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The herald and news. (Newberry S.C.) 1903-1937, September 22, 1922, Image 2

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? """" .:.!. ?
_ " *' * Thousands
ver&best all 1
r/7?/Tfir hiii
? I KJ M a I JLr
self of buying
We have Shoes
nook and corner <
any kind of Shoe \
- Don't fail to see
will prove to you \
v ; Friedman Shell
medium toe $5. 00
AH leather Sho<
heel, $5.00 value,;
:[% Young
Just the kind yo
Wingfoot Rubber i
, Boi
Sizes 2 1-2 to 5
English toes, Win?
l j. "
; 1 / : ' f=
* fs
M . ' **?:
y . $
4 ? v'' ? . X : v?
te-f.* If ,-c.y^ .
3\' '
Main Str
Messrs. Tommie ^ Setzlef, Hu^h
Boinest, Lewis Koon, Harry Kibler,
John Kinard,' David Harris and Miss
* J
Sara Alice Koon are students at
Newberry college.
Mrs. W. L. Bedenbaugh returned
Sunday with" her baby from Columbia
hospital, much improved.
The many friends of * Dr. T. H.
Wedaman of Johnston were glad to
have him in town for a few days the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. SwofFord, Miss
Ruby Kinard and Mr. H. W. Lominack
motored to GafFney Sunday in
Mr. Swofford's car.
Rev. H. J. Black preached at St.
Paul's Sunday morning, the guest of
Rev. S. P. Koon.
Mr. Roland Fulmer and family visited
Rev. and Mrs. S. P Koon Sunday.
The Young People's society of St.
Paul's church elected officers Sunday
for another year as follows:
President, Mr. Carl Epting; vice
president, Miss Mattie Boland; secretary^
Miss Leola Bedenbaugh; treasurer,
Mr. Howard Boland who was
also elected delegate to-the federation
in Lexington. - * >
John B. Bedenbaugh has state and
county-licenses at H. W. Lominack's
No excuse for breaking the hunting
.Be v. Merritt and family returned
Monday from Aiken.
...Mr. C. H. Counts' friends are pad
to know his little son is doing so
well and will be able to come home
next week.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berley,
Messrs. W. W. and Cecil Berley, Mr.
and Mrs. Jno. B. Bedenbaugh, Mesl
hi iii
. I-- V.ru. f-A-tf.-: .
; ?'
f dollars worth of c
eather shoes?One
loney is very scarc,
/ the second pair fo
stacked to the ceiling in <
and can fit you in any sizi
; Sanders before you buy.
ve have the shoes and the
n's Dress Shoes
)y all leather Shoes, dart
"oln/i "fr\ frrk rn CQ 1 ?k 5
V CllUU l/U ?5 KJ 111 IfllXU CU1C Ub "?
Men's Tan English
es, neat toe, Wingfoot Ri
at 3
Men's Tan Broges
a are looking for, meclkm
heel, to go in this sale at i
ps' Dress Shoes
1-2. Dark tan, medium
rfoot Rubber heels $2.98 <
T AA ?
1. iVl. k
dames Bee Hope, Z. T. Pinner, J. |
W.% Crane, J. L. Mensoh, J. P. Setzler
and Miss Nellie Rae Seybt were
I among the shoppers in Columbia dol-,
jlar days, Monday and Tuesday
j Miss Mattie Koon was the guest of j
j Miss Verta Mae Koon of Prosperity.
j last week.
| Mr. Wilber Moseley who has been '
*with the Newell Construction com-;
! pany for the summer, has gone to his1
! L^mo in Alabama to take up his
* j
studies in Newington college. j
.Mrs. L. G. Frazier of Walterboro
is visitnig her sister, Mrs. P. Blair, j
S Mr. and Mrs. Dailey spent the)
} week-end at Peak with rMs. Dailey's,
1 Mrs. Matt Berry visited her cousin,
Mrs. D. Williams, in Newberry, j
Will Hendrix expects to re-'
j turn to Columbia this week for an
I operation. ' j
Miss Josie Berry is in Newberry
taking a special course. She is al-1
i ready prepared as a telgraph opera-1
[ I
; tor, but did not understand making,
I ViAnlrp A/Tit-c? Knrnr :
| U]J die: uuuao. -UJO^ ^va4 j
telegraphy for several months at,
j Greenwood.
! Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Pearsall spent,
| a short time in Newberry Monday, j
i Miss Evelyn Sti'well went to New-:
i berry Monday.
! Miss Ruth Martin made a business!
j trio to Newberry Tuesday,
i D. M. Ward of Newberry is here
i for a few days.
! Miss Mary Martin has returned
i from a visit with friends in Newber- j
K - i
V -X
"''' I ^di
ill kind of shoes to
pair of Red Goose
e ivith the most of
r the winter.
every 1 ?!> B
if K
s and j ?. tw
we Buy I
right |
,mmmm" *"
4 troue
ibber jpi * cKaara
h0 en 9ii *':on With 1
P?J*DU lp} right bran
fej leather* I oc
ltoe, I /lis,
j>3.75 1 'J. asa
I, . {less??.
| ? W SS253
& up I : "*'*
-? - V "
Extra hea
leather in so
soles, $4.-50
**(ff , , ^ J*? .. . v ?r , -
C * . - ?: t
. . .^ *' ? * :;.* .*- -. .. - .
ac?i?a??m?hwipm?aiTwmf n? ? w i
Otto Nichols has nearly completed :
his filling station.
Selean Berry and Barney Floyd! j
visited Mr. Perry's parents in Saluda j
Sunday. v
Jerome Havird is attending college;
in Newberry. ?
Rev. Thomas has accepted a call;
from Mt. Zion Baptist church and'
preached his first sermon last Sun-j
day. It is hoped that Rev. Thomas;
will be* happy in his new field of use-;
M iss Mabel Havird invited a fewj
young friends to her pleasant home I
one afternoon last week. The after-!
noon passed pleasantly in playing
rook and ligl.t conversation.
Mrs. E. B. Martin spent a few;
hours Tuesday in Newberry.
Mr. and Mr?. Thomas Blair visited j
Sunday at the home of their daugh-i
ter, Mrs. C. Berry. v -;!
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shealy spent |
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.;
R. Martin.
Hev. G. F. Clarkson will preach a+jj
tho Methodist chapel Sunday night at,
8 o'clock. Every one invited.
Mr. J. P. Long and daughter, Miss!
Elmina, were in town Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Blair of:
Newberry visited at the home of
Mrs. Blairs father, E. B. Martin,:
Monday night. j
Mr. Neal's ginnery is in "operation,
already several bales have been ginned.
School will open Friday, the 22nd.
Prof. Merchant from Saluda as prin- j
cipal, assisted by Mrs. Julia Suber
and Miss Ro?e Nichols. There seems
every prospect of a successful and;
profitable term.
Jim Samples furnished a barbecue j
1' J \ ;*/ *- < i . '
' ? > j; . . i \
go m this sale at r<
will wear as long a
us, therefore you s
km iht Bobg
i>L? syiih tliG
a end cJ.soz.?z~z?o
he 'year iizzr ~r.ee? g!v? cc.n he avoided if j
d or fcrivA^r. Tc be sure cf getting st:
ijj-weaiinj* ehecs for ihs children, ask your-c
The "Rsd Goose" Sciio
Gcod lzz.tb.cr is bocorrJng rcazcc
xnazfcfsbturers arc tempted to 1:32 c
. tales for ?C4ttiter iii i-rakiaj their she
Gocce'* shoes aw made of- SOLID
\\ in the izweies, counters, outsell and
S, ij the heels, and they accordingly give
3 Jt wear, as *yel\ as ccr;;crt; L^U aricrd
/ Lea! eh prcteetioa.
Visit oui- store and setect the pre
^ your giris U>?s? HvriUpayycu.
'* m
v 1
J ~ t
.- v
Men's Work Shoes
,vy, ail leather Shoes, gu?
les, double cap, and solid
value to go in this sale at
v \ * i
; : .3
Hi '" '
' I
Hundreds of the sn
| Coats and Sweaters.
Dresses =....
New shipment of nt
and Wool.
B. T. An<
for the men employed at h;s saw mil. j
across fhcTSaluda river, and invited j
those who work for him here, at the '
planer. Ches Blair, a noted caterer j
along that line, superintended the
dinner, and all who enjoyed it said j
it was fine.
emarkable low prn
s 2 pair of other b
1 111 ,11
noma ouy trie nest
WWmmmmrn i ? I u pininii .?> OMOMMMHi
tT:3"' ^ at tb
ttlr8" 1 fer tl
tat 1 w
asIsfcsa 1
?s\ dr.? soma P W1
jfifea? 3ubc'J- ill' C* r*r\r
rCs, r,'^~ "Kcd !s , vJfOOC
LLAFHEii !? C* Ti*^
cvc-y lift q? | L/d^b
the ^rc&iest B - f
-x* c:yb for J
Steag^ il
waim-ir^in. ^ 15*
11 ? ?!? "ma
V * * .'.' j
iranteed all
. leather out
........ $2.98 ' ,
\ . ^ - . .. ?. *.
V ? l- T < i -*>.
mi M iic.iiri??iTT>tiT?<V ii Mta
. ... A
: V '? u
... :
lartest Fall Dresses, ;
$8.50 to $35.00
$8.5U to SZiJ.bU
;w Fall Hosiery, Silk
A project is on foot to rebuild the
Bank of England because the old
oaudings are hopelessly inadequate
to held the enormous staff which it
now n^eds and which is scattered
about the city of London. The project
is meeting with much opposition
from se.ntimalists who view the move
as sacrilegious.
:es. Why you s/i
rands, besides you s
a1) leather shoes an
Men's Sofi Toe 5
ack, soft toe, Munson las1
er feet, $6.00 values at ..
Women's Work J
le well known all leather
blue leather soies. Sold
iair. Special priced for thi:
Children's Sho
lildren's Red Goose schoo
c, the kind that will wear 1
e lowest prices we have ev
lem to you. All sizes,
e also have a full line of 0
e also have many bargaii
Is, Notions, Boys' Suits, R
, Hosiery, etc.
' \ _ ?
imiummiih ti< uaasae.- to?aaeae3ma#^aKwS58B
uj?wm n* i ? . ! mr, mi j.-?tviiw?i rut?nir yi j,i-<yh
mss 3?ir in f
r nuuir l
Will-be clos<
September 2^
count of Jewis
Will be ope:
A T)1 ant has been discovered in Indi:i
which is an effective remedy for I
malaria and black-warer fever. *
The ice bill of the people of the
United States is about $1,000,000 a
day, riie northern lakes furnishing
one-fourth of the total production of
the country. s
iuc. ?i, x
J. ?
Guld buy the
>ave money in
d save your?
t, just the kind for
$4.25 (
Red Goose Shoes
last, year for $4.50
s sale at $2.98 ,;
es ' |
1 Shoes in tan and 5
through the winter' f
er been able to of- |
'xfords for Ladies. |
ts to offer in Dry |
ien's Suits, Shirts, |
* ; '
g J
srry, So C. - I
: r, s~> u i . .' >. l>\ ,'
ed Saturday
ltd. . On ac;h
ei Monday,
The editor of tho Boston News
bureau writes of "th?? failure of our
JOblic school system to give proper
Plication as to money* and the funeions
of money."
?_? ?
By his phenomenal thrift and inlustry.
the German workman now is
ible to .jet almost everything except
i living*

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