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John Danielsen hasn't got a thing
on Sam Beam. They both drive oil
trucks for Summer Bros, company.
Sam, too, painted his truck until it,
alio, looked like a new one, with his
name on it.
W. W. Wannamaker was up on a
charge of exceedig the speed limit
with his motorcycle. He pleaded his
own case before the recorder Friday,
but received a sentence of $15 or 80
days. Mr. Wannamaker gave notice
of appeal and was released on bond
pending the appeal.
B. A. Garrison, who parked his car
over ten minutes in College street,
was in recorder's court Friday for
trial. Demanding a jury he got one,
as follows: Claude Sanders, foreman;
Philip Daitch, C. C. Spoon, G. A.
Livingston, Jordan Pool and F. W.
Stanton. They foud him guilty but
recommended that the recorder make
his fine as light as possible in view
of the fact that Mr. Garrison was a
Stranger. He paid the fine of $1. It
was he who wrote the Observer a
criticism of the police department on
the parking of cars as seen by strangers.
Newberry city has in the field the
following traveling salesmen: Dr.
E. H. Bowman, R. E. Leave!l, S. B.
Jones, G. F. Wearn, T. 0. Stewart,
Robt. L. Epting, R. D. Smith, Jr.,
Rhett Boozer, H. S. B. Kibler, Callie
McWhirter and Mr. Day, a new man
for the Summer Bros, company.
R. L. Schumpert of Newberry and
R. M. Blair were among the graduv.nn?;,.;nnr
at the Woff
ord college commencement last week.
We of Wheeler street thank Street
Supervisor Werts lor having his
hands work that strip of land. Wheeler
street is not a thoroughfare, neither
is it an alley. It is only a small
pie<je of earth containing two residences,
not counntig those of Messrs
Dan Wicker and John Swittenberg on
the corners fronting College street,
but it is part of the Newberry world
and has connection with the city.
Thank you, Mr. Supervisor, for
"cleaning up" little Wheeler streetCome
again, some other time.
Dr. B. Hatcher Maynard died at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. Simpson,
at Pelzer on Friday morning at
" the
O O CXOCA. ilia rYiiv 0
Christmas holidays of last year at the
old W. E. Clary home in Saluda
county, where and when Dr. Maynard
also was critically ill. Mrs. Maynard
was the sister of Messrs. J. H., M. W.,
and J. R. Clary, and Mrs. Minnie
Wallace and Mrs. J. S. Floyd of New'
berry. The bodv of Dr. Maynard
was brought through the country for
burial at Pine Pleasant church Sunday
morning, and was attended by a
large crowd of relatives and friends
from the surrounding counties.
? j n' "*r 1,,vd
ivir. ana jyins. w . iu. .uvuiu^ ji*> v
moved to Newberry to make their
home. Mrs. Mooney has accepted a
position in the Newberry graded
school to teach the 3rd grade, the
same grade that she taught in Edgefield
the past session.?Edgefield
Candidates are slow to show themselves
in Newberry?'ceptin' for
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Cromer and
daughter, Miss Nina, Mr. and Mrs.
W. S. Lominack and Mr. and Mrs. L.
S. Boozer returned last week from
a motor trip to Chimney Rock and
There is still another insurance
man in Newberry?Mr. L. B. Schumpert,
representing the People's Life
Insurance company. The field is
wide and no doubt the new agent will
do well.
A card from Mr. Harry Campsen,
written at the hospital on Thursday,
says: "I am doing fine today." Good.
Miss Gladys Rives, one of Edgegfield's
widely beloved and very popular
brides-elect, arrived from Manning
Saturday night, where she has
been teaching for the past session.
Already she is being feted and showered
with social attentions.?Edge
field Advertiser.
Wheeler street is not the only street
outside of the buisness portionn of the
city to have been worked lately by the
street force of hands. Mr. Werts has
had a good many of the streets worked,
and is still at it. He will b^ all
around in due course of time,
of time.
^Iis<3 Lenore Broaddus went to Columbia
and brought from the hospital
on Saturday her partner, Miss Anne
O. Ruff, who came back smilling and
1 _ _ !_ V It * T '
iOOKing as wiougn sne was ieeimg
good for buisness," although a little i
weak from the operation. After she !
fully regains her health and strength i
she will be better able to resume work
with her accustomed vim and pep.
The happy commencement season
of Newberry college is now on in lull.
Hear the juniors tonight, Monday,
and get ready for the rest.
Edgar Hart, a popular knight of j
the road who travels out of Edgefield, !
is here visiting his parents, Mr. and '
Mrs. Jams E. Hart.?Edgfield Adver-!
tiser. Mr. Hart has a "date" in Newberry
on the 15th instant.
I Mrs. F. W. Higgins has gone to
Bishopvilie to visit the daughter, Mrs.
John Muldrow. She was accompanied
by her daughter. Mrs. Leo
Wright, and Mrs. Wright's father-inlaw,
of Anderson.
Prof. Wm. I). Halfacr*, superinten- |
dent of the Hemnii-.igwiy schoo1. and i
Prof. Smiley Porter, principal of the
Bowman school, arrived last week to]
spend the vacation at their homes.
These approaching marriages so
near at hand form beautiful coincidences.
We mentionend in Friday's
paper two to occur on the same
oi-oniniT Q n A oT tVtP 5nr>1P hour. 8 t30
j Wednesday, the Fant-Meeks wedding
in Newberry and the Rives-Greneker
wedding in Edgefield. We have another
coincidence to relate in the
Keitt-Hart wedding in Newberry and
the Adickes-Moore wedding in York,
both to take place on the evening of
the 15th instant and both in the
Presbyterian church, the former at
9 o'clock and the latter at 8:30. The
point of interest here in the York
wedding is that the bride's mother
jwas formerly Miss Helen Wardlaw of
j Newberry.
| Mrs. Caroline Burn took a "quick
i notion'' Saturday to go over to Rock
| Hill, the occasion of her sudden departure
being the arrival that morning
or*a little boy in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Richard Phillips, and she
wanted to see her new grandnephew,
the young mother being the daughter
of Mrs. Burns' sister, Mrs. Elizabeth
Melton of Helena, and who is'pleasantly
remembered as Miss Louise
Melton, a recent Winthrop graduate.
Mrs. C. D. Walter and two children
of Birmingham arrived Saturday
night to visit her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Bowman.
Lloyd Alien Julien of Charlotte has
just arrived on a visit to his half
brother, Mr. Carl T. Julien, and will
accompany the scoutmaster and his
troupe to enjoy camp life. Mrs. Julien
will be "the lady of the camp"
to help the master keep the boys "on
their dignity" while away from home.
They hope to get off in a day or two
for Herbert's pasture. May they all
have a good time and not be pestered
with the awful mosquito and his aggravating
companions whose only
aim, occupation and ambition is to
annoy honest people.
Mrs. Arthur McDonald and two
children of Hodges stopped over at
Helena for the week-end with her
stepmother, Mrs. E. E. Melton, on
their way to visit relatives at Kibler's
Among the returned school teachers
are Miss Grace Wilbur from Lancaster
and Miss Frances Thompson
from Latta.
The recent McDonald-Robinson
wrestling match created much interest,
both men having friends and each
side "pulling for his man.'' Hence,
when Robinson won out over his
opponent the adherents of the victor
were glad that he "had beat the other
man." That seems to be a big trait
of many men?just to "beat the other
man." They carry it out in politics,
and some voters take more delight
and have more keen enjoyment
in this particular than in anything
else during a campaign.
M fss Nell Scruggs of Lykesland
spent the week-end with Miss Evelyn
Wise in Little Mountain.?The State.'
Mrs. Everard Blackshear of Colum-1
bus, Ga., is visiting her sister Mrs.
George Johnstone. j
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bowles have as
their guest Mrs. SamueJ P. Bowles of!
? J
In the clubwomen's department of j
Sunday's State, the publicity manager
of the South Carolina division,
U. D. C., "gladly makes a correction
in reference to the organization of j
the four districts into which the division
is now divided." She says the
plan was first recommended by Mrs.
R. D. Wright, then president of the
South Carolina division, at the Newberry
Mrs. Jack Chappeil is spending a j
few days in Abbeville with her
grandmother who is very ill.
Mr. G. \. Gallman of North AuIgusta,
an alumnus of Newberry college.
is in town for commencement.
Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter and Miss
Eloise Earhardt of Newberry were
visitors here Sunday.?Mrs. Ella Bur+
n.- J- J-I
I ivu vi e is u:e ^ut'isi, inis;
week of Mrs. Nannie Ferguson. ?<
Miss Carrie Mitchell is visiting Mr.!
land Mrs. Joe Simpson, in Whitmre.? f
j Col. E. H. Aull and wife of Newber-j
jry, and President S. J. Derrick of
j Newberry college, were here Sunday
for the Lutheran services.?Clinton il
Chronicle. I
This hot weather is enough to bake
a man, or woman either.
Prof. G. P. Voigt will leave Wednesday
to spend until the opening of
the summer school of Newberry col-.,
lege with his parents, Dr. and Mrs*]
A. G. Voigt.
Children's day exercises will be,
held at Clayton Memorial Sunday)
school on Sunday, June 12, be>;in-'
ning at 11 o'clock. There will ?jrob,
ably be an address also durir.g the j
day. Dinner will be served on the
j ground.
| Mrs. William Dalton Ott leaves toi
day for Edgefield to be one of the
| dames of honor at ihe wedding of
Miss Gladys Rives :o Thomas Benja;
min Greneker on Wednesday evening
; at the First Baptist church. After the
| ceremony the bride's brother-in-law,
j and sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hugh
j Nicholson, will give a brilliant recep
1 ?./\ /] A>noc?fc; A
| tion lor several nunuicu -?
j number of other Columbians will go
j over for the wedding.?The State.
\ 4th. Newberry will be represented,
j but the reporter regrets his inability
I to attend, owing to the condition of
| the groom's aunt, Miss Carrie Grene|
ker, who would be happy to be there
i if she only could.
Rev. R. A. Goodman and family,
during the college holidays, will spend
j the summer in North Carolina. Prof.
1 Goodman will spend several wt ks at
' the Blue Ridge conference.
A lot of pergonals and other material
will be necessarilv crowded out
J v
: this issue.
Miss Sadie Goggans has accepted
! a position to travel for the Practical
Drawing company of Dallas, Texas,
for the summer, first traveling North
**? i:? ...'Uw.k ninocinf wnrk ?hp be
j ^aroima, nuitn ..
1 gan Monday. This is "the right wo'
man in the right place."
Paul McCullough and Walter Miller
of Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, N. C.,
' college mates of Luther Cousins
' are spending the Newberry college
j commencement with him.
Miss Mamie Rodelsperger, who ac:
companied the remains of her motner
' from Nashville, returned Sunday to
; her home in that city, carrying with
. her the sympathy of many friends in
J the hour of her sadness.
Mrs. Delia Kitchings of near Aiken
| is a commencement guest at the home
* TT" T a n/ ! fjim.ilv.
01 -VI I. Xi. O . UIVS1I - ? J i
Prof. Jas. C. Kinard of Newberry
' college speak? at Swansea school
. house and will spend the rest of the
week with his interesting little fami
ily at the home of Mrs. Kinard's par1
ents, Hon. and Mrs. D. F. Efird in
Mrs. P. G. Ellisor is in Columbia
! with the doctor. She sends the cheer!
ingr word that Dr. Ellisor will be able
} to leave the hospital the latter part
: of the week.
Miss Maude Abrams of Columbia is
spending the season at the home of
her uncle, Mr. H. H. Abrams.
Dr. and Mrs. Gotwald and little
David will leave Wednesday for Ohio.
| Dr. Gotwald will return for the sumJ
mer school which begins at Newberry
' nn .Tlllv 1 0
w ~ J
I The sales from the community mar;
ket Saturday amounted to $112.G3.
| Since January 1 the sales have been
jS2,468. We call this Success with a
capital S.
Arranging to attend the conven:
tion of the South Carolina Bankers'
| association in Asheville June 13-15
| are Mr. and Mrs. Jno. M. Kinard,
i Miss Rook Kinard, Jno. M. Kinard,
! Jr., J. Y. McFall, B. C. Matthews, T.
K. Johnstone.
Prof. V/. H. Gaver of Newberry
college will leave Wednesday for his
! home in Virginia. will spend part
j 01 his vacation in Ner.v York city.
J All children of Central Methodist
i Sunday school win please come to the
j church at 4 a'colck Tuesday after|
i Messrs. Walter, Grover and Jack
Davenport and Mrs. J. T. Bouknight
motored to Mayo Sunday to see thenuncle,
Mr. J. H. ;Senn, who is verv
Miss Sudie Davenport is visiting
her sister, Mrs. F. H. Boozer of Clinton.
Mr R. M. SmtV. Mr. Lewis Smith
and Miss Elizabeth Smith of Anderson
are visiting Mrs. W. 0. Wilson
and attending comanencement.
Master Luther B.oozer and his sister
Miss Janie Booz>er spent from Saturday
until Monday with their brother,
John Boozer, in Clinton.
Misses Miriam McCullough, Lou
ise Thompson and Ollie Bull of Columbia
are visitncr Mies Pauline Boozer
and attending commencement.
Winthrop Chapter
The Winthrop chapter will meet
Wednesday afternoon, June 7th, at
5 o'clock, with Mrs. J. W. Kibler. All
members are asked to bring: their
alumnae, dues.
J\Irs. H. M. Bryson, Pres.
Miss Corrie Havird, Sec. ^
Test Cows for Tuberculosis
Will tuberc-jiin test cows Saturday,
June 10th, a? follows:
0 nV-lnr-V p f "R A. Havird's Stable.
2 o'clock at Mollohon Lutheran
church. '
H o'clock at Willow Brook park.
Price S1.X30 per head.
Dr. T. B. Jacobs.
A Card of Thanks
We want; to thank our kind friends
and n eigh "no rs for their kindness
shown u<3 during the illness a~id death
of our dear mother, Mrs. Louisa
Carter. '"May the richest blessings of
heaven re.st upon each one of you.
^ > The Children.
I -V ^ <S> <& <$> ',* -J> $> <$> \J> ^ 't1 <i> ;
I <4> .
k *i
I i
i j
i :
Bv R. H. Greneker i
I: doesn't take much to win the love I
i Of a little girl or boy;
iOnlv a word of kindness,
1 ^ i a- AU^.W*
ur a ut?(?u iu cJicm ju.i.
I ;
* j
(Their hands reach out to him they
j Their little hearts 'oeat true,
| To him who has their confidence,
Though that man be me or you. j
j Their twinkling eyes shine bright
with love
A3 they greet you on the street,
And their faces glow and beam so full
Of friendship pure and sweet.
jBut the man who wins the children's
Himself must give his heart
i To the little ones who cling to him,
! Each playing its childish part.
I Their yearning love must be met by
j In affection deep and strong.
j Because no man can fool a child?
j It right man knows from wrong.
! The children know at once their
They feel the love he shows;
They know his friendship cannot be
By any wind that blows.
Who would have friends, the good
Book says, *
Must himself true friendly be;
iSo with the love^of a little child
In its dealing with you and me.
Xo man the heart of a child can win
With a heart that iti hard and cold;
Love meets love with an honest grip,
Be the subject young or old.
; 1 .
jSome hearts the wealth of earth crave
i While some for power beat wild,
I Ti.-i 4-U^, + ?- V\ I v-i rr in li-fo +r> TV)
ULlb IIIC SWCClUIr Ulillg ill !><.<. t-v, ...V,
Is the love of a little child.
? i.
It comes likje the flowers and the
birds and the sun,
And the music that God gives to
|And it comforts and gladdens the
heax't of the man
Who believes it and knows its true
| worth.'
(The laughter of children is music to
me, ^
A - r^-r\r+r\ 1.-? OKAVO
AS LfJC (jt'HU liuin ciiifrir.iu <A. KS\J ? v- j
Borne o'er the land by the breezes
that come
| Fresh from the fountains of love,
|As "a song in the air,"
And "a bird in the sky,"
(And "a mother's soft prayer,"
J And "a baby's low cry."
^It keeps fresh and young the life of
the man
| Whose mind is filled with the gold
! Of children's love in this beautiful
j And his heart will never grow old.
| Oh, if men could but Gee in their mad
rush for wealth,
| For greed and for gain here below,
I How rich they would be in the
| world's truest joys,
I If they'd grasp and hold fast to
| * this store.
I r *
' To feel the fond clasp of a warm
iitnu iiuiiu,
i And the embrace of a glad girlish
j Would prompt the heart of the rightthinking
I To shield and protect them from
p harm.
; i
Il eases the burdens and lightens the
.Of the man who has trials to bear,
Who struggles alone in the battle*of
With cares to his limit his share.
God joless the child, be it boy, be it
In the innocense and beauty ol
^ With life clean and pure and hear!
J mat is iuii
Of the goodness and glory oi
Who would or who could hurt the
soul or the heart
i Of one of these jewels here given?
.Vat the man who was taught in his
youth to believe
?'For of such is the kingdom of
Calvin Crozier Chapter jl
The Calvin Crozier chapter of U. j
D. C. will meet Thursday, June 8. atj
4 o'clock at the home of Mrs. B. T. j
Anderson, with Mrs. Paul Anderson
and Misses Carabel and Tilla West j _
as associate hostes.vs. Xoti? change (
of time. I
Miss Julia Kibler, Pres. ]
Mrs. J. L. Feagle, Sec.
I am a candidate for reappointment'
as masg;>strate at Pomaria and will i
abide the Democratic primary.
i I am a candidate for reelection to
Congress from the Third Congressional
District, subject to the rules of (
1 the Democratic oarty.
- ?- i
Fm- ^a 1 ?17n-nrrp well timbered
I farm four miles from Augusta, <
\ bargain at ?5,000. Will trade fcr .
j* merchandise or real estate in Newj
iberry. Address G. X. Gailman,
I North Augusta, S. C.
| G-G-ltD i
: : i ;
Ifar Sale?One Oliver Xo. 9 type-'
writer, practically new, cheap for;
cash. K. C. Longshore, phone 233,"
' ^at Fridy's Garage. G-G-ltp,
| HAL'S ADS. !
; I have a few choice pot plants. Glad
! to show them.
| .
'Gladiolus bulb3. Pfant a few each,
I week from now until July tenth;
and you will have lovely blooms toj
wards fall. Largest size fifty cents
a dozen.
Kodak developing and printing.
! Prompt and satisfactory work.
I % _ i
iRa*r>balI frcoJs. Snaldinsr's nualitv
' goods, same as the big leagues use.
Hal Kohn. I
I !
1 For Sale?Peas, mixed, pure Brabham
and Clay, will exchange a few
hundred bushels peas lor oats.
! Dorrity & Company, Inc.
! G-G-4t~
i I take orders for punch work needles.
; the Eureka, one of the best nee|
diets on the market, 60c each in
i three sizes, fine, medium and large,
j Can deliver needles in two days
j from date of order. Will be glad
to show samples. Mrs. J. E. Wiley,
1002 Wilson street, Newberry,
i Phone No. 401. G-G-2tp
; Fcr Sale?Two organs practically
r?nxi* WJ i 11 c??ill voMCAnoKlo
Iiie >v . it in otii ivawuiiauiv,
oak and one cherry. J. B. Bedenj
baugh, Pomaria. 6-6-ltp
I I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the House of Representatives.
Will a'bide result of the Demoi
cratic primary. Platform, Lower
iTaxes, Observance, Education, Equalisation,
Equalization Property, Roads,'
' etc.
j For Sale?Or will trade one young
mule for Ford in fair shape. W.
! A. Graddick, R. F. D. Xo. 3, Box G. j
Barbecue?I will give a barbecue at
my residence on Chappells road on
Thursday, June 22. Ladies, children
and candidates are especially
invited. L. Clarence Pitts.
- '
Notice i>3 hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between
H. 0. Long, 0. W. Long, and
; J. W. Britt, has this day been dis,
solved so far as relates to the said1
j J. W. Britt,?the said H. 0. Long and
0. W. Long having purchased the in:
tere.st of aid J. W. Britt in said partj
.ic :h:r>. All -!due tc said narti
ner-h u mu.-.: be paid to the said re'maining
partners, namely H. 0. Long
land 0. W. Long, and all debts due by
| said partership will 'je settled by
said remaining partners.
H. 0. LONG,
,i- 0. W. LONG, ;
Newberry, S. C.
1 June 1st, 1922.
Egg preservative with full directions,
50c, it preserves 12 dozen eggr; for
next winter's use. P. E. Way,
j Druggist, Newberry, S. C'.
6-2-2t " r
, 1
Royal typewriter in ?T00d condition!
for sale ar Candy Kitchen.
; 6-2-tf
(Poultry remedies, all kinds. P. E.
Way's Drug Store. G-2-21
! ?
Wanted?Live dealer to sell ''E^rl"
j automobiles in your vicinity. Good
finance plan. J. H. Ham, distribuj
tor, Charlotte. X. C. 5-30-3t
i People remember we have crutches
>: for the cripple, if you hurt your
I foot send get a pair of crutches,
| \ rubber tips. P. E. Way, Druggist,
New-berry, S. C.
! fi-2-2t
-I?- ??
' Have you tried that delicious peanut
! butler made by the Royal Coifee
Co.? 25c lb. Royal Coffee; Co.
j 5-2G-2t ltaw
I Willard Batteries for any make of
j car. We can equip your car with
a genuine Willard Battery at practically
as low a price as any battery.
Get our prices on the Willard
Battery before you buy.
Storage Battery Repairs and Service?we
are equipped to repair,
replace and recharge all rr.ukes of
? storage batteries. Have a full
! stock of Rental Batteries. All re5
pair work guaranteed for six
j months. Try our service and save
money. McHardy Mower, Upper
; Main Street, Phone 300.
5-20-4t i
rord Owners?We have a genuine 11
Willard Battery for your Ford at j
practically as low a price as any j
battery. Let us quote you prices j
before you buy. McHardy Mower,
Upper Main Street, Phone oOO.
joodyear tires. See Hill Bros.
5-2-tf i
-or sale?125 bushels of Clay's peas
of 00 hncVir*! C\ W \T
, 44 v ?.v/v 1-^* x vy. XJ. ?>cw
berry. A. B. Miller, phone 2904.
5-19-1 taw 4t
Worth 3asebali Gloves?Well named.
Show more value than any glove
seen this season. Leather lined.
Genuine horse hide glove, $1.50 up.:
Gilder & Weeks Co. 5-5-tf
, ?? !
Pure- Porto Rica Molasses for sale by
Johnson-McCracken Co.
- |
Genuine Ford parts. H111 Bros.
Carload fresh and heavy springer
Tennessee milch cows at Scoit's
pasture. Can be bought on cash
or time. Havird & Lane. 5-16-tf,
Seed Corn, Woods' improved Golden
and White Dent, for sale by Johnson-McCrackin
Co. j
4-14-tf !
Goldsmith Balls?$2.00. Guaranteed
for two games, twice as long as
'most $2.00 balls. Gilder & Weeks,
Cq. 5-5-tf
Eggs for hatchir / from pure bred
S. C. Rhode Island Reds. Owen;
Farm Strain $1.50 per 15. R. D.
Smith. Phone 88 or 338-J. Newberry,
S. C. 4-4-ltaw
For Sale?Nancy Hall potato sups,
velvet beans, fertilizers, farming
implements and calcium arsenate
for poisoning boll weevil. Farmers'
Cooperative Association, Prosperity,
S. C., J. T. Hunter, agent.
4-3-8 tl taw
Chickens and eggs wanted. We
will pay highest cash prices
wire or write for prices.1
Owens Fruit and Produce
Co., Tampa, Florida.
That good mixed chocolate candy
Saturday. 40c pounds. Gilder &
Weeks Co. 5-5-tf
I am a candidate for magistrate
for township Xo. 3, and will abide the
rules of the Democratic primary.
1 AND 8
I am a candidate for magistrate for
townships Xo. 1 and 8 and will abide
the rules of the Democratic party.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Magistrate for Townships
Numbers 1 and 8, subject to the Democratic
primary. If elected I shall
endeavor to perform the duties of the
cftice in the future as I have in the
past, without fear or favor, and with
fairness to all.
I am a candidate for magistrate for
townships No. 1 and 8 and will abide
the rules of the Democratic party.
R. M. Aughtry is hereby announced
as a candidate for reelection as
magistrate for Township No. 4, and
will abide the rules of the Demcoratic
I announce myself a candidate for
magistrate of No. 4 township, subject
to the Democratic primary.
Commencement Visi!
The Cornmerc
welcome you 1
waht to make 1
by asking you
with us while y<
We; too, have the i
College at heart an
our city has such a i
j ^ _ u ?
institution m our mi
joice with you in Ne\
Our College.
The Comm
The Bank that alw
Jno. M. Kinard, president.
Floyd Bradloy, Asst. Cashier
C. W. Sanders, Eooklceepr
Jno. Floyd, Collector
, - in ' ?
Tuesday, June 6
Earl Williams
Sport Pictorial ' ^ ^
Wednesday, June 7
Pauline Frederick
Midjet Comedy
Thursday, June 8
Viola Dana
Novelty Picture
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for magistrate for township No.
(J of Newberry county, subject to the
rules of the Democratic party.
I anounce myself as a candidate >
for reelection for the office of Probate
Judge and will abide the result
of tbr-i Democratic primary.
1 AND 8
I am a candidate for magistrate for
townships No. 1 and 8 and will abide
the rules of the Democratic party.
J. II. Dorroh is hereby announced
as candidate for reelection as Magistrate
for No. G township, pledged
to abide the rules of the Democratic
1 AiiD 8
!' I am a candidate for magistrate for
townships No. 1 and 8 and will abide
i the rules of the Democratic party.
__ . ?
3rd Floor Exchange Bank Bldg
Broken Lenses Duplicated
I will open my office for private
practice March 27th. Practice con?
freed to consultation axmI office work.
Office hours, 9:00 A. M.- 12:30 P.
M.; 2:00 P. M.-5:00 P. M. and by appointment.
1502-503 Exchange Bank Bldg.
i ' j
... m.mi ?.I. I.I ?I? I.imiwna?1?wmM
i . ,
i ,
Office Exhange Bank Building
2nd Floor, Rooms 212 and 213
Office Hours: 12 to 1 O'clock P. M* '
and 3 to 4 O'clock P. M.
Other Hours by Appointment
Residence Phone 36
Office Phone, 66.
I <
:ors j
!ai Bank is glad to
to Newberry and we
this welcome warmer
to drop in and chat
ou are in the city.
nterests of our
id are glad that
Sine educational
dst, and we revberry
ercial Bank
ays treats you right
J. Y. McFall, V. P. & CasLier
Jno. M. Kinard, Jr. Asst. Cashier
M iss Tilla West, Bookkeeper
Hunt, Hunt & Hunter, Atty?.
i 1

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