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It is a matter ofl reproach to our so
cial scientists thag the habits and cus
toms of the joke have received so little
attention. It is at error of the vulgar
to suppose that a J ke is a literary me
teor that :inhes a --oss the intellectual
skv for a moment ind then disappears
forever. Even trained observers have
been deceived inti expressing much
the same opinion; and a celebrated
scientist, whose services to mankind
justify us in conceiing his name iV
connection with the charge, was heard
to declare that a joie was "an instance
of intellectual abeitation unworthy of
serio, attention." i Nothing could be
further from the fiets. Leaving aside
any discussion of tik first cause of the
joke, which would ivolve us in the
obscurities of metauysical discussion,
we may state boldi that the joke has
well-difined habits nd peculiarities,
and a study of its hotory and develop
ment is weil worthithe attention of
the foremost minds i science.
If is evident to an: jobserver that the
joke may be accuirsely divided into
racas ad-nationat. i No one who
had paid the slighte- attention to the
subject could possib mistake a Ger
man joke for a F ach joke, or a
Frenen joke for a Br h joke. In fact,
they are as plainly arked off from
each other as any .t breeds of dogs.
and each undoubted has its different
habits. An adequa iscussion of the
subject can not eve outlined in this
column. Neverthel as a small con
. tribution to an imp ant -subject, we
offer the following - int of a single
member of the nr ad interesting
family known as tiie Crican joke:
It is eight months. more since the
chestnut'joke first s the light. Its
birth is involved in o urity, in spite
of earnest efforts to . e its ancestry.
in the early days of, s existence it
gave no sign oI coMi: greatness. We
know the story of tiv hool at Brien
ue, where Bourieine k the prizes
over N.poleon; Bou- ne is now re
membered not as "prize boy,"
but as Nepolcon's se ~ V. In a like
manner tie tin-pan j or the nigger
baby joke of even da ith the chest
nut set med surer of i At the time
the-chestnut appeare e paint-the
town-red joke was at height of its
lame. Its monthly a ance in Jan
nary was twenty-six usand seven
huudred and forty-six,' hen is sur
passed only by its unp edented No
vember record of thirty lit thousand
nine hnndred. due to th ocal disturb
ing cause of a Democra victory that
month at the polls. r the same
month the chestnut app d in public
but a beggarly one hund and eleven
times. Yrevious to that to it was so
insigninant as not to worthy cf
record. Starting from -t point, we
see the gradual rise of t hesnert and
the corresponding declin f paint-the
town-red.; In February e chestnut
appeared twelve hundr. and forty
four times. and the paint e-town-red
appeared twenty-five sand nine
hundred and fourteen tim This does
not necessariiy indieate a falling off
in the popularity of the I r, forL the
effect of hard times was t severely
feltthat month, the tot output of
jokes being six per cent u er that of
January; but the increase the chest
nut joke under such unf rable cir
cumstances is truly sig ant. The
following month paint- -town-red
nearly ield its own, appe twenty
,ive .thousand seven hundre ad nine
tegn times, but the chestn increased
to thirty-two hundred. Th ollowing
monthi it increased by elev hundred,
while the' paint-the-town-r declined
by nearly the same numi But in
the month of May the ches' leaped
at one astonishing bound t fourteen
thousand seven hundred an ghty ap
pearances, its only one riv coming
down something less than e same
It is scarcely necessary to further
into details. The August as give
a total of more than twenty- thous
and appearances for theches it,while
its rival is all but as extin as Mr.
Crawford's "dado." The rts for
the first half of the present uth in
dicate that the total will fa ittle if
any below that of August, though
the return-of-the-summer-b- .'cr has
acted. as. a disturbing ele t. We
may assume however, fron: e fore
going figures that the ch ut has
reached its full de'velopmea and is
doomed to a speedy decline. I is dan
gerous to generalize from bt two or
three instances, but from try brious
similarity of the careers of tl uccess
ful American joke, it is almo ''ertain
that their existence is dete d by
fixed an4d immutable laws. have
not the -figures at had to v this
statement, but we pronounc in all
We may suppose, therefo at tae
chestnut -must follow the pa- Ircady
troduden by paint-the-town-re ad its
predecessL and, after seein ' e rise
of some sful rival that even
now in the obscure throng, w' come
extinct in about eight months. s rise
has taken an equal length of in
spite of a few well-known e tions
where a joke has been able to rvive
in a toothless, mumbling con a for
two or three years. we ma afely
state that the average life of suc
cessful American joke is sixtee , at
the most, eighteen months. sub
ject is one of much interest.an ould
attract some young and en - tic
social scientist.
"I am a very timid man," tes a
subscriber in Ohio. '4 rnm ous.
constitution:ly timid; a very ard,
in fact. I am ashamed of it ut I
can't help it. Now, what pr sion
or occupation can I adopt in ti rac
tice of which I will be most p ctly
safe from harm or danger?" to
France, my son; go t-o Fmnce be
a duelist. 'Or you milht rem in
America and be a pugilist.-E lyn
-There'll he a pretty hio -do
amon, Ne w jersey intwyers the
Scourts folow un the pre ant ab
lished by V~ic.:-Chamncellor lsird his
decision'that a lawyer who ind 4 a
client to give :mu 6.000 liortg. for
$975 and then sels it hi:net for 00
must turn the prolii: overto the .nt
instead of pocketinz it vitelf. ey
pettfogerswidfah to seg~ the of
beig awyrsifthey hale to as
honms as &ner men. -AUeltown )
Mr. James Flurewaiter. having e
come tired of machine politie-.
to a permanent oflicial position a
the Federal GoverL'nen. and h::i::'
had several vaars' exnerience as a::
expert. he applies for the oie
Sugar Inst)ector in the Customs sCrv
In due tiMe he is summnonedui btfor th
Civil Service Examinin- Board:. Fe -
ing confident of is 'eeral i.1.
geuce, and of his spec 1 qifi':
for the position. h presets m
for examination, wearmg- -a easy :
Mr. Fiurewalker rapiuiiy eolice- his
thoughts together and tries :o cune
trate all the fai&ties of hi, mi:i
readiness for the first qist:on. 'Chiea
he is a little fearful may be a poer.
"In sailing from Mozaiue I the
Straits of Malabar. whl -tre tlhe vaia
tious in the magnetic nedie, ond wV;aI
is the 6ause of these variation?"
Mr. Fiurew.iker requests : repeti
tion of the questioU. IL is repeae
twice-three times--ut Mr. F. is t'o
flurried to repv.
"Perhaps you Can1 tei u-t her
Mozambique is?" says one of the ex
--Oh, yes! Of course. Why, it is
off to the eastward mewrC-8n
archipelago or a peninsuia, or some
thing. It is somewhere near Mewpo
"That will do, sir."
"What is the rule in Shelly's case?"
"Eh! in Sheily's case?"
"Yes. sir."
"Well. I suppose it's the same rule
as with any other man. If le is
squarely elected, <ouit him in. I
never heard that Saeliv hald any par
ticular pull."
"That will do, sir."
"Describe the process of germin.tion
in a seed."
"In a seed?"
"Yes, sir."
"The process of what?"
"Oh! Tie progress of the German
nation! Well, since the battle of
Koeniggratz and the war with France
"That will do."
"What is mea't by the precession of
the equinoxes?"
"The equinoxes?"
"The procesion of the equinoxes?"
"No! the precession of the equi
"Never heard of it. What does it
relate to?"
-'Well, astronomy."
"0! I see now, gentlemen; you must
have made a mistake. I am not an
applicant for an astronomical position.
I only want to be a sugar inspector."
"That will do, sir. We are quite
aware of that. Now pay attention and
answer our questions.
"Explain the rotation of the miolecu
lar theory to the nebular hypothesis."
"No. I thank you, I had rather not.
Perhaps you had better put some of
your .civil-se'vice questious to the
resident and some of his Cabinet.
Wben they pass I will call around
"Sir, you may go."
And Mr. Fiurewvalker groes-yes, he
goes back to machine polities.-N. Y.
She Took off her Hat.
Clarc. Louise Kellogg has given en-,
tertainn ent enough to audi~ences, one
would suppose, writes a New York,
correspondent.to have earned the right
to enjoy herself as an ::uditor when
she enooses. But I sat next to her in
a theater the other evening~ when two
fellows directly bedad her would not
let her have a good time. She was
handsomely dressed. and on ht r head
was one of those towering hais that
are now in high favor. except with
those whose view of a 'pm-formuac is
by them obscuired,. andi to this class of
oijectors belnei tihe chaps at the
rear of Miss Kello::g.
"'I say, Jim.'' one remarked, in a
thrilling whisper', "did y"u evtr tryv to
mark the height of astuveilp' *iat iromn
te Iloor up the side' of a rom by e.s
timate? Yes? Thenw: you !L ma. ita
ih as a ilowe~r-b:rd, ,i-. Nw
lh bet you the dranks Ba ni mia
nerv construani) is. a s~ naL at Ita
halr tali; 8;,,d i'a hiold in .Iup for a
Toe wazer was m,:nie(. the hat w'as
u)lited( fr comfparisoni u'i it w as
iaettled without d;punt in:t t.. i.eigh.ts
fromi brim to crown wve:e excty t'ae
same. A glance around ine dtheter
showed that the sa~imo surprismc i-ct
was realiz--d o:u domu~xs'o womn'
heads. But the 1-et wa' I 1so remil
decided, for from Miss. K: lo g' hat
u;rose two feathe.rs six or oit inchaes
further, and thle waigerers5 c'ui no0
efe as part of tue struoctur'e us'elf. The
prma donna-grew idge-ty a i:earm;
the dialogue, anid her color reddend
"Do you remember,"' saidd one of her
tormentors. atiter anx iner'v:d of silent
'ndevor to s-ee otst the caustantcy
shifting oestruction to wan 88wasgon
on in tue' stiege slow, " n pparattus
that Heller u.sed to ex:.ib .t f* okiu
throghi a brick ? Thore n:, -:--i rrn'e
ment of litte Ir:rors, s') th '. o
the brwt'i was r~n in b - ran'g e el
1ti.si. sohd in' .a opaI-. - yoi cou
'-ve.!, veinat of u?' re'-ud. t.' he
that tae co:,tmi\a co C'l' make good
tr~i uin o r 2 .' -s . s i e .
T1.'~ner was Iu' =,.tust
lau he t r er :i . . -- ;.u ne rn
thati the tex' tiri mut av
-Hawikin & Si., Co il spllers.
of Prest.o Englandl, have tailed.
-PrIdc~;Cen: C(e-u.:'s lessage to
Cona.resa, read .n the 6th inst.. is gen
erallv regarded as an unusually able
-- Snalr Coiquitt, of Georgia, has
been .(( :teld for Vice-President by
an Indiana clergymzan of the Northern
Metlodi. cutirch.
-Gen. Don Crios 1Uell, well known
as Commander of the Army of the
Ohio, has been appointed Pension
Agent at Louisville, Ky.
-Ne'son Stewart and Anderson
Davis, colored, convicted of burglary,
were hangecd within the jail enciosure
in, Charlotte last Wednesday.
-At Northanpton, Mass., Allen J.
Adamsz, for the murder of Moses B.
Dckiion, of Amherst, ten years ago,
was sentenced last week to be hanged
on March 12, 18IG.
-At Akron, Ohio, last week, a
sewcr beim' constructed caved in,
burvinLr seven laborers. Four were
cruShed to death and the other three
were fatally injured.
-The buildings of the Southern Illi
nois petnitentiary at Chester, Ill., were
badly damaged and some of the in
mates seriously injured by a cyclone
oil Tuesday tight, Nobody killed..
-The ten-year old daughter of
James Dunn, of Xenia, Ill., died last
week from trichinosis. It is said that
two weeks ago the girl ate raw pork
and that her death resulted therefrom.
-The house of Wesley Greer, at
Cannonsburr, Pa., was blown up by
natural -as Tuesday morning and the
Occupants, Greer and his wife and
two children, severely but not fatally
-The faculty of Vanderbilt Univer
sity on Tuesday adopted resolutions of
respect to the memory of the patron of
the University, William H. Vander
bilt, and suspended exercises in the
institution for one day.
-An explosion of natural gas cc
curred at the supply station of the
Philadelphia Company, at Sandy
Creek, Pa., last week. The explosion
was followed by a fire which destroyed
the building. No one was injured.
-Last Tuesday evening, at the
crossing of the Texas Central Rail
way, at Bryan, Texas, the Rev. H. T.
Wilson and two daughters were klled
by an engine drawing a pay car. Their
horz were killed and their wagon
was demolished.
-A special to the Chattanooga Tnzes
says that W. D. Kellett, United States
deputy marshal for the Northern dis
trict of Georgia, was waylaid on Look
out 3Mountain, thirty miles from Chat
tanooaa, last week by inoonshiners and
.-Daniel McSweeney, the Irish "sus
pect," who loomed up in the last
Presidential campaign, and has since
haunted the Administration for re
ward, has at last received an inspec
torship in the San Francisco Custom
hlouse, worth $1,800 a year. This
place was created for him, but does
not by any means come up to his ideas
of what he ought to have had.
-The cases of the Louisville, Ky.,
Law and Order Club against the gam
blers were on trial in the Circuit Court
last week, and fifty indictments against
eighteen local professional gamblers
were indefinitely continiued in terro
rem, on the gamblers' confession of
guilt and their promises never to en
gage in the gambling business again.
Fines to the amount of $16,000 were
assessed against the above gamblers.
-At Richmond, Va., last week, the
caucus of the Demrocratic members of
the General Assembly re-nominated
the heads of State departments. Th~e
only change made was in the office of
State treasurer, for which A. WV. Har
mon, of Runckbridge county, was nom
inated in place of Isaac R. Barksdale,
the pr'esent incumbent. The Hion.
Jno. W. Daniel will succeed Riddle
berger in the United States Senate.
THE annual address before the South
Carolina Bar Association was delivered
in the liall of Representatives on
Wednesday by the Hon. John Dillon,
one of the most prominent and suc
e-sful members of the New York bar.
Hie delivered an address before the
American Bar Association at Saratoga
in 1884, which has been pronounced
by comnpetent judf es all over the coun
try as a madterpiece of learning. He
is the author- of work on municipal
corporations, which is high authority
both in England this country. The
Association was fortunate in securing
the services of so able a jurist.
Tun grand jury have returned a
true bill against the mayor of the city
of New Orleans for cxtorticn in office.
In their report they say that theo entire
city governtment was found in a
wretched condition, and that the police
force, besides being insufficient for the
service, are of very little protection to
the inhabitants of the city. They ad
vocate a general reform in the city
TuE Virgintia Senate has recently
lassedi a joint resolution instructingv
their Senators and Represent atives in
Conaress to vote for the Blair educa
tional bill. or any other measure hav
ing for its pturpose andl object an ap
propriiation for thle benefit of the pub
lic schools of that and other States in
comnmon. T'hey believe in a division
of the surlius revenue of the Federal
Tusa Democratic caucus of the Vir
sinia Legislature has nominated the
lion. John W. Daniels for United
States Senator over John S. Barbour
ba vote of sixty-five to thirty-one.
In him Virginia will find a true ~repre
I r is rumor'aed that neither Minister
Pendletoni nor his wife are satistied
with the German capital, and that ke
will soon forward his resignation to
THE American Publie flealth Asso
ciation has been in sessidn at Wasb
ington for several days, and essays
upon important diseases have been
read by a number of prominent physi
cians from all parts of the country.
\ /
they know quite well that good and bad
clothing are alike made to sell: and who
was ever known to advertise poor clothing?
They know how nearly all clothiers keep
the finest and sell-on paper-at less than
it cost to make them. Honest prices, well
made and nicely fitting clothes, together
with a good name (justly deserved), are
bound to tell.
The above being a fact, 1 state it merely
to enforce the point that I have ready for
inspection the largest and best assorted
stock of Fall and Winter Clothing for men,
vouths and boys, that can be found in the
State. They are peerless in variety and
honestly good all the way through; even
the underlinings are shrun'k and the trim
mings used are meant to wear, not merely
to help sell the goods. a-, every, garment is
warranted as represented. 'I here are un
assailable ramparts behind which I invite
you to deal. I am not here for a season
ly: I am lere to stay. My stock this sea
son is the largest I have ever carried, and
it embraces every style and fashionable
garment that is made. I am willing to
compare them with the merchant tailor
work, and it is with real pleasure to otate
that the business of this EMPORIUM OF
FASHION is steadily on the increase. My
,large and constantly increasing patronage
testifies more forcibly than words than t~e
values offered by me are not equalled by
any house in the'State.
To prove the truth of this I ask buyers
to make their own comparisons, as I enjoy
then a reputation above that and beyond
that of all clothiers in this vicinity at least
producing a superior class of regular
Tailor-made Clothing and Genth' Furnish
ing Goods, Hats and Fine Shoes. This is
the headquarters for the correct styles in
men's and boys' attire. All orders sent to
my care will be promptly attended to.
Columbia, .. q.:
Dec 17
Physician & Surgeon,
Offers his professional services to the people of
Manning and the surroundin couutry. Calls at
tended roiptly night or day.
Office at D)rug Store J 8
, C. H. CLAUSSEN & C0.,
W. AReckling,
Portraits, Photographs, Ste
reoscopes, Etc.
Sept 16
Manufacturers of
Tobacco & Cigars,
And Wholesale Liquor Dealers.
Call at the Leading House in the State for these
ind of goods.I
J. H. DAVs' Carpet Store,
Bru oclsand W ool ape seece Beseill od
the Fail trale nave already arrived and miany
otters on t he way.
1,000 Smyrna Rugs
IAnd M.ats, all New Patterns, also a ue selec
tion of
Brussels Rugs and Mats.
Cooa and Napier Matting%. nesw stock ja4 in
store. _____
advertiser to con
It ontains lists of newspapers and estimates
ofthe costof advertising.The advertiserwbo
wants to spend one dollar. finds in Itthe in
formation he requires. whileofor him who will
invest one hundred thousand dollars in ad
vertising, a scheme is indicated which will
meet his eryrequirement, or can be made
to do so by s hdanges euasily1 arived at by cor
respondence. 149 editions have been Issued.
Set postpad to any addres for 10 cents.
.A NT31
If you need any .ew Dry Goods,
New Carpets, New Mattings, New
Shades, New Rugs, New Oileloths
and New Gent's Furnishing Goods,
Is the place to buy them. They have
the largest assortment, and the
prices they guarantee to be lower
than any other House. Their
European and American buyers re
port that they have purchased a
large Stock and Superior Quality of
Goods at very low prices, they hav
ing bought them before the recent
advance. The following are a few
of the many bargains they offer at
present :
One lot of English BROCADE DRESS
GOODS at 20c.
One lot of Changeable Dress Goods at 20c.
One lot 34 Wool Cashmeres at l1e.
One ease 64 French Dress Goods at 25c.,
worth 75c. These goods come in' combina
500 pieces of the Latest Novelty Dress Goods
from 12% to $1.25.
One lot of Real French and Italian Black and
Colored Silks at 75c., $1, $1.25 and $1.50. These
goods are imported by us, and other houses
pay more for them at wholesale in New York
than we retail them here.
One lot of Black Surahs and Radzamas at $1,
would be cheap at $1.25.
One case of Black and Colored, all-Silk Ye]
vets at 97c., better qualities in proportion.
Good Standard Prints at 4c. and 5c.
Best Quality Fall Sateen Chintz at Sc.
80-Inch fine Ginghams at ,c.
Engish Cretonnes at le., worth 33c., latest
One case heavy Brown Canton Flannels at
One case extra heavy Brown Canton Flan
nels at S.
One case Superior Brown Canton Flannels at
101., 124c. and 15c.
Good standard 3-4 Brown Shirting at 3%c.
Good standard 7-S Brown Shirting at 4%c.
Good standard 4-4 Brown Shirting at 5c.
104 Brown Sheeting at 1ic.
104 fine Bleached Sheeting at 20c., 22c. andi
Blue all-wool Flannels at 19c., 25c. and 35c.
We guarantee that these Flannels are 10c. per
yard cheaper than they can be bought at any
other house.
A good Jersey at 09c.
An all-wool Jersey for $1.23.
A full new line of Gents' Fall Undershirts
and Unlaundried Shirts will be sold at a great
svng to the purchaser.
Another lot of Gent's Unlaundried Shirts at
47c., 59e. and 69c. Cannot be duplicated in any
house for less than 75c. and $1.
A new line of Tweeds and Caimaeres, very
cheap, direct from Saxony.
200 pieces of Yac Laces from 10c. to 50c. per
yard. We have them in every color, plain and
A new line of Beaded and Steel Laces; also
Black and White Beaded Fronts.
A new line of White Laces, very cheap, In all
A new line of Antique Tidies at l1e., worth
A new line of Black Goods.
Something remarkable in Handkerchiefs.
50 dozen 3-4 Gent's Linen Handkerchiefs at
$1 per dozen, worth $3. Other Hanndkerchiefs
In proportion.
100 dozen Ladies' regular Balbriggan Hose,
Silk Clocked, at 23c.: also Ladies' Brown and
Fancy Balbriggan Hose at the low price of 23c.
per pair.
500 dozen Children's Imported Hose, fall
styles, at lic., 19e., 23c. and 33c.
The following goods, which were sli;ghtly
damaged by the late cyclone, will be sold re
gardless of cost:
A lot of White Blankets at $1.90, $3.90, $4.05
and $5.90. The Dankets are worth double the
One leaso ied Twill flannels at 25c., worth
One lot of fine Bleaching at 5%c.
1,000 S3!YRINA RUGS, in all sizes, at less than
the cost of the raw material. We bought these
goods from a manufacturer for net cash, who
has been pushed for money.
One lot of full size smyrna Rugs at $3, worth
New Carpets received and continually ar
riving in all ctyles.
Fine Ingrains at 25c. and upwards.
Extra Supers at O5c. and upwards.
Fine Brussels at 65c. and upwards.
Four and five frame Body Brussels at $1.10
and $1.25.
A new line of Velvet Carpets at 37%, last
year's price $2.
500 pair of fine Dado Shades, new patterns
with Spring Rollers, at 89c. each.
One lot of Hassocks at 25c.
Country MIerchants will do well to examine
our Stock before purchasing their Fall bills.
All retail orders promptly agtended to, and
samples sent on application.
Parties ordering goods or samples will please
state In what paper they have seen our adver
olli Eil in!!& ilololk t
No Well Cleaning. Cheap . Durable!
TM. 40. sBoan~e,5
r-L'very Stabe in connection, Fc, 25
Kingstree, S. C.
MRS. S. A. ST, JOH N,Sole Proprietress.
Board t2 per day. The Hotel has recentl.%
been thoroughly repaired and refurnished
with all modern appliances of a first-class
hotel. Saloon, Billiard and Pool Rooms
and Feed Stables. The proprietress re
turns thanks for the liberal patronage here
tofore bestowed, and will continue to main
tain the high character which the Hotel
has always enjoyed.
Cou11mbia, S. 4.
U. I. FISHER, Prop'r.
I respectfully call to the attention. of the
Farm'rs of Clarendon the fact that I have
secured the Agency for the Corbin Disk
Harrow, Planet Jr. Horse Hoe and Culti
vator, Johnson Harvester and the Cnti
nental Reaper. I have one of each of the:e
instruments for disnlay at'my stables, and
will take pleasure in showing and explaiu
ing their utility. No progressive farmer
can afford to do without these implements.
W. K. BELL, &gt.,
Apr15 Manning, S. C.
*l S qj & O~1 q aV X ;
SON is 18MNV
'LtOO 3 S a "Cxv
MNOS I N ,S .H f
rT K1ft!J141V
WhoCkeeps Lauors of all s it
WHIrsIueSan WINeS, EatsCan
eest lowos ce to tm th tmes
everytin kpOO in a f ineas Saoo.
Bega cqable.t tepopeo
thi countybfr the lateyie:
yhesIuest and aeliqurws candb
keie godsl to uteatnno the 2.1MY
thi GnfrE severL r I cane oen
it a theembernno ini Puse. Ayifr
of. ClWa RTon is anther spochere
withey an ce a heap est liu r -s.
Pasres toscall to tuhebatento go -sa id
M oeir ndoton-Pnoiter odr eiarly.
it as , etGn o nu An s. C.
Tinwares, House Furnishiing Goods,
Potware, Kitchen and Stove Utemsils.
!i Send for Price List and Ciron
131i8 m Wtll
Manufacturers~ of and iDealers in all.
kinds of AMEICAN aud ITALIAN
;r Granite Quarries near- Winus
boro, South Carolina.
Count ry- orders prompltly ati ended
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Regardiess of thle ihi~lh lcense hec
sells thec very FINEST BRANDS of
The Lest LIQUflRS for Les Mon~v
Poss a *PCrLLTY.
Agenc~t fo the leaingu Cigairs of tihe
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aic Urau ;, also the largest and Iinest
Istock of other Cigars and Tobacco ini
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;r- RememzOer that Pclite Clerks
serve youi and every attentioni shown.

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