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Do You Use Tobacco I
We carry a large stock of all grades of
bacco at all seasons of the year especially
meet the wants of the farmers and we
fer our various brands at prices that can
at 1ail to irterest cash buyers, and we
iote some of our leading brands, with
ices, number and size of plug to the
)und, so our farmers will know what will
it tLem best:
Farmers' Dehght plug tobac,'. five plugs
the pound, 35c by the single pound,
1-3c by the box.
Cock Robin plug tobacco, four plugs to
e pour.0, 35c per pound, or 32c by the
Blue Jay plug tobacco, four plugs to the
)ud, 05c by the pound, or 33c by the box.
Fat Back plug tobacco, five plugs to the
>nd, 10c by the pound, or 37;c by the
)x; this is a very nice and high grade to
Acmue plug tobacco, four plugs to the
>und. 15e per plug, or 50c per pound.
is is very fine goods.
Wild Duck plug tobacco, four and a half
ugs to the pound, 35, pound, or 33c by
e box.
Old Glory Cheroots, five for 10c; Jumbo
gars, two for Se, or $1 for box of fifty ci
rs; Moro Bella Cigars, the finest in town,
each, or six for 25c. When you. want
abaccos of any kind don't fail to give us
call. Yours truly.
Notice is here )y given
at'no advertisements will
e hereafter changed in this
aper where %he copy is
rought in later than Sat
rday noon.
Major W. F. B. Ravnesworth of Sumter
,ent yesterday in Manning
A party of young folks from Manuing
)ent last Saturday at the Governor Man
ing mansion.
jrokinton l:hs a fnll line of spectaacles.
Id c1an fit . . '<r "A es Try hun11.
Mrs. J. F. BixLada who has been des
erately ill has sufficiently improved to
ke a trip to Spartun burg.
The young people of Jordi.i will give a
eatrical entertainment at t0e Jordan
cademy next Friday night.
All kinds of Paints, Oils and Varnishes.
. B. Loryea, the druggist.
Mr. Henry Barnett, one of Sumter's prin
pet merchants, spent last Sunday with
s relatives, the Loryea family.
Died at her home last Saturday, near Al
>lu, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Julia
odge, wife of Mr. Dudley E. Hodge.
Everybody likes good perfumery. Dr.
rockinton has a full supply of all kinds
id can please you.
Rev. P. B. Wells will deliver a lecture to
oung men at the methodist church Sun.
ay afternoon at 5 o'clock. All are cordial
' invited at attend.
Deputy Collector Edmund H. Deas was
SManning looking after the records in
ae Clerk's and Judge of Probate's office to
ie if the proper revenue stamps ore being
Beautifyv your old buggy with a coat of
rriage Gl'oss Paint. We sell it. R. B.
oryea. the druggist.
Professor J. P. Gibbs, who for months
ist lived with the family of Mr. J. C. John
n, died suddenly in the Pisgah neigh
rhood in Sumter county on the 8th inst.
:e was buried at Remrbert's church.
Judging from the quntity of ladies' hats
at are being sold from this town, to
ether with other material that is being
>ld, we will venture the opinion that a
umber of spring marriages will come off
Make your old furniture look as good as
ew by using Varnish Stains. We sell
aem. R. B. Loryea, the dinggist.
The Second South Carolina Regiment
ras to be zmustered out today. Captain
kavis and wife are expected Lomie Satur
a and Lieutenant Davis next Siontay.
,eutenant Kelly will come- home tomorrow
e Fiday.
Ve are requesited to announce that Rev.
.J. Meyers will have services at Fellow
bip church next Suday. Preaching at
1 a. m. Sunday school at 3 1-2 p. m.
reachig again at 4 p. m. A full attend
uce is expected.
When you ask for Dr M A Simmons
Aver Medicine, see thaat you get it and not
one worthless imitation. Sold by Dr W
Now that Manning is to be rated as a
ustling tobacco market. what is to hinder
oe enterprising citiz.en with money from
tarting up a tobacco factory? Darlington
s such a factory and it was found to be a
aying investment Let something of the
ind to be started here.
The County board ot commlission'-rd will
aeet at the Poor house on the 1st. Saturday
n May. for tbe purpose of binding out
bldren, who are dependent upon the
ounty for support. This will be an op.
ortunity for charitably inclined persons to
e ehildren to make something of them.
ee think the board is doing a wise thing
a bind these children out.
Derangements of menstrual functionS
>roduco miscarriage, Simmons Squaw Vine
Vine or Tablets correct the derangements.
old by Dr WV M1 rcckinton.
We want all of our readers to give heed
o the communication of Capt. D. J Brad
a, and then we want to see the court
ause full of veterans on next Saturday.
he sons of veterans should also be there,
ndd it would be a good time to organize a
ompany of sons of veterans to go to Char.
eston and take part in the grand parade.
ets and sons 0? vets, come to Mlanning
ext Saturday to arrange for the Charle:ston
Read Kendall's advertisement and see
that he coers in the way of prices. He
ells us that his mailliznery depaitmaent is
urning out more Lats this season than was
urned out last year by all of the naillinery
stabisments comabained, thums showing
oww the public appreciate first claiss work
>ut out at reasonable prices. 3Miss Mollie
kvant, his milliner, is surely ian expert in
aerrline and besides doing good work, she
lisplays ine taste in her triwmings.
Menstruation made regular and painless
.nd pains in sides, hips andl limbs cured
>y Smmons s qunaw Vinae Wine or Tablets.
sold y Dr V M brockin ton.
Foeston was startled by an unusual oc
nrnce on la..t Wednesday night. While
rir. W. Tr. P. Spaott and famaily were fast
sleep soeonle entered the sleeping apart.
aents of 3r. Sprott anid at 'le his pSmatS,
rhich were lying beside the bed: they,
arried the pants out into th'e yard, took
rom the pockets about SIC) in cash andI left
he store keys and other articles. - The
ant were found in the yard the next
The Summerton people are working with
ommendable unanimity to establisha a
raeed school, and before thbe next school
erm begins a graded school will be the
>oast of that section. The people of thbai
ommunity know to establish such an in
tition, an additional tax levy must be
nade, and they have recently had thet
isstrict surveved and are amaking every
otmpliance relinired by the law. Hurrah
'or Summerton. Their children will call
hmh~aem lssd
We bave. been honored with a invitm -
ticn to attend the marriage of Mr. Edward
S. Burgess and ss Mary N. Stoakes. in
Portsmouth. Va., on the morning of the
26th day of April, The prospective groom
is a Manning reared boy and one whom
our readers remember with much pride.
He has built himself up by his own en
deavors and the Virginia 'girl who has cap
tared him. odisplayed fine jugnient in her
S eeion of at muan.
A torpid liveri causes deapr~s! ion of spir
ite, indiaestion, constipation, headache.
Use Dr M1 A Simmons Liver Me-heine to
stimulate that organ. Sold by Dr W M1
Cards are out announcing the marriage
of Rev. W. H. Mills of Foreston to Mis
Emma Louise Pressley, daughter of Mr. D.
A. Pressley of Columbia. Ihe marriage
will take place at the first Presb~ terian
church of Columbia, Friday evening. Atril
1Sth, at 3 o'clock. This young cornple is
well known both in Camden and Colum
bia. Rev. Mills is the son of Rev. W. W.
Mills, pastor of the Presbyterian church at
Camden. He graduated at Davidson and
then studied for the ministry at the Colum
bia Theological Seminary. where he was
afterwards appointed a professor.
A very sad accident happened at Packg
ville last Saturday to the wife and one
Tear-old child of Mr. Charles Broadway.
\Irs. Broadway discovered her child's
clothing to be in flames, supposed to have
come from a spark from the chimney, and
in the mother's efforts to extinguish the
fire her own ciothing became ignited, and
she became alarmed and ran to the house
of Mr. Will Troublefield, a near neighbor,
where they succeeded in putting out the
fire. Mrs. Broadway and her child are
very seriously burned, although not neces
sarily fatal.
Mothers wishing stout healthy girls
should give them Simmons Squaw Vine
Wine or Tablets as they approach puber
ty. Sold by Dr W 11 Brockinton.
The dwelling house of Mr. John H. Hor
ton,'near Davis, was discovered to be on
fire last Thursday night and under consid
erable headway when the tire was put out,
and on Sunday afternoon fire was again
discovered in the kitchen. This time the
flie was discovered by a visitor, and on ex.
amination after extinguishing the flames,
splnters angnatches were found; on fur
ther imvestigauon, it was discovered that
a little negress, a nurse, had done the mis
chiet. The gtrl, when ebarged with the
crime, denied it, but Mr. llorton is certain
that she did it. and sent her home.
From a correspondence, between Gover
nor Ellerbe's private Secretary and Capt:in
Carson of the Sumter company that enlist
ed for the Spanish-American war, we gath
er that there is a prospect for all the men
who went to Columbia to receive pay from
the time they left home until they were
entisted, and those who were rejected are
to have pay from the time they left Man
ning until they cvere turne.d down at Co
lumbia by the miustering officer. We nre
sume Captain Davis has retained a list of
al: of his rejected men, and when he reach
es home we shall ask him tor a list for pub
lication, and will endeavor to ascetain how
the rejected men are to proceed to get their
Used during expectancy, Simmons Squaw
Vine Wine or Tablets cheer and strengthen
mother, shorten labor and rob confinenent
or its terrors. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
The Carolina Grocery Company of Char
leston, through Mr. W. B. Wilson, has con
tributed to the Confederate reunion 10,000
Moro Bella cigars. These cigars cost $35 per
1,000 wholesale, and they are as fine a nickel
cigar as can be bought on the niax ket. Mr
Wilson, in making this contribution not
only contributes to the pleasure of the "oid
vets," but he also displays a long business
head in the unique way he advertises a
very fine cigar which his concern is sole
agent for in this state. We venture to say
tat after the reunion is over the Moro
Bella cigar will be a popular brand
throughout the South, and all through the
liberalness and business ingenuity of
"Billv" Wilson, the secretary of tbe Caro
lina Grocery Company. Tihis cigar is sold
in Manning by W. E. Jenkinson and it is
a delightful smoke.
IThe Town Council met recently and
common report had it, they were going to
take some action in the matter oft running
the loafeis trom the streets. We have not
been able to ascertain what they did at the
meeting. if anything at all was done, but
we see that the chief of police of Charleston
has recently gone to work and given orders
to his force to clear the streets; the result
of it is that the chaingang has been con
siderably augmented and fewer loafers
are on the streets in that city. We
nderstand that there is some doubt
about the town's authority in this mat
ter. in our opinion not the slightest
doubt exists. The council has a right
to make such ordinances as will best
police the town, and there is it st.:ttute giv
ia the town power to send municipal con
vits to the county chaingang in the way of
a loan. T1he re is no use scaring at shad
ws, if the council will try one case it will
be a long time before a second eac will be
caled ior. One loafer put on the ehain
Igang will put the others to work.
Malaria cannot find a lodgment in the
ssstem while the Liver is in perfect order.
ir Ml A Simmons Liver Medicine is the
best Regulator. Sold by Dr W 11 Brockin
As will be seen on our first page the Like
ICity case is ouly repo: ted ic the early sta
'ges of the case. Thie trial is about finished
all of the testimony is in, and the argu
ments are to be made to- day. The govern
ments cat-e at first appeared to be strong.
but it dev'eloped later, into a very weak
prosecution. According to the governments
own witnesses three of the defendants.
Marion Clark, Oscar Kelly and -Rodgers
were discharge, they testifying that thz 'se
three were not there. Newhani appeared
to be the governments, main witness, and
he was expected to be backed up by Early
P. Lee, but the defence obj-etced to Lee, tes
tifying on account ot' his having been a
co~vict on the chamngang. Alibis for the
other defendants were successfully set up,
in fact, the woods around Lake City are
very productive of alibis, and the defend
ants had no trouble in bringing to conrt a
good crop of them. There will be no con
victions in the celebrated Lake City case
is a certainty. The government fails at
this term of court to secure a conviction,
hut it would not sui prise us if someone
does not pay the penalty for the crime yet.
Newam and Lee, who turned State's evi
dence, and tried to convict the defendants,
stanti self-confessed of being guilty of tbe
murder of Baker, and although Newham
gave this incriminating evidence as ia gov
ernment witness, we do not see why he and
Lee cannot be taken up in the State ccourts
Iand prosecuted for the crime. TIhe eon
fessions of Lee iani Newhamn~ is sunaicient
Ito convict themi without further proof, and
if they deny their confessions, then a case
of perjury is the next nove, and the peni
tentiary will rrecive them. If Newham
anl Lee lied to manke money out of the
governmnt they should be punished.
Death of Mrs. Julha J. Hodge.
Mrs. Julia J. Hlodge, (nee McLeod) the
beloved wife of E. Dudley Hodge, Esq.,
died April 15th, 1899. iat tier late residence
in this county, aged 42 years. 10 months
and 15 days.
This coiiple were matrried on the 8th of
Ma, 1879,and their union of nearly twenty
years was truly a happy one. She has left
three sons and three daughters to mourn
with their afflicted father over their great
loss; but they soruow not as those without
hope, for she had long been a conisistent
member of the church and lived and died
reing upon Christ as her Saviour. 11er
fueral services were conducted by R1ev.
'Jaes McDowell at Hiarvin's depot on last
Sabbath afternoon, and so !arge was the
congregation assembled to pay their final
tribute to her memory that many could not
get into the church. 11er remains were laid
to rest in Harvin fainaly burying ground.
"Blessed are the dead who' die in the
Lord." A FMuEND.
T'he Appetite of a Goat
I envied by all poor 'lyspeptios whose
Istomach and liver are out of order. All
such should know that Dr. King's New
Life Pills, the wonderful stomach and liver
remedy. gives a splendid appietite, sound
diesion and a regular bodily habit that
isures perfect health and great energy.
Only 2e. at RB Lonyea' drug store 4
Comrades, Itespai
E'1itor Tuk T IviEs:
Knowing that vou are always willing to
help a good caus. I write to ask Noi for
space to say a few xords to the Confederate
\et,-rans of Cl.rendon county. Col. Urails
foI. con mander of our camp, has called
for a meeting at the court bonse in Man
niug on Saturda v, 22d April. Now; 1 do
hope th:at we will have a large crowd. The
commuitittee in Chrle,ton gives us the privi
lege of Le!ping to feed "the remnant left"
from the days of ol to 65, as it will be
more convenient to onr people to contrib
*te hams than anything else. I do hope
that everr veteran who cam, will bring a
ham tothe meeting that dy. If more con
venient the money (the vilue of a ham)
will be received. I want to wake a report
to Charleston at that tinie, so please, c.omi
rades, let your gifts come in that day.
.\ind vou, if you contribute nothirig,
the reulnionl will go on all the same.
What we have to fear is that anuother op
portunity wiil not comte ,oon and may
never come agai in to mto ist o us.
I appeal to the veterans of Clarendon
county not to be behind other counties in
this matter, but come to the tront now as
vou did in the days that tried mien's souls.
I feel that it is only necessary for me to
call and the answer will come as of yore,
Trulv vour comrade,
Remarkable Ure of Rheumatismi.
KENNA., Jackson Co., -V. Va.
About three years ago my wife had an at
tack of rhenumatism which confined her to
her bed for over a i.onth and rendered her
unable to walk a step without assistance,
her limbs being swollen to double their
moral size. .1r. S. Maddox insisted on my
using Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I pur
chased a fiftv-cent bottle and used it ac
c.)rding to the directions and the next
morning she walked to breakfast without
asistanace in any manner, and she has not
had a similar attack since.-A. B. Parsons.
For sale by It. 1. Loryta, druggist.
Black River Union.
The next session of the Black River
Union will be held with Graham
Baptist church, Sumter county, S.
C., April 2,-30.
Friday, 8 P. M.-Sermon by C. C.
Brown: subject. Brotherly Love.
Saturday, 10-10:30 A. M. - Devo
tional exercises, condncted by J. 0.
10:30-12. - Discussion of the best
method of conducting a Sunday
school, James E. Tindal, A. L. Cut
12 M.-Sermon by C. C. Brown.
8 P. M.-Sermon by M. A. Connors.
Sunday,10-11 A. M.-Sunday school
mass-meeting; speakers, M. A. Con
nors, D. J. Bradham, A. L. Cuttino.
11 A. M.-Sermon by J. 0. Gough;
subject, State Missions. Collection
for State missions to follow.
For Committee.
For Tnfants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of 4a', , i77&ez
I- -
The man who has the most to say
always uses the fewest words.
WV. F. Rawl, New Brookland, S. C. writes:
Have used Dr 3I A Simmons liver medieine
many years,and consider it the best liver
medicine made. I regard it a mryaele com
pared with Zeilin's Regulator. Sold by
Dr W Ml Brockinton.
Most peopie are like eggs-too full
of themselves to hold anything else.
B3- e* Rs Kind You Have Always Bought
Honesty would not be such a valu
able trait, if it wasn't for it's scarcity.
Dr M A Simmons Liver Medicine cleirs
the complexion, gives buoyancy to the
minds, cures Headache, regulates Stomach,
boels and liver. Sold by Dr W Ml Brock
Poliev is more often to blame for a
man's honesty than princle.
Th'Ie Best in' the World.
We believe Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy is the test in the world. A few weeks
ao we suffered with a severe cold and a
troublesome cough, and having read their
alvertismients in o'2r own anld other pa
pers wye purchased a bottia to see if it would
effect us. It cured us before the bottle was
more thtan ha~lf used. It is the best medi
cine out for colds and coughs. The Her
ad, Andersonville, Ind. For sale by Rt. B.
Loryea, druggist.
When a mnau disputes with a fool,
the fool is doing the same thing.
lie Fooled the Surgeons.
All doctors told Renick Hamiton of
West Jefferson, 0., after suffering eighteen
months from rectal fistula, he would die
unlees a costly operation was performed;
but he curedI himself with five boxes of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the surest pile cure
oni earth, and the best salve in the world.
25 cents a box. Sold by Rt. B. Loryea,
druggist. 4
It is easy to beatr the aches of an
other man's corns.
The Timnrod Revival.
I have been appointed agent in Williams
burg. Clarendori and Ilorry counties for
the Trimrod \!emorial Association. The
Iobject of the Association is to raise funds
Ifor the erection of .imonument to the meim
Ior of South Carolina's greatest poet. Tlo
e'complish this a new edition of his poems
s recen'tly been published. Iam preptar
~d treceive subscriptions from the coun
tsabove namted or to give any informa
tioi desired. For the sum of $1 .50 you get
an elegatnt cop~y of Jfimrod's poems and at
Ithe samie time contribute towards his mon
Iument fund. C. W. 'WOLFE,
Kingstree, S. C.
Most people believe in the total
depravity of somebody else.
Keep quiet
Iand use Chaimberlain's colie, cholera and
Idi irrhoea remedy foir all pains of the stom
th and all unnatural looseness of the bow
el. It always cures. For sale by iR. B.
L~oryea, druggist.
Chaiberbrin's cough remedy has saved
the lives of thousands of croupy children.
It is also without an equal for colds and
wheopng cough. For sale by iR. B. Lor
yea, druggist. [janlay
Pity the poor voung man who parts
his hair in the middle-he has to dc
it to prevent his mind from becom
in unbalanced.
In almost every neighborhood there is
some one w;hose life has been saved by
Cha mberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diearr.
o'a Remeitdy, or who has been cured of
cronic diarrhoea by the use of that medi
eine. Such persons make a point of tel
lin" of it whenever opporuity offers, hop
in thait it may be the means of saving oth
er l..- , br sal by It Loryva drug
Bers the Kind You Have Always Bought
Kissing a fash onable young lady
on the cheek is one way to remove
Discovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery has been mde,
and that too, by a lady in this country:
"Disease fastened its clutches upon her and
for seven years she withstood its severest
tests, but her vital organs were undermined
and death seemed imminent. For three
months she conghed incessantly, and could
not sleep. She finally :iiscovered a way to
recovery, by purcbasing of us a bottle of
Dr. Kiug's New Discovery fur Consump
tion, and was so much relieved on taking
trst dose that she siel-t all night, and with
two bottles has been absolutely enred. Her
name is .Mrs. Luther Lutz. 'Ti;s writes
W. G. Hammick & Co. of Sht-!by, N. C.
Trial bottles free at I. B. Loryea's drug
.tore. Regnlar size 50e and $1. Every
bottle gurranteed. 4
The easiest thing for a boy to catch
with a bent pin is the school-teacher.
1= A :! T O'E> 3MI A.
t2* The Kind You Have Always Bought
2S t rre
A sucker is born every minute;
;ive the babies a chance.
The trouble with a great many
young Men is they don't like to work
between meals.
Millinery, Millinery.
The ladies of Clareodon are invited to visit
my millinery parlors, where they will have
an opportunity of selecting from a beautiful
line of Ilats. The very btcst designs.
Every attention is given to stles.
My stock consists of
And All the Latest Trimminzs.
Miss S. E. McDONALD,
Exacting, economical and critical buyers
included, are urgently requested to call and
exrmine our late arrivals of
New and Seasonable Styles
In Dress Goods of all kinds, Organdies,
Pereales, Duck. Lawns. Vassar Checks,
Piques, Org.andie Adalisque, Shirting
Prints, etc.
Our Notion line is complete for you.
Men's and Boys' Straw and Crash Hats, the
latest go, from 10c np.
Our shoe department is complete with
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Gent's Negligee Shirts, in the latest c 1
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Pots and Jardinieres.
Our Clothing Department is full of bar
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Knives and Forks, Hatchets, Saws. Chic
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c-s, too numerons to miention, at prices
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We allow no one to undersell us in pure.
fresh goods. Our Grocery department is
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Duck, in all shades and colors.... ............. 7e to 10c.
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A Grey Flannel Wool Suit.. ......................... 4 00
A Blue Flannel Wool Suit...................... 3 85
A good Wool Suit........................... ..2 00
Bring the boys with you, we can fit them at any age and give
you a good Suit from 50c up.
We 'an actually down New York on Shirts. All sizes.
A good Outing Shirt........ ..... ....-------- -- ... 12ic
A good Negligee Shirt.... .............. ..... ..... 18 c
A splendid full size Shirt ......................-.- - 35 e
A Full Dress Shirt, sold elsewhere at $1.25; we only
ask ...................------............ ......... 75 e
I We have just opened up our Spring Hats and can give you as
low prices as anyone. Come and see them.
Odds and Ends.
A 10-piece Chamber Set................ $1 95 and up.
A 3-piece W ater Set .......................... 75
A good 8-day Clock............. ....... 1 50
Warner's and R. & G. Corsets at prices never as low before.
Men's Drawers..................................15c and up.
Our line of Groceries is complete and we can make you prices
to suit the hard times.
We are agent for Ballard's Obelisk Flour and always keep a
fresh supply on hand.
A good barrel of Flour........................ $4 00
Cock Robin Tobacco, 35c by single pound, or 32c in 10-pound
Fine Coffee. ........................... 10c pound.
Bring us the cash and we will satisfy you before you leave
Jour store.
3. W. McL EOD.
There is a time for- everything, but any~ and all
Stimes is the time to buy First Class Goods and the
SLatest Styles from us so as to save money.
And more suited to the wants and needs of the
Strading public than ever before. Our store is jam-~
Smdand packed fronm floor toceiling withnegod
Sthat were bought right and goods that will suit any
Staste of fancy and pocket-book.
Special attention is directed to our immense line
Sof New Sprmig Dress Goods, which. includes every
Sthing that a lady or child wears.
1-Here is a small list of a few things out of the
Sthousands on which we stand on the top round of the
l adder;:
Black Skirt Goods of every kinld, r-angin~g -from
S12 1-2c to 75c.
__ Fruit of tile Loom Bleaching, 5c. _
Shirt Waist Pr-ints, 3c. -
500 yards Pants Cloth, 5c.
4,000 yards Or-gandy, worth 15e, for 9c.
,000 vds Cottonade for pants,worth 15c, for 10e 3
1,000 ~vds ' " 18c, for 12c ?3
__ 1,000 'vds "" - 20e-, for 14c E3
500 papers Pin at 1c; 100 papers Needles at 1i.c
1.00 paper's Hair Pins at 1c.
500 good Lead Pencils, with rubber, Ic each.
500 " - without rubber, 3 foir 1ic
00 Slate Pencils, 5 for- 1c.
300 lbs Ball Thread, 2 balls for 1c.
1.000 spools Thread for le spool.
) 0,000) Fish Hooks, 10 for lc.
S10,000 Marbles, 10 for 1e.
~00 Folding Fans, le each.
500 Pencil Trablets, 1c each.
12 sheets Writing Pprfor 1c.
__A good WindIow Shade, 10le; a good Curtamn
I Pole with all the fixtures, any color, 19c.
A whole house full of goods cheaper thanL you
Sever heard of before. Comec and see us. 1our in
53terest is ours.
We now have in stock one of the largest lines of Gent's, Youths' and
Boys' Clothing we have ever carried at this season of the year, and those
who come with the cash will never leave our store if they want a nice and
cheap Suit of Clothes.
Twenty-five Gent's Fine Ideal
Spring Sack Suits, from *5 to $10 are
undoubtedly the greatest baigains
ever offered in this town in Clothing.
Thirty Gent's Black Clay Wors
ted Suits, in Sacks and Cutaways,
from $7.50 to $12; guaranteed to be
All Wool and will not lose color.
Twelve Suits of Famous Blue
Flannel Suits for Gent's in round and
square cut Sacks, at $8.50 and $10 per
Suit. This line of Fast Colored Suits
is well known to the public and
needs no recommendation.
Fine Pants.
Those who wish to buy Pants of
any kind and fail to see the immense
line we are offering will make a grave
mistake, for we have the goods.
viviviYY11T'YYWVi V Y1Y1Yvi r VT T V V T y. .iT v .VT .VT?
Ten dozen Gent's very Heavy
Work Pants that look cheap at 75c
per pair, but we only ask you 50c.
We picked them up in a job.
It will certainly do you good to
see the line of Fine Worsted Pants
we are offering at $2.50, $3, $4 and $5
per pair.
We also carry a very large line of
Gent's Shirts, Collars and Cuffs and
Gent's Furnishings.
Just call and see the line of Gent's
Gauze Vests we are offering at 25c
A very nice line of Gent's Heavy Work Shirts at 25c each.
A nice line of Gent's Negligee Shirts, with pearl buttons in front, only
25c each.
Twenty-five dozen Colored Border Handkerchiefs at 5c each, or six for
25c. These handkerchiefs are sold in many places at 10c each.
Young men should see the line of Silk Bosom Shirts we are offering at
$1 each. They are certainly very stylish and very cheap.
The largest and most complete line of Gent's Collars and Cuffs in town.
Call and see the line.
We would also call the attention of the young men to the beautiful
line of Stylish Spring Neckwear we now have on exhibit in our show cases.
'When you need nice, stylish Hats don't fail to give us a call, for we can
please vou.
*A arge line of the famous Chester
field. Hats, in the latest styles, in Black
and Brown. Also a beautiful line of
Gent's and Youths' Straw Hats. Call
and see the line of first quality Maligo
Field or Sun Hats we are offering from
8c to 15e each. In short, when you need
any kind of a Hat, see our line befor e
you buy. We will save you money.
Then See Us Before You Buy Your Groceries.
Just before the last advance in FLOUR we purchased. 900 barrels and we can sell it
at mill price. Another thing, we will guarantee every barrel to give perfect satisfaction
for the price you pay for it. Another big item is, we will deliver it at any other station
in Sumter or Clarendon county at prices given below in 5 barrel lots or more.
Flour. Suf
Best Fancy Patent Flour at.----4 0.tilr......wet.o~h a 5 0grs
Best Half Patent Fancy Flour at. ...-43 Mths
Best Straight Flour at.........--.-- 4 00Go-alr t---- 45 e rs
Best Family Flour at..-- -- ------ -oaos
Good Family at......-..---- .--- 5-. bcnhn pcea - C o
Rice. 2l a~ adpcea - 0 o
100 lb bags, good. at............- ane oos
100 lb bags, best whole, at... ... ..5 4
Grits. RatBe,1l as t--- 1i o
2 bushel baigs, at........- --..-- 12 lsaSlona------ 0o
2 bushel bags meal, at ..... ...... 0Srie,10cnsi ae$ 0cs
Starch.SgrCr,2l as t lc o 5
40 lb boxes large lnmp, at........4
Soda. W antb nesl.Aet o
Seeus efoe yu by d yu wllSe oRinoad .thit Sweae Scoitcharthangos
othe~ our 30rMaches
SCcsoS o rneD BeeROb as. ...11 o
TROast BeefO , 1Pibescanat.....15dz
10 ardins,_10ycan inCh arls.......$ 90Cas
PercivaMMainfactrng C on.t 5,2fo25
~1 4
Doorsoashccn BlndCis
36 eetbo ng tre etlbpg, at..- lbteAeia TbAccoSOany. c

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