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WEBNES'SAY, JUN~E 8. 1887.
One Year. in Adv:-.: 31.50. or $2.i00 at
the Erpiratio of Six M'nItis.
Adverti*ements.-Xr sinare fst :n
sertion, $1.0.
Each subset:ent in tion. 50,!.
pi& Contract Advertlsig tr
Daniel Brown-Furniture.
Jones of Binghamton-Seales.
T.e County jail is now without a
prison and the jailor loKs lonie
The rake and cart have been used
on the Court House bquare with hap
py effect.
Mrs. J. A. Wilson, cf Mars Biuff. is
visiting her daughter, :rs. Dr. W. E.
Mr. D. T. Legg,. has returned from
an extended trip to Tennessee. H.eV
is as jovial and merry as ever.
Mrs. A. Loryea, from Mannin. is
spending a few days with the iamily
of Mr. B. J. Barne.-Sumter Adrance.
Why not smoke the Mannin
Guard Cigars-a delightful "dream
er's solace"-at Dinkins & Co.
Summerton was represented in Man
ning Saturday, by Prof. J. C. Lanham.
The TnES would have appreciated a
visit from him.
Mrs. J. H. McCutchen, with her
little daughter, spent several days in:
Manning last week.
The TiES acknowledges an invita
tion to a hop at the Jervei Hotel, of
Sumter, on next Thursday evening.
The doors of the Grove Aeadetuy
were closedladt Friday for the sum
mer. The scholars have vacation 'tili
the fall session commences.
The Manning Guard, hc:ld a com
petitive drill last Friday eveuing. r.
Andrew Burgess won the honorable
place of the best drilled man. Lieu
tenant Thames was next best.
Jos. H. Montgomery, Esq., has re
turned home from the prosecution of
his studies at Columbia. He was in
town Monday.
Rachel MeDuffie has at last been
conveyed to the lunatic asvlum. More
than one timorous heart in Manning
is relieved.
Mr. C. F. Richbourg has the ruost
precocious cotton farm in the county.
His son reported to this office Mon
day, that cotton blooms had already
appeared in his father's field.
Several from Manning will witness
the game of base ball between the
Charleston professionals :~nd the Sum
ter amateurs, on the ground of the
latter this afternoon.
The TnES. on the outside, eontins
the news of the week past in a sus
cinct, intelligent frmi. It is worth
the full subscription price, $1.30
Rev. S. E. Bishop filled the pulp)it
of the Presbyterian church here last
Sunday morning and evening. Both
services were well attended. Rev.
James McDowell preached Sunday in'
The Manning Academy exhibition
this evening, will no doubt b3 inte.-1
esting to the large audieeepected.
The principa d t~ Academy have
M~ff'athy of their friends, in their
failure to procure the Court House.
A G-atling gun, shooting 300 times
a minuterhas been received in Chtarles
ton, for the use of the Fourth Briadme
The commanding officer says it will
be used only in emergencies.
The Abbeville XJediumi has a re-,
markable facility for "getting up lo
cals." Its last issue contained more
than three columns of this matter
closely printed. Can't y-cu let us in
to the secret of your success, brother
editor ?
A match game of base ball was play
ed last Friday between the Santeces of
Orangeburg county, and the Panola
club, on the ground of the-latter. The
Tuos correspondent at Pauola has
promised -a spirited account of the
game for next week.
The civilized world is about evenly
*vid3ed between intelligence and ig
noranee. Unfortunately, however.
the unlearned in their blind conceit
conceive that they have all the wisdom,
and thus the confusion arises.
Mr. T. H. T. CJoullette, near Panola,
sa to this office a bunch of head
~wheat. The wheat hams been ex
amined by good judges and dec-lared
Ito be very fine. The heads were
gathered from a five acre field.
Franklin J. Moses, has been par
doned from the penitentiary of Mas
sachusetts. It is hard and humiliat
ing to recognize in this convie-t and
degraded human being, an Ex-Gov
ernor of South Carolina.
Manning is not without its share of
what the world is pleased to call gen
iuses. During the editor's a.bsence
the other day a gentleman of this ex
ceptional class called at his office
and displayed his talent for imnprovis
iation in the following lines, found on
the office table :
The Editor,s away
At work or at play?
Work he has none,
For his day's work is done;
So, what the deuce is he doing ?
Nothing at all.,
And that's all
Nearly all
pim 'ib pum.i -c1. (UYaVe
W\ete'rn srVyo, whIit ti it al' t
corcn i 1 redlA ead.
cMor. T. Adm WaI wI in o
radiat In i in as
unr, ihe rcm det~' viad of p"To
InI theT I d an1 ear"y a.
On nxtThursay ever:iug th
th e jm t, t'Ol il
P es 11 as . Cari, it
Thn Couof v Ct 'm s-rs ofiSu
h-r, hatve . nremnyppr
haio wd2 ol n lg p11y r in
L.ml ie:C;n 1of trherd -lir hearwi
nn. Nr olueo pa w: evce reciro
e aeat other Work 't h:
be n don grti' I dIs. t )1,6.
C X, th i '.has stndome Nt ind
lanoger oa r c. WV. Sot 0.t ilarvin*
Ws fod ba at smtis nilw
jail. one demorei lthec w a Se -
'len shd crushe hi heA wid
ae or ohe havy piece of iro
The fate of pour Rex i too gocd (fo
tnae misereanto
A horrii-le discery in B'
Count-, Ga., h.as jut com- to lih
Itred. a - repaur : i'ny n
mother. a neg1ro girl of 20, u a h1
DNw b)"rn1 baba , wichl was 'afo"1-rwvar:
devoured by swie She is IN h
jail. Shed clares the child as Ia
When she buried it.
The Bridgete warotver that o t C
LvnRiver whfeich ts divies Clfren
dol and Darlingston, po und t
or' t se0 "on' ncotrol of het bcusn
It is a large bride and cos a coush.
rable amout of m oy to keeli p ;e of
paire. Recent repais havebei
made on it, and J1 une tha I1st. T:e
missionrs .of toe resp counti.C
met, and recnivad i. It i
good and safe con lition.
Weather judge s declared last Thuars
day to be the waries day of thsa
son. Baefore the sm d iCeared Fri
day te- asserted tgi t dlay wis ti
a'mest. Saturd,'ay wa - w'armer still
and Sunday was pronounced th<
warmes: day ofall. -Now whceh Wa
te the wartst dlay ?
The pcoet BUrans prayed for twe pow
or to see "ourselves; a-; '.hrse U-1.
Our face wouald Vh hid undler at bushe
ti could re get a glimpse oif ou
faurts through the same m.ni
asd usedt by our fellow citeiis.
Raive Sprn::s d oMitpodence i
he m w C-ar.May N 31st: ;
ev. tr eY. ni esgilte, nC
suniay imuori. an -vnng ti
trbale thatrholl be of ur pas
on. Duri mnth rosuced tb
Rige of tF. atilliams wholasgo
bak to theirgin. teLae i
A~ nelw soieeri of posarg staip
wer pu u teon the resrt ofst
Teher eomnaNt'isar o two, founi
Acdev esTe h of tF ornklys
iseetdfor the tone centic stmp amh~
bedm hel :Ti hrave ben orir habe beot-o
telyse. The enrlsino the nxet
ses ill uniorm. .~Ci ~Ll-d
Thuroa Sit, noyed the' pesur,
anderunhedpathoe Sofl Mr.ibit11
thowen~s l. Durnd the proess~ e h
ingoneo the seat.resivoutri
and uneptedlys pndebed r o ;
boa fo te ot~ f the Lke~0 lwt
whi mch o to threrct of flu
tages anatons o the Maiminxe
been end~ Thurschiy monng asb
rfsd. I eenseg(cuee, the ero
is wi ome on~ Wednesda mn
hared a hnihsinea ofa eo
aftuerad-theachoolExhiit im
tec, nd nig adu to soit cek
brtion he arroed.apsoadwi
The Tist iws iebed. the :4.
Reiod forci thefloing ide.ic ouro
whouh istee tist inottlligc o D
Stagger's.msa ht ce h
oMlre. "r.Rn J. Maried Sdd(-rs,
Caredon, County, was acelua
shot ithpisol a fw nc5das ago1
hnis omedinthatscut.H i
ofChares ton spnt .thegaton wi
ofce and lbeingr abou ws vst an tia
nenofthe arrie apistol, and whiLe~
goin dowste n the sate Hrpe anti
Theitd ws icagd the bal .:VIOwnu
mereg sverism- not th'oht tio bh
angrous. tv ~ \ljev ;1l~
ar.au Fred Run,~ fisdid* sudden
Charst ou, laest riday. tHe wa rais
edai hi cun N.wher hue has o
ieand ak lag nubCf cuan
ance on fvwh meniertone fr hi:
the kines Gproa Cigar Th e
"Thke ondecasedtwhileinot a&nCui
V q*
m:0 e sea r . u -u~n.
r l . 1
- In .'
b - -- i:-amte) t h si e, -
t ~~~ -:.h irt -, throw
. CA mv . :1 f-., and
17 .1
-o' I .'-m 1.- let
t . A . .u., L -s snstained
k : 1 : 1, n 1;- Ln - t r:
t . mi 1, CL y.:i o11 mn ity a prom
nnt, ha~~~ra parotc it'z7r.
-. I.- u :. ~e t., the- atlkted tatuily
of ou. 1)-e:sed rothr, wur dee-pest syml
pathy- :mdlodoec in :bi.s greav~t and sore
- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '1 Ln n n:er urnin i mtoH mWho
-verr l,. a Faher
-. . y-. :owah e n to the- wi low.
h 1 S ? s:L yd i o n:ory,
to th f ai ily and 7 it. in ,b "n
nli S iver l'ator will rid you
of Dispt if, p-. IdacL-. C* ontipation, and
o - n s. I: w l ak up chi?(li5 and fe
Snd pre-cent their rcturn, and is a cow
kt r17 % l h in 1 poi?on vet
v ya 'ill ' . at>11.-d at the good
frm Faire Store.
) DANL -y OWN, Proprie{vo.
P-~ g -n q -7rw .ptV
r?81jTbiF S tA
222 King Street,
Charleston, S. C.
j~ 0
.> Ton Wn1ou Se'izm,
lien Levers. s..-el Pteabz, Bcras
r - Kveni Re1 Scale. For free price li
- eelonm t!is par-r and addrs
In~ th Prbte Court.
--I ..\: .i F. C.iLDL'VLL - Ex
O t~ga ae-11 i rsns l1vi.
elai s agin ' tl a P Es u-e ill irea
them" dit 'ttLted, aw thO-Im in i-it--I to it
-l will nnk- paymnti to Sgrytue & Le . Att sr
nevs at 1Law No. 7 BIrval .St. Ch~arlesten S.
R. R. UXG S. C
8 - ______________
-o Th P .. ot.. Iarn:
, 'a 'h Ag.nt 'o te'i l
, (an t. o t ez- so \~nig Adcm
fuc eil?A tte ntion. gien tc cildren.
MO~NiN, . C.
To The Ptplei'tlrnPdEn
I am th( gn orteCl
ebrated*VK.- W ct
Corn\ MillsY
Shaftng, tc.i
the Fctor PaestI-wllb
b. l o;. '~s Tjaco t
.. j::. r o . .. Ci~ lioi '
. - . ;.. 7 Colk .v
A' FL,
M\VENSran!:>i to.,
*iii .1 AP0L C..:Tiir.AS. C
- ,. . 1 C .
eim : A ni
1'*lit.' :1 id Tjoihet Al'iVes,
) teit MedticiIr-S.
.al'm evthiNg tily .a-pt in a Fe
CWe Defy !
( ur 'ico~s are as~ LOW es
e: f (-hale.ton or Sumter, or any
Pai110, 1, Ar GiRs.
4-iking at ti hI vIe pIricS.
TheC Bet 5 Cents Cigar in
A Sure and Complete Cure fr
r ever3 a1. yi
Live r pintr, etc.
-.- uis a.nc p.as
Y"Je, Prescriptins carcfully comA
"oaned bt da Oilr; night. a; 's
J. G DINKINSw&e a0
F. N,. Wilson,
Notice to Creditors.
Corrrr oF CL~AmNos.
Thte i Le gi t5iat all persons
ing~~i claims!i eaainsit the. estit of G. Allen
I~n:in,. dle...1-3 w.iLp-s.nt them'i an7ly
,>ved to th::udrigead vr n
nidebted to siaid estate will ake payment
Notice to Creditors.
C-xr or -., :.
Ntice is that all persons
mvingt1 cain li n te esltlat ofv ctan
CF.es N.e~e, Wil rsnimdl
7s, and all U . AAN.n indb- tA sai es
ate will maake paynat.1 to
Thics luc- iii c- , lati; persons8
c, A Wof 2G.Ale
w:1 l%'LtJ -'0U d
t7 p er .-- -- -
Sir.1 n a 1-ltes l m- St. Louis,
Ms apoi J. G. l)'hiN' Co. of
.lNoNti, t. C.. a .e fors lbrt
ed '.:eTA S ect ab - Cad FrEii.e
1r m:3- in~ Spctc By av p-roper con
strue'n *of the L ens ap.:rson purebas.ing a
mir of these N un-Chanable Glatsses never
Im: to .-iange' thiee Ga'zes f rom the eyes,
an ' .. ery p: . puch I are guarnte,
sot~ti .hvee le i~ thec eyes (no mat
te how C rut' or tated thle Lenses are)
th~ lifri 1'Mpat with a new pair
has a full o" ortent. and invite all whlo
wiht 'aif the seve of the great supe
r~or~iv e th.: .- G aseover any and all oth
r now in m~. call and examine the saime
.r. ;. DrNK TNS & CO.,
Druggiss and1 Opticians,
u,.xszo,-. C
I selectctd irc-sii f?,ni the .11ci;-~ ~ ~ "
pnoservej1 in periectlcl.. ahi s beXA(.vel '~A~ at~.li
f;: 11ible ns a 1Ee.ti aiv. mitt pcerk:, *ifo u v I S~X 11111, 1;1tt
stanida-d o' texcvehhrcc.
X. '. SIN L L DO Si~ r- -I!' or i YVuV '
qslkinrg Ill Nvhat liqulor l.d 1 i ' 1)., yoo t'* T 'W iCi
amid the 'z( ~'~ (". C RA'- W\f. 'jr I1:
foilly taestcol it, h if-' 1,... -,r rf iuCd of i . or lid1 ".7~ h
SICA "eriOr tO 'I !'. o:e 1 b"ir (I I I e
Sr Jt. 14 !I
The IFintei4 Liqjuors, Segi:U~ iJA 412DJ01:1C,""), DI)'cl:(.-4(ial
T IiE 3 1A"N LNG SALOON. 14(.nretn rc>
Candiles_. and Cnetoeis
M":m KE_ mc
La"dles'l cand M12stses' ,1TA M 1-N!~ GO Gk
Mi r s. Ee" dw a r ds " ISYPAE
Avrt ii( oll ' th( Chi (' t n pot ' io
v en abfi e ~s Blu U.aF"
- 3-IfLad( of iesol
Ei ven IA 1 lg( 1:-PdIntQ'l to I 1ic.'-c. ')L Mw"vv v wilib 1 .
funded. lot zide byN IgLoe , eT"
UL 0, E
Cd S< -h dale.
TR.U INS G;1ING- 5u it 1.
-'. 15, No. 2:;. No. 27.
Dated May 1st, 18S7. 0ld N-. 42. O1 No. 1. O"! No. -10.
Leave Floreiic ............ 0 r . 59 . 1 A. S.
Leave Kingstree ............ 7 ::7 p. x. 8 04 2 30 "
Leav e Lanes................ . 081 25 5 "
Arrive C mieston........... 3 " 1 0 " ; 5
No 53 rius so dilyI exup 1mibyl :u No. 5-)S-n,:: only ron Clumia t
Charleston. via Smuter an d Lune- avn 3nn la 5.7 p.m a r rimen ..15 p m.
T i:'.k1NS ( a >NO IM .
01 N. 7. O1d 0N. 43. Old1 'No. -15.
Lave Charls.ton.............
L"ave Lanc., ............... - 50 . . 8 1, " j5 "
L:ave Kingstre... . 3 10 . :.. 1 3 " ' 3
Arrive Flor.nce ............ 1 2-S " 7 5f) "
No. G con nects at IiloC rece w'thtcain fromI 'o La ibo an all os. I D 'ItS OU C 'Z. and
C . S. rlalroadls.
No. 52 leOaveS Chrlrsto n ily. -p.T 'ny. 7 N .. 31.. fn 1 rns solid to Columbi
via Lannes and Sumter. ar iVn 1umbia 10 -.5 A. M. -No. Si leaves Charleston nuday
anly alt 8.45 A. M.. ariving Colmzubia 1 W0 I'. M.
Nos. 15, 23 and 27 make conrection at Ahiy Junction vith C. & S. R. R. for Savar:al
and Florida points.
Nos. 78. an.1 Y5 rin s;!id to Wi NCin. N. C, ming close onn:'ction with W .
W. R. R. lor Norfolk, referburg, iu'n, Was. gton .v'liore, Pisaalphia, Nev
York, and aI point Nort
J. R. KETT, JN ) . DV T A .O.
Sup't 0.n. GZfn I N'n. I P:7 . \l .
Z, rr A~i- 7.
*4: JL c
5. FL
Registration Notice. . r A . C Ti
13 rEcra SR:Et:T, Carliveton, 6. C.
I will be at the Court Honse (Clerk's - Sol A FoP
fice), the first Moudy in every month, to 'T.1\:E'S DIXIE IL OUGHS,
allow persons coming of age since the IIt. W.i PLOUGHS
election to Register and to attead to other A IUY . SON'S PLErGTI,
official bnsiness.A D iITO'S.
. P. HOLLADAY, Iron 3Harro xnd Cultivators, Ro nian
Supervisor of R1cgstasit in, (lrendon.. l': Sc5, Washbune M '
Countv. P. 0. addr,_ss. Panela, S. C. i s ' n i. , (las
Pll 5. .rS ad Eapner.
F o li m B r o s , 1 r. , T1OLS
Ma.un.::.urd in Favettevill.. N. C. Everv
Tobolutsly v-r;-un-ted cnd
IA R L E;0'S Y, S. . i broken wvil i
: : 5. o r -c a h d . i t
TorACCO, CIT.s Pk,':re
Sole agents for the celebrated
brands of tobacco
iooc Iran. Hors. and Male ShoW
an.1 Tiaware. Comar-: Mos. Miers
To,', Cnlrv, 61ns and Sport
1) x i in" Ar ticle s.
vv;Pric'sme on applic::tion.
llW! I E.
1W1. F .issworlrr, SamBtSr. S. C.
11. S. ::ami, M rN', S. C.
M ai11g, S . C.
Ge orge W, Steffens,
[Esan.ID I832.i wrHO1.E.S.U.E GRiOeEn
17 &.? W.at Day, Chlarle:.tar, S C.
'.-nt for t::. ('iaytosn &: Russel L3a
LOUIS CO!REN & CO, I es and iX. celbr.d road cart"~c
Dry and Fancy Goods dicaa, ate & Co.
234 King Street,.........Charleston, S. C.. JOBBERS 0OF
Any orders intrur~ted to me, wxillireceive Div G oods, Notions, Clothing,
my; b)est personial attention. Pries.. and '2,28 n-30cItn t
saluples cheerfuleI soint on application. ,...2.22an 23 Mctn'S
Sciatica, Scratches, contractea
Lutnhago, Spraiins, Muscles,
Eheumatism, Strains, Eruptions,
Burns, Stitches, Hoof Ail, -
Scalds, "Stif' oints, Screw
Stings, Backache, WOrs,
Bites, Gails, Swiney,
Brhises, Sores, Saddle Gal'.
Bnions, Spavin Piles.
Corns, Cracks.
accomplishes for everybody exactly what isclaimt i
for t. One of the reasons for the great popularity ,
tho Mustang Liniment is found In Its univeria
applicability. Evorybodyneedssuch amediclh..
The Lumberman needs It in case of accident.
The Ilousewife needs It for generalfamnly: .
Thc Canaler needs It for histeamsand his mc.
4The Mcchanic noeds It always on hi W:
Th e ine needs It In case of emergency.
The Pioncerneedsit-can'tget alongwithout
The Far:er needs It In his house, his stat:..
and his Stock yard.
The Steamboat man or the Boatmanjee::.s
It in libelr.1upply afloatand ashore.
The orse-fancier needs it-It Is hisdbC:'
fricrad and sWfest reliance.
The Stock-arower needs it-it wll save LMi.
thousannds of dollars and a world of trouble.
The R ailroad man needs It and will need I: r
long az his lfte is a round of accidents and danger...
The Bach woodsman needs it. Thereisnot.:
in; lIke It as an antidote for the dangers to1i.
limb and comfort which surround the pioneer.
The Merchant needs it about his store amr -
his cmployees. Acc1dents will happen, and wfi
thece como the iustang T.iniment Iswanted aton.7.
Keep a Bottle in the House. 'Tisthe best
K cep a Bottle in the Factory. ItuImmedib
use in cse of accident saves pain and loss of wasg. t
Keep a. Bottle Always In the Stable fa
neo when wanted.
FIst Line L.hveen CH.uLssO Am
CoY a.k.nl Uma SOTrr1 C.Ulol.
Gr_ W ir Goixo EA--.
7.20.t. .. Lv.r on S. C. Ar. 9.10 P.
140 :nces, " "7.45
133.40 ~ r. om!bia, Lv j5.27"
.42 p. .. innbo4ro, " "'3.48"
- i4 449 t:r ' " |2 .4 5 A
7.1 -- . e " ' 7.00
..; " " 2.02 P !i
15 14notte. N. C. " 1.00
N2- . . .NvGr-,S C. Lv 3.04 rx
4.47 a: - .4'ron " 10.22
.:5 " .r nviil. "' " 9.45
-1.10 " " ' ee " ' , 11.05"
7.1 " " Henderson'i N 7.00 1.
Un Iunday traiu vnl- le1.ave --etn
SC. .5 A. 31,arv Columbi~a 1.
fl :e:rin i--v Columbia 5.27 P. i.
s.:ii Tdne e , Charleston aind Co':
ma~. ::. . 4.e a1 Paror CarIs attached to
this trn 11 4:a Charlston and Colun,:
b'.N xtra charge for seat in the'ed.
e:r to Lssngr iholing First Class tich:
T. M. EstzasoN,
Gen'1 Pass. Agent
Wholesale Druggist, Nos. 131 & 133
3Ieigstreet, Charleston, S. C.
Dealer in Dru:gs, 2yodicines, Foreig:d
Sprs .UrYL:.lbes, Essential Oils, Sul -
.:ca Istr:nents, Perfumery, Fane.y
Goods SHO-tW CASES, of all size -
4 nd4 all aiees usually found in ie
1.,.4 rs-lass Dr:: House. Prices low
eI les aC :nd small profits.
servi s inth:2.l jaLcent cuntics as
La~snervyasand illfaithfully executo
wheverwerb m . beetrusted to him.
3 nS. C., March' 10, 18S7.
T one and Durability.
Ist New Orlei~n3 Exposition--Two Gois
LJisfor Upright and Square.
1 L-- tl; t 'n Mnlas.) Exposition-Firsi
1 ic ! r Squnare Grand.
1s---r.-is Expo;ition-For Square anta
iT-him 1hia C ntenniail-For Square;
An~d also over
at Stiate an~d County Fairs.
T*. *iendemnt of over 100 differedi
C 1ll 1 and Scools as to their durabilit::
A larg art ment of Sr~cosn-HAND Pn :
as :.wa- 41n h:and. General wholes.
"~-m r P alace. New England and DB:
Pin (un afgas sola on easy monthbj
P"osI tn in exchangie, also thorough,:
ly rt:.ied. SR nd for Illustrated Piano ot
9 N. Liberty Street,
n~aJmmiore a

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