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Attention is called to the annual
report thut the county home demonstration
agent has to have ready to
send in to hcadquarers by Nov. 30.
It is impossible to give an accurate
report unless each club member and
individual demonstrator gives a report
of her respective activities to
the agent. Please see that a fall heport
of all products conserved is given
at once. The secretary of each
club can collect this information.
Each demonstrator can assist by reporting
for herself to the secretary.
* 1 - i1? J 3 X ^
Ail gins arc urgently requesiru vj
have record cards in the office by
Nov. 22.
Community. Market
The proceeds for . the week were
$91.90. The market managers wish
to correct an erroneous opinion of
sen'-inient^o^some ^op^Lfciks in i jwn
concerning the sale of pure pork sausage.
The price was not raired from
25c to 30c because the demand was
great, but simply because the farmer
got nothing for his trouble. One
lady had 45 cents more for the entire
heg ground into sausage th-'n she
would have gotten cn foot. Would
you hire help and make sausage for
that? Another hired the help of four
laborers and had S2.00 more than if
sold on fcot. The hog weighed 420
pounds. Some trouble for $2.00, eh
Folks, when you buy our sausage you
get hams and ill, if it is not worth
30c to you it is to the farmer.
t ??^?
Judge Douglas Hands in His Cases
Magistrate C. W. Douglas has sent
up the following . oes from his court
for action at the approaching term of
the general sessions court:
For violation of the prohibition
law. 16.
Rape. 1.
Assault with deadly weapon and
n.-oo'ilf lioifovv 'llfprst to
.'.jraui * dill* II .VI* .. v^.. hill.
Grand larceny, 8.
Adultery, 1.
Forgery, 1.
A. R. P. Bazaar
December 15th is the date of the
A. R. P. bazaar A fuller notice wiii
appear later.
?.m ? ii hi i>wu?w niwbw?rvr
>[email protected]??
Wofaliae ll
n aivuto^ vi
>ld at auctic
;d to sell my entire s
n auction sale would
ish. I have been fort
IS McRAE, the nati
svent for me. Mr. M<
ize, but through the e
ervices at this time.
The first 25 pet
[email protected]????e??
Q ? ? ? <$<$><$><$ <Q> <? <&$>&<$ ?
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s> '$;
Port. No. 24 will present "Sittin' a
Pretty" at the U. SI Veterans' hospi- h
tal No. 26, Greenville, S. C., at 3:15 J
Thursday 'afternoon, Nov. 23rd. The c
post is in receipt of a letter from the ; t
hospital stating that they will be de- , 1
lighted to have us visit them on this t
'date and stage the p?ay for the pa-!
tients. Several members of the aux- i (
iliary will accompany the troupe. e
, We are looking forward *to this trip s
i with a great deal of pleasure. c
* At S:S0 Wednesday evening, Xov.' ?
22, "Sittin' Pretty" will .05 present-,f
ed in the high school auditorium un-1
der the -auspices of the "N" club at \-<
! Newberry college, and the high school: v
; Athletic association. The '"N" club!
; will use the proceeds derive-.! from ; s
this source for its-sweater fund. Even v
though you may have already seen "*
. "Sittin Pretty" and do not care to ' ?
see-it again buy a ticket and h.e4j)U
cut the sweater fund. It may be news [
to the most of you but it would be a j 1
violation of the S. I. A. A. rules for | !
either the college or the athletic as-1 '<
soeiat'.on to present sweaters to the K
boys who participate in athletics? j
even those who are awarded "NV\ j(
The money for the sweaters has to | 2
come from other sources. This year j 1
- 1 Uvt? rtkn ftf vniclnn- I I
l/IC" 4.N vlUJ IlcA."5 ^iictit ux laioiiijj i the
money for this fund. Let's all j'
. buy tickets whether we go to the !
i shc7/ or r.ot. The members of our j 3
troupe cheerfully consented to give , <
of their services for this cause. ! 1
John B. Setzler,
Publicity Officer. :
I - -ucuC-Trd
cf Thanks
We wish to express our sincere
gratitude to our neighbors and
friends who were so kind and sympathetic
ato lend a helping hand duri
ing the iilness and de ? th of our be'
loved mother, Mrs. Walter Kinard.
It was a great comfort in the hour of
sui t uij \:a\cua-iu n.i iui>c v:.c i
chy cf these dear friends. May J
Gori:s richest blessings rest uooni
i * >
each and every cne.
The Children, i
,*mr ?
France yields to rlngland insistent
1 rcquo.-.t that I.ausano Neur East
Peace conference he postponed until
November 20.
i {
i nij
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i??k lira *^P raw
Socks, Jewel
>n, |
* n i in i in
tock and have com
be the quickest wai
unate enough to se
on&!!y known aucti(
cRae seldom condu<
fforts of a mutual f
>ple in the stop
maw?wwwarn f oanww ? i wmtmmmi ? inmmw?mbw
ADIW wnwAN'?
riiviu Tr *41 ?/
It's a pity that every farm woman
n Newberry county could not have
.ttended the Farm Women's cuur.cil
eld Thursday at the home of Mr J.
. Scase. All home demonstration
lubs of the county were guests of
he Tran wood club. Everybody knows
'ranwood?the blue ribbon club of
he county.
In her introductory remarks, Mrs.
A. Matthews, the president of the
ouncil, spoke of the purpose of these
emi-annual meeting's. The clubs
ome together, discuss the work
vhich has .been done and plan that
or the future.
After a prayer by Rev. Mr. Key,
? T - ? -C,
aiss Anna a ic? nca: ^
x'ords of welcome.
Miss Elizabeth Forney, state butter
pccialist, made an interesting and
*ery practicaj talk on general club
vork and gave a sketch of what the
:lubs over the state arc planning for
iext year.
Miss Blanche Tarrant, district
lome demonstration agent, congratilated
the council cn its sood attendance,
and said that this was the best
rouncii mee-ting she had attended.
>he gave some good, ciearcut ideas
>n the betterment of the ruril home.
She spoke of the need of greater proit
cn the farm and of how the community
market is help nig to fill this
n.eed. From January 1st to Octobei
1st the farmer? cf South Carolina
(iad sold through these markets produce
amounting to $5*1,713. 5.04C
pounds of butter selling for
ivere disposed cf in Columbia, $1S,28-1
were realized from poultry ship
pcd tc Charleston. The ciubs h~v<
realized through club markets mor<
than the $4"j,r?00 appropriated by al
counties of the str.
At noon all guests were invited ou
to dinner which was served in rh<
yard under the trees. And such :
fea?t. -erred with true Southern hos
pitality! The tables really grnme;
with good things to cat. Every"3>d*
felt as if Tranwood deserved :he
blue ribbon.
At the business session held r.fte
dianer. the council was invited t
nave it-1 snriv,,r meeting* with t'i
Smyrna club.
t> *5 ruhr-'i the folks hjrr>
that ? vonnobody fus^c ; *cuus
the oi?l hoi went ir-to i ho wrong c ) >
or tho mon came in with mud on thoi
P"TP |
L ^ M !
ie to the This :
V to turn can purcfc
:cure the You will J
Dneer, to Simply at
:ts a sale be offeree
riend he night, Tu<
evening a
3 Tuesday night
[email protected]??
shoos, for everybody was tco busy i
I wondering: ii the ideals seen that day j
couldn't somehow be realized.
. \
! ?
Two very live organization meetings
in the county were attended by
speakers from the Newberry Red.
Cross last week, the one at Prosper-.
| ity, the other at Saluda school.
i The Community league of Prosperity
gave a good program on Friday
night, after which Dr. J. W. Car'son
of Newberry made a talk on the
good purposes and accomplishment
of the Red Cross. Mrs. J. W. Carson,'
-T? ur x 13?.. VJcc Thoww
1 MI'S. II. Lj. 1 ciii <iau a v?.?? ;
Lightsey. accompanied Dr. Carson. '
Miss Lightsey organized the ProsperI
ity branch of the Newberry county |
chapter for the sixth Roll Call.
??? |
i The School Improvement associa.-,
< tion meeting at Saluda school was;
well attended on Saturday night
. when a health program was given.
Dr. John B. Setzler, chairman cf the
j chapter, and Mr. H. R. Overby. Ro'l
Call chairman, spoke cf the piars of
the Red Cross and the urgent need of
,. support. So well was the cause rei-ccived
that no one of the seven per.'
sons oresent called upon tc make the
Roll C:II demurred, but each took
. . the material v.\;h a thoroughly too !
; spir-c. Mrs. R. C. Hunter had ciivid
ed the district into seven parts and
L had the names of the people each
- person was to see.
; What about the speakers' bureau
\ sending some one to your community
Sadie Goggans,
? j Chairman Speakers' Bureau.
> 1
1 Jasper Chapter D A. R.
Will meet -.vith Mrs. Jas. C. Kinard
.. on Friday, Xov. 21th. at 4 o'clock.
This is the time lor payment of ant
nual dues.
Mrs. W. H. Hr.r.t,
J! Mrs. -J. V. Me Fall.
At least one hundred dead estimated
the Chi!? earthquake, terrificconvulsion
felt for more tluu 1.200
:vtore <.;f orea:? cau.'injr
M i; . at r.'-fe.'siun ot v.-.iters aloacr coast.
There never has been enough
preacher? in the world to jr.; around.
Ivory, Chin;
H?3^ SSBF?3*
in?oPMrnBgir< u LiuwrvmpmmMDmxaBtmcamiaBOoatmmw* trnuw
is an opportunity you 3
lase any arJkle in my
save no difficult terms
tend, select any article
i ^ i:
2 oy me auctioned.
ssday, November 21, a
t the same time until t
will receive specif
1R, NEW!
Death From Mad Dog Bite '189
Malcolmn, the little six-yea-old son I lost
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riley of Au-jsudi
g5sta, was attacked by a mad dog tion
two or three weeks ago and received ove:
a bite in the face by the rabid ani-! E
mal. The child was put under the. let
Pasteur treatment immediately to; wat
prevent the fstal hydrophobia which let
was dreaded. The little sufferer; mat
grew worse and died of the terrible ! bu>*
disease Friday midnight. He was the 'did
- - - - - 1 i*
only son cf his devoted parents, ana ;iev>
nephev.* o* Mrs. E. T. Carl- j his
son of this city, Mrs. Riley being itha
Mrs. Carlson's sister. On Saturday!he
Mr. and Mrs. Carlson got a telegram! Wil
staring that the boy was growing jsaic
worse which telegram was followed j pas
by another late Friday night that' I
death had resulted about midnight, j phj
Mrs. Carlron left immediately for , pro
Augusta, in an automobile with her : Coi
sister, Mrs. Waters, nad their broth- a c
or, Mr. Sar.i Smith of Saluda county.. C!U(
. The burial took place at Butler's in ; 1
| Saluda Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, i of
Mr. Carlson and his little son Edward unl
; left Sunday morning to be present 021 hac
'the sad occasion. This dreadful death in
in these latter days of so many sad lat?
occurrences v. received in Xewber- sal
ry with heartfelt sorrow by all, who . er
sympathize sincerely with the heart- pri
; broken parents ana otner sunenug- pn
relatives. sid
; ;
; No one knows what the future has ox;
, in store, bat it is a store where you tht
; must go after what you want. hin
; Aged Prisoner Completes Life Sen- ain
| tence?Suddenly Stricken With oft
8 Apoplexy iOii
i pei
The State, IS. 'ooc
Dan Murphy, ajred prisoner of the' or
penitentiary, who created considers- he
ble surprise early this year when he ilea
announced that he would not accept.ed
a pardon if Governor Cooper should fav
see lit to <*rant executive clemency to : 1
him. but who later asked Governor, brc
Harvey to grant him a pardon be-, p:e
cause life at the prison had become ?o::
"roo rousrh,"' died yesterday msrnin.T old
in his cell shortly after 3 o'clock from ir<
heari. trouble. the
"0\i Drin." as he was known at the an
prison, was perh; p.- the olri-jf-i map. wv.
in the penitentiary from the point of, tin
service, having been placed there in . mo
1 i
: 4* K
,n< Di
^ /<j no [ft
rarely ever have,
entire stock at yc
> or conditions to
: you desire and it w
Please do not forg
nd the auction will
he entire stock is s?
-'ad b
-:i i-riJ
i '
e', i n
* ? h1 '}'<
a! souvenirs
5. With his passing the prison'; cl
a unique figure. His death was lit
ien, coming before medical atten- j
i couid be summoned. He wa?isi
r 65 years of age. "^ih
!arly in the morning he had been ti
out of his cell to get a drink of;
er and again at 3 o'clock he Wfes; tl
oat. He complained to his cell- :-a
:n. James Faulkner, of a "terrible
ning in his heart," but Faulkner; ft
not suspect anything serious. A j
moments later Faulkner told Dan f c
feet were cold and Dan replied ' <?,
t "he fe'.t peculiar." a feeling that:;^
had never experienced before, j.
:h a sigh -Dan turned over and i ^
1. '"God bless vou. my bov," and ?
*' e
sed to the other world.
)r. R. T. Jennings, penitentiary ^
rsician. examined the bodv and r
\ i
nounced death due to apoplexy.j
:cner Scott was notified, but after I r
onsultation decided that an in-1 v
;st was not necessary. 11
>an h|ad served nearly a quarter ^
a century in the penitentiary and!
:il the riot there some months ago i
1 c
1 been happy. He ran a little store ; ^
the prison yard and had accumu- j j.
?d a good deal of money from his ; ,j
e?s of soft drinks, tobacco and 3th-;
articles. After the riot at the i
son some of the "hard bciled" :,
soners thought Dan had taken the;
o of^the authorities and, according,
his story, were "after" him.
pressed a desire to leave because'6
: men were getting "too rough" :or ; ^
l. j
Colonel Was His Friend
Col. A. K. Senders, superintendent1,
the penitentiary, has always b<?-'
ended I^n and the aged prisoner;1
lost worshiped the colonel. He1 '
en said he would never leave .as
g as Colonel Sanders remained sr.-,*
intendent ard when the pardon c
ird recommended that the governgrant
him full executive clemency ;C
announced that he would not,j
ve. Governor Cooper never offerthe
pardon. Hut the pardon board ,J
ored clemency for Dan.
[t was only last year that Dan was,1
rught up the street to a moving j
ture show, t'no first r.< h>cl ever j(
n. Colonel Sanders brought thei
man by town and gave him the;'
s.L of his iife by riding him around . 1
streets, carrying him to a show I
1 riding him on an elevator. It i
s Dan'.-, fistet "joy trip.'' the firstle
he had ever ridden in an auto-.i
bile 2nd an elevator and ho was <
[email protected]@[email protected]@ ?
P? Me *
Inet fhir*lr vnn A
VUCt. (.11X1111. f VM W
ur own price.
comply with. 9
ill immediately J
et the opening ?
continue every ?
C. s
lighted at the sights on Main street. ^
; was like a new world to Dan.
When Dan was thinking of the pos- , "J
bftity of a pardon being offered him 1
o s&id he was "away behind the
m?s." having been behind the grim
ails for miny years. He did not J|
link he could get out in the world 4
garb ana keep progress with busi
?ss. Ke was content to remain with
ii:friend, Colonel Sanders.
Dan was convicted of killing Robrt
Copes, treasurer of Orangeburg
ounty. The evidence against him wa<
xceptionally strong, but there were
o eye witnesses. Dan always said he
-as innocent. Last year he expressd
deep regret that he had not taken <3
he stand during the trial and told his
tory, but it was too late.
Evidence Against Dan
Treasurer Copes was making tho
ounds of the county collecting taxes
vhen he was slain. Evidence at the-^_.. ^
rial showed that the gun used bel
onged to Dan and it was also brought
nit that the tracks around the scene
if the killing were made by shoes
vorn by Dan, certain tacks in the
leel pointing conclusively to this*
fhe killing occurrcd on May 6, 1895.
Dan was convicted of murder and
er.tcnced to be hanged March 5,
fai- V11ai>V\a (Tfontor) Viirr>
t r.esp.te until March 26, 1897, and
m March 25 commated the sentence
o life imprisonment. On March 26,
.897, Dan entered the penitentiary
;o begin his life sentence.
On September 20, 1900, Dsn escaped
and went to the Philippine isaiids,
where : : '>.e cavalry,
le returned t' -> United States and
vhile work'.g in Georgia, became involved
with his landlord. He was
sentenced to a term on the Georgia
hair.gancr and while -zt work on the
rati? was discovered by the auditor
>f Orangebur? county, a close friend
>f the slain treasurer. He was
)rought back to the penitentiary on
3ec ember 18. 1905, and there renained
until he died yesterday morn
Dr.n has a son in Georgia, and prison
authorities notified him yesterday
norning of his father's death. Dan's
//ife also lives in Georgia and the .
jo fly w':ll likely he taken there to be
a!.l to rest, the son notifying: authorties
that he would come for it.
I>an had accumulated considerable
noney. but he left r.v> will so far as
'olonol Sanders knew yesterday.

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