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The Manning times. (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, February 17, 1886, Image 1

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N'V 4,A
Autumn Scenes.
Blue are the hill-topsz :w:t. i-i . i ine
And noisily trill. t h h!
Dreaming b'cTamet hi a t :
And moaneth tm:
Rustling the mep:;- t :! -:ws .:
And rattligthe 13.m- h r-i::M a
Swayingthe or.
All uninterprete, .s. 1: oi 1:::,
The stillness is sit - : ' -
The creek ishal"-cv wht ha
White cows in themr.
croppin g:
The thresheris I-: :
Nowsailthrous t" -:'a h
With white ::
Moths nervoush- s : i: ;
It seeneth the :
And hark: a: The su:::% ,
That ringeth a aver : : : t.
To school, now. t:c h t -. e . - a
The en- -.etivity, eo:aai n .
Ah, dear . the el i-ik e: :-:h : :
The 1,o -Ight : horrt,... w ::t'
Now pair.Cnar his ema' ie ~ w11:'! rpc pal-e
No- .eying to :l'p in the f;:ir:
4:r eveninir the i;.,tya l-t shr:.!ah :ui :t a
The froga at :-- se'eh -, Ai-.: t -'
t'he moon inl pa le ;:U::meir'ti~!.th and "t.iI,
So fivted with h-r ';a-- r:::'ni ..rC ed by
dhelooketh on love:.'.
As if she had 1-st.::n; w"1-.
The Nirhts lt' rous y r trb'a
And down on the marit d traki4 a :o::r:
-C. L. Pniei urn%.
John MilIs. the -o : c
was a railroad en n ..' a h -en
for a lonr tin n:'.'
ploy. Whe'n th-- a
completed and lac :
was given charze of
a natural prid in
one of the staaos
girl, a telegraph oper
and the engincer there id .:"rn fp a
mutual attaclment. 'nd w r
came along. nKate ;:. .: 'y t'mmd
be at the door and '- . -. "i
with her lover. One I:: the' itiin V as
detained at the st i, . :nd I, -00AP
t tive detached and -.nt up ii -
do some addi:imal ed.; and Kat e...
along fora id. As helstnd
sharp, shrill noti- ocih :,d.i
occUrred to her th s :n:
John to sound her in
telenraphic c-hartrs. -o thv ,he ion c.
distigish his sign:d som c :i
other engines,. whenever lhi tn
proached. The plan worked to 1e""r
and far and near ,te whisitie .hr .ed
K-a-t-e. until one day. ns Ie op*er.,o
stepped Upon tho pltForm.: -
heard a conversation betee wy m
men, and learned that they' unders 'ood
the signal. and were laughini eIeder
ing who Kate could be. Their rmeans
of communieation having brn dli I
covered they wcre obi":ed to delontiue
it. In the meattine Kat had. iy
means of the teleg'raph. r.ad the e
quaintance of a youn l.y -n op.rator
in a distant eity' .t whown 1 he had
pever seen, and to he-: :1 ' huown
the fact that the s had bnd's
covered. hen her: a
plan as brilliant m's i' was inenou:.It
was simply to a:rantvc-" 1 n of teie
graphic comlmilCati: betwe. !e ap
proaching tr.in and th - :'i, o' :- to
ring a-bell hidden away n' -
Kate's office, en
only one xro -- w *t " :. : s
completmag tn ecettwnc" . . a on
by laying the poker' upon' t'e tender
brake so as to touc el w~ npsig
Kate found anl oppernty )> aeguait
John with the proposed. phe, and i h
meantime had foun an .~ hm dd
wire which ran fo- long di::. l
by the track. :md . ih : p *r to
use for carryVigt m:pe
John fortun:. y hait:- a 'lay he
and Kate weint bravy '..e..adbe
fore the dayv had.uidtets a
completed, and pron~. .a.m suc
cess. The dramatic ftna-le. of their love
episode is told in followi.aec:
It wasver vsingular houw :benit-mtindedi
and inattpnicthe (e :.2ht-M"
Es~lttega inii enterprise
was finished. No wonder she was dis
turbed. Would the- inw line work?
Would her little batte'rv be~ strono
enough for such a great ci'reuit? Wouk~
John be able to close it? Tfhc people
began to assemble for the tr-ain. The
clock pointed to the hour for it'arriva.
Suddenly. with startiing di.' inrt'es.
the bell ra'ng elear andz loud in thlo ho
ing room. With a cyc eih h
put on her dainty hat and r.*m in. .:g
out upon tihe ltform.ilr "95
broke loud and ekar 1 on t '' :, r)
air, and "59'- :nppe.ared round e curve
in the wood'.. Theiit Ii mne
slid swiftly unt to her .u :m aa d.
"Perfect. ,.toh!. r..:.: :.v::.. t
a charm."
:sat down on thle tirm's .
"Blessed if 1 couldt i.-h::h a'
.going to do," said 'th f'ireman -H
told me about it. Awu br... i. it ai
You see, he laid the- p. r on - th 0ee
brake there, and it hu th tre.....::.,
andlIsaw the wir's toe'-*1. Ipvasj
But the happyu'x :. s~s, m
"59" groaned and sy4:d
while Kate stood onte 6nim -
fac wreathed in -na' an-!a whue
So the lovers ttet eah 'a.ad og
k-new how shec was made ..areof hi
approach with such abol~ ctiny
Scienee aophelid to l~ve . r ""r.o:
applied to seiene, can mov tin e wod~.
Two whole wee.ks passed and then ~
there suddenly arrived at the staton,
late one evening, - se. a wi th the
directors' car attached . The honoratble
directors were hu~ngry-tey alay ar-e
-and wvould pa-:e on tre'-r jounrney n
take a cup) of te2a tndialit of su'tppr
'The honorale-s and phi"rwvead
children filled the station, 'n the ci o
put on quit- a gl aspct*. ,.f\ c
she demiurely sat mi np .e.:n<:
hand. -and over its.ura :~s=i
mired the gayt party inte ' ~ hl
lighted waiiting-room. ..
tric bell surang io . r
of oolor heft h'er *ac,':d. .1mkfi
with a dull shu to th "i. W.. mt
was it? WXhat did it t~at? Who ran
it? With afl'righted fae she burst fronm
Am. o nmd 'brushed through the as
tonished people and ilt unon the snow
covered platforim. There stood the
directors' train upon the track of the
"Th ctiductor: Where is he? Oh,
sir: ,tart: S1'irt! (set to the siding!
The express The exp)-s is coming?
Wh a crv she snatched a lantern
from a braemian's11 hand. and in a
1 w go. nIS 0'e. They s:w her lig-hlt
pi(hIn.- and dancing through the dark
ness and thr'v were lost in wonder and
amae'nt.' The gi-l i crazy! No
tratin l I IhOV.'o: There can be no
d~ g. -must be
: tht horrible whistle. Such a
w1: i on a winter's night! The
men1 spraing' to the train, tile women
antIi ebildreti led in frantiv terror in
'ev uirection1.
-itun for your lives," screaied the
co~dctr.-Tee' -1 Smllash1-up coml
A short. sharp seream from the
whistle. The head-light -lamiied on the
snow-coverIdl track, an there was a
maI' d ru;sh of sliding wlheels and the
1ig'mie enlint roared like a demon.
The ant -59" slow'v drew near and
stoppt .d in the woods. A hundred heads
looked eut. and a 'talwart figure leaped
down from the engine and ran on into
the- bright -low of the head-lighlt.
"Oh John. I -
she fell into his arms senseless and
white, and the lanter' dropped from
&-r nerveles halnd.
They took he-r up tenderly -and bore
;1r1,no the zfation-house and laid her
nion the sofa in the "ladies' room."
With hushed voices th-ey gathered round
to o01"r aid and comfort. Who was she?
Ilow did he :,ave the train? How did
Sile 11w of its approach?
*he is my d:m$ hter," said the old
sa'nmaster. "She tends the tAc
presidlent of the railroad, in hi
cl-'owedi spectacled, drew near. Onn
rd lady in silk and satin pil'owcd
K1' he-d on her breast. They all
iathredi iear to s-e if she revived. She
opined hier eves and -azed about dream
il'y, -. if in s:'erh osnimthing.
"D on wish anythinr. nmy dear?
ctld the rnresident, taking her liand.
Solme water, if 'ou plcase, sir; and I
Watt-I want
They handed her srne wine in a siiver
golht. She sipped a little. and then
looked among the strange faces as if i
search of someone.
"Are von looking for anyone, miss?"
"Yes -no-it is no matter. Thank
vou, ma'am, I feel better. I sprained
int foot on the sleepers when I rail
down the track. It is not severe, and
Ill sit up."
They were greatly pleased to see her
recover. and a quict buzz of conversa
tion filled the room. How did she know
it? How could she tell the special was
chasing us? Good heavens! if she had
not kn'own it, what an awful loss of
life there would have been; it was very
careless of the superintendent to follow
our train in such a reckless manner.
"You feel better, my dear," said the
.Yes, sir, thank you. I'm sure I'm
thankful. I knew John-I mean the
engme was coming.
-You cannot be nore grateful than
we -r to you for averting such a disas
trous Collision."
'1'rm sure I'm pleased, sir. I never
thou'ght the teleranh
Sht! pauiSedl abruptly.
"What telegraiph?"
,fd rather not tell, sir."
"Eu, von will tell us how you knew
.he engine vwas coming~?"
"MUust vou know?"
"We ought to know in order to re
ward you pronerlv.'
She pttt upl)her hand in a gesture of
refsl', ad was silent. The president
ad dir.ctors consulted together, and
two o?ft hni came to her and briefly said
tywould be glad to know how she
hd teen made aware of the approach
in dangt"er.
"Well, sir, if John is willing, I will
tell you all''
John 'cills the engineer, was called,
and camine in, cap in hand, and the
entre" compa.ny gathered round in the
ithout th~e slightest affectation she
put hei ha~nd on a 'd -
--Shall I tell them. John? They wish
to know about it. It saved their lives,
they sav."'
* And mine, too," said John, reverent
I'. "You had best tell them, or let
Shei sat dIown again, and then and
Lhwre John e'xplained how the open cir
-it line hatd been built, how it was
ts d, nd fraLnkly told why it had been
Ne'ver did storvecreate pr ofouinder sen
a in The gentlemen shook hands
w''iilth i and the president actually
R.1e her' for the company. A real cor
aor ion kiss, loud and hearty. The
'die-s fell upon her neck, and actually
ri3 vr 'lie splendid girl. Even the
htiren pulledl her dress, and put their
ims about her neck, and kissed away
:he happv tears that covered her cheeks.
I'.or ch1ild: She was covered with
onusio n, and knew not what to say or
.o, and looked imploringly to John.
ie direw near, and p~roud(ly' took her
and in his. and she brushed away the
.crd and tild
TIhe grentlteen suddently seemed t~o
nave 'found something vastly interesting
o t:dk about. for they gathered in a
uot ini the corner of the room. Pres
:ny the p ie1re5ident said aloud
-Gentlemnen and directors, vou must
Jarn me,. and 1 trust the ladies will
o t same, if I call you to order for a
)rief matter of business.
'here was a suduen huish, and the
'oom, now packed to suffocation, was
anfully quliet.
Th~e se'retar il l pleatse take min
tes of tis meieting"
The secretary sat downl at Kate's desk,
ad theni there' was a .ittle paumse.
l..ir- evI. - turnied to a corner
v::. aaa-ire gi.enthantan had
dr. (Grave'. dir'ector~ for- the State.
1e leve. sit', to (.%!r a resolu
'1 "n he egn to read front a slip of
raJohnl Mills, engineer of
num iier -59,' of this railway line,
as he, With l. : i n of the tete
graph operattor of this tn (1 h av :
blank for her nainz). ns;d the 1 Said line
Icr to th ' I ! conse it of h :t;i-.
anld for i. e hmrlhvt uies
"tis resolve-d thato iw he0 spn
pernma ly fromn hii*s --Ina
in ad th . p h
requei-!i'u to r'::I
roon!.. u ~ ,ae:c~nm
- r,-r : z-,r p i-e
-1 i r i i h eb
ordre. tatthes~id oh t-!t hb- anid
id appoited~1 he engine.r af t new
rirn-op: sla~n
te l I l l li
was :t w auz .: Ill- , of d Man.
H -:: it :: a : ;- n t.I
ch lnta1'j z t-n'*t!)e *so~ Like.I;
It seemed liie . r: . ::li th.y nn t
not v_ - .iv : r 1:w !i!e . --: ,1(I n
tio!.' ofhan'j~'or'tsil - .~ IW ae ere
the entgi0 h~i bri'- ' of ::d kinn o
joIn- d t hii e .,! t i . - te.' . e
r oIt on th.- sii :- Wa i n the
kis1 e fo a'--. anda o: afteartin
cho r b t h t o. oh 'ah ad .le
noneI n; redO aot 'iie a:::m haten
sofw t t utn h ., i frin an the
drawil vic Ini I,. 'I P
grat jaik.d y th trc to id t a~~l ln
For fli- 1::oens he so:d in the
Afelro the Lf ant inure hih he
quietiv ~ ~ ~ ~ :!1o pultot ndli h it
bre:t.W CM * t --r !: i .. ent
cld iof1-T whi-. I ca. d to e ie es
pthed no nee od ore litif
tunint ir .,!- w~'nd1 thm pond 1h
asm ewiunld' ne~b : .:td a paradof
o What an;.;int is Lie.
The follw I ::l-. :tte Eeinoa
effl'r 11o~ h o.tims oic
tions of hangi'd of ::h a cmtgor
spondent who I ; ez, r i a kind of
"Su1icide Ciub.'' :v::s actu...ly. he
sa.Ys;, p.utly hng t-,i r dlay. in thle
preenel o. hoet.re rt
Ah ioid it oe thadu~ it..embained.o
Tis's :-urcly f::s',ened to the rafters
of the barn rof. I phruled at thni rope
with my hands mak ose that it
wad u1ntn brantly on it. -Ted my
Self to itwa h i :mvid motmred bnut
Wh11. i :'. m e )t :ab n . in
fweak to ale bin-: of t]e :,aid tr e!.
I soon. vnh.I o'. -e y premnee
of minod. : n-.- m a nearm h the
nozse. I -ar'h : : I a the chraC r
drawn from -ndwr m:. Ther was a
great jrk, rl1. It avo.nt pain in
mly neck, as te: ms-rihad all of
It s dd lwe :et I :t. No comes
the m.3ost e:riu. pat11f my txpe of
Aftr thb irst felin" of tor t-hur. which i
admi w1. dW ledyveyseee I lost
coclo. I-. med to be trans
ported intoa a now wvorld, ore beautiful
than anythlaing imaIned by the poct. I
was swmmimng , miehogh it, in a sea of
oil. Them fe crling was exquisitely doe
licious. As I Swal ea-ily and without
nfeort throuh tf liCqu I noticed
afar o an.island of the imost glorious
emraylc gren il Color. Tio it Was iy
tire to ech. I swmn easily and con
hentedly on. The sa kept wvnry instant
whanstil its he-,. though it remained of
ihe same subtance thoug At one
nstant it was a mass of gold, a the sll
as shining brilliantly On it. The next
noment it was a- vivid hd fred; not
he of was nothlil ' te-rrible or dsu st
in this newcoor''tketnig. inl
acrt, to all the hus of the ra-nb)w yel
ow and re bein- the predomiant
ts. I t er :md nearer to::~ thateiig
>uitt sudtnl ro thee arond a umbert
>at " pei*-*e '1tnely di hlued, woe
ach -i. 1a to. b i known t me.tIhati
ast- reahed the lad A- manificent
vis burs' (forth . . ltd myo he, i
e ter 1 le--edm n-ttehr,
veakend fro, I suposed fheenrt
ui beenswimni'-. Ati !at' I openedt
t h .. tu,1 facs er s til rn a eit
hi-n exprssion of e gis':y but I
iee potsessin ofm stetns oes. Myfied
Characteristi-s of s'ne .f t!e Native
The centiped' is not ai v:ry pry in
seet. Hie run o nm a': h. On%.
I thoughtL theu f ::' ;"*. -
and :li. Ino !n r dmbte '- ~
and14 beneil('iw.'' f tei :Io..I
hit A rmid' ::nraie ab.,tr .on1~
ir n. .I n ift v. :: 'n' ' i :
post i
lasewdia touto of ph oo-od wiec.
pt::r andde vol-:lnd a 'he h:e
tokll anilt'ine b:. ': armyaIa mle -
re ouh'eme no dicuy inrf~io 'n
night, wai. s and o' care ne hi
fendit hhi-n-olf. They are armedt v. .th
about 20 little lanees convenient
tahe d to the to- of neh foot--of id'e
thew have tevea at the be o.r
he anc is aInv ia. tck o s v p
a enpd ca' ;across your bodyv
wVhich he'll! mos t likely do; if yo.",i:
doni' inywhth ud hi a half a
him-vou'll have no diliculty in follow
inl- i's trail, and ou'll remnemwber his
visit for weeks. uman ever d-d from
the bte of a centipetle, but Icoa.
known vie to make a mian wish ue were
The tarantula is an exnglerated sp
der, wvith teeth and i.They are al
warIs ready' for a fiight and will tackle
ohifn.' ot excluting a buzz-saw. In
da.'s gone by I have otei anissed my
selif by teniIng one with aI red-hot coal.
At firSt they' woulld tighIt shyv, but after
the-y once got mad they would attack
that coal ,ind never surrendler until they
weeburned to a crisp. I never hecardl
of -,ny, onle eating a tarantula. If one
bites you use, same remiedies as pre-,
scribud for centipe(le sting. only more
The vinezaronn has never been scien
ti1icaliv ela'ssiha, aid is content to plod
tiroudllif8 undistmp.i~hed. save by
hi; humble frontier patronyim.,.Th
Mexicans and Indians, who have been
acquint.-d with the vinegaroan longer
th::n I hive, solemnly a.sert that his
bitt is deadly. I have always taken
their woi'rd foi' it. The vinegaroan live.
under decayin.g logs, and, if disturbed.
scorns to run. I saw a fight once be
tween a vinegaroan and- a tarantula.
'he i:: aitula was lifted out of the pit
dead in one minute.
is found most anywhere. but principallv
muglv en'zconed in the folds of your
blanket when you lie down at night. He
alwavs lets von know that he is there.
and i have i;nowxn strung men to tear
their hair and dance and pray in a very
un dignitied an1 eccentric fashion, upon
iscovering that a stinging lizzard had
selected them as a bedfellow. The sting
ing lizzard's weapon of defense and of
fense is his tail, which is long and as
full of joints as a bamboo pole. When
lie punches you with the sharp end of
his caudal appendage you think of
;hol's tire and howl. Tie stinging liz
:.'rd is not good to eat. The application
>f a f'esh ruld of tobacco will take the
rire out of the spot where lie salutes
The body of a devil horse is all of the
ame siz.'an*d he looks not unlike a
ren walkiniag-stie'k set up on twelve
~ther walkting-stieks. six on a side. The
intiti men who iai have sought to elas
fy. the fauna of Texas have somehow
>erlooke.d the devil horse, but lie
ioen't sc-m t' ii the slight and
:ntiinu's cata'ing Ilies with mionoton
u5 pere'.K~"ne::. I vwas never bitten by
1 dev'~il har, ,:md~ I n.'er met any one
ho hia h1 i.but th. natives class them
inong :iw poenaus. and they ought to
My cans~ was onice invaded by lire
nts. It vwas iggood place, convenient
o wood and water,and I hiated to leave.
disputedt the right of occupancy with
'emi for three eeks, at the end ofj
hich time int m ~i1ntly. surrTendered
ad fled. During thatteir neeks I
ug them oat, burned thiemn uta
rown~ed themti out, but they' didn't seem
o mind it in the leaist. They went on
>urrowng the building and exploring
he surroundilng country, and when my
Lent got full of them, and I had been
btttteni ill aout ~3,000,000 difiserent
>la-es. I thouzht it time to move. The
bite of the tire ant is like the sting of the
~tiging lizzard. It hurts and makes a
are place. They increase with a rapid
t that is alarm'ng. and the more you
r' to exterinlate them the more nu
:icrous therv becomle. It used to bec a
est of courage among the Comainche
ndians for a brave to ihr'ust his bared
irnm into a inest of lire amnts and hold it
here without flinching, wh ile his comn
anions went thr oug~h the' movements of
somewhat co(mlhicate.d (lance ar'ound
'as torturetd bod. The I don'bt do it any
nore. Once neatr Pope's Crossing, on
ie Pecos i'iver, I1 ieched a village off
i' anits and~l1 sttd to) ma"ke a detour.
To dieco'ere'd luid''i si.gns of recent
late1.. and' hia~edl to investiZate. A band
f Iiidiaiis had campe)'d on' the edge of
he aiit v'illage. and a prisonier, who af
'rward pr"oved'. to lit' bear-hunter
mmeiitd G;ogzin. wias .tr'ipp1ed, bound
and andl foot. amnd laid down cmonig
he ant hills. You can imagin:' h' hor'
:ible suticerings. We founad his bone's
nd gave them ai decenlt burial. The
ire ant is pugnacious, and his mode
fwafaire is always aggressive. Inl im
tgrgate, he wvill attack any living
hig,. from an elephaint dow.n, kill hin
v sheer force of niumberis, arnd dev,;our
ill but the Low('ls.-&udcyram, T.aas.
'or. ofthec Philad.'h'ii in.
ibrariains as much ais any other claiss of~
ersons. At ai recent conference o4f librai
~insi in New'. Y~ork Dri. Bue'l, Librarian
>f Union T1h'ologrical Seminary', was,
tskedl how he go4t along, lHe said lie
;as afraid tha:t miiite~rs w.ere as bad as
nyii one el-.'. f. r sinee ha~~d bee4n lii>
inally recturneid it. *w.'ith a noute to tile
lleet that lie iieeded thle book no longer,
The Bronzed .:atn of the Great -a:ec
21m1n to Re't Upo:n Native Granic.
The $uay trw. nItcc ions I hat o'
Fritday IIbe cots i:c Ior builing tI
stlle work for the b.ctjizc saitic of
.John C. Caliouini wa-S an t Ij Mir.
E. T. Viet t, ot Charlctrtun, for the sum
Of $1:,%. i.e niinn ob
crected on 3!ari Square, and the
work will Ie r1'eId Cfoi'Wal it onc
so that it wdiI he 11 ti-ihed by the 1 t
November Ixt.
cIT de-il f)r Gthe noimi.ic Nvi wa'
IRomle, who, 1.1- '1re:'.iy comlee h
1ii1ll st n aint an ils n rlw ai w rk imln
the ,-ioller Vien-.h Wnl 1)1lleted
JtIe 'lmonu m0 en v.ill he iI oe of t1he la. I -
eot and idiom:-.t w l , a ', ktic k !
in the Lnnied bttesL ' -nl' dlc(Lti
tute ati tiut om nm:vo
lt 1'11 i I.p i ll I Mic 'u'- 1: zi*
t0e ililustrioks Suth Cailnhe, 1 hie
wquader alid adniatiuonl of tlhce Centire
people and swag edC( the de-stinies of the
na hole wha iou.
The itoncwork wvill be of h:nun lrvd
dresz-ed uranite :,G tcet l-qunie ,I III
basi and'e :':e hihiThe i-l laver
for sioneC vill 0e :' leit Lquare, an oi
top of it w ill lied iivin cci -
sive layere lilIliy teduci the
bae to' -30 ftl Square. Thell wviI
come fourllb te stealc w'ps brintillgc tiie
whole u1 ) to a h feighti oc~ iet. Ol
o top th steps e il Will ir'-t baie
or thle div-bloc. It will b 12 ct
squarle and Iwill support thie seconAi
base, whicb ill (1turc1 will be.uroume
bv tl e die-bioek or- led :- 0'ta l it
uain foire. The dite-ioek wb'ill have
four sics, two of which wil be ag tre
aild two cir h lar in '.. T h
corner-Is will be rceul pan~elled,
and inl thesc panels 1111 iu tl'
yThle Lie-block will e inibelid otl an
Stop wvith a1 heavy mlouldedvi Cap, wIb
will briiin i le io i I the to a h.:
Sor ";1: teect. T u k on liin inl tile
1athre ofan inscription upon te toon
m ent w ill be t he sin ls w oird e nrho ,
cos ?1picuous portion of thei granite
Onl top of fhe die-bo will rest I'he
colossal statue ofCalhouilc, 15 eCl' high
tie the wole :tructure a total ie
Val'11r8s feet.
The main tate haof he biecmc) en g
and is 1,owt at enc ItaCn ln
shlipmenlllt a Soon a theit pedehital is
ready for its receptionl. It ;&- east ill
broz 1a11n repretenl f Calhoun i the
ct of risingi from the SLatorial chrai.
The iodtl was mle by A. E. llar
niulchi sco-lpo ed, tL anId was eiZ Ci
ite bronze at the tu'd:y of Sat
1itebell, in the "aelc city. The foij'l
lle(poical IftilresaL .OW being made
by 31r. 1Har1lllch, and will be paced at
syliroicalpinllis o thie Stone Icctep.
ot the base.
Nr. Viett, with ho isonted energy,
heal aheativ ordteded tle trale frol
the a of .e''ss. Woodward,
Haskell & Rioni, at tino. sooro, and
expects to cotumenee wourk as soon as
it arrives.
Burmese Victim-s of tile Victorious- En;;
lish Photographed inl their Death Agony.
The reports eceived it Lond n con
firm thle news from Burmiah which the
other nlight caus~edl mu1ch exeint-mwnt
in and out ofIt lu(iC o UoiiIS
on the tetimony of the! Englih var
corrsponents TheEngi' athorl
horier iUnhtand conveItad of'1
hlcrelty as cld-ttbloodd a abntingi
p'c"Th provoIstal mrhlltl'A Mandehty
hasimdl'x tatl to sei1ntendtie exe
1 'cini~ ic' ~ ofinumberso lire je' Diecirs.
down in lrinearyahhisine wds~ fahoie
prvSla01t harel, wh ~ltlolhl be orbidc
alt the aea 1photograph hs on
ceeal loLl~~c:is addedCS un'iieakalet
delua ind g the nte rse waeen15 order
to allowt gime to take twol lir tree
nl'eSgative wilt !es camera he zcaies~
lie out u i hii.ltof h l''.OiS
has n .in evenslii si'citiie to how Scn
slfdefenSc-,l'::b Ct~'. bingZ a poor 1Liltinu
hisneatlives haue been aboritiv. ."x'
supI )tsi la. Ilav''in hadc the pri coner
drawn''n lie alista wa~ i, h wuhl
statio u e 'irin hTtoo before' them
and gt th e' dcie'inoptn and'~' ~.
ed no 1 t giOv't theo tina illthie
pte was expo--ed.n nsThusr th '' wst i
she very~ m-c. t o thle priosonetrsc'1'
Onri .. ocaioce aid1i1sin
iie jlocrtsc Iby . e tor i" inerliinatin)
from a r:lte ic" '''nl-Ied i \ loiutilby
threc:aten)'in him it h exe-111 tcton l l'ee
ofinle the wal! . che phieoettn te
ordere t' leve heir gun. Li ! i, and Ihi
wh~~ t1510x'cichpeaedi te ower2 Cof '
CIn in ixtet enuy.heUa
c ictsc'i oner dec'ti li nedc t o tlt ontl iuch
peins thatC~i1i cit wasb only the presence
-Miss Catiarine voolfe,the wealth
est spinsterc in the country, has $15,
-41hn Kellev is reported to have
iecrer iv writoin a voluime of persoial
ram: Iilniscencees af a political nature,
wltichi he will dhortlv publish.
Gen. Rlogcr A. Pryor has declined
to serve on the Taminiany committee
onl election fraud., for the reason that
to do so Would interfere with his bus
(o.rnor Foraker, of Ohio, has
ntireV vIred his ronitecrion with
i (d,!I ':w firm. in order to give, both
it appearance and inl fact, his ciltirc
attention to publiti dutiez.
-Jay Gou!hi had plan ned to steam as
r to thev roies ais Rio Janeiro,
but h)is notion is nlow to be to turn ihe
Ajait's prow towards the western
h 01 C of the Caribbean Sea.
-Tit Ladie..' Silk Culture Society
of CalifOrnia are disposedl to coinplain
becai-e11 Cleveland has nor ac
knowledled t lie gilt of a specimen of
their imn..nflaciture, alih ough now she
has probably wotrn them out.
--John Sherian has writpen an an
Io'raph I letter to Jacob Bolander, of
Ciciinnati, who tianed it boy baby
after tile Ohio SeIator, in Whichl he
sid. "Iii. kimnlest reard. to the
ioI)tet and a kiss to il e biby."
-Senator Beck says that since his
pro-:-ilver spece-n oc ha.s reecived le:
I-r frotnli (oVit* ( Oi f ine StateS.
DhI th:ty repeat the hi-toric remark
oIt'* (Governor of Notrth Carolina to
the Govertnoir ) ofSou b Caro lt i it?
-l - peseta1tive J1. L'undop Tuck
er, who lhas writtenl a letter to his con
4tit-: in which he decliaes to be a
:Itdi-ite fotr re-election, will have
ieent in Congre-ss twelve years otn the
expiration of bl! preset termn.
-M:rv A;.derol has not quite
made up hern miwtl what she will do
nlext. seasonl. Hler am11bitionl promlpts,
her to atteIlpt. aproftes-ioial tour of
Germany, and she has iany reasoits
for belhevini that sIte would succeed.
-M1i-s Alice Jordan, the young laiy
who reeitly jointed the junior clas
-at the Yale Law School, has with
tdrawi, owing to the announictmnt bl
tIe tinliy th1%t -he would not be elt.:
ie fm a eglree after passitng the re
-Iis 1aud Gardler, drnghter of
ex-(iovernor Gar(dner, I Mass-chu
seits, is giving le-.-ons in whist to
Bo-too vonn ladies, ostensibly to
teach t hem the tite but really, prob
ablv a. a miiss;otnary labor to incul
:ate t Ie i!ence which whist imposes.
- r. Stanley, the explorer, who is
livinC inl London, witai :a trip to the
ropis in iind, used1 to have dark
hair- but some bittier experienice on
ite 'otlgo chmtped it to an iron sray.
Now, ::-ainst ange enugh, the color
of his hair has chaenghil froin gray to a
rieli brown.
-- 'lr. Charles G. Williams, of Wis
con11sin, is drli! lhtiting rural audiences
itn Dakota, with a lecture on the ("In15
anid Outs of CoIress," aid as Mr.
Williamis has not been a Retiresenta
tive since the Forty-fourth Conttress
his itin i.tiniation on the "Out."' is
especially exteiive.
-Tell vears a:to Miss; Rose Cleve
land. sister of thll Pre.identt ad now
mistress of the White llouse, was a
teacher in the Feiale Seminur at
'Iuney, N. Y. I er lady friends as a
niiek-tname called her "Johnntie," to
which namte she would atnswer as
readily as to that of Rose.
-Lient. Greely has ar'rived at the
firm conavicrti that ice itn the sea
netver formns to a depth of more than
live feet to ten feet. The fioebergs
and~ icebetrgs of great thtickntess that
are ecitCunitered floautinig out to Seai, he
iiitinsiti are imerely dectachedi por
-t1r. etht s'pr'guie, of Ilingrham,
ass., has beeni selectmiant twetr -ine
vear-, and there is ino di-posito to
select anyv other tmn, while the town
collectotr, M1r. Andrew J. Gardner',
ntow seven'ty-oneiC, hops) around and
colet, as live]ly as lhe has beetn doinig
for the past quartetr of a centulry.
-General Toomtbs int his will gave
to his faithful servanit, Billy, the use
of a rootm, privilege of wood, antd an
aniuity as long as he lives. There is
a beqtuest to ecth oneC of the family
servantts, and the desire is exptessed
that they be tetainied as long its they
ay ont the samne terms as
-Mir. IHenry J. llicott, o1 i ia
delplhia, will malke the plaster cast of
thle Jomihn MieCullongh sttu te, wh!ich
will he a ''higins" sevent feet lihi.h.
The mfonmentt, of which the broinze
statue iil Ibe the central lirutre, will
e of sanid-tonc or' gray imarble and
will be' linis"htd at a cost of m:20,000)
-Prof. Iluxiey, who is onlyv four
rear (2I)o'le thant thie oldeost steam rail
w'.ty, i' aist'otunded when lhe reflects
that he livedl wvhen Ihe cou)tld not t ravel
iany fatert thani horses could transport
htn, and 4 o had no advantage ovet
Aechilles, but domes not reflect that the
mtns f idividual 'locomnotioni have
)not tiproved lin 5,000) cen:tuies, ex
epting pom)ihly' in gingii uponi two
fet itead of 'i.l-fourts."
ci tmv~N wwLm. MAhE- rr EA.WY to get
o Vtell Cluaning. (iheap I Durable!
TI. C. Scaffe,
0r C: .h fl een--t"-'ia >I 'c,25
Wm. Shepherd & Co.,
Tinwares, House Furnishing Goods,
Potware, Kitchen and Stove Utemsils.
ir Send for Price List and Ciren
Stlm l q JEl C ldy Factoy,
W. A.iteckling,
Portraits, Photographs, Ste
reoscopes, Etc.
:sept 16
3ianufacturers of
Tobacco & Cigars,
And Wholesale Liquor Dealers.
Columbia, S. C.
V. II. FISHER, Prop'r.
I respectfully call to the attention of the
Farmers or Clarendon the fact that I hav'e
secured the Agencs for the Corbin Disk
arrow, Planet Jr. Horse Hoe and Culn
ror, Johnson Harvester and the Conti
ental kteape-r. I have one of each cf thme.,
instruments for display at my stables, and
will take pleasure in showing and expiaini.
Ing th.-ir utility. No progressive farmier
an afford to do withont these implements.
W. K. BELL, Agt.,
Apr15 Manning, S. C.
Notice !
I desire to call to the attention of the MiIl
nd Cotton Planters of Clarendon,
th i - ured the agency for this
ounty. for tlhe i EL PRATT
is Gin for several years I can recommend
t as t'ie best Gin now in use. Any infor
naton in regard to the Gin will be cheer
fully given. I clan also supply the people
t GCarenann with any otber machinery
hich they may nc-ed, at the lowest priets.
Parties n ishxing 10o purchase gins will tInd
t ro t heir iur, s- t o give their orders eariy.
:,1.e 5 aning, o. C.
. . 13 HIATSWoRrn, SuterS.C
Attorney and Counsellor at
MANNiNG, S. c, janni
3. E. SCOTT,
Attorney and Counsellor at
MIANNlIG, S.C. feb.25
APR abts~~i
~ advertiser to con
m t on .encu es wheor owise.
invest one hundred thousand dollars in ad.
vertising, a scheme is indicaited which will
o j' alight chnge eNiy anveat by CT
Set, post$a i to ayaddress fr 10 centS.
(n an..uce ,-a7rlntnue S.) [email protected] Yok.

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