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The Movement of Many People
Newberrians and i hose Who
Visit Newberry
Mr. L. G. Eskridire left Tuesday fo
Shelby, N. ( ., beins called there o
account of the serious iliness oi h:
Mr? .Tms. Railev of Greenville i
here on a visit to her parents, Mr. an<
Mrs. Ben Paysinger.
Mrs. Otis Lominick has gone t
Abbeville for a visit to relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. .Jas. O. Sheppar<
came up from Columbia to spend th
week-end with Mrs. Sheppard's mo
ther, Mrs. W. M. Griffin, retuminj
to Columbia Tuesday morning.
Mrs. A. H. Kohn of Columbia i
' TT .
spending a week witft tter son, ria
Kohn. in Johnstone street.
Mrs. Henry Parr has recently ro
turned from a visit ro Spartanbur;
and Norlina, N. C.
Wr. Johnson and son Tom's big ra
zir and scissors sales are continuing
with interest.
The D. A. R.'s of Newberry enter
tained witr a Washington's birthda;
party Wednesday afternoon at th<
home of Mrs. J- L Keitt. A furthe
account of this affair will appear ii
Tuesday's paper.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. West spen
Tuesday and Wednesday in Columbia
Mr.-James Bradley of Sandersville
Ga., was in Xewborry on Tuesday
and accompanied his brother, Mr
Floyd Bradley, as far as Columbia
the latter, with Dr. Korxert Ala yes
going on to Philadelphia where MiBradley
will get a well needed rest
The many friends of the genial Floyc
hope for his eraly and complete res
for&tion to his good health.
The Civic league wil.7 meet Tuesda\
afternoon, February 2.8th at foui
o'clock in the Stag's halL Let even
member be present. If chairmen oi
committees canr.ot be present please
send reports.
ZNIrs. R. H. Wright, Pres.
Mrs. T. P. Johnson, Secy.
The weather continues bright f.nd
J. Blair has opened a grocery store
in the building formerly occupied by
Thomas Lake. We are tr'zd to set
the place open again and wish foi
Mr. Blair a share of public patronage
Norman Martin who was bad!}
burned some time igo, is getiins
along nicely.
Mrs. E. B. Martin has a serious artack
of malaria.
Thomas Wood and sister, Mrs.
Black, went to Columbia Sunday to
visit their sister, Miss Lizzie Wood
who is at the hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hendrix made i
business trip to Newberry Monday.
Mrs. J. W. Berry is delivering hei
first order of extracts, perfumes
soaps, etc., and every one seem;
pleased with the goods.
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Floyd hrn
moved into the house formerly occu
pied by J. A. Tallant.
The A*alent;.ne party at the Luther
? TV./
an parsonage was very picasam.
rooms were appropriately decorated
Dainty refreshments were served, am
the evening was one of pleasure.
Rev. G. F. Clarkson spent part o:
Monday here.
Mrs. Matt Berry spent last week ii
Saluda with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
C. H. Swindler.
Messrs. Butler and Berry went t<
Newberry Monday.
Mrs "R \T. Havird srsent Tuesda"
in the country at the home of he
brother, Henry 0. Long.
J. B. Leitzsey was in town on" da;
this week.
Mrs. Anna Pearsall expects to
scon to Clarendon to visit her son
E. E. Pearsall, wnere she will piob
ably remain for several weeks.
The little son of Mr. bl. Werrs \va
badly burned las't wci';r.
Miss Helen Nichols who teache
near Prosperity spent the week-en
with homo folks.
Claude Berry, a traveling: mar
was here a short time recently.
ZVIiss Xancy Blair entertained sev
eral of her young friends Sr.turda
j.ig'ht. Games werj played and *.h
evening1 passed ver,T pleasantly.
Brab Long-shore r.a3 about recv/c:
ej xruiii i kI'.k. i iu.o vj
pneumonia and is out a:nonu: h'
friends again.
Miss Elsie Pitts of Xewberr / cc
lejre spent the week-end u home.
J. A. T ilant is near Auirusta. Ga
in the interest of his lumber b"sn.vs
Rev. T. S. Mitchell from Salu-J.
side was here on business Monday.
Garriss Swindler from Enterpris
Saluda county, was here Sunday
The larsre and commodious stoi
house belonging: to J. P. Long: is sti
vacant in a desirable locality <jti
would be suitable for nearly ar
kind of business
r j
: /vv\k.Y Cj^:ArL.^\
S - ?? j. : 1 s? V(< #?.K n? ?".** ?? v;..^N ??? ?
j ?
ii; ?
j "I am known as Mr. Tbr?'i*-Il'>ni
} GiraflV. iluu.uli sometimes 1 aiu
?| a Nubian Giraffe," ;-ai<l Mr. Gira'1
j "It till means the same ihin.i;," <:i
rtj Mrs. (Jiraft'p. "I am \>>nr m:it?* :ii;;l
e! am r!:e same as \ov. are. That is.
J belong to exactly the same lYm:
y' and I am like you in many win
j 'twere are many of who a
! somewhat different. That is, I do 11
i mean that there are many of us w
! a.re somewhat different, hut tiure a
: giraffes who belong to the gre
-i giraffe family and who are like us
rv; many ways and yen not in all waj
i They're all cousins though.
_| "There art ilie Tw*o-l Iorned Giraff
or the Southern ones, the S<?m;
5 i Giraffes and there are Five-Uerm
j Giraffes of Western Uganda, man
- j many, many, many miles away lie
v j here.
a | "Now. we came frcsn East Afrieji
! "Yes." said Mr. Three-Horw
^ ' Giraffe, "lait that wasfcsome time ;:c
j Yes. some time ago. Stitf. we <j
i come from there: you :tre right al>o
*. that.
i "And we came together, tc>o. At
, we've grown since we've been hei
"\Ye*ro about thirteen years <
i now. aren't we?"
J "Just p. bout," said Mrs. Thre
' Horned (lira fie.
j "Have I ever heard*' Mr. Thro
j Horned (JiralYe asked. "'that thirte<
j j was an unlucky number?"
* ! "Ylou may have heard it," said Mr
"j Thre>Horned Giraffe.
j. "And d<? you suppose it is trm
[ Do yMi suppose that now I am thirm
| and,now that you are thirteen wo
'5 iret tiiose dreadl'dlv die:id!ul soi
z .
j throats that everyone is ihlnldns? we
r ?et sooner or lat^r?
"I've heard they were always <!ra>
r in? pictures of us with great, bandag<
i aroung our throats <>r long necks."
(| "D';n't pay attention to all y(
i hear," ssaid Mrs. (Jiraffe. "It's su<
a waste* of time. Besides. I }??":?r?i
girl say who was walking throu:
the zoo that she was .just foiirtet
years old' and tha^ her thirteenth ye:
had been the luckiest year site hr
ever had. She had won more priz?
1 and had more nice things happen
, j "You just told me," said Mr. GirafC
j "not to pay any attention to what
ti heard."
) "I did/' Mrs. Giraffe answered.
* 1
[ "But tldon you paid attention toAvh;
I you had heard."
* | "I he:\rd it said." Mrs. Giitiffo r
ji plied, "and I am tolling it to; you
show you that everyone doesii't tlilr
that thirteen is an unlucky namber.
"And I also tell it to y<ai t'> 1
you know that I don't think, much <
^either considering it a lucky numb*
11 ""
"Always Drawing Pictures."
i or an unlucky number, or a hid
. year or an unlucky year, or a lucl
birthday or an unlucky 'birthday.
j "I think it depends on what happei
that year or on that day of the mon:
or whatever it nmv hap] ten to be tin
j makes folks think it is either 4ud
j or unlucky.
! "Probably a lot of unlucky thin;
" j happened on that day t*> some<?i
once and they started the story ;tl? ?
o! and now if anything unlucky do<
. I happen on a tlcrteenth people ;iii sr.;
! " < ?h t!it> thirteenth.'
"But I don't believe that the mi:
ber or the date itself lius anything
do with it."
"Well," said -Mr. Three-Horm
* Giraffe, "I'm glad you think that wa>
"ilow well and happy we are. We'
been well since we came and havei
i, known a day's sickness." Mrs. Thi'i
llorned Giru-t'fe said. "And our til
teentli year isn't going i?> change <?
v| luck.
j "We nave delicious food?c!ov
c J
! lmv biscuits, vesreiubles of dill'ere
kinds, bran and rock salt ai'd mi
f "You're more ilian fourteen fe^t
^ lici-'iit jiikI I'm almost as tali. A:
were friendly, !<>:>, even though \
j. are so hi;:!] up'"
Ju<1 ih?*:i ttit' kfcper walked !?y i
two girafiVs who had been ta'.Ui:
in ill" zoo !.e said:
>. I ''Tiii'v'i-c thii l' hi-; < ! ' species
a iJrnrVs. ami tli;?t j-ur in there a
a hour yc:!"s oWl."
r>. "You see," sai I Mrs. (JirafTe,
c. are <>!<t?r than x.\?.v think ami we wo
through o;u* t hi!*; vuth ytriv wit ho
even knowing it!"
Where He Hnd His Collar.
H /}< ? Tii!i rh!nk 1 Lr,>r this cm
y larr
! "I srive nj> WlifrcV
j "Ajvqiki iuv neck, of course."
^ Mr,-. J. II. Summer. Mrs. Hal Kohn,
Sg Mr. George Hipp and Mr. Horace
Swinenhurjr motored to Columbia
, Tuesday to spend the day in tha;.
y ! city.
fj j Father Wash:rio-l<!n and Mother
/ 'Coms both the ioint ar.niversarv
/ I ,, ....
j o i 111 v.* i! . ? i fici11 \ \V (1 (i !i v .** 'ill\.
? : .Miss Ollie Vaughn of Prosperity
is now assisting in the millinery (iej
partment of Ilaltiwanger and Cari
pent it's popular dry goods store.
' (j j Mrs. Mattie E. Cromer and liltio
,.(i j granddaughter, Margaret Davis, of
;,j 1 Hodges, left Wednesday after visitI
j ing Mrs. Cromer's daughter, Mrs. R.
I J Dan Wicker.
!v j Mr. B. B. Davis. Mrs. D. A. Eps
I ting and Mr. AI. W. Davis of Colnr.ij
bia attended the funeral of little Lu
,'K ell'- Davis las: Fridav afternoon.
Mrs. -T. II. Thornton has returned
:)t from Columbia where she was carried
in this week by Mr. Thornton and their
rs. son, Mr. W. B. Thornton, for X-Iiav
examination. The many friends of
the family will be .clad to know that
"! Mr*. Thornton is inwrovinjr.
,lli 5hAi>UIN I!lW:lbl-UKI\hW
Ave you ready to purchase those
tickets that -will mean the establishment
of athletics at Newberry college
vl i on a firm financial basis, and the
v. 'building of a new gymnasium and a
Id new athletics field next fall?
j A whirl wind canvass for the sale
e* j ;<f athletic tickets will begin Tuesday,
I February 28th. Committees have
j been appointed to canvass eacn warn.
>n j The members of the committees will
jmeet at 7:30 Monday ever insr ?.-t the
5>' j Hotel National for final instructions.
! We bespeak for the committees a
a? I
'cordial reception and a srenerous re ji
i sponse from the public. Remember
v : that these committees are giving of
'li their time without the hope of getting
; anythincr in return other than the
? fomps from helping
[is j in a good cause. You can make this
| work a pleasure for thorn.
>u : You have heard what athletics at
| some of the colleges (with the high
j salaried coaches) has been costing the
.n | citizens of other cities. From the inir
j troduction of intercollegiate athletics
id in South Carolina to the present time,
! Newberry college has maintained an
! enviable record in every branch of
1 athletic sports, and yet what has ath*
jlet'cs at Newberry college cost you?
Think it over.
i Remember, we are not asking you
j o contribute. We are only asking
e_ ! you to purchase tickets that w:!l ad?
+ r\ nil nt.hlotic snorts at the
>U I ? "
lk 'college between March 1"), 1922, and
j March 15, 1023, at $10.00 per ticket.
et ' Each ticket will entitle you to, at the
j least, $15.00 worth of athletic sports.
" The tickets arc transferable. If you
? cannot use your ticket you have a
i *
j friend who can. Tickets at half price
I will be sold in Newberry county to
I students and children under 15 years
j eld not students, to admit to local
i games only.
! Qur goal is to soli 1 ,uuu iickcis.
:In order to accomplish this those of
\ j 'is who are financially able will have
' ;to purchase more than one ticket,
j j The proposition has received the endorsement
of the chamber of com:
inerce, the Rotary club and the Kij
, van is club.
I "We are closing another successful
.> ! basketball season. This time we have
J won undisputed title to state cham;pionship.
We fear that we have beI
come so accustomed to winning first
;v .place in basketball that we do not ap;
preciate the honor as much as we
T /jf ne clmw th?"i hnv? thp.t
[}>; | S1IWU1U. A-VW a.; cuu ?. ^
th iwe are with them. We can do this
at i in no more forceful wav than bv buy?
;v , ing- these tickets.
j The committees appointed to canjvas
are as follows:
? | Main street: C. P. Weeks, E. E.
!!' Stuck. H. B. Wells, and W. G. Mayes.
: -tiT ? 1 1 IT nrvn;,,,, Q C
y* j VVai'U 1. O. i . v? kJ. v^.
iCarley and C\ F. Wc-rts.
j. ; Ward 2. John B. Setter. E. H.
to iKibler, A. J. Bowers. Jr., and R. II.
t*il j Ward o and Mollohon mill: Hal
ilvohn, E. J. Dicker! and J. M. Johnv*?
, i stone.
Ward 4. T. 3\ Wicker, L. G. Esk:
riuge and P. F. Gilder.
!jr I Ward r>. J. P. Crotwell, G. L. Cor|
ley and W. II. Hardeman.
er j Oakland niiil: J. X. McCau^hrin.
- 1 _ _ ? ,
At large: K. i>. l>aKer.
"v Publicity Committee.
jiii 111 ii i i tttimmt iiiiimii ir n i r ii i 1111
!>e i
, Lest Tuesday betwe en Newberry and
i* ::<)?: a spare tiro av.n rim. s;z-j
. i bv 1. Reward if returned to
0? . V - , * - , 1 /? '
; ilea i\ nv. or phon< 1U.>.
{Flower po~ time. i h:? '.k of l'lc when
ve vou u : readv for (bwer pots. Ilal
m ; Kohn.
llt Or.e Sho-.it i:i hands of city police,
i Owner can have said shoat by
j identification and paving for- this
i '! O.04.1 f
(Fountain pen ink, free flowing, silk
j filtered. All colors. Stafford's
J CVtrwr's. Wa'frinnn's. TIal Kolin.
Officc Exhange Bank Building
2nd Floor, Rooms 212 and 213
Officc Hours: 12 to 1 O'clock P. M.
and 3 to 4 O'clock P. M.
Other Hours by Appointment
Residence Phone 36
Office Phone, 66.
; : ?
Fnnsy plants will come in SuOll. 1 his
will be mv ihirtl Iar*re shipment.
?.Iay I reserve some for you? Hal
Kuh n.
i I will make a final settlement of the j ]
- ' e T- ' T.' 1 4-Uo.
estate 01 i :i;i ruin, mi ?? ??.*?.>, .
court for Newberry county. S. C., on!
Saturday, the 2~>th day of March, 1
11)22, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.;
All persons holding1 claims against the;
estate of Phil Ford, deceased, are 1
hereby notified to file the same with]
the probate judge of Xewberry coun- ^
ty, S. C.. and those indebted to said <
!estate will please make payment like- i
wise, as I will ask for my discharge {
,as administratrix of said estate. ;
A (Inix.
; Newberry, S. C., Feb. 22, 1022. ; i
; ! '
B-iby Chicks?All leading varieties, j
Live arrivals guaranteed. Charges
prepaid. Mrs. J. A. Huffman. Lit-.'
tie Mountain, S. C., R. F. D. Xo. l.i
? . i
Why Pay More? Valk around the1
corner and save a quarter. All leather
guaranteed. Electrical *
hospital. A. \V. Price, Mgr.
: 2-21- ;
For Sale?Two mules, S years old,
S 125.00 each. First class orler,
work anywhere. One heavy two- ?
horse wagon, $10.00. One three- e
horse sulkey plow, .$9.00 worth of j
points with plow, $25.00. J. W.;
George, Prosperitv, S. C.. R. F. I). j
Xo. 6. * ' 2-21 -3tp ltaw 4
The New Shoe Shop, 121(3 College
street, in with H. H. Rikard, is
ready at all times to do your work
while you wait. Ladies' work a
specialty. Our motto is, satisfac- '
+ o t'O f ?*?}/? f A 51 ] ! (
I LIUJI $4, U a. I * i V. VI tvy ?*. y
right. Yours for business. R. G.
Reagin, Mgr. 2-i7-4t l
Fyrac Spirit Plugs for sale \\ e "\V111 t
sell to any customer four Fyrac
i Plugs for $3.00 or six for $5.00. '
Price S1.00 each. Nichols and
Longshore, Silverstreet. S. C.
2-17-4 tp I
Bcok your,order now for settings of
my fine dark S. C. R. 1. Reds. Owen's
and Mahood's strain. $1.50 per
seating. (Miss) Dorrls Kobn, Pros- i
| perity, So. Car, 2-17-tf .
Please take notice that the license
law for this year has been enacted
and your license tax is now due.
Schedule same as last year.
Clerk & Treasurer.
1-13-1 taw 4t j
Trespass Notice?All persons are for
bidden to trespass on the lands of
the undersigned in Xo. 7 township
by fishing, hunting or in any other!
manner. G. J. Jones & Son, II. B. j
Lindsay. v 16-30tp
For Sale?Two young horses six years,
old, either cash or credit. J. S.
1 Watt?, Prosperity.
2-1-1-1 taw 4t
Wanted?To buv 4,000 foot one-inch /
"? ^ tt it I
drv pine Doarcis. . n. l. nuiiowaj. i
2-7-tf i '
(Beardless or Spring Barley?For sale
bv Johnson-McCrackiii Co.
j 2-3-1 tf !
For Rent?Light housekeeping room?.
Apply to Sanitary Laundry, phone
j CS. * * 2-3-2t
Wanted?We pay highest prices for, \
j peas and corn, easy place to unload.
Weighed on new scales. Give
us a trial. We store anything.
Dorrity & Company. Inc.. Bonded.
Warehouse, W. A. Hill, Mgr. Tel-;
, eDhone ol-5. Or.nosite Southern'
Oil Mill. 2-10-81
I ? ; : . 1
When in need cf wood?Pine 01* oak, '
four foot, two foot or stove wood.
; phone 2004. A. B. Miller.
1-ol-ltaw. 4tn j
: 1 j
Dont' forget we press your suits for I
25 cents We cail for and deliver, i ! ;
| Quality Pressing Club, phone 260.
! 1-24-tf K
; ? \
Try our delicious plain and raisin
; pound cake. It's simply line. Bake-; j
TwicC Bakery. i ^
11-18-tf. * 1/
Land Surveying?Reasonable rates |
for reliable work. M. Q. Bolund, iC
Little Mountain. S. C.
j 2-3-8tp i o
; ??
Youn^ men, women, over li. desiring
- " 4 1 O /\ I U 1
government posmons. munon-- ly,
write for free list of positions!
i now or;cn. J. Leonard, (former civil;
j service examiner) 147 Equitable
i BJd-r., Washington, I). C.
! 2-3-3t;>
GecrtrJa Cane Syrup, 100 per cent j
pine, i-'or sale by Johnson-Mc- "
Craken Co. 2-14-tfj
No tro?nassinir either bv hunting'
fishing or otherwise will be allowed,
or. my lands. .Mrs. Mamie B. Der-i '
rick. ' tawp ' f
For Sale?K>:Ira line pink canna
bulbs. Twenty cents each or six!
fcr mm* dollar. Miss Bessie Shealy,!"
i Little Mountain, S. C.
_________ j J
For S?.le?One fine younc mule 0 i:
years old. weighs 1.000 pounds. I?i i p
good condition, price only $17").00. J (
Cost .>'">00.00 2 years ajro. Apply tojr
C. L. Leitzsev. Silverstreet, S .C. In
| M-4i ' [.
' |
Friday, February 24.
Elaine Hammerstcin
T~ M
rox Hews I
Saturday, February 25
No. 9
Monday, February 27.
Tom Mi:c
Fox News
fk Sell Graham Tires
(Guaranteed 6000 Miles)
.VitH the understanding that any
idjustment is to be made by supplyng
another tire at half price.
Size Price
J0x3 $ S.60
10 1 r\ i n
L-?* * V.i v
52x3 1-2 11.80
51x4 12.73
Prosperity, S. C.
3rd Floor Exchange Bank BIdg
Broken Lenses Duplicated
The rooms now occupied by
Jack Gilliam on the corner of
Ualchvell and Friend Streets,
md nine rooms over Herald
ind News office. Suitable for
)ffices or a boarding house. See
Anne O. Ruff
Cut Price Sale!
69c 88c 98c
Guaranteed Razors
i T
M |
Mi Johnson fi Son.!
lighest grade Hem titching and Pieotj
IdZ'j Work. We make machine and \
now how to turn on; the highest,
i ado \v i\.
)rders taken for pleating of ail !:::%ds.
Ve operate modern plant and do oniyj
he best work.
.ateet ityle electrically driven ma-;
Mm* sold on easv terms.
> .!! makes of machines repaired. :
rccnwccJ S. C. j
OS Main St. Phone IL-1
V. 3. Darnct, i"!3r.
"respass Noticc?All perrons arc j
hereby notified not. to trespass upon j
lands of the undersigned located!
in townships Xos. 2, 3 and 5 of
Xowbenv count.v bv hunting, fish-;
in or in any manner whatsoever. (
T. W. Keitt, T. E. Kcitt, Geo. W.I
Keilt. 12-9-4tlta\7j
)ne your.jj Jersey cow with first calf j
three weeks old, for sale by W. C.J
Siigh, Xewbv'i*:'y, S. C., Route 3,!
box <>-]. 10-*> i p
"or sale or trade?Milk COW With
young calf; for ven: or y'iare-erop
?one horse jr two horse farm. S.
I>. Setzler. 2-S-2:p
The annual meeting of the stock-J
oliiers of the Mollohon Manufactur-;
r.g company will be held in the com-'
may's uptown oflice at .\ewOerry, s.
on Thursday, the 10th day of Feb-i
uary, U>22, at 10 o'clock in the foreoon,
for the election of directors fori
he ensuing yoar. and for the trans-j
action of orh? r business. ! pi
GEO. W. SUMMER, 1 si
President and Treasurer. ! th
C. P. WKEKS, Secretary. ' w
2-7-1 taw 2t " j w
X::.t'4-c is hereby given that the!
undersigned .Uiry i' c m:r. iss; oners for'
Xtwherry County will in the Clerk of,
: Court's ofliiv on Friday, March i'.rd.; Ji
at nine o'clock, a. m., openly and!
To the Tax
Town of Newberr
yet paid their tax<
Please bear in
date of March 1st
be issued for taxes
By orde
J. W. i
: ?=--! i
! Feed Oats:
95 per cent Nitrat*
I All grades 'Tocon
1 including 7-5-5 "
for gardens.
Delfatype L
Cleveland Big Boll
Get our j
Dorrity Bondet
Telephones 1
The Greater Invincible
At Miller Chapel A. M. E. C
Wednesday Evening,
James Johnson and Ed1
members of this company, arc
slsted by Mrs. Johnson and di
r?h\ Johnson was educate(
Blind at Kansas City, Kan., w]
cated at the School for the Bli
The members of the compa
instruments, iiil'iuuiiij; stiAap
cornct, guitar, piano, trombon*
Everybody in Newberry s
tainment. Special provision ^
friends. Tickets for them wil
Tickets for colored peopl
Clarence Robinson's Grocer1'
Dr. Singleton's Drug Stor
For further information p
a-"* T5
Fat and 5oui
how Old or lio'
AH this weel
Fresh Mules
trade cheap.
C. R.
? ?
iblidv. draw the names of thirtyx
men to serve as Petit Jurors at
ie Court of General Sessions which
ill convene op. March 20, 1922. We
il! :it the same time and place draw
e names of (12) twelve men to
rve as Grim! Jurors for year 1922.
try Commissioners for Newberry 1
County. \
\rv 1
L\y JL4
Payers of the
y who have not
mind that under
executions will
unpaid at that
r of the Council.
rh* nman
:rk & Treasurer
? 4
.I,.,. i i i
e of Soda.
noke" Fertilizer,
Truck Grower"
ong Staple and
V^UllUii JCCU.
I Warehouse
4 and 315.
_ - s
: Concert Company
Church, Caldwell Street
March 1st, 1922
are alike
ward Mackey, the blind
; renowned musicians, aslughter.
i at the School for the
liTz-w "!\/Tr? "VT o n Irair wr c>c
iHIC flit iUO^IVVjr nuu
nd at St. Louis. Mo.
ny perform upon various
hone, violin, mandolin,
e, xylophone and clarinet,
hould witness this enterill
be made for our white
1 be on sale at
e will also be on sale at
- Store, Caldwell Street
e, 1109 Nance Street
hone 345, E. Philip Ellis,
- 1
aomaBMoa 11 ? ? Ha??????^
iie?& Horses
-rd.nn matter
w Young.
c, also a few
for sale or
. "Pat" Wise
! I
I I I T ??^

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