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OL. I. C
The Old Dinner Horn.
1've laeard nany a strain that has thrilled M
"'itih joy.
Bat I:w. 1 u'lsay, since the day I wz
Mo. paed eo much as,whlen a small bo:
I heard. on the farm. the old dinner horn.
The trumpet wts tii. a yard or so long.
A d "as blow ed for "the boys" at noon an
at ietanl.
Ti.o anonotone strain was piercing and stroni
lut sweet, for all that, was the old dinne
ben t.uilding the fence or tossing the bay,
Or reaping the grain or plowing the corn,
I Ith appetite keen. it the noon of the day,
Oh. sweet to iny soul was the old dinne
A inether's fond lips pressed the trumpet <
And bfw her full soul through the barle
and corn.
Oh. lbear'even yet the "Welcome, come In.
Come in. my dear boys, to the sound of tb
Those lips are now still, and the bosom J
W hich sent to us boys the blast of the horr
She is waiting i% sleep. beneath the dar
The archangel's trump and eternity's mort
-Joel Swartz, D. D.
On my way across the Sound I fel
in with two old sea-captains-Johi
Streeter and Asa Morton-with whor
I had some slight acquaintance. Street
er was about three-score, and had fol
lowed the sea during most of his life
Morton was considerably younger, bu
still -a seaman of much experience
The subject of the abolition of floggin,
in our navy came up in course of con
rersation, and Captain Morton express
ed himself very decidedly in favor o
keeping up that time-honored institu
tion, the cat-o'-nine-tails.
"I am not prepared to say," remark
ed Captain Streeter in reply, "that thi
condition of our men-o'-wars-men wil
be in every case benefited by the abo
lition of flogging, though I am sun
that it might be so. I mean that thq
officers have it within their power t<
do away wita nearly all kinds of pun
ishment-that is, of course, for suci
offense as are usually punished or
"For my part," returned Morton, "
should not care to take command of a
ship if the power to punish refractorj
seamen as I thought proper were taket
from me."
"Well," resumed Captain Streeter,
"I used to think just so. In fact, ther(
were few masters more passionate o:
severe than I was. Men used to rut
away from me, and, on more than on(
occasion, my very life has been in dan.
ger from the vengeance of men whon:
Ihad abused. I used the cat and the
rope's-end almost as freely as I used
my tongue; and I often wondered hou
it happened that I always had the laak
to get such bad men.
V v1benI forty years ol
ge toot mmand of Peters
ham. She was an old craft, a d
seen full as much service as she w
capable of seeing with safety; but hei
owners were willing to trust a valuabli
cargo in her, so I would not refuse t<
trust myself. * We were bound to Liv
erpool, and nothing unusual happenec
until about the eighth day out, whet
we ran foul of a small iceberg. It wa
early ii the morning, before sunrise
&ad not above six or eight feet of thi
icewas out of the water, it havinc
been nearly all melted away in th<
warmer water of the Gulf-stream. .
did not think that we had sustaine<
ing injury, for the shock was verj
slight; but I was angry, and gave th4
look-out a severe punishment, withoun
stpping to inquire whether he coul(
hive skentbe berg in season to escapa
e bywlas named Jac]
Witgd. lie was fourteen years o
age, and this'was his first voyage.
had taiten him from a widowed moth
e'rand had promised her that I woulc
sce him welt treated-that was, if hi
behaved himself. Ho was a bright
quick, inte~igent lad; but I soon mad!
jtwnelf believe that he had an awfn
ud sition. lancied that he was tha
IMJS sdii born piece of youthful hu
taiehai. I had ever come across,.
made up iny mind that he had neae
been properly governed, and I forth
with resolved to break him. in.- I told
him I'd curb his temper for hIm before
Ihddone with him... In reply he tolc
me thaalmig-kill him if I liked; anm
I flogged himW with the end of the mis
zen-topgallant halliards till ho couli
hardly stand. I asked him if he hac
had enough, and he told me that
might tiog more if I wished it. I fel
a strong temiptation to throw the be:
overboard, but at that moment h
staggered back against the mizzen
mast from absolute weakness, and
left him to himself. When I reasone'
calmly about that boy's disposition
was forced to acknowledge that he wa
one of the and m fuj~
lads I Wh n ~ket
him " e e wuld start of
'a roc -et; but when I roughly or
.red him to do it, then came the dis
' ' onwith whi~e I found fault.
F"One day, when it was verj
noon, I spoke to-him, and told a t
No below and bring up my quadrant
He was looking over the quarter-rail
and I lee that he did not hear me
and the next time I spoke I ripped ou
an oath, and intimated that if he didn'
move I'd help him.
" 'I didn't hear ye.' he said, wit]
raher an independent tone.
" 'No words,' said L.
"'I s'pose I can speak,' he retorted
moving slowly towards the companion
"His look and his words, and th
slow, careless manner in which h
moved, tired me in a moment, and
grasped him by the collar.
-'-Speak to me again like that,' sai'
I, 'and I'll flog you within an inch c
your life!'
" 'You can flog away.' he replied, a
firm and undaunted as a rock.
"And I did flog him. I caught u]
the end of the hrst rope that cam
handy, and beat him till my art
fairly ached. But he never evel
"'How's thab?' said I.
"'-There's a little more life in m
yet thrat you'd better flog out,' was hi
"And I beat him again. I beat hit
till he sank from my hand agrainst th'
rail; and then I seat one of the me,
after my quadrant. When it came
and I had adjusted it for my observa
and that I was toc
fuel to the lire of my
0 ekly seizing the laai
S d hin to the main
d the hatch taken of.
down, and swore
him there until his
broken. The hatch
d nd I went into the
a good deal that af
r any compunctions
e, but with my own
ness. It made me
I could not conquer
r uld not break down
sition. 'But I will
elf. 'By the heav
tarve him into it, or
e operation!
'en t ~Jatch
8 re
ral .d the
se an
i" log
SCs had
ic that
- - ur be
self. I did not
til the next morn
hatchway after
to hanu once
h'~1 him. IoQr
seen him
I called
t e would make
the same men
icard him talk
e seemed to be
him. lie would
he would not
-ak hi:n into it.
11 star',' I
uined that he
*~t 'r~:U ill,-~
-sailo~rs hear
- ;ked to be
d look after
reatened to
dared to go
d as he
L resolved
I more.
- even
h' -list
or c
th r
1 s1
-e 1
[ he:
we on.
hel -f
to an
* Pr
co hitc
- d.
I tha
I a'
f sp*
- an
> es
t ha
t kn
- his
a he
a whi
I so
I te
f we'
i he
> do1
a the
1 an
a ter
s ha
'And there he had sat, with his foet
thu. braced, for four-and-twenty lon::.
dreary hours. with the water Sp>urtlim
in tiny streams all over him, drnching
him to the skin. He had ,hl- :-: "v
eral times of going to the h;Li -inv y
and ealling for help: but he k::e L.ati
the broken plank would be fe nd in it
he left it, for he could fee.t hiave be
neath him. His stren' w. :a iling
him; his limbs w-n'raskel w'! . p in;
but he wou:d. nut -i-, . : hini
if he shuild no ha"ve v.i%: ' na i had
no tome as I did. I1e aAs den d1mC
at he could not have done it whii lo
ad life in him. Ile said tl :ght
not of himself-he was ready to die
but he would save the rest if he co.id;
and he bad saved us- -surely save a
-from a watery grave.
*That boy lay sick in the eahiw for
many days-sick ahnoit unto do.ith;
but I nursed him with my own hands
nursed him all througw hi-, dli.rin:u;
and when his reason retuned, and lie
could sit up and talk, I bowedl iii yelf
before hii, and humbly asked iiis ::r
don for ail the wrong i hai doue- 1m.
He threw his arms about myu neck. :lid
told me if I would be go)d to nman he
would never give iue cause for otr.-ne;
and he added, as he sat up agai::, 'I
amn not a coward-I could not bc a d !
"From that hour I neverfforgot tnose
words;aud from that hour I have never
struck a blow on board my ship. I
make my ien feel that they are ien
that I so regard them, and that I wish
to make them as comfortable and hap
py as possibie; and I have not failed to
gain their respect and confidenec. I
give no undue license, but make my
crew feel that they have a friend anl a
superior in the saie person. For nine
years I sailed in three different s5lups.
and had the very same crew al" iC
while. A man coiuld nut be hired to
leave me savo for an nixc's herto.
"'And'Jick Wit Aer.n reaiined Wiui
me thirteen years. lie wvas :uy cabin
boy; one of mr foremuast h:ni.,; Imy
second nia;a:id ue i:s't tune hte :ied
with mei he rcsumni the coimmnund 0f a
new barque becau.e he would not i)e
separated from mi'. But i, is a c.P
tain now,and one of the best this coun
try ever allrded. Such, gutlemn,
is my expericuee in g. erauaut and
diseipliuo on shipboarii.'
Some Supt' inn.
At Smithill's hall. near B1ltoo-le
Moors, there is still to be .teen-an ob
ect of interest and curiosity to a large.
if visitor -'- crint of a
**- . It is sid(
. y suppose ia'.'e been a sepa
e Tanist stone. In conneo- as 11
this modern legend another w5n
what dilferent character may pres
ed. A good man years agzo, at
ek of the British M:zieum, there ~
piece of waste ground called fed
ampton fields, noted as a resort head
ow character.<. There was a tra- who
m connected with it that two broth- end
n the Moniouth recbelioni took op- -
te sides and engaged each other in man
Both were killed, and forty im- ocrai
sions of their feet were traceable was
to field for years afterward. The negr
has long ieen built over, and the -
ise locality can n'om e bu poQinit- rewa
uti But Southey wen to soc the gage
,us sight, and has given a graphic and
ription of it in the second series of Nile
Comnmouplace Book." Tae imi
si'oasere about thriles deep
e hard fo;sdi ever grew in ol
errible hollows, and no cultivation
e soil could obliterate them, for less
i the ground wras plowed'( they per- s
LI in reapp~earing. Soutbey men
that he saw no rsason to doubt ,~
ruth of the stor'y, since it had been at Ca
rmed by these tokens for more dowi
a hundred years successively. It 7 t
abably a fact with a circumstance b real
circumstance,,.to say the least, WOur
mely doubtful. Upon the legend, well.
It was known far and wide, Jane -3
&nna Maria Porter based one of seizec
'ular romances, called "The as it.'
Fora' Footsteps;" and the of his
ew took the same subject insalt
ma.-iack~wood's .Maga- on ur:
aying By' ar. moim
opped at a little country ished
vas a hot day, and all the ini a f~
ere open. By the side of and r
as a pasture, atnd here, with the. ac
id lazily upon the fence; was chair.
Soon the locomotive began ment.
'steam, and this commotion -T
e don key into giving an ex- aral o
f his prowess in the same di- unifol
Taking his nose down from and<
e he winked his off eye, mianip- Manig
uis ears vigorously r ad produced an cat
noise that the passengers were hiopec
rtled. ,tice hi
mnma," said a little girl, "what _j
:horse make that noise for?" bough
t's a donkey, my child, and Imedal
10 'e makes music." tion C
'e gir w - the donke Ewa
'ly than be There wvas olin,
ook upon face, and it Esq.,
that she could not quite North
.She seemed to be look- was b<
ct music and wondering oo i
had it pinned to the oth- -
-nee. But suddenly her --A
and she clappeid her satys ti
ed: ted if i
I kow He plays by lie sa;
rald. tify hiL
Dr. B<
rl- in the last beforec
ppointed to by the
atness tra- afterw
ng toward _T
by their -TIol
nmoraines I Wedn<
and gray ' Th 8
e general 115 m
to the geol-|cuc
cei -iters be
to a ;obsert
have i of he
d terfani
Some of tbC Late.t Sayings and Doing., ir
South Caroiinia.
-The Citadel Acaikm; is well undet
wayv, with Cellent prospcts.
unde(lr very 1favo rabWe anaoPie(st.
-B. F. Wlelh ha's been :quitzted o1
the murder of W. C. Moore, at Lan
-The Green Pond, Wa]lterbro and
Branchville railroad is In a fair vwav to
be built.
-Z. M. Wolfe, of Orangeburg, has
been acquitted. -f the homicide of
-An ainalgamation of the liiionot
and Camperdown nills at Greeaville
is proposea.
-Abbeville is to have a bank and
A1aior A. Up. Wardlaw as been elect
ed President.
-ThIe New Brihton Ilotel on Sulli
van's Island is being put in trini for
winter travel.
-The execuiive committee of the
Piedmont Fair Association is booming
the coming enterprise.
-David 'Miller and James Car-on
had each a hand and arm laceraicdb
cotton gins in Spartanburg.
-Congressman Tilhnan will aa(dress
the survivors of Colleton at Walterboro
on the 17th of November.
-The State Convention of the Wo
men's Christian Temperance Union
will be held in Greenville on the 15th
-Three prisoners escaped from
Newberry jail a few nights ago by
taking the lock off the door of their
-Ilenry Butiler, colored, accidental
Iy shot and killed another colored man
i Bordeaux, Abbeville county, last
-The South Carolina College has
)peiied with about 175 students. The
?rospects of the institution are brighter
han usual.
-The Rev. A. W. Moore, of Lan
ister, was thrown from a buggy in
Atirens county last week, and pain
'ully injured.
-Owing to the increase of business,
wo trainis a day now run on the Abbe
'ille branch of the Columbia & Green
-ille Railroad.
-Mr. G. W. Williams, of Lancas
er, had his house destroy(d by an in
endiary fire last week. Loss 'about
500. No iisurance.
-The Rev. II..M. Allen, of ilail
AnC 'Con county, was
1, and had his
e cro
low now used aso
mce of ladies.
J. E. Elliott, of Lancaster county, on1
two loads of bird shot into the mad
of a negro named Geor-e Carter atte
had attacked him with the heavy espx
>f a wagon whip.
[lenry Ashley, an aged colored the
who had affiliated with the Deni- been
s, died in Aiken last week, and ruin
buried by his white friends, the tie([)
)es havigg ostracised hil- fonr
;overnor Thompson has offered a -
rd for the arrest of parties en- Salt
1 in the lynching of Culbreath , char
has instructed Attorney-General ha
to assist in the prosecution. con
Ln Orangeburg farmer has expei'- Ie v
ted in raising tobacco, and comes -
e conclusion that it is a more val- aind
crop, and t bat it would require Croc
ultivation and less fertilizer than burn't
0. bturi
lajor Joseph Carter, trial justice mate
r'tei's, Colleton county, in comning'000.
stairs on Ihe evening of Octobet' .
pped on a small dog and fell, peaci
lng his arm in which he was andi
died during the wat'. lIe is dointg Ilom
Ir'. Rober't B3rodie, of Aiketn,ur,
an immense hawk by the wings to be
vas enideavorinig to carry oil otne..
chickens, wvhen the savag~e bird and?
ed its talons in his legs and held meas
til i's. Brodie decopitated it pa
Shatchet.- is thc
lie main statue for the Calhoun Mo0m
ment at Charleston has been lini- putetc
and will be shipped from Naples,
~w davs. The statue is of bronze.C
apresenits the great statesnmnin 2
t of i'isitng fr'om his senatorial years
It will suninoaunt the muonu- "eat'
be Adjutatit anid Inspector-Gen- then.
1' the Untited States has prepar'ed
m i'ules for infantry, artillery|'
aunt will priomiulgate the rules atc
ly dat inthis State, with th~e
r. C. L. Payseur', of Lancaster,
t as old gold an old-fashioned Dei
lion with the following inscrip
n it: "This is the pictur 0f'r
-d Fenwick, Esq., of South Car- Ma
g;rand son of Robert F~ettik ;.
of Statnton in the County of
.uberland. Edward Fen'vle the
>rn ini South Car'oltna Janu""ry She
'21, and died dJuly 8, 1775.be
gentlemaniijist from Chiarlestoni bl
at Dr. IBellinger will be acquit.. par
ried foi' the killitng of Riley. Der
s that sufficient evidnceiC to juas
action will be brought out by ff
linger'. It is rumoi'ed that he lndi
~ed some of his pet'sonal friends
the difficulty, and w~as advised DAY,
in to follow the coturse that lhe DALl
trds pursued. iN
e Presbyterian Sytiod of South DI
ia will meet at* Chester on
sday, October 21, at 7:30 p. in. WEE
nod embraces five pr'esbytei'ies, -
aisters and licentiates and 102' .
es. Among the intei'esting mat
fore the meeting will be the
nice otn Saturday, October 24,
:entennial of organized Presby
m in South Carolitia, wit1bA
Cs by Dr. Girardcau, antd
Facts orIn'tcres', Gathered from Varioui
I -(ermany in an ofliciak note rejcet
Spain's e!aimin to the Caroline Islands
-Fraudulent thouiand dollar bond.
on the District I Coin nihia are in cir
-The resignation of Civil-Serviec
CoisnshionCr Eaton continues to evoke
i much coiment.
-Prezidenit Cleveland will go to
New York in November to vote the
Democratic ticket.
-yale College is reported to be
losing its students. Expensive living
is the cause assigned.
-The "1'oonlighters" in Ireland are
forcing tie farners to take an oath that
they Ill not pay rents.
-The aiount. of staiidard dollars
]tIt into circulation during September,
in the! regular course of business, was
-ThIe Virginia contest seems to be
attracting but little attention, though
it is said to be waxing hotter each suc
ecedin day.
-The cholera in Spain is still dimin
ishing-the new cases being !e.s than
two hundred per day and the deaths
only a little over one hundred per day.
-C. L. N. Reade, agent of the
Southern Exlress Company, who ab
sconded from Morristown, Teni., with
$12,000, has been arrested in 'Mexico.
--Tile Supreme Court of Virginia
has granted a writ g f error in tile
Cluverius murder case. This brings
up the cate for hearing before that
-Th grand jury at Green River
found "no bill" aainst the sixteen
persons charged with coiplicity in the
Chinese riots at Rock Springs, Wyo
m12in g.
- A suit ior 1,0'0-0,000 acres of land
in Yissi.iappi between Col. 11. Evers,
of England, and Thomas Watson, of
Chicago, has just bece decided in favor
of the 1forIe.
-The Rev. II. D. Jardine, of St.
Mary'; Catholic Church, Kansas City,
Mo., has been convictcd of iniproper
Ind indecent conidict and suspended
Fromn priestly 1 tweions.
-Tie Texas bearflless mail robber
Ial I'Cen arrested. le says lie was
ut: of ioney anad had to ro) some one,
Ii! thouglit that Uncle Sam couild
;tand it better than anyonc clse.
-Samuel A. Green, of Boston, has
)een authorized to act as General
k-ent of the Board of Managers of tile
?eabody Fund, in place of J. L. 1.
Juiry, appointed Minister to Spain.
'hursday ast. UN inirn
e up of all classes in life, were in
lance, and the servicca were
cially impressive.
The lawsuit in Iowa, known as
Fones Couity calf case, which has
in litig-ation over eleven years and
Cd several farmers, has been set
after an outlay of Q20,000, The
calves wete-worth. 50..
W. D. 'Newsome was convicted at
Lake City last week of two
es. olvgmnV and Inilawful co
aiion. This is the first double SEF
iction under the Edmunds law.
1il1 be sentenced on October 17. 1
r'he immense wholesale stationery
printing establishment of II. S. The
ir & Co., of San Francisco, was
ed last week. Four men01 werel
d in the ruins. The loss is esti
d at 6500,000; insured for $15~0,- I haW
he Irish Catholic Bishops counsel
, and condemn all acts of violence
n1tiinidat ion. Sir Richard Cross,
a Secretary, says that unless
s (quiet down, repressive mecas- -
M~ore severe than ever, ill have
'he United Statt% Geographlical
opo)graplhical Survey decides by Ci;
.iremnnt that Clingman's Domle, a ever3
of the Daleam Mountains, N. C.,
ighiest peak cast of the itocky Be
tains. Tihis settles a long dis- this<
1I-s. Co.c, of Madlison counlty, N.\
the *olest woman in tile Uniited TO
, havin bee bCorn)11 in 17;0, two
before the accssion of Kin. PLA
re to the thironie, anid has a vivad
eetion of events which occurred
She is a widow.
An independent Newspaper of the b<
nocratic Principles, but not Con- ;ot.
ed by any Set of Politicians or Dec
ai pulators ; Devoted to Coll ect
and Publishing all the Newsof
Day in the most Interesting ~~
pe and with the greatest possi- lteona
Promptness, Accuracy and Imn-wat
iality ; and to the Promotion of invest
iocratic Ideas and Policy in the mcctn
'rs of Government, Society and !"fo~
Ipate, y Mail P'osltpaid: . w1
pcr Year---- - ----$6 00
Y, per Month - - - - 501
)AY, per Year- ----- - 100 ''i
Y and SUNDAY pcr Year - 7 00 Q
KLY, per Year - - - - 1 001
ddress, THE ,SUV. Newc Tork City.
milr io E unrN if
N ~
they know quite well that good and bad
clothing art alike made to sell; and who
was ever known to advertise poor clothing?
They know how nearly all clothiers--keep
the finest -nd sell-on 'paper-at less than
it cost to make them. Honest-. prices, well
made and nicely fitting clothes, together
with a good name (justly deserve, are
bound to tell.
The above being a fact. 1 state it merely
to enforce the point that I have ready for
inspection the largest and best assorted
stock of Fall and Winter Clothing for men,
youths and boys, that can be found in the
State. They are peerless in variety and
honestly good all the way through; even
the underlinings are shdaik and the trim
imings used are meant to wear, not merely
to lw p sell the goods, as every garment is
warranted as represented. 'ihere are un
assailable ramparts behind which I invite
you to deal. I am not here for a season
Iy: I am lere to stay. My stock this sea
son is the largest I iave ever carried, and
it embraees every style and fashionable
garmient that is made. I am willing to
compare them with the merchant tailor
work, and it is with real pleasure to tate
that the business of this EMPORIUM OF
FASHION is steadily on the increase. My
large and eonstanty increasing patronage
testifies more foreil;ly than words than the
values offered b- me are not equalled by
any louse in the State.
To prove the truth of this I ask buyers
to make their own comparisons, as I enjoy
the.'n a reputation above that and beyond
that of all clothiers in this vicinity at least
producing a superior class of regular
Tailor-made Clothing and Geitn' Furnish
ing Good,, Ihats and Fine Shoes. This is
the headquarters for the correct styles in
min's and boys' attire. All orders sent to
my care will be promptly attended to.
Respeetfull. ,
.k. L. KINARD.
Columbia, N. u.
Vho keeps Liquor of all sorts.
best at low prices to suit the times.
re on hand the gfreatest variety of
MiE R B E ER. }]
cars of all Brands and in fact Til
-thing kept in a first-class Saloon.
ng acquainted with the people of
onnity for tihe last twenty-five g;
I I understand their wants and
gfoods to) suit them. 17 MY lars.
FREE POOL onI a Fine Pool c.
Rcmncmber the Place. 2i CO
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st and cheapest liquors cani be
Abook of100 ,ages.
~IS~PA~Tf he best book for an
advertiser to con
tERT~rN~enced or otherwise.
tins lists of newspapers and estimates
ost of advertising. The advertiser who
:0 spend one dollar. finds inltthe in
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:ne hundred thousand dollars in ad
ig, a scheme is indicated which will
is every requirement, or can be made
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ence. 149 editions hav-e been Issued.
ost-paid. to any address for 10 cents.
to GEO. P. ROWELL & CO.,
*cstPrinltingllouseSq.), Zew York.
cc is given to the public that I EF
acured the agency for this Coun- b
eli John P. Boyd's work on the
"The Manning Palace.
Regardless of the high license
sells the very FINEST BRANDS
The best LIQUORS for Less M
than anywhere else.
Agent for the leading Cigars
State. The John McCullough
Eagle Brand; also the largest an
stock of other Cizars and To
On first-class tables, with
room for colored people.
He begs to tender his thanks
friend and patrons and asks a
ance of the same.
Come one! Come all!!
E1'p Remember that Polite
servelyou and every attention
Wm. Shepherd
128 M
awares, House Furnishing Goods,
!are, Kitchen and Stove Uteksils.
Send for Price List and Ciren
die ad larble
unfacturers of and Dealers in all
Granite Quarries near Winns
orders promptly attended

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