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you sit down," he was told and he
waa then seated in the chair and the
adjusting of the straps begun. A
frightened, half demoniacal grin
overspread Kirby's face as the prisonofficials
proceeded with their solemn
duty. "Is it too tight?" they asked
him and Kirby's onjy reply was an
inarticulate grunt. The strap across
hie chest was loosened a little and
KirOy began to squirm about in the
chair in an effort to free himself. He
succeeded in practically slipping his
one arm from the holding straps and
* -
IT Was Only ancr some muc uciat
that he was finally securely fastened
in chair. f
Col. A. K. Sanders moved up be,|ige
the chair. "If there's anything
you want to say," he told Kirby, "you
can say it now." Kirby made no sign
that he had heard and Uhe two elec-:
trodes and the leather blindfold were:
then adjusted and at 6:17 o'clock th& .
current was turned on and the 1900
volts sent into his body. One minute .
later tjie current was turned off and
y^en a faint beat of the heart was
& ' found, the current was again
|urned on at b:zl o ciock. a minute
later it was again cut off and at 6:23.
o'clock Kirby, was pronounced dead. J
The death chamber was then clearid
of witnesses, Kirby's body lifted
x?om the chair and carried into the
little room adjoining the death cham-.
per. j
/ -Gappins Makes Statemeni.
At 6.31 o'clock Gappins walked inthe
chamber and took his seat in
.the chgir. He was pale and his eyes,
swollen with tears, but outwardlytlie
was as calm as usual. The straps,
Wire adjusted and (iappins maae nis
statement. "I want every
jrcging man," he said, "to let this be
& ."yarnyig to ail of them?young and
old. If the truth had been told about.
aifc I'd ^pt Ve here, but if I have to
I feel I can go. Jesus knows my
fcrtil and he knpws that the truth has i
not been told. I want to advise every
.yoang man not to believe anything
thft's tcld them. I see several faces
ti^it I know here and some of you '
znay not .believe, me, but I'm telling
the truth. If I'd have known what j
I yas going into I woulld not have j
gonfi. I've not had justice.."
-He turned and looked about the;
room. "Sergeant," he said, "tell my 1
mother sroodbve for. me. Goodby j
sergeant. Gpodby everybody." The
ilfectrodes were attached and Gappins
began the chanting of a prayer which >
tras cut short when the current was J
turned on at 6:37 o'clock. At 6:38
o'clock the switch was pulled out and j
at 6:89 o'clock Gappins was pro-'
nounced dead.
';Again the witnesses were changed
and at 6:48 o'clock Fox calmly walk-,
fijd into the room.and unaided took his'
seat in the electric chair. "Good!
morning, gentlemen," he said with a'
wave of his hand.
"I've nothing to say," he said, "ex-1
. c?pt that I hope that this will save1
jeoine* other poor sinner. I am sorry i
aVi/1 offVioryiQfl rv-f -07V>o + T < } T arn+ intfi '
CHiU VX XJ1MV A U'vt* A ^vw |
bad company. Of course, I -don't;
think I'm good company. I've noth- j
ing to say against the other two and
I hope God will bless them both. I've'
nothing against Brazell and his fam-|
ily. He was a good boy, I think, and j
I hope to meet him and all of them ;
in Heaven by God's grace." He sat
silent and motionless as the eleci:
trades'were adjusted and did not
move in the short interval that elaps-!
ed before the switch was thrown in at
6:51 o'clock. A minute later the
current was cut off and when upon
.examination it was found that Fox
v was not dead, the current was switched
on again at 6:54 o'clock. Another
60 seconds elapsed and the current
was again turned off. At 6:55
o'clock Fox was pronounced dead. >
Hour Kept Secret
The early hour and the. secrecy
maintained by all concerned of the
exact time set for the electrocutions
limited the crowd at the penitentiary
to few persons other than the 75 or
more witnesses and the prison offii
cials. Gappins' father was at the
r~ penitentiary but did not enter the
death house until after everything
was over and done. None of the ?ther
men's relatives nor any of the relatives
of young Brazelle were present.
The bodies, at the request of relatives
of the three men, were carried
from the penitentiary shortly after
the electrocutions. Fox's body was
taken by train yesterday to his former
home near Charlotte, N. C.,
where the funeral will be held. The
funeral of Kirby will be. held at his
former residence, 925 Ninth street,
Olympia, at 3 o'clock this afternoon,
the funeral services to be conducted
by the Rev. J. W. Hammond, and
VGappins' funeral will be held at his
parents' home, 715 Seventh street,
\ Olympia, at 5 o'clock this afternoon.
1 JJoth bodies will be interred in Olym'
pia cemetery. I
Eight physicians made the necesI
Little Mountain, June 14.?An educational
rally will be held at Little
Mountain in the high school building
July 4th. There will be music and
addresses. A barbecue dinner will
be furnished by the school Improvement
association. The funds are to
be used to buy chairs for the auditorium.
A program ui the exercises
will appear later.
A very large crowd is expected to
attend the dedicatorial services at
Holy Trinity church Sunday. June
^ The mender:- of the Ligrht Brigade
of Holy Trinity Sunday school e:ijyed
an outin; Saturday afternoon
with Miss Lucy Brady as i-haperone.
Mrs. E. A. Wheeler has undergone
a very serious opeation in the Columbia
hospital. Her many friends are
grateful to learn she is gradually improving.
' Mr. and Mrs. Leland Shealy of Anderson
visited Mrs. D. E. Epting last
Miss Goldej? Brooks of Columbia
was the guest of Miss Evelyn Wise
fcr the week-end.
? * ? rr>'!:iittlp
-Virs. Annie meuun ouu
daughters, Grace and Martha, attended
commencement at the Thornwell
orphanage in Clinton last week.
Misses Nell Brady and Myrtle Davis
of Columbia visited Mioses Lucy and
Ada Brady Saturday and Sunday!
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Epting of Columbia
spent Sunday afternoan with
relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dos'ter of Columbia
visited Mrs. Do-ster's parents
on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shea
Miss Elberta Sease spent Tuesday
in Columbia.
Miss Luetta Wheeler was in Newberry
Mrs. Burr Barnes and little son B.
T., Jr., and Mrs. P. B. Yar'oorough of
Greenwood, spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Shealy.
Prof. P. K. Harmon of Prosperity
madfc a short visit here last Friday.
Miss Louise Derrick and brother
Jodie are spending the week in Clinton.
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hartley visited
Mrs. Hartley's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P. B. Fulmer, last Sunday.
Mrs. Clarence Barrier of Augusta
attended the funeral of1 her nie'ce
Miss Maude Fulmer.
Mrs. M. B. Hodge and httls daughter
Catherine spent Monday with her
cousin, Miss Zula Stockman.
' - > - s
The State.
Lancaster, June 14.?Judge Ernest
Moore, judge of the Sixth judicial circuit
of South C&olina, died at a hospital
in Baltimore this afternoon at
4 o'clock. Judge Moore had been in
ill health for some time and while his
condition was serious, his death came
as a great surprise and the entire
;.l?? Jnanlv nrioveH TTp WaS
communis is UC^^IJ 5i.1v w*? ?
taRen to Baltimore la>3t Saturday and
placed under the care of a specialist.
It was feported that he was doing
nicely and the news, of his death came
as a great surprise.
Judge Moore was,the son of William
A. and Nancy (Ross) Moore,
and was born Dec. 5, 1856, in Yor^
county. He acquired his early education
in private schools and was
graduated in 1878 from the law department
of Washington and Lee university.
His father died about the
time of his graduation and he succeeded
to his father's large practice.
TT-\3 nhilitv - and high merit gained
Columbia. Judge Moore is survived
by his wife and seven children.
sary examinations of the three men:
Drs. R. T. Jennings, F. M. Harvin,
M. C. Stannard, P. E. Payne and D.
N. Matthews of Columbia, W. D.
Jennings and A. H. Powell of Augusta,
Ga., W. A. Oxner of Brookland
and G. F. Roberts of Lexington.
At 7:01 o'clock the prison bell
was rung and the prisoners in the
regular penitentiary cell house were
brought out into the prison yard. The
opening of the doors had been delayed
45 minutes.
The curtain had been rung down
on the final scene of the sordid drama
of murder, of justice, and of
death; the law after ten months had
claimed the lives of three men who
had dared to take the life of young
i Brazell on the road to Augusta, Aug
just 7, 1921.
Campaign Starts for $1.000,000
or More to Endow Foundation
in ex-President's Name.
New York.?Prominent men and
women have urbanized in every
state in the con;.try in a campaign
opening the wool; of January 10 to
raise $l,OuO,<KKJ <ir more to endow thy
Wood row WilAm Foundation, which
is designed to !i- nor Mr. Wilson and
perpetuate his ideals. The income
from tliis sum will provide the Woodrow
Wilson Awa: J> to he given periodically
to "the individual or group
that Ikis rendered, within a specified
period, meritorious service to democracy,
pui)!ic welfare, 1 literal thought,
or peace through justice."
The National Coinniit'ee, headed by
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic
candidate for Vice-I'resident in 11320,
Includes representatives of each
state. Cleveland H. Dodge of New
York is chairman < f the Executive
Committee and Hamilton ITolt is Executive
Director. Fifreen nationally
known men and women wiii comprise
the permanent Hoard of Trustees,
I ?Underwood & L'ndeMvood.
Chairman, of the National Comrriittee of
the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.
i which must Invest the funds in United
States or other recognized securities.
Five trustees have already been apj
pointed. The Eoard of Trustees will also
: appoint the Jury of Awards of 25 mer;
and women who will select the person or
] group to whom the award will go.
I The state chairrien'are as follows:
.> ALABAMA?lion. Frank P. Glass,
( chairman: Hon. Sydney J. Bowie, exeeui
live chairman. 2227 First avenue. BirI
mingham. ARIZONA?Hon. A. il. Favour,
j chairman. Prescott. ARKANSAS?Hon.
Thomas C. McRae, chairman; Hon. W. S.
Goodwin, vice-chairman. Hotel Marion.
Little RtU: CALIFORNIA. Northern
Section?Mrs. Annette Abbott Adams,
chairman. .1032 Merchants Exchange
Building. San Francisco. CALIFORNIA.
Southern Section ? Hon. Harrington
Brcwn, chairman. 3375-Stf! Vermont avenue.
Los Angeles. COLORADO?Hon.
John T. Barnett, chairman. 510 First
' ?... 1. Tionvpr CON
NECTICUT?Prof. Irving Fish dr. chairman:
Prof. Pay Westerfleld. executive
chairman. 55 High ?treet. New Haven.
, DELAWARE?Mi.ss II. L. Stadejman.
chairman. 710 Biackshire Road. WSfriihg
Robert -W. Wool ley, chairman. Conti
nentai Trust Building. Washington.
FLORDIA?John C. CoToper. Jr.. Esq.,
chairman. Atlantic National Bank Building.
Jacksonville. GEORGIA?Hon. Plea;
sant A. Stovall. chairman. Savannah,
i IDAHO?Hon. James H. Ilawley. chairman,
Boise. ILLINOIS?Hon. Edward N.
j Hurley, chairman of organization, Suite
' 1411, Steger Building. Chicago. IOWA?
k' Hon. Edwin T. Meredith, chairman.
, Herrick Building. De:; Moiius. KANSAS
! ?Hon. Jouett 'Shouse, chairman, 1012
Baltimore avenue. Kansas City. KEN,
TUCKY?Hon. Robert Wv. Bingham,
i chairman. Louisviile Trust .Building,
Louisville. LOUISIANA?Col. A. T.
! Prescott. chairman. Baton Rouge.
! MAINE?Hon. Char:es F. Johnson, chairmar..
Room 500. Congress Square Hotel,
( Portland. MASSACHUSETTS?John F.
Moors. Esq , chairman. 101 Tremoftt
! street, Boston. MARYLAND?Clarence
K. Bowie. Esq.. chairman.- Fidelity
Building. Baltimore. : Md. MICHIGAN?
Hon. Woodbridge N. Ferris, chairman,
Big Rapids. MINNESOTA?Hon. George
H. Partridge, chairman. Room 208, 529
Second avenue. south. Minneapolis. MIS,r
Vtovvfnn r?h*irman.
Jackson. MISSOURI ? J. Lionherger
Pa vis, Esq.. Federal Reserve Bunk Building.
St. Louis. MONTANA?Hon. Thomau
Stout, chairman. Lewistown. NKBKASKA?-William
F. Baxter. Esq., chairman,
care of Thos. rilputr.ck & Co., Omaha.
NEVADA ? Hon. William Woodburn,
chairman. Reno. NEW HAMPSHIRE?
Hon. Robert Jackson, chairman. 25
Capita! street, Concord. NEW JERSEY
-,-IIon. J. Warren-Davis, chairman. Post
Oir.ee Building. Trenton. NEW MEXICO
?lion. Summers Burkhart. chairman, Ai:
buquerque. NEW YORK?Hon. James
W. Gerard. chairman. 4G Cedar street,
Mrs. Josephus I)anie.!s. chairman, Raleigh.
cnairman. Rugby* OHIO?Hon. Newton
D Baker, chairman. Union National
? * /M AT/f A
BiinK liuiiair?:. ^lev^Luinfl. viviiAHOMA?IliKi.
Charles B. Ames, chair
man. Hotel. Oklahoma City.
' OKECO's"?Don. C. S. Jackson. chair'
man. Portland Journal Portland.
' PEN"XSYLVAN* IA?H'Xi. Roland -y. Llorris
fhair?r.:w:. La:i<r Title Building.
. Philadelphia. SOUTH CAROLINA ?
Hon. Robert A. Cooler. chairman,
Columbia. SOUTH DAKOTA ? Hon
Edwin S. Johnson, chairman. Yankton.
TEXXESSEE- - Hon. Luke Lea. ehairn;'r>.
Xasbvilie T??nr:c--'s--an. Xashville.
TEXAS--Thomas S. Ta'iaferro. Esq.,
chairman. University Cluh. Houston.
' RHODE ISLAXD?Richard Comstock,
i Esq.. .chairman. 1U \V<-ybo>sf t street.
Providence. UTAH ? Hon. James II.
Movie, chairman. -HI East First South
street. Sa.lt Lake City. VERMOXT?
1 John jspai'tfo. r.s.j., ciiitirmaii. ?./iu oco.
ninKton. VIRGINIA?Hon. Carter Glass,
chairman; Hon. John Skelton Williams,
; exc<'u;iOi<: chairman. Richmond. WASH1
INGTON?Mrs. E. I>. Christian, chair1
man. East 703 Ermina awnue. Spokane,
j WEST VIRGINIA?Hon. William E. Chil
tor., chairman. 411 Union Trust Building.
Charleston. WISCONSIN'?Karl Mathle,
Esq . chairman, 5o'j Grant street, Wausau.
WYOMING?T. Q. Diers, Esq., chairman,
, Sheridan.The
campaign, starting on January 16,
will continue until !he amount necessary
to endow the Foundation has bf-en raised.
A handsome certificate, suitable for framing
and bearing a picture of Mr. Wil3on;
I -will be presented to every contributor.
ContribMions may sent to local or
i state headquarters, o.- to Hamilton Holt,
j Executive Director at National Headgarters,
150 Nassau street, New York*
! ? , !
i Notice is hereby given th.nt the
books of registration or enrolment of
, voters for the primary election are
op.en and may be fuund at the places
named below. The enrolment com!
mittees for the clubs are also given.
{All persons who are expecting to
vote in the primary election are noti- '
lied that in order to vote their names
must be on club rolls and that the vot-;
er must sign the roil himself or herself.
Under the rules of the party
there is a new enrolment each year
and even if you were enrolled last
year you must enrol again this year.
The books will remain open until the
fourth Tuesday in July and after that
j date it will be too late. Enroll now
, and be prepared to vote for state and
county officers. j
i Ward 1?Elsie Gilliam, J. J. Hitt
and Maggie Thomasson, book at|
Hitt's store.
! Ward 2?J C Kinard, W. W Cromer,
Miss Eunice Abrams, C. P. McDan-1
iei, book at chamber of commerce. j
| Ward 3 No. 1?C. B. Spinks, R. L.
Tarrant, W. B. Wallace, book at Ex-;
j change bank.
i Ward 3 No. 2?I. T. Timmerman,;
J. M. K. Buzhardt, 0. C. Wilson,'1
book at I. T. Timmerman's store.
I Ward 4?E. H. Aull, Jas. L. Aull,1
Blanche Davidson, book at Jas. L. j
Aull printing office.
I Ward 5?J. H. Chappell, W. M.j
Thomas, Mr. Corley, 'book at CorleyV
baiber shop. , ,
Helena?J. G. Miller, Mrs. Nellie j
Davis, J. W. Henderson, book at Mil- jler's
j Oakland?Jtff T. Cromer, D. D.
Darby, W. B. Bodie, book at Sanders' i
? ,
i Haitford?Z. W. Dennis, M. B. EIcazer,
J. F. Hawkins, book at Eleazer's
; Johnstone?P. B. Banks, W. E.
Wallace, Mrs. Zonie Lane, book at
W. E. Wallace's residence.
Garmany?-B. B. Leitzsev. Jno. T.J
Oxner, E. S. Boozer, book at B. B. j
Lertzsey's office.
! Mt, Bethel?W. C. Brown, Geo. S.i
Ruff, Jno. C. Baker, book at Geo. S.
Ruff's residence . I
j Mulberry? T. W. Keitt, J. A.:
Sease, T. W. Harman, book at J. A.!
Sense's residence.
i Mt. Pleasant?G. Fred Smith, Mrs.
J. W. Caldwell, J. S. J. Suber, Sr.,
book at J W. Caldwell's. s
Maybinton?J. L. Thomas, L. B.
Whitney, A. H. Maybin, book at *W.
i rttlii?td 'xt a t a
i >7 in Lin ire rw. ax. nugnu;, o.
Darby, W. G. Puckett, ^ook at town |
! Long Lane?T. W. Hentz, W. S.
Hentz, B. H. Caldwell, book at B. H.
Caldwell's residence.
Jalana?0. H. Abrams, W. E.
Epp>, B. L. Albritton, book at Jalapa
Mercantile Co.
Kinards?R. G. Smith, J. A. Dominick,
A. C. Johnson, book at J. A.
Dominick's store.
! Trinity?C. E. Abrams, John Brehmer,
J. C. Waldrop, book at C. E.
Abrams' residence.
Longshores?J. R. Spearman, G.
H. Martin, J. E. Senn, book at G. H.
Martin's store.
Dominicks?F. J. Harmon, J. N.
Livingstone, M. M. Livingstone, book
at J. N. Livingstone's residence,
j Reederville?R. E. Livingstone, P.
C. Workman, j. H. JJorron, dook ai
R. E. Livingstone's store,
j - Chappells?J. B. Scurry, A.' P.
Coleman, Eunice Allen, book at
Coleman and Scurry's. J
Saluda, No. 7.?H. W,. Bowles, J.
S. Wait, W. H. Sanders,'book at W.
H Sanders' store.
I Vanghnville?L. H. Senn, M. J.
Longshore, H. D. HoIIin^sworth,
book at L. H. Senn's residence.
; Silverstreet?0. W. Lon?, J. M.
Nichols, Mayer Havird, oook at J. M.
Nichols' store.
! Utopia?H. L. Boulware, W. W.
Herbert, J. A. Scnumpert, book at
W W Hevhpvt.'s.
j East Riverside?E. L. Hayes, J W.
Cromer, T. A. Robinson, book at E. |
L. Haves' residence.
! Prosperity?Dr. J. S. Wheeler, E.
W. Werts, Mrs. C. T Wyche, book dt
Werts' store
St. Lukes?C. S. Nichols, N. E. |
Taylor. J. W. Taylor, book at C. S j
Nichols' residence.
j Saluda, No. 9?L. L. Dominick, D. j
M. Bedenbausrh. J. E. Monts, ocok at j
B. M. BedenbauTh's residence.
j O'Neall?0. 0. Shealy, Pat Wise,
Henry Wessinger, book at Pat Wise's i
residence J
! \Tnn + n O P Tlnmin t"P MM !
1 ?? ? ? I
I Counts, Olin Counts, book at P. W. !
Counts' residence.
i Liberty?J. T. Hunter, G. F. Hun- j
, ter, Mrs. R. C Hunter, bock at G. F.
; Hunter's residence.
Midway?J. S. Watts, Geo. A.
j Counts, Mrs. Essie Singley, book at
J. S. Watts' residence.
Big Creek?J. P. Harmor. P. E.
| Kunkle, W. E. Nichols, book at J. P.
i Harmon's residence
| Little Mountain?J. B. Derrick,
Mattie Bolanid. Eugene Wheeler, book
at J. B. Derrick's store.
Union?T. J. Wilson, Geo. S. Enlow,
B. B. Rikard, book at T. J. Wilson's
Jolly Street?A. 0. Richardson, (1.
I. Kinard, Jim Dowd, book at Jim
Dowd's residence.
St. Pauls?J. J. Kibler, F. F. Livingstone,
L. B. Bedenbaugh, book at
J. J. Kibler's residence.
Central?A*. L. Aull, Eusc-phes
Koon, E. S. Shealy, book at A. L.
Zion?T. B. Richardson, H H Folk,
John Kinard, book at John Kinard's
.St. Phillips?P. F. Halfacre, E. L.
Ruff, book at J. L. Ruff's store.
Walton?J S. Fowler, J. L. Crooks,
W. J. Ruff, book at J. L. Crooks'
Pomaria?H. W. Lominick, R. J.
Johnston, W. D. Hatton, book at H.
W. Lominick's store.
Peak?T. F; Chapman, W. M. Wilson,
W. H. Suber, book at Suber's
Cro?s Roads?G. H. Shealy, J. A.
Cumalander, A. N. Shealy, book at
J. A. Cumalander's residence.
J. D. Wheeler,
B. B. Leitzsey, See.
| ATonic K
g For Women g
Qy "I was hardly able to drag, I
was so weakened," writes Airs. ILi
IT W. F. Ray, o| E2sley, S. C. jX
"The doctortreated me for about pj
W two months, still I didn't get W
any better. I had a large fam- W
jy'ily and felt I surely must do jM
1X1 something to enable me to take IX
J care of my little ones. I had R
M heard o!
I The Woman's Tonic |
Jjj "l decided to try it," con- |JLj
I tinucs Mrs. Ray ... "I iook ^
eight bottles in all... I re- j
$ gained my strength and have &
yi had no more trouble with wojy
manly weakness. I have ten X
3 children and am able to do all
2j my housework and a lot outW
doors ... I can sure r:commend
Cardui." ^
Take Cardui today. It may ^
M be just what yoti need. M
M At all druggists.
?*1 "I
~ :-t 7 - r ? - ? - , *
The e}
mg qu?
are-a sc
take tin
Nitrate <
We are in position to n
from the ports.
Try us. Prices right.
ieiepiiuiit; or wire.
1 ?
; jmJU-WEini' 1'nrum ma \ rurr i m r rani?aim i i? mi i
Belting Belting
With 58 rolls of Gandy, Rub
Belts in stock we are in position to
Have a large stock of Crescen
Columbia Supi
% 823 V/est Qervais Street
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i And NorOi
I Accommod
u. ? l. ?
every reaiurcui
education avaiiabl
Tickets on siie t
! turn until October
allowed. For furl
apply to:
| S. H. McLl
District Pa
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I ......
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cceptipnally comfortab
alities oi the good Mc
)urce of amazement to a
leir first trip in this fi
d tires, non-sled front and rear; disc steel wheels, c
? ? ? i -s % _ j? ' A 1 ;
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_________ /
* ,
Boys And Girls ;]
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Iway System
Drth (tain v: I
i Georgia
1 I 1
5 reasonable, ana
amusement and . <o
iaify, good to resist.
? mm.
cuer lm ui maiiun
1 *' >? ' -..If- " .
?AN, .V
ssenger Agent,
5. C. ' '
- - I %
. - - , -v ,
/ v
" . - J
; ?'/* /
m .
le ridixwell
who '
n p rar
!e- % ,
fig .
front rank for him at the Lancaster
bar. Like his father he was devoted
to his professional -interest!;. Several
times by appointment by the governoi\he
served as special judge. In 1914
he was elected circuit judge for the
Sixth judicial circuit, comprising
Lancaster,York, Chester and Fairfield
counties, and was reelected in 1918.
In 1883 Judge Moore was married
to Miss Mary Hall, daughter of the
late Rev. W. T. Hall, D. D., prominent
Presbyterian clergyman and
for maziy years a professor in the
Presbyterian theological seminary in
- .1

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