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D/-vvcc AL- mr.r*c TAk'FNJ FROM
VI \JVy V^L/ *. -
Fuses, Caps and Nitroglycerine
Near Place L. K. Rawls
Was Arrested
The State.
Aiken, March 22?At a >poi a short
distance from the Columbia-Augusta
highway and not far from the point
where early Monday morning L. K.
Rawls of Bate.ci>urg ar.d Columbia was
arrested, following the killing at
Trenton of J. C. ?vIootv, who was apprehended
in the act of robbing a
safe, James Carpenter found this
afternoon a iarge quantity of merchandise
and other articles, the find
being made upon following a track
through the woods to the point, and
the same man upon whom Rawls ceiled
for assistance when his automobile
bogged in the early hours Monday
morning. The goods, consisting of a
quantity of silk hosiery, neckties and
other articles of furnishing goods, and
a fruit jar full of fuses and caps and
a bottle of nitroglycerine, were in a
large box. The box with its articles |
was turned over by Mr. Carpenter to
the Edgefield authorities.
Trenton, March 22.?Yesterday, G.
W. Wise and Mathis & Whitlock missed
boxes of silk hose, ties, socks and
cigarettes. They were hunted over
town yesterday. One crowd went two
miles this side of Aiken and searched, ^
finding nothing. This was near the (
" ^ x _ TTa *
home ol James tarpe:uei. maway
at the time, but ~vhen he re- j
turned he hunted in the woods near .
where the car was stuck and founi !
the missing1 articles. ; '
j 1
Swansea, March 22.?L. K. Rawls, .J
J. C. Moore and a well dressed negro
were in Swansea late last Saturday .
evening and left here in a new car
about dark. !
* |
By Dr. J. W. Daniel j *
No. LXIV. j;
| a
"Great Mothers Produce Great Sons" That
thought has passed into a pro- c
verb, that is why I enclose it in quo- v
tation points. It has been verified in !
the history of the world. Every wo- 1
man, therefore, ought to aspire to be c
great?in intellect, morals, culture, s
and religion. The greatest need of (
the world today is great and pure a
motherhood. Genuinely religious 1
motherhood would solve nine-tenths (
of the moral problems of the world. ; *
Behethland Foote Moore was a 1 ^
areat woman and subsequert to the jc
period of her life already traced she ' '
demonstrated that fact, beautifully \ y
and most abundantly. The little bit! ]
of romance I have already related '
terminated in her marriage to Cap-' 1
tain William Butler in 1784. CaDtainj*
\ -J}
Savage, her step-iatner, opposea n ; but
she married the young officer in i 1
spite of the dissuasion of her sponsor. ' '
It is presumed that she had the good;
sense to know what she was doing and |1
after events confirmed her good judg-;j
Captain William Butler's father ;s
and brother were butchered by;5
"Bloody Bill Cunningham" and his <
gang at Cloud's creek in Lexington ! 3
* j
county?now Saluda--one of the most!
horrible butcheries during the whole i '
period of the Revolution. We will re- '
* t
vprt tn it in ire nronpv (
Therefore, after the war Captain ;
Butler took his bride of nineteen to 1 '
a little farm he had inherited in the j
vieinty of that ever memorable spot',
Mount Willing-, in Abbeville countv.'
Not memorable because of great bat-!
ties, or heroic deeds, but because of I
the log cabin known as WaddeH'sj
school, which sent out so many fam-}
ous Carolinians. The achievements of!
peace are indeed greater than those j
of war!
The development and management;
of the little farm devolved almost
wholly on the young wife, for Wil-i
liam Butler was almost constantly en-'
gaged in public service. From 1801
to 1814 he was a member of Congress,
and in 1814 he was made Major Gen-:
eral of the state troop mobilized in j
Charleston. It is said that the whole
care not only of the plantation but <
of all the business connections of her
husband rested largely on her. In
addition to these duties, she assumed
the superintendence of the education;
of her children and L'avc her closest
personal attention to their moral
training, which gave tone and character
to their after life. The career
of her sons is the best evidence of her j
wonderful success. She was the mo- j
ther of seven sons and one daughter.;
The daughter, Emmala E., became
the wife of Hon. Waddy Thompson 1
who was minister to Mexico a few
years prior to 1850 and from whom i
descended several honored sons.
The eldest son, James, was for a
number of years Sheriff of Edgefield
district and was also a colonel in the p
state militia. He died in ISlM?the h
same year it: which Iris distinguished l1
father died.
George, the second son, became a t:
major in ihe arniv but rei rned in (
181"> and became one of the most ii
prominent men in the state though he
died at the early age of thirty-three. K
He was a lawyer by profession. The h
third son, William, was a surgeon in tl
>k.. m.-.i.,. c^ri ivlifnp name1
II-C iU i U'W. c * i w- V *? ..
I hove not been able to learn was a
successful lawyer a?iti tiled in 1S2-J
while very young:. The eminence of 0
the fifth son, Andrew Pickens Butler, A
for many years a talented member of
the judiciary of South Carolina, and
also a distinguished member of the ^
I'nited States senate;, is sriid, more
than all the other sons, to have inher- ^
ited the cheerfulness of his mother;
ivhich not only added greatly [0 njs ^
political popularity but continually ,j
shed aroi-ii.i his hospitable home the .Y
sunshine of happiness. | h
The mother's hero'.;: qualities were ^
inherited oy 'hht :>v,re s-r. ef Car-;;,
ohiia. ' '-i. ??I-5v??"j i-at:-'r. ' _>
Elizabeth F. Eilet, in wilting of him;P
in 1850. says: ; pi
"A hero in the best sense of Ihe i (;
term was that 'American Douglas.' j
He commanded the regiment of his ^
native state in the Florida war: and,.,"
i .-i
subsequently received the highest \u
testimony of the people's confidence;^
in hi? election to the chief magistra- j |
:*y of South Carolina. He fell at the; "
iiead of the Palmetto regiment in o
Mexico. Few of our prominent men.
r.ave left any single condensed ex- J
pression that has become classic by!
ixir.g itself in popular remembrance. ! ~~
Some of Col. Butler's are, however. I"
bus embalmed. In his letter to.
General Worth, on the day of the j G
battle of Cherubusco, he claims a:';1
i -v
position for his command in the -j
C x XL. + fnvn < I
i runi ui nit* at uun. ouum vui v-, ii
:ir.a,' he says 'is entitled to a place; S
n the picture/ And his motto for f ^
lis regiment?'Our state expects us,]),
:o do our duty, out to make no show j
}f it'?is an expression strongly; 7
t dj
ha>'?.cteristic not only of him, but j
>f the noble-minded mother by. *i
whose precepts, discipline and exam-;tc
)le his character was formed. To.^"1
- -- - cc
>er judicious care, and the ftigli ex- \
mple of their father, her son? owe ; in
he large share they have exhibited j-t
>f the old Greek feeling that they L'j
sere born for their country." J(.y
The voungest son, Leontine, died in
n early manhood. A single anec-'^.
lote of domestic management may,
erve to illustrate Mrs. Butler's pow- J
?r over the minds trained by her,!
nd her habit of u?es of slight occur- j
-pncps to mould the character. The
children of her son. Col. Butler, amended
school in the village of Edge- ;
ield, where she resided, then a wi- j
low. One day when it rained vio- :
ently, the children having been pro-'
/ided with cloaks and umbrellas sent
for the purpose, her grandson, elev-;
m years of age, observed that a lit-1
:le girl, the child of humble parents,!
lad no such protection. He gave !
if i ins iii in aiiu tuc aii^iLux VL
imbrella and conducted her home :
amid the jeers and laughter of hs
four:;? companions. The amount of,
noral courage required for this simile
act of courtesy and kindness can
ie estimated when we consider the
sensitiveness to ridicule in a boy of
>uch early age. His grandmother's
expression of approval was sufficient
eward, and she lost not the oppor-,
;unity of exhorting the generous
?hi:d never to be ashamed of an
lonorabie action, however humble!
:he object.
All honor to the heroine of the
canoe! She won great victories,
without destruction or bloodshed, j
?? !
Expects to Make Trip From Washington
to San Francisco in
Fourteen Months
Hiking from the nation's capital to1
Frisco by the Southern route, in- j
eluding both coasts of Florida, is the
. . . - ._ ,i
amoition ot Alien l<. David, properiv
known as the "Walking Devil Dog.'";
He arrived in Newberry Friday i
from Spartanburg, a 12 hour hike,1
and left Saturday for Columbia.
The ''Devil Dog" has had eight
years service in the marines of Uncle
Sam and has hiked across the continent
three time? and now holds the
world's record of long distance hik-I
ing with the record of 4,576.5 miles
in 72 days.
His home is in Syracuse* X. Y. He
is now carrying a letter from the
mayor of Richmond to the mayor of
Frisco. This hike is of 18,000 miles
and he has two years time to make i
it. A wager of $5,000 is offered by :
the Washington papers if made in
due time.
The Devil Do;r is the only one left
out of the five boys that started,
leaving a vounger brother in SpartanI
oo rg.
This trip is to be made entirely on !
foot and without funds. He carries a
i -
at-1: of 1~) lbs. ij!:< 1 is allowed to ask 11(
elp from none out the chief- of poolice.
He has a special step which he was
lupht ?y a champion walker, he
David) later defeati ?g' the champion
1 a lon? distance hiike. i
1 'noini* "!??? ??/! ]>v n C'nh- ?
V UV>il Uw J ICV. . Y JV, M VU \
eporter of The Herald am! News,'
e was found sleeping in a cell in j
le Newberry jail.
W. L. H. jl*
m j
A peace loving husband will brag'.
. 7. , , ,]n
n his wife s cooking, even it ho has1 ;n
) take dyspepsia tablet?. i 19
mm i ba
Observance of thrift week isn't is^(
'orth much unless you keep it up for ' , ;
le rest of the year. * y
I 0
TORS : 1 (
Sealed bias will be received by W.; er;
!. Mayes, chairman board of trus-!,)a
>es, at Newberry. un:ill 12 o'clock, ! (|r
L, April 6. 1922, and opened at an jir
our thereafter as will be designated
v the architect for the heating of ca
dditicn to Speers Street school build- (S*<
? '"i i .i ;>i tli/i r>i+,r #->f
;1?, lu lie iucaivu j;i cwv v. jcj *'*
erry, state of South Carolina, on: at
ropertv owned by the city. be
Bids must be marked Proposal for ^
i eat ins Contract and must be ad- a
ressed to W. G. Mayes, chairman.
Each bid must have a certified
leek for $150.00 made payable to j I
io order of W. G. Mayes, as a guar- I
ntee that he will, if awarded the con-,
'act. sign the proper contract.
Plans and specifications may be had
rom 0. B. Cannon or Jas. C. Hempiii.
_ ^ _ !
The rigfct is reserved to rejec-c any
i' all bids.
Architect. 1
Date. March 8, 1922.
Sealed bids will be received by V*. j
. Mayes, chairman board of trustees ]
t Newberry, until 12 o'clock M., j
pril G, 1922, and opened at an hour
lereafter as will be designated by
le architect for the addition to
peers Street school building, to be
c-ated in the city of Newberry, state
' South Carolina on property owned j
v the city.
Bids must be marked Proposal for:
eneral Contract and must be ad-i
:-essed to W. G. Maves, chairman. '
? - - - - ' - i
Each bid must have attached a eer- \!
fied check for $300.00 made payable ?
i the order of W. G. Mayes as a I
aarantee that he will, if awarded the ; j
rntract, sign the proper contract and . \
cecute an indemnity bond as stated , \
the specifications for the success- J *
il completion of the work, said bond j
' be executed with a reputable com- i
my that will be approved by the ar-' j
litects and is licensed to do business j
the state of South Carolina.
Plnr ?? n n r] cnnnifirto + I amc? moT? Kn V* o : I
i I?JIO CIIAW ojvct lucai/iviio Mick \ uau i
om 0. E. Cannon or James C.!
68 Pair
Think of it. W
There is a reason f
?17 A I" rv V*
dctuiiu wc oci? iui
Don't buy yoi
you have seen our
L/ U?
Low hee! darl
heel the pair.
Low heel and
and many other st
See Sanders '
Special prices on
^ Ne
*i ; rijrht is rt sc\w ! tc re.k'et an
;<!! Ujtis.
A rchitect.
March 8, l!i22.
Note: Heating will be let ur.de
pa rate contract.
the District Court for the Unite
States, of the Western District o
South Carolina.
the Matter of James H. Wisi
Pursuant to the order of sale hen
of NerJ W. Workman. Esq., refere
bankruptcy, dated March 18tl
22, the undersigned trustee i
nkruptcy will offer for sale in th
ire room formerly occupied l>
lies H. Wise Co. at Little Mour
in, South Carolina (Newberry cour
> at public auction, for cash subjet
approval of this court to the hi^rr
t bidder on March 29th, 1;)22,
j"clock p. m. the entire stock of ger
al merchandise, and fixtures o
,mes H. Wise, bankrupt, includin
y goods, ladies ready to wear, mi
cry, shoes, nn-n and boys clothinf
Is, cans, hardware, groceries, show
>es, one iron safe an i sundry othe
>jre fixtures.
I his slock <?r goods is mventorie
$7,745, fixtures at $580, and \vi
offered in three or more lots, an
a whole as the trustees may deen
certified check or cash for $I0(
I Vl\
Nitrate of Soda
Cotton !
Aii Grades "Po<
Try Oar 7-5-5 True]
Long Staple and
Get Oi
*-Si *
&uy wiiere your a
Dorrity Bond
ooid in L
Te sold 68 pairs of
irst we sell Good
ur spring Oxfords
Black K
Medium tc?
^ rubber heel.
r%i i
DiacK ivici
Black kid os
rubber heel.
It Rrown Oxf<
c brown Oxfords
:k Paten Leat:
Medium heel, Bia
vies not mentionei
when in. need
i all shoes Saturda
i rv fi
B lv?r 1 _t
m5, my w
wberry, S
; <?r .>il(? will he required upon j
v :!ie aiof e:u h hid.
i Trustee of James H. Wise, Bankrupt,
j March IS, 1!>22.
Newberry, S. ( . i
'i'j 3-21-1 taw 2t
d See Antonio Moreno at the opera
house Tuesdaj', March 28th.
s A i F I
-P tsL xZumelZ j
Feed Oats
, 16 per cent, acid
.anit :
Seed Meal j
oke" Fertilizer
' \ j
k Grower for Gardens
;eds |
Cleveland Big Boll j
>n Seed j
ur Prices
oilar has more cents
ed' Warehouse
5 4 and 315.
r 1 onoa
me ua.y
: Shoes in one day.
All Leather Shoes
and Straps until
id Oxfords
5 with a Goodyear
The pair $2.98
One Strap i
ie strap goodyear
The pair $2,98 j;
_ m ^
Goodyear rubber
ck Paten Leither
d. The pair $2.98
of Footwear
ys and Mondays
a n.
oods 5tore
. c.
~ ' ' I
" i
(.andreths Seeds
Grow Good Gardens Generally
Full Stock
New Seeds j
5c Paper 1
6 for 25 cents
Bountiful Bunch Beans
Green Poo Stringless ? ? I
Valentine ? ?
Early and Field Corn
Member Newberry Chamber of Commerce
' 1
CnnvA fliA
i/Ull I (J|MI C IIIC upvuii
in time of sickness. Doses of
medicine must be taken to
get well again, but a lot will
depend upon the quality of
the medicine the spoon holds.
Bring your doctor's prescription
here and you wil! get just
what his order calls for, made
nn nf the niurest and freshest
" JT ?
drugs, with consummate care
and skill, yet charged for most
reasonably. Prompt service.
Mayes Drag Store
Newberry, South Carolina
Member Newberry Chamber of Commerce*

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