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The Movements of Many People,
Newerrians and Those Who
Visit Newberry
Mrs. J. X. McCaughrin and children,
Elizabeth, Margaret and Laura
Nance, of Newberry, are guests
of Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Harper in Bailey
Circle.?Greenwood Index-Jour
nal, 14th.
Miss Sudie Davenport, who went
to Spartanburg three weeks ago, on
a visit, writes her father, Mr. J. L.
C. Davenport, that she has a job
there and will remain in that city.
Mrs E. B. Feagle of Newberry was
dismissed yesterday from the Columbia
hospital.?The State, 14th.
>Ir. J. H. Clary was elected a
member of the board of directors of
the South Carolina Retail Clothiers'
association at the convention in Hendersonville
last week.
The State newspaper Friday had
a squib about a dog that made it
lively for awhile on the streets of
that city the day before. The paper
said the dog "raised enough fuss
for a fourth of July celebration in
Newberry." We don't know whether
that's intended for a compliment
nr ? All we know is that New
berry now celebrates the 4th all
Prof. Edward S. Werts of Memphis,
Tenn., arrived Wednesday night
to spend the summer on his farm at
Old Town, where he usually spends
his vacation. He is the president
of the Memphis universtiy, a preparatory
school for boys. It seems to
us that for a hard working college
man, banker, lawyer or any other
business or professional man, the
farm is the very place to spend one's
vacation. This reporter remembers
how he "used to" enjoy rest in the
quiet country whenever he was able
to get away from the "eternal grind''
in the city.
Messrs. L. M. Graham and Wm. S.
Suber accompanied by Mrs Graham
and her mother, Mrs. F. W. Higgins.
motored to Columbia Friday morn
Those pretty little sign pointers to
the right and left are useful as well
as ornamental as they stand on the
square and at certain street corners,
and it seems to us that surely no driver
could fail to understand their
significance; but at the same time,
;when right in the middle (tf the
road, they make it most difficult for
a large car to pass. A little Ford
can go through the pass as easily as
a fish can swim through the granite
curves in Scott's creek, but a large
automobile nas trouble in rounding.
Young: John Irwin Leavell left on
Saturday for Columbia to assume his
duties with the Palmetto Concrete
Manufacturing company, as office
man, beginning work Monday. Irwin
is another of our bright Newberry
boys having a large supply of natural
intelligence in store to "see him
on to success." Hope you well,
young man.
Mr. Klettner has been here longer
than since 1891, but that year he
built his store and had it painted.
We don't know how many times he
has had it repainted, but last waek
we saw him at the job. He said he
was repainting it just the same way,
colors and all, in which it was first
painted. J
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Meek of Spartanburg
spent from Thursday until
Sunday in Newberry with her mother,
Mrs. Mary A. Fant.
Miss Janie Chalmers visited Mrs.
Jennie Chalmers in Greenville last
Norma Talmadge is a great favorite
in Newberry as well as elsewhere.
She will be here Monday ir. "Smilin'
Through." One of the slogans here
is "Keep Smiling." You will be able
to smile with more satisfaction at the
opera house Monday than anywhere
Miss Mary L. Burton and her nephew,
Mr. Jas. A. Burton,. Jr., who
IS nn a vicif. frnm TRivrvnnorVioTvi lo'ff
on Friday for a trip to the mountains
of North Carolina.
The Country club is all r:<?ht, ru- \
mors to the contrary notwithstanding,
including the analysis of the
water. A lady visitor to Newberry
who accompanied friends thera Theirs
day afternoon, says it is a beautiful
place, and she wsa delighted with it.
Col. M. M. Buford, after a good
rest and enjoyment at Glenn Springs,
has returned home. The people
made him have a pleasant time, as
people generally do wherever he
goes. His reputation as a conspicu-1
ous ex-Confederate is well known, j
Asked if any other Newberrians were;
at the springs with him he reported'
the presence of Mr. and Mrs. A. G.;
Wise and Mrs. Geo. Y. Hunter and
daughter of Prosperity and that Mr.;
Frank Lominack and family and one
of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb BushardtV
little daughters dined there Sunday.:
Also Mr. J. A. Dominick of Kinards^
Attorney E. -J. Green returned last
week-end from Asheville. after de-'e
fending the two boys at court in n
their trial under the charge of hav- si
ing robbed the American Express c,
compnay of So,000. Mr. Green was'
associated with Lawyer Clinton K. b
Hughes of Asheville in the defense of \\
this case. The jury found the de- o
fendants guilty and they were sen- a
tenced to five years servitude. The tl
case was appealed. As the judge:
eould have made the tsentence ten1 ^
years and $500 the lawyers repre- fj
senting them saved them a good deal S(
as it is.
Mr. Isidore Koppel of New York
registered at the XeWberry hotel q
Fridav. Wish we could have seen -v
"issie " ;;;
Profs. S. J. Derrick and R. A. c
Goodman and Miss Olive Counts of ^
Newberry county were among the
speakers and faculty at the Summer- t|
land college summer school in Lees- ^
ville last week.
The State Sunday school and'0
Young People's union of negro Baptists
of South Carolina convened in j
annual session last week in Abbeville q
county. Newberry got the second
triVo in the election of
Rev. I. S. Reed. j ?
Mr. Geo. T. Bryan of Greenville,j
Mr. J. C. Bissell of Charleston and ^
Messrs. Walter Bailey, C. C. Fish- ^
burne and Legare Ingleby of Colum-j^
bia, prominent Masons, were among ^
the assemblage at the supper tables;
of the Newberry hotel Friday night.
So that you will not have to be a
asking about it we repeat that the a1
congressional campaign in this the p
third district will be opened in New- ^
berry at the court house on next
Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock.
followed by a meetir? in Whitmirej
at 8:30 p. m. And that the next
meeting in the county campaign will (j
be at Keitt's srrove ucrust 11. State ;r
w I 1 1
campaign day August 14. }
"Smilin' Through" will be given
you again on Tuesday by Norma, p
with "The Face Between" on Wed- y
nesdav by Bert and "Strange Idols" jj
by Dustin on Thursday.
Those who go to the opera house fj
tonight, Monday, and Tuesday will
enjoy a real treat. Besides seeing ai
the famous Norma Talmadge, in a e
splendid picture they will also have j]
the pleasure of seeing and hearing ^
Miss Frances Neal and Mr. Aubrey ^
Tilley, prominent members of ?the
home talent class, in a prologue ar- ]j
ma AcnA/?ioll*T -Prw f Un va r\\r ^
icmgcu c^ciiau v xui me piciui t vj ^
Mr. Fulmer Wells, Newberry's lead- ^
ing art driector. All who saw the ^
work of these young people on a ^
former similar occasion will be glad e
of the opportunity again presented. }j
Mr. Tilley impersonates the character
of John Carteret and Miss Neal t(
that of Moonyeen, both portrayed so ^
strikingly throughout the picture. I d
Mrs. T. E. Wicker left Sunday to e
soend a week in Aiken with her o
daughter, Mrs. Henry Busch. We
hope Tom will not suffer during the
absence of his help meet at home. It j(
is awful to be left alone. . },]
There will be a spccial meeting of C]
Scout troop No. 1 this (Monday) ev- w
ening at 7:15. h:
Mrs. F. J. Kennedy and children
of Wilmington, Delaware, are visit- p
ing her brother. Mr. A. G. Leitzsey.. u:
and other relatives. a<
Mrs. H. L. Parr went to Bookman m
Saturday night. She had accepted ,rj
an invitation to make a Sabbath t
schoo laddress at that place Sabbath. tt<
All the members of St. James' n
church, Jalapa, are urged to meet
-n 1 j i i -
next rnaay morning 10 ciean ana l
beautify the grounds. h
Mrs. T. E. Epting had the misfor-'w
tune of having the ligaments of her M
right thumb painfully cut Saturday.1
While no serious developments have 31
resulted, yet it was severe enough to bl
put her to bed. Her many friends M
hope that she will not have to stay G
there long. j c<
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Bowers left' for j p;
their home in Greenwood on Monday ti
after seeing that "Jack and his c;
bride" had returned from their wed- g
nip aiiu w"i t cuxiiiur i?xuiy <xu u u
happily housed in "the house that U
Jack arranged" in Harrington street j
?the cosy little cottage in a pleas-jw
ant neighborhood. Miss Sadie Bow- t(
ers accompanied her parents to C
Greenwood for a vacation from the G
postoffice and Miss Estelle Bowers
left at the same time for her return ci
to Baltimore, where she will resume D
her duties in the trained nurses' de-;a:
partment of the celebrated Johns
Honkins hosnital. sc
Mr?. B. L. Dorrity and children r<
and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. West motored ir
to Columbia Friday to see some of N
the sick people from Newberry in the |
hospitals. They found Mrs. Dorrity'? fi
little daughter Emily doing nicely at/a
the Baptist hospital and Mr. Floyd;si
Bradley free of temperature at thejo
Columbia hospital. They also report- d
ed Mr. R. G. Wallace at the Columbia w
Hospital so tar improved as to cxpect n;
to leave for home today, Monday. j fi
From the numerous automobile , c;
wrecks by trains throughout the n'
state it would seem that the "careful t
crossing campagin" is not being gen-j
rally observed. It is the people and
ot the railroads that should pay.
tricter regard to "crossing crossings;
Mr. Roy Summer is the only New-;
erry merchant we hear of up to date,
ho expects to attend the convention
t the Retail Merchants' association:
t Columbia on the 26th and 27th of;
ie present month.
Mr. and Mrs. James 0. Sheppard
ave as their charming gueist their!
riend, Mrs. E. Pendleton Morris-\
?tte of Newberry.?Edgefield Chron-j
le, 13th.
"This place will bo occupied by the!
ommercial bank after completion in :
iOvember by Jamison & Morris, con-'
actors." So reads the sign, as the j
rowds pass by and look up, and the
usy work goes on during the isunliny
and the cloudy days; and when
ie moon shines it looks down at the
Prof. J. K. Metts of Cedar Springs
n his way to Newberry to attend
ie summer school, stopped over in
aurens for a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
has. W. McCravy.?Laurens Mill
nd Newberry teams played a two to
ne game here Wednesday afteroon,
the margin going to the visi>rs.
The contest was spirited from
rst to last, being considered one of
ie best exhibitions of the season in
aurens.?Laurensville Herald. Newe'rry
won, 2 to 1.
Misses P^ebecca and Mary Living-j
* T\ Ji?.n XT 1 !
;on 01 ueaaian in *\e\vuun> cuum,^ j
re the guests of Miss Kancv Blair|
t 2308 Pendleton street.?J. R.j
oster is spending the week-end in!
ewberry with his family, who are1
sending several weeks with Mr?. J.
. Bickley.?The State, 17t:h.
Lomax Boyd, colored, was tried be-;
3re Magistrate C. W. Douglas Mon-j
ay morning on the charge oi curs-'
ig on the public highway. He had
_ c? -jfonr. :j
le urie oi paiu.
The rummage sale under the ausices
of Drayton Rutherford chapter.
. D. C., Saturday, realized the neat
ttle sum of $23.
Mr. E. R. Partridge arrived Sun-i
ay from Atlanta in his car, coming
) pay week-end visit to his family
b the home of Mrs. Partridge's partite.
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Goggans.
' - 1 ----- ? !?-#< n y-> A Ttri 11
lCclVtf.N III^ L'tti ncic anvi win uaxw |
ie Cannon Ball tonight, Monday, on
is return to Detroit.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewie L. Lane and:
ttle son Francis of Washington, D.
arrived Saturday to spend the
eek with relatives. Lorick Lane,
rho has been spending some time
ere, will return home with his parnts
upon the departure of the fam-j
y next Saturday.
Mary Crawford, the little daugh-J
?r of Rev. and Mrs. W. K. Dutton.
ecame very ill of diphtheria on Sunay
morning, but upon prompt and
ffirient treatment by Dr. HouseaL
pnarently is making good progress
) recovery.
On last Sunday afternoon at a;
>int meeting of fcfee councilmen of1
[aver and Summer Memorial Luthran
churches, Pastor TV". H. Dutton
a<3 given the month of August for
is vacation.
The special election held in the Mt.
' ' l'-i-i-i. 1 L.
icasant scnooi district on last o-at-j
rriay on the question of levying na '
dditional special tax of six mills for)
laintenance of the school was car-j
ed with only two votes against it.!
his will give this district a special
ix of eight mills for the mainteance
of the school.
Mr. Bryan Livingston went toj
eesville Sunday and returned with;
is mother, Mrs. Addie Livingston,!
ho had been visiting at the home of;
r. r* tt ir
ir. vjr. n. xvuon.
The case aganist Ernest Miller, the i
egro who was recently trailed by
[codhounds from Mr. McHardy
tower's premises and captured in i
raveltown, was ended in the re-j
order's court on Monday by the!
ayment of a $20 fine. At the same
me a $25 bond was forfeited in the
jse brought against the white straner
mentioned last week as having;
btained money under false presses.
Probate Judge Ewart issued two!
hite marriage licenses Saturday, onej
> Mr. R. B. Shealy and Miss Mabel i
allahan, the other to Ernest Hughes
ruber and Ermie Eugenia Pigler.
The glad news was heard in the j
ily this morning:, Thursday, that,
Ellisor got a good rest last nigh?
nd seemed somewhat improved.
One of the cute little white doves j
?5it out by King Cupid dropped the;
^porter the message of the marriage'
i the near future of a popular young
[ewberry man.
JVIr. J. M. Outzs has returned again om
the Columbia hospital and is in
very serious condition. He has been ;
offering most severely from cancer;
f the stomach, having already un-j
ergone two operations, and was too1
eak to stand another, which he will
ave to stand if he should regain suf-cient
strength. Some people are
rilled unon to endure much, while i
lany others seem to escape these'
?rrible afflictions. -j'1
Mrs. W. H. Henn of Atlanta is vis-j
itin*r her parents, Mr. and Mr.-. B.
F. Goggans at 1008 Main street.
Little Miss Drucilla Gee, who was
bom in China, is on another of her
pleasant visits to this country among
her relatives. At present she is with
Miss Minnie Gist.
Mr. John Bunyon Sligh has just returned
from the State Park sanitorium
and is all praises for Dr. Ernest
Cooper, superitnendent of the sanitorium,
and all the officials. He says
the treatment given him while there
was wonderful and all that could be
desired by any one. After about
eight months cure taking, he was discharged
as an arrested case. He spoke
of the great need of more beds and
me large numoer now un une waning
list whom, if they could be treated
now, would mean the saving of both
time and in many cases life.
A shack for women is now under
construction and will be completed
by September 1st, 1922, but owing
to insufficient funds, beds and equipment
cannot be purchased. To wait
for an appropriation from the legislature
would mean a delay of six or
eight months, so the patients and the
officials of the sanitorium are sending
out letters of appeal asking the different
lodges, organizations and individuals
hoping in that way to obtain
enough to equip the building at
the time of completion.
Mr. Slig'n says any one who might
suspect that they have lung trouble
should be examined at once and by
so doing it may mean many months
saved as an early start of the treatment
means a speedy recovery. He
eca-irc ovow r\na cVifmlrl vicif tVlP Snnt.1l
Carolina sanitorium and see for
themselves what wonderful work is
being done and what a great place
it is. The only fault he has to find
is thaf the sanitorium should be at
least four times as large so that all
now on the waiting list could be
treated at once and get the benefit
right now.
An Automobile and a Man
There was quite a rippie or excitement
of the home of Mr. John
C. Baker in the country at the early
hour of two o'clcok Saturday morning.
Mrs. Baker was awakened by
the alarm barking of the dog. Going
to the window she saw a man standing
near the automobile in the yard.
She at once called Mr. Baker who
promptly responded and shot several
times at the man, who was then running
from the place. Mrs. Baker's
father, Mr. Henry Counts, and the
Sunshine biscuit traveling salesman
being in the house at the time, having
just come in from a trip through
the country, joined in with the proceedings.
No time was lost in phoning
for the Teague bloodhounds, and
as usual with Mr. Teague or his son
Chappell and younger brother Eldridge,
they had the hounds on the
spot without delay, even at that very
early hour before the dawn. They
were taken to the automobile, whcnce
they quickly followed tracks, leading
to a house wherein was an old colored
man among others in the home,
including several younger men, but
the hounds ignored the young men
and persistently continued to "trail"
the aged man. It was not thought
4. U ^ 1 , J w, o m 4-V*o mi 11 f ir r\nr?_
tll'cl t U1C UiU mail "rto Hit
ty, and the hounds were again
brought into service. They took up
the search afresh and after two or
three times recovering the trail where
it had been broken the scent was finally
Mollohon Plays Whitmire
The Mollohon ball team will play
Whitmire a game Tuesday, July 18th.
at 5:00 p. m. on Whitmire 's ground.
Thursday, July 20th, at 5:00 p. m.
on the Mollohon Dali parK wnitmire
and Mollohon will again be seen in
action. Mollohon claims to have as
good a ball team as there is in this
section now. Coach MacLean has
taken chai-gc- of the Mollohon boys
and with the addition of Catcher
Hawkins and the Shcaly brothers the
team is all fixed to make a creditable
show against any bunch. Look out,
Mollohon won over Laurens Saturday
by a score of 10 to 4, Boozer
for Mollohon allowing the Laurens
boys only 5 hits. Laurens will come
to Mollohon Saturday, July 22nd, and
make a desperate effort to get even
with the local boys.
Mollohon vs. Whitmire Thursday,
5:00 p. m.
Mollohon vs. Laurens Saturday,
4:00 p. m., Mollohon ball park.
Trying It
"Pop told a fib," remarked the
11 k^v-?<r n C* li r? l'oKKn^] an OYHPri
zMiiau u\jy ao nc
meriting finger into the ribs of his
sister's gentleman friend.
"What makes you say that?" asked
the surprised young man.
"He said you were so soft a feller
could poke his finger right through
you?and you ain't!''
A bootlepcser usually puts his worst [a
; foot forward.
Goodyear tires. Sec Hill Bl'OS.
o-2-tf jv
| Do get a pound of Eaton, Crane & f]
Pike's line linen and fifty envelopes 4
; for one dollar. Ask to see the *]
i combination. r
T~ . , a
Well's Outline of History is a steady S
seller. Five dollars invested in n
this volume is a live mighty wise- c
| ly spent. I
Wall Pockets or hanging vases. Some ^
mighty pretty ones from Japan.
; ~ . , ? . Is
'Flower pots, iour size is ncre. Goou
i pote, too.
Hal Kohn. t'
? p
If you want the best tomatoes and c
eanteloupes get in touch with W. j
i I. Herbert of Oakland Farm, New- f
i berrv, Route 4. Phone 2711. -j
1 7-18-11 j,
Wanted?10 shares Xewberry Cotton],
j Mill stock and 10 shares Mollohon
. Manufacturing Company stock. J. s
j A. Burton. 7-18-111 s
i - ? \ ^
Wanted?A position as stenographer |;,
by young- lady with one year's ex-j
! perience. Can furnish references.
: Address The Herald & News.
| 7-lS-lt | _
i ~
i Wanted?Teacher with a first grade
i certificate and experience for a
; one-teacher school. State salary;
I and experience. Apply to A. P. S
i Werts, Silverstreet. 7-18-2tj
For Rent?Six-room house (one room
f reserved) at 942 Cline St. J. A.
| Rikard. 7-18-1 tp
Two large G. E. electric fans for!
sale in> good running order; $15;
each. Call phone 100-W.
I will make a final settlement of j
the estates of Susanah M. and D. E.;
Sease in the Probate Court for New- i
berry county, S. C., on Wednesday,'
the 23rd day of August, 1922, at 10.
o'clock in the forenoon and will im- j
mediately thereafter ask for my dis- j
. charge as Executrix of said estates. ;
All persons having claims against | _
I? ~ ' ? -
Opera .
July 17
Miss Norma
8 Reels of Storm ,
Specially Arrange<
Miss Frances Nee
Mr. Aubrey Tilley a
1 Special Scenery ami
* 11
1 Monday, Fox ?
Tuesday, Spoi
T^T h 1
no Advance in
Come Early and /
the estates of said deceaseds,
re hereby notified to file the same,
u!y verified, with the undersigned,
mi those indebted to said estates
;i!i please make pavment likewise.
Newberry, July 18, 1022.
Notice is hereby given that certicates
Xo. 30.'? for ten shares. No.
00 for live shares and Xo. 37 for
flirty shares of the capital stock of
he Farmers Oil Mill have been lost
nd application for the issue of new
tock for the said shares has been
tri tJio Fn vnuifi Oil \Till Coirl
ertificatcs being in the -name of H.
.. Parr.
icwborry, S. C., July 17, 1922.
I will make a final settlement of
he estate of Rose Eve Perry in the
'robate Court for Newberry County,
!. C., on Monday, the 14 th day of
august, 1022, at 10 o'clock in the
orenoon and will immediately t'ncrefter
ask for mv discharge as Admin
stratrix of said estate.
All persons having claims against
he estate of fiose Eve Perry, deeascd,
are hereby notified to file the
ame, duly verified, with the underlined,
and those indebted to said
state will please make payment likewise.
Newberry, S. C., July 12, 1922.
Meat and Hash
Wed. Morning, July 19t!i
Let us Have Your Order
J. R. Thornton's
Phone 329J
& &
and 18
r-r* z "l
i aimaage
and Sunshine
3 for Feature
1 */T
i <?& iYiuuiiyceii
s John Carteret
Lighting Effects
Jews No. 81
- - 1
?-*? si
rt rictorial |
_ i
Woid the Rush
11 11 III ? I ?
? i
Tuesday, July IS
Norma Talmadgc /
Sport Pictorial
Wednesday, July
Bert Lytell
Plymouth Comedy
Thursday, July 20
Dustin Farnum
Special Judo Comedy
Scenes of Newberry
Office Up Stairs
1217% Boyce Street
Over Bake-Rite Bakery
Broken Lenses Duplicated
3rd Floor Exchange Bank Bldg
Broken Lenses Duplicated
J For Sale?Empty 98-lb. flour sacks,
! heavy quality. BakeriU Bakery.
Pure Porto Rica Molasses for sale by
Johnson-McCracken Co.
Seed Com, Woods' improved Golden
and White Dent, for sale by Johnson-MeCrackin
4-14-tf 1 ?
i i i i ? i???
Genuine Ford parts. Hill Bros.
For Sale?Tract of 100 acres land
No. 11 township and tract of 185
acres No. 4 township. H. C. Holloway.
Wanted?Job to do any honest work
that a good maan can make a living.
Address Moose Lodge No.
780, Newberry, S. C. 7-14-tf
Notice?The Prosperity Cooperative
association solicits sealed bids for
the construction of a government
specified potato house of 5,200
bushel capacity. All bids to be in
the president's hands by August
15, 1922. G. D. Brown, Jr., president;
R. C. Hunter, Secretary.
Teachers Wanted?Two teachers for
Johnstone Academy school, term
not less than seven months, salary
of principal $80 and the assistant
CCA rvrit* V) lTl ?
pvv i mux ita. x v/x xwi viiti utformation
write and also file applications
with P. B. Banks, Newberry,
S. C. RFD.
Barbecuce?Will serve annual barbecue
in John P. Wicker's grove,
July 20. H. M. Wicker.
All parties holding claims against
Tv^ /v n 1/ /> /-n v> rtrfrt f a trill r> 1 fl <5 cn r?rO_
O uu. \j. ixuun o woaic v> ui ^/itaoc
sent them to one of the administrators,
and all parties owing said estate
will make payment to one of the
I will make a final settlement of
the estate of Frances Moore in the
Probate Court for Newberry County,
S. C., on Saturday, the 22nd day of
July, 1922, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
and wil! immediately thereafter
ask lor my discharge as executor of
said estate.
Newberry, S. C.
June 14th, 1922.
We want your beef
hides at market price.
Todaya's market 7c.
Now is the time to plant Lookout H:f|
Mountain Iri-sh potatoes. We have S i
just received a shipment and will
give you close price. Also have car
of Black Strap molasses that will
arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. Our flt':k*es
are always right. Bryson
Grocery Co. 7-ll-2t
with the highly recommended . ?
(made in U.S.A.)
M&gfflONCE A YEAR fl
M^no MITES to <^t>/ Woorf Preserritt M
<SP ngnt. Guar- />^ Canaan, Dot 171 ^
anteed. Write^ MILWAUKEE, WIS. |
For Sale By fl
P. E. WAY, Druggist ^

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