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Wash and be Clean.
Three thousand cakes Railroad Soap.two
cakes for 5c. This soap is the same size
and the same shape as the famous Octagon
soap and the ladies like just as well. 1his
is certainly the greatest value we have ever
offered in soap.
Iwelve hundred cans of the famous Star
Lye very cheap. One thousand cakes of
the famous Electric Cleaner Soap, in 1t-lb.
eakes, only 5c per cake. Five hundred
packages Pyle's Pearline very cheap. Five
hundred packages Gold Dust at 5c package.
One hundred 4-lb. packages of Gold Dust
at 25c per package. Fifteen hundred bars
of the famons Octagon Soap, 4c per cake.
One gross of the famous Lana Oil Butter
milk Soap, 10c per cake, or three cakes for
25c. One gross of Fairbank's famous Fairy
Floating Soap, only 5c per cake. One gross
of Fairbank's famous .Jar boap at oc per
cake. One gross of Graham's Flocida Toilet
Soap, only 5c per cake, sold in many places
at 10c. Fifteen hundred pounds of the
best Lump Starch at 5c per pound, or six
pounds for 25c.
In short, we know that this is the season
when housekeepers must use a great deal
of soap, lye and starch and we want them
to know where they can get it good and
Yours truly,
Notice is hereby given
that no advertisements will
be hereafter changed in this
paper where the copy is
brough+ in later than Sat
urday noon.
Miss Barnett of Sumter is visiting her
cousin, Miss Annie Loryea.
Rev. James McDowell and wife have re
turned home from Presbytery.
Mrs. J. F. Bradham who has been ex
tremely ill, is somewhat better.
Window Glahs, siz.s. R. 1U. Loryea.
the druggist.
Mrs. R. 0. Purdy of Sumter, spent yes
terday with friends in Manning.
Died last F'aturday, Clarence Jayroe scn
( Mr. and Mrs. Hewson Jayroe, aged 18
Gov. Ellerbe continues to be confined to
his home, and his friends are very anxious
about him.
Brockinton has a full line of spectaeles.
and can fit young or old eies. Try him.
The Manning Guards will get into the
reorganized militia, as they have the neces
sary number.
Mrs. J. F.Geiger of Lexington is in Man
ning on a visit to her sons, Drs. C. B. and
J. F. Geiger.
Died last night, Margaret Williams aged
82 years. The deceased was the mother of
Mr. S. C. Williams.
All kinds of 'paints, Oils and Varnishes.
R. B. Loryea, to druggist.
Editor C. W. Wolfe has a card in another
column that we would be glad if our read
ers will give consideration.
Mrs. F. H. Hyatt and children of Colum
bia is at the Central Hotel, visiting her
brother, Mr. C. W,. Eendall.
-Rev. J. 0. Gough went to Charleston last
week to con duct a series of services. He
was taken sick, but is now better.
Agency for Longman and Martinez pre
pared Paints. R. B. Loryea, the druggist.
Mrs. Sallie D'Ancona, who has been visi
ting her mother Mrs. Hannah Levi left this
morning for her home in Chicago.
Clarence B. Smith, formerly a member
of the Columbia State's staff has been ap
pointed a Lieut. in the regular army.
Confederate veterans, do not forget the
meeting in Manning on Saturday, 22nd
inst. Every "old vet" that can should be
Everybody likes good perfumery. Dr.
Brockinton has a full supply of all kinds
and can please you.
Mr. R. L. Jones, a son of Hon. George
R. Jones, left this morning for Nashville,
Tenn., to attend Draughon's Practical Bus
iness College.
Mr. 0. E. Webber has secured a position
with a large lumber company at Hub, N.
C., and he left last Sunday to take charge
of the company's store.
M,.jor Abe Levi will soon begin the erec
tion of a fine residence on lircoks street.
We have seen the plans and if they are
fully carried out he will have the finesi
house in town.
Whben you ask for Dr M A Simmons
Liver Medicine, see that you get it and not
some worthless imitation. Sold by Dr WV
M Brockinton.
Married by Rev. T. J. Clyde, at the resi.
dence of the bride's father, in the city o:
Sumter, on the evening of the 4th inst..
Mr. F. A. Felder of Felders and Miss Eve
Smith, a daughter of Mr. W. P. Smith.
Died vesterday morning at her home
about two miles west of Mlanning, Mrs
Lee Touchberry Bodiford, wife of Mr. J
H. Boitord. The deceased was about 3(
years of age and had been married ks
than a year.
Parties dtesiring to secure lodging it
Charleston during the -'reunion" had bet
ter write now, aud make their arraage
ments before the excursions begin. TJhe
railroad fare from Manning will be $1.55 tc
Charleston and return.
Derangements of menstrual functions
produce m iscarriage. Simmons Squaw Tint
wine or Tablets correct the derangements.
Sold by Dr WV M Brockinton.
Through an oversight on the part of the
editor, the advertisement for the sale of the
Institute property did not appear at the
proper time, therefure the sale cannot take
place next salesday, as was ir.tended, but i1
wiul take place s~desday in June.
Governor Ellerbe appointed the townshi p
commiissioners for taiis county in Febra.
ary, and as required by law the Secretarl
of State sent the list to the Clerk of Court
We will, as soon as space permits, pubbsl
the hst for the benefit cf those who bavt
been appointed.
The census taker will soon be around, a:
yet,the district and township appointment:
have not been made, but we expect soon t<
receive information regarding the matter
and when we do,we shall give the informa
tion as to how and when to apply for posi
tion, and what the positions pay.
Menstruation made regular and paliClsJ
and pains in sides, hips and limbs cure<
by Sin~nmons Squaw Tine Wine or 'Tableta
Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
Elsewhere will be read thle advertise
ment of Miss Sallie E. McDonald of Sum
ter. This lady keeps a first-class muili
nery establishmient, and she invites tli
trade of Clarendon to visit her store. .\is
McDonald is not a stranger to the ladics c
Clarendon aind with her facilities we knos
that her stock is kept to a high standard.
A torpid liver causes depression of spit
its, in digestion, constipation, headache
UselDr M .A Simmons Liver Medicinec
stimulate that organ. Sold by Dr WV 3
Where does all the cash conie from?
Louis Levi was so busy selling goods that
be hardly had the time to mark the goods
he was opening and it was the same vath
Kendall. Jenkinson and Rigby. but we
cannot say that all of our merchacts shared
in the busy whirl; some spent their time
wondering" where all the cash comes from.
One of our new advertisers is ho well
pleased with the effect of his advertisement
that he qait talking to !t customer last SAt
urday night to let us ksnow that 1 has a1l
ready felt the dile:rence in his cash trade.
His store wa crowded all day Saturday and
his deuosit in the bank on Monday was
the heaviest he has made this season frcm
the sale of goods. Ilereafter that merchant
will solicit us for space. We speak of Mr.
J. W. McLeod.
The Second South Carolina Regiment,
now encamped at Augusta, will be mus
tered out about the 20th. Company D is
commanded by W. C. Davis of Manningt,
but outside of the officers there are not
over twenty men in the company from
Clarendon. If Captaizi Davis could bring
his company home with him and keep it
organized Clarendon would have a mili
tary company to boast of, but when these
boys get out of service there will be no
more military for them, at least for awhile.
Mothers wishing stout healthy gils
should give them Simmons Squaw Vine
Wine or Tablets as they approach puber
ty. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
There is such a thing as being in the
fashion these days at a very little cost. J.
L. David & Brother of Charleston have an
advertisement in another column and we
can truthfully say they are thoroughly re
liable and will talke pleasure in taking any
o1 our readers through their immense stock
of clothing, bats and gent's furnishings.
They have the finest clothing store in the
city, and their tailoring department is one
of the largest in the South. We hope cur
readers, when in Charleston, will give them
a call.
Does your house need paint? If so, send
at once to that old and reliable firm of W.
E. Holmes & Co.. who have been supply
ing the people with paints, oils and glass
for many years and have always given sat
isfaction. There is no house in Charleston
better known to the people of this county
than W. E. Holmes & Co. Their house is
on East Bar and when in the city go to see
them. Mr. A. H. Breedin, their represent
ative, lives in Manning and he will be de
lighted to give you an estimate for paints.
He is an expert and takes pleasure in serv
ing his patrons.
Used during expectancy, Simmons Squaw
Vine Wine or Tablets cheer and strengthen
mother, shorten labor and rob confinement
or its terrors. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
The Armour Packing Company have at
last discovered the existence of Manning,
and they have sent agents here to make
this place a distributing point for their
meats. This is a great advantage to our
merchants as it gives them a direct connec
tion with the Western slaughter houses,
and will be a great saving in freight. By
making this a distributive point, meats
will be shipped here in bulk and in un
broken cars and delivered to dealers with
the same advantages that cities have. Our
merchants can thus save the profits of bro
zers and thereby give their castomers the
' The editor is in receipt of a letter from
Charleston informing him that Mrs. Otto
lengui has consented to take about ten
lady boarders for the "reunion." This is
a firne opportunity for a party of ladies to
make arrangements for a home during
their stay in the city. Mrs. Ottoieuj'i
residence is at 126 Wentworth strtet and is
about five minutes' walk from the au-lito
rium. We would a.!;'ise any of our ladyv
friends contemplating a visit to the city for
the reunion, to communicate with Mrs. Ot
tolengui at once, and those who succeed
in making arrangements may consider
themselves fortunate in securing so pleas
ant an abode. Address "Board," 126 Went
worth street.
Malaria cannot find a lodgment in the
system while the Liver is in perfect order.
r M A Simmons Liver Medicine is the
best Regulator. Sold by Dr W M1 Brockin
The trial of the Like City lynchers was
commenced last Monday. Two of the par:
ties charged were dropped from the list of
defendants and are to be used as witnesses
for the government. Their names are
Early P. Lee and Joseph P.Newham; they
admitted being connected witi the crime
and 'haying participated in it. They
turned State's evidence and by this means
they escape trial; the case against them
was nol prossed by the District Attorney.
The names of the parties put on trial are
Martin Ward, W. A. Webster, Ezra Mc
Knight. Henry Stokes, Henry Godwin,
Moultrie Epps, Charles D, Joyner, Oscar
Kelly, Marion Clark, Alonzo Rodgers and
Edwin M. Rodgers.
We call the attention of our readers to
the advertisement of Mr. J. W. Heriot, the
grocer and baker. This establishment is
filling a need in this community. Mr.
Heriot keeps a line of groceries not usu
ually handled by those who handle general
mercandise. His line is family supplies
and in his store will the housekeepers find
those many little things that are needed to
prepare the delicacies which are requisite
to make a nice meal. Besides, Mr. Heriot
keeps a lull line of all kinds of groceries.
He also handles a nice line of the choicest
crackers and candies. In his bakery de
partment he has an experienced baker and
the material used is the very best. TIry his
bread and cakes and you will always pat
ronize him.
Brave Men Fall.
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
troubles as well as women, and all teel the
results in loss of appetite, poisons in the
blood, backache, nervousness, headache,
and tired, listless, run-down feeling. But
there is no need to feel like that. Listen to
J. W. Gardner, Idaville, Ind. He says:
"Electric Bitters are just the thing for a
man when he is all run down, and don't
care whetber he lives or dies. It did more
to give me more strength and good appe
tite than anything I could take. I can now
eat anything and have a new lease on life.'
IOnly 50 cents, at. R. B. Lorvea's drug
store. Every bottle guaranteed. 3
P.inewood Pointers.
Pinewood, S. C., April 10.-Au itinerant
Imachinist by the name of Douglass, from
some plaice in Georgia, wvas knocked off the
railroad track at Itemini last night by the
through freight and perhaps dangerously
wounded. He was intoxicated when the
accident occurred.
Wiliam McKnight, a respectable negro
from Remini, has been appointed postmas
ter there. He has been acting postmaster
for several weeks.
Miss Alice Poole of' Sumter is visiting
Mrs. l.. Wt DesChamps near here
Miss Daisy Nash of Sumter is spending
sofie time with Miss Datisy Tindal.
Mr. Asbury Felder was married on lasi
Tuesday to Miss Smith of Sumter.
~The Kind Youl Have Always Bought
Election of Officers.
iiAt the nmeeting of the Man ning Guards
held in their armory April 8, 1899, for thi
purpose of electing offier., as advertised
the following were elected:
IW. M. Lewis, captain; F. P. Ervin, is
lieutenant; J. C. Jordan, ud lieutenant; W.
M.Young, 3 i lieutenant; C. U. Geiger, sur
geon; P. B. Wells, chaplain, F. P. Erviti
secretary anid treasurer; J. U. Giraharm, is
sergeant; W. C. Johnrson, 2 1 sergeant; J
RawlnOD, 3d sergeant; S. T. 'Tobias, en
sign, A B3. Reese, 1st corpora!; F. C. Hin
son 2d corporal; J. B. Stranget, 31 corpo
ra T. P. Ridgil], 4th corporal.
Companyi will tmeet again Saturday, May
t t4l ip. u
.B order W.. M. LrEwis,
F. P. Envisa, 1st Lient. Catain.
-Dr M A Simmtons Liver Medicine' cleatr
the complexion, gives buoyancy tot thi
,minds, cures Headache, regulates Stomach
Manning Infested Willi Thieres.
Bill Dixon, who has beconie scmewhat
notorious recently by his many alleged
ldepredations. is again in litbo on the
chaingaing with shaelies on his legs
Dixon, we unli rstand, adlits the steal
ing of Mr. Hiarviri's horse, but denies any
knowledge of the stEaing of the Bradham.r
horsi, tihe Gough buggy, or the entry i..to
the Wilkins hous-, ,sd we are inclined to
believe that others are doing devilmtrllt
about here aid Dixn is we:aring the blame.
Mr. Valter Harvin brought Dixon here
last Wednesday rigit aId lodged him in
the jail. Supervisor Owens took him the
next day to the gang where he some tin~e
ago escaped froi, and where he will now
serve out a fifteen miotiths' sentence, that is
if he does not take wings arid fly as he did
The night the Bradhaii horse was stolen
the store of Mr. Rigby waa broken into
a!so. ani the fact was ke-pt out of the paPer
by requet. hoping- by keeping quiet the
burglars might be caught easier. Suspi
cion rested on 1il D x-:n aid others, and
although Dixon protested his innocene of
that crime, the Zmt of clotbcs he lad on
when captuied was One of the stolen suits
from Rgby's store.
The first clew Rigby got of his goods was
a lot of tickets found in an empty hous-;
the tickets bore Rigby's private marks.
This enipty houe is near the house occu
pied by Beo Lrumpkin, whose wife is Dix
on's sister. Since the capture of Dixon a
pair of the Rigby shoes have been found in
the possession of the Lumpkins and both
Ben Lumpkin anl his wife are in jail,
charged with complicity in the crime.
There is no doubt about it, an organized
gang exists in this town and unless some.
thing is done to rid the community of this
gang, murder, fire and robbery will result.
Lock out on these streetN any day and
strong, hale and hearty men are constantly
loitering about; these men dress fairly
well and must live. Now how do they get
their living? They do not work and they
are not men who have incomes from busi
ness investments, so the natural presump
tion follows that they stea'. How long will
our authorities permit this thing to con
tinue? Will they wait until some good cit
izen reddens his hands with the blood of
these devils or until these fiends take the
life of a worthy citizen who attempts to
protect his own?
We are opposed to the peop:e taking the
law into their own hands; officers are
placed in position with autbcrity to exe
cute the law, and they should do it or ac
knowledge themselves unfit to perform the
duties they have sworn to perform. There
is a law against vagrancy, an-d the law has
provided a chaingang that the town can
utilize; what excuse can there be for
so many loafers? Let the council drive
these loafers from the street and they will
seek honest bread, but as long as they are
permitted to idle away their time hanging
around the stores waiting for crackers like
dogs around a slaughter house waiting for
scraps of meat, just so long will this idle
ness breed devilment, houses will be en
tered, goods stolen, incendiarism and mur
The Best in the World.
We believe Chamberlain's Coaigh Iteie
dy is the best in the world. A few weeks
ago we suffered with a severe cold and a
troublesome cor;'h. and having read their
advertisements in our uwz :tid other pa
pers we purch ised a bottlo t- see if it would
effect us. It cured us before the bottle was
miore t!an half used. It is the best medi
cine out for cold-; and coughs. The Her
aid, Andersonville, Ind. For sale by R. B.
Loryea, druggist.
Easter Elections.
St. Mark's, Clarendon, April 6.-The
Easter eiection at St. Marks church resulted
as foil.ws:
W:del-ns-A. M. Brailsford and R. C.
Vestry-H. B. Richardson, J. C. Man
ning, J. B. Richardson. R. C. Richardson,
Jr . H. B. Richardson, Jr. and A. F. Rich
ardson, Jr.
Secretary and Treasurer-R. IL Manning.
D-:legates to Diocesan Council-R. C.
Richardscon, A. M. Brailsford, J. B. Rich
ardson and J. C. Manning.
Keep Quiet
and use Chamberlain's colic, cholera and
darrhoea remedy for all pains of the stom
ach and all unnatural looseness of the bow
ela. It always cures.. For sale by R. B.
Loryea, druggist.
Chamnberlain's cough remedy has saved
the lives of thousands of croup~y children.
It is also without an equal for colds and
whooping cough. For sale by R., B. Lor
yea, druggist. (janlay
The Timred Revival.
I have been appointed agent in Williams
burg. Clarendon and Horry counties for
the Timrod Mlemorial Association. The
object of the Association is to raise funds
for the erection of a monument to the mem
ory of South Carolina's greatest poet. To
acc'mplish this a new edition of his poems
hs recently been published. Iam prepar
ei to receive subscriptions from the coun
ties above named or to give any informia
tion desired. For the sum of $1 .50 you get
an elegant copy of T'imrod's poems and at
the same time contribute towards his mon
ument fund. C. W. WoLFEx,
Kingstree, S. C.
Bear h The Kind Ylu Have Always Blught
Harmony Presbytery.
Bishopville, S. C., April 10.-The Pres
byterv of Harmony convened in the Pres
bterian church here on last Wednesday
night. In the absence of the last moder
ator the opening sermon was preached by
Rev. Dr. W. J. McKay. This presbytery is
composed of thirteen ministers and thirty
two churches. The churches were gene
rally represented and the delegates were
entrtained by the people of the town and
communty. Rev. WV. H. Mills was elected
m~oderator" and aRev. C. M. Richards read
ing clerk. Rev. W. J. McKay, D. D., and
Mr. Samuel Bradley, elder, were elected as
delegates to repiresent this presbytery at
the general assembly of the Southern Pres
vterian church. which body will convene
n Richmond, Va., in May. The presby
t.-ry adijournied Friday night, but some of
the visiting brethren remained and con
ducted services in the different churches
on Sunday.
In almost every neighborhood there is
some one whio.e life has bcen saved by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
~oa Remiedy, or who has been cured of
chronic dliarrhoca by the rise of that medi
1ie. Such persons make a point of tel
ling of it whenever opporunity offers, hop
in that it may be the means of saving oth
er lives. For sale by Rt. B. Loryea, drug
SCure LaGrippe or bad cilds or
coughs in one day by using
:?.4 Hiour h-ever ('ure
3 or
Laxative Bromo Quinine. C
2 We sell and guarantee these goods.
SR. B. LORYEA, The Druggist,
To the Public:
Believing that my training in mer
cantile pursuits has fitted me to un
dertake a mercantile business vent
ure on my own account, and having
and abiding faith in those with
whom I have spent the whole of my
life, I have decided to open up a gen
eral mercantile business in the town
of Manning,opposite the court house,
where it is my purpose to establish a
business which will give the trading
public every advantage that lifelong
experience and a thorough knowl
edge of the wants of the people can
I propose to do business upon busi
ness principles and in accordance
with the demands of progressive com
petition. I do not expect to be here
today and somewhere else tomorrow,
but I have pitched my tent in my na
tive county to stay.
In the selection of my stock I feel
sure of being able to please the most
exacting, both as to style and qual
ity, and as to quantity, there will be
no complaint on that score as the
markets of the world are open to me,
and my purchases already made will
convince a most scrutinous public
that I am prepared to meet competi
tion from whatever source it may
come, and that those who have been
posing before the people as "leaders"
may well look to their laurels, as I do
not intend to be found in the rear
rank in this mercantile battle-I am
not built that way.
On every train my stock is arriv
ing, and it comes from the very best
markets. All that I ask is for the
people to come to my store and in
spect for themselves. It will be my
earnest endeavor to bring to Man
ning a trade which has heretofore
drifted to other markets and to ac
complish this, I realize the founda
tion must be laid at the beginning
by keeping up-to-date goods at up
to-date prices.
I cordially invite the people of
Clarendon and adjoining counties to
come to my store, and if I do not con
vince them of my ability to sell them
goods at prices to induce them to
buy from me, I will acknowledge the
fault to be mine.
In this announcement I will not at
tempt to particularize any special
line of goods, but when all of my
stock has arrived I shall quote prices
which will compare with any mer
cantile house doing a legitimate bus
iness in the State. I shall not adver
tise an article at a price less than the
wholesale cost, and "be out of it"
when the purchaser calls for it; those
tricks can only work for a short time
and are bound to react unon those
who resort to such deceiving tactics.
This is no temporary venture on
my part; I have started this busi
ness as my life's work, and with the
advantages I am so fortunate to enjoy
I feel satisfied the people will give to
me all of the encouragement my fa
cilities and energy will merit.
I have secured the services of Mr.
Preston B. Thames and Miss Hattie
Bagnal to assist me; the former is a
man of experience and needs no in
troduction to the people of this coun
ty, and the latter is a young lady
well qualified and will make my lady
customers feel at home when they
visit my store. Respectfully,
Exacting, economical and critical buyers
included, are urgently requested to call and
ext mine our late arrivals of
New and Seasonable Styles
In Dress Goods of all kinds, Organdies.
Perales, Duck, Lawns, Vassar Checks,
Piques, Organdie Adalisque, Shirting
Prints, etc.
Our Notion line is complete for you.
Men's and Boys' Straw and Crash Hats, the
latest go, from 10c up.
Our shoe department is complete with~
the latest styles and at prices to suit the
most exacting buyers. Prices from 65c 'np.
Ladies' and Children's Oxfords, black
and tan, to suit and please.
Gent's Negligee Shirts, in the latest e .1
ors an d styles, from 25c up. We can suit
your taste and pocket-book almost always.
Just arrived, a beantiful line of Flower
Pots an d Jardinieres.
Our Clothing Department is full of bar
gains for you. Come and let us show you
what we can do for you in this line. It
costs nothing to look and examine.
Knives and Forks, Hatchets, Saws, Chis
els, Files, Plows and numerous other arti
ces, too numerous to mention, at prices
that will surprise you. Come and be con
We allow no one to undersell us in pure,
fresh goods. Our Grocery department is
stocked with the choicest and best goods
that money can buy. We not only aim to
keep the best, we do it.
'rry us for good qualhty, honest weight
and low p1ice; you will get it.
Remembher that we are headquarters for
everything kept in a general merchandise
Also remeimber that we defyv com petition
and guarantee satisfaction of every p.ur
chase made of
Yours truly,
High Class
Made-to-Order Suits,
Pants and Overcoats.
Suits to Measure, $6.00 and upward.
Pants " 2.00
Overcoats " 6.oo "
Choicest Fabrics
Latest Effects
at prices never known before. Senc
me a postal and I will call on you
with samples.
32-am] Manning, S. C.
Is to sacrifice every article at an Extremely Low Price and get
the money that is tied up in so large a stock. By reading the
prices given below will convince you that we propose to do that.
We offer you the following goods at prices named until they
are all sold:
A large lot of Cashmeres and Henriettas at New York cost.
Organdies, all shades and colors............... 5e and up.
Scotch Lawns.......................... 3e and up.
Calicoes. ................................... ... 3e and up.
Duck, in all shades and colors.... ............. 7e to 10c.
Check Homespun........................ 3je to 5c.
White and Red Damask Table Cloth.......... 22c to 75c.
A good 36-inch Bleach....................... 4Jc to 5c.
Table Oil Cloth................................ 15c.
A splendid Spool Cotton, 200 yards to spool, as
good as Coats' 2 spools................. .. 5c.
We have the most complete line of Shoes in town. You can
buy from us a good Brogan, solid bottom, at only 85c.
Ladies' Slippers, from 40e to $2.50.
Children's Shoes, all sizes and prices.
Clothin g.
We only ask you to come and inspect our immense stock of
Clothing to convince you that, for the cash, we are offering the
best values in Clothing that the people of Clarendon have ever
A nice Spring Suit............. ..... .........$3 50
A Grey Flannel Wool Suit...................... 4 00
A Blue Flannel Wool Suit............................ 3 85
A go6d Wool Suit... . ........................... .. 2 00
Bring the boys with you, we can fit them at any age and give
you a good Suit from 50c up.
We can actually down New York on Shirts. All sizes.
A good Outing Shirt..................... ..... 12ie
A good Negligee Shirt.... ..............-- -...18 c
A splendid full size Shirt ....................... 35 c
A Full Dress Shirt, sold elsewhere at $1.25; we only
ask .............. .............. .........75 c
We have just opened up our Spring Hats and can give you as
low prices as anyone. Come and see them.
Odds and Ends.
A 10-piece Chamber Set... . ............ $1 95 and up.
A 3-piece W ater Set........ ................. 75
A good 8-day Clock............. ....... 1 50
Warner's and R. & G. Corsets at prices never as low before.
Men's Drawers......................... 15e and up.
Our line of Groceries is complete and we can make you prices
to suit the hard times.
We are agent for Ballard's O elisk Flour and always keep a
fresh supply on hand.
A good barrel of Flour........................ $4 00
Cock Robin Tobacco, 35e by single pound, or 32c in 10-pound
Fine Coffee. ...--............................ 10c pound.
Bring us the cash and we will satisfy you before you leave
our store.
J. W. Mc LEOD.
There is a time for everything, but any and all
Stimes is the time to buy First Class Goods and the
SLatest Styles from US so as to save money.
And more suited to the wants and needs of the
Strading public than ever before. Our store is jam
Smed and packed from floor to ceiling with new goods
Sthat were bought right and goods that will suit any
Staste of fancy and pocket-book.
Special attention is directed to our immense line
Sof New Sprmng Dress Goods, which includes''every
Sthing that a lady or child wears.
Here is a small list of a few things out of the
Sthousands on which we stand on the top round of the
Black Skirt Goods of every kind, ranging from
z12 1-2c to 75c.
Fruit of the Loom Bleaching, 5c.
Shirt Waist Prints, 3c.
500 yards Pants Cloth, 5c.
4,000 yards Organdy, worth 15c, for 9c.
1,000 yds Cottonade for pants,worth 15c, for 10c a
1,000 yds " " " 18c, for 12c 3
1,000 'yds "" " 20c, for 14c z3
.500 papers Pin at 1c; 100 papers Needles at 1c.
1,000 papers Ihair Pins at 1c.
500 good Lead Pencils, with rubber, Ic each. 3
500 " " without rubber, 3 for 1c, 3
500 Slate Pencils, 5 for 1c.
300 lbs Ball Thread, 2 balls for 1c.
1,000 spools Thread for le spool.
10,000 Fish Hooks, 10 for 1c.
10,000 Marbles, 10 for 1c.
~00 Folding Fans, 1c each.
500 Pencil Tablets. 1c each.
12 sheets Writing Paper for 1c.
A good Window Shade, 10c; a good Curtain
SPole with all the fixtures, any color, 1 9c.
A whole house full of goods cheaper than you
ever heard of before. Comei and see us. Your in
Sterest is ours.
We now have in stock one of the largest lines of Gent's, Youths' and
Boys' Clothing we have ever carried at this season of the year, and those
who come with the cash will never leave our store if they want a nice and
cheap Suit of Clothes.
Twenty-five Gent's Fine Ideal
Spring Sack Suits, from $5 to $10 are
undoubtedly the greatest bargains
ever offered in this town in Clothing.
Thirty Gent's Black Clay Wors
ted Suits, in Sacks and Cataways,
from $7.50 to $12; guaranteed to be
All Wool and will not lose color.
Twelve Suits of Famous Blue
Flannel Suits for Gent's in round and
square cut Sacks, at $8.50 and $10 per
Suit. This line of Fast Colored Suits
is well known to the public and
needs no recommendation.
VTivii Y ThTYTVyy yTyTyyyTyVyyIys yyyy ITyvy VTIT
Fine Pants.
Those who wish to buy Pants of
any kind and fail to see the immense
line we are offering will make a grave
mistake, for we have the goods.
Ten dozen Gent's very Heavy
Work Pants that look cheap at 75c
per pair, but we only ask you 50c.
We picked them up in a job.
It will certainly do you good to
see the line of Fine Worsted Pants
we are offering at $2.50, $3, $4 and $5
per pair.
We also carry a very large line of
Gent's Shirts, Collars and Cuffs and
Gent's Furnishings.
Just call and see the line of Gent's
Gauze Vests we are offering at 25c
A very nice line of Gent's Heavy Work Shirts at 25c each.
A nice line of Gent's Negligee Shirts, with pearl buttons in front, only
25c each.
Twenty-five dozen Colored Border Handkerchiefs at 5c each, or six for
25c. These handkerchiefs are sold in many places at 10c each.
Young men should see the line of Silk Bosom Shirts we are offering at
$1 each. They are certainly very stylish and very cheap.
The largest and most complete line of Gent's Collars and Cuffs in town.
Call and see the line.
We would also call the attention of the young men to the beautiful
line of Stylish Spring Neckwear we now have on exhibit in our show cases.
When you need nice, stylish Hats don't fail to give us a call, for we can
please you.
A arge line of the famous Chester
field Hats, in the latest styles, in Black
and Brown. Also a beautiful line of
Gent's and Youths' Straw Hats. Call
and see the line of first quality Maligo
Field or Sun Hats we are offering from
8c to 15e each. In short, when you need
any kind of a Hat, see our line before
you buy. We will save you money.
Then See Us Before You Buy Your Groceries.
Just before the last advance in FLOUR we purchased 900 barrels and we can sell it
at mill price. Another thing, we will guarantee every barrel to give perfect satisfaction
for the price you pay for it. Another bigsitem is, we will deliver it at any other station
in Sumter or Clarendon county at prices given below in 5 barrel lots or more. .
Bet any Flour. .nuf
BetFnyPatent Flour at. .......$4 6
Best Half Patent Fancy Flour at.... 4 30Mace
Best Straight Flour at. ..........4 00GodPrra..... 5pegos
Best Family Flour at............s.7
Good Family at................. 3 50 3l as adpcea .~ o
Rice.2l a',hn pcea . 0 o
100 lb bags, good, at.............. 3 75CandGos
Coired BilSeef,l coh, at.$1.5 gros
GritsGoast Beefo, 1lans,.......... .5 dgos
2 buhelbag, a.............1 2 lbas amndae, at.........90c doz
20 bul bags betwle, at......... ..1 10 00 dns 00cn cse$.0cs
StarchrnegarBee, 2 lb cans, at......1.1 oz5
40 lbox starmh-t..... Fancy MIaine Corn,21lb cans,at i5c, 2 for 25c
40 b oxe lrgelap, t....... 140 TobaCCO and Cigars.
Soda. w ~e cannot be undersold. Agents for
36 lb boxes pure, half lb pkgs, at. . ..4lc lb the American Tobacco Company.
See us before you buy and you will be convinced that we are selling cheaper than
others. Yours truly,
sUMTa. - -S." 0
Successors of BOYD BROS.
TEOMAS WILSON, Presid~ent.
195 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
Percival Manufacturing Co.,
Doors, Sash and Blinds,
wreting Street, - - CHARLESTON, S. C.

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