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Accomplishments Since August 15th, {
1921, to Date, and Propositions
Now Under- Consideration
1. During the month of Septem-j
ber, 1921, our Chamber of ( ??nmerce
in connection with the far -: demon-!
stration agent conducted a.resign [
in the interest of divers.;; i of!
crops. During this campaign about
thirty-five community- meetings were
held, the results of which there are
more cover crops in Newberry coun-!
ty today than ever in the history of;
the county. This campaign was re-!
vived during the month of February]
of this year. !
2. Established a credit bureau for ;
the beneiit of merchants and business!
men of Newberry who are members!
of the -ganization; this department!
has rendered and its at the present,
time renndering great service to the
3. Establishd a bureau to protect!
merchants and business men from:
fake advertising and unworthy solic-l
itations, this department has also ren- j
dered a great service and is in position
to render even greater service if
the merchants and business men
would give it proper cooperation.
4. Launched a campaign for the t
building of more homes, but on ac-i
count of the financial conditions this
campaign is being held in abeyance
until some future date, however, the
first attempt resulted in the pledging;
of some twenty new homes.
5. Launched a campaign to encourage
the farmers to take up dairy- i
ing which was really a part of the di-i
versified farming program. This
campaign has resulted in the establishment
of a creamery for Newberry j
which is now doing business and!
within the next few weeks will be in j
full operation.
6. The orgaization has worked
faithfully since it was organized to;
encourage new industries to locate j
in Newberry, but of course, on ac-j
count of financial conditions this,
work has been rather slow, however, j
at the present time the prospects for
two or three new enterprises for
Newberry look very promising.
1. The organization has at all
times cooperated very closely with
the ciiy officials in offering suggestions
and in lending actual work to- j
ward carrying out plans for various
municipal improvements.
8. The organization has likewise.
cooperated with the county officials!
in various movements which meant
the betterment of te county.
9. Some weeks ago the organiza-1
tion took up the matter of the under-;
pass between Prospritv. S. C., and
Little Mountain, S. C., which has:
been closed to traffic since last year,!
with the highway commission of
South Carolina, . and the Southern !
Railway company, and after much |
correspondence on the subject theyj
have been able to get the railroad j
commission to take the matter in i
hand and in a letter received from i
the railroad commission _ dated Mayj
25th, they advise that autom-ebile j
traffic over this highway will not have!
to endure the many inconveniences
in travelling over the detour.
- ~ mi x 1 _ L :
1U. ine organization nas m, va-i
rious times had the question of bet- ]
ter train service up with the railroads
entering Newberry and in a
short time hope to work out a plan
whereby Newberry will have better'
train and passenger service.
11. The organization has received
and answered more than three hun- j
dred inquiries rela^ve to Newberry.)
12. Last, but not least, this organ-;
ization has cooperated with all other j
organizations of the city and county,
in putting across numerous smaller j
TirV?if?Vi cro r\of TYiontinnpH ;
above, and it has at all times worked j
to bring about a better spirit of co-;
operation between the business in- i
terests and the fanners of Newberry i
Note: Neither the secretary i:or!
the board of directors wish to take
credit for any of the work outlined j
above, for without the undivided cooperation
of every member this work
could not have been accomplished. j
"^he scouts of Troop I met at headquarters
last Friday night. After the :
routine business, we discussed our!
summer camp. Those who had
brought their money for the camp
turned it in to the division of finance. |
If the weather permits we hope toj
start Tuesday or Wednesday, but if j
the rain and unseasonable weather1
continue we shall be forced t j nostpcne
our going a week.
It is said the game of golf v/.i - n-'
vented by Scotch shepherds, who, j
having nothing else to do. amused j
themselves by knocking stones acout
with their crooks. They measured:
off their holes :n circles, because in
that way they could keep watch over
their herds. The holes were marked
by a tag of wool attached to a stake, j
An Appeal t"? *he People of Newberry
to Fay More Attention to Their ,
City of the Dead
Editor The Observer:
I noticed in your edition of
12tn the mayor's proclamation f"clean
up week" from May 15:h
20th, urging the various organic-j
tions to cooperate in having a clean
and beautit'ui city. Something has
been done, -some of the stores and
residences are much improved; the
white way lamp columns and hv|
drants have been newly painted and
other necessary improvements are yet
being made to help beautify so interesting
a town.
I have watched the growth an i
progress of Newberry for man\
years; I love the old town and want
to be of service, as I expect to spend
here the remaining dsays alloted to;
me. and to be laid away in its sacred,
sod to await the resurrection morn. j
Along with the improvements be-j
ing made, I would like to see Rose-'
mont cemetery have attention; to'
have funds sufficient for a perma-'
nent perpetual plan for its "up-keep." j
I have wondered why the people of,
?f; good and enterprising a little city j
have paid so little attention to the!
naturally beautiful burying place? j
Kosemont cemetery?where their
own loved dead are resting. The
place could be made beautiful. Can't j
we do something about improving it?;
The name is very attractive; then;
why not make the place so?
I have heard the expression, "The
dead are helpless: the living do not
care." While our cemetery has that j
appearance, I trust it ic not true chat
we do not care. May I say we only;
have not been soncerned in our;
thought in connection with others
that shouhi be equally interested.
Let us get together in des-iring the.
improvement of the grounds where ;
our loved ones sleep and where we
ourselves expect to be at oome time.;
Other towns not so far away have'
beautiful cemeteries; Laurens, for!
instance. The people have made their
.* V. 1 J? I
siopins^ niiisiae oeauuiui lor ine'iri
sacred dead. They would not be:
ashamed to take you to their ceme-;
terv if you were a stranger visiting
there. See the little cemetery at
Batesburg, I know they are proud of'
so beautiful a place for their loved .
dead. Neither of these will compare .
in natural beauty with our own Rose- i
mont. ?
Why rot all lot-owners, and all,
good citizens who care for a nice ,
cemetery to get together and do
things that will tell for Rosemont? i
We contribute of our means for the
Red Cross, Salvationnn r.rmy, Young
r.^en's and Young Women's Christian
associations, the Rescue homes and!
various other good things; but these |
do not improve our cemetery.
Do we really want to improve this!
sacred spot? Or are we just think-j
ing about the money? It will take,
money, and a good deal of it; a few ;
hundred dollars will not do what must:
be done. We must think in the thous-!
ands if we want a beautiful place ami:
wont if loef XK7a mne+ Trstrn -fnr'ficl
for the purpose, invested funds, the i
interest of whiA will keen the cem-1
for all time. Can we have it? i
Do we care to have it? If so, it will j
be a certainty.
Will the trustees of the cemetery j
who have been faithful for many:
years in doing1 all they could to m ike 1
the cemetery presentable, and the'
Civic league call a meeting of the cit- '
izens of Newberry, as well as the lot- j
owners and get some plan started and :
not "let up" till their ideals are!
accomplished? The trustees have j
done the best thefc* could with the i
limited means at their command, j
Most of their money came from the:
sale of lots, and many lots sold have '
not been paid for. If those who nave J
not titles to their lots will consult the!
secretary's books, they could learn j
whether their lots are r.-aid for or not.!
The trustees have r.-j one at work at i
ihe cemetery, as ail money they had :
in hand gave out. They purchased !
the plot of land nortv of the original!
cemetery some years ago, and sold j
all the lots, some of which are not i
paid for yet. The trustees not so'
long ago purchased three acres South
of the original cemetery from the col-;
lege trustees, for which they paid j
SI.800, part of the money being borrowed
from one of the banks, part of ]
which is still due: hence they have no
money to work with. Then, too, I
think it time for the good people of i
our town to take interest in this matter
that should be close to their j
hearts, for they seem interested in !
other things that re^ money.
Rosernont cemetery e.icvM ">e veryi
dear to them.
I may have something -v re to say i
at some time regarding a "perpetual
; care plan," but first let us get this |
matter before the people. While 1
am one of the cemetery trustees, I
am not writing by their request or
I know the trustees are grateful j
I 1
for all the help the town authorities
ami others have rendered.
J?. Y. Leavell.
Negro University to Have Administration
Building Costing Over
The State. 31st.
The cornerstone of Chappelie au- <
ministration building at Allen university
was laid yesterday after-'
The principal address at the layihg
of the cornerstone of the administra-j
::cn buildm.? yesterday afternoon,'
was by Superintendent J. E. Swear-1
ingen of the department of eduea
tion. Rif.nop Chappelle said in in-'
troduc;:.jr Mr. Swearingen that he had:
learn. <! ..f Mr. Swearingen's inten
tion to run for governor of the state,
but Mr Swearingen had done so much
good for the public schools that he
would rather see him "remain in the ;
office "f -"tate superintendent of education
There was a large crowd present.
The speaking was on a platform in
the open at the corner of Taylor and
Harden streets where the new build
ing is being erected. Mr. Swearingen j
gave the negro audience a splendid
" ' ' - * 1.: ^.1
taJK along ine lines 01 maivmg uiem- i
selves more useful through the right i
kind of education. He said that the ;
school problem was fundamental and
must be handled by white and black
people working in a spirit of mutual '
help. Mr. Swearingen wa>3 listened
to attentively and loudly applauded
at times.
Mr. Swearingen complimented the
management of Allen university on1
the excellent showing being made in :
the work 01 the college. He said Dr. ;
Jesse Jc-res of the Phelps Stokes foun
dation made a survey of all negro '
colleges and high schools in the Sou-!
them states, and his report showed ;
that Allen university has furnished !
more teachers than any of the other/
cr*l")nr\1c anvwliprp Tf this Inrp-p Tilim- I
ber from Allen are fully prepared for J
their work they have an opportunity i
to render valuable service, he said.'
Following Mr. Swearingen were addresses
by C. C. Johnson of Aiken,i
grand master of she negro Masons,;
and I. D. Davis of Sumter, also one ;
of the leaders of the negro Masonic !
grand lodge. The stone was laid by j
the negro Masons. On behalf of the i
trustees of Allen a response was de- 1
livered bv L. R. Nicholds of Charles-;
. % i
ton. ;
The new buiding at Allen is to
cost $11G,500 and wh-'n completed!
will eclipse anything of kind in a
negro college of the South, according,
I *
Belting Belting
With 58 rolls of Gandy, Ru
Belts in stock we are in position
Have a large stock of Cresce
Columbia Sup
823 West Gervais Street
S;:3?l it backward
We take pleasure
?nnointment as KI
?r i
George W.
The Royal
KLIM is milk?goo<
milk, free from all da
in powdered form. It
removed, and to have t
have only to restore wa
KLIM is not a new
of homes throughout t'
have been using it for >
firood milk in handy pow
j * h're milk supply. In soi
I in a year is equal to c
consumed in any form.
We feel that throuj
I in this territory KLIM v
in the market. '1
; every housewife a const
j try fresh milk.
j KLIM, you see, is p<
j ways in less than twen
rows are milked. Now
diately to our distributo
day to day, will be cons
. freshest milk.
i- ^
to comments made by some of the i
leaders who have seen most of the i
school plants for negroes.
Fifteen thousand, four hundred
dollars was received by Allen university
yesterday by the board of
trustees in annua! session. The bulk
of the money was brought in by the
presiding elders from their districts
throughout the state. The largest
amount, was reported from the Palmetto
conference. This conference i
reported $3.2<i0. The South Carolina
conference reported $3,149, the Coa
lumbia conference $2,(!.~>2. the Xorthetst
conference $2,651, and the Piedmont
conference $2,">05. Nearly $1,-'
100 was received from other sources.
The address to the graduates in
theology was delivered last night by ;
W. R. A. Felder of Charleston. The
address to the alumni association will
be delivered tonight by Dean G. H.:
Jones of Wilberforce, Ohio.
To Wed ThU Wee'c I
Pomnria, June 4.?Invitations have
been issued to the wedding of Miss
Narvis Rae Setzler of Pomaria to
Johnnie James Able of Leesville the
ceremony to take place Thursday,
June 8, at 12 o'clock, noon, at the
Pomaria Lutheran church. The Rev.
A. L. Gunter of the First Methodist
church of Gaffney, brother-in-law of
the 'bridegroom-elect, will perform
the ceremony. j
To Build Highway
White Rock, June 4?The Chatham
Paving1 company of Savannah has fin-'
ished paving the Appalachian high-,
way from the bridge across the "Columbia,
Newberry & Laures railroad,
at Ballentine to Columbia and is now,
bringing all of their equipment to
While Rock to pave this part of the'
highway to the line between Richland
and Lexington counties, just be-'
1 TT-u._ Ti + +A
voq miiou. it ii5 ljit*11 uiitiiuvii iv
complete this work in two months, j
. !
President Kenly Says Practically,
Every Railway Will Voluntarily
Make Reduction
Wilmington, C., May 31.?The
Atlantic Coast Line Railway company
will accept the 10 per cent general
decrease m rreignt raies canea ior m
a recent semi-order of the interstatej
commerce commission, President:
John R. Kenly announced tonight, j
President Ken^* also stated that'
practically every road included in the
Southern group would voluntarily,
cept the reduction, President Kenly;
commission. k- *
In making the announcement to-1
night that the Coast Line would ac-.
c-cpt the reductio, President Kenly
-J ? I
Belting Belting j
ibber, Leather JVeea ana naner !
to take your orders. .
nt Adjustable Wrenches.
>ply Company
Columbia, S. C.
in announcing the ^
-IM distributor for
, Crommer
Coffee Co.
J, fresh, whole country
ngerous bacteria?milk
is milk with the water
he best liquid milk you
ter to the powder.
product. In thousands
he country, housewives I
-ears, depending1 on this
dered form for their enne
cities the KLIM used
>ne-fifth of all the milk
?h our new distributors
'ill soon take its rightful
rhprp is now assured to
ant supply of rich counrwdered
and packed ality-four
hours after the
it will be shipped immer
who, by ordering from
tantlv handling only the
New York
_? !
stated that his road would find it |
tiecfssa':v to cut* wagts of employees
in proportion to the decrease in
freight rate?.
An increase in the volume of business
as a result of the cut in rates is
looked fur by President Kenly, but
he expects this to "be only temporary.
"I do not look for any permanent increase
in freight traffic," Mr. Kenly
said, "until economic conditions are
stabilized in Europe."
Notice of acceptance of the reduced
rate order has been forwarded to
the interstate commerce commission.
Movie star.- are fixed .stars?well
fixed stirs.
Scholarship and Entrance Examinations
The examination for the award of
vacant scholarships in" the University
of South Carolina and for admission
of new students will be held at the
county court house July 14, 1922, at
0 a. m. Applicants must not be less
than sixteen years of age. When
scholarships are vacant after July 14
they will He awarded to those making
the highest average at examination,
provided they meet the condi
tions governing the award. Applicants
for scholarships should write to
President Currell for scholarship
blanks. These blanks properly filled
out by the applicant should be filed
with President Currell by July 10.
Scholarships are worth $100, free tuition
and fees. For further information
President W. S. Currell
University of S. C.
Columbia, S. C.
6-G-3t 1 taw *
A special election will be held at
the town hall, in the town of Whitmire,
S. C'., between eight a. m. and
four p. m. on June 7, 1022, at which
election there will be submitted to :he
qualified registered electors of the
town of Whitmire the question of
?i?it.?. oVftii ".-!cno ftsn.nnn
?V 111 til CI U L U W 11 CUUll i'juuv y v v j?? w v
bonds for enlarging and extending
the town water works, and the furthem
question of *.viiethe% said town
shall issue $50,000 bonds for enlarging
end extending the town sewerage
On May 18, 1022, the twentieth
day before said election, the Supervisor
of Registration will'' open the
l.ooks of registration at the town hall
in the town of Whitmire, and will
keep the same open, except Sundays,
until May 27, 1922, the tenth day
before said election, for the registration
of the names of qualified electors.
By order of the Mayor and Aldermeh
of the town of Whitmire.
'i;: . S. A. JETER,
Town Clerk.
ft T 1/MlT
JVlIINli 1 KA 1 IUrt
The State of South Carolina, County
of Newberry, by VV. F. Ewart,
Probate Judge.
Whereas, Jno. H. Wicker, E. B.
Setzler and C. S. Suber hath made
suit to me to grant tf.pm Letters of
Administration- of the estate ard effects
of John 0. Koon, deceased.
There are, "therefore, to cite and.
admonish all and singular the Kindred
and Creditors of the said John
0. Koon, deceased, that they be and
appear before me, in the Court of
Probate, to be held at Newberry, S.
C., on Monday, June 5th next, after
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, to show cause, if any
they have, why the said Administration
should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 17th day
of May, Anno 'Domini 1922.
P. J. N. Co.
The State'of South Carolina, County
of Newberry, by W. F. Ewarfc,
Probate Judge.
Whereas, J. A. Darby hath made
suit to me to grant him Letters of
Administration of the estate and effeetcs
of W. J. Aughtry, deceased.
There are, therefore, to cite and
admonish ail and singular the Kindred
and Creditors of the said W. J.
Aughtry, deceased, that they be and
appear before me, in the Court of
Probate, to be held at Newberry, S.
C., on Saturday, June 3rd next, after
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, to show cause, if any
We a
machines that w<
. ready for busine;
We have re
cars rolling, and
trade as usual.
'i i
they have, why the said Administra|
tiorj aid not be granted.
Given under my hand this KJth day
of M:iv, Anno Domini 1922.
P. J. X. Co.
i __ :
Winthrop College
The examination for the award of
! vacant scholarships in Winthrop colj
lege and for admission of new stu|
dents will be heid at the county court \
; house on Friday, July 7, at 9 a. m. j
' Applicants must not be less than sixteen
years of age. When scholarships
! are vacant after Julv 1 they will be i
i i i j i ,
lawaruea ro tnose nias:ng ine mgnest
I average at this examination, provided
(they meet the conditions governing
(the award. Applicants for scholar-;
;ships shouid write to President John-,
!son before the examination for schol-;
jarship examination blanks.
Scholarships are worth $100 and
ifree tuition. The next session will:
jopen September 20th, 1922. For fur-'
;thor information and catalogue, ad-:
1 dress Pres. D. B. Johnson, Rock Hill, j
; S. C. 4-28-tf!
: We the undersigned Jury Commis-j
sioners for Newberry County, South;
;Carolina, will on the sixth (6) day of
jJune, 1922, at nine (9) o'clock a. m.,
; publicly draw the names of thirty
j six (3G) men to serve as jurors for
| the C'curt oT General Sessions for
i ??
Effective May 20th to Septer
be sold for all trains Saturdays
i:;g Tuesdays following date of s
Following low "fares will ?.;op]
Asheville, N. C $6.90
Brevard, N. C $6.90
Charleston, S. C $7.50
FLU Rock, N. C $5.85
Hendersonville, N. C $6.00
Lake Toxaway, N. C ?7.80
Mountain Home, N. C $C.15
Skyland, N. C $6.55
Try on, N. C ?5.05
Waynesville, N. C $3.15
For farther information an(
Ticket Agents.
But tl
,i . /
Perhaps no man is eve
the value of automobile tl
i-- "! ~
owner vvnu leaves a uuaint
cnil, to find his car gone fr(
the owner is either hopeles
relief he realizes that he h
Make a memo n
James A
1103 Caldwell St.
Member Newberry C
re running
r we have rigged U]
ere not so badly dc
placed our stock a)
are in nosition to ta
erry Lumb
Phone 56
[amber Newberry Chamber of Commer
Xcwberry County, which will convene
on the iOth day of June, 1922, at
10 o'clock a. ni. . ?
.May 25th, 1922.
The creditors of the estate of E. P.
Matthews, deceased, are hereby no- (
tified to render an account of their
demands against said estate, duly at- . .
tested, to the undersigned by July %
i of ur\H nil nprsnns indebted to
the deceased will make payment to
the undersigned.
o-26-3t ltaw
I will make a final settlement of the
estate of Julia D. Brown in the Probate
Court for XewJerry County, S. K
(\, on Friday, the 23rd day of June,
1022, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon ?
and wiil immediately thereafter ask
for my discharge as Administrator of
aid estate.
All persons having claims against
the estate of Julia D. Brown, deceased,
are hereby notified to file the
same, duly verified, with the undersigned,
and those indebted to said
estate will please make payment likewise.
| Newberry, S. C., May 24, 1922.
rfD FAKfcS
nber 30th, round trip tickets will
and Sundays limited for returnsale.
!y from Newberry:
Arden, N. C $6.45
Black Mountain $7.60
Campobello, S. C $4.70
Fletcher, N. C $6.35
Hot Springs, N. C $8.55 v
Lake Junaluska, N. C $8.05 .
Saluda, N. C $5.45
Tybee, Ga $8.95 <
Tuxedo, N. C $5.70
Walhalla, S. C $5.00
1 Pullman reservations apply to
** 4 - * ,V
le car A
gone m
r so keenly appreciative of ^
left insurance as the car
iss appointment or a social J
)m its parking place. Then
sly at sea or with a sigh of ; % .
as a theft insurance policy.
' ' " ] ;
ow to Telephone
% j
L Burton
&eal Estate.
Newberry, S. C.
Chamber of Commerce
_ t S.
\ - I
1XV Tt
p a few of the
imaged and are
tid have several
ike care of our
er Co.

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