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Eighth Annual Session Closes in Gaff
ney With Reading of
Gaffney, Nov. 12.?The eighth an
31 ual session of the Upper South Car
oiiria Methodist Episcopal conference
closed tonight with the reading of th<
appointments of the preachers in th<
six' districts for the coming year.
Only one change was made in th<
appointment of the presiding elders
the Rev. A. N. Brunson being assign
<$ to the Greenville district, succeed
ing" the Rev. J. M. Steadman, who wa
sent to Central church at Newberry
Tiie presiding officers are as follows
iAnderson district, the Rev A. E
Holler; Cokesbury, the Rev. E. S
Jones; Columbia, the Rev. J. R. T
Major; Greenville, the Rev. A. N
Brtfiison; Rock Hill, the Rev. G. C
{Leonard; Spartanburg, the Rev. W
- A. Fairey.
Aside from the appointments, th<
feature of the closing day of the con
fefence was the tribute paid to th<
-?+y,0 1q+p RishoD JoSlPC
UitlUUl y Vi ktiv .
Kilgo by Bishop Collins Deny, Bishoj
Denny eulogized the services of Bish
op Kilgo, especially as the presided
of Trinity college, Durham, N. C
Memoirs of the late Rev. J. L. Har
ley, conference evangelist, the only
member of the conference who pass
H ed away during the year, were alsc
Just preceding the reading the ap
pointments tonight the anniversary
of the Epworth league was observec
with an appropriate service, Dr. W
J, Young of Emory university deiiv
| eriag the sermon of the occasion. A
statement of the growth of the league
f showed that within six years it hac
grown from 43 to 150 chapters am
from a few hundred members tc
' 6*000. A purse of $200 was pre
sented to W, E. Ellis, retiring treas
urer of the Epworth league board
by chapters of the conference^ * >
The following named traveling
preachers were ordained deacons: W
Or. Smith, J. T. Frazier, B. H. Tucl
SL'C. Griffith and J W Corley. ,
The following named tray^linf
preachers were ordained elders: P
fe & Bouknight, J. E. Farr, D. A. Jeff
coat, 3. M. Mason, J E Marchant, I
?yt Shealy, R. W. Wilkes, J. D. Grif
Sn and A. P. Smith.
List of Appointments
Anderson District
A. E. Holler, presiding elder.
Anderson: f
Bethel, J B. Chick.
- Orrville, J. P. Byars.
St. John's, L. P. McGee.
t Toxaway, J. W. Cooley.
n Antreville, G F. Clarkson.
Central, M. T. Wharton.
Glemson College, J. I>. Holler.
HoUea Poth. J. E. Mahaffey.
Lowndesville and Calhoun Falls
W.: S. Goodwyn.
Belter, A. E. Driggers.
Pendleton, J. A. Bledsoe.
Piedmont, A. P. Smith.
Princeton. R. L. Rountree.
Seneca, H. B. Hardy.
Starr, J. L. Jett.
Townville, G. W. Burke (supply)
Walhalla, A. W. Barr.
Walhalla circuit, N. G. Ballenger.
. Ware Shoals, A. M. Smith.
Westminster, J. S. Edwards.
Williamston and Belton, J. S. Hen
Cokesbury District
E. S. Jones, presiding elder.
Abbeville, C. E. Peele.
Abbeville circuit, J. B. Kilgore.
Butler, H. H. Merriti (supply).
Cokesbury, L. D. Hamer (supply)
Greenwood: ti|
Greenwood Mills, W. H.
Main Street, F. E. Dibble.
Greenwood circuit, J. H. Manly,
iinards, L. W. Shealy.
McCormick, J. W. Brown.
McKendree, R. M. Tucker.
Central, J. M. Steadman.
Mollohon and Oakland, J. T. Law
re ace.
O'Neall Street, W. F. Gault.
Newberry circuit, W. G. Smith.
Ninety Six, J. D. Griffin.
Phoenix, D. D. Jones.
Plum Branch, Paul Kinnett (sup
Pomaria, R. L. Doggett.
Prosperity, R. E. Sharp e.
Saluda, J. L Singleton
Waterloo, G. G. rfariey.
Whitmire, J. F. Lupo.
President of Lander college, Joh:
O. Wilson, Main Street quarter!;
Professor Lander college, R. 0
Lawton, Mayi Street quarterly con
Assistant Sunday school editor, L
F. Beaty, Main street quarterly con
Columbia District
J. R. T. Major, presiding elder.
Aiken and Williston, G. H. Hodges
Aiken circuit, F. L. Frazier (sup
Batesburg, T. W. Munnerlyn.
ifrooKiana. i\. <j. lirimtft.
1 Eagewood, W. S. Pettus. l ply).
51 Epworth (to be supplied). | Co:i
Grace, E. T. Hodges. jib: y.
Green Street, W. R. Bouknig'nt. |ferent
Main Street, W. B. Garrett. j Engk
Shandon, E .R. Mason. j Woffo
Washington Street, M. L. Carlisle. |ci qua
Waverly. A. M. Doggert.
Whaley Street, W. H. Lewis. '
~ Edgefield. G. W. M. Taylor.
g! Fairtield, A. Q. Rice. |
a; Gilbert, J M. Meetze. ;
2 J _ i
j Grar.iteville, M. K. Meadows. j
31 Irmo, M. A. Cleckley.
j Johnston, W. M. Owings. j
! Tanfflov T T Prariov
_ I *
Leesville, Fred Harris.
D. R. Roof, supernumerary.
Leesville circuit, W. P. Meadors. j
Lexington circuit, H. A. Whitten. j
North Augusta, T. C. O'Dell.
Richland, A. A. Merritt (supply). ' x
Ridge Spring, F. C. Beach. j j
Ridgeway, J. W. Hoyle.
Swansea, L. A. Carter. ! n
Wagener, D. E. Jeffcoat. j *
Editor Southern Christian Adv> J
> cate, R. E. Stackhouse, Shandon j
quarterly conferencc.
; Agent superannuate home fund, E. j
1 P. Taylor, Batesuurg quarterly con- {
j ference.
Secretary intermediate Epwortft i
^ league, Main Street quarterly confer- j
Greenville District
A. N. Brunson, presiding elder.
Clinton: Broad Street, L. ?. Wig-!
; Sins.
Sloane Street, I). ?. Hudson (sup- j
. ply).
Easley: First church, J. Pr.ui Patton.
Glenwood and Easley Mills, G. I.
Easley circuit, Foster Speer.
Fountain Inn, W. IT. Pjii:.
j Gray Court, C. W. ^Watson.
, Greenville:
1 Bethel, B. H. Harvoy.
* Bleachery, J. H. Boll (supply).
Brandon and Poinsett, J. H. Walker.
' Buncombe Street, C. 0. Herbert.
' v -Choice Street and Mi'ls, J. W. Mc'
EIrath (supply).
] Duncan,' C. L.. Harris.
Hampton Avenue, H. O. Chambers
Judson, G. T. ilnghe.s. j
* Monaghan and Woodside, S. B.!
Poe, A. E. Smith. i ^
St. Paul, R. S. Trnesdale. ! jj?
Greenville circuit, VM M. Brooks. ! j&
Greer: i Hj
Memorial churvh, 0. M. Abnov. ||
Concord and Appalaehe, Estey <
Kelley. p
Victor and Ebenezer. .T. F. Farr. i I J
Laurens: j&
First church, P. F. KiJ.sr-v i
Laurens circuit, W. E. Taylor. {&
Liberty, E. W Mason. 1
Norris, J. W. Pryor (supply).
Pickens, Grace, W. B. Justus.
Pickens circuit. D. A. Jeff coat.
Simpsonville, J. P. Simpson.
> Travelers' Rest, C. R. White (su?-J
The package s?
JL <->
Your taste com
The sale." prc"c
Over J billion
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
ference evangelic 1. v . M. 3u<r[enioria]
church quarter!}' voi: e;
student Oxford university,
r.d, E. F. iloseioy; student
rd collect'. C. M. Woliins:, Beta
.1 iCil v i
fou can't afford i
Then why keep or
Persistent, inie
Will rid your
25c T
ii 11 mi mmmsammmaii tmiit mm* mm .
t&csts it
JL' >
- f ^ t
)i/w y..\i TV'/ "''^;fv.->?-' ' ':
' ->W'/ <a*r;
kx "l^V/
' f #
#.' / &4fe? 4^-vf?
' . ? ,v
^ '$T?S$6fc ,'/v^
jifijlj |S * >'/
' '"fi! &% $ii-.
Wt &&V V' ? : ^:^;=
f< .i^i':.../;"-'^
} h .' / }:'
I 1%., ?..- :,
Ls - : ' *>
* o
G. ('. Lconavii. urc?:<.5i::.^
Biacjisbu-x. I". G. V, hillock. '
T. L. iJrysyn t ;ir:v '.y).
J. Mi-Connei!
Bethel, Henry 8to!:es.
__ i
:o raise them. Is
i feeding them? !;
lligent' use of
' i
place of rats
:y at j
; <
i i
? <
: i
! i
& !
. ig
! I
Vlw ' ?
fCyS! l<
KI^P - i
:, ^.#/ / |
i./,>/i u .' till e
# ' .f ;
r S> }iilH j ?
.. '?7#v I s
J |;|. ! if
:C & ;! ! )
. !?
i !
/ {,: rrr.:.| [g
0 .. I !
HK#s|d. ' S
I ||
! '?
}. JL ife I ;?
~ 1 !,g
-i U/1 ?
JU# fi
fe* ?{ /> g
i? ' I ?
J If
1 j
Chester circuit. R. C. Bouiware.
Clow*.". II. Booth.
East Lancaster, W. L. Muliiken.
For: Lawn, II. W. Wilk-.
F.vt Mill. P.. L. Keaio.i.
r-vr.M- T.\,lla T r TV.~v?.?
Hickory C-rove, J. W. Lev/is.
!'vi .G. I.athan (. iupcru'arnc-v.vy!
Lancaster, -f. L. Daniel.
Lancaster circuit, ?. V. Roberts?:
North Rock Hili. V.. F. J^hnsjr.
Riclibuig. J. T. Miller.
Reek Hill:
Bethel. H. E. Grift::! (supply).
?ark, B. B. Black (supply).
ci r o_ _l.
oi.-. -juiiii ,j. \\ .
West Main Street. C. P. Carter.
Rock Hill circuit, L \V. Johnson.
Van Wyek, W. C. Xelley.
Winnsboro, J. G. Hug^rin.
D. C Gregory, iunicr nreache
R. L. II drcyd.
Conference secretary of educatioi
C. Roper. Be the: rur.rt-eriy crnfei
n:*e; conference r * secret:
y. J. TV. Speake.
Sparls-rbar?* DIsii-.ci
W. A. Fairey. presiding elder.
Buffalo, K. 0. Webb.
Campobello, J .fl. Montgomery.
Carlisle. T. F. Gibsnr..
Chesr.ee, X. M. Phillips.
C'iftcn. J. E. Strickland.
Cowpens, J. "I. Mason.
Cross Anchor. F. C. Oven.
Duncan circuit, P. R. KiJcp.
Er.crce. B. M. Robertson.
Buford Street, A. L. Gun tor.
Lime-tone Street. W. M. Harder
Gaffney circuit, J. F. GsHghtly.
OloncLIe. R. E. Morrison (supply'
Inivail, W. Y. Cor,ley.
Jonc-rvillc, S. T. Blackman.
Kelton. W. A. Duckworth.
Parolet circuit, 0. A. JetFcoat.
Pacolet Mills, P. C. Bouknight.
Bethel, R. F. Morris.
Central, B. R. Turnipseed.
Draytcn and Beaumont, J. ^
Duncan. J. C. Dig~s.
El Bethel, -J. E. Merchant.
Saxon. 2,1. B. Patrick.
Whitney and Bethel, B. II. Tucke
Tucapau, H. W. Sanders.
Bethel, R. F. Cogiburn.
Grace J. W. Kilgo.
Green Street, J. B. Connelly.
UniiV and Sardis, J. A. Chandle
Woodruff, D. W. Keller.
President Textile Industrial ir.st
ute, D. E. Camak, Saxon quarter:
| Columbia, F
I f> | / IT
te e oi tin
^ ? ?^
By direction of *
? auction on Saturcia
g Inrnhia, Newberry s
$ C.9 for freight and
9 refused articles ef
? quality, quantity or
| M, Terms cash.
\ Newberry, South C
y wmmmmamm ix wi ww ? IXM nnimcwMia wisvna? 022
^ W-B Sales
iv No. No. Article
^ 7 140?1 1-2 Brl L Oil .
& 1 C Grease
$ IS 130?lBx Adv. Matter
& 3:;i; 1" 1?r; Iron Wash Sta
^ 239 US. : Crts Postal Car
* 3-10 1^3?I :>.? syrup
^ 7 3 54?1 Bx Salmon .....
233 133?1 $: ; Dairy Feed
^ 234 132?1 ctn flap.- for iir
v 337 1-37?1 Crt Book cnse
fc . ....
^ ?I I.in i'lcxies .....
^ 34 MP?1 Trvk
| 538 ICO?I Bx Adv Matter
* 510 101?1 B>: P. Vv. Fr.iT;.
? 10 132?2 Pes Grate fram
$ 20 103?1 S:-: Yarn-3 Bean
$ 22 104?3 S:: Yarn?3 Be
k 23 105?1 Crt Blackboard
* 21 100&3 Crt Slate B:acl:
^ 25 107?2 Sheet Iron Oil
? IB:; Fit: in??.
^ 20 108?2 Ctns Paper stal
I 333 100?1 Bx -1 baby chai
* 15 170?1 Iron rod
* 21 171 ? 1 Chair
^ 422 172?1 Edl barber chv
O I-'? 1 Hi- S* wt>r.y-i i n rr C f,
:*?, 17-1?1 Stove
' 175?1 Stove* oven
? 22 17(3?n Kettles
? 2:? 177?I Dov.l
21) 178?1 rt. WC Bow!
r>2 170?1 Bui 2 Pes Soil i.
* ISO?1 Crt Chiffonctte
LSI?1 Rockcr
^ l:s2?1 Kockcr
v i S3?l water cooler ...
t o ? 1 ?- %!-.-o:7.*rn
* j >.>? ) jralvaiisia-d tubs
^ 13G?3 B'i!< (12) Bask
? 1: 7?7 Sx Rice
k 3SS?C'.itls Favorite 'I
1 Cad Luckv Joe
3 *
Iconference; principal Textile Inaus-;\
jinstitute, R. B. Burgess. Saxon ?
! quarterly conference; conference
: Saiuiav tchou! :vi . 1>. Oh- }
! ! . p;e. Central i> con J'-, rencc;
' -.rcfes:-.or vYoflord c-cileee, A. .'i. c
\ \ p % f *
. Tr:tv\v!c!:. Ccnt\.I quart . r;\ c r :: * >
: er.ce: president Southern Home ir.st:- 1
tute, S- T. Creech, Central quarterly a
_ i conference.
; Transferred, V.*. J. Snyder to the ?
j South Carolina conference. I
Received by transfer, D. I>. Jones (.
jfrom the South Caroiim confer"!.?;'
jj. W. Hoyle from the North Carol i- *.
j :a conference.
? |
*. j Young Men's diss Plr.ns to Erier-i
ca:n .Members c: Their Fan:I:es.
?!::nt PicjraiT; Planned r
, The young men's class of the First c
- * j
r. Baptist church which is known as the; v
.. I Adclphian cla. -. are planning for:
jvvhp.t they hope v/iil he the largest j
! meeting in the history cf the class. v
On several occasions the class has ob-'t
| served ladies' night. bu; at their reg-; r
i uiar monthly meeting to be held cr.. .
Friday, December S'.h, they will o V (
.serve '"family night." Sever;.! com-!
1 niittccs have been appointed and nop
i stone will be left unturned by the j
j members of the class to make this'
' meeting a very enjoyable repast. '
! The boosting committee cf the1;
'class arc mailing letters to each i
meimer this week acquainting them
with the details cf "family night'' and *
! : urging each of them to help moke the ' (
'meeting a great success. Besides the | y
' boosting committee, other committees; '
for this occasion s^e: decollating com- j <
imittec, program rommitte?, and a ;
committee 0:1 refrc-hr.icr.t~.
The featu 'c' cf "Tamily night" is; t
j that every member r.i the class will |
be expected to fc- intr every member <
'of his family. If they cvo mnrried ,
they will be exported to bring their
' wife, ch?ldrrr> mother, father, broth- j
ors and sir.ter?. If ihey are rat married
they will be expected to bring*
their mother, father, brothers and
sisters. Of coarse, the single man . |
r. will be allowed to bring his futufe'j
The Adeiphian class is one of the ;
fastest growing: young' men's classes +
in the eicy. They were organized ;
just a little over a year aaro with <
r. four members ard today their mem- '
bership numbers forty and they plan
to reach the sixty mark by the first,
!y of January. ;
dewberry and Li
1 %JL 5 li vi* ?. u %?0 ?<a "te? Jl %k.'
:he Freight Claim Agent, I
y, the 25th of November,
md Laurens Freight War eh
other charges, the follow
freight, Goods sold wit
1 value, Sale will cc-mmen*
'arolma. J- W. D.
V-A*ariA,5V L%. * ? JMO- tUUOMMt?r AT. eW7VUUt UjMBWM MM
0-2 < J. I*\ Seibert
M. N. Gainer
ncfo 0-X R. I'. Plumcr .
'ds T. A. Sargeant Co. ...
Reamer Dell Product
J. S. Bennett & Co.
0-N vY.iv?n Pis. Co.
e F:~k I\ub;:er Co
Rev. A. P. Earch
i.. 31. zanders
I Ionic F.::n. Co
J. A. Brady
DuFrce P-cr. Co
cs D. E. Trilible
i -p;?;!.-? Lvdia Cc; Mill
am heads Lyttia Cot Mill
J. K. Wiiherspoon ...
board I. II. Wi';he?\?peon ....
Tanks Slant on Cii Co
L'.onery Sraita ?.ior. Co
r Peoples Turn Co. ...*..
Agent, Over
; T> -ft. TV-1 lis
l:?s Ha verty Iiustln Co.
r.pounri O-X A. A. Carpontc
:i!r Furn. Co
Ho'urc Frrn. Co
S. 'A. cc K. II. V.'iikci
W. J. Coney
W. J. Coney
G. B. Summer S: Son
G. B. Summer & Son
G. B. Summer C: Son
T$. Summer ??; i-jon
G. B. Summer & Son
0. B. Summer & Son
ets G. B. Summer & Son
T. W. Kibier Co
Voa J. \V. Kiblcr Co
J. Yv\ Kibler Co
) @ ? ? ? @ @ @ ? @ ? i
The "bution of wgoiable an ! IsjflS
. .'(. Iv.'i and ...c sunpiy for each scna
. package to cach pe: en request! n.;
:c.l if ihey will lot a- c h;.ve their
iair.o; and post o^rbe addresses.
ease add."ess me. Room TiiS Scnat.4
>ff*cc Building. V*a r -n.
I will thank you very much if you
' ill nivi.ticn iWi< mailer in yeur p.>
If it is possible to do sd.
Yours very truly.
X. C. Dial.
."niled States Senate.
Washington, D. C.""
Ei:xht active opponents of Kenmlist
egmie executed as specific sequel of
[ecision to deal ruthlessly with Turks
>/ho crkicize wit;: Kemalist piogra.i...
Arrival lit Lausane cf Israet Pasha
*"lth 18 Turks gave Near Eastern
or.ferenee first glimpse of actual
[he State of South Carolina, County
J? X' 1-- K.. Tt? 77 T'lt-r. y*
01 ACV.ij;-:. r\, uv ,i .
Probate Judge:
Whereas, Janie Gutzs hath made
it to me co grant her Letters of
Vdministraiion cf the estate and ef'c?ts
of J. M. Outzs. deceased.
There are, therefore, to cite ar.d
tdmonish all and singular the KinIred
end Creditors ot the said J. M.
)utzs, deceased, that they be and ap>esr
before me, in the Court of Prolate,
to be held at Xewbcrry, S. C-.
;n Monday, 27tn Xov., next, after
>j citation hereof, at 11 o'clock in .
:he forenoon, to rhow cause, if any
hoy ii:ve. why the said Administration
should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 8th day
>f Xov.. Anno Domini 10*22. y
P. J. N. C.
I wili make a final settlement of
he estate of Sarah F. Xickles in the
Probata Court for Newberry County,
?. C.. on Saturday, the 9th day of
Dec ember. 1922, at 10 o'clock in the
:ovencon and v.-ill immedately thererte
ask for my discharge as Adminstraior
of.said estate.
All persons having claims the estate
of Sarah F. Xicklas, deceased,
ire hereby notified to file the same,
iuly verifier1, with the undersigned,
:nd those indebted to raid estate will
)Iease make payment likewise.
\ov. 8, 1922.
aurens, R. R. |
i in ?. ?
sea freight
=TV ?
will sell at public ?
1922, at the Co- @
:oiise, Ne .vberry, So ?
ing "unclaimed and @
hout guarantee of ?
:e at 10 o'clock a. ?
ENNiNG, Agent. ?
? mi mmmumnmmmmw, , . ,, ...
Destination gi
Prosperity, S. C. '
Clinton. 3. C. ?
Columbia, S. C. @
Columbia, S. C. a
Co Columbia, S. C.
/ Laurens, S. C. ^
Columbia, S. C. ?
Greenville, S. C. ^
Columbia, S. C. ?
Newberry, S. C. ?
Laurens, S. C. @
Columbia, S. C. ?
Columbia, S. C.
Clinton, S. C. J
Clinton, S. C. ^
Clinton, S. C. @
Clinton, S. C. a
Clinton, S. C. ^
Clinton, S. C. ?
Clinton, S. C. 0
Columbia, S. C. A
t ?~ c r Z.
Laurens, S. C. ?
Columbia, S. C. ?
'! Chapin, S. C. 0
Clinton. S. C.
Laurens, S. C. ~
; Laurens, S. C. w
Laurens, S. C. @
Laurens. S. C. &&
Laurens, S. C. 3?
>.e\vberry,S. C.
* Newberry, S. C. ^
?- ? r &
?N CW O Vi I ^ y V
Newberry, S. C. A
-Cowberry, S. C. ^
Newberry, S. C. ?
Newberry, S. C.
.Newberry, S. C. @
Newberry, S. C. ^
...Xewberrv, S. C. ^
|@[email protected][email protected]????

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