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VOLUME LV1II, NUMBER 58. ~ * ? ( 9| NEWBERRY, S. C., FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1922. TWICE A WEEK, $2.00 A YEAR
Superintendent Homer Schumpert
Always on the Alert With Keen
Eye and Ready Hand
Mr. Homer Schumpert, the active
and untiring superintendent of the
Newberry water and light system,
notwithstanding the f-ict that the
city water was recently analyzed ?nd
found to be all rig'it was considerably
worried because of the preface
of some typhoid fever in the community.
Determining to find oiu fhe
' cause he sent another sample of the
water to Charleston to have it analyzed
by Dr. F. L. Parker at the office
of the state board of health, so anxoius
was he to see if the water here
"had anything to do with tne csaes at
hand. The four ca<ses were as follows:
Mr. Floyd Bradley, young
Berry, Mr. Otto Foster's child, and
young Gilliam. Under date of the
15th instant Dr. Parker writes Mr.
Schumpert a letter, a most imnortant
part being the following .>entencc:
"Analyses indicate water to be of
good quality, and free from contamination."
It is a significant ?act that
there is no sewerage in the lipases
whence these cases originated; which
1 ' 1' *- -v i-1? i -T v? 4-l*i 4
shows tnat mere is sumemui^ m mat
statement. That the artesian water
of Newberry is free of contamination
and is of good quality is ciii^r for
thankfulness and the public should;
and doubtless does, ipp'eciate the
watchful efforts of Superintendent
Schumpert in exert* ag hi'Wseif to ?ee
that, as far as in his power, the city
shall be kept in a healthiul )ndi
tion and continue to e;joy *h^ jvpjtation
established. i" oau.'c f">r
congratulation that tW.-'i have jeen
so few cases of typhoid- in this community;
and all, as we have said,
arising from premises devoid of sew'
There will be a meeting of the
fmstpps and Datrons of the Domin
ick school at the school house next
' Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock and
not only the trustees and patrons of
this school are expected and invited
to be present, but the trustees and
patrons of the Belfast school and also
the trustees and patrone of the
Burton school are- invited to meet
with the people of the Dominick
The purpose of the meeting is to
discuss together what is the best
thing to do to better the school conditions
in this community. And it is
deeired that all the people come out
and talk the matter over together.
County Superintendent of Education
E. H. Aull is to meet with the
people and talk to them and give
them whatever information he may
be a'ble and to help to reach some
conclusion as to what is best to be
done. It is desired that there be a
good attendance at the meeting and
that every one come with a determi*
nation to do that which is best for
the entire community and for the
children especially.
Whereas God in His wise providence
has seen fit to remove by death
T3n?Vim<in C >)-?*>' rVmrrh and
iiUiii ua^iuiia u ?- ..
Sunday school our brother and colaborer,
Mr. Berry Bartow Rikard:
therefore be it
Resloved: 1. That we bow in humble
submission to the will of God
saying, Thy will and not mine be
2. That in these resolutions we
bear testimony .to his regularity and
^ faithfulness to both church and Sun
fday scnooi.
3. That we express to his family
our deep sorrow and sincere sympathy
in this very sudden and sad bereavement.
4. That we make this testimonial
public by having: these resolutions
published in our county papers. The
Herald and News and The Observer.
5. That we send a copy of these
(resolutions to his family, trusting
that it may he of some effort and
consolation to them.
J. D. Kinard,
W. W. Kinard,
B. M. D. Livingston,
V >> >;
Only 4
To Fnmli fnv
! r
j The Democratic ei
open over a month, I
: the men and women
There remain 4 ch
in which you may er
on the afternoon of 1
cannot vote in the P:
signed by your own
before that date.
Do not confuse reg
can register any first
eral election in Nove
a county registration
the past two years, y
But no matter how m
you have, nor how m;
before this year, you i
tic Primary this year
on the Democratic cl
tween June 5th and J
Women, as well Cv?
! i 7
i J. D,
Rev. C. K. Lippard, a noted
^ sionary from Japan, will make ar
f dress at the Lutheran Churcn o"?
Redeemer July 23rd at T1:30 o?c\
' The service is under the auspice
the Woman's Home and ? For
1 Missionary society ana is nc umi
the bringing in of the mid-sun
thank offerings. The members ol
society are requested to put then
1 ferings, that have been gathere
- their thank-offering boxes since
vember, in envelopes and place 1
on the offering plates. The Ioo>:<
; fering will go to the cause of
Ware Shoals vs. West End
, Ware Shoals will play a gam
baseball against West End Fr
July 21st, 1922, at West End
park. Game called at 5 p. m,
mission 20 and 80 cents.
Batteries for West End: V
. and Cromer; for Ware Shoals: S
' 1 _ M
. tcnburg ana j-ivmgsiun.
, Music by West End band,
j Everybody i<> invited to see or
! the greatest and hardest fo
J games of the season. Ware S!
( has defeated West End in two gs
, But let's see "who's who" Fr
i Everybody come and bring seme
with you. Cold drinks and
i i
, cream mixed with plenty of
T ...:n
UaSfUitli V* lli UlrtftV i.
your troubles.
' i " Come one. Come all.
To the Colored Teac' ers in New!
And Adjacent Counticc
Please take notice that the sur
school for colored te:che-s wi'I
' ver.e in the Xewl-erry colored j,r
' scho."'l next Monchy, July 24:.h
will run six weeks l! i? impo
that every teacher enroll Mo
" and attend re^ular'y. There w:
" a series of lecture-?, an-' in ::(>
of study offer ample opportunity
' Xewberry teachers to lay the 1
5 dation for a great summer si
' yearly which shall he largely
porfteci by all teachors in the
mont. Let us have the earnest
' port of all.
1 I will be at the s'.-hool building
; Saturday from 10 o'clock un
j o'clock to register teachers and
! any information desired,
j I. M. A. Myers,
1 - - ,
More Days
the Democratic
nrollment books have been
>ut only a small per cent of
of Newberry have written
lystheir names on the rolls,
troll. The books will close
^uesday, July 25th, and you
rimary unless your name is
hand, on your precinct roll
mistering with enrolling, you
Monday to vote in the genmber.
If you already have
certificate obtained during
ou need not register again,
any registration certificates
my times ycu have enrolled
eannot vote in the Democra
1 ^ ~ ~ ^ i ? rt TTA11M V* fl W? A
Uinessyuu write yum immc
ub roll of your precinct beuly
25th, 1922.
men, are urged to enroll.
County Chairman.
mis- Editor Herald and News:
t ad- I notice in the newspapers through'
the out the state that the women arc not
lock, enrolling as they should. And the
s of time for enrolling expires next
eign Tuesday night at 12 o'clock. It is a
? for right and a privilege that has been
imer enacted in our national laws that
* the gives the women the right to the
r of- ballot.
d in Now I, as a Jeffersonian DemoNo
crat, appeal to every man in Newthem
berry county who h.-.s a mother, wife
3 of- or daughter who is eligible to vote,
mis- to sec that their names are enrolled
before the time expires.
! Newberry is one of the banner
cour.tics in South Carolina and let
0 us as loyal and patriotic citizens sec
luay, ^hut women are enrolled ?3 that they
ball can cas{- their, ballot as well as men
on the 29th day of August.
W. M. Wilson.
J errs
le of Many to Attend Syncdical Confer>Ught
mos. The State.
Iday. Chester, July 17.?The heariquar
one ters of the subcommittee of laymen
ice in charge of the synodica! conference
good of Christian workers wljich will be
>rget held at the Presbyterian college at
Clinton, beeninine: Monday. July 24,
and continuing to July 3!, is very
much encouraged over the prospect
>crry 0f success. Replies to over 1.000 letters
are coming ni daily, and it looks
as if the Presbyterians of South Cartimer
olina are showing a great deal of incon
teres! over the approaching general
aded workers' conference.
i?Iia A SDieiKUa program nas utren ium>' tpnt
ped out at which some of the most
nd&y notable speakers of the Presbyterian
11 be church" in the United States will be
uises pjvsent.
; for a 'argre attsndance of both men
"oun- and women is expected and ample
-'hool provisions have been made to take
sup- of sny number that expect to
Pied- come.
sup- On Saturday night from 8:40 p.
m. through the balance of the evennext
ing there will be a laymen's weektil
1 end retreat, as scheduled by the lay
U'ive men's committee.
I Or. Sunday. July 30, in the First
. Presbyterian church, Clinton .the
al. I Sundav school will be at 9:30 a. m.
J \
Unknown Men Attack Mrs. Alcthia
Norman?Threatening Letter.
The State, ISth.
t Attracted to the rear of her home,
2121 College street, by a rap on the
back door, Mrs. Alethia Norman was
i caught by two unknown men, gagged,
bound and beaten. The attack was
made about 5 o clock yesterday aftern
/iv* c'hn C of r\ Vi n ni r?
vtulji o : i v o ao u; vy n ^ at liiv. 11^/iuv.
and the alarm was given about an
hour later when she was found by
her little daughter, semi-conscious.
Last night it was said at the Norman
residnecc that, while she was severely
beaten, the injuries arc not
thought to be serious.
The police arc working 011 the
cv.ic, but at an ealry hour this mornNig
no arrests had been made. The
principal clue is four anonymous
letters, three of which were received
by Mrs. Norman during last week
and one of which was left by the two
men yesterday afternoon. These letters
threatened Mrs. Norman'; life
r. rl / ' ! fori finr- vilnlir fn
aiiU V. KLCV.U 11V.X * liViJ y MUVV* uui^ vv,
the police.
Rap on Rear Doer.
Mrs. Norman said last night that
she was in a front room when she
heard a knock. She went to the
rear to answer the rap and two men*
jumped from behind a door, having
already entered the house and concealed
themselves. One of the men
threw a towel over her face and the
+ mnn Tinnn/4 lior offnv tipincr tVlP
t ?? V 1 1 I i I V/VUiiVi UVi 4 VwJk V< V..?
towel securely about her head. The
men twisted her dress about her body
and bepran beating her, Mrs. Norman
said. Severe bruises were made on
her limbs and about the body.
! After beating Mrs. Norman the
' men threw a handful of red pepper
. in her mouth, Mrs. Norman said, and
left with the warning that "we are
coming back and kill ytfu." this sentence
being punctuated by one of the
men with a vile epithet. She has no
idea who the men are, being unable
to say positively whether they were
black or white. However, Mrs. Norman
.-laid she believed they were
white men.
Mrs. Norman was unable to give
the alarm for nearly an hour, and
when her little daughter returned
home she told her to call Mr. Nor man
who works for the National Biscuit
company. Mr. Ncrman was the
first to arrive after his little daugh"
* -? i- 1 i_ i.U ^
tsr. rtc round a swucn aouui me
size of a thumb in the b?.th room, but
was unable to say whether or not
this was the instrument used by the
The switch gave'the appearance of
having been worn out on something.
Mr. Norman said he was at a loss to
explain the attack arjd has no idea
as to who the men were.
Four Le!Iters Received.
Mr. Norman said one of the letters
was received last Tuesday and
another Friday while the third was
foum) Saturday morning as he went
for the morning paper. The fourth
letter was left by t*Iie two men yesterday
afternoon. They were all
threatening. One night last week
seme one threw a handful cf sand
through their bedroom window, he
Mrs. Norman is a rather delicate
woman and said she had undergone
31 operations within the past few
year?. She underwent her last operation
in February of th'3 year and
had net left her home except to walk
to Valley park on one occasion and
t') go to Green Street Methodist
church to services one time since
Detectives J. P. Broom and W. T.
Kelly went to the home and all last
night were working diligently on the
and the conference sermon by the
Rev. V/. H. Hudson, D. D., China, will
be at 11 a. m. Sunday afternoon
and night will be occupied by a special
program in charge of the laymen's
committee and open to everybody.
We see by the papers that they are
talking about holding another conference
cf some kind at The Hague.
It is to be hoped that the government
will get after Jack Dempsey
while it is investigating war frauds.
Get Your Name on a C
j Wish io Vote in the De:
tions This Summer.
After Tuesday, Jul
Last Dav, But Do
i ? ?
The Herald and New
| that every white man ?
'Democratic primary ele
; unless you enroll on a eh
Many confusing and i
!to enrolling and voting,;
! the women voters, have
1 -V -r T j _ . '
;and Mews, aesirmg 10 gi
'formation, has asked HV
answer certain question
the state and the rules '
I pertaining to enrollment
| ry. His letter is printed i
! is not only a lawyer, but
legislature and the m
county on the State Dei
! mittee.
The Herald and News:
Replying to your inqu
answer as follows:
1 n-i- o txrVirv \Jf\i c
XSt. JL Ck-IUilO VVilV/ vv/uv
this year must enroll th
merits are done away w
2nd. No person will 1
ter Tuesday, July 25th,
3rd. A county regis!
necessary for enrollmei
i tax receipt of any kind i
i er has to do is to write hi
-? -i -i 11
j pation anci address on tr
j her club. If the voter
j else can do the writing.
| pear in person.
4th. Women voters w
| poll tax, or to pay street
i AM -{ n/iiurn o T111'IT V'
1 ?JJL uu oci yc: uii ci jui. .vx
! to hold any office. The 1;
| all these duties whether
i The law does not even
I man for voting in a?De
| of certain classes and ?
I form these duties rceat
i they vote.
5th. A young man 01
j become twenty-one yeai
! 7th day of November, 1
I in the elections of this y
their age as "21."
' Yours
i Pulaski Ledge No. 20.
S. C. Odd Fellow for July.
On Friday night, July 7th, wo,
.with Governor Wilson G. Harvey,
W. A. Hant'ske, and Jas. A. C'.-irk?on,
visited Pulaski lodge No. 20. at
i They had the installation of of,
ficers and a reception to the sixteen
new members just taking their degrees.
Pulaski lodge about doubled
its membership since the inset
ing of the grand lodge. We found
j in the noble grand chair J. Marion
Davis, past grand master 'twenty
years ago still working in the subordinate
lodge, it rr'ikes one feci
there is something worth while in
Odd Fellowship to hold a man that
has received all the honors that the
order can give and still work in his
local lodze.
? c
Speeches were made by Broth cm
Jas. A. Chrkson, past grand master;
I W. A. Hantske, deputy grand master;
i and Governor Wilson G. Harvey,
nast irrand master. Several short
talks by members of Pulaski, and a
snlendid supper served. It was one
"lub Roll Today if You
rnocratic Primary Elec
You Cannot Enroll
y 25th. That Is the
Not Wait Until the
*s is interested in seeing
md woman votes in the
:ction. You cannot vote
ib roll book.
nisleading statements as
and especially regarding
been made. The Herald
ive the people correct inIr.
Eugene S. Blease to
is regarding the law of
of the De'mocratic party
; and voting in the primain
full below. Mr. Blease
is a member of the state
ember from Newberry
mocratic Executive com
3. C., July 17th, 1922.
iries of this date, I beg to
; in the primary elections
lis year. All old enroll
1U1. /
3e permitted to enroll af1922..
,ration certificate is not
at for the primary-. No
s necessary. All the vots
or her name, age, occule
club roll book of his or
cannot write, some one
Rnf- I n'i3 vnfpv miKt: an
A-* tl'j tJ 1 V f V WX XJLA V*. V VWJW
ill not be required to pay
duty, or to pay road tax,
to do military service, or
aw exempts women from
they vote or do riot vote,
require these duties of a
mocratic primary. Men
tges are required to per rllfvsc:
df wnpttipr nr not.
. VI 1 VKJU VJL ? ' VAAV/A. ?
young woman who will
:s of age or or before the
022, can ejiroll and vote
ear. | These should enter
very truly,
of the largest bodies of Odd Fellows
T havo soon in a hall in a loner tim2
and wo have promised to go back
when they double their membership
again, and that will not be long, for
{hoy had ten applications that night.
' From what I could see, it is no one
man doing all the work, but all men
there at work, and the grand master
doing his share.
Pulaski has one of the be-3t secretaries
in Chas. W. Douglas, in the
S. F. Killingsworth,
Grand Secretary.
A nn'n Ham iff- TCinnrd of
.Xewherrv and Mr. Boyce Merritt
Sicadivan cf Denmark. S. C., were
married by the Rev. Thomas M.
R:deout of Laurens-Newberry, on
Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock,
at the home of the bride's mother,
??Ir?j. Rena Kinard. and brother, Prof.
Jas. L. lv:nar?. ji was a quiet iiumc
wedding, immediately after which
the newly wedded Dair left for a
bridal tour in the mountains.
Typhcid Fever Cases Resulting
A : iL _
Iiaiauy nruunnj inc
Dr. Knotts, county health officer,
today .stated that the anti-typhoid
campaign shows no signs of iut'ting
up Since it was started June 10th,
over 2,500 doses of the prophyiectic
s?rum have been given to the people
o." the county.
The increasing prevalence of typhoid
a'.l over the county and that
the fact that some of these cases
have died have made the people in
some communities attend the clinics
held by the county health department
i and receive the inoculation against
1 this dreaded disease. It has occurred
several times that persons have come
to the clinic too late. They were already
oirioken with the disease. One
of these cases, a negro girl at Bush
River, later died and another yrang
sor of Mr. Satterwhite is convalescing
from the fever. 7f these persons
had appji'.'ti for th2 tiva~mcnt a few
weeks sooner then these <vses wculd
have teer.- prevented.
| The county doctors arc assis^ng
in tVirt comn-iiffn -ri mnsr
1 and at the meeti-.g of the medical
'association la?3t Friday i*.2 doctors
j reported many cise3 .iud also that in
, many instances they hid giv-.?n the
j inoculation. A total of 2C casc.s has
1 been reported to che health department
with 4 deaths; since .Tunc the
la": Several others are reported as
being in a critical condition. There
arc seven cases of typhoid fever ia
the town of Newberr/. . \
It is extraordinary th.it r.iore people
in Newberry 'own a-o not taking
rdvautage of the opportunity of prot
acting themselves and their families
against this disease. It is given by
; any of the doctors'who make only a
' suj'.li charge for the administration
and it may be given by Dr. Knott3,
f?-ee. While the county of Newberry
1 turned out more people to take
tirs treatment than any county in the
J--1 J ^yanswA C ^
stale ac-w-u; uiug uv
t!i.' town of Newberry has had but
fc.v .rnonjr this number An analyst
of this fact shows that the people
, ol rh1 town are laboring under A
pcurity. They hsve adequate
; sewicre r isposal and the water supply
!.-> i r]j treated and analyzed and
?.!? >rait)Sf
: C ol't Uiu gica icjj 0 uiuv,.
' ryp.v. J *ever. Yet they 4*t produce
fm 2: unprotected communities and
go on vacation trips to the country
and go in bathing in places distant'
J >'. I i by and ?: >nv time
i i I v. the germ left 1-v .;.rne typli
t cMT'er and come bene to dev
<_ j i 4ht c'isease. Thp ao" lty health
deu-iiif.cnt issues this -yarning and
c*!^ o: Ihr. people *0 com^ tc their
ofi'T 2nc' receive the P" >tactive inj
oc \i . v.-.
J i ' ;>"!
B. Y. P. U. Forccs to Meet in th*
Mountain City.?Soma May
j Columbia, S. C., July 18.?Only
! two v.veks from next Sunday young
1 people by the hundreds representing
the 3. Y P. U. forces of t'.ie state
will riuei in Greenville for their
t v n :y-" ixth annual convention.
Secretary J. L. Iteggott c.i the Baprv<
lioprfnuarters in Columbia, who is
directirg the preliminaries is roceiv- .
;n? t r.ibusiastic letters n r^ari to
attendance. One railroad official reports
plsr.is by young people in Charle.si'-r.
tc run a special trail, and the
f.-.srer of or.f. church i: devis*.ii? a
? h-jiiic* for .v?3 young i\j fc? to .hike
,through the country for over a hun- '
dred mjles, to the convention.
1 A great program will be offered to
j those present, nad Dr. John E. White,
Dr. Z. T. Cody, Secretary C. S. Leavell.
Dr. R. G. Lee, Dr. C. E. Burts,
J L Corzine, H L. Strickland.and H.
V. Hamilton are among the wellknown
names appearing on the program.
The meeting will extend from
July 30 to August 2, meeting in con1
nection with the Baptist assembly
on the campus of Furman university.
' J r\ -P rt/\n Kllf
* JL UC WU11U 1X1 uvea, V/i LUUlOt, uuv
sometimes we wonder whether it is
jpoinj? forward or backward.

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