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Mfy jcrdiil and |JenE
latarcj at tka PmIoScc aft N?w- j
Srry, 5. C., as 2nd class matter.
Friday. November 3, 1922.
Yes, sir, thank you, we are getting j
our print shop in pretty good shape, i
and are very much pleased with our;
new location. Of course you-.'must j
understand that it takes more than a .
, . . - . , ...
aay to ge a prini snop even ine s:zj
of The Herald and News organized j
after the disorganization incident to j
moving and otherwise, but we are j
coming along and will be ready ::i a |
few days to serve th^ public as in the;
days of yore. We have worked very \
hard and we are very much pleased j
to be able to say that the good j
friends of the good old Herald and!
News have been loyal and true and,
have borne with our delinquincies j
with so much good cheer. It gives us i
heart to work the harder.
Our boy, Mr. Humbert Auil, who;
came from his work in North Caro-!
lina, to move and erect the .big press;
has done a fine job, and the press!
runs better and smoother than it ever j
did, and now all we need is some j
good printer to handle that ?nd ofi
the shop, and we will do l$usinfess. i
We have Mr. T. F. McNally who was I
with us some years ago when we j
printed our semi-centennial edition, j
but we can hardly expect him to be i
a fixture with us, and we ar$iin .the j
market for some one to .help vfcim and j
who will move with us and tbejdne of i
us, and we expect to find'the^nan
Humbert has also overhauled the
linotype and we will have it in fine ;
shape befcfre he leaves us. We have(
j>ut on a new electric heating pot and,
we are thus able to do away "with the.
use of gasoline which is a great im- ;
provement. It costs about $300 but;
all the people who work with a lino-;
type say that it will soon pay f8r it- ]
self and wc will not be annoyed^with j
gas burners and the use of ga&o!inej
in the office. v
Now then, we want all the loyal!
2o00 subscribers of The Herald and;
News to come along and show their
further fine soirit and cooperation
and interest in the old paper ami"pay
* us at least one dollar on the subscrip-1
tion, and if your time is out we feel
that you are going to do that ihing
right now, just as soon as you read!
this little story. We are ^jing to do
oar part in the making of a real pa-j
per that will, as it has always done,
stand for the things that make for a
real goad community in which to
live. We ask your cooperation.
* i
The Herald and News has arranged
with the Civic association of Newberry
to get out a special edition of
the paper on December 1, to be
known as Education edition. The la?
dies will have charge of the business
end, that is, they will solicit the advertising
and make the contracts and
collect the money, while we will do
the printing and furnish other matter
#for the paper. We ask the cooperation
of the teachers in giving us
something about the schools in which
they are teaching. In fact it is the '
purpose to make this a county wide '
affair and to give special emphasis to
the rural school problem, and to
t arouse an interest in the improvement
of the rural schools of Newberry
county. We would like to have a
brief sketch of each schc .1 in the
county and we arc asking the teach
er to gather the facts, and would be
glad to have the teacher write the
story. May we depend on you? This
cooy will have to be in hand very
soon, .because it will take some time
to g?t it in type and printed. We
would like also to have a picture of
each school house in the coartt>s- and
where thoy have but recently builded
we would like to have the old and
the new. It will cost a littlfe" something
to make the picture and the
cut, but we are taking it for granted
that there is sufficient pride in each
nvnviflp cmnll
We will try to get out a personal
letter to eech teacher very soon arid
explain more in detail what we want
you to do in the matter of cooperation
in the making of this edition a
success, and of red help to the
school. Lack cf proper nnd intelligent
information is very frequently
the cause of lack of proper effort,
and often retards progress, and it is
this lniormauon inai we nope to give
in this edition.
Let us make this a sort of complete
survey of school conditions in Newberry
county and when we know the
conditions then we can go about making
improvements that should be
made and that we will then wonder
when they are made why the thing
was not done long ago.
?; A". : o-r v;:S an r
tj .... ^
j w. :l- ;.t ^
; I %'$S "Z*
v & ? n %
k X //l ^^
\f i /
- \ ;fr.-. 4 ./
V ?i ^ X^'
' 1
tr There
were those who said that,
Mr. Humbert Aull would never be'
able to put the fi'.g press back to^eth-1
er after he had it torn down. We J
invite such to come around and take;
a look at it and see it run and be i
convinced that these Aulls can do!
things and know how. They may noi. i
make as much noise probably as some
others, out they know how and can
do generally what they undertake, j
But then you know they go back for .
generations and inherit the ability to
handle machinery. Humbert's great,
grandfather, the Rev. Herman Aull,.
was a fine machinist and workman
and there was no better th m Hum- j
bert's own grandfather in his day
when he built hous'es and bridges and
ran mills of. various kinds. But come
around to The Herald and News of- {
fice when we get everything in good j
shape and see for yourself what we j
are doing. We are somewhat differ- j
ent possibly from some other people.j
We have always believed in talcing j
the people into our confidence and we,
do not mind telling the public about;
our shop. And James Auil is a fine |
machinist and there is no better!
printer or linotype operator. So you
if ll>o TXT/lli'M TlKlf. (Tfit tf>P"PthC!r W6 !
Ott IX ?l V I* V'W*iV* J WWV 0
would be a team hard to match.
The advertisement of the Nation-;
al bank in the last issue was just a ;
little mixed in the signatures. We.
had reduced Mr. B. C. Matthews to
the position of vieo-president, itself j
a fine position in this financial insti- j
tution, and n.-. T. Johnstone was
made president, in this strong tin-!
ancial institution, made so by co- j
operation of all employees and of-;
ficers and patrons, it makes not so;
much difference what the title of the
position, all of the forces are working
together for the upbuilding of the j
r ank and the service of the people
of the community, and there is no?
little jealousies, because if there
should be this bank could never have /
forged to the commanding position !
which it holds in this section of the!
state, so while there has been no |
change in the officers the little error j
does no: make a great difference.!
President and vice-president and all I
the rest are practicing what they j
preach in their advertisement, all co-'
operating for the service of the com- j
munity, and all of them uniformly j
polite and courteous and doing a fine J
wcrk in their line.
Drayton Ruthtrford Chapter
The Drayton Rutherford chapter J
will meet with Mrs. W. II. Hunt on J
Tuesday afternoon, November 7, at'
? o'clock.
The czar of Bulgaria is looking fo: j
an American wife. His exchequer
must be low.
;>.tiw!s of
i > ...
!* ti-o V. . X
r~^ A
W wk.JL*L?*jl J
. i ci:c i!!:i:;tr
| possible in
I t0 adeciu
_ . wonderful
Sit I terials and
j ^
^ ife . : ir >
\ /.< \X 'L \
yfyh P>} I -' ~n\ \ r*
/ V" / ^ t 1 i
H SMade to Retail at
$10, $12.50 & $15
- -
<$>' ?>;
? i -
I did not have time to write of the
meeting of the taehers for the last
paper. It was such a fine meeting
and so well attended that I must put
something on reecrd about it. There
was a fine attendance of teachers,
one of the best meetings we have ever
had from ihat pint of view, which
is very gratifying and pleasing to
me, because I can not help feeling
that when the teachers attend the
teachers meetings that they are interested
in their work, and when
they are interested it is good
for the school and the children, be
cause unless the teacher takes an
interest in her work" there is not
much doing in the school room and
the children suffer.
The meeting was.tieid in the fine
and commodious new auditorium of
the Newberry high school building.
We try to meet promptly at 11 !
o'clock and to remain not more than
an hour. The meeting on Saturday
was a few minutes late in starting,
but as it was the first of the new
school year I think it did mighty well
but hereafter the meeting will start
promptly at 11 o'clock, if there
should be only two or three present,
that is to say we are not going to
wait oecause we must expect that
teachers will be prompt in their.
work and in their attendance on these :
meetings. 1
Without any preliminaries Major
t n-u... ,ii vr i
J. f. J. taiuwt'ii ui ixewucii), sc;iuiar
and lawyer and historian, was introduced
and gave .the teachers a;
most excellent talk on John C. Cal-j
houn. He reviewed briefly Mr. Calhoun's
public career and then spoke
of him as a man, and of his personal
and private life which he said ail of
the historians and biographers seem'
to have said very little about. It was j
or is all about his public life and
works, and that was about as full asI
any public man in the history of the j
'republic. Maj. Caldwell paid a high
'tribute to the man, Calhoun. He wa ;
not the austere and cold man that,
many get an idea he was, but the man
of human sympathy and kindly and
pure and home loving. Major Cald-:
well told of having met Mr. Calhoun '
twice, once when he, iMr. Caldwell,.
was a boy of six years, and at anoth-'
er time when he was twelve years old
the latter when Mr. Calhoun visited >
the home of Chancellor Caldwell in
Columbia. I doubt if there is anoth- j
er person in South Carolina today
who has the distinction of having met
and talked with this great Carolinian,
and it was well worth the time, and
? e.
The House of i\i$/)
h Season?a
jimial S
hats hi this sale ??
r^^iese are
\U * before?tl
^ positively
//f &&&** Vi W onderfu
!' an^ Lyon*
,;:/ )f / y'r rued Hats.
>i /
: ;/AC / Hats in 1
|i' y *V 7 gold and s
- ? 1
'll *
a pleasure,, to hear a lecture on the
life of Mr. Calhoun from one who
knew him personally and who couid
tell of Mr. Calhoun*- as he recalled
him from these personal impressions
of him. !
At the conclusion of the address of :
Mr. Caldwell I called on my friend
Prof Yates Snowden of the department
of history of the University of
?outh Carolina and he made a very
pleasant and happy talk which we
all enjoyed very much.
Some announcements were then
made as to the next meeting which
will i':e held on the 25th of November
at which time Mr. D. L. Lewis of the
state department of education will
be present, and we will discuss the
finances of the schools and we hope
to have a full attendance of teachers
and also all the trustees.
E. H. Aull was reelected president i
'nf tlip a<?>nfiation and Prof. Price
K. Harmon secretary.
It was a real good meeting and I
hope to have the cooperation of the
teachers iji continuing these fine metings
once a month. >
The examination ordered by the
state board for applicants for teachers
certificates will be held 0:1 Friday
ind Qof tirrla v nf this; wppIc and fili
who expect to take the examination
will please be on hand promptly at 9 (
o'clock Friday morning. It takes two .
day? to cover the examination. Bring
your own pen and ink and examina-j
tion paper.
I am very sorry that I was forced
to cancel all anpointments to attend
the many entertainments at schools
during the past week. I promised to
be at Mr. Pleasant on Tuesdav even-;
ing. and it was my purpose to go. but
owing to the torn up condition of the
office of The Herald and News incident
to moving and the delay in getting
the Tuesday paper printed, in
order to get it mailed I had to remain
and do the jailing.
I went over to McCullough school.
on Tue^iay morning according to en-,
gagement to visit the school and also
to survey the lot of four acres which j
the trustes have secured for the ourt
pose of erecting a new school house
in this district. Mr. F. W. Hig^ins
went along to make the survey. I
observed the work in this school for
some time and I am pleased to say
that it seemed to me to be all rinrht.
Th^ children are bright and interest-1
ed in the work, and I especially tested
them on reading a^d their work
in this Kne will compare very favorably
with the children of any school
in the county. And that to my mind
is really the first thing and the most
important in the training of the
child, to train it to read, and to readj
ionable Millinery
nd Tomorr
!ale of tl
' ^ - _ _ _
t your ORO i
^eaS?nS* ^
astounding* *i
ilver brocades.
ORO Chapeaux cA,
They arc famous fcr their exi
we may ofier them at -5; -an
the trend of tirr.es the vnlm
understanding^ and intelligently, be-,
cause if the child can not so read it!
is very difficult to make any progress j
in any of the other branches.that are!
Wednesday morning I went down!
to Fairview district inhere we have j
begun the ? nil ding of a house for the j
negroes. They . e consolidated the j
* * * "? ? 117' 1 J I
negro scnoois 01 r airv.w, ? ni"e;;ina i
and Mt. Pilgrim and will '..ive just j
one school for the three u.j'.-icts,,
and we are going to build one oi !
Rosenwald houses. The county had
no house for the negroes in anv one !
of these districts, and by all of them i
uniting \i*e are able to put up a good j
Tuesday morning on my return I
from McCullough I made a stop at j
Long Lane mainly to take a look at j
the work of painting which the trus- !
tees are having done on this house. f
You know we have just acquired four j
acres and moved the building out on !
the road and the situation is ideal, j
and the newly painted house looks j
good and is fine for the district. The j
patrons of this school all work to-1
gethcr beautifully, and tha: is the ;
way and the only way to have a real i
school in your community. And then j
that flag which is unfurled looks good
as you pass along the road, and I;
hope before the present school session
is closed to have a flag at each
school in the county.
Miss Anabel Saunders of the Chap- j
pclis school writes me that they are j
going to have "The Poor Married!
Man at the school auditorium on I
Friday evening", November 3, begin- j
nintf a: 7:30 o'clock, and that they
would like to have large crowd cut to i
hear the play. Go, and I am sure(
you will never have occasion to regret
it. It is only about forty-five
nrnutes from Newberry to Chappells
now, while it used To be about twenty
We are arranging to have education
week December 3 to 9 inclusive
properly ! fittingly observed in;
this county. I a.:k the cooperation
of all the teachers and trustees and j
friends every where to the end that
the week may be of vast benefit to
the children of the county. I also
ask the cooperation of all the clubs
and organization.; in ihe making of
the week what it is meant to be. It
taker? cooperation to accomplish re- i
suits. Let uJ all work together to the
end that we may improve our schools
and always remembering that the
children of today will be the architects
of the destiny of our country
tomorrow, and thai what sort of architecs
and builders they nay be will
depends largely on us in that we are
By special arraiv
makers ot ORC
offer these Hat:
at less than v
ow is the ]
I _ T7_ .
me rami
[?I?K aw ?
re Usually, Sold c/It Whc
clusiveness an J disrin.rion! Or.lv or
cs in this a'e arc f.-r Superior to ar.y o
:V 1 v. A*
?' . * _ J
3 it
responsible for their training.
] :. it. a.
I am now cutting "my;
late Varieties of white,j
pink and yellow chry-l
santhemums and wouldj
be glad to have your or-;
der. ? |
Phone rural 2602 or call
at my home.
Mrs. J. A. Caldwell
P. S. See my exhibit at
Chrysanthemum Show,
Legion Hall Friday
To buv ai
I >
Mule for casF
a surplus mi
will pay you
we will pay a
gejiient with tije J I
3 Chapeaux we flHSEI
s once a season
wholesale price. I88HBB
3US i
uisij f
ve at least as
s you pay on ?
\0 Chapeaux
r.Hatsl ike these
re unheard of.
ations of Metal
th Velvets Furs, 1
2 ar.d Satins. j
>00 |
ishionabls shape,
a trim. n
Jesale Only! ffi
e day each season
accordsiffc wi'?v
- ii r i
ver oaer"d r*r *rti I
Public favor is like the Negro's
mule, concerning which he said,
"Trust-him, he thitffar you."
" Llcyd-Gcorge was" the last* of the
Versailles big four to lost office and
may be the first to regain it.
Mrs. Senator Felton piays the guitar.
The ukulele was unknown in the ]
fViio /i/^fncronarian
\ wuui vy i biito W
r / . - |
The price of peanuts is going up
but that does not involve a rise in the
quality of peanut politicians.
Three big stops and at least one
big siulf in November?election, armistjce
and Thanksgiving davs. ,
- 1
Whenever there is a drop in the
price of Fords there should be a rise
I in expenditures for road improve- '
14 Days in Boston?10 D*y? in
This si the comparative time rej
quired for flies to reach maturity.
; Then they start out on their disease
! spreading mission They are a dan!
gerous menace to your health. They
' should be wiped out of every home
| NOW. Use Royal Guaranteed Fly
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l sprayer free. Sold and guaranteed
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ay sound, fat
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