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Don't Forget
That our Bargain Counter
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Miss Christine McKagan of Sumter is
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The chaingang convicts made a raid on
the Commissary box one night last week.
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Died at Packsville Friday 9th, inst. Mr.
Charles A. Reynolds aged about 42 ye.trs.
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Misses Essie Davis and Lulie Harvin re
turned from Winthrop College last Thurs
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Mr. Lawson McLeod returned from Wof
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The penitentiary investigations have
been resumed. The committee is sifting
things to the very bottom.
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Rev, and Mrs. P. B. Wells returned last
Friday, after a visit of several weeks to rel
atives in Greenville and Williamston.
Strictly pure Paris Green for sale by R.
B. Loryea, the druggist.
There will be preaching at Fellowship
church by Rev, J. J. Meyers next Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock, Sunday school at 3}
o'cloc' p. m. and preaching at 4.
You are judged by the stationery you
use. 'The best at Rhame's drug st're, Sun:
Rev. A. McA. Pittman, editor of the
South Carolina Baptist, will preach in the
Baptist chnrch next Sunday morning. Rev.
J. 0. Gough expects to fill his pulpit after
next Sunday.
To Rent-A rice five-room cottage. Ap
ply to A. I. Barron. [5-tt
We acknowledge with thanks an invita
tio.n from Cadets Cantey and Bradham to
attend commenemnent exercises of South
Carolina Military Academy.
Extra Frames and Glasses for Spectacles.
Eye Glasses, all kinds, at Rhame's drug
store, Summerton.
About all of the college girls and boys
from this community have come home to
spend their vacations. The boys are rec
ognized by the length of their hair, and thA
girls by their awkward efforts at dignity
and elastic English.
For Sale--The Manning Hotel lot and
open lot adjoining same. Price and terms
reasonable Apply to Mrs. M. 0. Burgess,
210 Crawford street, Portsmouth. Va.
There is something oeculiar about the
water in the town of For.'ston. The au
thorities (railroad) had better have the
water analyzed so that they may know
whether or not the salaries of their employ
ees at that place should be increased.
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stomach and builds up the health. Sold by
Dr WV M Brockinton.
The commencment exercises of the Lucas
Academy, will take place in Charleston to
morrow evening. Longfellow's. "Mosque
o? Pandora" will be presented by the young
ladies under the direction of Miss Ella Ut
tolengui. We have been honored with an
invitation to be present.
Correct insufficient, painful, profuse and
too frequent menstruations with S:mmons'
Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr
W M Brockinton.
There was an imitation game of bull in
Manning yesterday between the J'ineville
nine and a nine from Manning. which re
sulted in a defeat for the Manningites by a
score oX 16 to 17. The Juneville boys prom.
ise to play Manning again as soon as those
boys learn how to play ball.
To permanently cure melancholy, diffi
culty of breathing and swiruming of head,
use bimmons' Squaw Vine Wine 'or Tablets.
Sold by Dr W Mi Brockinton.
Mr. A. W. Knight at one time a printer
on THE TIMEs, and until recently on e of
the editors of the Snoter Herald, has
bonght out the Herald of Bamberg S. C. and
in future will edit that paper. Mr. Knight
is a good all round printer, and if he turns
out to he as good a writer as he is a type
setter his success is assured. We wish him
Dr Mi A Simmons' liver medicine has a
national reputation, extending over about
sixty years, as a most succesful liver regu
lator. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
Died at her homue in New Zion last Fri
day night,Mrs. J. H. MicCullomr aged about
55 years. The funeral took place Saturday
at New Zion church. Rev. W. E. Wiggans
officiated. The deceased for many years
lived in the Sumrazerton section, where she
had many frieds. Her husband was so
prostrated by grief that he was unable to
attend the funeral, and he is still quite
While on their way to Manning last Sat
urday Mr. Jim Kolb and his vife were
hurled from their cart by the inule taking
fright, and becoing untuanaeable on the
narrow catsoway at Fellowship braneb.
Mr. Kolb was very painfully hurt, but Mrs.
Kolb came off with slight injuries.
We have heard complaints about the nar
rowness of this causeway, and we think it
well for the Supervisor to take his gang
there and remedy tie roadway b2fore the
county is made to pay damages.
To relieve sick stomach during pregnan
cy, tone up the system and give conrage for
the ordeal, take Simmons' Squaw Vine or
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr W 1I Brock
Died in Manning last Friday morning.
Rev. P. E. Pompey, pastor of the A. .\. E.
church. The funeral took placo on Satur
day and was largely attended. lie was
bur.-d with Odd Fellowi,' honors. 11ev.
Pompey had lived in Manning several years
and by his walk in life he won the respect
of all our citizens. His counsel in and out
of his pulpit was always for good, and he
belonged to a class that earnestly sought to
elevate the negro race. In his ieath his
tuembership lost a good preacher and his
race a faithful teacher.
Last fall I spiained my left hip while
handling bonie heavy boxes. The doctor I
called on said at first it was a slight strain
and would soon be well. but it grew worse
and the doctor then said I had rheumatism.
It continued to grow worse and I could
hardly get around to work. I went to a
drug store and the druggist recommended
tue to try Chamberlain's Pain Ba.n. I
tried it and one-half of a 50-cent bottle
cured me entirely. I now recommend it
to all my friends.-F. A. Babcock, Erie, Pa.
It is for sale by R. B. Loryea, druggist.
Constable J. F. Richbourg of St. Paul
brought to jail last Monday John Gibson,
colored, committed by 3Iagistrate Rich
bourg on the charge of rape. His alleged
victim is a 5-year-old colored child of Rich
ard Brown, a respectable negro living on
the King place near St. Paul's. We are
informed that Gibson admitted the com
n..ssion of the heinous crime which was
committed Sunday afternoon, and he was
arrested about one hour later. Magistrate
Richbourg deserves credit for the prompt
ness in which he acted in this case.
Pure blood is full of life and vitality and
carries vigor to the organs c the body. Dr
I1 A Simmons' liver medicine creates rich,
pure blood. Sold by Dr W 31 B:ockinton.
The trustees of the special school dis
trict have ordered an election for the 28th
day of June for the qualified voters to say
whether or not a levy of four additional
mills shall be made for school purposes.
The voters at the same time, in a separate
box will express their choice for trustees.
Every voter should turn out to this elec
tion. It is important, and there should be
a special interest and care taken in the se
lection of trustees. Remember the date,
June 28th. Polls will be open from 7 a. m.
to 4 p. m.
Restore the menstrual and generative or
gans to natural conditions so they will do
their dutY by taking Simmons' Squaw Vine
Wine or Tab'ets. Sold by Dr W M Brock
Some dastsrdy fiend, probably prompted
by jealousy, attempted to set fire last Sun
day night to a house in the nortnern por
tion of the town occupied by Mary Wright,
colored. The occupant of the house went
to church, and left her little boy in the
house, after a while the little fellow went
to sleep, and some one crawled up to the
house, poured kerosene oil and with light
ed paper placed on the oil left. The paper
burned out before the oil fairly caught, but
it did catch sufficiently to char the wood.
Had the fire gotton underway in all prob
ability the little darkey would have been
burned to death. The ground about the
house showed tracks made by a shoe about
a No. 5 the shape of a woman's shoe. The
town authorities should make an effort to
ferrit out the demon and bring the guilty
one to court.
On Wednesday evening, the 21st of June,
there will be an entertainment given at the
home of Mrs. S. A. Rigby by the ladies of
the Methodist church. There will be an
interesting programme, consisting of music
and recitations.
Refreshments will be served. An ad
mission fes of 10 cents will be charced.
The public is cordiall
An Appreciated L
Editor Txr. Tns
I have been thinking ever since I
left home about six weeks ago that I
would write you a letter, but some
1:w never did it. So upon arriving
11ere and receiving several South
Carolina papers which one of the
boys had sent me, among them a
that I
lines b
you may place them where they w ill
be corivenient to help clean out the
stove flue on the first rainy day.
It seems like it has been much
longer than six or seven weeks since
I left home on this trip, and many
changes have taken place in Caro
lina during that short time.
The morning I left Manning I ran
straight through to Augusta, arriv
ing there about 3 o'clock by our time
and 2 o'clock in Georgia. *The next
morning I was going over to Thom
son, which, by the way, is the home
of Tom Watson, and who should I
meet but our friend Jack Ragin. He
is the same Jack that he was in Sum
merton and the people in many
towns in Georgia know him just as
well as the Clarendon people did. He
gve me a message for Mr. Frank
Wilson. He says he has been doing
business with Mr. Wilson for seven
teen years and hasn't had any luck
yet, so he thinks he will have to quit.
The next Carolinian I met was Son
Loyns, at Athens, but have seen lots
of them since then. There are lots
of North Carolinians all over middle
and lower Georgia, too, for wherever
there are pine trees the Tar-Heels
will follow.
I have been over a good portion of
Georgia and the place I am writing
from now is on the Georgia and Ala
bama road, which runs straight
across the State from Savannah to
Montgomery. There is a nice little
colony of South Carolina young folks
in Macon. I was invited to join a
little party the other day at Macon
and go out to Ochmulgee Park, and in
the party of five who went there
were four from South Carolina. Al
len McFaddin and Miss Hattie Nelson
were in the party. Allen's many
friends in Clarendon will be glad to
learn of his success in Macon. He is
professor of Stenography in an up
to-date and largely patronized busi
ness college and is full worthy of the
I was at Mt. Vernon a few days ago
and who should I meet but Rev.
Charles Montgomery. I met him on
the street, and notwithstanding it
was in the presence of several of the
local parishioners and in whose pres
ence 1 perhaps should have treated
the reverend with more dignity, yet
I was glad to see him and rushed up
and called him "Charlie" like I used
to. He is pastor of the Presbyterian
church at Mt. Vernon. Yesterdeay at
Ailey I met Eddie Oliver, who went
from our county, near Foreston, to
Florida while quite a boy about ten
years ago. He afterwards married
an intelligent and handsome lady
from Oconee county, S. C., and is now
doing a good mercantile business at
Ailey, Ga. He made me dine with
him. There are lots of Carolinians
scattered about over here whom I
have met and might mention. Champ
Strange is at this place and doing
wela erchant.
ferent from our folks in many re
spects. They are the cleverest and
most approachable folks I ever saw.
A stranger is never held at arm's
length, and you will never tell a rich
man from a poor one in South Geor
gia by the clothes they wear.
I met Harry Benbow at Milledge
ville some time ago. He has charge
of the water works there and prom
ised to bring me down a copy of THE
TIMNEs, but never did it. I have a
notion the next time I go to Milledge
ville to put up on him about a week
to pay for it.
I received several Carolina papers
yesterday, giving fill accounts of the
death of Governor Ellerhe. Of course
I had seen in the Georgia papers that
he was dead, but the accounts were
not so full as those given in the State
and News and Courier. Governor
Ellerbe was a good man and a man
whose heart I always thought was
pure. South Carolina should mourn
the loss of such a man, but she
should congratulate herself that the
reins of government have fallen into
such worthy hands as Governor Mc
Sweeney's. He is a man of ability,
and a more courteous and upright
citizen could scarcely be found in the
State. The people may rest assured
that his administration will be hon
est and upright, according to the
dictates of his good conscience.
Georgia and South Carolina are
much more to be congratulated on
their Governors than is North Caro
lina. Governor Candler of Georgia
is an old gentleman and is said to be
one of the purest and best men in
the State. While North Carolina's
Governor, in point of avoirdupois, is
perhaps equal to the Governors of
Georgia and South Carolina put to
gether, yet he is made out of the
wrong kind of "stuff," and in that
State it is a common thing to hear
him spoken of as "His Nibs," the
Governor, "His Nobs," etc. He's a
These old Georgia Confeds down
here were tickled to death at the
treatment CiprIeston gave them dur
ing the Reunion. They say Charles
ton did herself credit. I saw one old
fellow some time ago who said he
had a spoon yet that a lady in South
Carolina gave him while they were
marching through the State run
ning from Sherman. He said they
were almost starved and this lady
gave them something to eat and gave
him this spoon to eat it with. He
says the South Carolina people are
the cleverest people in the world
anyhow. Folks from our State have
quite a reputation wherever you go
for their good manners and refine
ment. But to return to the spoon
incident, I don't doubt that the lady
gave them all that she could to eat,
but I doubt very much if she told
him to take the spoon. I have heard
a few of the old boys say that spoons
were scarce those days, and a good
heavy silver teaspoon wasn't a bad
tning I imagine to take along.
I was sorry to learn of several sad
deaths at home during the past few
weeks, among them the death of Mr.
Chavis. He was a quiet, peaceable
and good citizen, and one who at
tended to his own business. I know
his death is a deep felt loss to his
I expect it will be several weeks be
fore I wind up this trip and come
home, but I would like to see the
town about now. That long, shady
street of ours has pleasant memories
to a fellow down here, for the sun
doesn't fail to shine in Southern
eorgia. Sometimes I imagine I
would like to hear George Huggins
laugh, or Will Legg whistle a tune, or
know if Old "Rock" has changed his
pinion about Billy Bryan. Or then
ear Dr. Reuben get off one of those
puns of his. Tell him to bottle me
up one labeled "pure, fresh, sign of
the golden mortar," and send to me
ver here. I want to show it to some
f these Georgia folks. I heard a
an say yesterday that there are
lots of people th-ough here so green
hat they wilt the hot days. I im
gine they would appreciate some
hing funny.
I had a letter yesterday from Tom
-mio at Lime Sink, Ga. Tom
-ght I was in Manning. He is in
spirits andi a letter from him will
a case of the "blnes" any time.
rquired about the girls, and says
yes all the girls in Manning from
.wamp to the Raccoon road. He
says a red flag ought to be pinned to
he barber shop sign, indicating dan
er. He also says Capt. Breedin,
Riley Strange and I were wearing
own-cast countenances some time
ago, and wonders if we are over
it. He says he thinks Mr. Breedin
ad I were blue because business
was poor, but he doubts that being
he cause with Riley. Tom says that
he school of experience is the place
o learn a thing, and he has now in
ais possession a gilt edge diploma
vhich he merited during the fall and
-pring term of 98-99.
I learn that Frank has been up in
Sorth Carolina. I am glad that the
ank's business is improving so that
hey are now collecting drafts in
North Carolina.
I had a very direct inquiry made
f me some time ago concerning the
atrimonial prospects of a Manning
unicipal official, but was unable to
aswer the inquiry. A man never
knows how his tame goes abroad and
hw many interested friends are in
uiring after his future happiness.
But I guess I have written about
s much and perhaps a little more
han will find ventillation through
HE TIMEs at one time, so had bet
ter hold up. Should this see the
ight of publication, the next time
[ will write more of the social,
olitical and racial conditions over
ere and less in this Bill-Ar py-would
e-funny strain. I think I could
write several days about Georgia,
her present and future prospects and
onditions. She is indeed the Em
pire State of the South, with wvon
erful prospects and offering man y
nviting opportunities to the right
kind of young men. H. L.
Lyons, Ga., June 10, 1899.
Keep Quiet
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Lorya, druggist.
Chamiberhin's cough remedy has saved
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It is also without an equal for colds and
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yea. druggist. [janlay
"I want to tell yo', my deah brcthren,"
said Deacon Johnsing to his flock at prayer
meting, "dcat in <iese days of chainless
bikes, bossless kerridges, an'sich, dat what
we need fo' the glorification of de cullud
folkses am chickenless soups, razzerless
pahties, melonless patches, and crapless
games. Does yo' follow me?''
Ber h TeKn Youl Have Always Boghlt
Attention, Guiards !
Headquarters Manning Guards.
Mann ing. S. C., June 5, 1899.
You are hereby notified to be at your
armory Saturday. June 17th, at 4 o'clock p.
m. for the purpose of arranging for a spe
cial drill somewhere the following Satur
day. By ordc: of
WV. M. LE~wis, Captain.
J. C. Gnr.uam, First Sergt. [G-2t
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S Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Rheu
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Winthrop College
The examinations for the award of
vacant scholarshius in Winthrop Col
lege and for the admission of new
students will be held at the county
court house on Friday, July 21st, at
9 a.m.
Applicants must not be less than
fifteen years of age.
When scholarships are vacated af
ter July 21st, they will be awarded to
those making the highest average at
this examination.
The cost of attendance, including
board, furnished room, heat, light
and washing is only $8.50 per month.
For further information and a cat
alogue address
5-3t] Rock Hill, S. C.
The _.
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One day and filling up next day with
newer, prettier, cleaner and cheaper 0
stuff is the way C. W. KENDALL does
business. Selling more
Than ever we did before. Why is this?
you naturally inquire. The reason is,
our prices are right.
We are every day giving Big Values
hitched on to Small .Prices, and the
trading public know it.
Fall in line; everything going our way.
Quality Above-Prices Below. ---0
The Racket Man.
The Yellow Front.
Get a Crescent Bicycle From Me.
We have opened up now in a larger building on corner
>f Main and Republican streets and are better prepared to
serve our customers than we have ever been.
Rice, Meal, Grits, Bacon, Sugar and Lard at lowest prices.
100 Bags Coffee, in bag lots, at 7 1-4c, 8 1-2 and 9 1-2c per lb.
) 0() Boxes Tobacco at 28, 30 and 35c lb.
Tomatoes, Salmon, Sardines at less than packers' prices.
Call and see us before purchasing elsewhere.
CROSS WLL & 00.,
SaUM-a. - - - S- 0.
19 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
mi We Wouli De ild4 14 Lem You Wite Uc for biC8L
Percival Manufacturing Co.,
Doors, Sash-and Blinds,
aeetng Siteet, - - CHARLESTON, S. C.

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