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The Movement of Many People,
Newberrians and Those Who
Visit Newberry
Mrs. Margaret Little of Laurens,
cn her way home after visiting relatives
in Columbia, spent from Wednesday
afternoon until Friday afternoon
in Newberry with her brothers,
Messrs. Haskell and Robert Wright.
Mr. Duane Livingston spent last
week in Greenville with his cousin,
Mr. J. A. Cureton.
Mr. Emory Bowman was in Columbia
The date for the meeting in the
interest of the Cotton Growers' Cooperative
association is the 23rd in
stant. It was "all balled up" in a
former announcement.
Ladies and others interested will
bear in mind that only on Monday
and Friday afternoons now is the library
Last Thursday Mr. Herbert Workman
sold a 100-bale lot of cotton to
Mr. Nat Gist at 20 cents.
Miss Beulah Wright, a college coed
staying with her aunt, Miss Carrie
Greneker, had to leave on Friday for
her home in Greenville, her mother,
Mrs. W. F. Wright, having to enter
the hospital for a serious operation.
Miss Juanita Goings of Newberry
is a patient at the Baptist hospital.
?The State, 20th.
All plans for the big dinner n earing
completion.?Headline in Friday's
paper. Thursday night, 8
o'clock, at Legion hall. Strong for
Greater Newberry?"You and Your
Town." After you were told today,
Monday, to "make the cow your
partner." These things ought to, and
will, help the town and county. Turn
your partners and swing the corner?.
Julien's scouts and the Davidson
scouts were handicapped in their
work at first by the excessive rains,
but the first day the Julien scouts
had a chance of doing anything a
working squad of the boys "captured"
26 eggs and seven young English
sparrows from nests in the postoffice
window awnings alone. After
cleaning up the neci places the boys
had hardly turned their backs to the
* 1? J
wall ere tfte pesKy sparrows nau cummenced
preparations for rebuilding,
so persistent are they. We are told
that in the course of ten years the
"descendants" of a pair of English
sparrows will number 1,500,000.
Hence, if the bovs in Newberry didn't
do anything else for the good of the
place, they should be remembered
for their effective work in reducing
"the acreage" of these pests of man
and decent birds.
Mr. S. S. Curry of Branchville its
visiting his daughter, Mrs. John
S wittenberg.
Mrs. Bessie C. Gudger, Miss Fannie
Gudger and Mr. \Henry Gurgei
motored from Asheville to spend
from Thursday night until Saturday
morning with friends in Nweberry.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Bryson and the
following others from Newberry city
and county were in Rock Hill lasl
week, the men attending the spring
1 < tt ' rri _1 _ + ,
ceremonial 01 nejaz j.empie, xvuig-iiw
Templars: Messrs. Glenn Bullock
Will Reid, Nick'Holmes, George Nick\
as, Duane D. Darby, ' 'more Suber
C. H. Albrecht, A. C. Williamson
Thompson Young, J. A. Price, Dr,
Geo. Y. Hunter, E A Wheeler, 3. M,
Wise, C. T. Huffman.
Tender hearted women may shudder
to hear of the boys' robbing
"birds' nests and destroying the eggs
and young birds, but they must remember
that it is only against the
English sparrow army that the war
is being waged, and they must also
remember that these sparrows drive
away useful birds and damage the
fruit, vegetable and grain crops. The
amount saved in the eating of worms
Dugs ana oiner inseeis oy uiese s^airows
doesn't compensate for the ruin
wrought. On with the crusade of
the 20th century.
Mrs. W. R. Smith, Sr., who is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Bowen,
at Hamlet, N. C., says as she is
anxious to know the town news she
wants The Herald and News sent her
Miss Margaret Mcintosh, sponsor
for the James D. Nance camp, and
Miss Troxelle Wright, maid of honor,
attended the state reunion of Confederate
Veterans in Darlington last
week, accompanied by about a dozen
of the Newberry county vets and a
couple of sens, as follows: Maj. J. F.
J. Caldwell, Capt. M. M. Buford, Jno.
1). Shealy, D. M. Ward, H. W Bowk:?,
L. G. Wheeler, J. J. Hipp. .Jno. N.
Feagle, G. B. Aull, W. P Summer.
Mr Haltiwanger. Mr. Earle, and L.
A. Boozer and Will Bowles.
The proceeds from the community
market sales for last week amounted
to $156. The market is looking up
and fast becoming a real institution
of the town. It opens early and the
crowds soon seen gathering there
"around the market place" make it
lively. And the "goods" are tempting,
and sell fast.
Rev. J. M. McGraw of Branchejville
and Mr. W. S. McGraw of XewI
soms, Ya.. spent a day or two in New|
berry last week with their mother,
| Mrs. Mary U. McGraw.
We were glad to see i;Capt. Ja-k"
(Mr. W. T. Jackson) down town Saturday
afternoon. It was his first walk
! from home in quite a while.
Supervisor Joe W. Wertz is also
?building: a cement drain and repairing
I the sidewalk from the opera house
! corner to the corner at R. Y. Leavell
! & Son's new undertakers' establish;ment.
When Mr. Wertz finishes that
job he will fix the alongside road to
; "parallel the improvement." As he
; completes the business part of the
; town he will devote his time to streets
j in the residential soctions but don't
all speak at once, as we know he has
; already been engaged in advance.
Officers and six delegates to the
convention of the South Carolina
Cotton Growers' Cooperative association
at Snartanburg will be elected
: at the meeting today. Tuesday, in the
court house here. First election at
. noon.
i It pleases the general public to see
Mr. Floyd Bradley at his accustomed
| place in the Commercial bank, and
! looking so well and able to work after
his hard spell of illness.
After the names of the Newberry
I \
; veterans attending the Darlington
re-union had been prepared for print.
, our informant handed us two more.
| namely, Capt. W. W. Riser and Mr. J.
JA. Rikard.
Contractor E. K[. I eslie is superintending
the building of the Sondley
'! residence on the lot next to the home
": of Mr. Ernest Summer and family
. j east Main street.
'i Hattie Gaines, the colored womar
| who was shot and dangerously
wounded some time ago, returned
recovered from the shot. Mamie
i from the effects of the shot. Mamie
' Robertson, who did the shootins: and
i '
then fled for parts unxnown, is suu
> at large.
Mr. McDonald, who is under th;
auspices of the American legion, wiK
' speak at the Legion hall on Tuesday
jMay23, at 6 o'clock to the ladies es'
pecially on "Keeping Fit."
( Mr..I. H. Hunt returned on Monday
from Jacksonville since attending
: the Southern Baptist general conven.
.! Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brown of Greenville
are visiting in the city.
The section foreman, Mr. Arthur
McDonald, who was killed in the rail;,way
accident Sunday afternoon between
Belton and Anderson, was the
j husband of the former Miss Teressa
Melton stepdaughter of Mrs Elizabeth
Melton of Helena. The deplorable
i wss shocking news to the
awcivivw v _
I w
friends in this county and elsewhere
i in the state.
Mr. Floyd Bradley was in Colum
bia Sunday to see his sister, Miss Bet*
j tie Bradley, and gives the gratifying
. news that she continues to improve.
r For lo, these many years, people
| of South Carolina have been trying
; to induce Dr. Geo. B. Cromer to run
'.for governor; but he just won't. He'd
:; be another ''Big Ben*' in the gubernatorial
? The installation services at Beth,;
Iehem, colored, Baptist church in this
| city, ended Sunday night, and Rev
-T A. Baton has been regularly in
, j stalled as pastor of this large anc
. flourishing charge.
,! We are requested by city authorities
to say that the proclamation
I against the running of dogs at large
| in this community will be strcitly eni
forced. Keed the warning. Keep
J your dogs off the streets. Make them
j stay at home?day and night. Poiice!
man Tobias killed two mad" dogMonday.
Mr. J. L. Rower, Jr., is announced
as a candidate for magistrate town<
shin 9.
"We thank the facultv of Furmar.
i "
university for invitation to attend
j commencement.
Mr. Wm. F. Ewart's card of announcement
appears fn this issue of
. the paper. The probate judge will
'.have a lonely time running in his
standing for reelection, as he is the
| only one in the court house building
I who has to be on exhibition this year
in the eyes of the public at large.
Here's to the lone candidate.
Prof. Dutch Mr-Lean has been
elected by the local club as delegate
: to the convention of International
Kiwanis clubs at Toronto, Canada, in
' June.
Mr. L. G. Eskridge has returned
from Winston-Salem after attending
: the convention of the Hardware association.
He was accompanied to and
from th::t city by Mrs. Eskridge.
'Having "made good," Mr. Eskridge
was promoted to the position of vice
; president.
Mr. Creighton Wicker of the navy
is spending his furlough at home with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Dan
Miss Mary L. Burton returned last
! week from visiting her nieces in Orangeburg
and Charlotte.
Mrs. Cheatham's little two-year-old
baby who has been critically ill at
the home of Mrs Cheatham's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Hayes, is improving.
Mrs. William Brooker and little
child of Columbia are visiting her parents,
Mi', and Mrs. H. H. Evans.
Mr. Ed Fant of Easley spent the
week-end here with his mother, Mrs.
Mary Fant.
Mr. J. B. Walton received a telegram
Sunday informing him of the
death in Washington, D. C., Saturday
of his brother, Mr. David S. Walton,
who was known to some of our citizens.
Mr. Walton was in the government
employ and had held his position
for 55 yearsT
Mr. an Mrs. William Maxwell King
of Sumter are visiting at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. Klettner.
The Dickert-Schumpert chapter hac
a sale Saturday anil made about $15.
Mrs. W. C. Schenck and daughter
little Miss Jane Schenck, returnee
home Sunday, motored here by hei
brother, Mr. A. C. Jones of Pacolet
accompanied by their mother, Mrs
j A. C. Jones of Spartanburg, .ur
Jones and his mother spent .only z
few hours in the city.
Immediately upon receipt of wire
from Fox News editor Mr. Gordor
Leslie left fcr Charlotte to cover feature?
of Mecklenburg celebration
chiefly featuring General Pershing
who addressed a vast audience, warning
them against "allowing this coun
try ever again to find itself in the
condition of unpreparedness and consequent
embarrassment in which ii
found itseif in 1917."
In the absence of Dr. Freed, whe
had gone to Xew York, Rev. Prof
Goodman of Newberry coIIeg<
preached at the Church of the Redeemer
Sunday morning: and the Rev
John J. I on? at night, both preach
:ng good sermons as usual.
Another Man to Leave Newberry
Mr. C. F. Templeton has acceptec
the position as general manager ol
:he Lime-Cola Bottling company o'
Ireenville and will leave for his nev
place of business this week, his fam
ily to follow about the first of June
Mr. Temoietoi: has had large experi
ence in the bottling and distribution
of soft drinks, at which he is ar
adept, his last "handling of the bot
ties'' being at the Lime-Cola plan
here, before which he was quite i
while managing the Pepsi-Cola Bot
tling works. It was while serving th;
public with a variety of nice drink:
of the Pepsi-Cola people that he be
came acquainted with Newberry, an<
the city and county with him in ;
very pleasant-manner. Of course i:
} money sense 11 pays a man uu imh
one city for another to better hi:
condition with a situation more to hii
satisfaction, but we hate to se<
agreeable people leave Newberry. Mr
Templeton is a good and successfu
manager of a bottling plant, as h<
mderstands all the work of such ai
astablishment, and with it all, hi:
friendly way of dealing with cus
:omers has a great deal to do wit!
the feeling of the people for a man
ager and their attitude towards, hi;
nlant as an institution'of the town.
A Beautiful Act
A little incident came within th<
range ot our nearmg last weeK anc
it ought to have been mentioned ir
the previous Tuesday's issue while i'
was fresh, but there is always sc
much to write about that something
has to be left over. However, it if
good enough now. During Mother'!
day a certain young man in a distan"
city wired his mother in Newbern
that he was observing the day in re
membering her and by wearing th<
red rose. It was a little thing, but il
touched the mother's heart, and hei
voice trembled as she told the report
er. She was pleased to know thai
her son didn't wait to write and tel!
her; that he wanted his mother tc
know, as quickly as the wires couk"
flash it, that he was wearing the
flower in her honor. It was nothing
but right, of course, that he should
I have done so, but it showed thought'
" -1 ?- U,. tirViijtVi ic nnl
| IUinC^S Uli iii^ ]><u i, vwiivu 4^
shown by many of the sous of mothers
these days. In the eyes of this
fond mother the sending of the telegram
was a big thing, but it takes so
little a thing to touch a mother's
heart. What is like the heart of a
I'mother; the tender, loving, devoted
heart of a mother. How can any
child be cruel with neglect or indifference
to the true, loyal and royal
heart of a mother?
Death of Infant
Mary Helen, infant daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. -Tas. B. Jones, of 9
Player street, Mo'Iohon mill village,
j died of whooping cough at 11 o'clock
iSundav night, after an illness of four
| weeks, anil will be buried at Rosernont
cemetery this. Tuesday afternoon
at 5 o'clock, service by the Revs.
Dutton and Kennett. The baby was
seven months old.
Maybe the people will not like an
old guard congress any better than
they did a rubber-stamp one.
Death of an Ar:ed Lady
Mrs. Louisa Alberta Carter, at the
ajre of 72 years, died at 1400 Poplar
street, West End, Monday morning
at 4 o'clock, and will be buried at the
old family burial ground, Coleman
cemetery, Greenwood county, this
morning, Tuesday at 11 o'clock, service
by Rev. J. E. Meng. She wac
the widow of Mr. John C. Carter, and
is survived by the following children:
Messrs. S. A. and J. C. Carter of
Greenwood, H. C. Carter of Newberry,
Mrs. J. L. Burns and Mrs. Anne
Glenn of Newberry and Mrs. W. B.
Jeter of Ninety-Six; also by one brother,
Mr. T. C. Huffman of Laurens
and a half-brother, Mr. Will Hopkins
of Saluda county.
Stealing "Will Out"
During the chautauqua in Newberry
Mr. Harold Lev/is, piano player for
the Little Symphony orchestra, lost
; a ccat, two fraternity pins, a fountain
pen and a flashlight. The matter
was kept quiet, but Chief McCarley
1 nfoic-fin*,; imnipflip hplv p'ot
clliU i 110 rtociguuicw <-,
vjsy and kept it up, with the result
, that three colored persons were arrested
and jailed, having: been turned
over to the county for trial at the
i criminal court. The arrest followed
. the taking of the fountain pen by one
of the parties to Jeweler Rogers, who
had been "put wise." The chief and
. Policeman Foy arrested Ann Ken.
nerly, who was bailed out. Police,
men Livingston and Tobias arrested
. Will Hagler and Fd Means, who are
t resting in "limbo. Good work by oar
alert force.
) '
= Miss Eunice Smith and Mr. Wil.
liam DeHines were married in Newberry
Saturday by the Rev. A. D.
f Mr. H. McDonald, a Canadian by
[ birth,but a traveler and boxing enthu;
siast, made a very interesting talk to
. q lartro audience, in spite of the rain,
. at the court house last Thursday
- night. He- pointed out very plainly
i the importance that boxing played in
i developing our soldiers for service in
, France, and also in keeping fit for
? our everyday tasks. He reminded u?
i that if the men of today would resort
. ,o fighting with their "fists" there
? would be: less murders ;n our counr
try today. Mr. McDoaaid is an ex
"service man and is honing to orsran J
} :ze a boxing class iindor the auspices
i of the American legion. He also
i ?ave a short talk on reducing io the
? ladies present.
l1 *
_ - _ 1
I The commencement exercises 01
? Little Mountain high school will bei
gin Friday, evening. May 26th, with
s the recital given by Mrs. B. M. Wise'c
- music pupils, also an operetta by the
i grammar school.
On Sunday, May 28th, at 11 a. m..
? ;.'ne annual commencement sermon
will be preached by J. D. Kinard, I).
D., of Johnston, S. C.
The graduating exercises will be
- held on Monday evening at the-high
* (school auditorium, the address of the
occasion will be delivered by Senator
t Alan Johnstone of Newberry.
> The public is cordially invited to
> attend these exercises.
- n ? nnronr AT
There will be a barbecue given by
the School Improvement association
- of Little Mountain July 4th. The proceeds
will be used to buy chairs for
the auditorium. Everybody is invited
to come.
Sam's Idea of It
A colored couple stood once again
before the probation officer.
"Now this," the officer said to both
"seems to me to be a case where there
I is nothing very much the matter, ex'
-t-L...*. fiotoj ! fp A
J L" t? {J L 111 ii l \ UUI t-c* o i o
You, Sam. are much older than your
wife. It is a case of May married to
i. A slight pau^e, and then Eva, the
wife, was heard to remark in a tired
"I?I really doar. know what you
means by yer saying May is married
to December. If yer gain' to talk thai
way, it seems to me to he a case of
Labor Day married to do Day cf
Cocktail* are retailing in Germany
for 9 marks, and an American doll&i
will buy a market basket full of
marks. Small woaner American railroads
.are cutting tourist rates.?Peoria
If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle really
wishes to convince people of his famaliarity
with departed spirits, let
him establish communication with
i Franklin D. Roosevelt and A. Mitchell
Palmer.?-Kansas City Star.
| <S> <$> $> -r <?? < > <?> ^ ^ ^ 'j- ; '
<j> <$
: <$><?,<$>< >.. ><?,<$> <g> <5> ^ <j> < > i
Home demonstration I
: Saturday's proceeds from the com-j
rnunity market were $1 -i 1.07, despite i
| the bad weather on Wednesday
$2(5.87 was taken in.
' The market managers wish to re;
quest the ladie>5 who sell produce at
| the market to respect the space on
the sidewalk belonging to adjoining
! stores. If in any doubt as to the
; limit of this space please consult the
; managers. They also wish to request
that cars belonging to persons
j'wo sell produce be left in the public
j parking ground, thereby giving more
j room on Nance street for vehicles
i belonging to customers. For several
: hours this street at this point is very
! much congested. In case of fire there
j is danger of accident.
| There will be a supply of the usual
1 ? ' ' - 1- 1 ? ] t.nl?
j tresn vegeiaoies anu mciua uu c.u<_!
Wednesday and Saturday.
Jalapa?May 23, 3:30 p. m, at
Nancy Bickley's.
Silverstreet?May 25, 3:30 p. m.,
at Mabel Havird's.
The bonus seems just a:--, popular in
congress as a dog just -out of a pond
among a bunch of folks wearing their
gladdest rags.
"Rockefeller has $7 for every man,
woman and child in America" says a
statistician. Oh, he has, has he Well,
you ask him and see if he has!?
Schenectady Gazette.
B3MMP??MT3?J?WW* I Hill I WIMin*
Gift suggestions for commencement
giving. Most everyone gefs invitations.
Let u3 suggest some practical
Tennis rackets, bal!s, nets aild other
athletic goods, Spalding's.
Party favors, place and tally carati.
Some new items for your party to
the bride. Yea know it's a pieasto
show you our goods.. We don't
urge anyone to buy?our goods do
that for us.
Ex?.mInation tablets five cents.
: Hal Kohn.
Milch cc and young calf for sale
eheip for cash. Cow gives 3 1-2
gallons. Anne 0. Ruff & Co.
Calcium Arsenate?Don't worry, we
will have a carload here this week
and can supply your needs. Summer
Bros. Co. 5-23-11
Wanted?Chickens and eggs, highest
prices paid. W. V. Biedsoe, Newberry,
S. C. 5-23-2t
' Pure Sun peas for sale at ?2.00 a
bushel. E. A. Shealy, Batesburg,
S. C., R. F. D. No. 1. 5-23-2t
. Binder twine?-Just received another
shipment, will be glad to have your
ordei-3 Summer Bros. Co.
5-2-3-1 tt
Cornfield bean seed?Plant them in j
your corn-bear untii frost. Get.
them at P. E. Way's, A Good Drug
Store. 5-23-11
Plant more beans every ten days during1
the summer. We have the
seed 20c pt. P. E. Wav, Druggist,
944 Main St. 5-23-lt
Slinrr Sl'oi rubbers. Many taizes. Hal
CLccd/rar L:r:.s. See Hill Bi'OS.
5-2-tf .
? I hereby announce myself a candidate
for magistrate for township No.
9 of Newberry county, subject to the
rules of the Democratic party.
I anounce myself as a candidate
for reelection for the oirice of Probare
Juri^e and will abide the result
of the Democratic primary.
I am a candidate for magistrate for
rownships No. 1 and 8 and will abide
:he rules of the Democratic party.
ma?m magaggawgaanaggct xsazxst
Waterman Fountain Fens
Waterman Magazine Pencils i
&<JX2 V.?Vy#U A JIAlvU IT C*.VW*r.V#?J |
Pal Pencils
Either would make a nicc Com- j
men cement Gift.
Come let us show you.
P. E. WAY, Druggist
"A Good Drug Store"
Newberry, S. C.
WanfrdrThroo or four furnished!
rooms for liuht housekeeping' for
man and wife without children.
References exchanged . Apply P.
O. Box 31H5, Xewberrv, S. C.
5-19-2r * i
For sale?12") bushels of ('lay's peas
at ?2.00 per bushel. V. (). B. Xewl>erry.
A. B. Miller, phone 21)04.
.1-19-1 taw It
Kodak Films?(Jet them here, and
then leave them here for develop
ing and printing. P. E. Way, j
Druggist. 5-lD-2t
Chccolate candy?Real fresh and delicious.
Week-end special at 45c j
pounds. Guaranteed to please. P.
E. Way, Druggist. ' :
Basebali goods?At right prices, j
Come and lock them over. You
are welcome. P. E. Way, Druggist,, "Newberry,
S. C. ; o-19-2t
Worth Baseball Gloves?Well named, j
Show more value than any glove:
seen this season. Leather lined, i
Genuine horse hide glove, $1.50 up. F
Gilder & Weeks Co. 5-5-tf f
Pure Porto Rica Molasses for sale by t
Johnson-McCracken Co.
4-11-lf i]
Genuine Ford parts. Hill Bros. I
5-2-tf j
Carload fredi and heavy springer (
Tennessee milch cows at Scott's *
pasture. Can be bought 011 cash '
or time. Havird & Lane. 5-lG-tf j
Seed Com, Woods' improved Golden 11
and Whito Dent, for sale by John-!*
son-McCrackin Co.
4-14-tf ' !
Goldsmith Bails?S2.00. Guaranteed
for two games, twice as long as
most $2.00 balls. Gilder & Weeks;
Co. 5-5-tf (
For Sale?50 bushels clay, 50 bushels
speckled peas, ?2.00 per bushel, |
F. O. B. Newberry. Cash with >
order. H. II. Ruff, Newberry, S. C.
For sale?5.000 bundles fodder $1.25
per hundred pounds. H. 0. Long.
Silverstreet, S. G. 4-21-3t Itaw '
Eg-gs for hatching from pure bred
S. C. Rhode Island Reds. Owen
Farm Strain $1.50 per 15. R. D.
Smith. Phone 88 or 33S-J. New- ,
berry, S. l. 4-4-1 taw '
For Sale?Nancy Hall potato slips,
velvet beans, fertilizers, farming
implements and calcium arsenate
for poisoning boll weevil. Farm
ers' Cooperative Association, Pros- *
perity, S. C., J. T. Hunter, agent.
4-3-8 tl taw <
Chickens and eggs wanted. We
will pay highest cash prices I (
wire or write for prices.!
Owens Fruit and Produce L
Co., Tampa, Florida. . j
That good mixed chocolatc candy ]
Saturday, 40c pounds. Gilder &j
Weeks Co. - 5-5-tf,"
I hereby announce myself a can- <
jdidate for Magistrate for Townships (?
(Numbers 1 and 8, subject to the Dem- ,
ocratic primary. If elected I shall:
endeavor to perform the duties of the
office in the future as I have in the Ji
past, without fear or favor, and with;
-fairnoq? to nil. j.
SHIPS 1 AND 8 j?
I am a eand:date for magistrate for}
townships No. 1 and 8-a.nd will abide ]
the rules of the Democratic party. j
R. M..,Aughtry is hereby announc-j
ed as a candidate for reelection as
magistrate for Township No. 4, and (
will abide the rules of the Demcorat-;
ic party. | FOR
I announce myself a candidate for!'
magistrate of .No. 4 townsmp, sue-;
jeet to the Democratic primary. ;.
Cooper's Ji
tion Sale Stai
Don't fail to
Valuable pr
each Sale,
HP n j t
iwo bales 1
I P.M.
, Cooper s Js\
Monday, May 22
V/m. RussHI
1 ?x News
Tuesday, May 23
American Legion Uses House
For War Picture
Wednesday, May 24
Doris May
Midjet Comedy y
1,1 | ? I I mm
I will open my office for private
>ractice March 27th. Practicc conincd
to consultation and office work.
Officc hours, 9:00 A. M.- 12:30 P.
VI.; 2:00 P. M.-5:00 P. M. and by ap?
jointmcnt. * i
302-503 Exchange Bank Bidg.
Office Exhange Bank Building
2nd Floor, Rooms 212 and 213
Office Hours: 12 to 1 O'clock P. M,
and 3 to 4 O'clock P. M.
Other Hours by Appointment
Residence Phone 36
\ Office Phone, 66.
3rd Floor Exchange Bank Bldg
Broken Lenses Duplicated
The Great Adventure'
Official World war pic-flflj
;urc- showing actual sub-^
marine attacks, the
Meuse-Argonne struggle
and other thrilling .
incidents of the great I
ivar. Lieut. Ralph C. |
Bishop comes in person J
;o explain this picture, 1
under the auspices of
the American Legion. , (
Opera house, May 23. I
Continues from 2:30 to jfl
10:30 p. m. Admission fl
25 and 50 cents. |
jwelry Auc- l
rts Thursday
> attend.
izes given at
>aily 4 and 8
' /
velry Store

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