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Senate Amendments Accepted
1 Other Bills Go
Forward During Day
The State, 10.
Both houses yesterday accepted t
free conference report on the 55 ho
textile bill, which recommended th
the senate amendments be accepte
The senate amendments were in t
form of a substitute bill for the hou
J ..." .1? -Psw o c*f ??o i rrl>+
measure ana provmc iwi ?.
hour week and not more than t
hours in one day law.
Provision is made under the ten
of the amended bill for the makii
up of lost time within three mont
by working more than 55 hours u
dcr certain conditions.
Free Conference Report
Under the terms of the free co
ference report the act reads:
"Section 1. Fifty-five hours a we
in cotton and woolen mills?ten hou
* * J .
a day or 55 hours a week: rrovzae
That the hours of a single day shi
not exceed ten hours, except for tl
purpose of making up lost time
hereinafter provided, shaii constitu
the hours for working all operativ
and employees in cotton and wool*
manufacturing establishments enga
ed in the manufacture of yarns, clot
hosiery and other products of me
chandise, except mechanics, engi
eers, firemen, watchmen, teamster
onminvoM anH Herical force, ai
for night running 55 hours per wee
All contracts for longer hours of wo:
other than herein provided in sa
manufacturing establishments sh<
be, and the same are hereby, decla
ed null and void; and* any pers(
that requires , permits or suffers ar
person to work a longer time the
so stated, shall be aeemea guniy <
a misdemeanor in each and every i
stance, and, on conviction in a cou
of competent jurisdiction, shall 1
fined a sum of money not less thz
$25 nor more than $100, or impriso
ment not exceeding 30 days. Provi
ed that nothing herein contained she
be construed as forbidding or preven
mg" any such iiiaiiuiaciuuaf; <*?
from making up lost time to the e:
tent of 60 hours per annum, begi:
ning from January 1 of each ye:
current with the loss of time ineurre
where such lost time has been.causc
by accident or .other unavoidab
cause: Provided, further, That su<
lost time shall be made up with
three months after the lost time w,
incurred: Provided, further, That ?
manufacturing: establishments subje
to the provisions of this section shs
""""" +<-> Vio in mnsnioiim
tauoc tv ^v^vv\* *** ^
place in every room where such pe
sons are employed, a notice print*
in plain type, stating: the number <
hours work required of them ea<
day of the week; the exact time f
commencing work in the mornin
stopping at noon for dinner, cor
mencing after dinner, and stopping ,
night; the form of such notice shs
be approved by the commissioner i
"X agriculture, commerce and industrie
Provided, further, That should ai
manufacture desire to make up ar
lost time caused by accident or u
avoidable cause to the extent allow*
in this section, he shall post in ea<
room a typewritten notice, stating tl
exact time that will be made up, t!
exact time lost, when lost and f<
what cause. A complete record of :
lost time, and time made up by date
in hours and minutes shall be ke
- <yr*
by tne proper omcers 01 tne man
facturing establishment and present*
on demand of the factory inspectc
Failure to comply with any requir
ments in this section shall be deem<
a violation of this act.
"Sec. 2. All acts or parts of ac
inconsistent with this act be, and t
same are, hereby repealed.
"3. This act shall go into effect ii
mediately upon its approval by t
The conferees were Senators 3V1
Ghee, Watkins and Rogers and Re
resentatives Hamblin, Blease a:
Contests for County Candidal
Starting in Newspapers All
Over the State
With indomitable spirit the m<
cantile interests of Columbia ha
handed old Doctor Gloom a knocko
blow by subscribing $10,000 as
guarantee fund that will assure ev
a better Palmafesta week than t
one held so successfully in the cap!
city last spring.
Special committees of the Colum'
chamber of commerce are now bu
arranging the program for the \
week which will include the fashi
show, automobile show, tire wor]
baby parade, float parade, beat
contest, state wide industrial oxhibi
in Senator Goodwin's Resolution to j
Provide for Adjournment
Saturday Adopted
|The State, 10.
he: To all things there must be an end!
ur?even sessions of the general assent- j
at! bly?and yesterday the house of rep- j
id. j resentatives took the first step toward !
he this goal, agreeing to Senator Good-,'
se ' win's resolution providing for ad-j
55 journment sine die Saturday and con-!
en tinuing all second reading house bills
land all contested senate bills on the
Tis; house calendar. This resolution
n<r leaves only the bills sent over from
hs the senate to be considered by the
n-j house in the few days that now re;
main before adjournment.
The Goodwin resolution which was
' * " ' * i l- i. I
n_ passed by the senate iasc weeK mt-i:
with some little oppposition in the
ek house, a number of members contendrs'ing
that it was foolish to so attempt
;d, jto fix any definite hour of adjournal
ment ,when no one knows exactly!
he, when the annual appropriation bill'
as|will be finally agreed upon. Thomas j
te'S. McMillan of Charleston and John I
es | G. Greer of Greenville spoke in favor j
sn of the resolution while J. K. Owens of j
cr_; Bennettsville opposed the measure on ,
hjthe floor. An amendment, propopsed
r. ;b'y Representative F. G. Harris of
n_ Spartanburg1, to strike out the pro S)i
vision in the resolution preventing
1(j the turning back of the clock also fur
k,;nished a minor cnotest and was killed
after brief debate. Representative
id W. R. Bradford of York spoke against
til the amendment on the grounds that
r_; the general assembly should not work
m on Sunday. The resolution in its un-1
jy amended form was then agreed to. !
in I Second Reading Bills
0f Dr. S. T. D. Lancaster of Spartan- j
n_ burg is the author of the resolution 1
rt' clearing the calendar of all house sec-J
3e ond reading bills and all contested I
m senate measures. This resolution, i
n- which was introduced Wednesdavi
ii i
j niorht. was nassed nracticallv without!
u- ?' -r ?
Ql objection. A number of important j
measures so went to their death, chief;
jy among them being the S3pp resolution j
x_ to provide for the amendment of the j
n_ state constitution by eliminating the j
three mill constitutional tax for |
^ school purposes, the Keller bill to I
amend constitution to prohibit the is-1
jp suing of jtax free or tax exempted!
bomis and notes, the Toole bill to pre-1
[n vent the definite closing of cotton j
as mills wthout the governor and the;
bank examiner, the Sheppard false ad-1
ct'Yertising measure and the Mitchell i
L;j bill to prohibit hazing in all colleges.!
'universities and schools of the state,'
A i j
r_ and the Lancaster measure to empow-j
er te governor tho remove certain ex^
ecutiv'e "officers. " ?
..u The resolution also killed the Rich-!
or land, delegation measure to permit the ;
^ city of Columbia to open Main streetthrough
the Slate House grounds byj
-i. the construction "of two driveways!
a t I
U around the State House.
Report Adopted
g.' The report of the conference com-'
1V mittee on the 55 hour textile bill was.
" adopted and the bill, as it passed thel
. , ,. i
n_ senate, was oraerea enrolled ior ratiJ(i
fication. The conference committee'
.recommended the adoption of the sen-i
ate bill, which eliminates 'many pro-j
visions of the house measure.
Qr The house, upon the motion of E. j
p T. Hughes of Marion refused concur-1
, rence in the senate amendments to:
. the foreign corporation license bill, >
Dt ..." !
u_ This will probably throw the measure
in the hands of the conference com-;
(r mittee since the senate is not expect-!
ed to recede from its amendments.
j 0. A. Hydrick of Orangeburg: was
.named as one of the house conferees'
,?3 on the income tax bill in the place of
Jesse S. Leopard of Pickens, who has
been granted leave of absence from
the house. ;
m- _ '
he The few bills considered by the,
house during the regular call of the j
;c. calendar were all of local import.
- i
daily band concerts by some nationally
famous musical organization, and
a big musical day on which John Me-'
^ 1 _ 11.. -T ~ ffnv 1
L/OrmiCK or an equauy lamuus swi
JD will be featured. In addition there
avi! 1 be the usual round of dances,
:es dinners, meetings and other social
By means of popular voting contests
in local newspapers throughout
?r- the state to be conducted during: the
ve next five weeks raimaicsr?. queen
ut candidate^ will gc to Columbia for the
a bijr week as jruesth of the Columbia
en chamber of commerce which orgunihe
zation will defray all expenses of the
tal trip.
During Palmafesta week an electa
lion will be held in Columbia to deter-,
:sv mine the most attractive and populating
young woman among the delegates
on assembled from the various counties,
ks, The winner of this contest will be proity
claimed queen of Palmafesta. will rets.
coive th(> S.")00 diamond ring. and will
j T^WWg?BffT3W*ftt^"1J^^ "p*L1'A*JMMI' lUMBjmBmmmiwasm^i
i\-~~~ f!!*^ O ,?,.?* Jin, j
I vur Dig Mauy-i
^ ' WIWWIW^ ? Mill BMM IIWIW ?mi TinrT~ I? I'll?
!Just arrived and placed
erately priced of this se
will agree with us that i
in Newberry, Coat Sui
| Every imaginable style in every in
I And we have a wonderful assortment
which to choose. '
memrmaammm 11 num.m i iiiii n in m?iii imi? mmmm?imi iiin-iiunt.'la m?
I The most wonderful new spring D
Canton Crepe, Crepe de Chine, Taffel
ery fashionable color and in stunninf
12.50, $15.00, $18.00, $22.50, $1
(We want ^qu to see these coats,. Eve
ery new style and price. .e
$3.50, $ 12.50, $ 15.00, $|8.5(
I\d\! \ ; ^ ^L'w s!
$ concei
f >?$'$$ I eludec
| &.? MiyF) able
I thing.
2jA ^m49jasm^^mKtma0mm^A^mm^^??Bnmam?mmr*ww"mymw>mtr
be crowned in great state at the ment of the winner made,
crowning; ceremonies to be held in be no restriction upon th
the bijr auditorium at the state fair;votes each person may c
grounds. The queen and her court]coupon clipped from t
<1 i-; ? n ? ?. I o-anrl for OllL' VOte.
wi 11 feature also m me oitr nu>u ? rade.
Local newspapers will send to ?*?
Columbia photographs of the winning NATIONAL AUXILIARY
queen candidate in each county for IDENT IN
insertion in a beauty supplement to j
be circulated throughout the state' ~ , A
., , r . ~ 1 c otate, i
during: the week of Anril ;>th t;> loth.' . ,, ^ ,
! Jvlrs. Lowed nooart
Jr. urd.'r t:. secure the most nopular .
... " t:. national president or :
vniinfr woman in .\ewberrv countv as 1.
. , ~ r T, i ? | ? . ni
candidate for queen of Palmafest:i. i. ? , , OI
in Columbia todav. Sh<
there is printed below a popularity ... , *
... . , *, , * this city yesterday ai tern
voting: coupon which, is to be nll?d out i ,,
^ , . met at tne raiiroau s:at
and mailed according: to tne mstruc- , ... ... , f x. ...
, , 11.. \\ . Movd of Aewborn
tions contained therein. \ otmg: cou- ,. . r ,T
, . , . , . , J Kient of the auxiliary, Mr
pons will be printed m eacn issue of MaRni?? state ...
this, paper up to and including: the!^ Sarah f;. Reynolds,
issue of April 8tn. at which time the! , n , ^
j 1 ;the Columbia unit of the
votes will bo counted and announce-! After conference this '
i ;
SK2S52 g*. ?reM^A\r.Sj^?rag7:
10 '0Hlf 0pSFlHI0I
on sale, the prettiest and i
ason. Come and see for y<
:hey are the greatest Coat
>.50 $19.75, $24.75 and
laterial and color. 40 inch Crepe di
of canes from price, the yard
New spring Ta
??? yard
5 Messaline, all c
, Heavy Crepe ck
resses are here. Canton Crep6) 4
la and Satin, in ev- grade, special at,
styles, all si^es. Pongee, all pur<
>5.00, <29.75 price the yard ....
?? i .
i i
ny new color, ev- 40 doz, of the w
t-,, -30<, soring styles, whit
>, $25.00W and $2.50. See 'ei
? ~ ' ' 1 "** ??>??
Hundreds of ne
l/fillinsrv A wonderful assoi
J second floor. Pric
lreds of new pat- SHOES FC
ats just unpacked j oWTwyieTlt
- .i.'NCW OJLMjjiijiv/i.1 uo
-he leading millm- Oxfords and Stra}
ions of New York. and low heels, pri
have you seen $7.50.
an assortment of * *
oi'ing hats. Every
- I Soft finish, yan
vable style is m- i . n
Apron Gmglian
1 in every imagln- 3g n;n. gea Is|anf
color and trim- Fine.36-in. Long
pntrip 36-in. standard
price the yard
saawa^iaiBWiiiffl^ mm
There wiil the officers, committee women and ex-j A numbei
e number of ecutive board of the stat<* division of'units of the
:ast. Every , the auxiliary, Mrs. Hobart will speak'sented at the
his pjiper is at the joint meting1 of the legion and Hobart's visi
the auxiliary which will be held from great impeti
;.?> to 5 o'clock this afternoon in the this state.
v PRES- ball room of the Jefferson.
COLUMBIA' Following this the Columbia auxil-1 J-cnevo'c
iia:y will entertain at a tea in the1, reuuj
rathskeller of the Jefferson from " to jUHS
ftVIor*k in compliment to Mrs. Ho- '1'1 ie<llA "
I' ...U. v,
i'-'i ( !..v,nr..i- , -i? t i ?i i ncii
bar:. Mrs. rlovd and other visiting ,
he American; ,. , ... n , philanthrope
i women ct the auxiliarv. Ai! Coium-i* , _ 1
honor guest'.. ? . .. , 4 ; ed. Side wh
. . bia women are cordianv invited to ,
arrived in ' . _ . . ..... . , ; neaded cant
: this arrair. This invitation previouslv
oon and was, t , , 4, u ' W hat s t
. _, extender! through the newspaoers, |
ion by .Airs. . , , , , , * asked the p.
! seems no: to have been clearly under- .
;. state pres- * do in storief
s H C Cur-js'00c* an(^ so t"e members of the local ..j v.?, ^
easurer, and; auxiliary wish to impress it. Prepa- the small bo
president of rations are being made for a large "to get me
auxiliary. number of guests and probably sever- j and I dropp
norning with al hundred will attend. jand I can't
l^ l^? I I
mi i in bji iiiiw jirmnnir^^ vn??-?--?-?^ _
most mod- I
>urseif, you I
Suit values illj -\ |? i
I $29.75 "nfl I
s Chine, all colors, $1.50 value, sale
.98c J.
ffeta Silks, all colors, sale price the
SI.45 I
olors . v.. $1.49 -.'J. |
j Chine, all colors, yard . ..$1.39 1
tO inches wide, in staple shades* $3.50 y
yard ,$2.69
2 Silk, 33-in. wide, worth $1.50.. Sale . I.
....:.. $1.10 v|
NEW CORSETS : ' ?' |
'ell know W. B. Corsets. 'Correct ;e
and flesh. All sizes $1.49, $1.98 |
onoTmo Qlf ?DTC '' "' j
O-rr^Ainvj x kj ; _
w spring plaited and tailored Skirts,
tment all lined on a big rack on the . |
sd $4.95, $8.45, $8.45, and $9.95
are coming in every day. big stock of ?
) Pumps, Louis heels, medium heels I
ce $3.98, $2.98, $3.50, $5.00, $6,59,
I wide Bleaching, yard :.. 10c
as. ali size checks fast colors, yd. 10c
15c quality, yard 10c
; Cloth, sale price yard 15c
Percale, light and dark colors, sale.
'l-JI f | :
of the South Carolina [get my supper ana 'me mudder's beat
auxiliary will be r. pre-'me*
? meetings today aiid Mrs. I Never mind, .... J*ed
t is counted upon to ,.;:ve- ancient, r.c-i't-* ' . . ..
as to the orgAriizat'o.. in * <
An Oyster Sic*//
oasa*. They used to say of the lat? L( uis
nt Did Gent No. ! 343 James that he was one of the Treatlation
small and ra: humorists and practical jckers in
ddinpr the traditioi.a. j.t- ,;..ige history. It is recounted of him
the h&'ht of the street!that on a certain occasion, in cne of
the according-to-Hoyle j the Shakespearean tra^ei'. having
: old gentleman approach-110 shake h;.nds wi;'- a brother trage
iiskers, black stocK, silver- j dian, he leTc ciutcae.l r.iescapaoiy in
1?all the fixin's. i the latrer's a fat. raw cyster,
he matter, my old man? ^ which the unfortunate individual was .
o. g., just as the\ always j obliged to keep jy him through the
> | remainder of the scene.?The Argoin'
to the bakery," be?anjnaut.
y, playing up to the rules, J lffCM
mudder a loaf of bread It seems just a little difficult to get
ed my money in the dark the Irish harp tuned to play a hymn
find it, and now I won't [of Deace.

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