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Daily at 4
fnf fUass ?m
I ularly $3.00
Clo*ing Exercise* Enjoyed by Many
Friends?Medals and Honors
Awarded. Future Looks Bright
Forty-one young people receive;
diplomas from Newberry college and j
are sent foith with the good will and j
Gcd speed of the old college. Of.
these some four did not receive their j
diplomas on account of interruption j
by the war and who made up the j
work are included. There were really
only 37. in the cluss who finished.
The year has oeen a.successful one
x - J ?a
and every one connecieu w;m
lege feels good over the prospects ?or
the future.
President Derrick delivered a help- j
ful and inspiring address to the grad- j
Hates and -handed them theii<- diplomas.
There are nine girls in the class. J
and the first honor went to one f i
them and several cf the medals were j
won by the girls. Five members of}
the class made short speeches as follows
L. E. Blackwelder spoke on ''Business
is Business."
C. E. Oxner on "The Law's Delay." j
E. L. Singley on "Newberry's New j
Gymnasium." ,
K. W. Kinard on '"The Price of j
Permanent Peace." >'
The valedictory was spoken by J
Miss Marguerite Werts. The first I
honor of the class was won by Miss j
Marguerite Werts and the second by
L. E. Blackwelder.
Winners of medals were announced
as follows: The senior e?.?ay medal
on the subject assigned by the faculty,
''The Four Peace Pact Versus the
League of Nations/' by L. B. Eargle
of Leesville; offered by Dr. Frank R.
Mower and McBardy Mower. The
medal for the student making the
best record in the freshman class for
' 1 1 ^ nut WrtTl
entrance into me sopaumuic ?
by Miss Beulah Wright, honorable
mention going to Misses Gloria and
Anna Abrams, sisters. This medal
was offered by John M. Kinard. The
medal for the best record in sophomore
mathematics was won by Marion
H. Weeks, with honorable mention
cf Harold Hipp. Tha psychologymedal
offered by C. J. Ramage and
A. F. Lever was won by Miss Marguerite
Werts, who in winning first honf
or won also the medal offered by
J. H. Summer.
President Derrick announced that
the honorary degree of doctor of divinity
had been bestowed by the trustees
cf the college on the Rev. John
J. Long of Little Mcunntain, the Rev"
' " ^ 1- - X","U
Luther 31. Jvunns OI umana, \ru.%
and the Rev. Enoch J. Sox of Hick^
cry, X. C., and the degree of master
V cf arts on the Rev. M. J. Epting. I).
^ D., of Savannah, Ga. Other announafments
made by the president
were: That the summer s?hool at
<\ Newberry college will open July 10:
that the Pool field, just north of the
college, will be completed as an athletic
field by the opening of the college,
and that a new collegc gymnasium
will be completed by January,
The alumni luncheon was enjoyed
by 300 persons at 1 o'clock in Legion
hall, Dr. John J. Long acting as xoast
master. The following toasts were
offered and were responded to as follows:
"What Our College Has Given to
the Teaching Profession," W. A.
Shealy of Columbia.
"What Our College Has Given to
the Legal Profession/' C. J. Ramage
of Saluda.
and 8 RM. All
d Clocks to be ?
and $3.25 sold
"What Our College Has Given to
the Ministry,".Dr. H. A. McCullough
of Columbia.
"Money and More Money," Col.
John F. Hobts of New York.
"The New Gymnasium," Dr. John
B. Setzler of Newberry.
"What Can We Do For Newberry
College," K. W. KirJard of the graduating
"The Co-eds Are With You," Mrs.
J. H. Summer.
The graduates are: Misses Ahbie
Merchant Gaillard, Newberry; Florence
Azile Livingston Prosperity; Ruby
Mae Merchant, Newberry; Banna
Annie Neel, Newberry; Mary Ernestine
Paysinger, Newberry; Sue Ella
Peterson, Newberry; Olivia Carolyn
Vpwhprrv. Sv.bil Marguerite
Uvuai bi v ^ %
Wert;, Newberry; Ethel Saner, Prosperity;
Messrs. Willie Lee Singley,
Kipards; Hugh Bernell Betcnmafo,
Chapin; Leon David Black, Ridge
Spring; I.eroy Emerson Blackwelder,
Concord, N. C.; Andrew Barney
Chapman, WTard; James Frank Davenport,
Kinards; RaSsome Omar
Derrick, Leesville; LeRoy Bryan Eargle,
Leesville; Charles Holmes Epting,
Chapin; John Clinton Eudy,
r?okoiem? V C ; William Leonard
Riiitiwanger, Newberry; Erwin Olin
Hertz, Newberry; James Smith Herlong,
Saluda; Barnard McCullough
Houck, Elloree; Karl William Kinard,
Johnston; James Frank Kneeee, Pelion;
Benjamin Osborne Long, Silverstreet;
Olin Sligh Long, Prosperity;
Cornelius Eugene McCarthy
iLeesville; John Thompson Norris,
[Newberry; Clarendon Etheredge Oxner,
New Brookland; Hesse Maybank
Rast, Holly Hill; Edwin Lake
J Setter, Newberry; John Harold
jSheaiy, Ballentine; Michael Clifton
i Shealy, Prosperity; Willie Fi'ank
i Shealy, Chapin; Claude Mower Singi
ley, Prosperity; Eugene Oram Unger,
Sa:luda; Voigt Earle Wessinger,
Leesville; Perry Franklin Chapman,
ilrmo; Marvin Luther Chapman, Little
! Mountain.
Contest in Oratory
The contest for the medal in orato
j ry is always an occasion of much in|
tsrest and this year the contest was
j unusually fine. It was held at the
; opera house on Monday evening- and
i there was a very large audience to
; hear the young speakers. The conjtcctants
were selected from the memj
bers of the junior class. In the old
| days when the classes were small the
j entire clars had to enter the contest
as part of the course, and then even
;n the earlier days the contest was
open to all the college classes and
;the entry wa<> a voluntary matter.
' ? " ^ - ??n
; We have seen a comesx in which an
j members of all four of tne college
: classcs were in the battle. This year
| there were only eight as follows:
Frank P. Hill of Newberry spoke
! on '"The Honor of America?Yet
j Unstained."
; J. G. Park of Rockwell, N. C.,
| R. W. Bost of Rockwell, N. C.,
"The Flag of Destiny."
{ 'Drum Beats of the Dawn."
John F. Clarkson of Newberry,
, "Breakers Ahead."
T. A. Frick, Little Mountain, "The
: Heritage of the South."
i i
; John Walker McCain, Jr., Waxhaw.
X. C., "The Unconquered Foe."
| Charles M. Etheredge, Aiken, "The
Contagion of the Gown."
: Victor Dewey Derrick, Leesville,
"Weighed in the Baiance."
Mr. McCain won first place with
. honorable mention of'Mr. Clarkson.
i Mr. McCain, the winner this year,
was the w'nner last year in the de;
clainiers' contest by the sophomore^.
He is a brother of Mrs. Thos. P.
Johnson of Newberry.
The rain poured in torrents on
Must be Sold at
Sold to the highi
for only 60 and
Hurry if you ha
J. E. C
Tuesday during the college banquet
but it did not drown the interest and
I enthusiasm of the three hundred who
sat down to the banquet table. And
j in the lot there were many of the
older boys who enjoyed it to the ut1
most along with the young fellows
just starting out. The alumni association
met immediately after the
i banquet and the same officers were
elected and some routine matterc attended
to, such as the payment of
! dues.
i ^_i T V T T .-LI., \~ vl
j L01. .JO/111 r. riuuus ui i\rw xuia
! made his bi-annual visit this year and
all his friends were glad to see him
and they all are anxious that he shall
1 in the future make his visits annual
! or oftener if he can.
j. "Thf many friends of Judge C. J.
, Ramage of Saluda were delighted to
have him present if only for the com;
mencement day and the fame as to
| Gus Shealy and we would all be glad
to see the boys come around oftener.
There were many more that wre did
not get to see. The rain of Tuesday
interfered somwhat with the social
side of this occasion which is a very
j *
* -A _ ?. X.
imporianr pari.
Frank Lever and Cyp Efird and
| Muller Kreps were here for the
bcird meeting on Monday, but they
are so busy now that they not remain
over for the commencement.
We should say Hon. A. Frank Lever,
Judge C. M. Efird and Dr. M. 0. J.
Kreps so that the younger people
may know to whom we refer.
j Somehow we feel that the commencement
occasion should cover at
f least three days instead of two. Why,
I 1 T 1. <1.
j you Know -iway uat h. yunuct mc cumj
mprtcemer.t would "begin on Sunday
and last until Thursday, but then the
j people were not in ouch a great hurJry
and had more time for the finer
j things of life and. the things which
igo.to make life really worth while.
And we believe they got along bet:
ter. Of course we did not travel in
i autos, but we got there just the same.
In this day every one is in a .hurry,
i but so far as we can observe very little
that is really worth while is
j accomplished. We well remember
j that on Saturday Col. Thos. W. Hoii
Iowp.v and Dr. Jacob Hawkins. Rev,
0. P. Boozer, Maj. P. E. Wise, Captain
John C. Seegers, and Dr. S. T.
Hallman, and many others would be
seen on the streets and at the hotel
and every one could very easily guess
that commecement was coming, and
in fact was here. Another faithful
one was Rev. J. A. Sligh. He never
missed a commencement. But in
those days the town was smaller anc
; may be Newberry college was bigger
: that is bigger in the eyes of the
friends of those days. It "vvas the
i event of the year, commencement al
! Newberry. And the boys would engage
the best horse and buggy at the
, livery stables so that he might take
. his best girl to ride and the engagei
ment for the ride was made man\
weeks in advance. Bu<? we are t?l
i moving forward and times change
and men change with* them and !e1
:us all hope that the chances :tre fo:
the better. In some things the
changes are, but in some we huvc
/->nr> row COVtniK H "R11t. 17 15
; our duty to take our place and do oui
; part in helping to make the worlc
i better.
The world's largest paper maehini
, makes a stub of paper 12 feet, 2 inch
| es wide, 327 miles long every twenty
four hours, using 110 conk of wood
Three thousand five hundred acres o1
| pulpwood are required to furnish tht
' paper for one day's issue of the news
1 papers published in the United States
V V? V*.
ewberry, S.
Auction. There
est bidder regar
75 cents. Eve
ive not Attended this Sa
urran, Auc
, Of President of Newberry College
to the Board of Trustees
? V
Newberry, S. C.,
May 25th, 1922.
The Board of Trustees,
Newberry College.
I The college session of 1121-1922
began on September :23rd, 1921.
i Three new professors began their
! service in the faculty on the opening
day: Rev. R. A. Goodman assumed
the professorship of Bible and rhrisJtiar.
Ethics; Prof. G. P. Voigt, of
Modern Languages and Literature;
j and Prcf. F. D. " MacLean became
j Physical Director and Associate Pro
fersor of English. These gentlemen
jat once entered fully into the life and
work of the college, and have labored
I with conspicuous success, each in his
; cat. department and in the general
. work of the college.
: L'r.der authority given by the
standing committee the faculty secured
the assistance of the following
students: R. 0. Derrick and C. W.
, McCartha, laboratory instructors; K.
jW. Kinard, instructor in mathematics;
L. E. Blackweldei(, instructor in
English; Geo. C..Borts, instructor in
.Spanish; A. E. Davies, instructor in
igymnasium; D. V. Beetle, V. R. EleaIzer
and R. B. Eleas;er, gymnasium assistants.
; i? ' *
j 'iheie men were paid from six to
| eighteen dollars a month. Each did
.well the work required of him, and
| the college is fortunate in having in
its student body men who can renj
der such service. ;
| And yet, how we must regret that
our financial resources are so small
! that we must call upon many of the
best and brightest of our students to
take valuable time from their regular
academic work and give it with very
: little remuneration in this service to
. t
: their college.
The enrollment of students this
year totals 263: 40 seniors, ,53 juniors,
64 sophomores, 72 freshmen,
o0 sub-freshmen and 4 post-graduates.
The attendance to this date
, has dropped only about 9 per cent.
,;In deportment, class-room work, and
: college spirit the record of the stu,
dent body has bcen; admirable,
j Beginning on July 11th, 1921, and
'continuing for six weeks, a summer
school for teachers, for conditioned
I college studepts and for applicants
for the freshman class was neia oy
| Newberry and Summerland colleges
, at Newberry college. The instruc|
tors were chosen from the faculties
of thetse colleges. The trustees were
I not asked to assume any financial
! obligations for the summer school.
[ : The school was a success. S2 stud'
j ents were in attendance and the
I; quality of work done was high.
! The faculty of Newberry college
ka?ks permission to conduct such a
, school again this year to begin July
11 Oth. It asks no financial assistance,
- :
r! but asks your approval and moral
j: support. The faculty has selected
, | Prof. Jas. C. Kinard director of the
. j school, and asks the board to approve
. i this.
, i Since the last meeting of the board
Month has claimed one of its most
J useful and distinguished members.
. Hon. Geo. S. Mower, of Newberry,
j jS. C., who had been a member of the
| board for forty years and for many
; years its vice-president, and chairman
2'of the standing committee, died July
. i 25th, 1921. I am sure the board
j\ will wish to express by formal resolution
its recognition of the great
f1 service rendered tfhe college by Mr.
?! Mower and the ereat loss cuffered in
-| his lamented death.
{ In November, 1921, the Evangelii
t 9
are Diamonds, \
dless the cost,
rything Must be
le, do so today.
jcal Lutheran synod of South Carolina
in session at Leesville, S. C., elected
as trustees, Rev. J. J. Long, Little
; Mountain, S. C., Rev. V. Y. Boozer,
D. D., Leesville, S. C, and W. H.
! Hunt, LL. D., Newberry, S. C., to
j succeed, respectively, Rev. Z. W. Bej
denbaugn, deceased, Rev. C. P. Boozj
er, deceased, and Hon. Geo. S. Mower,
deceased. !
j The record this year of our stud1
~ ~ ^ "U rA f avoI rwtr o r> d .Q"f V) IPC?
fHU5 ill licuaic, UlUvUl jr IU1U _ f
is worthy of special mention. Our
debating teams won in the triangular J
debate with Woffor'd and Presbyteri- j
an colleges, and also won over the
Baptist university of Oklahoma. Our
speaker won honorable mention in
the state oratorical contest. Our
foot/ball ?eam won third place, our
basketball team, first place, and our j
baseball team, first place among the '
colleges of this state.
i To meet the current financial ob-'
1 J * --- il-- -.-IV U?~ ?
ligations Ol Lne college naa uccn a
' difficult problem this year. The
collections for .tuition, fees and
interest on . endowment have been
slow and incomplete. Some who owe
the college have been unable to pay;
many have been apparently indifferent
to their obligations. I ask the
board to express its judgment as to
the policy of the college in the collection
of tuition and fees,?shall the
! . '
college insist upon prompt and full
payment, and drop tlfe student who
:!does not comply; or shall it continue'
] the policy of leniency that has pre- J
vailed for many years? The many
factors involved make the problem
decidedly complex. But I think the
, time has come when the policy of the
| college in this matter must be definitely
stated. I
In December, 1921, Dr. Trevor Ar!
nette, representing the General Edu!
cation board, visited the college. He
< expressed admiration of the remarkable
work the college is doing in
spite of its deliciencies in room
j equipment and teaching force. Up-'
on the recommendation of Dr. Ar-'
nctte the General Education board
appropriated $5,000 to help pay salaries
for this year. This saved us
from a dangerous deficit in our cur-1
rent expenses account. * j
, The reports of Jas. C. Kinard,'
treasurer of the faculty, and of S. J. .
DnrriVk nr-tincr treasurer of the i
?300,000 fund, will be submitted to j
the board at the annual meeting on i
June 5th and made a part of this re-,
port. The report of the treasurer of
the faculty will show very little deficit
in current expenses for the year
when there is considered the deficit;
> of last year taken care of in this
The athletics committee of the'
faculty and the athletics commi'ttee,
of the Newberry County College club
together out on a campaign for the
jsale of season tickets good for all
athletics events on the campus for
one year, beginning April 1st. This
effort was approved by the standing
..'committee. It was the hope of the
joint committee to realize from the
;sale of tickets funds sufficient first,
to finance the athletics of the college;
| second, to show a balance sufficient
j to justify the board in undertaking
. | the erection of a new $25,000 gym,
nasium. Not all hoped for was realized,
hut the first objective, the fin,
aneing of athletics, was accomplished
jand enough above this secured to
grade and equip a new athletics field,
j This will cos>t about $2,000. I .ask the
; board to give to the committees namJ
cd above authority to proceed at once
j with this work.
; !
I believe the time has come when
\ the college must have a new gymnasijum,
a larger space for the library,
and additional class rooms. I think'
i J
in Sa
Vatches, Jewelrj
Alarm Clbek
1- m i ll,,, mrntm
? iii- , naaii winfpaaM mm tiwi.vi?in xmm
For Sale ai
1 will sett the B
Pla nt at New berry
1922, 12 o'clock, i
der for cash. This
One Bottlers Tru
ing Machine, Oil
One Cooling Tai
Rinsing Lomveye
Ore Rinser, One i
i i . rv a n i
neater, une iviotc
60S Dozen Bfudv
Empty Bludwine C
One Barrel of CO!
csif be inspected 1:
H. D.I
Agent for Mortgagee
iXltiaic: <
We are in position to \
from the ports.
Try us. Prices right.
Telephone or wire.
the town of Newberry should give the j,
money for the gymnasium. I recom-!1
mend that the board instruct the !i
standing committee to make an effort ;
at once to secure $25,000 in cash and
bankable subscriptions from the cit-!'
izens of the town, and near.by com-;
muities for this purpose, and to be-;1
?;n tiio wnrl- on the building1 as soon j
?,111 .. i
as possible. At the meeting on June j1
5th I think I can show that this plan /
can be successfully carried out.
If the above pian succeeds, I rec-'
ommend that the standing commit-,
tee be instructed then out of such'
funds as may be available,?and the.;
cost will be small,?to fit the main!'
room , of the present gymnasium {
building for the library, to equip the;
basement of this building for the mu- j'
seum, then to equip the spare in Kel-j
ler hall now occupied bv the library j
and museum for class-rooms.
Smeltzer bill as a dormitory is just
as unsuitable as ever. It has been our j
fond hope that the college authorities j
would be able to reconstruct this1
building, making it a comfortable,',
modern dormitory. But I can see no
\\r<*v tn do this until such time as the
subscriptions to the ?300,000 fund j
are p<aid. Now as you v/ill see by the
treasuser's report, not more thanj.
$30,000 is available for this purpose,',
hardly more than one-third enough, i
Three new professors are needed!
in addition to those we have now: A;'
professor of ancient 1 anguages, an 1
ditional professor in the department j
of natural science, and one also in the j
departmet of English language and .
literature. The men now here are !
carrying on the work and it is quite :
time they are doing it well. How long'
they will be able to do it, or how long 1
r, Silverware^ I
s worth reg:
' ,18
I ????
. 1 .
t Auction
ludwine Bottling
,S. C.June20th
to highest bid?
plant consist of
ck, One Crowne
Water Filter*
vk, One l^fikets
r, One Soaker, J
Carbon at or, One
sM n vt /-I A>
ji aim w/tioi iiu?)
vire bottles, 689
Urates mere or less
stic Soda. Plant
>y seeing me.
iavird m
Newberry, S. C.
- - ? . .i
of Soda
make immediate shipment
id SMOkK
rg, S. C. -|
r . . _ . I- :
**** !
willing to do it, I <lo not know. I
know that with our present income
we can not now hope to engage tht
additional professors. I believe that
we ought to Se able to expect our
church to give enough money each
voor tn rv11Lro r\r.-QciK1 o fVilc iin(>rflocB in
th^e number of professors. Compared
with the amounts received from their
denominational connections by our
lister church colleges in this state,
the amount we receive from the
United Lutheran church is a mere
The roll of students recommended
for the'Bachelor of Arts degree will
be presented at the annual meeting.
The annual meeting of the board
will 'be held in the college offica,
Monday, June 5th, at 3:30 p. m.
Respectfully yours,
S. J. Derrick,
' - i *
S By
order of the Democratic Executive
committee :ill ciuos that failed
to organize the last Saturday in
April are given authority to organize
on Saturday, June 21. 1922.
The club roll booka are in tha
hands of the former tecvetariej and
persons entitled :o enrol may do so
J. D. Wheeler,
B. B. Leitzsey,
Sec'y. '
Eight thousand boys and girls in
all New York city's high schools have
enrolled as block captains ;n the
spring and summer drive to keep the
streets and vacant lots free from refuse.

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