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I I - ? ??
r*~' 1
little howse: It is sc small
X have not found it yet ai all,
Ahd an year follows patient year,
Strange town* of countries tar and neftSt
gturn the answer: "Nay, not here!"
And yet I know the lamplight fall*
Caressingly up^n its wails.
And I would tou>.k them ii I could,
to know if they a:e atone or wood.
Ther? is a chair for you. and ther?
Jhe lifht falls yoldt-ii on your hair.
JPUt?with yc>:r graying lips unkissed
The ipiral shadows coil and twist
About you as >ou turn to mist. <
little house! Its window panea
gtung by a thousand passionate rain^
Art blind with ivy, and the moss
Oftept on the sill that we must crOM,
It would not be so hard to wait,
If I Were sur* about the gate.
M K?nir^n for h Trivial now.
To dazzled eyes, that marveied how
The sunrise rested on your brow
iut dawn is terrible unless
Love soothes it.s awful loveliness.
Ah, love, what fierce dawns storm and
The little house that wait3 somewhere!
?Mary Brent Whiteside, in Leslie's
"Weekly. j
Russia's Soviet Government Has Ap;
propriated Riches of Famous I
Church of Saint Sergius.
8t. Sergius' treasure of $300,000,000
has disappeared. Ited soldiers now
toj* as a barricade the buildings c?
what wni once regarded as the richest
and most famous convent of all
Russians save, possibly, that at
There are but five monks left,
in the monastery. Fifteen others liave
itaoved a mile and a half distant to
tfce Church of Gethsemane, at Cherfcigovskdya
where they have founded a
Gamble community and till the soil.
The other monks who lived at this vast
religious meeca, to which yearly went
IQQ.OBO pilgrims, have, been scattered.
ii* re j*re but few pilgrims now to
priy before the ikon of St. Sergius.
the miraculous powers of which was
supposed by Russians to have saved
tfci monastery from destruction by the
French army of invasion in 1S12. The
jewels of the open silver sarcophagus
of St. Sergius have been removes
or replaced with false ones, it
if claimed. Many of the vast treasure
cjf cimrcli vessels, mitres and croziers,
made of solid gold and inlaid with
precious StODes of immense value are
Missing. It is claimed that the loot
Zrym tliuitlx&ta * cqunicu ui
tht treasure of gold and silver and
predoeA stones of St. Peter's. Rome.
"!fbe monastery is uo\v clessed as a national
soviet museum and no services
are held within tlie ohnrcb.
V . c . . >
Mr. gverbroke: I want a good
diamond ring on credit. I've just
become engaged to the rich Miss
The Jeweler: ! am sorry to have
to refuse you. Our credit man reports
that It's difficult to get Miss
Goldenbonds to return her engage- .
ment rings. Call and see us when
you need wedding rings, i Thirty
days time?five per cent, off for j
Piano Box Shoe Store.
j.- Have you ever been in an oil boom
tcwn? The tope of striking oil is as
jreat an excitement as the finding of '
^old in '49. From the preliminary
KSBlUg 1)1 UlC liUJU, luc wuiunvu ui
Btock, to the setting uj) of a drill it has
all the glamor and glory of speculatlon.
Once oil is hir. the gusher opens
up not only wealth for the prospector (
but some measure of opportunity (or
the alert merchant. In the Arkanlias
fields almost overnight a line of stores
appeared. They weie nothing more
than shanties at the best, but the shoe :
store took the prize uf the entire
main street. It consisted of four piano
boxes containing the best grade boots ;
and the best calfskin shoes at a price
Reminiscent of the war period.?Boot
and Shoe Recorder. ,
New York Woman's Fool Idea.
Because she dyed her cat a beautiful
blue to harmonize with the furniture
of her apartment, a young woman Id j
XTa.^ XT I r? q 4 rror
1 Vi ik, ?nv ?il?> 3 one 10 a ouig&i,
was arrested on a cruelty charge by
the Humane society, a probation officer
who was sent to investigate the
cf.se told the magistrate that ihe singer
Jiad a three-room apartment all done in
Alice blue and had an Alice blue wnrd- i
robe. She wanted Otto to be of the
same shade and dipped him. Two
other cats that she had dyed had been
poisoned by licking off the dye. The >
magistrate gave her a suspended sen
tence and ordered the Humane society j
to keep the cat until its soft fur is j
once more clean and there is no farther
daiiger to its health.
Easy to Start.
"1 notice that some young women
have started a movement to teach the i
young men of their town how to talk i
when paying a call."
"A waste of time."
"Eh r
"All that is necessary when the young ]
chap gets his hat parked and himself I
seated on the edg*' of a chair is to say, i
Oh, Augustus/ Montmorency, Percival,
or whatever his name happens to be, '
Mo tell me about yourself I'Birzcia^
; Few Lscape Shafts of Small 1
God of Love.
Affection Has Been Weil Described at
a Specific Ailment; Also a
Form of Madness.
; ? !'
"Love is like measles.'' said a well|
known novelist, "for neaily every one
I must go through it." I
Slit- might with equal truth have
I added: "Ami like measlei, it is ? dis
! ease, with its marked and distillcvm7\
? t ,mc with vimntr naH- j
. ods of incubation and often with seri- |
| ous consequences.*'
However sentimentalists may scoff,
i love is beyond doubt a specific dis- j
t ease?"a fever, a ferment in the blood" ,
?a fact which has been recognized by j
writers of all ages. from Terence, who
wrote, "In love, in delirium," to Mrs. j'
E. B. Browning, who said. "We catch j1
love and fevers in the vulgar way." j.
Its attack is sometimes instantaneous.
remarks a London Tit-Bit writer.
A truant curl, a sudden glance (
from a pair of merry eyes, the pout j
of pretty lips, a dimple that comes and j.
goes, the sudden music of a voice?
and for many a man the deed is done, jJohn
Leech succumbed hopelessly (<
at the sight of a pretty face in a Lon- i ]
don street; a dainty figure seen ; j
through his telescooe was Garibaldi's i <
Immediate undoing, a sudden shower
1 i
nnd a shared umbrella cost Walter :
ficott his heart.
Over most men the disease creeps j
insidiously, marked by varying but J
recognizable symptoms?"a foolish sequence
of disordered sentimentalities."
They have fits of moodiness and abstraction
and a "brooding, fiangdog
They become unsociable and irritable?now
almost hysterical in their
hilarity, now plunged in an abyss of
gloom. Their appetite fails; they lose .
flesh. !
In proximity to the loved one they
often act in a manner distressing to
themselves and idiotic to others. At a
word they will Same scarlet and utter
in coherencies or imbecilities. They
will sit on their hats or put the sugar
tongs in the milk jug.
flTK^vV* .?Kav? nt 1?i or f-lirk
JL IlCiJ, UCU aw tUOL tilt LVikUiW V*.
incubation are over and the disease
is in full swing, the whole world is ;
metamorphosed for them.
This is the stage of delirium, in
which they see glorious visions and
move among phantoms. For them
there is only one woman in all the
world. She is a queen, a goddess.
Her faults are virtues, her virtues
Her voice, though it be raucous as
thai of raven, is sweetest music; her
face, her form, are the crown of fe- ?
male perfection. If they may not live
for her, all the boon they crave of the ;
gods is to be allowed to die for her.
This period of ecstasy may be iong
or short. Happy the man who soon j
emerges from it Into sanity, for tho
oth'ir way disaster and tragedy lie. i
It was in this mood that Hazlitt j
glorified the "kitchen slavey'- into a 1
divinity and worshipped prostrate at j
her shrine, and it was iu this mood
that hundreds of men have closed ;
great careers in tragedy, from Marc
An tan v ui TConlnneer. who shot him- :
self on his ado/ed one's grave.
But whatever tne symptoms, love is,
beyond all question, a disease fiiid
full of perils to its victim. It blinds ;
his eyes, paralyzes his judgment. It ;
is like auger, a madness, though, unfortunately,
not always trief.
No Wonder Folks Laughed. !
The sun was hiding somewhere. J
Anyway, it was nowhere to be seen, j
Little drops of rain splashed on the 1
window panes.
Taking an umbrella from the rack In
the hall, Saxton Daggles made his way ,
downtown to the office.
"Is it my imagination or are peo- !
pie really turning round to look at
me?" lie muttered, as he crossed over
one street and walked down another. :
? - ~ lu?U !
The ram was coming uovui u aiuc g
faster now. People scutried away, ,1
seeking sl>elter In neighboring door- '
ways. , * ;
"Well, it isn't my imagination," Dag- i
gles ejaculated to himseif. "And peo- i
pie are looking at me!"
"Darn it!" exclaimed Saxton Dag- j
gles crossly, for lie was stocking mak- j
er by his profession. "I'll Hud out i
why they're ail looking at me."
And he asked, a laughing letter car- j
rier. j
"Is there anything about me that |
would make people turn and stare?" j
he asked.
"Well, there's something above you ,
that might," returned the letter car- i
Looking up quickly, Saxton Dagglee !
saw that he had been carrying a cane ;
raised in the air instead of his umbrella,
the wf>ole time and in ail the
pouring rain.
Looking dnwi, again he found it was
quite wet.?Detroit News,
Canada's Mineral Production.
The value of Canada's mineral production
fur 1921 is officially estimated
at $169,552,000. This is a considerable ,
reduction from that of 1920. when the
figures were $227,859,000. While iu
certain departments there was a fall- j
Ing off in production, due partially to i
business depression, stili there is rea- j
son for the statement that the lower j
figures are due largely to the marked j
reduction in the price of minerals. To :
ward the end of the year the demand |
became more active: prices manifest- j
ed a tendency to rise. ar*d with the !
gradual aosorption of surplus stocks a
genera! Improvement in business wm
Officers Recover Goods Stolen in ;
Sheriff Blease and deputies came
in Friday from a hunt for thieves
who broke into the Chaffin Hiller
itore in Chapin iast Thursday night.
The officers brought with them five
young ^ien, who are charged with the j
crime. They are Willie Wicker, Otis'
Wicker, Otis Smith, Broadus Cor-j
ley and Melvin Davis. The goods sto-!
len amounted in value to $200, con- j
listing of 15 pairs of shoes and a <
number of pairs of overalls, socks,
shirts, knives, razors, etc.
Most of the goods have been found,!
some of them in the loft of a barn, j;
When Mr. Hiller found Friday morn
ing that his store had been broken
open he tracked an automobile to
Prosperity and told Deputy Quattle- !
baum about the affair. The officer!
tracked the car to where it turned j
off, but could not follow it further.
With Deputies Player and Taylor and
Magistrate Douglas and Constable |
Havird, their search resulted in the j
arrest of the five men. Sheriff Bleuse i
has notified Sheriff Ruff of Lexington!
in which county the crime occurred
to come for the men. They were tak-;.
sin to Lexington Saturday by officials '
from that county.
Another Shipn
Good Hi
Positively we have
i -* i ji
values m i siraps ana
We aim to make th
time to come. In ord
you real bargains.
Black Patent Lea
heel, $4.00 value at...
Black Kid one-stra
rubber heel, at
Old Ladies' plain t<
ber heel, at
Men's tan Englisl
heel, at
Men's tan, English
heel, at
And many other gc
Come to Sanders' I
10 pounds best Sug
Southern Silk Chev
Blue Bell Cheviots
1 bale Osenberg fo:
T. M. Sand
Orangeburg Man Accepts Position in
The State.
R. R. Bruner of Orangeburg. formerly
manager of the Coca-Cola Bottling
company there, has accepted the
position of secretary, treasurer and
manager of the Columbia Coca-Cola
Bottling company.
Mr. Bruner has been manager of
the Orangeburg plant for some years
and under his management a flourishing
and successful business has been
built up. He is a young man of ability
and comes with the highest recommendations
of his former business
associates. He is married and has
two children. Mr. Bruner will move
his family to Columbia early in June.
Eccentricities of Genius
The Interviewer?"And please, sir,
what have you to say on the subject
of anonymous letters?"
The Great Man?r"Stupid missives!
I admit I invariably read anonymous
letters?but I never answer them."
?Paris L'llluetration.
According to a Kansas paper the
candidate, while still a candidate,
tells what he will do; if defeated,
what he would have done; if elected,
what he can't do. And the piiblic
pays most attention to the promise.
>er and 1
lent Just Recei'
oge Montgomerj
never been able to off<
[ slippers as we are offei
is shoe sale one that wil
ler to do this we know \
- ft %(
I Think
An all Leather lac<
foot rubbed heel at .
A good medium he
? at .t.?;
Dark brown one-sti
\ to go in this sale at....
Dark brown Oxforc
foot rubber heel, at..
ther, one-strap low
p neat toe, Wingfoot
oe, flexible sole, rub
i Shoe, rubber heel,
$3.50 /
toe, Wingfoot rubber ^
Mens' tan English
Black Gunmetal, s
Men at
Black Scout Shoe.
$3.00 values at
! Tan Scout Plow Sh
>od values too numerous
Big Shoe Sale Saturday.
ar for
iots at
r making wheat sacks,
mmamammb* rs i wmmmBmmmafmmmm?mmmmmmrn jmer-.
ere Dry G(
Newberry, S. C.
j Remains of W. A. McDonald Laid t
Greenwood, May 22.?The funer:
of William Arthur McDonald, rai
road section foreman, who ^vas ii
Istantly killed near Belton y ester da
when a motor driven hand car jumj
. ed the track with him, was held th
j afternoon at Hodges with Knigh;
[Templar honors. A large number c
Knights Templars from Greenwoc
commandery officiated.
I Mr. McDonald was 34 years of
and was a graduate of Newberry co
lege. He is survived by his wife ar
two small children.
! Three other men who were wit
him on the hand car are said to hav
ibeen only slightly injured.
Did It?
! Two women who hated each oth<
|SO heartily that they always kisse
j when t.hey met, were talking in th;
; sweetly affectionate way in which w<
j" men on such terms converse.
One said, with a sigh, "My, how
hate to think of my thirtieth birtl
j "Heaven!" said the other, inn<
jcently. "What a memory you've go'
j Did -something unpleasant happen o
tb3t day?"
i ~
I ir ?? ! I 11?IWfn
W% m m
red of Those
sr such remarkable
*ing now.
1 be remembered for
ve will have to offer
of It!
3 SliDper with Wing
>el and toe one-strap
^ $1.75
ap Kid, worth $5.00
1, medium toe, Wing
i $2.98
t Shoe, rubber heel
ill Leather Shoe for
r Shoes
, blue leather sole,
A a * > id
oe, blue leather sole,
; to mention.
15c yd
15c yd
oat sacks, etc. at
12 l-2c
nhIs Store
a?H?g--"^?ifin?iin'" i wi?i?rn-rwa
;r" i m??-? J
rdict for QUALITY
" I
A year ago?
;,ri almost unknoi
31 Today ? a leac
A sweeping ve
t! ?
n " ;
1 ii i *m i ii mmii ni ii mini !
1 '
Ford parts, like aim
I are counterfeited. Imi
to SELL at the highest
grades of steel used
quality, specially heatFord
formulas for th<
Don't be misled?
PARTS made by the F(
ing you will get from
from them, and you wil
the same everywhere.
Ask for
When your Ford ea
tention, call on us. F
equipped, employ comj
uine Ford ana j?'orason
Fridy I
I Nev
J ..ii laiiin
mm rmrrrgiTin^T-n-miri aMS? mmmim
Cows oi
ME?u i ii -i<???.
of the towi
Cows will n<
j the Sidewa
| at any time
??. f JSJBBBaanaaMBaoaBMMBaB
Owners! m
ost everything else worth while,
itation parts are manufactured
passible rate of profit and the
are consequently not the same .
treated alloy steels specified in
e manufacture of GENUINE fljj|
Insist upon GENUINE FORD A
>rd Motor Company. By so do-% f
35 to 100 per cent more wear ^
1 pay the lowest possible cost? "" % .
Parts Price List r
r, or Fordson tractor needs at
or remember we are properly ^
>etent mechanics, and use Genparts
in all repair work:
Motor Co, J
'berry, S. C.
i Sidewalks j
to an ordinance J
i of Newberry, j
st be allowed on ;
Iks of the town }
i. C. McCarley
Chief of Police 1
?^ i

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