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( *d 1 th s. L.au: Glo'-l., t )
I'HILADELPHIA. Novemnber 1G.-The
medical profession of this city are inter
ested in a remarkable case which is now
engaging the attention of three of the
most encnt lrofessorsin the Universi
ty of Pennsylvania. There is probably
no parallel recorded in the books, and
the long discussed question of pre-natal
influence has received a corroboration
that cannot but fail to convince its most
skeptical opponents. The case is inter
esting, not only to medical men, but to
the public generally, inasmuch as it re
lates a strang" story of how greed for
wealth and fame caused two persons to
imperil two lives.
Antoine Bellini, a Genoese, known in
the show business as Tony Ballentine,
was married fifteen years ago to Maria
Griggs, who was then a bareback rider
in Robinson's circus. Bellini was an
acrobat. After their marriage the pair
went to England and from thence to
France, where they engaged in their re
spective lines of business. They re
turned to America in 1876. At that time
there was a great demand among pro
prietors of side-shows and museums for
freaks. Millie Christine, the two-headed
girl, was at that time under the manage
ment of William Smith, and was draw
ing a weekly salary of $400. Charley
Tripp, the armless man, and Ann Leake,
the armless woman, were receiving the
extraordinary salary of Q:200 a week each.
Those remarkable little dwarfs, known
as the Wild Men of Barneo, were bring
ing in a weekly income of 8600 to their
manger. Even the Azuec children, Tom
and Hattie, wero valuable pieces of
property, aud readily commanded about
the same sum.
It was in the early part of 1877 when
Bellini became imbued with the idea that
there was an immense fortune awaiting
the man who could produce a freak that
should eclipse all other freaks either in
hideousness or oddity. With this thought
uppermost Bellini subjected himself to a
most painful mutilation. He seared and
burned his thumb and the three fingers
on each side of his index fingers with
sulphuric acid, suffering the most agon
izing pain. His intent was to cause the
thumb and fingers to slough off, and, in
credulous as it may appear, he endured
the torture for nearly a week. He was
then taken to a private hospital on West
Forty-ninth street, New York, by his
own request, and there asked that the
mutilated portion of his hands be am
putated. Tlis was refused. and an eflort
was made to heal up the sore, but
Belliniwas persistent, and upon the ab
solute refusal of the surgeons to do what
he wanted them to do, he left the hos
pital, and, either by threats or entrea
ties, induced his wife to perform the
operation that the New York surgeons
refused to consider. He came to Phila
delphia, and for nearly a year lived in
the southern section of the city, subsist
ing upon the little hoard that he had
manged to save in England.
In the spring of 1878 Bellini opened
what is known in Philadelphia as a
"hnmmershop," thatis,agroggery where
whiskey is sold for from three to six
cents a glass. His hanas had then healed
up and presented a most curious appear
ance. There was nothing but one long
iinger to each of them, and the tip had
been so broadened by use as to give
them the appearance of the head of an
adder. By means of hand bills Bellini
advertised himself .throughout the
neighborhood'as. the snake-finger man;
and nz~fomgreat distances to
seed peed to obtain several
engfibftswith small side-shows trav
ehgetth.Barnum's circus, but the
freak market was then pretty well flood
ed, and he did no~t beggi to realize what
he thought he would.
It waat ?his-time that Bellini entered
into a'inost extraordlinary compact with
his wife., Hie was a man of some little
education, and, having studied for the
medica~.peofession in is early youth,
had a smattering of physiology and
anatomy. MIrs. Bellini was so thorough
ly in.aeood with her husband's ideas
that shie was perfectly willing to become
the mother of a monstrosity, if nature
could be coerced into brnging forth
such an nnual being. Bellini mann
factno.adIideous looking aflair, which
might resemble either an alligator or a
Chinese idol, and for several weeks in
succesioni he would awaken his wife
from a sound sleep and suddenly thrust
this uncanny object in front of her. In
December, 1878, the woman gave birth
to a male child. It was perfectly formed
and fat more beautiful as to its physical
development than either father or moth
er. Bellin?i then realized that the theory
which he had formed was wrong, be
cause the mother was prepared for the
surprises and it made no mental inm
pression upon her. Bellini then told his
wife that. he -would abandon this idea
and that they would thereafter gain their
living outside of the show business. This
was only a blind. Nineteen months after
the birth of the first child Mrs. Bellini
was called to the front door one day,
and when she opened it she was con
fronted by a most repulsive object. It
was a blind man whose sightless orbs
were turned towards her eyes, and whose
outstretched hands each elutched a
writhing snke. The woman started
back in affright and fell in a faint in the
entry. When she recovered the blind
man and his snakes had disappeared,
but the woman's husband came into the
house a few moments afterwards, his
faebeiuning with pleasure. The day
slipped by and the Snake-linger man:
said nothing further about the agree
ment he had made some two years be
Mrs. Beillini for a second time becaune
a mother. Her child was a girl and a
most extraordinary creature. Not only
was it sightless, but that portion of the
face where th~e eyes ought to be was as
smooth as the palu of a man's hand.
2Dr. Ballard, who was the acceoueheur,
was so interested ini th e c tht he called
in two other phyiians,1 Dr. A. S.
Brown and George M. .atton. The lit
tle stranger was not ouiy totally blind,
but its hands were stanglv malformed.
There seemed to 1ie simpiy an elonga
tion of the foreanin, straighit piece of
flesh ending in a finger nail. There was
no joint, and the only movement that
the child could make was at the wrist.
It was determined at the expiration of
six weeks to perforra an operation on
the child's face and to cut into the flesh
under the frontal bones of the skull, to
see whether the child by this means
could be sgiven its sight. Bellini had
been very assiduous in his attention to
his wife Ind babe, and when this sug
gestion was broached to him he mad
the most strenuous objection:. The doc
tors thought that the man was cithe
drunk or crazy, and by a clever strata.
gem oie day managed o get him tc
take a trip to a distant part of the city
During his absence the operation wa
performed, but to the, intense amaze
ment of the surgeons there was no eye
ball underneath the flesh. Upon Bellini'%
return he became furious when h<
l-arned what bad taken place, but coole
down and exhibited the greatest joN
when told that his child WaIs sighties
and would ever be so. Be then con
fessed to Dr. Uallard that it had been hi
wish and desire for years to become th
father of almost any monstrosity tha
would excite the attention of the medica
profession and the puli~e. Re 11:t
hoped. he said. that the babe might b
ev'en more of a monster, but that he wa
very well satisfied as it was. Strangel
enough his wife appeared to be as muel
pleased as he, and begged that the sur
geons should make no attempt to inter
fere with the extraordinary malforma
tion. The case became known ainont
the associates of the two physicians wh<
were in atteiidance, and the child wa.
careful.y watched from the time of it!
birth until now. Last week Bellini ani
the blind snake-fingered child, togethei
with the mother appeared before a clini<
I where Ile strange story was told, an(
now for the first time it is made public
While Tit re is Life There is Hope.
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CwAtr.ESTON, S. C., Sept. 1, 188.
H. V. EwBANK, EsQ., President o
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Spartanburg, S. C.: Dear Sir-I hav
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Spartanburg, S. C., U. S. A
Anrareh~ists. ! tiH Plotting.
Cie.oo, November 2i.-'he Su:da
ih'ue of the Chicago Frei'e Preue. in an a.
tele on 'Chicago and Anarchism," say.
that the Anarchists out of jail are continu
ing their insane talk and agitation, that II
ir:'iter Zeiteng every (lay contains invit;
tions and calls of meetings of the"rop
and the Lehr und Wehr Verein. a societ;
that ha' been declared illegal by the high
est courts.
'3tor day evening," the article says,"i
the hall on Clybourn avenue, a meetmng c
the nor'h side 'group' of the Internation:
Working People's Association was held,:a
which sonme of the old plans were agail
discussed. Some of the persons presen
thtought that sonme stormy night with a fev
pounds of dynamite the water tower couk
be blown up) and tires started at some doace
diferen; places. The water works bein;
destroyed, the fire department could hav<
no wvater: half the city would go up ina
blaze. and in the confusion thus caused the
rorganized 'groups' and companies of thi
Lhr UndI Wehr Verein could easily eap
ture the city. These plans read like a fait
tale, but they arc nothing new."
Captain Schaack said last night that h<
did not know ef the particular utterane
reported to have been made at the meetin
:'Ionday night, but he had some men ou
ali the time watching the proceedings c
the Anarchists in his divisi-m of the city
aud if they get too bold and threatenin
u, j' would be hauled up.
'The Mother of' the James Boys.
Ksus.s Crrv. M1o.. November 21. -M Ir
Zeelda Samuels, mother ot' thc .iame
boys. was in this city Friday. The old
lady looks as hale and hearty as she did tet
years ago, w..hen her sons, Frank and Jesse
were the terror of express compamnes anc
travelers, and when every movement oJ
herself and family was watched with curi
osity. In regard to the Adamis Express
Company robbery and that humorous cor
respondent of the papers who signs himuseli
".5im Cummings." 3Irs. Samnuels said: "1
d'nt know whether Jim Cummings is dlead
or alive, and don't want to know.. I don't
knw who comnitted this robbery, buit il
t;ough 'Jesse is in his grave and Frank'.
whereabouts and daily life are known every
day. these scotundrels still warat to lay the
robery on the James boys. It is the samt
ldstory. After .Jesse had been hunted
down and shot in the back of his head by
a treacherous assassin, who is not only al
oed to escape Scot free, but is applauded
:id rewvarded for his cowardly murder, the
ead man cannot be allowed to rest in peace
in his grrave, but must be blamed for the
next robbery that is committed. If Jesse
was alive Jim Cummings nor none of his
-lan would write any letters to any papers
!lming the robbery on hinm or his brother.
don't Rnow who this Jim Cummings is.
lut I suppoxse his case is like a good many
otier cases where the man who cries 'Stop
hief' the loudest will bear the most watch
CiI.or'j'ANo:, Toicc., November 19.
Most people would say that it is imlpossile
that a mani couldl live without a skull. The.
thing would sent the most impossible in
tbe (ase of a nia who ''wasn't born that
xa." And yet ev.en this seemied imnpossi
bility is but a seeming one.
Ti B. Woodall, a man w.ho' died yester
Ia': at Hiartselis, Ala.. from tihe eff ets of ;
ual from a railroad car, hamd lived five year'
wthoumt a skull, ie was found five years
age lying in a lit before ani open heartb. hi
eal :;mfid the hot embers of an expiring
tir. Thme entire top of his head down t
di eves had been burned to a crisp. and
iStait death seemed inevitable.
a last resort the surgeons removedth
en:re skull as low down as the sockets of
e'. and ceually :s far in the rear. A
rocial c:overing was placedl over the brai
o protect it fronm exposure, andl in a ew
mks c.a thin iilm~ formed over it, an']
taUge to say, the man lived, retaining all
da faculties. The membrane never hard
CUl. anid to the hour of his death the con
outins of the brain could be easily di+
ec:ned and its throbbings clearly seen.
T oung ladies w~ho wvill not marry wheni
u Last week's issue it- w sltated tiat
> a l)rtion on (if anils food was "mrned in
I's hlodv to knunit-,ora :1unounlt
of Ieat. Th l is s-elt.s t iea that
difo0en'0t i int of te 'll supply
ditlferent wvamts. f!. %vwori: nnimal a
;pa rt ofI t he Lo I;. needed 14 turuish.
force Or power, :' p:;1. 14o re-pinewa.te
ci used up miscc, h l a part *'o supply
. not mu"ch wate, an li-ttl'. roseu:(lar
foroe is expeniddlm thw 'h', : , fth
boi has to be h-''p up. mi e.atl
w (tcon.tribu. t leo t Iorma t1 ' of
t i II must1 i'stlid I ;,e il-t
hL efore, I: a g v ,a a dtffr
. lv iferntclasses: of %ni !:l : that
..v r h re is an exeis f'. . v n in,11
:-r.dintaove its, nrp , rai ko the
Sot:hers, ini any givenl cas, i woh be
- practically lost or wasted. No tll'y th,
auina!'s exerctorv organ; would have
tic unnecessary burdns of gettinlg rid
o, t, but in an economicd point of view.
in the matter of J '"ais aud cents, there
would be actual loss.
Admitting this to be true, it niay he
I asked how can we find out ih several
e rations adapted to working rtnimIals, to
fattening animaals. to aninmals not at
work, to imilk animals and s:> on. The
answer Is by experiment-b'y trying
diirerently compounded rations. no' tiD
results as shown in the animal's health,
ability to work, increase or los 0
I weight, yield of milk, etc., ad at thc
same time by analyzing the excrets, to
r ascertain if an excess of any ingredieni
has passed oflf through them. Now a
fai imer could not well carry out such ex
perinieuts, but it Ias been done fur him
by agricultural experiment stations, par
ticnlarly those of Germany. Fortinate
1 ly this is a case where locality does not
rafect results. Conclusions reached ii
Gernany would be cqually true and cor
1 reet in America. The experiments al
e luded to have been performed with great
care. Animals have bee'n kept durino
. the experiment in air-ti4it chanbers,
e through which the necessary ireh air ,
carried, and all the foul air which lusses
out is collected and analyzed, to E-nd
what the animal appropriated irom thi
fresh air, and what it throws of by its
lungs and the pores of its skin, into the
foul air. At the same time the exerets.
both solid and liquid, are most carefully
collected and analyzed. The food giver
the animal was carefully weigrhed, and
its composition ascertained, by analyz
ing some of exactly the same kmnd. W
speak now not of one, but of many ex
f p1riments of this character made b)
ditierent parties. The average results 0:
all will be given below.
But before doing tIs, it may be states
that there are three leading eomponent
of food; one in which nitrogen is an im
portant element, two others in whi-l
there is no nitrogen. The first is terme
ad albuminous subsetance, or for con
venience and brevity, "protein;" th<
second, because carbon and hydrogen
are their two chief constituents, ar<
called "hydrocarbons;" the thial is th<
well known substance fat. The hydro
carbons embrace substances as starch
sugar and gums. Protein replaces wastei
muscle, and supplies material fur growti
in young animals. It also is the sourec
of the cheesv portion of millk. Hyvdro
c' rbons and fat are the sources of heat
o power and of the fat which is hid ur
s in the animals body. With these e:
planatory remarks, the resuts of actuia
tests may now be give1. posing '
animal to weigh 1,000 pounds the s
riosults arc obtained. when it diges.ts n
appropriates out of its food pci day:
.\ h oxatres . . .:J.7 ii. 8. *- . 1
I J orse lazbt~y worked . .1.5 :I. 9.1 i u'. 03th
, ( rOWhavy.or.d. ..IS . 1i.i 1W. 0.40 1h'
2 .Fa-teningr ox...... . ..0 lo. 1 2.5 its. (0.7u He
li animals weigh more or less thar
i 1.;O00 pounds, the quantities in abov<
1table must be correspondingly increasec.
:or diminished. Bu Lt a farmer may asi
Show can I know how much of these re
x spective substances are contained ini
i digestible form in the various kinds 0:
a food I give my animals. Tables giving
-this information are now to be found iit
various publications. D). Appleton & Co..
of New York, publish a little pocke:
manual, entitled "The Farmers' Annua.
Hand Book," which contains such ta
bles, together with much other valuabh
Sinformation, which it would b~e well foi
every farmer to have, it costs, we be
lieve, about 50J cents, and is thcrefor<
within the reach of all.
Looking at the above taible, we find
thait the amount of the sevendl ingre
dients of food for a milk cow is very
-nearly the samie a's that for a heavily
worked horse ot equal weight; the most
marked dif'erence is in the amount of fat.
This would hardly have been expected,
inasmuch as the cow as a butter pro'
ducing animal would seenm especially to
need fat. It will b2 obscrved that she
does require a very liberal sup~ily of that
subostancc, however, standing thind high
est in the list. The heavily worked horse
does not lay up fat in his tissues, neither
does he produce anything rich in fat like
niilk; the extra amount of fat in his cr'se
is used up in producing museular power.
Experiments in this case, as in many
others, upsets preconiceived notions.
Again, it is obvious that, if either of the
three ingr-edients in the food be in excess
of the amount indicated in the table, the
animal has no need for it, does not use it,
and it is virtually thrown away. It is
impossible to estimate how nmech is thus
pracetically lost in the ordinary feeding
of animals. W. L. J.
ieLoss ieb thce wleek' Gale 1(1. 0
hcessaied duringa :h 'h ,liorm of
seis~ 01s o'erdmage ad vi "oves w-Icled
Tot a oss toi~ sipin e1' 1 .a Thelu
Tic ns ashbun. Wla ., speia cnirm
which iet hre 14ondayoi' 4veing wi' h
wen' tile "parS of a v.--l wer (en j
R 'iiu 'enUes 11r51 the eIv. i'/ ne
ra~iIBae mue in:.5! asIFra:
money on:" hand:/.picaet 0 '.n
ofitreto hecnold-. bod :
on ieme 1 h :n'wl otb dd
The receiver uthe dtatte x
prted the '01'ian''er~a~i ob a
il;i'Cd soon :m'h1' tr' :wud hni
pIded for ThIie f:elrsht
FnI N a f Interent Gatiered rromn Varioa
The'e i. a cabinet crisis imminent in
The cbilera is inerec,1-ing in Buenos
It c, : 0.00I to rcceive and count the
v-c i. Sa rancisco.
i:Goild is ase'Sed for $100,000 and
nia mor in New York city.
ie .:iaal income of ex-Senator Mc
i put down at 450.00.
Ti Liverpool ('hamber of Commerce
1-: .1nounced the new mail scheme.
Thcre was considerable rioting bv strik
in Saleni, 3Iass., Thursday.
\ ur-am v k ' ple d"ed to llulgarian
..d xie. general manger of the
ubi a uthwestern svtem, died in New
('ap Tepavischroff, of the military school
nSofiai. laus been arre!4ted for inciting the
candes to revolt against the governIent.
Tli failure of E Ludson & Co., one of
the hm-est commercial firms at Brandon.
XiWs., is reported.
Owing to the recent rains in New South
Wale the largest crop in many years is ex
Thankgiving day was celebrated in
lame at the American College by a ban
Three milion dollars have been invested
by Northern capitalists i new mining en
terprise- in Birmingham, Ala.
Custonms oticers Thursday seized $35,
NO worth of opium at the residence of
Chailes I. Brenson at Alamada, Cal.
Cardinal .Tacobini. Papal Secretary of
SNtae. on the plea of illelialth, has asked
the Pope to accept his resignation.
ElvI-tion processes are being served on
S90 tenants on the Castlebar estates of Lord
Dillon, in Dublin.
.aeoh 31ass. of Cochran. Ga.. has failed,
with liabilities between R 40.000 and $50.
'l anl assets about the sine amiount.
A lThonon dispatch says that live addi
1ial Inlian reg-inents have been ordered
to isurunnh.
Two children :md two mnent were frozen
to 1 1a near Mandan, Dakota, Wednes
T"e Cenltennial llotl, in Chicago, was
ocs royed by an incendiary tire Thursday
E:tum Allen Maynard, living near Moon
ville, 31atdion County, Ind., shot and
ki;l d W. Ii. Diddle, and then shot him
elf. Family dificulties the cause.
The Co mmun:d Council at Ghent has
61 bden the striking cotton operatives
ther e Lo hohl a delmontration.
1r-4. ilaizeltine, of Sanhorn. Dakota, was
in a hlizzard Mouday, and when found
so badly frozen that her recovery is
Aink used for roller-skating, at Bing
ha-npto. N. Y.. was crushed by the weight
of the snow Wcdnesday, but no one was
The Vienna Political C'orrespondence says
aha. Bulgaria is willing to accept the Prince
->f 'ldenburg as ruler.
The remains of ex-President Arthur
we~re interred in the Rural Cemetery ait Al
iany, N. Y.. yesterday, without ostenta
At Philadelphia. Wednesday. the furni
ture factory of John D. Raggio, 4th street,
w:as burned. along with several small tene
ments near by. '
EisNhop Potter, Welnesdav. consecrated
i cew Amecrie Trinity Church in Paris,
whi:h was erected at the expense of the
I principal American residents of that city.
A storm, acco.npanicd by cyclonic mani
fstations, swept over the centre of Glou
(ester county, New Jersey, Wednesday,
but did veryv little damage.
A disptch~e from Hlyderabad. India, says
that the forces of the Amneer are gradually
.uin tha e revolt of Ghilzas and that the
distur-bed -area is contracting.
A.dmirailHamilton, commanding the
Dr'.i.h leet on the China station. hats noti
ce the Admiralty that it will require 3,000
troop- -ad three forts to be built to retain
I'r ILHi-milton.
Na t-e of Amibada have massacred the
ca.p.tain n sevyen of the crew of the French
na-of 0 war Penguin. The captain and his
-en ha laI nded to obtain water for the
Ita' nocsems as if Boston will have a
distincttv labor (-andidate for 3Mayor at the
coingl'municipal election. George E.
E-Neill, chairman of District Assembly
No. 3, N nights of Labor, will be the man.
Th ii-crs of the late Baron Rothschild,
of Fran kfort. will constructa p~ublic muse
um. in whIichi will be exhibited the Roth
chi art collection, the richest in the
T etems on the Shier. estate in Linme
gick--recentl y asked for a reducti-on of 30
prcent. in rents, which was refused.
T oy arc, therefore. depositing their rents
viih a comnittee.
The Koroc 1 remye, commenting upon
the rumors that a war between Germany
:mdi~ Russiat is impending. says: "If there
is one thing upon which Russia will re
jnice to exhaust her last blood it is to up
hold her independence against Germans."
ia lBaltimore. MId.. Wednesday. tire oe
"aurred act .51 South street. occupied jointly
by E. Ilaarmnon & Co., dlealers in butter and
* heeve. and A. E. Itohnes & Sons. tobacco.
Loss. .9115,t000: insured.
The failuare of Theodore Krieger, banker
of lBaulherg. Germany. has inv'olved nmany
small shop'keepers and workmen. llis de
tit amllountis to 500.000t iiarks amd his as
mias to 0i.00 mnarks. lie has been arrested.
lie lo0t in speculationi.
Ke~,ptiHer lied Nine Years.
Suuj)A~. 3Mo., November :2.-A me
markab'le ease of sttubbornness terminated
at the Pettis County Poor House yesterday.
Nine years ago a colored woman. Sam-ah
Anderson, be-came almost crazed with anger
one day at the keeper of the p)oor farm. So
will was she in her rage that she was
!nched in her room alone andi left to medi
tate until the following morning. At that
time. the keeper of the place entered her
apartmtent and found her in bed. She was
not il!. but she refused to arise. Days,
weeks :md months passed, but never once
did the womianl leave her couch unless
draggedl from it. The medical fraternity
visited her, and without exception pro
nunced her perfectly well; but, notwith
,taningiu this fact, she remained in bed.
.'onths'grew into years without change,
but last sprin-g the woman was actually
taktn ill. She lingered until yesterday,
when (datheamne. She had remained in
Ocd i ij a cons~eutive years because of a tit
Plae .e on Their lIonor.
.Ne ::mir rgutted of his ebligaition to
iy cdh! e.auae the clatim against himn
outiiwed.XAfter a debt is outlawed the
bwt- lir.not thlat the debt is c-ancelled,
1 that the creditor can no longer avail
0~i of th eahinerv of the law to col
esI. The hionocr and faith of the debtor
::r i : wi -e dischlarged of the moral ob
lIIno tn ncav. which even increases with
t , a iaiL - timle, It hias been serioulsly
pr nsed to do alway enitir-ely with legail
-niisofceting~ debts, and there is
'o h aid ini favor of the plan. It
wo.l -at least place men on their honor.
-1r we-alth without character wouhld no -
oni-'-r he apassport to extensive credit. I
nd it would plv-e a1 prac-tiCal premfiuml
.ial ill Crit-v2 Y. .ira-w.r.>t
TO A -rOCKiMe.
Those symplhonics in bhak.
Brave in their si!ken keen
The gracefull Sabph- .
Willh creaseless.- lit :md ( lo.I
They'reC doomled, abIhwlk
The flying skirt 1 ween
.Noq longer will disclos.
The dainty black s-lk .tockin
Uncivil service is thle kind we frn
the majority of servant gir
I silence be goldell, (111111) pcile
to grow rich.
A man is called a c nIm-e lia
nothing that he sais is con fi
Perhaps you never knew thti c-r
They can 'car, though.
The clock makes no rorreco i !
le-s march. It sinply iarks ti:e.
Swine are not treatel fairly. Th
hung first and tried afterwars.
New York lia, a zenuine Ei- 1,:ixn
Buddhist. who talks sublime nonsene.
Motto that lussia would fain wrih
across the miap of Europe-"Bear :u- fe
A Columbia girl who is a .:re:it ::
says it is better to lie engaged in cover
tion than not at :ll.
An exchange asks: "Will the c-i
woman work'' 'That will depifenu
how lazy her husband is.
Why is the author the queert a:
mals? Because his tale comes out ' h
A fool and his aun are soon parted.
pecially when the former blows down the
muzzle of the latter to see if it is loaded.
The Roman Empire dechned and f!!.
In this respect it (It Ters from a man. J f
he declines he won't fall.
The modern politici:m's creed is said, y
one who knows the tribe. to be withmi
memory and without heart.
If any body thinks colds a:e not p.
lent let him go to a crowded ciurch ad
listen to the catarrhal chorus.
After much research and investi'-:,ti1n
we are coivinced that b Zrin? 'hou'
chickens are hatched from haid !ol,
A thoroughbred Boston girl iiever cal:
it a '"crazy quilt." She :lways speaks if
that insane article as "a non com1pos mentii*
"Neither a borrower nor a lcinder be.
For loan oft loses both itself aind fri"-uil:
And borrowing dul!s the edge of 1us1iani
The Macon Tekgraphlc says that Oscar
Wilde is letting his hair grow. Wc don'i
know how the poor fellow can help it. see
ing he isn't baldheadled.
The inherent and unconscious erva
tisn there is in alost all clas.es if our
people is very much greater than the pex.-i
mists and closet philosophers imaging.
Physician-You are to take this mire
after meals. Poor patient-But it's ver.;
seldom that I get a ineal, doctor. Ph.i
cian-In that case, take it before meals.
It is said Ingersoll will help the anari
Ists. How will he do it' Not with i,
voice. That was ruined in defeni(ng Star
route thieves and assailing Christianity.
Another Frenchman recently undcr'to t.
to whip a Paris editor. The editorial sei
sors and paste pot are performing thi':r
usual duties, while the doctor is takin- car'
of the other fellow.
31r. George has been dubbed a little dai.y
by his enthusiastic friends. He will re
mnember the tiowers of the field are svm
bolical of the shortness of human great
Wife-"I guess I will get your fall ov.
coat and see if it's all riglht. Is it hanuh:
up*' Husband-"Yes, it's hanging
but it ain't all right, for I have lost the
A Virginia farmer who offered a de:.
robin for sale in Washington was arre--ni
Served him ight. But if it be a crimi
kill cock robin, are not the women who
wear his wings upon their bonnets aces
sories after thle fact?
A man in New Jersey has be~en chriQk.:
to death by a celluloid collar. A elinhial
corset recently ell'cted tihe (deathi c-f a1
woman in New York c'ity'. Those wh
wear this conmbination of guna cottonh and1
camphor do it at their own peril.
A Story of Brutality.
Georgia Baker. a colored wo-man. livingL
a few miles out of Sav'anah, w ilked into
the Court House tile other day with h9 r
hands tied, andl~ told the Sheriff a~ stor
which excited the sympathy and indigna
tion of every one. 11er husband after b~eit
ing her with a club until her back am
shoulders were torn ahunist in shreds. t2
her to a tree and left her all night witiho
food and nearly dead from w.oundhs. De
ing the night she gnawed the cords w:ll
which she had been t'ed until they broke
and then escap~edl into tile woods. recin
that city early' in the morning. The coni s
were still on her wrists and cut into tihe
tiesh nearly to thle bone. Wari'auts ha~ve
been isstted and search is being made fori
More .Money I ante'd for War ice:
Wa~su:.oroN, November 21.--Mr. Wi
son, chief of the Bureau of Cintractioa
and Repanir, Navh1y Departmient. in lis anu
nal report shows that 5t)25 w:i- ex
pended dluring the pas~t iseal year in repacir
ing United States wari vessels. Th'e ap~pro
priation for hast year of $lSio,000,00 was
much too siiiall, and 3!r. Wilson now~ asks
for an ad~ditioumd $iil0.000 to carry r-n thei
remainder of the fiscal year. U nless tisiC
addhitional aimount is allo~wed it is m1re
than likely that work in all or most of tIh
nalvy yards will hiave to bie nearly-. if int
entirely, suspended early in t he sprin:
The steel cruisers Atlanta and Boston are
at the Brooklyn Nav'y Yard. and thle Chi
cago is still at Chester, where work on ier
is now being pushed raipidly toward com.a
plction. He asks for an addlitional appro
priation of $.56,000) to complete these ves
A~narchists A1'ppeal.
Cumevwo, November 2.-The brief andi
argument, which was laid before .1u icek
Scott by Captain Black and Leonard Swell
of counsel, comprises 15tt pages. It was'
prepared within the last four i- das an i
not ollerid as a complete resume ofith l- i (
leged errors of .Judge Garry. The:' r
neys and counsel, however, esteim int jil.
iiently full to answer the pur pose in viw
In summiing up the evidence, thec defe nc
ss"The fact is, thle ev'dece shows
thimt none of the det'euntits kn~ew tiata
bomab was to be tht'own by any one.
Ihis ttcart Was ('ut Ont.
('sN'rn.\IlA, I l1.., NovenIlr 9.- i; r.1
RI. 11. Scott. who died her'iei Wede ay
>ften expressed a hiorror of bingi b.r'-dI
div'e. and ini order to prec'hah-i tuch a thin
Ii akedI that his heart bie ct t afeIife
ris c~stinct. Th'is'was idine. the organ
0od. IHe wa s buried ye-sn-iiy, th- liniard
if Edutn ilon aid the Mason ic and proec
10ona1 order~s of which he was a mcui;ber.~' f
vlih teachiers and scihol chlibireu, :Iend: -
a-g in abody.
A sbury' McCormick, ii.-ear *f,;.|
v'hile. handling a pistol I in- th vilag of cm
3tufort. Ga.. Fr-blay, a ulidentally (j o!tl
broiugh the heart his .sistcr Li'zzie, i yeairs W
if age. | t
If snaring and net:tinug padg b:-~Li not I
upprnessed by law, the birds may'i heii etier-I
The Atusitin gover-nme)'nt h t I---- n
tViii is a tA i
lit. il. ..19 :
- I
cPI I".i~ I'
- u
!7 7., a rV 7 .
y,.c -y e I . -. v, ! . i p - o
i .: .9:.. a .C~d ..a :
0., ... . 5 iima r
IT .m -aw ,-- Ii! ' Ali:- -. ,
g; 4.: ,c ..d 4r e er- ,i'cI
.aP: . a ie .~e. ...S7 AWDCE R'S
I.UR AN J!i IS M:::9ue Oct~m'
,..r :M - :: - h .' 1! i CU as aTze S
-- . r C! -%.
L si
e a~s , .. e .: ir I-a u g .7s:ms
Poa i ez . . E eni' r ~ .ti "M
*23 &.MATI
a.g .. . '. . 2.. 2- 12 .2- -- - u-------- .i
., ill flt S;vantariy 11-su -
un-utf llegi Ar..rt ; Iua( 31ns. I nl
N'qwrilenced ami : -- omp e tIacrI
.. ... .. . i.iZj
T .. :, " :.:te' wih C A, warmd
wi~h i~e bst w :1:.h-in 0 p-ur bate.hm
i~or am C oM w: r a ItY: ; 1,I)---F>
''-U r r 200 \. -- o i 1: 2 . '
S r! m i T ia i: t . -r
-r - - - ; 9
SSS Si ___
Tji... '::!. -Uw~I;1 2):n !s'ah 1ghiiy c..ncentrated
'rad' Fen'ilizer for all crops.
wo UM!s a arrgely u~d b.y the ruek
As~lIAE A sl i EMENT.-A veryV chea
1:e tr ateCirn'and $um2ii {.roain C.ri
rades-Kr use alone~ anid in L..? os. hea.L)
215T.rm. D2fl'ct:n, e inilas andif
ubile:UiLn:s of thea Cuumpanyi, addres3
hse pills were a wondlerful discsver7. No others
-rceitve all manner of disease. 'The information ar
x of tills. Find oat
sout them, and you ~
ill airays be thank- - .9 . -
.1. One pill a dose.
~rsots'Pills contain .
thing harmful, are
.7y to Cai:::, anrd ! j
use no ineornvqn
tharous Sente of thoe pills, they would walk
Ibu.S nt by ail for 25 cents in stamps. Illu:
-Co--oratio as ver valuable. I. S. JOHNSON &(
R M1
Mos: lripp ly mee:- the eiman1 i of the aze for
voian -s perv;::.ar a:1'In. It i-4 a rerne-y for
O.\.\N ONI.Y. :I- ,r one i P C i A L, CL ss of
i11 d se. i: speifl: for ccr;ain <lseased
-in 'heotu b, and -) controls the Men
.o ren!.V :i! dierangements an I
r : .-7 u! m iy sic ;hss. The pro
*ra .-.r - u foI 1i ; .e:e no other metical
i a ve:CetIh! Compound,
Sn~dpre(SCenii1n of a i.:arnied pnysictfaa
av ..' w amu: Dist.and Wnose
: :- vi<j'4 r.uLce'1c,.1 In
:....t ...-..- t *:: ) 'rnfmaue t) i;,:a:ots.
uX r.'a om. It Wi rec'- yua of nearly all
:ii - pxULar to yor sex.
For .a'- 1. druggis!t;. Write for io02, "Mes
3ge to Wo:Dan," naid ree.
E.\FILD REGULATroR Co., Aulanta, Ga
From the World's Best Makers,
Easiest Terms of Payment
Eight Grand Makers, and Over
Three Hundred Styles to
Select From.
C(hickerhig, Mason & Hamlin,
Mathushek, Bent and Aion.
Mason & Hamlin, Orchestral and
Baiy State.
Pianos and Organs delivered, freight
paid, to all points South. Fifteen days'
trial, and Freight Faid Both Ways, if
not satisfactory.
Order, and test the Instruments in
your Own Homes.
Branch of LUDDEN & BATES'
N. W. TRUM~vP, Manager.
3E.AFNE , itsaNu, and a new and
.Jsueervssful CURE aIt your own home,
oy who - wa deaf twenty-eight years.
Tr.ate'd hv mot of the noted specialists
withont bentia. Cor hilaxdf in three
mnonth. a'tind ice then hundreds of oth
erS. FiuL partiuleais sit on application.
No. -it West .1st -.. New York City.
U CiY CO.. 27 Pa rk Place. New
3:i lww ' 011 111.wspalPers in tlhe
. . :1 unu.i. l-.fabH 4d4 1!iG7.
Eihst Awards of Medals in Europe
and Atnetica.
Thl neatst.quikest, s.afe'st andl most
peflremiedv known tur ilheumatismi,
Pinrisy. Neuriaig.ia, Lumnbago, lBackache,
We~anes', ttohls in the~ ches~t andi all aches
ud' 'ainta. Entd.;rsed by 5.000) Physicians
'i'd ?Y'g-'t ofk the "' hiil.i!rpute Bien
on' Plaster prtly relieve and cure
whr o'thert~t pmsteors and greasy salves,
iimets andh lot ins arasolutely use
e'- . Ueware of imni tons under similar
euniing ' ~ namu as~ "Capsicum,"'
Capri ." "Capicine, as they are ut
eriv w orthless anid intened to deceive.
.rop;rietors, New York.
PECIFIC.I i 11886
Ammjnoniatedj Giuano, a comlplete High
[ND -A omnplete Fertilizer for these
rS ne'ar Chiarlest'.n: fr vegetables, etc.
aI'd -x:elient Nion'-.Annuuniaied Fer
,anid also for Fruit retes, Grape!
A!'iD PROL(SPHjATEL, of very high
V: v:U.:e: attractive.. and instructive
IATE CO., Chatrleston,iS.'..U
lhe th'em in the world. Will positively cure
mtid each box is worth ten times the cost of a
do more to rrify the
bloodanrdcure chron
ic ill heahh than. $5
worth of a::y other
remedy yet discov
ered. Ifpeople could
be made to realize
100 miles to get a box if they could not be had
trated pam.phlet free, postpaid. Send for it;
70 22 Cusa Hlouse Stret: ECSTON, MIASS.
rI ia

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