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1 UV3Uitv> , ?. /, xvbt.
The Movement of Many People,
Newberrians and Those Who
Visit Newberry
Mrs. L. G. McCullough has a large iand
beautiful brood of chickens, 'c
which she raised to "chickenhood" r
from ''biddiehood." Mr. Yancey T. '
Dickert, the well known producer of 1
fine chickens, sold Mrs. McCullough 1
100 little "chicklets," and she lost on- *
ly two of that large number. They "v
are of the Imperial Barred variety 1
and it shows that they are of a hale !
J 1 ?*" ap MC" '
ana ucm Ly uaaiini^ vi
Cullough knows how to cultivate
chickens; perhaps both. 1
Mrs. Harry T. Danner, Jr., and ba- c
'by have returned to Paris Island af- (
ter spending several days in Xewber- ?
ry with her mother, Mrs. J. H. Riser.
?.Irs. Riser had been visiting her *
daughter, and Mrs. Danner accom- !
panied her home last week. (
Among the variegated flowers :
cooca" i *
blooming in prUIU?>IUU <XL c-ii.o cvaovi.
in Newberry are the sweetpeas. Sweet *
peas, another "wonderful gift of *
God's love." . [
A graceful and appreciated act wai ?
the going of the boy scouts in a body. L
uniformed, to the Baptist church Fri- v
day night, led by Scoutmaster Caii T.
Juiien. Occupying seats in the gallery,
the church being crowded, they x
were interested listeners to the J
preaching and singing, not the leasl
of which singing being by the "junioi
choir" of bright boys and girls frorr s
the various denominations.
Mr. Homer W. Schumpert has beer J
advanced irom umu va&
to second vice president-of the Tri- *
State Water and Light association ^
of the Carolinas and Georgia, thif ,
graceful action having been taken ai n
the convention of the association ir ^
Spartanburg last week.
* * T^__l 77" Z 1 XT ^
isiuaeni xv<tri ivmaiu ui i> c w uci i
college, whose subject was "The Pric(
of Permanent Peace," won thirc1 3
place in the South Carolina inter
collegiate ofatorical contest at Green . '
wood Friday night. Thank you, Karl
Mr. N. Simons of Columbia nought 1
for $1,500, ftie auctioned stock of
goods recently kept by Rose Anthony .
as she Is kr.own in Newberry. "
. Wm.- Johnson & Son will help tc
make next Saturday a big day i't ,
Newoerfcy, at their- hardware store.
You are aware that this hardware
store every, new and then has a bi?
run on some certain line. Saturday *
it will "be paint. See ad. During thir
$aint demonstration they will give <
ballooii to every child accompanies ^
to the store by a parent, and each ^
ehild accompanied to the store by z
parent, and each person filling out r
coupon and taking ten cents alonp .
to buy a paint brush will get a car i
of pain free. We will now hope tc
see many houses repainted in thf
city. Some of them are needing ii
badly. Spread the paint. .
The Smyrna School Improvement ^
society will give an ice cream festival
Saturday, April 29th, at Mrs. W. J
O. Pitts, beginning at 4 p. m. Everybody
Prof. S. J. Derrick, president of ^
Newberry college, was elected from ^
the Third congressional district tc
serve on the Clemson college board a
of visitors. This'action was takea at
a meeting at Clemson on Thursday, it '
being customary every year for the
hoard nf tmst.pps tn ?plppt o wnro.
sentative from each of the seven dis- <.
tricts to serve as a board of visitors t
The Clemson college press reporter
says that "excellent men are ahvayr \
selected for this important work," ^
and the board of visitors this year "if r
regarded as an unusually strong one
In Newberry Friday were the t
Macks of Columbia?W. A. McSwair l
and J. E. McDavid, prominent men .
of "the city on the Cong-aree," whc
had come here on business. ,
Messrs. B. C. Matthews and W. W. t
Cromer of the National Bank, "tookjc
Laurens in" on business Thursday. ;
Mr. Henry Swind'or wno 1 Is beef. r
etc., says he has apples "from the
garden of Eden." ,
Boundary 5t,h grade played Spsers T
5th grade baseball at Boundary Fri- ?
day the score ending 4 10 0 in favor j
of Speers. Batteries: For Spsers?
Templetcn and Smith; for Boundary
?Gant and Bedenbausrh. i
i 1
Mr. W. H. Eddy spent the \v2ek- j
end in Columbia and Batesburg with
his children. j
Mr. Jos. H. Eddy of Xinety-Six is (
now grandfather, a youne: daughter ;
having arrived to Mr. and Mrs. Frank j
H. Eddy the 15th. r
Mr. Ossie Stewart, traveler of the c
country at large, is spending a while 11
with his family in Newberry. ..
Mr. Crowder. proprietor of the Ho- '
tel National, now does business under 1
a beautifully illumined electric sign, !
which adds much to the attractiveness
nf t.he whitp wav Snc*h a sisrn helps !
to make of Newberry a "city of a (
larger growth." People attending: the <
Baptist meeting still in progress will f
like to see the sign as they "pass i
by." i
Judge Ewart married a coupleMrs.
Mary Ann McCarty and Mr. J
\Y. Waits of Oakland?at his offici
Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o'clocl
If every man for whom Judge Ew
irt performs the marriage ceremony
md every man to whom he issues i
narriage license, and all the veteran:
le gives pension checks to should cas
heir ballots for him in his campaigr
;o succeed himself as Judge of Pro
. * ii
?ate in the next election, witn tn<
'otes of his many other friends, h<
.vill retain his place at the cour
louse where he has made many peo
)le happy.
People are asking- what theii
'riend, Jno. B. Mayes, is going to dc
m the outside of his store at the reai
?nd of the building. We haven't
isked him; you ask him.
There are by far too many cats in
dewberry. A carload of them ought
:o be killed. People who have no cat!
)f their own are annoyed by the cat<
)f neighbors throughout the entirs
urrounding territory. If it were no
?or the nonsensical superstition, oi
he superstitious nonsensical idea at
ached to the killing: of cats, never
igain would lots of these disturber:
>f the peace give their fraternal soriety
yell on your back porch at midlight,
moon or no moon.
The Johnson-McCrackin company
nil run a new blacksmith shop in the
.pper part of the lot back of the
warehouse, Jno. B. Morgan, the well
;nown 'smith, to have charge of the
Misses Dorice Bryant and Bettic
"hompson of Miami, Fla., walked into
his city Thursday, registered at the
dewberry hotel and left on Saturday
r\ ^nntinno flioiv VAll + o tn
'he girls, dressed as boys, are on a
ike between th? two places mentiond.
During their stay at the hotel
Manager Bullock says they were perectly
lady-like in their behavior and
ire have not heard a single unfavorble
word as to their conduct while
n the city. It was rumored 'around
own' that the fathers of the girls are
wealthy. The two young girls are
ood looking and have the appearance
if being well-to-do and at ease. Were
t not for their "done-up". hair and
tetter looks they could be mistaken
or "Joy hoboes,*' but it seems that
i * xur.-i ?
ney are omy yuuuuui gins out un a
'pleasure walk."
'A steeple jack was an interesting
pcctacle the latter part of the week
s He 'went up the tall smokestack of
he Newberry cotton mills and placed
lightning rod on the top.
Miss Cleo Aull has returned to her
ome in Columbia after spending
faster with he1" family.?The State,
The Sunday fire at 3:30 o'clock in
he afternoon, was a little roof blaze
t'the. home of Mr. A. H. Blease, in
ront f Mr. I. T. Timmerman's store
n the Mollo'non mill village, caused
?y a defective flue. Only a small
iole was burned in the roof, water
rom a hose in a nearby garden quicks
y checking the flame. T.he fire comiany
answered the call; it never fails
o respond.
Miss Bernice Simmons of Bamberg
5. visiting her college mate, Miss
Cdith Wilson.
Mr. Fred Wicker spent the weeknd
with his relatives in the city.
Rev. E.-V. Babb went to Columbia
nd preached for Dr. Skinner Sunlay.
Mr. J. R. Williams planted Irish poatoes
the last week ni February and
he first of this very week he had
oung potatoes as large as hen's eggs.
Vhether he planted alone in his garten
or made anv connection with the
neon the results show fine and quick
fork. Mr. Williams is a good conractor
and he may have had some
mderground contract to push the
prouts in building themselves.
The retiring- recording secretary
:eneral, Mrs. R. D. Wright of Newterry,
is to be congratulated on the
ompletion of her task in a most credtable
manner.?From the published
ninutes of the 28th annual convertion,
U. D. C.. at St. Louis, Mo
\.mong the committee appointments
he minutes shew the appointment oJ
'Mrs. J. H. West, Newberry, history
Rutherford history."
Mr. Day Wright of Atlanta spenl
he week-end in Newberry with his
'ather, Mr. R. D. Wright, and famly
Under the heading of "Memoria
^oppies" in Sunday's State Miss Sa
lie Gcggans, secretary, shows tha'
Vliss Carabel West, chairman of pop
3v sales for' the American legion
nakes ihe following report: ''List oi
>rders received up to date: Charles
;on. 1.800 poppies; Chester. 1.000
S'ew Jerry, 1.500; Saluda. oOO
Branchville. 200: Lake City, 200
Batesburg. 250; Laurens. 100: Lex
ngton, 100; Columbia, 1.500."
Mr. T. B. Greneker of Edgefielc
nade a Sunday visit to his aunt, Mis!
Carrie Greneker. Four years ago to
lay, Monday, he started to sail th<
;ea with his regiment, the 118th in
"antry, for the other shore to engagi
n tho o-ve.it World war. On the sov
-fenth day of June lie will begin
his sail on quite another sea?the
- matrimonial?which is far less perilf
ous and more promising. He wanted
j to see his Aunt Carrie once more be
fore "embarking" on his peaceful
i In the pension roll, as published,
> there is only one (Jno. X. Bass) in
t Class A, drawing $100.28. There
i i a i r> . u ,j
die i v-t in uiaji uy cciLxi uiawiug
- SG2.00. Class C has 96, with $42.57
? each. There are four on the honor
? roll, as follows: Mrs. Mary F. Wright,
t Mrs. Rebecca Paysinger, Mr. W. H.
- Wallace and Mr. Levi G. Wheeler.
They receive no pensions, as those
r having incomes of SI,000 do not par)
ticipate in the drawing.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McCarty of Sa:
luda, accompanied by their son, Mr.
J. T. McCarty, were in Newberry Satt
1 urday.
:; Probate Judge W. F. Ewart is the
s only county officer that has to run
; for office this year.
;1 Mrs. T. P. Adams and son and
l daughter, Earle and Bernice, visited
r relatives in the city Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Summer mo
tored to Columbia Friday to s?e Mrs.
5 J. H. Summer, Jr., who is recovering
- from a minor operation, which she,
- underwent at the Baptist hospital.
i Mr. H. G. (High Grade Painter)
Myer has certainly made the court
i house look all dressed up in its spring
> attire.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. J. Hill of Rock
> Hill were Sunday visitors at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P.
. Hill.
, Dr. Skinner and Mr. McCravy continue
to draw crowds. The other
churches held no services Sunday
. night and the Baptist church over
flowed with the stream of people eager
to hear the preaching anr the singing,
many being turned away. The
. congregations at this church have
[ been augmented by citizens of the
. surrounding territory, persons corn.
ing from as far as Clinton and Whitmire.
The congregations of the diff,
erent denominations have been gladly
mingling together in the great outpouring.
The services will continue i
. at least until through Wednesday
night, at which time we hope to T.ee
i the church again filled to the over;
flow mark. If we were to attempt to
write of the many searching and
| touching sermons of ^ Jhe ea^cgjest j
.'preacher and of all the beautiful and
7 pleading songs of leader, choir and i
: children, including the duets, solos,
' etc., there would not be space in this
paper for aught else; but we could;
. not possibly do justice to any of .it.!
. People have to go to bear for themselves,
and then the half would- not
, be told. Those who have not at-;
tended do not know what they have j
, missed. In the truest sense .each j
meeting has been "a feast of reason
: and a flow of soul." JS'umbers. of!
j young people have joined the church. |
The Domlnick school will close Sat-1
. i
; urday, April-29th, with a picnic at
. the school. The public is invited.
I Miss Vera Derrick spent the week-1
nrifl of Qilirorcfrnnt ,iri4 V> 1
; wiui JL I
1 Ha mm.
- II. IN..., I
: Calvin Gallman shot at Jim Nelson,;
another negro, but missed him, Sun-;
i dav near Beth Eden on Mr. L. H.;
t |
Chandler's place, where they both:
i live. Gallman was arrested, but gave ;
j Sunday was a bad day for some,
I negroes. Two?Viola Jackson and
Jason Leake?living on Mr. T. J. Da-;
venport's Belfast place, went across
l-j_- T - ' 1
[r.e line into JLaurens county in tne ;
early afternoon, when Viola Jackson j
met a violent death at the hands of
Jason Leake, he having shot and
; killed her. Leake himself in turn
was shot by Eph Williams and Tump
: Ellison, Laurens county negroes, and
: seriously wour.'sd. Leake is in the
i Laui'ens jail. Ve have heard of no
- further particulars.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Daitch's baby, who
; has been critically ill, is improving:,
: we are glad to say.
[ The home of Mr. and Mrs. T. B.
- Wicker at Cokesbury was totally de.
ctroyed by fire of unknown origin
; Saturday morning. The entire top of
[ the house was burning when discov;
ered. All upstairs furniture was lost,
j but part of the downstairs furniture
t was saved. Mr. Wicker carried some
; j insurance, but the property was not
- fully insured.
: The many friends of Mr. J. Ed
i Senn will be pleased to learn that he
- was able to come to the city Saturt
day, after being shut in at home with
- an injured eye, which had been pierc,'
ed by a briar about a month ago,
f barely missing the pupil. Dr. A. T.
-NU'JJV lavcu inc u> isimjviug
; the briar from the eyeball.
T\Ii*. and Mrs. H. W. Hand and two
children of Columbia were week-end
- guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Davis.
! Mr Carril Dennis came up from
\: Columbia to spend Sunday with his
s i parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Dennis.
. | Mr. Edgar Hart of Edgefield was a
a! week-end visitor in Newberry.
-| Messrs. Fred Rodelsperger, Walter
?j Denning and Earle Metts motored to
.{Florence and ?pent the week-end.
1 '
f Miss Margaret Davis, who teache:
in Saluda county, spent the week-enc
at home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Reighley, Mr
Pope L. Buford and children and F
Henry Lominick went to Columbia
Sunday to see Mrs. Buford, who i:
now able to sit up. She will leave th<
the latter part of this week,
j IIWO^.V. j
it is thought and hoped.
! Mrs. Claude Summer returnee
home from the hospital last week, hei
many friends will be glad to know.
The closing exercises at the Hunt
er-DeWalt school will take place nexi
Tuesday night. April 25, beginning a
S o'clock. There will be a play, sub
ject, "The District School at Blue^
berry Corners."
The following js a list of the char
acters with the names of the pupils
who represent them.
School committee:
parkins, chairman?Berle^
I vj i iau * ^ - j
I Wicker.
Jacob Billaker?Harry Kibler.
John Smith?Johnnie Kinard.
Miss Dashaway?Mary Richardson,
Miss Belinda Sharp?Annie Lou
I Hezekiah Pendergrass?Clifford
j Metts.
j Scholars:
Matilda Billings?Myrtle Lathrop.
Voi+fc-fni Snnnks?Lorine Wicker.
j. aitui wi ^ ?
j Samantha Piper?Sara Alice Kinard.
_ ;
j Jerusha Dickson?Fairy Heller.
! Clironda Geyser?Mary Nell Koon
Ruth Ketccum?Isabel Metts.
Susan Crowfoot-?Mary Richardson.
Sally Brown?Annie Lou Richardson.
Mehitable Jones?Ruth Boinest.
Dorcas Doolittle?Myrtle Richardson.
Luther Brown?Paul Cook.
David Snooks?Ernest Kinard.
Billy Crowfoot?J. D. Livingston.
~ ' ^ it T Tr
Ubaclian .tsuzzaru*-? ljt'wib xvuun.
Stephen Samueti Tucker?Grover
Dowd. I 'jJeremiah
Jenkins?Geo. Heller.
Bobbie O'Lee?A. J. Kinard.
Samuel Snooks?Johnnnie Kinard.
Sim Dipsey?Harry Kibler.
Mrs. Dipsey?SEtnie Boinest.
Miranda Dipsey?Lucy Dowd.
Mrs. Snooks?^I^ry Richardson.
Scene I. Exardnatio nf teachers
Scene II. First .clay of school.
Scene III. Clo^g exercises of the
term. s- _
After the play.ffcere will ?e a short
graduating exerqifie. The following
pupils complete -ri?h.e course: Harr\
Kibler, Johnnniq-r. Kinard, Clifford
Metts and Berley,picker.
i f:
Would Be Successor to A. F. Lever
The State.
Sumter, ApriF-21.?The candidacy
of Ben H. Harvin'for the vacancy on
the federal farm loan board, made by
the resignation of A. F. Lever, was
announced here tonight. Mr. Harvir
is from Harvin in Clarendon county,
and is well known throughout the
state. He worked his way through
the University of South Carolina,
graduating in the class of 1891 and
has been farming since boyhood. For
three years he served the late Representative
George S. Legare of
Charleston as private secretary. Mr,
Harvin has been??ueeessful in many
j lines of business and is today prom
' incnt as a farmer, a merchant, a bro
' her and a fertilizer daeler.
[ The State Board of Education al
, its last meeting: ordered that the reg'
ular spring teachers' examination be
held at Newberry court house Friday
May 12th, and Saturday, May 13th
.These examinations will begir
promptly at u:uu o ciock a. m.
The examination will cover primary
licenses?first, second and thirc
i The examination for high schoo]
certificates will be held later.
The subjects that the teachers wil
be examined on are as follows: 1
English grammar and language
arithmetic, playground and commun
-ty activities, history, South Carolina,
United States, and general
geography, civics and current events
literature, pedagogy, health, nature
study, school law. manual training
Genera! Elementary
i English grammar and composition
arithmetic, history, United States
and South Carolina, geograpiiy, civics
and current events, spelling
reading, including literature, pedago
gy, nature study and elementary ag
riculture. physiology and hygiene
school law. algebra (algebra requirec
for first and second grade certificates).
A primary certificate will entitle
the holder to teach in the first five
I A general elementary certificate
' will entitle the holder to teach in the
. first nine grades.
i Applicants will bring their owr
1 pens and examination paper.
Supt. of Education.
i l-2.r?-td
. x
5 j Another Freak E
h' Mr. W. S. Nobles j rough: us the
j other day a hen egg that was some
| egg, not a twin egg?but large
i enough to make six eggs, that is. Mr.
1 Nobles says the weight of the egg was
5 equal t the weight of six ordinary
i eggs. It was some egg for the size.
The hen was a luce Wyamlote.
1 "Why is whiskey so called?" asks
a reader. We don't know; it ceri'tainlv
doesn't taste like it.?Arkan
sas uazeue.
Lest?Cameo pin. "E .ce Abrams"
i engraved on back rinuer kindly
return to chamber of commerce,
-f 4-25-11
. For sale?.1,000 bundles fodder $1.25
-j per hundred pounds. II. 0. Lonjr.
Silverstreet, S. C. 4-21-3t 1 taw
Goldfish, food, sea weed and rock cas!
tics. Two fish and jrlobe for thirtyrj
live cents. Hal Kohn.
; Lest?On highway one set Weed
j chains, 30x3 1-2. Reward if left
! at Herald and News. 4-25-2tp
'Dahlia bk'lbs. Fine bulbs, many colors.
Plant a few dahlias. You
will enjoy them. Hal Kohn.
I . .
: D. L. lawson has now taken charge
[ of Holman's Barber Shop on Main
j street and has arranged following
; prices: Hail" cut, 25c; shave, 15c.
i Call to see us. 4-25-2tp
| The whole flov/er pot family are in.
Pots from 10c to one seventy-five.
;; I keep my stock complete and nothing
but good pots. Hal Kohn.
For Sale?Chrysanthemums, white,
pink, yellow. $1.00 per dozen, posf
tags extra, also dahlia bulbs. Mrs.
J. A. Caldwell, R. F. D. 3, phone
2'502. Newberry. S. C.
; 4-21-2t
| Notice?Will offer for sale at cotton
j platform, Little Mountain, S. C.,
! two acre lot, more or less, on Po\
maria street to the highest bidder
j for cash April 29, 1922 at 3 o'clock
! p. m., tenant house, large barn
i thereon. Privilege to reject all
i bids. Rented, purchaser to get
! rent. -John A. Boland.
j 4-21-3t
Three teachers for the Silverstreet
j graded school for the coming session,'
lone principal r.nd two assistants. Ap:
ply to" R. C. Nee!, D. J. DeHart and.
j. A. Schroder, trustees, Silverstreet*
j .-4,-21-41 .
' If you need an incubator I have the
; . agency fpr Cyphers. Would be
! .giad to q;iote' price. J. W. Smith,'
{ ' Jr. 3-28-tf
! Lots of people are saving money by
i buying their flour, sugar, rice, syr!'
up, corn, oats and other groceries
i from US. Eryson Groeery Co.
:!, "3-28-tf
Seed Corn, Woods' improved Golden
r: and White Dent, for sale by johri[.
'sbn-McCrackin Co. . /
j ',4-14-tf
!? ? .
AH your eggs wanted. Will pay highest
market price. J. H. Morris,
j ; -Prosperity, 4-14-4tp
.' Wanted?Five* or ten shares of Newfbe'rry
Cotton Mill stock. J. A.
Burton.- 4-18,
Marigold plants?Orange, lemon, and
I ^Italian, ISc- do?en. Mrs. Geo. C.
H-ipp, 1G23 Harrington street. N
Just rcccived a shipment of Early
1. Amber cane seed. Now is the time.
! to plant an early patch. Bryson:
,!' Grocery Co. ?
'j 3-28-tf
- (
Lost, lost, lost, lost, lost?My big
white and liver colored pointer dog.
' I License tag on collar. Answers to
j the name of Dan. Reward to finder.
H. 31. Brvson.
; 3-28-tf
Chickens and eggs wanted. We
'j will pay highest cash prices
wire or write for prices,
j Owens Fruit and Produce
! Co., Tampa, Florida.
j For Sale?Xancy Kail potato slips,
j velvet beans, fertilizers, farming
-: implements and calcium arsenate
: for poisoning boll weevil. Farm
~ * ? r>,.?
*: trs' Cooperative .-issucuiuuii. xiuoperity.
S. C., J. T. Hunter, agent.
'| 4-3-8tltaw
! Fertilizers?Get our prices on mixed
fertilizers, acid phosphate, nitrate
I of seda and cottonseed meal before
you place your order. The Southern
Cotton 0:1 company. Phones
l| SI and 11S. ' 2-28-tf
; Speciai Razor Sale?A few left. RaII
zors $2,00 to ?4.00 value, 75 cents.
I Absolutely guaranteed to satisfy
| you. Gilder & Weeks Co.
- The Newberry Sweet Potato associa,!
tion has bedded about 200 bushels
,; of Porto Riean sweet potatoes, inspected
by Ciemson college representatives
and dipped in a formalido
to prevent rot. Our price is
.! l ight. Place your order now with
;! H. M. Bryson, A. A. CJeland or C.
^ - if
-j T. Summer. 6-i.i-n
[ For sals?Potato ulants, Nancy Hal!.
Porto Rica's, 20c hundred. Si.50
thousand. May and June delivery.
}J. S. Watts, Prosperity, S. C.
4-1 l-3tplta\v
Pure Porto Rica Molasses for sale by
J Johnson-McCracken Co.
'j 4-11-tf
I ?????? ??*?????????
? For sale?Three good fresh milk
? cows giving from 3 to 3 1-2 gallons
of milk per day. A. B. Miller,
1 phone 2904. 4-1 l-4tp ltaw
j Baseball Gloves?At prices you have
not seen for 5 years. Gilder &
Week? Co
, v in wiinnii ui IP 'i
! Objectionable contents
J On account of the question|ab!e
nature of several issues of
!the magazines Whiz Baner and!
' Hot Do<r I have discontinued :
the sale of these publications j
'and from this on will not 'sup-1
I !
; ply same.
r ^ j
________ ,
Office Exhange Bank Building
2nd Floor, Rooms 212 and 213
Office Hours: 12 to 1 O'clock P. M,
and 3 to 4 O'clock P. M.
Other Hours by Appointment
Residence Phone 36
Office Phone, 66.
| !
I wiil open my office for private j
i* t otil D j.: !
i practice marcn s.n. nc^uc
! fined to consultation and office work. .
Office hours, S:00 A. M.- 12:30 P.
M.; 2 00 P. M.-5:00 P. M. and by ap-;
j po.ntment.
. 502-503 Exchange Bank Bldg.
h *?iv " .!
[I Stop and take a look at Bled- j
soe's window and then go on
I the inside and get your goods.
| All kij}ds o1- extracts, spices,
toilet articles, liniments, stock
ipowdqrs^ and lots of other
things too numerous to menjtion....
We also pay highest
:prices ior chickens and eggs.
'Agents for McConnon's goo"d&
[w?-v?. Bledsoe
| 940 lylajn St. Phone 136
_ Xcwberi'y, S. C.
3-28-1 taw
i ' . '
Eg?3 fctr,, hatching from pure bred
S. C., Rhode Island Reds. Owen
Farm Strain $1.50 per 15. R. D.:
Smithi Phone 88 or 338-J. New-;
berry, S-.- C. 4-1-1 taw,
The Blue Ribbon 5c qu
its name. The Red Dct, the r
j :
Club, ms.de since quality h<
I 'i
satisfy ihe discriminating sn
! ANNE Q. Ri
The Wholesale
Leaders for 5c (
! i " " " ~
cla vip J&L
There will be
! per cent Americ
i . May I, 8: P. M
| Ail 100 per
are urged to aite?
?/ L JL
|j JJ?
9MCTVS. U..5 l*.
i? ?
Just received a beautify
sieres. Have also children*:
j Have you seen the Go
what the athlete needs. Yc
I? voi- are a swimmer. Will b<
!j '
Mrs. J. 1
; Scott Buiidmg
I? ?
Tuesday, April 25
(Special Feature)
Wrn. Desmond
Aladciin Comedy
! Wednesday, April 26
Harry Morey
I Almanac Loniaay
Thursday, April 27
Bcri Lytell
Vanity Comedy
3rd Floor Exchange Bank B!dg
Broken Lenses Duplicated
When you think of
think of
Remember that ^ /{i "
in this line. v-cd Every
item is guaranteed, vitrei *
C'ome look them over,
boys, compare the priees.
Our prices-are less. ?^?f
P. E. WAY, Druggist
A Good Drug Store
Newberry, S. C.
aliiy Cigar has won itself
frilly Different, and Boston
as to be given in order to
loker, at
Cigar Store
Quality Smokes
a lecture on 100
:anism Monday. at
the Court
cent Americans
i of the
=zr~?~~~^r i
:1 line of Corsets and Bras5
underwaists. ^3
tssard Combination? Just ||
)u will need one of these if 4
r glad to show them to you. Jjj
Eison 4
'Phone 367

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