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And we make offers that will get it.
A full supply of Paris Green at 25c per
Tobacco Barn Thermometers at 20 and
25c each.
Four hundred bushels country Corn on
hand at very close prices.
Flour, Sugar, Coffee and all kinds of sta
ple Groceries very cheap.
Our line of Plug Tobacco is the cheapest
in town. Very good Plug Tobacco, five
plugs to the pound, only 30c per pound.
Forty pounds good family Flour for $1.
A splendid grade of Rice at 7to per qt.
Nice country cane Syrup at 35o per gal.
Good green Coffee at 10c per lb, else
where at 121c.
YOU MUST NOT FAIL to visit our Rem
nant Bargain Counter, for on this counter
are put nothing but genuine bargains.
Men's nice Work Pants at 47c each.
Nice Fast Colored Lawns at 2c per yard.
All kinds of Remnants at and below cost.
Ladies' Gauze Undervests 5c each, or six
for 25c.
Gent's Gauze Undervests, 25c each.
Gent's Negligee Shirts, only 25c, well
worth 35c.
Notice is hereby given
that no advertisements will
be hereafter changed in this
paper where the copy is
brought in later than Sat
urday noon.
Mrs. A. C. Ducker. nee Bultman of Snm
ter is visiting the family of Mr. S. A. Rigby.
Strictly pure Paris Green for sale by R.
B. Loryea. the druggist.
The tobacco growers of the Salem section
are not disheartened by the drought. Some
of them told us the crop prospect is excel
E. C. Boiton. Jr.. ri(xt to postoffice, can
please you with ict coil drinks.
Married last Sunday afternoon by Rev.
James McDowell. at his residence, Mr An
drew Blackman and Miss Mollie Boseman
of Alcolu.
Strictly pure Paris Green for sale by R.
B. Loryea, the druggist.
Taz Tntzs editor, in response to a tele
gram last Saturday morning, went to Sell.
ers and attended the funeral of Governor
V. H. Ellerbe.
Brockinton has a full line of spectacles.
and can fit young or old eyes. Try him.
The dwelling house of Mr. John W. Hug
gins, on the DuRant place in the Fork, was
destroyed by fire last Sunday, Mr. Hug
gins saved very little and had no insur
Strictly pure Paris Green for sale by R.
B. Loryea, the druggist.
Died last Saturday night, at his home,
near Sardinia, William Buddin, in the 78th
year of his age. 'The funeral took place at
New Zion church Sunday and was largely
E. C. Horton, Jr., invites you to drink at
his soda fount, next to postoffice. A full
line of delicious syrups.
Rev. J. 0. Gough has written us a letter
requesting us to announce that Rev. J. L.
Vass, superintendent of Connie Maxwell
Orphanage, will preach in the Baptist
church next Sunday morning and evening.
To Rent-A nice five-room cottage. A p
ply to A. Lrron.[5-tf
-Clarendon will contribute towards the
building of the "Hamtptoni Home." Hon.
Joseph F. Rhame has begun the work and
has collected a nice little sum in town.
Committees in other portions of the county
are also at work.
Everybody likes good perfumery. Dr.
Brockinton has a full supply of all kinds
and can please you.
The Junior Missionary Society of the
Presbyterian church will sell cream and
sherbet at the church grove on Thursday.
the 8tb instant, from 5:30 p. m. to 8 o'clock
p. -i. The proceeds to be donated to the
Th'ornwell Orphanage..
Dr M1 A Simmons' liver medicine creates
a good appetite, tones and strengthens the
stomach and builds up the health. Sold by
Dr WV M Brockinton.
Died in the city of Greenville at the
home of her son Dr. W. S. Pack last Mon
day. Mrs. Sarah M1. Pack. The body was
brought to Foreston last night,and interred
at Brewington this morning. Revs James
McDowell and W. 11. Mills conducted the
funfrai service.
Correct insufficient, painful, profuse and
too frequent menstruations with Simmons'
Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr
W M1 Brockinton.
We want to remind the taxpayers of this
school district, not to forget the impor
tantce of electing the proper kind of men for
trustees for the graded school. This is a
very important matter and even before the
6eeCtion is ordered the people should look
around for the right kind of men.
To permanently cure melancholy, diffi
culty of breathing and swimming of head,
use simmons' Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets.
Sold by Dr W M1 Brockinton.
Died last Saturday near Packsville Mrs.
Hattie Broadway, wife of .I r. Charles
Broadway. aged about 24 years. 'The de
ceased it will be remembered received se
vere injuries, while attempting ts save her
child which had caught on fire, this she
succeeded in doing, but she never got well
of her own burns.
Dr M1 A Simmons' liver medicine has a
national reputation, extending over about
sixty years. as a most succesful liver regu
lator. Sold by Dr W M1 Broc!inton.
Since the matter of tow'n improvement
has begun being discussed in THE TIMEs,
the Intendant's mail has increased very
much with propositions to furnish water
works plants, electric lights, also to take
all bonds issued by the municipal corpora
tion. This simply means that Manning
can have modern improvements, and need
not be afraid of not being able to procure
the necessary funds. There are number
less syndicates ready and anxious to take
up bonds at a low rate of interest, because
the investment is safe and municipal bonds
pay a little more than United States bonds.
Manning may. in a short time have all the
modern improvements that a city has, if
her citizens want them and have the nerve
to consent to stand the tax~which need not be
but a little more thani the present levy. Our;
town tax compared with oLer towns is a
mer e bagatelle, and if our town autLorities
put in improvements, and to do so issue
long time bonds, the taxpayers would pay
for themi and hardly realize the difference.
We have to pay taxes anyway, and always
will, so why not let us derive a benefit
more substantial than which we
ing at present.
Last fall I spiained my left
handling somie heavy boxes. TI
called on said at first it was a shi
and would soon be well, but it
and the doctor then said I had rh
It continued to grow worse a
hardly get around to work. I
drug store and the druggist rec<c
me to try Chamberlain's Pain
tried it and one-half of a 50-t
cured me entirely. I now rect
to all my friends.-F. A. Babcoch
It is fr'i sal by .. Lorvea. drt
Governor Ellerbe is the second South
Carolina governor that has died in office
since the adoption of the constitution of
the State more than 100 years ago. Pat
rick Noble was elected in 1838 and died in
1840 and was succeeded by Lieutenat Gov
ernor Henagan. Mr. McSweeney is the
second Lieutenant Governor that has reach
ed the executive office in consequence of
the death of the governor.
To relieve sick stompach during pregnan
cy, tone up the system and give conrage for
the ordeal, take Simmous' Squaw Vine or
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr W M Brock
School Property Sold.
Last Monday Sheriff Bradham sold at
public outcry the property known as the
"Manning Collegiate Institute." The bid
der was A. Levi Attorney, and the amount
bid was $ 1,315. The property was owned
by J. W. McLeod, Joseph Sprott, and the
heirs of the late B. Pressley, Barron Esq.
In order to secure a good title, there being
minor heirs of the late Mr. Barron, the
court had to be invoked to render a decree
permitting the sale. Major A. Levi, rep
resenting the heirs of the late Moses Levi,
bought the property for the purpose of pre
senting it to school district number 9, for
school purposes; the school to be dedica
ted to be memory of the late Moses Levi,
and bear his name. We know of no more
graceful, or sacred compliment which can
te paid to the dead, than the taking of a
part of the means he made in a communi
ty to establish an institute of learning. It
is a monument more lasting than bronze
or stone, and more reaching in practical
effect than any other expenditure possible.
The children deriving a benefit from the
munificence of the Levi heirs will have,
drilled into their minds and hearts a rev
erence for the man whose means largely
contributed to their eaucation, and the
training received will be felt, not only in
this community, but everywhere. The
community, of course, will be most ben
efited, for in after years every artery in its
spiritual, social, commercial and industri
al being. will be permeated with its effect,
and whatever progress it may make will be
largely due to the source emanating from
the Levi memorial contribution.
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the r-pture of Annie
E. Springer. cf 1125 Howard st.. Philade!
phia, Pa., when she ound that Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption had com
pletely cured her of a backing cough that
for many years had made life a burden,
all other remedies and doctors could give
her no help, but she says of this Royal
Cure--'"it soon removed the pain in my
chest and I can now sleep soundly. somc
thing I can scarcely remember doing be
fore. I feel like sounding its praises
throughout the Universe." So will every
one who tries Dr. King's New Discovery
for any trouble of the Throat, Chest or
Lungs. Price 50c. and $1.00. Trial bot
tles free at R. D. Loryea's drm3 store;
every bottle guaranteed. 5
A Xother's Tribute.
Died May 25, 1899, of typhoid fever
after an illness of five weeks, the in
fant son of Mr. J. D. and Mrs. Ella C.
Alsbrook, aged 2 years, 8 months and
2 days. He was healthy, manly and
of brilliant intellect, yet so much of
a baby's sweetness. He would recite
poetry, verses of Scripture, and his
baby voice would sing so clearly as
to amaze his hearers. From the time
he was nine months old at night he
would clasp his little hands as if in
prayer, and as soon as he could lisp
his prayer he kneeled asking, with
out any prompting, God's blessing on
each member of the family. He was
a patient little sufferer, taking his
medicine and nourishment without
the slightest irritation. He begged
those around him not to cry, display
ing Christ-like fortitude. Those who
knew him and loved him so dearly
cannot forget him; though his little
body lies in the cold ground, he yet
speaketh even while asleep in Jesus.
Quick Results.
Coolidge, Ky., Aug. 1, 1898.
I have been suffering with female trou
bles and was unable to get relief. I was
persuaded to try Benedicta and after one
month's treatment I can recommend your
remedy to suffering women.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
We accept with many thanks the follow
ing contributions to our new church build
ing fund:
Major A. L., Pres. B. of M.......$S2 00
Capti. D. J. B., Sheriff C. C........ 50 00
Mr. E. S. Frvin................... 25
Cash..................... ..... 25
Mr.B.A.J..................... 100
Cash........................... 10
Mr. J. T. ........................ 50
Mr. E. L. W.................... 20 25
Messrs. I). W. A. & Sons Co........ 5 00
Cash ........................ 2
Our friends are invited to attend the en
tertainment beginning tonight at the Bap
tist (colored) church for the benefit of the
church. L. W. Jr.,xrss.
Would not Suffer so Again for k-Ifty
'Times Its Price.
I awoke last night with severe pains in
my stomach. I never felt so badly in all
my life When I came down to work this
morning I felt so weak I could hardly
work. I went to Miller & McCurdy's drug
store and they recommended Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and D~arrhoea Rtem
edy. it worked like magic and one dosa
fixed me all right. It certainly is the finest
thing I ever used f:>r stomach trouble. I
shall not be without it in my home here
after, for I should not care to endure the
sufferings of last night again for fifty times
its price.-G. H. Wilson, Liveryman, Bur
gettstown, Washincton Co., Pa. This rem
edy is for sale by IR. B. Loryea, druggist.
-. 4
AttentIon, Guards?
Headquarters Manning Guards. (
Manning, S. C., June 5, 1899.
You are hereby notifed to be at your
armory Saturday, June 17th, at 4 o'clock p.
m. for the purpose of arranging for a spe
cial drill somewhere the following Satur
day. By order of
W. M. LzwIS, Captain.
J. C. Gr.AHAX, First Sergt. [7-2t
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident, of which Mr. John
Oliver of Philadelphia, was the subject, is
narratted by him as follows: "I was in a
most dreadful condition. My skin was
almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coated,
pain continually in back and sides, no ap
petite-gradually growing weaker day by
day. Three physicians had given me up.
Fortunately, a friend advised trying Elec
tric Bitters; and to my great joy and sur
prise, the first bottle made a decided im
provement. I continued their use for three
weeks, and am now a well man. I know
they saved my life, and robbed the grave
of another victim," No one should fail to
try them. Only 50 ets per bottle at R. B.
Loryea's Drug Store. 5
Sitres of Water.
Camden, June 2, S a. m.-Height
of Wateree river, 5.9 feet, being a
fall of 1-10 of a foot during past 24
Jun 5, 8 a. m.-Heighit of WVat
eree river, 6.3 feet, being a fall of
1-10 of a foot during past 24 hours.
Columbia, June 2, 8 a. m.-Height
of Congaree river, 7-10 of a foot, be
ing stationary during past 24 hours.
'ne 3, 8 a.mx.-Height of Conga
iver, 5-10 of a foot, being a rise
10 of a foot during past 24 hours.
.Stephen's, June 2, 8 a. in.
:ht of Santee river, 4.0 feet, be
t fall of 2-10 of a foot during past
ne 5, 8 a. mn.-Heighit of Santee
73.9 feet, being a fall of 1-10 of
>t during past 24 hours.
re blood is full of life and vitality and
is vigor to the organs of the body. Dr
Simmons' liver medicine creates rich,
Trapping of Fish.
Editor THE T-MES:
I notice in several issues of the
News and Courier articles iU refer
ence to the destruction of fish by
trapping and the use of dynamite.
Now, Mr. Editor, I would like for you
to bring this matter to the attention
of those of this county who are vio
lating the fish law.
I understand that there are a good
many traps in the small streams in
Santee, in fact all the small streams
leading from the river to the lakes
and it is through these streams that
both large and small fish travel,
hence both are caught in the traps
placed in these streams. If this prac
tice is continued it is only a question
of time when hand line fishing will
be a thing of the past.
The writer has been informed that
one of the members of the grand jury
for this county has traps in some of
the lakes or streams in Santee. It is
the duty of a grand juryman to re
port violations of the law that come
under his observation.
It may be that a good number of
these fish trappers do not know that
there is a law against it. I think the
penalty for violation of this law is
$100 fine and, may be, imprisonment,
at the discretion of the court. It is
to be hoped that when this matter is
brought before the violators of the
fish laws the practice will cease. A
word to the wise is sufficient.
No news of importance in this sec
tion. Fine rains the last few days
have made the farmers happy.
Davis, S. C., June 2, 1899.
For Tnants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of ,
Pinewood Points.
Editor Tar TIMES:
Upon hearing through one of my
friends that you would like to have
a correspondent from this place. I
will take great pleasure in represent
ing our dear section in your noted
columns, though, as in other sections
of the county, news is very scarce,
but will try and write a little news,
which, I hope, will prove of interest
to the readers.
Our farmers have been suffering
very much from the continued dry
spell that has prevailed for the past
five weeks; though to our delight we
had some heavy showers last week.
The farmers are busily engaged in
reaping oats and plowing cotton.
The corn and cotton crops are look
ing fine, also fruit and vegetation.
The past two weeks has been a
spectacle of great enjoyment in spite
of the dull, dry season. Children's
Day exercises were conducted at the
Methodist church at this place the
21st of last month and the pastor be
ing absent the services were led by
Rev. N. J. Brown.
The program was neatly arranged
and carried out in great shape. The
program of the evening consisted of
selected songs and recitations, and
each child deserves great credit for
acting their part in such great taste.
In spite of the gloomy weather the
church was crowded with people
from all over the community and the
assembled spectators were very much
pleased with the exercises.
Miss Mamie Brown, a charming
young lady of Fulton, spent a pleas
ant week's visit with us last week
and returned home last Saturday to
the regrets of many. We hope to
have Miss Mamie with us again soon.
She is always welcome.
There was a reception at the resi
dence of Mr. 0. L. Griffin, given in
honor of his birthday and Miss Ma
mie Brown. The few invited guests
assembled at 8 p. in., and after re
freshments the evening was passed
off very pleasantly with music, reci
tations and different games. We ex
tend to Mr. Griffin many congratu
lations of a happy birthday, and may
he live to see many in future.
Mrs. J. R. Fletcher (nee Miss Katie
Broughton) of Waycross, Ga., after
spending a few weeks with relatives
here returned home last Saturday to
the regret of many friends.
The ladies of the Methodist church
will give an ice cream festival at this
place on Friday evening, 9th inst.
Each and every one are cordially in
vited to attend. As it is for the ben
efit of the church we truly hope a
large crowd will be present. Boys,
bring your best girl with you, you
will never regret it.
Mrs. M. 3. Murray of Orangeburg
is visiting her son, Dr. M. D. Murray
of this place.
Mr. D. R. Lide has retired as clerk
at Mr. A. I. Barron's storne, and his
brother, Sam Barron of Manning, is
in charge of the store now.
Among those attending court at
Manning last week were Messrs. J.
W. Weeks. R. C. Richardson, Jr., W.
. Epperson, A. P. Ragin and Joe
Miss Camilla Geddings of Summer
ton is visiting Miss Lila Griffin.
Children's Day comes off at Packs
ville next Sunday evening.
J. E. W.
Pinewood, June 5, 1899.
Keep Quiet,
and use Chamberlain's colic, cholera and
diarrhoea remedy for all pains of the stom
ach and all unnatural looseness of the bow
el. It always cures. For sale by R. B.
Loryea, druggist.
Chamiberlain's cough remedy has saved
the lives of thonsands of cronpy children.
It is also without an equal for colds and
whooping cough. For sale by R. B. Lor
yea, druggist. [janlay
Some men are so timid that their
good wives have to support them
with sewing machines.
Ber th ,.Ia Kind You Have Always Bocgt
A Card of Thanks.
I wish to say that I feel under lasting ob
ligations for what Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy has done for our family. We have
used it in so many cases of coughs, lung
troubles and whooping congh, and it has
always given the most ~perfect satisfaction,
we feel greatly indebted to the nmanufac
turers of this remedy and wish them to
please accept onr heartT thanks. Respect
fully, Mrs. S. Doty, Des Moines, Iowa. For
sale by R-. B. Loryea,. druggist.
Some women can't believe a word
their husbands say-unless they talk
in their sleep.
Restore the menstrual and generative or
gas to natural conditions so they will do
their duty by taking Simmnons' Squaw Vine
WVine or Tabiets. Sold by Dr W M Brock
Never wear tight corsets. If you
must be squeezed, let some man do
C UBA N OlIL ures
CtBurns, Bruises, Rhen
mat ndSrs. Prce 25 cns
n1ld hbyT RB Toam.
DI~,*A,.NUBIAN TEA cures Dyspep
*UiEPIa r sia, Constipation and Indi
gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price,25 cts.
Sold by It. B. Loryea.
Exacting, economical and critical bnyers
included, are urgently requested to call and
exr mine our late arrivals of
New and Seasonable Styles
In Dress Goods of all kinds, Organdies,
Pereales, Duck. Lawns, Vassar Checks,
Piques, Org.ldie Ad:lisque, Shirting
Prints, etc.
Our Nn'ion line is complete for you.
Men's anO Boys' Strawa:.d Crash Hats, the
latest go. ';om 10c up.
Our shoe department is complete with
the latest styles and at prices to suit the
most exacting buyers. Prices from 65c up.
Ladies' and Children's Oxfords, black
and tan, to suit and please.
Gent's Negligee Shirts, in the latest c .1
ors and styles, from 25c up. We can suit
your taste and pocket-book almost always.
Just arrived, a beautiful line of Flower
Pots and Jardinurres.
Our Clothing Department is full of bar
gains for you. Coize and let us show you
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Knives and Forks, Hatchets, Saws, Chis
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We allow no one to undersell us in pure,
fresh goods. Our Grocery department is
stocked with the choicest and best goods
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keep the best, we do it.
Try us for good quality, honest weight
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Remember that we are headquarters for
everything kept in a general merchandise
Also rmember that we defy competition
and guaiantee satisfaction of every pur
chase made of
Yours truly,
R. B. Loryea,
The skilful Physician requires a
skilful Pharmacist, and the Pa
tient requires both.
Since we entered the Drug Busi
ness we have faithfully endeavored
to carry out these three maxims.
YlTRUP above all things. Our
Drugs are absolutely
pure. No adulteration tolerated.
SKILL. Every precaution exer
0 .cised in the filling of Pre
scriptions. Closest attention to the
most minute details. Correctness in
preference to haste.
procrastination in filling Prescrip
Our large and increasing patron'age
indicate that PURITY, SKILL and
PROMPTNESS are appreciated by
the public.
R. B. .Lory'ea,
Winthrop College
The examinations for the award of
vacant nholarshins in Winthrop Col
lege and for the admission of new
students will be held at the countya
court house on Friday, July 21st, at
9 a. m.4
Applicants must not be less than
fifteen years of age.
When scholarships are vacated af-!
ter July 21st, they will be awarded to
those making the highest average at I
this examination.
The cost of attendance, including
board, furnished room, heat, light
and washing is only $8.50 per month.
For further information and a cat
alogue address
5-3t] Rock Hill, S. C.
The A
Have you called on H ERIOT,
the Baker, yet? If not, do so
and purchase a trial lot of
his Bread, Rolls, Cakes and
Fancy Crackers, all of which
are guaranteed to be fresh.
He also keeps in stock the
best line of Canned Goods y
and Meats to be found in
town. Will give you special
bargains also in Heavy Gro
ceries. & l Your patronage is
solicited. If fresh goods and
low prices availeth anything
you will call again.
In Rear of Bank.b
Millinery, Millinery.
The ladies of Clarendon are invited to visit.
my millinery parlors, where they will have
an opportunity of selecting from a beautiful
line of Hats. The very latest designs.
Every attention is given to styles.
51y stock consists of
And All the Latest Trimmings.
Miss S. E. McDONALD,
SUlMTE-- S. C.
Is to sacrifice every article at an Extremely Low Price and get
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We offer you the following goods at prices named until they
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A large lot of Cashmeres and Henriettas at New York cost.
Organdies, all shades and colors............... 5e and up.
Scotch Lawns.... ...................... Sc and up.
Calicoes. ......................... ... 3e and up.
3 Duck, in all shades and colors.... ............. 7c to 10c.
Check Homespun............... ....... 3e to 5e.
White and Red Damask Table Cloth.......... 22c to 75c.
A good 30-inch Bleach..................- 4- to 5c.
Table Oil Cloth......................-.- - - .
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good as Coats' 2 spools................ .. c.
We have the most complete line of Shoes in town. You can
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best values in Clothing that the people of Clarendon have ever
A nice Spring Suit............... ......... $3 50
A Grey Flannel Wool Suit.. ......................... 400
A Blue Flannel Wool Suit............................ 3 85
A good Wool Suit........................ ..2 00
Bring the boys with you, we can fit them at any age and give
you a good Suit from 50e up.
We can actually down New York on Shirts. All sizes.
A good Outing Shirt................. ..... 12je
A good Negligee Shirt.... .............. ..... 18 e
A splendid full size Shirt ............................. 35 c
A Full Dress Shirt, sold elsewhere at $1.25; we only
ask............... .......... ........ 75 c
We have just opened up our Spring Hats and can give you as
low prices as anyone. Come and see them.
Odds and Ends.
A 10-piece Chaniber Set... . ......... ......$1 95 and up.
A 3-piece Water Set.................... 75
A good 8-day Clock.............. . - - .. 1 50
Warner's and R. & G. Corsets at prices never as low before.
Men's Drawers........................15e and up.
Our line of Groceries is complete and we can make you prices
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We are agent for Ballard's Obelisk Flour and always keep a
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A good barrel of Flour..................... $4 00
Cock Robin Tobacco, 35c by single pound, or 32e in 10-pound
Fine Coffee. ............... ......... 10c pound.
Bring us the cash and we will satisfy you before you leave
our store.
J. W. Mc LEOD.
NO OLD STlOCK. Insurance.
-- Thie Prudential Life Insurance Co.
Issues up-to-date Life Policy.
The Palatine and Son Fire Ins. Companies.
~veryli~g 8W There are none better.
Insure Against Sickness.
$2 a year pays $5 weekly indemnity.
4 " " 10 "
LO ISLE I 10 " "25 " "
Is now in position to offer to the trade- J. 1. WILSON. Manning,. s.
Rock Bottuin Prices./Sik
Re asks that the public call in person
d examine his stock, consisting ofBu whtyune
Jashmneres and fo IS LS
Scotch Lawnst fyu
)uck in all Shades & Colors
Figured LawnsD.0 RHA E
White Lawns
Checked Mluslins SM ETN .C
Colored M~uslins
Percales Hg ls
iques in all shades & colors T io i g
In fatwe keep everything in the Dry _______________
oods line. All we ask is to come and see Sis
r yourself. If qnality and low prices Maet-re
dil sell goods we are satisfied1 we can sell PnsadOecas
u. We make Sittoeare$60anuprd
F UR NISH ING Chocsfet
Goods~ and Shoes
We have used every effort to bny the lat
t tylee, at the very lowest price, and if 43ajMnig .C
ou need anything in that hine it will pay
'on to look at my goods before buying.
Bargains in ~There is onL7CLef inrec
vor rouht o tis own you
oSu.It M oMeasure $oand uld
400 pkgsPGoldsust,$2copk"
M atesE ec,
100 ptgpriold nevtr knobs tofpre. Send
GrondBlckPeper 4lbpkg J..HA LE ISTON,.C
Gold BandHams,.strctlyano.ng, Sc Cb
BestgCons rhinrpg Gicin SahWihsan-od n
oolursc $3of prbarl
Larg te asoent ofiy Cofeesrr a loacco WidwadFacs-s aSeily
artentds, tat.in at prices thaut ce aro
L5U0 cae ai leaerV1-baks sibiN. - S.C
Colored Figured Organdy
worth 15c yard for....
C. W. KENDALL, Prop.
Get an 1899 CRESCENT BICYCLE from
is at Factory Prices.
For 10 Days Only.
7 lbs. Standard Granulated Sugar for......... .........$1 00
68 Bags goo0d Green Rio Coffee, at................. ...... 7e per lb.
1 " Choice " "~ " ".................... 8c
7 " Fancy " " " .......... . ........ 10e""
0 " Laguyra Coffee, at..................... ......... 9c
80 dozen 3-lb. Cans Hand-Packed Tomatoes....... .......90per doz.
30 " 21b. 6" 66 66 "6 --.-----.65
5 "6 3-lb. Cans Best Okra and Tomatoes............. 1 35 " "
00 " Cans Alaska Salmon...... ...................... 95e " "6
2 " " Columbia River Salmon................... 1 40 " "6
3,000 lbs. Medium Good Rice.................. ..... ..... See per lb.
0 40-lb. Boxes Large Lump Starch........................ Sie " "6
0 dozen Cans Sweet Sugar Corrt........................1 00 per doz.
66 " 6" Fancy Maine "6........... ... ...1 20 6" "6
0 " 3-lb. Cans Yellow Table Peaches.... ............ 1 40 "6 "6
0" 2-lb. "6 66 66 " -..--........ 100 "6 "
0 4 3-lb. "6 California Table Peaches............... 2 75 "6 "
" "6 "6 Heinz' Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce.. 18c per can
3 "6 2-lb. 6" 66 "6 66 66 66 66 - 14e " 66
" 6 1-lb. "6 6" "6 " 6" 66 66 .. c 8e " 6"
2 "6 Tumblers Pure Jelly.......................... .90ceper doz.
+-lh. Bars Good Soap................... .. ......... -.. 5c
Jams and Preserves, Catsups and Pickles at unknown prices.
Lots of other goods will be sold at COST price during this Sale, on
ecount of moving into our NEW STORE, on the corner of Main and Re
ublican streets, next door to Schwartz Bros.
We make these prices FOR CASH for 10 days ONLY. No goods charged
t these Cut Prices. All of above goods are fresh.
ST7mT.. - - s. a.
TEOMAS WILSON, Pr'esident.
-A~r -
[95 East'Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
* We~1 We le1mi to Hae TQU Wite Ue for 7bios -m'
Percival Manufacturing Co.,
Doors, Sash and Blinds,
Meting Street, - - CHARLESTON, S. C.

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