.. . 1022, at 10 o'clock in the foreI;)or,
for the election of d ree; >rs for
j thv y-.r.;r: I tor in.- rrans.
lujrion of ...lu r busim- *.
} I CIEO. w. summer,
President and Treasurer.
! C. P. WEEKS, Secretary.
I j l.;w 2t
j Wanied?We pay highest pri. os for
, j peas ard corn, easy place to 'inWc'ghtri
on new teaks. Give
'! us a trial. We store anyth'ng.
Dorrity c: Comoanv. Inc.. Bonded
Warehouse. W. A. Hill, Mgr. Telij
ephone 315. Opposite Southern
I Oil Mill. * 2-1 C-8t
! i Whrr: in need of weed? 1 or C-a,
I fn-.-rf tffft font fsV ' WOOd.
1 j phone 2004.' A. B. Miller. "
I 1-' 1-3 taw -it])
; Drnt* forfeit v.v press your r.il S fr :*
i cc:r \V<> call f</:' ( liver.
" i Quality Pressing: Club, phene 2;>".
Try o;*r ticl-cious plain ar.il raisi l
"j pound cnk". It's simply lir.c. Bake
i Rite Bakery.
r| n-is-tf.
* j Lar.d Svrv.-ylag?li^asona' rai ?S
i for reliable work. M. Q. Boland,
| 1 ittle Mountain, S. C.
i H '"'".c;-1 vy:..L- i'lerr.?i itching an i Pic >t
Wcrr. We make mac-hiiio an!
LknovV how ;?> turn out the highest
! r:r: ' v/c-r;:.
: 0' : "S t' f " ;<! .'.! 'ng of a'1 k;n<'.s.
! We operate modem plant and do only,
I fho best wtiik. i
,i Latest style eiectrically driven ma-j
J chines sold on easy terms. j
< 1':! ? ;.(if :;ir*:. :i s n;:w'"ed.
1 Greenwood S. C.
, 5C5 Main St. Phone lijl
! v. i>. i'arnct, M^r.
' ! 1 r
\ij n n n - ** [i
f O. v ' 2 f -"' * *1 /? ?' 1
L *f * - 4 / *! * ? r ; ' , ;
? J V vJ ? Vi. i'??? ' a ? &A O w |
. |
(0 ..xrsr.IrcH CO GO ; ilics) I
Wit/, tho -jncoi :,: iritl r. : th:.t c.r.v j
adjustment is to he naa: by supply- !
Ing ancihe- 1. ;. 2t halt p. ice.
Size Pi-!co :
50x3 $ 3.SO I
20x3 1-2 10.10 :
?9v \ # r> 1 1 C^. I
I I . .U J
31x4 12.75 j
W. L. MATH IS : |
Prosperity, S. C.
3rd Floor Exchange Bank Bidg'j
Broken Lenses Duplicated J
For Sa-c?Extra fine pi'-k canna
bui: Twenty cents each or six
i 11 * cu?o!i'
lor k. .<' uunai. dv.-.iic uu'-.i.; ,
Little .Mountain, S. C.
For Sair?One f::io young n-ule <> i
; -;irs old. weighs 1,000 pounds. In
rood cu* rtion, ptice only SI 75.00.
?.*.-u().00 2 years a;ro. Apply to
('. L. i. ::.:sey, gilverstreet, S .C.
---- - 1 - .1 ;v: o.
I oui'jj men, women, uvt-i ?t, uwum:;
gov.-rnment positions, $130 monthly,
write for free list of positions
rev/ open. J. Leonard, (former civil
{.: -vvife examine?; 147 Equitable1
RM:r.. Washington, I). C.
No trespassing either by hunting
fishing or otherwise will be allowed
?>n my lands. Mrs. I.L. ni<? K. Derrick.
Trcspsss Notico?All persons are
hereby notified not to trespass upon
lands of the undersigned located
i:i townships Nos. 2, .'J and 5 ot"
Newberry county by hunting, fish-1
in or in any manner whatsoever.!
T. W. Keittf T. E. Keltt. Geo. V/. |
Keitt. 12-0-4tltaw;
_______ i
One yourj Ja'sc-y cow w:lh first calf
three weeks old, for sale by W. C.1
X.'.berrv, S. C., Route 3,'
box 64. 2-10-3tp j
For sale or Era<u??Milk COW with
yourg cr.'.f; for rent or share-crop:
, . ?one horse or two horse farm. E.
B. Setzlcr. 2-3-2tp
117 " 8 ? M
\1aul m Bay III
Fat and Sou
how Old or he
All this wee
*? 1 R /f 1
r resn Moles
trade cheap.
. O
-0>>-Jt?0f.r3.H/- VJT>i-r. <t . '! LA^fTM^r^J
i ..... .. ? ., .
OPERA m:v rrg **p
j| HOUSE 1 t(Si. i'iii?. Zo S
In bringing "Rose of W
opera house I car: assure yoi
mere ihan mere musical cor
display of the greatest revu
* dramatic story. Reports I h
tien lead me to commend it i
; j gk^ 0,0 rf?"? <i t'5?% /? > r>::. rx
! M$iT?QlOaU?
t S$*SgAT TS4 ~ SAfttV
' i I \ ^ u y ^ 55 Oj :' ''ftfati Sf"
11 j V V ? ~~ 2 ?J c- v i &? u y 'iLfi/ s
ij |i ^ Is the. thrill of R.
I! /jm&t
i I! . t. '. - : 'ST
2 i J /. ' ' v. .v? 4
11 fi - ;x m f ^ |% I
| j 1; ., ' ** =.v% * ? ft .? ^
j, ii >WM$?i
I "i >*; v tei ?v~ fe^o
?" ?.. W>? . ' ? jtr*
" jf ' h
' .'-v"-' .\ ^
ii n r * V 'I
' 'f-- '/ i // *"'? * '> v/
, j, / :i.-3?rth --r ;;
:J ?, v - "**? 7' ' ' ''
. ; ftssUiejmi
' i! Sensdhan cj
! < 5v. ?.? . - .' V;."... J *ws * *"/t /}.'
; ! I'& :. > J iihjis-J:o<
' ;< *', v;: : ,0 e "V/.
j' . " *:.' " ; {IS*fir ir?f'C
1} Ui t *
|j v-i : QiriStmaS
i J- A* J. }"<^> *7 / /?> f *
if # v $ r HContains
;!< <* ' ' ' > /T- * 7? j
If / : -v. f :i> 's'Sr.aiiH/' Httn
> 51 K- * r- J V!M.i
114r i} .,MM$
i # tel flkssprsrtofH
! # -j
i ? if A
? m:K * *
I WZ'y - -> i
'-vi ; . tyPS"- %jf I
I '^"
T -rcdiy, February 21. &
Cc;- ta: : n;nney ^
Comedy A'
W dn. cdiy, February. 22
Seisue Hayakawa
Thursday, February 23.
All Star
Comedy ^
The rooms now occupied by
-Tack Gilliam on the corner of
Caldwell and Friend Streets,
and nine rooms over Herald
raid News office. Suitable for
offices or a boarding house. See
Anne U. Knit
' * I
|| | ii ||||?
Office E.-change Bank Building
2nd Floor, Rooms 212 and 213
Office Hours: 12 to 1 O'clock P. M.
and 3 to 4 O'clock P. M.
Other Hours by Appointment
Residence Phone 36
0?f;ce Phone, 66.
iiiles I Morses .'
ind; no matter ' j
>w .Young.
:k, also a few
for sale or
L "Pat" Wise
i i- ii i m m ma i i mmai n i mm
50c to $2.00 1
fatc f n?n?p ? wots
ashington Square'' to the
i of an unusual treat. It is
nedy. It has the gorgeous
os with a genuine comedy
ave received on the attrac:o
your patrGnarje.
H. B. WELLS, . j
'"T' ?. r.ffcll THAT
it.? su w turn
r ? -1*5?j f< ? \
r ' v i<: v J? \
.. J/ V? ?Af y, '.Vtj ?t ;? ?.
;_ <* ' &J> ' '0 '-I : is .ZFk'y
f\m mvs$

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