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wrwR-H^*' ^ C FrsiD>Y D^O'ViBER 2 922. TV/ICE A WEEK, $2.00 A YEAR
VOLUME LVii!, NUMBER 1C2. w-wo- * " '
Whitmire, Doc. 27. The last m:k*
post for 1922 ha;> been pissed. Christmas
has conic and gone and numbered
among1 the things of the past. Never
was the anniversary of the greatest
of all events more properly and
appropriately observed. The true
Christian spirit filled all our hearts
to overflowing the spirit to give and
forgive, to regard the widow and orphan
and to pour out the milk of human
kindness to the needy. Strange
to say. all our merchants report bus
iness better on Saturday t'lan im
Chris.mas eve of a year a?o. It's surprising,
at Christmas time, how we
can dig: up a dollar to make others
happy, notwithstanding the ravage;
of the boll weevil and adverse conditions.
How true it is. "Where
there's a will, there's a way."
Last night (Monday) ore' ne?ro
_ fatally wcrunded another a: Cedar
Grove, 2 miles on road from here to
Newberry. There was a dispute over
in foik rnst of told drinks, when
Sam Epps, a tenant of W. A. An
- . drews, drew a revolver and shot
Blake Johnson In the- stomach causing
nine punctures of ihe intestines. Dr.
Brackett took Johnson to the hospital
at Union last night. 1 oday the report
from Union is that there's no
hope for Johnson's recovery. Epps
made his set away. Our newly appointed
state constable, P. T. Harris
has been scou
criminal but failed to find a trace of
him. With this exception there has
been nothing in oar section to mai
the sweet pleasure of "peace o:: earti'
*and good will to men."
The delightful program of the E?
worth-league was carried out Sunday
nigh: without a hitch. The whole affair
was of a high order -especial:;
the music, recitations and the adures:
. ' of Rev. J. F. Lupo. If there wer<
any savages in the immense auaienc<
... Kwinufs wpro surelv soothed bj
IHU11 yiVftCvy V* V* w
the songs of the Laymen's Brother
hood. We knew' all the boys wer<
\ pretty good "locus** preachers bu
were surprised at the music in thei
souls. Miss Mary Grace Wilson, ?.l
wa^rs charming, capped the climax :j
her rendition of the pathetie story
"The 0;her Wise Man."
Out Masonic lodge had a meetin;
of importance and sumptuous ban
quet Friday evening ac which v;
present Mr. Hart of Columbia wh<
has attained th^ pinnacle of that aii
cient order. He is a 32nd degree Ms
son and made one of ihe very be>
addresses ever heard. He compli
mented Whitmire and her excellen
lod^e. Mr. Harsh man. retired nava
olfieer, was also present, and entei
tained the order by describing hi
travels over most of :he world. H
is stopping f*;r a few days with Mai
vin E. A bra ms to whom he is relate'
by marriage. His wife is ?. -sister, c
Walt Hodges who resided in Ncv/ber
ry for ma Ay years.
"" C. H. Albrecht. cur church orgar
ist ana all roun-.l musical artist, iin
jus: returned from n pleasant visit t
Orangeburg. His brother. Thco. A1
fcrecht of Orangeburg. c?.n-e up wii
him to look over Whiinvrc a ft
With us it is not fly, flow, f,
"but flu. flu,' ft'.' and sonic -in
flu. Everybody's zo: :r, but in mil
for.r.. This monlncr the mil! -v.;;little
slow to-- sta.: up on account
it. Leo Riser of the telephone ofTUand
correspondent of tho ^-Ik-grot,
the latest, victim of the c->a-ih:nan
sneezing ciisense.
Ca;c oc Thar.Ics
We dc.'re in this way i > expre:
our appreciation a:u! to extend on
most sincere thinks t > the kin
friends and neishl.ors who minister
ed to us and sympathized witi us i
our sorrow daring the trying h^ui
of the death and burial of our hu
band and father. As we are passin
under the tod we want you to kno
that we are graceful and tha.ikiul ft
your kind sympathy and thouprhtfu
ness. Only those who have bee
bowed down ir sorrow know no
we feel.
J. K. s. ::.n a:: 1 Children.
Card of Thanks
We desire i-> .r.i-.nk car ma:
friends who we*.v - > jr'. oci, Vinci a
thoughtful t;.* u^ during Lhe ilint
and deatn of our be!;;veu husba
and father.
Mr.-. R M. Cromer ;>nd Family.
Mr. J. Ed. Senn, a ]>i^;n:nen: and
successful farmer and a ;rood citizen,
passed away wry suddenly at hi>
country homo in the Smyrna community
on last Friday, lie was 53 years
old. He had not been in the "dcjl of
health recently but was up and ab.nu
his business during the day. He was
takt'ii sic;. 2i)wU. >> o ciock and seni
' ' t - -
* _> a i^noor
. and before the medicine came, i:i
fuc. in less than half an hour, he
passed quietly
; "Like one %v!io wraps the u apery of
his couch
About him, and lies down ro uieasan.
i . '
And a good citizen, a loving and
'tender father and husband, quiet an.i
J unassuming, has left us. K:s lath
er, Ceo. W. Ser.n, tiled 5<5 years ago
!and Ed b eing the oldest in the fani:lw-the
care of the household and'the
management of the place fell upor
his shoulders and well did he meet
the duties and responsibilities, thougi
, but a youth, and to this day the cr>
thers.and sisters looked upon Ed
more as ; father than a brother, h
i was bo:h father and brother to them
' He is ^survived by four brothers anc
1 two sisters, L. H. Sen p.. J. las Senn
j Geg. W. Senn. of the county, an.
Dock Senn of Texas and Mrs. Rjb
ei'i E. Wartkins and Miss Mauie Senn
aiso of ihe county. Of }ils immediate
'.family are his widow who v.".is :1\~
' Smith, . ^ daughter of Mr. J. \Y
1 Smith, and four children, two boy
j and two girls, Vv.iliam, f Clarence
' - Ruth ana Louise.
! The funeral services and bur:2
"vbr* held at B';sh River Bapti'*;
church on Sunday ;.t 11 o'clock. }.r
s Sean was a raerr.ber and orriccr i
; i this c hurch for many years and a;
- ways ioyil and interested in the wor
' i of the church and :v:uiy and will in
"j to do his parr, as the preachers sal:
3 he was a leader in church w:rl
r-! There was a large crowd of peopl
".presort at the service dcrpite th: ha
condition of the reads, houjrh it ws
_ ii niort beautiiu. day. i ae ssrvjj
: was conducted by *o:\ tiie ii "
f R. H. Burris -. and assisted by Dr. "*
* J. Lings ton. a former nastor an
Tic v. A. II. Key, pastor of Sniyrn
-s P.e byt',r!a.: ehnreh nr.; a neighbf
^ of "Mr. Senn. Brief tributes we:
Dsiu by c-aeh one and ?.!: . Burn.
" c-':.!(! .here were many ouistar.^in
j-, chsracieristits in the life of Mr. Sen
but the greatest wa- his .-inple
lZ aity *na eh'bHike faith; He was 1;>.
l- a! ri his paster, loyal t > his eh unci
ioyai to his God, loyal to his fan"?"1
* 1 1 ' r,s\! *Crr*
.ar.a ;n:s loyai^v i.x
c" lovaltv to his count rv and his c >r
I mumtv.
r' t' '* ' i * . i. i'
Me took great interest n t
1 ; school^ of oh? county and was a tru
"; tec of thev Smyrna public s?ho <! f
many years and- could always be <!
perded uper, to do his par: to he
arlvatfce the school." He wii! be mis
ed not only by1 his fan*;Iy bat by '
i> ;
* p O ! > r*3 T ,
Car 111 vGiiijion o.:* ccs recosiru
o ; Sj^svs'"]; One Cc.c::rc.nt
AiidcrT^jc. - i.- -Mr.?.
u Qray was seriously hurt this a: ic
roon \vh-* the aufon-nblk- in whl
i-/>e v, '* rlulng \V2:* ."-trji'k oy \ ;
.<;!% and Snllia (\,;e:ri2n, a v.
aun. w: ;> ;v:i? walk! <: a!'>nu: ll
: c'-ffr v;hevo the tv'li.-io!; look o'.i.
;! was instantly !. li^rl v hen. or.f : f v
r- machines aiss struck her. C.
n ihe:\ who was <irh\!ur one rf :!
' cars, is being held u* the < i
5- conic of Mrs. Cray's injuries. She r
i ci i .'t i > baa blow m the back . :
w r.zivl. Mr. G"ay war- in thv ca: whi
>r. the adent happened.
; -*?sar -
u tj ^
... I A small dwell'n 2: or. ir.e Whiimi
[road just beyond the cemetery v.
(!e.-'i- oVt'vi V; ;i; S lay *!;
The house was owned by Mr. li.
1 Smith. Jr.. and "was occupied by ?
T. S. ]?o 1' d y I. .am:: <>.:
* ^ * ,
it r.;>; -c;-.>*.v;; - w ;ee .ire .-rev
c-;i. I. div.-overc;'. in :: cl
;S< ,
11 <* t wCJQJWi
I If von wish to convict a prettv v
man* $?**? au*!\ > < n ht-r j.v
! ^ * "f?
S- /f /? v-y; -*
i C < &'! & a t\(< ?^fi r'
V7 / fccLi V% ^''
' f<S J
vt. ? =
I* i
.! or /
* 'sSy;?
i WM^mt
W'4/A Jf ll|lW
11S W/mtiUtsk wm
| I I ;:V../ <?
! I < $
_ (
i j J.->-r n^rj. ;^aa.i -_.
p will.rw!-r:-.<-.n..".-^--rT-a - -
. j OOD-BYE, Old Year! thi
j Pursues another Fianie
, | And Time; the ruthless, cha
j Will now erase your nam
s r
* i * <j
I Ana yet your younger nva
His aspect bright and neIs
but an unread version of
The hopes we had in you
s | The.apple-bfosscins of his S
! ! The little, seeds. that lie __
Deeo buried in the Heart c
Will ijve again and die.
iS I ( ' ,
j \j
He, too, will give the warm!
And clays of slanting rsir
a. As he deals out our yearly :
Of happiness aid pain.
- 1- f
Gil Satu:day even in;* last about 8
{o'clock Mr. A. Bjr.Peaster of the ;
' Philips c .man iv o .npktljtc*l ,.i j
*- i no: seeling y.y:! and :> physhian va <
'*; s:*r.t for. Ju. . as Jio nhyrij-lan are*:
rived he passed ;o the great unknown.
P : Uc:id v.us 0-j \\ ars cm! and v.- ^orn
s* ;d reared. *.' >* m :r i ' .. nur ;y
le tin which he 'lived died. He*was ;
1 ;-ie .son o: Frank Ft ;.*ler en-. i
one S's'.cr and r > i-ro-.. il s s! ler
V ccj ue the v.ii'v . r,.i-' A. ,
C. K'ti-n* of F-05"-cr!..' ami in-.i s>me
ten ago. li i..:1*?;* *' . ::nk
in < ( *"15t'd * ' w " . !U':
try an:i entered t v 0 : ' ^ war
land gave up r'~ ; 'V "! * ;:-,!d i,f
' ba i*e. The I\ te * : r\. eicV.tv
where ? !:*. 7. J. TV 's >:i ow lives :
:e at tlv pl-v. ? where ? !r. MIeajah ? >>
v-; livec- near :>y.
.v. j ?< ? . iV'*tc wv - th' ' tes \ r
; .ied. K *. ? \yn v:; .. iai:
o-i'of ? ' L thcr Xlinard and tiers wt re
.... . ,.. . , ,
:i-' ? two 1 !:v:i ou .-n i >\ *en n * 1'
' ro-.hv.* ail ("!.'d y r* a . \l
;!:sr : i 1 c* :i r <i u<rl. >1 . . .1 :
-. I ::>i 1 Aw and one ill ' 'o
r>e d; ... Ill* thi"d i^an'a'.a wa.-- l.> .Mi:s
;i- iT'J.fS v. : ]_J J V&.-' hi i".: a'
' .<J:: c: :1 !. : l-y t: ' n: r: . * i
pPo %' :: : or- : y. -v. ;; ;
J?chot 1 together away b;:.k yonder.
! \V- He- v.- to b a :!
: .' ' ( 1 .. v to o\' !
. v , : to n. .
H v..5- : *d :<
v.';i : er " .v. Phil!"*T
. .
' ' : . !: ; < :vine* in
: i ' .ll (ill Svi!"
' !av < . . ! of a I
... . < }H.:
> V* ^ ^ " ; . - t
T hi* r : * Xt'ffs
0~ i
cmi mi <> : : ' . v.i.m ny . < :
r W fill -^1
j>yC? \AO
rxV cSx^>>
" P^%n
CTv' A S v x ' v\vvc^ "*'
// /"'v AS;
/ / \ \ % >^s
v;* --rVx
;l >' %"r:X"'? M';Ci-.'issi
; ' ^^>,/. wz.rwg^' '^VAA>
/JmsA'-tv\\\[\. wggr v
Am v; 'H1 *k \
/, &>*}', f>vvu*r!ii t\'' > \ v > '
%'! if ., ,f.
'/! / - f Jv/jijUk
M$ yi 7 ///Jlri0M&
SsMyvt j v i^*gp*su
^(V^-'-> - I^'
Ol^nBt^MgBjl 1WWllB^r-^.^gg^,B *-' >' ' X
2 fickle World The big round moo
, . That lighted up '
iiiging Time w ill shine upon as
Lew In just as many <
Vtiui And he v/il! bring t
# When crimson n
And hurrv through
* * Tc fkunt the 0
prir.2, The painted patiiwr
Will be with ciois
f Earth, Because Ins Winter
The Portal you 1
t- - ^ Oiri Vm
XI Ci _S UVUV *"'/ -W*V* A v .
t, We found your i
shore Em you have died
And so Long [
Y:(X. JOHN C Hi?? DiE.S ' .
Mr. J.jr.r. v. Ilipp a c . : * ho:'.-.
Xance rtrcel Sun.'.ay u;'- :
55 vears. 31r. 11:::^ was .born is the ftin'.cPr
narir. . ion :/i \hn i u:.'.;' In:: :* s'~' <
many years "was a rs sident of Edge- ? prom
fa":;rv. afterward Greenwood
county. ut. vovcu to Xcv . v cf n
yearj a:;o. -?r. ITivn v.t ^ a a . 4>.r.i
triors ami hard working mm a;; l \v;is ,
successful in business. Sis jiarancs cbv r
die-.: v';cn ho v. - . vcj \ : ; ho ' :
v." .< ivarcX ' \*u: i or h' viicie. Lb?
" 1- '>v v.\ v \vh > Si-* .
: and :bs foil iw'.v.': children:,! S^rot
MGoo. Ilipn wf .'v.ucrry, Mr. '
Frsnk W. Hipp^cf Greonville* ' Kir. the 5
T;:'ti H':-) ^ .*
Hipp of Massachusetts. Mr. Grady H. ; ?ars
- ' \vi
Hn? / >: V >. y. n ! :iiv. K c *:::
rV.r.iv of ' ! :: .V: .. art! Mrs. li.
\ '*M' ' . V *' ' X N *.*! 1 t !;!*().: nil. r 1 t
;7 . - \ rf i;; : v. ! ; DAV
and M.*r. : . M r.ns of :-'
T/ " ! was hv \i c:i Ko:i l: y ^
r: i- -'I an 4 . c:-;r.r iv y. . :
s'erviec being eondnc ed by his
-, H" \ ]>: F. ed of L.U. "
tkeran Chx-ch of the Redearser, of ttors
wh'.h .M<\ was a nv.vv.l" *.
! -T 'c::::::
yt-.'ii*.-? a ! :;!' - T'n
\.!. in (l-.-s ". ' ' '
Colactbia. S.vrancah', Jacksonville
and ' ilit d ton:- :t :: .
::! ho:ei. who ;nade hi
H had t>i"*n in il! heakk f ' '
.. * . ;?kJ several au\> I1.; s.
U) his b 'd-i :- .
I / -199
&*& & 'J ' 1
>\ J KA i ^
\ vv.\i l\\\ I I
^MUVV] si
-v\(]\ lv> I1
V \\' V i! \\ . i1 \ : \t | !
* M^iW 111
*\ WlW/ty/ h
'y'V^k jig/ Uj
H jj
r* ivA .silver stars
your skies
many loves
he fragrant June
sses nod,
l the Summertime
iy qf his Fall . |
ds o ercast, |~
footstep* rcach
lave passed.
r! wc loved you well; 3
treasures dear,
as monarchs die g
ive the Year!
Terrell c$eedt in N. Y.
j. s. J. .suslr. r:zs :n
: c c,-;-.. , fiipf] on Siir-.d^V
:*:.iruriuvn .i\ Ashcvllle, X. C.
:u\vn I:; oad tju:.h. f>r sonic
and had gone' t:> .AshevHie in
' of !' ^i.h. Mr. Saber was a
:nc "l . itof .hj r:>: ci Rivei"
)*5 of t\\o c w.r y a'": a nvjrr.be:'
large and re >pe< -c.l family of
community. He always took an
i? :>:i !.':r laii- f? . * Jr.
: Tv v.-rote for lh< pniT->
>v;n advru-ilo -of
_ or / . ?)"! fc-rry
a" ' v.' -s "ov. :!;** a.* !: u " 'V"A
' hi? ' n *the
i J.! .s'vjjiii h :i
!u' ' ;>.ul ' > ' buPfc
U ro. KiiQVv .. ../l
ii rs !'o r.i!> I'.een (t(
. Subi :* v.v N:;'.\voe*i ::>v: TO
and several ch'ldre::. The fa:is
"I burial were at the Siiber
' : ,-1 M: ":hv.
AFTIlfl *Lbii 2.1
: v ;>. _ . ; s; . T> , .;* ; .j.
l.'. , . the i j'..aft
rrv:' Iven failing hoaif*
aite ?. Vrhilo. He bam -V11
t the: time of his death He wjs
federate v :: i. :: me:v.ber of
: -y I-. lih tutl i!!.>: . :> rath ''a1.''*1
wa! ,;p ^ \vr.> conducted
y>. ,vi:r.an of tlu'
chnrc'h. Hi- Is survived b\
' . V- - Cicr. aarl
' i; H ri. i-. *t <*r rnr. a::
. . T-- . ne ;v -ivj;; ar. i
>!r V\*. r. , of
'rj Cotton Under Boll Weevil
Conditions to Be Discussed
Prcminsn* Speakers
According tj an announcement by
I. II. Mills, county aprent and ehair.T.an
cf the cultural committee of
the Xe;vbt rry chamber of commerce,
rhr nlan:< to call a mass
nu-vtrnjr of farmers and business men
. : khe county to !) > held at the court
hause Saturday, January 13th. This
:e:-tng. is lining called for the purcf
discussing ho best methods
of raising cotton under boll weevil
conditions during the year 1923. This
is a . "bjcct which should be of vital
ir/port i nee to every farmer and bus!n:v
man of the county, and Mr.
mis crosses t>.3 hope that the
meeting will be the most largely at1
1 ,> ^ i t* ^ n *i ;*r*
~L'~;( C.'U "i a::. t:i . . i.c u.>.v. _
ever hdd in Xewberry county.
The e-o:r r.:;ttce of \vh:;h Mr. ?l:Ils
is chai-mn, has been plannir'c th'.i
nv.-e-in-: for a Icnpr t'me a::'.! they
have Jxcn folunate i:i securing: :\vo
oC the mcs: c:na' >!e speakers possi
Prof. A. F. Conridl, entorr.ol>
ir: : of Ciemson college and Mr. Glen
!> "tor.-Ciimke, representing Wili'a:vi.Hyer^,
director Chilean nirrate
committee of Xew York city, will be
the nrinc'pni speakers with others to
b.r: announced laLir. I/i addition to
th:s lirt of speaker?, some one v. ill
-i. i~ c>' nv !'
DO i'' ~ cU pi v'vCtib k *^ fl'o':i
':iv: lal standpoir.t. as well
as the farmers to be j'ven an opportunity
to discus.; the situation from
their vi?w point. 1*11*. IvIills has announce:.!
thn: each -pas Iter will be
limited in order thai the mcetinr will
not be loner and draw a cut.
I\ct only :he ques.iv: or raisins
cotton under bo!! weevil conditions is
t > :e discussed. r> it the be:*, method
of pDisoninfr and the be?t machinery
for anplyinjr th.; v. >irou '-'.ill be d's
'""v committee feels very optimis
t':oy feA th.it.some concerted actio:
should oe taken In order V*. save a !o:
>L* 1.; : m .ticn and the loss of a b'i
o. money by the farmers of ;hj cour,
L.ery fermer and business mar
c: the toumy urged to bear ir
th. date of the nvctirr arid nr.
to let anything else keep him fron
he'ng: p:-".-ert. The cxaet time of th
rneetiri' will bo announced later
ho-.vev r, Saturday, January loth
shoul.l b*.' kepi In mind as .'no meet
ing v.II] b/ he'd on that day in th'
cou: t room at the court house.
A wedding of much interes
throughout the state was that of Mis
Annie Sara Pi^ts and Luther Edfor
Ceu:-ins which wis quietly solemnize
li.yi Sunday afternoon, December 24
a: the home of Dr. C. A. Freed, pas
tor of the groom v;ho w:,s the official
in- miniver.
; Only a few friends were preseni
?nul C. I'leCuilou.crh of Columbu
former coilege chum of the groor
* ^ * * v :
.vjied as b( ?t rr.nn ana -hiss .nui vi
Cousins of Greenville as bridesniait
Th>> impressive ring ceremony v/u
The br.'d'. v *a '^ceom':: "!y dres-50
i "i a '.raveling costume of irulcic
j"0">vn, w;.h. accessoi ies :> mate!
>"* 1"' : lovelv bciiaue: of pink an
v/i CIIVn"i w * 3T1^.
Mrs. Ccaiins at th? time of he
v.: was teaching v.- Pomari:
f\ and she has made many friend
In her teaching career, Mr. Cousir
; 3 prominent yaans bu iness ma
of Newberry, w!t> ha.s many frienc
that wish them much hanmness an
Th -1 bride a daughter of f Ir. an
M s. J. M. Pi:.:?- of Saiud?. the roo:
i ti e only can of Mr. and Mrs. E. Coil:
':*.* of Xewberry.
Mr. and . !rs. Cousin.* will mak
their fv.tnre heme at '21 -1 Karrin;
t.-n ,nr;*c-:, N'yw berry.
!' i S.i . ft?rnoon. Dec. 2!
922 r. the heme 'if Mr. E. f>. Me]
'nn., Prosn'-rity. S. C.. X ISS Eth
y.i.y.'r -f P:- v tv. S. (\. and M
W. I>11 :op }11e * >f LeesviUo. S. ('
wM.r .1 in 'bon< < of we'
f hilly o'clock, by Rev. I
:t c . pastor of the brid<
? I:*. Hit:- i< fi\>:n the Delmar seciio
S:i! ;i r.r.'.ir.v where the happ
b;'ili* ;s;i:I ii ni::ke their fi
t home.
Out in the Jalapa community or.
Monday James Mathis was killed by
a shot from a pistol in the hands of
G*.o. Wiison, both yourg negroes. An
inquest was held by Magistrate Douglas
on Tuesday. The evidence developed
ths: the two were handling a
pistol and as Mathis handed the gun
to Wilson it was discharged, .lie ioau
taking effect in the bociv of Math's,
killing him almost instantly. The
verdict cf-the coroner's jury was that
M-this came to his death from ths
accidental discharge of a pistol in
the hands of Ceo. Wilson. Wilson
was 'round over to court Tor trial.
The only persons present at the time
the shot was fired were Geo. Wilson,
James Mathis, the negro who was
killed and Wonie Foster.
Your,^ P.'tn Sirtsc!: While Repairing
The State.
Anderson, Dec. ?A Carl Land and
Elisha Coleman were brought to the
Anderson county h->~o al late today,
one with a fractured hp and the other
with a compound fracture of the
lower portion cf the leg. The youn^
men were repr-irin^ a tire tc ;he!r
machine about four miles from Piedmont
on the highway when .hey were
5;truck by another automobile. The
i('cnt!tv of the driver of the other
cnr her: not been estib!:shed.
Dr. L. T. Hill
The State.
' " -Abbeville, Dec. 26. Dr. L. T Hill
die,! suddenly this afternoon at 3 . |
c'cioeT: v.hi'o si;:ir.g in his office with
h'.s sr.\ Dr. J. C. Hill. Dr. Hill had %
1 undergone a cerious operation in a
- Rkhn-jond hospital last August but
had tce.n able tu. be at his office for
the past three months and*his Sudden
p:i?r,:r. is a great shock to this entire
community. Dr. Hill v;as in his 71st
<- yoar and -hrd pra & ad wedkins-iii- &
! Abbeville for 40 years. He was the
* *' ' i__
olioit and best Known practicing pnyL
s'cia i in the county. Kis widow, one
Dr. J. C. Hill of Abbeville, one
daughter. Mrs. Carter Arnold of El!
oerton, On., two brothers, Tabor H.
1 ITill'Of Greenwood ard George Hill of
Xewbsrry. survive him. Funeral arrang-jments
have not yet been made.
- 3ox Cars Prevent Party From Seeing
g Locomotive
: Lima, Ohio, De>"\ 24. Two men
and tvo women were killed here to;
night when the Broadway Limited,
Doninvlvf rr ig n5 5Wn.
*5 L'rtSlUVUilU X ViuiwM.u.Mt* VMWWw..
d gcr train, struck their automobile at
d the Charles Street crossing. Tha deid
t, are: Mrs. Julius Roessner, 25, and
Miss Zclma Binkley, both cf Lima,
> and Otto Steele, 34, and Frank Wil;
son, 32, of Pioua. A string cf box
t. cars standing near the crossing was
said to have prevented the party's #
soe:ng the*train, which was late and
is said to have been running at a high
1 . rr> hr ftippiI.
Dr. W. E. Pelnam
(1 Laurcnsvi-lo Hezfelcf. 22.
i Frier Is In this ci.y of Dr. W. E.
1, Pc'.'v.r. of Xev .';2rry will regret to
d learn of his death, which took place
at his home la?:: Thursd:y ni^ht. The
>r "*U'ior2l rook place "Sun day afternoon.
Dr. Feihr.m was a frequent business
Is vis"'.or here as a life insurance a -?nl
is ?id h: d man w friends in the city. Hp
n ' was ; brother of the late Mrs. Jos. H.
is SuII'van of this city. H? is survived'
d by his widow v ho was a Miss Leaveli,
one brother, Sam Pelham cf Xew
(i York Sity, a son, C. P. Pelham of
r Gveenvi!!e, and one daughter, Mrs.
I. , Tom Johnstone of Newberry.
Srrvice-5 at St. Luxes
I If the influenza situation is no
'* Vijt Vir or tViprp will hf
| V. \j L * c man i t- n . o vw. v.. - - ^ ^
; sen ice at St. Lukes church, Prosperity,
S. C.. on the fifth Sunday, Dec.
;.*>! st. at elevens-thirty o'clock. The
r- : Sunday school will be at ten-thirty
*1 ! o\-!ock.
r. , Rev. K. II. Sec-kinder.
..! Pastor.
2. | F-.^-Wicker
?. j Or. Christmas eve. Mr. James T.
r> Wicker of Newberry and Miss Allene
v Free of Pomaria were married at the
i-' St. Paul's parsonage, the Rev. S. P.
Kt : n nt'rfnrminq: the ceremony.

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