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The herald and news. (Newberry S.C.) 1903-1937, December 01, 1922, SECTION THREE, PAGES 17 TO 24, Image 18

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CilVJll J.
V1' '
?>? ^
DR. W.
r^'. s-%% n j
> tnairmaa Dcarj
i ?
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r J-- v
I **ee*e?aw*aawieiMw
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^ - <8> 'S- <?> ?? <$> s5> NS" v^> v$> < ' <& <$> <& Nj
^ vr- ? Nr> ^ * ? ^ *
It was not so long ago that a woma:
who essayed for leadership of th<
"new" society- in Charlotte advance;
the proposition tint all young wdiest
- who were engaged as school teachers
with those who worked as stenogra
| \ phers and clerks, "should wear ur.i
forms" indicating their rank and distinguishing
themselves from ^ th<
p x "elect." She found that there wa;
some society left in Charlotte tha
;>r . . j was more substantial than artificial
\ ? and her proposition was met with tin
' v rebuke it deserved.. How very fa?
different is the oublic estimation o'
BgB *
pI ; '
; ?7?
Some people like 10 sigh
3 they call them. As if the old d:
" I that can be said of the old day:
I .
* TU^.. n im ^1/7 irnno npvP"
P. liCj aic VJL\A
truly thankful.
r '
Instead of candies and kcro:
Instead of fireplaces that wai
i shivered with goose pimples, v
with vapor, steam or hot watei
washtubs on Saturday nights,
comfort, health and happiness.
r\? ?1 c l7\rr* r?/?frp
' fl UJIy lllVCu W il<k >/vvvv
| the kings and queens of a hund.
> . . j
And the change from the ol
brought about by the science o
and steam litter.
j Plumbing a
Main Street
If it's for
of Trustees M'c.
?SS * ';
fe?i sni ,
'- j
>; the piacc ythe teacher holds in the'
> social life of the st'.te! In the average
' North Carolina community, the tcach>
er is elevated ind glorified, arid The
i Observer is glad to rid The University
i-News Letter in passing along the ch-j
?' quent tribute paid this profession by
1 {The Journal of the National Educa-;
i; i;on Association, which makes truth-'
, il'nl statement that America's best
-,iulert should be dedicated to the,
- training of the youth for citizenship.
- r.nd it praises the efforts being made)
? to enllr^ in the educational army of j
s this country "the strongest men and i
' women in each localitv." And that1
i * 1 i
,! ie, in fact, the standard of the Northi
Carolina teicher. Only the best have
r j been selected for the schools and only!
f:th? best arc being picked and volu- <
, , _ /
~ ;
? |
ci D I
cry for the ''good old days," as
ays were so g'ood. About the best
s is that they are old.
to return, for which we should be
sene lamps we have clectric lights. I
rmed our fronts while our !";acks >
*e hive homes made comfortable
*. Instead of ice-box privies and
we have bathrooms that promote
r and live longer today than did
red years ago. ,
d days to the new days has been
f sanitation?by the work of the
md Heating
Phone 115
Plumbing I
ve it
IL-L.JUJi .JLHI "mm. m . ujii' uwn n tm 'iwmu w J ?, ? *
toerirg for the future. The cld-timc'dta
of the pedagogue of the lit:!.red
r/noo'.aoao, and the nublivV c;
: .n of thr teacher in the cjn?; !id.:t -.j
t-;-hocIJicu:{e or the h;.?!i sjio .! bniiding,
is as diffe eat as oaf frotn
r.i?;ht. Of aii professions, thai of th;si'hool
teacher row command *a-.greatest
re?^ect of the State, and talis
not excepting the nrc aehrr ana the
editor As a potent iaitaen/e :::
moulding tile t::Luro citizens..-j. me
school teacher rank- above ?Ii. f!.?
>"".tion:u Education Association -rives
10 reasons why the school teacher
should ta!.e pride in his ov her work,
an a vhy the people lake pride
in the :chool tcacker. They ;-re not
only worth reading?they are worth
memorizing. Thc.-e are the facts in
rega'd to teaching.
1. Teaching pays. Be ides everincreasing
fir mcial compensation, the
teaching profession offers the highest
social sanctions and rewards.
2. Teaching is a growing profession.
The Xatit.n now requires the
service of 700,000 teachers. There is
a strong demand that teachers be bett.n:red.
As trtinintr increases, the
financial ar.d social rewards likewise
3. Teaching offers a growing nveer.
The well-trained teacher need
have no fear of unemployment, burn
ay look forward to increasing opportunities
commensurate with added
training and growth in personal fitness.
4. Teaching offers mental and
moral growth. The soundest men Lai
and mor:l processes are involved in
the making of good citizens.
5. Tcacliirg is building. The teacftcr
shapes the unfolding life of childhood
and radiates ideals and purposes
that in the citizenship of tomorrow
will become the fabric of an improved
social structure.
'6. Teaching inspires high ideals.
There is nothing nobler cr more p: :ctieal
than to shape and to guide the
ideals and practices of-the young citi
zcns WHO cirt' suuxj u; ue inc ..u.rj.i
responsible leaders..
7. Tcachirjcr is scrvjcc. Those who
enter this high calling: enjoy the
spiritual development and true happiness
lhat come from rendering r;.:l
service to the Republic.
8. Teaching insures biz opportunities.
With crrov.'th and inspiration
I Mff LIGHT.S1X if I
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Sedan at the door when th<
downstairs Christmas mom
i place your order now.
The Sedan is the ideal \
will provide happiness for
?all the year?and the ye,
The sturdy body of the Li
like the chassis, is built :
plants. It is constructed to
isfactory service. Only the f
are used. Craftsmanship is
It is cradled on long, stron
springs. The nine-inch seat
holstered in mohair velvet ]
ful. The heater, cowl vent
wide windows, among many
Heater. Eight-day cloclr. 1
viscr and windshield clcancr.
Silk roller-curtains. Four do
Motor anc
5-Pass., 1 12" W. B., 40 H. P.
Touring: $1275
Roadster (2-Pass.) .... 1250 !
Roadster (4-Pas.O .... 1275
Coupe (4-Pass.) 1875
ii Sedan 2059 I
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i IV:.I''i!;ini'i.1:1*: !or ?.
f. : il : in :? vh ! . ::. .:m
and for j:v r building :-*:~i iites <i
be-! siih-.
problems of Citizenship practice is p
ministry essential 1 p :i democracy. ; i.
10. Tcr.i"::i:\ir i- th? ? ?>:' .
professions. Measured by the s:::nu- *
happ& teaching' vj5? . <
b-jyf. n-.I tho* ; of c:h. .* ?>. *. -:.>p.s.
l CU.'h !K." i? "i 1 cl('i!! h : 1
p::3t, thv ;'.ii ii> of the jVCSCnt. a::;! ;"
the prophet of the future. Ii is there- fore
necessary that the nation's ftr.est c
'v .:!d be con^cr ilo<J { > ;i:V 1
lie c.'ucn' :-v.i ir: tho ^ernetn . '
iv or A:ncnja:i :rionr anu i:it :-;ii - a- of
.he ropuM:.- depend. ;:
* * * . . ..: . ? ? t
?. }
/? . . . . . . . . .
/ <
Under the common law* it was the ,
( utv of the father to educate his t
children, but there was no compulsion ,
cn h'.ii to provide an foim of school- .
i Otherwise expressed, the child <
had not schcoi rif.hts which the p.:r- .
c nt wa? be.unci under the law to re- .
ypect. Eat with the passing of time
nnd partic ;'ariy with the foundir:r ,
and growth of our American repab- c
lie. a new conception arose. The r.on- ,
ccnipu'cory school system ;rave place .
U> 2 compulsory system, and now re- }
<u:ir-.d school attendance is universal
among English-speaking peoples.
The compulsory system was a long
t ine spreading over the United ?r te-; <
bui ir. 1018, when Mississippi passed
it first law cn the subject, the system
became universal in this country. Ev- j
cry state now requires that children j
attend school for -xme period of their!
I'Vcs r.nd for all or a conoidevable
n-\t nf *' >(> school term: and the ten-!.
der.ey is to extend attendance re- j r
f;i'ircn"-?nts until a!! children between
'7 ar.d 3(> years of aTe rrc in school'
throughout the term, or until the
work of the elementary grades
completed. !4
i Ccrr.pniscry education has two fun-,
da mental purport: First, to insure.
the best possible citizenship in 'order;
that the state may thereby preserve
to&UMjk ft
111 ?S3~ * TC/llsv r :* *?.- .. i> ' ,
r ??""s1 'y^<
I ' f ' *..
i li iiiiii i ill!! i i ! 11 ! i illi'iiilil i
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iaker Light-Six add to its year-rounc
- family comes The reliability of t
ing, you should Six Sedan has been p
thousands of enthus:
lilt because it It is strictly a quali
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ght-Six Sedan, and complete auto:
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give long, sat- middlemen's profits,
inest materials passed on to you.
> unexcelled. And back of the t
g, semi-elliptic bilityof theLight-Six
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plush, are rest- ship, is the Studebal
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other features, respect more than e*v
'hicf-proof transmission lock. Cowl ventilator. Side
Inside locks on thrse doors and outside lock o^ "?
ors tnat swing v;iae open, jra: ivionair vc:v<
1 Prices?f. o. b. facto;
5-Pass., 119'^W. B., 50 H. P. 7-Pass.,
Touring $1750 Pouring
Speedster (4-Pass.) ... 182~> Roadste
Coupe (4-Pass.) 2400 Coupe-1
Coupe (5-Pass.) ... 2550 <2-P;
Sedan (Special) 2750 St'dan <
e.s, Front a nil Rem-. Standard i
-x.r? n -v.irjrrjj,nr"^yi55B5S5
wer's Garai
Ill ? HI III ?nmiiB?ii I ? i in III I
I ?
If: to entree ' :ic j
: i. ri.criii.s of ihe child. That
:. , i: 1.. fundamental i'i
v . !> :.: v .s The second is
a:: ... e tile right kind
y ?.:"ini' : t The lati'
:') !: " .;' '!y i\. p. n. MV iiil*
ciirnt than the former. ( hildre*<
">' r. i1": to tiij ." ' st possible op.
tu::ily in lift*, and .-:rn rhi? c:;nies
large :-:easur-'> through cuueatjpn
In'y have an infea^Ie r:ghfc to ednT.Ys
principle jY not so ma, h ree.
in i hild-wdfare law.; as it
*xal..: be. The compulsory attendn:
of California has for it*
anil -a. "An act to enforce the eaua*Y
nat right.-; of children ant proY
lag penalties for violation -of the
ict"'; in their epneeotion of school
;v t-.-?r> :>Mri r-h'hl lnr.ro* snnif* nrh
. state:; mi^ht learn a lesson from |
he Golden S:.;te.
Child-labor laws were originally j
on;'c-'ivcd for the protection of chilu j
* s
ire, bat row we see that they* also
lave a function in the enforcement
>f :hilu v.'.'htThey formerly "wink
:I at" some occupations, such as
";:rk on the fa: .r?, prcbably because
h<-e wore thcucht h?rmloss. but ?iow ,
hose occupation.": are coming under c.Tulation,
;are those in stores and' ra.'tor!c=.
The re?.son for this newer
one: pticn is plain: .Child labor on
he firm is child labor nevertheless;1
I interferes with the educational
igfhts of the child. Presently we j
hall see clearly tbnt it is no man's I
;rorocrat:ve to exploit a child, even I
hcuth it be his own, and that the j
ig\:t to education is inalienable? j
lor.:? wit'i the ri.^ht io life, liberty.?
'ltd iTis pursuit of hannir.css.
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sell small farms on long time and
easy terms to working" farmers.
Will cut the land to suit. Near rail-;
road station and school. In wes-i
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J. ??IcMahan, Columbia, S. C.
11-14-41 1 taw
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fitted up here. Correct bulo and
b:;itory will make a new light of
it. Gilder & Weeks Co.
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10 17-tf
? '
.r-: .i1 m ,' J
iill?i'i'-!-1 ti'L?i_' tj{li i !!ii hp\ I =
?:%F ^y/*5ittksa25aj i,;'": \
^lj: I *v MSiSSu^^jH !i I ; 5 Tp$
Wii'M j
n 1p
jmmmm \
-iztrs vtr ttwlV sH j; 11' ! [1
~J?* "V rXMJ' ;.i?XTaJU3**-OT i ; | J j 1 t; , ,
-- - f:^:m|| j
A Aim Hi: ;
iker Now! |
i comfort and utility.
he Studebaker Light- :
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: R Y E A R I !
~ ii II i II i Mil *
ge i.
L 1 RI ,A>
.i a i V_~ i7l:?j i. *
(v^, i
17^-^ \v,s 1 jr^7 w ^
Mw .
i J*#1- suit:
Fancy Gr
and Fresh
( ij
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the 5c and 10c si
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O shopping.
i,.. it, ^ v ju tu V*y ?
the store that gn
values ever
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Saw Teeth. 20 <
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Skidding Tcngs. G
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Oliver Repair (Genuine). S
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Milk Car.s. F
II1 F1 1 I
W rraiik s
If? ? I CIIIsl si
j.i . ? ,<+ ?? ? < ??I???? ?>
-argest ana Best
ssing Plant in
n Pressing,
Dry Cleaning
and Repairing
ork called for and
s made to order
/ c r
I J k/?
? m muuw > 111 !! ! I Mini ?? ? I
-r Q -p
M y
p Sforp r? i
U&%?1 V CP i
m to visit O
ore berora
R 1ST MAS ??
5T! ,
Y?Q I ^ *
res you b.g
v day
wing goods
jht prices: j
>oys Tin Wagons.
Winchester and Remington
munition, both 12, 15 snd
'/ork Shirts, Overalls.
iood line of
fails, Roofings and Barb lJ
e, also Hay Wire, Poultry afj
ard Cans.
ausage Mills. jgjfj
3rd Presses.
lour and Meat.
9 1

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