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Persistent, intellige
Roach 1
Will rid vour plac
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25c TUE
?* ?? 4
Agency al
Cahhage! f
New York State Danish
They are going: at a.sonj
Car arrived Monday.
order before they are gone
Bryson Groc
"Grand Larceny," a Goldwyn pic-; \\rasv
ture, is, the new offering coming to
the opera house Tuesday of* next j r0;
week. It is a story of two men and an -nv
a woman, :by Albert Payson Terhune,! ernmen
in which one of the men commits j jsjan(j
what the other calls an act of Grand ^ tciy
Larceny in stealing the affections of ^ ac?.
the other's wife. A novel twist to ^ijcS
this type of society story is introduc- 3ie]jon<
ed by the attitude of the woman who jrca<sar
is the innocent victim of what is ap- ^y(
parenly a chain of evil circum- j
stances. She docs not acquicsce in ' cjaj a(^
theory that degrades her to the level -na5 0.;v
of things that may be stolen; and in urv ^
the end, forces upon both men rec-, 0j*a _r(
owrii+inn of the fact that she belongs i c:n,,-^r
ve* ? --
to herself. j ;n tjie
The story, which was written by official
Albert Payson Terhune, is beautiful-: phase c
ly presented by an excellent cast, in- i The
eluding Claire Windsor, one of the *- ;> he
latest "finds," Elliott Dexter, Rich- j jn Cub
arcl Tucker, Tom Gallery, Roy Atwell j }ijss ]\j
and John Cossar. : away i
? , 0n]y
Three United States district depu- ^
ties were in Newberry Wednesday v
and Thursday checking up estates 2 ^ L
(in probate court) from 1916 to! ,
date, m oraer to ascertain if any; .* "**
were due the government anything. uu"0Jl
They found several unpaid and are c.
investigating the same.
but nc
I .
tise them.
sding them? our
I of s
; _
at and j ,
) j ! wet
IS ww
I add
la 11
I So
1 hh l i1'1
! _f
<W ?i i
J, an ina:
for Kraut. s. Nic
i m st-Hc
<? I woul
jt|?j feel a 1
j Ji head.
Give us your
I ? that th
' For tl
"?g Blackr;
& doubt
! <| found
A : 16 rnedici
Ci? V/U. a?5
1 ^ it a lor
i not se
:ial Adviser Leaves for Cuba j I p?
'!* I
lington, Oct. 31.?W. G. P. ;|gj L?
foimer governor of the fedserve
board, who has accepted
Itation from the Cuiban.gov- Jj t)f j
t to assist in reorganizing the ^jj
finances, will leave Washing- I v
lorrow for Key West. He w*ll | ^ LJ
jmpanied by his daughter, i m
artha Harding and Miss Aislia
daughter of the secretary of j ^
y. The party win sau irom ; ??
est for Habana Friday. j ^
rlarding's post as special -Jinan-1
riser to the Cuban government!
en rise to belief at the trcas- j The bit
t he may aid in the institution nation's r;
ogram of banking the island men work1
to the federal reserve system, That's the
United States. There were no j some of ^
statements, however, 0:1 that carry disc
? , . . 1
if tne mission. ! are a men
former reserv? b ".aid head has . TROY tnt
expects to complete his work Rat Paste
a in a month or six week?, j tube. S
[ellon probably will remain Mayes Dr
:rom Washington, however,;
rmt two weeks. ! Wwhor
-iEI*- ,
, , , , , , . i reach a
many noles should tncre be m;
.twenty vc
! mere.
t is not right, but right is left; ^
? might. j throUgh p
the kind i
has closed his naval career* woman ,,
>t his mouth.
nmaaeasmmm mmmmB^msssamaaarmam
.""hat will certainly cause
2ii it is realized that evei
store is marked down tc
510.00 to ?15.00 on each j
^ ? iu.-i r\ 4- noufi
ny wiiii twu <j? jjctiit,
$12.95 to $23.65
Shoe Avenue
)ffers- many new barg
ik, far too many to itemi
aiber always that we st
i every pair for sati
11*. A recent factory c)
Ls many new features to
??n?? ? i man ? i ?na? i n ? mummmm?m
A Shirt Sale
-Ia*-war rrmrlp nossible b}
1U V ?? c\^-/ ^ _
?-e shipments of Shirts bi
New York buyer recentl;
newest patterns for vo
85c, 95c, $1.45 and $1.
tilth's Foremost
I m M
l JL jul a JB&l a jbel jb jhl jk. jjm. iau/4&: jyr- h
Inactive f
Liver t ?
iave had trouble with |p
:tive liver," wrote Mrs. ^
hols, of 4412 Spencer ^ i
vston, Texas. "When ml
dget constipated, I would g>
ight, dizzy feeling in my
t" a?a,
1 U ?Cl UJJ ill UIC lllUi ilillg
lightness in the head and |fc
3ly feeling is often a sign
e stomach is out of order. ip
lis I took Thedford's gj& ;
Draught, and without a ^
can say 1 have never m
its equal in any liver & r |
ne. It not only cleans |g^ i
er, but leaves you in such )
i condition. I have used ]
ig time, when food does jL
;em to set well, or the gp
:h is a little sour." ^
| If it isn't j m
IwifnrK I W
| it isn't \ |
nxcrjui?wi II ?r I I lai n? earyj^^,<
-iver Medicine. |
F. 94 ^ !
indred Thousand Men to
Feei Rats!
Well K
jlogical survey says, "The
at population needs 20.000
inig full time to support ii." |_ New r
damage by rats each year, I*-'ljslin
vhich you pay for. Rats t'1J;
ase. endanger your health. rUc'^ ot ^
ace to you and yours. DES- P;n^er,
?m with Royal Guaranteed *-'on comr
TODAY. 25c and 50c per several c
old and guaranteed .by. n^oar ^ 1
iig Store. ~ I s5on's -vac':
! a-Loutre
.. , near the
ry tu\ iiiigni. y>vei\
population of ll.OOO in yy,e pa]
ars. We hope it will, and }.(Unt:ne ,
; Orleans S
mm* plentifivlv
*? has r,addled a n0<' munition i
ansma canal but that is no, _?n iy mor
of paddlinc that makes a tD .
famous mother. I da?k ,..as.
0***^* H IBa
a flu'^ I The Ca
y suit in
-? ? A wonderful
) savings j ?
garment- prettiest made
5. >
95c, $1
ains this
ze. Re- A more comp
;and.be" j dependable Su
lose out for your selecti
i tn-s de- j jn fjjjg county.
clown to mean
t several
ougnt by ^ remarkal
y. Only
ur selec- real business ?
week-end spec
95 our store Frich
Bargain Distribul
\ 1
. I 1
!nown Men Off for Hunt
leans, Oct. 31.?Gen. John, The State,
g, Maj. George E. Mar-j Washingtoi
trenerai';? aide; Bernard Ba-1 November 1,
e\v York; Gov. John M.! culture will,
. L. Alexander, conserva- the postfTiofli
iiissioncr of Louisiana and"brood sow a
,thers left here tonight j sus in every s
he conservation commit! A similar
lit Alexandria for the Pass-j eluding Alab:
public shooting: grounds sipni in the
mouih of the Mississippi May. The r.
that the wot!
rty will spend several days Five Iiund
ducks and return to New waives have 1
aturday or Sunday. It was pariment of
supplied with puns, an;- be distribute:
and hunting tog.;. No news- carrier will c
i or photographers were a!- required infi
accompany the party. The to avoid a st
in. opens tomorrow. farms to be
aaxaicKMau'.vff! ?gage~^-.vvte:?xra
ip Sensation j
line of new Caps. The
cap in this country.
.45, and $1.95 <?
fs Suits
ilete line of well made
[its than we have here
ion are not to be found
Every Suit marked
a big saving to tire
95 to $7.95
ale offering: of some
jetting values. Some (
ials that should pack w
xy and Saturday.
. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF.
N OF PICS tu:';;s bc t
J throughout tiie c.
"O BE INVESTIGATED I yjeo({ that the re
I and pig: producti
! returns sent in, 1
; great importance
a, Oct. til.?Begmn.ng j f^uniry, an
the oi at,- i-1 department is vc
with the asujstaiu e o. ,Jarj :n ma}.;jn?
ce t department. take a possible.
.nil pig production" ctn-; ,
state in the union. Jacksonville's
census in 18 states, ;n- street. Municips
una, Georgia and Missis- ?
South, was taken l::st. Ex-Admir.il Si
?sult was so satisfactory | excellent citiz. n
; will be extended 'u> all. ?
red thousand question-; Turkey will Ik
>een printed :by the de- .SO and hashed tl:
agriculture. They will ?
.1 to rural carriers. Each The sultan of
ret 12 farmers to supply iof vice president
>rmalion. beinjr carofu!; ?
)Ocial selection of the : I:i Fn?s:n, ha*
reported so that the re- is 210 longer proo
$1.50 Flannel
A two pocket full ma<
)od material,
1.50 Cotton S
\ good, heavy Sweater
straight collar
? ? rt IT Q
$2 OO Men's
Fine ribbed Unionsuits
$1.00 Fleece .
3f extra heavy quality,
ill go quickly.
nMtCJBMMBa?B? ? ll ?? ?I????
it \ ,
- * 1 T> .> v\-? A AM
ypicai. rubuitancio^ uppcsiuuu
Duntrj toda\ aie aci cs v/itii Cii^ei
port on brood sows par? 0f the
on to bo based upon cooperation
ft-ill be considered of agencies ir s
; to the farmers of gblcd soldiers
d that the postoffice policy adopts
ry anxious to do its' r]-,ne action
the finished work 0f the nntio
t rat ion and
" ! commanders
ja:i is on Lioeriv . ...
. ei:rn wars.
v. irony.
ms would make an Wo mar
of England. ! Mrs. Hamn
j ten on :he an
1 :ill cut up on Nov. , tor srud I re
.c next day. ! to avoid srri<
: know the dai
Turkey seems a sort cleaned rh%;r.
in that country. anteed Bed
your health!
rlnir money to burn j DAY. 25c.
f a man is very rich, j Mayes Drug1
3 39BfiH
with rolled I ^
Suits 1
, a special ^
Men's I
a value that jp
ri j
i f i
<ar h ,
. <u J r?
i| EL '
tS ?
io ''entangling allianclabor
or capital" on the
>terar.s and a pledge of A
with all government ^
seeking relief for dis;
were other questions of I
d. 4
was taken at a meeting
nal council of adminisEastern
of the Veterans of Fori
Bitten cn Arm!
:ond writes,, "I was bitr?
by a bed bug. My docached
him just in time
III<j /t'enocn \VV>PT1
c/UO U.OVttWVt ?t ?
:ger of bed bugs, I 1
out with Royal Guar- |
Bug Liquid." Protect 1
Do the same thing TOSold
and guaranteed by

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