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<?> <?>
<8> , ROTARY NOTES < >
^ <S>
Tuesday the Rotarians had a rather
unique luncheon, not that there was
anything strange about the food or
the members but when it came time
for the set program the president announced
that there was no regular
program for this luncheon but that
the members would talk, 6ing or do
just what suited them bset. So after
a delightful dinner, with chicken on
toast as the piece de resistance, and
peach ice cream and cake as a dessert
Ben Cromer got up and told the
members that they needed some education
as to things Rotary and he
proceeded to give them a few minutes
of interesting notes about the origin
and growth of Rotary and ended by
6aying that any organization which
. in 1910 had sixteen clubs and which
now has more than twelve hundred
representing twenty-three countries
must have something behind it to give
it such a fine growth. Secretary
Kohn told the club that the directors
at their last meeting decided to ask
the club to invite the members of the
Newberry fire departmnt to a luncheon
and asked that the clu'b express
a desire in this matter. The vote
was unanimously carried to have the
firemen at an early meeting and the
secretary was instructed to extend to
them an invitation. Rotarian Huntingdon
of Greenville, a prominent
electrical dealer of that city, was a
r\ ^ rtlnV* r? n m a f "f V? n
ui tiic iiuu anu iic iviu ui. ciiw
Radio club which his Rotary club had
organized in order to assist amateur
operators to learn radio and to build
outfits. As chairman of the boys'
work committee of his club he
sketched some of the activities of the
Greenville Rotarians and stated that
next summer the Rotary troop of
scouts might come to Blythe Shoals
and camp at their camping place,
which is an ideal place for summer
camps and has been fitted up at great
expense to the Greenville club. His
talk was greatly enjoyed. Bill Wallace
made a short talk and Newberry's
only honorary Rotarian, Colonel
Walter Hunt, expressed great pleasure
at being present and told the
members that he intended to be present
at every meeting in the future,
on account of the great pleasure
1 r% if i A ? ?V A
Wilicil it gave IIIIII IU IIll A WILLI nit
Newberry Rotariar>s.
When the secretary called the roll
he announced that every Rotarian in
the fcity was present, save one, who
had sickness in his family. He told
the members that' fqr May attendance
that this club ranked second in
this state and seventeenth in the sevT
eth district, composed of fifty-eight
clubs. This, announcement of the
* showing made by the Newberry Rotarians
was greeted with applause.
Mention was made of the Rotary
troop of scouts being on their summer
camp and the club passed a resolution
that this afternoon they
would visit the camp and the secretary
was instructed to take along a
large churn of ice cream and other
delicacies for the scouts and carry to
them the best wishes of those mem
bers who were prevented from visiting
the scouts during their camp.
The hour for adjournment being
near at hand Hask Kibler asked Earle
Babb to dismiss the meeting with a
song and the members passed out
from an unusual yet highly enjoyed
Had His Job
Rov SimDson. neerro laborer, was
putting in his first day with a construction
gang under a foreman who
was known for getting the maximum
amount of labor out of his men.
Simpson was helping in the task of
moving the right-of-way and all day
long he carried heavy timbers and
ties until at the close of the day he
was completely tired out. Came quitting
time. Before he went, he approached
the boss and said:
"Mister, you sure you got me down
on the payroll?"
The foreman looked over the list
of names he held.
"Yes," he said, finally, "here you
are. Simpson, Roy Simpson. That's
right, isn't it?"
"Yass, suh, boss,'' said the negro,
"dass right. I thought mebbe you
had me down as Sampson."?Leschen's
Sound Reasoning
A woe-begone looking traveler
reached the riverside and approached
the old boatman who operated the
ferry across the pretty stream.
"Dad," he whined, "I'm broke and
I must get across the stream. Will
you trust me for it?"
"Farp's nnlv n npnnv. mister." said
the old ferryman.
"I know it; but I haven't got' a
penny," replied the woe-begone traveler.
"Mister," he declared, "if you ain't
got a penny you won't be none the
better off on the other side of the
river than you are on this."
IHaltiwanger & Carpent
?a? i y y j??B??w??w??
36-in. Bleaching, a good quality
and well worth 15c yd. Limit 10 >
yds. to a customer. Dollar $1.00
Day sale price 10 yds. for v
Hill and Androscoggan Bleaching.
Dollar Day sale price, 6 yds. $1.00
36-in. Long Cloth, fine smooth
weave, regular price, 20c yard.
Dollar Day sale price, 7 yds. $1.00
36-in. English Long Cloth, best
quality. Dollar Day sale '
price, o yds. for ^
30-in. white Nainsook, 25c value,
a'bout 400 yds. as long as lot lasts.
Dollar Day sale price 7 yds. 1.00
for ^
140-in. Nainsook, white, flesh,
maize, blue, regular price 40c yd.
Dollar Day sale price 3 yds. $1.00 .
36-in. E^each(ed Pajanfa Checks,
best quality, Dollar Day sale AQ
price 6 yds for #
Iy Plisse Crepe, beautiful quality,
pink, blue, helio, maize, white.
Dollar Day sale price, 4 yds. QQ
36-in. Indian Head, Dollar $1.00
Day eale price 5 yds. for
72-in. all pure Linen Table Damask.
Dollar Day sale price Aft
one-half yard for
58-in. Mercerized Table Damask,
75c value, Dollar Day Sale ?1 nn
If. v**vw
price 2 yds. for
66-in. Mercerized Table Damask, a
big $1.25 value. Dollar Day CJ1 AA
? sale price, 1 yd. for ^ *
;j| About 50 crochet and dimity
white Quilts, some slightly mussed
from handling, $1.50 to $2.00 value.
Dollar Day sale price AA
Ex y
Curtain Scrim, white and ecru, a
* (very nice quality. Dollar $1.00
'Day sale price 10 yds. for
Tvfnrnnisptfp rrpnm whito and
I, .. v ecru, 25c alue. Dollar Day CJ1 AA
sale price 5 yds. for W '
45c Creton6, all wanted colors to
select from. Dollar Day sale J J QQprice,
3 yds. for v V
36-in. Challie, pretty patterns for
aprons, dresses or drapery, 25c
value. Dollar Day sale price & J QQ
6 yds. for ** *
Short length Dimity, checks and
stripes, a pretty quality worth up to
50c yd. Dollar Day sale fljl A A
price, 4 yds. for ?P1.VU
A f\ i v> Vniln q nroHr ftliollfv
for dresses, waists and curtains, 5Iyard
lengths. Dollar Day ffl AA
sale price, 5 yds. for ?J/x?wv
A good 35c quality, 40-in. white
Nainsook. Dollar Day sale QQ
price, 4 yds. for ** *
36-in. Lykelinen, 35c value.
Dollar Day sale price 4 yds. $1.00
36-in. white Satinette, worth not
less than 69c yd. Dollar Day ^ QQ
sale price 2 yds. for v *
36-in. Beach Cloth, white, pink,
helio. yellow, green and tan.
Dollar Day sale price 5 yds. $1.00
Shirt Madras, est patterns, all the
wanted colors.
'R 45c quality. Dollar Day QQ
sale price, o yds. for *
160c quality, Dollar Day QQ
sale price 2 yds. for *
Heaviest quality Cheviots, solid
colors, shirt and dress patterns.
Dollar Day sale price, 7 yds. $1.00
i?L-i-m ta?an ? nca .t l"?*- . jw ! ! w?stob??? ??>?g?m ??. ! i i
:er "The Growing Sto
a . i % n
Two wonderful days of extra value
store from all the surrounding countr,
supply your mid-summer needs at pri(
penny. New goods in plenty to choos'
chases made at rock bottom prices so 1
extraordinary during this sale and ha
and neighbors.
a t
We might have named'this an app
oil /I
arranged it in appreciation ol tiie iac
crease of 21 per cent over May of
that "the growing store ol Newberry"
and true value giving. 'ff
" r- ,
So, in appreciation, we,'.offer you th
Saturday and Monday. If you are wis
ters and devote the bette?'part of thes
' while these extraordinary low prices ]
give you an index of the offerings, but
fnr\ nnmflmnc! IA firl'VPTt.isP. OOTl
i^ClJUO IUU iiUlliV/i uwu vv tv v?ji v?- ?>wV. ?
be sure to come again Monday.
' r '. t
'u ~
' J
Extra S3
Spring Suits, Wraps, Dresses and
ClriVfc vinw rm stalp a 1-2 regular price. J
UA1I lo IIV TT VI* ? - ? ? ? w *
\ '
FOR 10c YARD ;
d;i?/-i v.5rrv? rin f.nf hiV table. Sea Is
X HCU Vii V/ a* V r^-0 7
land, Dress Ginghams, Chambray, Apron
Gingham ard Curtain goods. Not a
yard in the lot but would cost more-plus
wholesale than our Dol-iar CI AA
Day Sale price. 10 yds. for v
41-inch Imported white Organdie, permanent
finish. A big 75 value. CI AA
Dollar Dav sale price, 2 yds. for #
$2.00 to $6.50 Hand Bags $1.00
We have just received six dozen Ladies'
leather Hand Bags, good styles,
any wanted color and blacks. We
'bought these at only a fraction of their
worth and will put on sale Saturday for
the first time. The entire lot at a ?1 AA
very special Dollar Day price all
"The Growing Stc
Newberry, So
? in m 'I uii i mi nun i' ? ? 1 ii^Hiiwinii iBii i?
re of Newberry" Hal
lo Extra Duty Here
id Mondav. 19
. ^ j
giving that will bring people to our
y, two clays during which you may
;es chopped way down to the last
e from, including many special pur
<-*? _ j
;hat we might oner you sometning
ve you talk about it to your friends
y \i * ) k.' 1 id li h fHiS
>reciation sale" for we have really
t that our May business shows an inlast
year. That .is proof positive
continues to grow through service
!'? li i li\ 11
v . ltt . .
is' exceptional opportunity to save
?e you will drop less important mate
two days to supplying your wants
* % 'ji <1 ' :-~*t .
prevails The items listed here will
there will be scores of. other barle
in Saturday morning, and you'll
- ' i
~ .?/
i i J
.;: * * ... a y
a ~4" * * ; ?
We have just received our fifth shipment
of the popular 37-inch unbleached
Ratine. Price the yard
To Make Buying Easier
Check items wanted and bring advertisement
with you.
40-inch white Organdie, short lengths,
5 to 10 yards, value 35c to 50c yard. ..
Dollar Day Sale price 5 yards QQ
for' *
Dotted Swiss, colors, green, helio, |
blue, pink, 65c quality. Dollar V| yy i
Day sale price, 2 yards for
Hair Nets?A well known brand, double
mesh, cap shape, regular price 15c
each. Dollar Day Sale price, QQ
? W ? ? j
>re of Newberry "
nth Carolina
32-in. Romper Cloth, solid colors ?.
and stripes. Dollar Day Sale CI AA B
price* 5 yds. for ^ V,
27-in. Dress Gingham, fast colors,
checks, stripes and plaids, <M AA
25c vaiue, 6 yds. for ?P v
32-in. Dress Gingham, solid colors,
plaids, checks z/ig stripes, 35c . alue. fl
Dollar Day sale price 4 yds. QQ
Tissue and French Ginghams, 60c 4 I . .
and 65c quality. Dollar Day fljl A A
sale price, 2 yds. for ^ *
One lot of about 25 pieces colored i & ^
Voiles, pretty patterns, all the wanted
colors, this season's stock.
Dollar Day sale price 4 yds. $1.00
One lot of about 25 pieces Voiles,
the best of this season's patterns.
Has been a fast seller at 39c yd.
Dollar Day sale price 3 yds SI .00 I I
White Satinette Petticoats, $1.50
value. Dollar Day sale price $1.00 I
Table Oil Cloth, best quality white ; *
and colors. Dollar Day sale $1.00 1 I
price 4 yds. for ^
18x36 Huck Towels. Dol- C*1 A A
lar Day sale price 7 for v ' , |
18x36 hemstitched Huck Towels.
Dollar Day sale price four $1.00 1
26x49 Turkish Bath Towels, a big
value at Dollar Day sale $1.00 I
price 2 for ^
35c Turkish Bath Towels. ' I
" " -t*1'?- fniip AA
JJonar uay oaic puv-v, *>,? _ _ ____ _
for vl?W #
About 100 doz. Ladies' and Men's
Handkerchiefs, every one a good 10c <"-! < - ft*..* |
value.. .-.Dollar' Day sale <P1 AA ^ 'ft" ;fjl
price, 20 for - .
Uct? '
Ladies' Mercerized Lisle Hose, double
sole, high special heel, seam back,
worth 60c pr.. Dollar Day <M AA m'^
sale price 2 pairs for ^ #
Ladies' Cotton Hose. Dollar
Day s^le price, 12 pairs G*1 AA
for <PUVU /
' '
Ladies' Cotton Ho6e, regular price . 'g
19c. Dollar Day sale price 7 $1.00 I
pairs for - ^
Ladies' $1.50 Silk Hose.
- :i3
Dollar Day sale price, the Jj QQ
pair *, ft,
Ladies' Bungalow Gingham ApLADIES'
HATS $1.00
50 or more Ladies' Sailors and
trimmed Hats. Some of them received
within the past week. All
others in the lot are this season's (B
purchases. Values $1.50, $4.50 to
$6.50. Dollar Day sale pricefljl AA
each ~~ ^ #v"
A';out 50 Ladies' Gingham Dresses,
good styles, . ae&t colors, some
slightly mussed, not one in the lot
worth less than $3.00 to $5.00. Chosen
from the lot. Dohar Day CJO AA
price, each v?*vv
Men's and Ladies' black Umbrellas,
regular price $1.50 Dol- $1.00 ' I
lar Day sale price each
Ladies' Silk and Muslin Underwear. J
One lot Gowns, Chemise, Camisoles
and Bloomers, $1.50 to $2.00 values.
Dollar Day sale price $1.00 I
40-in. Organdie, colors, yellow,
brown, rose, helio, pink, green, blue, * j
39c quality. Dollar Day sale QQ S j
price 3 yds. for "

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