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? "
I "The National
0 The corc A
A courteous se
A .
J pect in a mc
$ at ail tin
| Hie National
I Mayes Book
? Complet
and Off
Mayes Bock
a i
f L. I. E
fit The Y<
Phone 12
' "Th. sui
;4 # The
Men's Clothi
: %
. ; -i 'l To Our 1*
I ^ V
w Our modern Hour
w Bring ii; your Whc
The Far
: #
? To' My Fri :?
fall a&d Wcole
fr Prices are right.
?> .
" E, T. Caj
*_ _
# . rs*
# Up-li
i ) v Clcthii
? i"3r
? -jr na
^ Newberry,
_ ^ 4
^ ?y:o
"V %
Plant Is Great v i ^
in Itself Cove--n:-: ?^ A, .; .
Employing 53.. ^ :v:.n
The following ?
Ford's p.jjit is"The
Trash .Ab.*u
Sarah T. Rush aWhea
the fii :
grew the Pieque
larger plane : .
bt^t. This is * c
trSl city in u^ci;*
hundred and twenty
ploys fifty-Three
Each employee rv o
twice a month; ye:
v pay day in some se^antf
a half million
the men. ^
In the Ford orga?
doing every cor.ee
work. The factory
power* hc-ating an.
fire ieparlme-n-:, te
graph exchange, r
offices, hospital. s
departments, mo:
park and athletic t
ditorium. edacar
partments, grc
stores, meat tl
' V
sp;r:f and prompt, j
would exrn
ba ouse
aci? prevail here
Bank of- .Newberry
" j
and Variety Store :!
e line of books
ice Specialties
and Varie! v Store
[I A v oinK"
v.- rk
Men's 1 ailc;
?> ? U.i.l
Upp--Mt?\i\ewDerry novn
VlMER &C0.
Leaders in
ng and Furnishings
&i 'Tier friends:?
Mili now in operation.
at for grinding.
mers Oil Mill
Stop r. and examine my new
Isen, 1 he Tailor 4
a-the* Minute
ij. Shoes, Hats
S. C. !
ilohon Row
newspaper?the; ta
\ v vs > Of
, : . svtiem is ? '
e*: . i; ." ;i Up-tO-.:U C 0 - '
",tr country, ev* nc
Sew YorK ana :n
<v >erienced fire ^
v v %>ycd in the plant m
. .rained workmen
an instant's no- ( V
alarm is sound- -11
. 'I goes instantly,
s office, facto
1 department
rnjrinee^'s of- :
uv, day, n^nth. 1
;vhich the call
ed. Three hun- J ^
placed through- at
^ hundred feet; sh
' rh
' u Ovtvarcraent
. mt is won- ?
o most mod- t
kind in the
ii-ely separate and
Henry Ford hc<spi-;ar
ost of three million 2t
, . ' . T
.ea to tne srovernr. ?nt wi
y f,ir one
Mr. Ford calls *his m
: is rr.v shop," he says, ki
people can get well as lii
:b and have their in-;:'
aire.^.. ' pretty bit T
is conr.? with the j lu
? (
are the bulwarks of its progress am
than its schools, for commercial ai
the pillars of moral conception am
substantial and lasting. What cai
labor of man's mind and body wit!
nature to define his relations and
futile would be the efforts of leg is
to make and enforce laws for the
moral sentiment for which the ch
.^.4 i ^ r?nv-^AncihlA T^VPn thp TTiai
t/' I LU i ~
their beneficent influence and fe
homes who would not consider th
sponsors of truth and justice. The;
more contented people. The chu
support and you need the church
Jno. C. Goggans, Jr. W. S. Cameron
Newberry Electric Co.
Telephone 256
* " * * " "
All of cur drinks are made with Cane
Sugar Syrups, and bottled in a sanitary
plant in sterilized bottles.
Visitors welcomed.
Newberry Drug Co.
Phone 74
Nov/berry, S. C.
a shipment of Holmes & Edwards !
every day there is none better. The
from $8 for a 26-piece chest to $25.
Vases, Candle Sticks, Baby Sets, Be
11 elms that reach to ths fifth story to be used for ins
this :*u*ldinsf. They vere moved pi!s.
cm the i\ -born estate iind re- Educational
anted so that the new part of the The For(j e(jueaj
ispital, which is the same length as Wt.ifar(? Work
e N'r.^nal Capitol, is surrounded;^ ^00\ have
. \ es that once had their roots leng.th elsewhere,
of his boyhood home. This ,..^1 is in a \~T
-S not built to serve the whieh serves
>rv jor, for whom free clinics are ^ It incorp
ovided, nor to serve the very rich,; jjf'hi?an Iaws and
ho can afford to pay large surgical; ^ ,,,J;nber tj,e ol
-rut it is for those of us who ! '^eir "acad
rlicult to ; ke ends meet wh|le Iearning. a tr
n.^m 'naoW 51 TV , , , , j.
. oest piaris iyi"
1 zy- our destitute boys.
The moving: picture laboratory, in ro one to care jj
e Highland Park plant, i* remark- fa^ ?,ir. Ford i
>le. Tto educational picture? are tue>r ?.> ;-e called
icwn in 70 per cent of our country fcrs T, think of the
eaters. It may not be known that fronds. For sever
e?e are-sent to Mexico, Brazil. Chi- :a;r:eu a heme foi
. Argent'iia, South Africa, Spain. < estate. Tr
.veden, Norway. Japan. China. A' is- ;.ir^r0 amount of h:
i and other countries. Mr. Ford do- >><t :har he plannec
res that they be used in the large Each student recei
id small schools, wherever t'ey can which amounts to
j of service or can jjive pleasure. lars anuaily. div
hero IV re. '-v 't-iial price to sohoois monthly portions,
rit":;- cor.?s a day per reel. The to be self-supportir
- - ^ L UN ^r-c o *! J
cv:e includes nianv ci zqv ocs>. svavuu^uiy ?
:owa specialists in educational coraance with his
:ies. under whose guidance are ed- untii it reaches r in
. rs. scenario writers and directors. To develop thrift
hey > - ve to produce tilims of va- to each pay envel
e to ..ackers throughout the land, boy keeps a saving
f a CommnBity
;l enlightenment even more
id mental advancement need
i responsibility to make them
i society accomplish with the
lout the influence of his moral
duties to his fellow man? How
lators, courts and magistrates
common good without that
arches of our land are recognizi
upon the outside appreciates
^ 1 ri fY VI
W inert: iire luurang xvi uv??
9 church spires- of each town as
y make happier homes and
rehes of this town need your
One lot of hats, $5.00 to $8.00 value,
for $1.00
?. Oi*e lot of $10.00 to $15.00 values
for $5.00
1208 Main St. Phone 181
Graham-Suber Co.
Complete Home Furnishers
Money back if not as represented.
p?I ?m i ?? ?mm mm iMrrrw^aciMiii m mm r \imt n-in>? n ti? tt<-?
? 11^/ V/L4A M. V We
don't keep groceries, we sell era j
A complete line of heavy and fancy
Groceries at the Right Price.
1208 College St, Newberry, S. C.
Silverware. For your table use
prices will surprise you, ranging
Also a lot of Sterling Silver Bud
wis and other single pieces. ?
.luec.rg: their pu- are fiiteen instructors employed; a
| board of five me inborn directs the
Department I policy of the school, and a long
ional department, %va!t:nK i-st is kept of boys who wish
and Americanize;t0 0t> admitted. Mr. Searlc;>, the head
been treated at c- t^e school, is a distinguished edThe
Ford trade ; ucaror^e
wing: of the -^r- Ford realizes that the future
as a school build- our "ou^try depends on the boys
jrated under the of today. He gives to those
extends to a lim- befriends ms money, his time and
>pcrtunity to con-! t^10u?bt, ar.d to each an opportunity
Tn ,',MpV(3 success. Thev will be the
emic educaction " *
uie. It is one of; rnen anc* women ?- tomorrow, and It
salvaging some of ^ --ope >.ha^ ?ne\ become good
"or bovs who have f d honorub!e citizens.
they succeed or Gigantic Size
5 not willing for. Some idea of the gigantic size of
d ? ' :!(* i)rt- the Ford organization may be securm
as boys without ed from the fact that besides the
a! years he main-! Highland J'ark plant, the tractor
homeless boys: plant is located at the River Rouge
s reou'r^d such a foundry, where twenty-one railroad
s time and inter- tracks enter. Here at one point a
. the trade school. log goes in. and at another point
ves a scholarship comes out a finished body. There
F hurdled do'- are thirty-one assembling plants in
ided into semi- this country and others in different
This enables him parts of Xorth and South America,
ig while studying. Europe. Australia and the Orient.
increased in ac- During the p.;st year nearly one hunability
and effort dred thousand freight cars were
*?5 m handle Ford shipments.
e nunureu auiuu-.
r is add^d Every other available method of
cpe, provided the transportation was used aitso. such as
:s account. There express companies, parcel post and
Pvnm thf? ashes of the
bigger, and more able lo pr<
EVERYTHING to build the h
P-G Paints are better.
Newberry L
The J. W. K
Wholesale IV
Authorized Caj
m.Y 1
Call on your merchant
Rebel Girl Flours.
Just Feeds, Granola, Dai
Tobaccos, Cigarettes, and
Any article usually found
We sell to merchants onl
Peoples Na!
0 *
The right spirit?plus ai
The Bank ol
Yen -^ill find here the co
a rirht to expect.
Car.: Tru>:
Wi.y t:cv *n i.e.*.o yc?
W> oei i.DY Cc 'pi-on('
W. c r-.i i-y a ocmpIsLe sto
vJi.i .t .ve yoti
!' healy IV')
Phcne 06
if 09990.C
motor truck.
With a total of si::.y: y. the us.,
employees !n the Highland Pr.'
R!vcr jltc r.-. " Dearbrrn nlmts,
h'a - jn-.f'.'vJvo to i :y tY
one-fourth ol :ae men. women a
children in Detroit and envirq
are directly dependent an the Fo
industries for support, and that
equal number are* indirectly suppo
ed frcm this source.
h is said that man's eiiiciency }
':een increased 66 per cent by t
automobile; families and frier
have been drawn closer to.reth<
\>o->Vn W.is improved: lives have be
prolonged. It has given more se:
ice ir.d pleasure than any other
vent ion :r. the kist several decad
The inventor who built a car wi;I
the reach of the mass o- the ?oo]
has been a benefactor to his fell
man. and has helped make history.
* * # *
The Ford Mansion
For sentimental reasons the ha:
some bricks that were in the fount
tion of Ten Eyck's tavern are p<
of the huge fireplace in the tro-o
roof, on the lower f.oor of the Fc
i mansion. The great iron horse stor
through Wayne county at a rriv
: rapid rate as it paralleis tiie .vuc
?ar. highway toward Chicago. T
forests have been cleared. There ?
'no more Indians about. For nia
? <1,
H ? va-kuil^inor
urtf we aic ?^
Dmptly fill your wants in
tome complete. J
umber Co. Je
abler Co. 9
lei-chants ?
jital $25,000 ?
S. C.
for Capitola, Sensation, ^
ry and Chicken Feeds. ^
Canned Goods. ^
in a jobber's stock. 0
Royal Coffee Co. J
Ccff3e Roasters A
and dealers in # f vSpices,
Extract^, Tobacco, ' ? %
Cigars, etc.
We manufacture our
P-nut Butter , ?r
o-Date Lunch Room in Connection
Main St. Phone \ 20 ?
:ionai bank
y.S.C. 9
nple facilities. v
f Prosperity
urteous attention yAu have ^
r D :
:ks Tractors ?
ir order today? ?
>*y installment plan. ?
ck of parts. ,
service. 9
otor Coo # .
Prosperity, S. C.
!yeais the Dearborn arsenal has not
nd ( been used as an army post, but the
% thick, gray stockade walls still stand,
it One of the square, grey buildings
>at flanked by .twin chimneys is the City
n(^ hall, where William Ford acts as
,n:? mayor. The old site cf Ten Eyck's
ir^. tavern is interesting1 co people who
^ flash by in their motors, because it is
r:~ the entrance to Henry Fcrd's estate.
: The gray-stone entrance is Kepv
tas locked and guarded; it is adjacent to
he t ie graze keeper's tiny gray-stone Intds
dian red-:'!ea rocf; around it, stardy
?r; forest' lock down on the spot from
en which Williim Cremer von his wager
rv- rhat he could beat the iron horse into
in- Dcarbornville. just two miles away,
i:ri ? Mi'Ii-3e<Jenbau^h
r'ie. Prosperity, Aug. 5.?Saturday ev
ening at the Method'Gt parsonage the
. Rev. J. D. Griffin united in marriage
1 Miss Lottie Mills and D. A. Bedenjbaugh.
Mrs. Bedenbaugh is a recent
^"'graduate of Wintarop college and .is
'a" the attractive daughter of Mr. and
ir- Mr*. T. M. Mills. Mr. Bedenoaugh is
hy *he youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.
>r^ D. M. Bedenbaugh ana is a prcgresms
sjve young: planter.
>re r ? in
hi-' Girls say "bobbed hair and l-cng
he skiris do not look well together,
ire I Well, it's easier to bob the skirts
nv!thian to unbob the hair.

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