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\ rnuay, .riav <J,
vRejected Portrait Appears Mysteriously
on Wails ?f 'Salon in Big
New York HotoF.
A phenomenon, as startling and
mysterious to the officers and directors
i of the Society of Independent Artists
L as were the recent ghostly manifestations
in Antigonish to the MacDonalds
and Dr. Waiter Franklin Prince, was
revealed at the artists' exhibition on
^ the top tlooi of the Waldorf.
The New York spirit nailed a rejeered
drawing to a wall, and above it
^ hammered four tacks in a card which
H^told that the picture was the work
wof Mrs. Emma Mabel Field <>f Chicago,
Hand was called "Impressionistic Personality
Portrait of Miss Edith Bengjf^Mnetf."
"Spooks or no spooks," said A. S.
Hr Baylinson, a director and secretary
of the society, "that picture has got
to come down. No one gave Mrs. Field
permission to have it exhibited, and
our walls aren't open for spirits." A
special delivery letter from the artist
to Mr. Baylinson, arrived a few days
- later.
"I am starting for home now," he**
letter says, "and will be under way
before this letter is mailed. And I beg
to inform you that I have left the matter
entirely in the hands of my guide,
who has assured me that my poor
little picture will be exhibited there
whether you wish it or not."?New
York Times.
Brief Extracts Purported to Have
Been Taken From Essays of New
York School Children.
The king of a government which
does everything he says is an absolute
Polygamy is having more wives than
yon can support.
Thpr#> are throe kinds of races.
block, white, and the shades in between.
There are three vowels. I. O.
A sextant is a man who buries you
at sea.
People used to write with feathers
which were called non de plumes.
Julius Caesar was one of the brides
of March.
Savages are people who don't know
what wrong is until missionaries
show them.
A prehistoric animal Is a funny kind
of animal that is dead.
A nomad . Is a person who never
gets mad.
Columbus knew the world was
round because he made an egg stand
Ghosts which you see are no such
The study of geography is import- !
ant, because if it wasn't for geog- !
raphy we wouldn't know where we
lived.?New Yo?k Mail.
Very Painful Dentistry.
Dwight Crittenden claims the distinction
of being the first white man
to have a tooth drawn by one of the
colored doctors of the African Transvaal.
The father of this well-known
actor was a mining engineer in Kimberley.
While a boy in South Africa
* shooting pams indicated tnat a moiar
must he extracted, and as Dwight Crittenden's
father's mines were situated
far from medical aid. one of the medicine
men was summoned, and after
performing a fantastic war dance to I
the tom-tom, this gentleman extracted
the offending molar with th? aid of a
pair of engineer's pincers. An anes- j
thetic was administered in the form of j
, native incense, but D-wight contends j
that it only served to intensify the
agony. j
To Take Census of Bees.
A census of the bees in a hive has !
been made possible by a clever de>
- . . ... i
vice invented dv an employee 01 me
bureau of entomology.
^ The invention consists of a gate to 1
be placed at the entrance to a bee- j
hive with a series of telephone message
registers attached in such a way j
that every time a bee goes through
the gate its passage is recorded. The
device is operated electrically by alternating
As about 300.000 bees, go out during
the day, on honey-gathering expeditions,
considerable electrical energy
, Is needed to operate the recording
> gate, though the amount of energy ex'
pended by the device each time a bee
passes is infinitesimal.
A Willing Spirit.
An old, crippled colored man recently
knocked at the door of a Xoith
side residence and asked for work, leIfttes
the Indianapolis News. Having
no work she thought he could do, the
\ woman of the house answered in the
negative, but she gave him his breakfast
instead. When he handed back
his dishes she espied a check in the
' - 3 ~ r\
empty con.ee cup ?tnu u>nru u?: n^tuing
of it. and he said: "Just show it
to the mister." It developed that it
was a canceled check of the vintage
of '16. The housewife accepted it in
the spirit it was intended and sent
the old fellow happily on his way.
Shipping Cases for Rubber.
A new case for shipping sheet rubber
has been introduced into Singapore
shipping circles by h:i American
firm. These reach local exporters in
the form of sheets made of 100 per
cent fiber, the riveting, parking and
wiring being done by the r':ipper*. The
thinness of the sheers enables the
rases built from them to hold from
12 to 25 per cent more weight of rubber
than ihe old wooden boi?s, and
the r."vr construct "on is practically unbreakable,
very cleanly and water*
proof.?Scientific American.
, Eminent Ysclinis
Artists Comin
^ ==^
irene Stoiofsky
Irene Si^lofsky, eminent violinist,
i pear here at the coming Red path Ch
} parts of the United States. Metn
! throughout the country accord most
! Hugh Pimond, former concert mas
; proclaims her one of the- musical s
i addition to her concert work she ha
Assisting Miss Stolcfsky will be
: vrith an accomplished pianist. The
J selections of worth, both- vocal and in:
i ite lighter numbers.
I -
| ?
Weil-Known Soil
! Here at i
i '
j I x
The well-known Collegian Male
tions at the comin? Redpath Chauta
i organization are exceptional lingers,
as a brass quartet. They have hai
semble singing and playing are ex<
- - i .1 V- il.
and the programs prrsiMiu-u uy uit-u
raent (rey.t, which will hs 1<>:!? reme
| ' "
MW Sha
| oAmerict
: I "Turn to
t Rft
! ?22
?fii> "S
' l ^
a tremen
Fun, Pat
: l FOUR1
I 1 Redpaih
% 18 Splendid Attrac
m season :
I i?
; ffiawsraREDBKTH <
rammnmj ?tgatae?c -r\trrrj^=srrz=z j^iwuii ii'i una???
?=^_ ? .* fj
t and Assisting
g at the Chautauqua
- ftr fl-.' IfSST j
w " X 8
u P v f \ i I
and Assisting Artists.
who. with two assisting artists, will ap1
? nn^JAnnnn In oil
aurauqua, nas capiivitieu rtuuiruno m an
)politan newspapers and music journals
enthusiastic praise to her musicianship,
ter of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,
sensations of the present generation. In
s made numerous phonograph records. ;
George Imbrie, noted baritone, together
program will be one of unusual variety, ;
strumentaL, being interspersed with favor- i
iegian Male Quartet
^ ? A
^ ^ j
Quartet will he one of the popular attrncuoua
here. The members of this notable j
bm they are also splendidly accomplished
i Ions experience together and their en- !
optional. They are capital entertainers
i are sure to be a musical and entertain
inhered by Chautauqua audiences. i
^ ? i
V tf H I
in Comedy |
the Right" |
r ' n
at has scored 1
dous success |jf
presented, r. g.
:hos, Thrills, 1
P 9 . 1
Chautauqua |
tions . 7 Big Days &a (
riCKETS $2.75 ff
ZHAUTAUQUA^m^gSggj.l 1
I have b<
E. M. Evas
"Next door to Nat G
Have put ii
line of Fresh
Staple Grocer
Your patronc
Robert Mi
Terms Cash
Phone 115
mr: lieur/
I Orch
jj| A Notable C
ii Popular and Glas
11: t
!Sii *
1 Redpath C
H i8iP|ndld SEASON T
|| Attractions
1 Comedy
I "Friendly j
to - A play that afford
m of amusing cor
i A ? "
Iv well as mc
. t p gripping
i 1v?k
i I New Yo:
s i
|j life *
1 ' @ /
I Redpath C
| Sevew Bi
>ught out:
ns & Son. j
ist Cotton Office"
1 d tuinpicic
Fancy and
ige solicited
c,C. Gist
mphony 1
estra j
)rganization. ||
;sical Selections. || .
|lgj '
I I Mjj
hautauqua 1
rCKETS42.75 . ||
*at Drama
Enemies" |
* : ^ I
Is an abundance ; |j
implications as j
1 3 Jffl
r S* 4!Si
iments oz-jr* ?.
pathos, 'f / $
* *%. 1 ]ra '
rk Cast ,??) '1
' ^ X4'"' I
UGHT 0 1
hautauqua I
g Days / |
S ONLY $2.75 ||
"" " w?????? ^ *4
i ***&>
Daily Toilet New
Two Thirds the u
of refreshing
r- i
biren fl
with every purch.
big econom
50 cent tut
nnn* mi
111 1 " ' "J? ? ?-. . - _n.__ ., rrtE^Hsnw
J,,, motmiiiii i II . am nap .HI. I
V - * ^ .
* ' . . m*
. 1 N ' ' & '
I "
Don't Spare tl
in time of sickness.
?1 - o masvaI IxA
medicine iiiuai uc
. get well again, but
depend upon the
the medicine the sp
Bring your doctor'
/ - ' r- b
tion here and you \
what his order calls
up of the purest ai
drugs, with consurr
and skill, yet charg
reasonably. Promp
Mayes Drug
Newberry, S<
Member Newberry Chamber <
- I
issities for
sual cost
\ i ;
*se of the
lical '
y t
>e of.
E '
.. -'*> & *>.? A
'": i
t ' - *v , N "L
N _ -?
* ^
x / - N ,
r t
\ f
ie Spoon
Doses of
. i _ i _
taKen to
a lot will ^
^ * \
quality of
>oon holds.
. " : f- - > .
s prescripvill
get just
i for, made
[id freshest
imate care
ed for most
t service.
/ -*
outh Carolina
of Commerce,
' ??
y \
4 - - * : '

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