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WEDNESDAY. JUNE :21, 1899.
Protect Home Industry.
We have just perfected an agreement
with Mr. W. Scott Harvin, proprietor of the
Manning Hosiery Mill, to handle the pro
ducts of his mill exclusively. It would be
useless for us to dwell upon the excellent
quality of the goods turned out by this
mill, for everybody who has used the Man
ning mill goods can testify to the verity of
this truth. Everybody should teel an in
terest in these goods. as they are manufac
tured by a home concern, and especially as
they are the best goods on the market in
the South for the money. We will carry a
full line of all the goods made by this mill
and we will be able to offer them at very
close prices.
Call and see the big pile of ladies' Shirt
Waists on our Remnant Bargain Coruter
at cut prices.
A large lot of Paris Green on hand cheap
for the cash.
One hundred bushels Stock Peas on
hand at very close prices.
Ladies, you can buy Hats very cheap in
our Millinery department now; cut prices
to close out all goods by fall.
We wish to close out the remainder of our
stock of Spring Clothing at reduced prices.
If you want a Suit of Clothes or a pair of
Pants it will pay you to see us.
Yours truly,
Notice is herely given
that no advertisements will
be hereafter changed in this
paper where the copy is
brought in later than Sat
urday noon.
Rev. J. 0. Gough has returned from
North Carolina.
Go to Brockinton's for a delicious and re
freshing drink, when heated.
Mr. A. B. Galloway of Clinton is in Man
ning this week.
Strictly pure Paris Green for sale by Rt.
B. Loryea. the dinggist.
Mrs. Abe Levi is visiting relatives in
To Rent-A itice five-room cottage. Ap
ply to A. 1. Barron. [5-tf
Ed Green of New Zion lit up Manning
with his smiles last Monday.
Mrs. David Levi, of St Paul is visiting
relatives in Washington D. C.
Strictly pure Paris Green for sale by R.
3. Loryea, the druggist.
Dr. W. E. Biown and Mr. J. W. McLeod
are rusticating at Glenn Springs.
The merchants of Manning will give
*.eir clerks a holiday 4th of Jnly.
Why stay hot? when you can get cool
quick and easy at Brockinton's up-to-date
soda fount.
Mr. Hannah Levi aoompanied by her
grand daughter Miss Nettie Weinberg have
gone to Glenn springs.
Mr. Plummer Clark left Monday even
ing for Charleston, where he has accepted
a position in Dr. Robson's drug store.
Strictly pure Paris Green for sale by R.
B. Loryea, the druggist.
The recent rains have brightened things
up considerably, but Manning has not had
enough yet
Manning and Juneville baseball clubs1
will cross bats again tomorrow afternoon at
the grounds bark of the Presbyterian
For Sale-The Manning Hotel lot and
open lot adjoining same. Price and terms
reasonable. Apply to Mrs. M. 0. Burgess,
216 Crawford street, Portsmouth, Va. 7-3t
Among the graduates of the South Caro
lina College this year is Mr. Jake Weinberg
of this piace, and we acknowledge with
thanks an invitation from him to be pres
Dr M A Simmons' liver medicine creates
a good appetite, tones and strengthens the
stomach and builds up tbe health. Sold by
Dr W M Brockinton.
The congregations of Brewington and
New Harmony will be addressett on the
first Sabbath in July, by the Rev. W. B.
Mcliwaine a meissionary of the Southern
Presbyterian church, who has but recently
returned from Japan. The services will be
at 11 a. m. and 4:30 p. mn. respectively. All
are cordially invited to hear him.
Ray. W. H. MU.s.
Correct insufficient, painful, profuse and
too frequent menstruations with Simmons'
Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets. sold by Dr
W M Brockinton.
Some fellow who was cut out of his night
drink reported the Manning dispensary
for closing too early. The dispensary closes
here at 6 o'clock, and the hour is very ac
ceptable to the people of this community.
We guess the fellow who made the kick,
wanted a bottle of liquor to run him and
his friends that night, and we will wager
if he could have found a blind tiger here
he would not have patronized the dispen
sary, and we will turther say, that the fel
low does not belong here.
To permanently cure melancholy, diffi
culty of breathing and swimming ot' head,
use simmons' Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets.
Sold by Dr W Mk Brockinton.
The new tobacco warehouse is almost
ready for business, and the old one is hav
ing a new roof put on it. With two ware
houses in Manning we see no reason why
this town should not have sufficient in
dc.ments to bring Clsrendon's tobacco
crop here. The whole thing depends upon
the management, if those in cherge of th'
warehouses put forward the proper effoi -
they will bring the tobacco here, and if
they will give full market prices they will
keep it here; all that the growers want
is fair treatment, and this we are atisfied
they will receive in Manning.
Last fall I spraisaed my left hip while
handling some heavy boxes. The doctor I
called on said at ti:5t it was a slight strain
and would soon be well, but it grew worse
and the doctor then said I had rheumatism.
It continued to grow worse and I could
hardly get around to work. I went to a
drug store and the druggist recommended
me to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I
tried it and one-hzalf of a 50-cent bottle
cured me entirely. I now recommend it
to all my friends.--F. A. Babcock, Erie, Pa.
It is for sale by Rt. B. Loryea, druggist.
There are hustlers; and such things as
hustlers, on this busy mundane sphere and
C. WV. Kendall the yellow front Racket
man, not the yellow man with the racket
front~is a hustler as will be estimated by the
amount of perspiration it must have taken
to get up such a wonder inspiring adver
tisemenit as his whole page supplement
signify's. Look at the prices he offer. and
it is enough to induce a man to s.ell the
cast off garments of his mother-in-aw to
raise the "mezuma" to take advantage of
Kendall's bargains. Somnething is going'
to drop about the Racket store, because
when you see a mana throw away his fan
these ~hot days, and roll up his sleeve to
work night rnu dnay to mark cut prices on
his goods, and without fear and trembling
take a page in his county newspaper to let
its readers know that he means to get rid of
his summer goods, and to do so, the prices
are slaughtered, the bottom is about to d rop
out; all the people have to do is to stand
by to catch things as they come tumbling
down. Kenniall is going to the northern
markt to buyhn his fall goods, and before
he leaves he proposes to clear out his im
mense stock at price-. a glance at his ad
vertisement will astound any bo.ly who is
posted on prices. Some merchants claim
it is not legitimate to slash prices, but
Kendall claims that he came to Manning
and instituted new methods in the nature
of out prices and he proposes to be the
judge of what is a 1gitim-ite method to get
clear of a summer stock when he wants to
get ready for a fall stock. He says that he
Cannot afford to keep his goods to feed
moths. and that he would rather loose a
that his customers muy get the benefit,
than to keep his goods for another season
and run the risk of mioths and out-of-date
Would not Suffer so A.-ain for Fifty
Times Its Price.
I awoke last night with severe pains in
my stomaei. I never felt so badly in all
my life When I came down to work this
morning I felt so weak I could hardly
work. I went to Miller & McCurdy's drug
store and thcv recommended Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and D.arrhoea Rem
edy. It worked like magic and one dose
fixed m) all right. It certainly is the finest
thing I ever used fir stomach trouble. I
shall not be without it in my home here
after, for I should not care to endure the
sufferings of last night again for fifty times
its price.-G. H. Wilson, Liveryman, Bur
gettstowu, Washington Co., Pa. This rem
edy is far sale by R. B. Loryea, druggist.
Every Voter Must Vote.
The trustees of school district number 9.
or better known as "Manning district"
have ordered a special election, a notice of
which Is published elsewhere, for the pur
pose of confirming the action of the meeting
of the free holders held in the court house
on May 30th, when it was declared by a
vote of 14 to 60 that a special district shall
be formed, and a special levy of four mills
be made to maintain a graded school
in the town of Manning. Under the law
a vote of the analified voters must be had
confirming sa'id action before the same is
legalized. This vote will be taken on next
Wednesday, polls opening at 7 o'clock A.
M. and will close at 4 o'clock P. M. It
should not be necessary for us to arouse
the people to the duty they owe in this
matter, nor would we do more than to re
mind thei of the date, and hours of the
election, were it not for the fact, that the
trustees will provide a separate box for the
voters to express their preference on the
subject of trustees. We regard the seleo
tion of the board of trustees a most im
portant step, and every man selected
should feel highly honored, because it is
an expression of confidence from the peo
p!? of the community who know him best.
When the people of a community by their
ballots select men to take charge of the men
tal training of their children, it is a confi
dence expressed more to be appreciated
than political honors.
Taz Tzxxs has no axe to grind, nor
has it any special favorites for the posi
tion of trustee; what it wants is
the selection of men with a sufficient
amount of inteligence to be able to judge
of the qualifications of teachers, to be men
of broad and liberal minds, without politi
cal and religious prejudice, and have such
business ability as to be able to manage
the finances for the interests of the school.
Is would indeed, be a most unfortunate
beginning were the new school system to
get into the hands of "popular met," with
out the requisite qualifications to make good
trustees. The writer would vote against his
own brother were he not properly qualified
for the place, and would vote for a man he
did not speak to, if that man had the prop
er qualifications, in other words all per
sonal feeling and favoritism must be
sidetracked, and let reason guide the
voter is his selection of men to gov
ern the school. A man without busi
ness ability is not the proper person for the
place, one who is lacking in moral charac
ier is unnft and would prove an obstruction;
one who is so narrow that he sees no good to
be derived from outside of his own religious
reed or denomination, should be avoided;
because, his narrowness of mind would
tend to offend, and engender controversies
and sooner or later disrupt the institution.
It must be borne in mind that the trus
tees to be selected are to select t->achers
and to make rules for the government of
the children who attend the school;
the position is not only very important btt
a delicate one; there is only one mo
tive to prompt a man to accept, that is the
pious duty he owes mankind; it is as much
his duty to aid his people to become edu
ated as it is his duty to foster religion, for
the one must necessarily be the co-worker
of the other. We have in mind men whom
we believe would make a fine board, be
ause we believe they have the qualifica
tions already mentioned, and will take the
liberty to mention their names, with the
distinct understanding that it is without
their knowledge or consent, and without
disparagement to any others who may be
mentioned or fhouight of. The gentle
men whom we have selected as our
personal choice are Major Abe Levi,
Dr. J. Frank Geiger and Mr. E. L.
Wilkins; this is, in our opinion, a board
possessing the intellectual, moral and bus
iness ability, and their names are not men
tioned in a spirit of dictation, but more
from a desire to put the people to think
ing. Next Wednesday is the day, and
every man entitledi to vote cannot perform
a more important duty than by laying aside
every other duty,and attending to this one.
A Woman's Letter.
Coolidge, Ky., Aug. 20, 1898.
New Spencer Medicine Co.: Since writ
ing von in July, I have continued to use
Benedicta and am surprised at the results.
Before usiug the remedy I suffered from
womb troubles and a weak stomach, but the
three bottles of Benedicta has completely
cured me. It is a great medicine for deli
cate womien. Mns. H. Rt. Gr~uEara.
Sold by Rt. B. Loryea.
A Rtemar'kable Case.
Antioc, Miss., July 1, 1898.
I want to thank you for the great benet
I have received from your wonderful rem
edy, Benedicta. I was induced to try a bot
tIe, and it benetited me so much I used an
>ther and I am now entirely well. There
is certainly no medicine like it and I can
recommend it to all women.
M as. BETIE LANosros.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
Chur-ch Notice.
Rer. T1. J. Clyd.e, the beloved Presiding
Elder of the Sumter District, will preach at
the Methiodist church on next Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock. The public cordi
ail' invited.
On Monday morning, June 26th, the sec
ond Quarterly Conference for the Manning
charge will be held at the parsornage.
A Frightful Blunmder
Will often cause a horrible burn, scald,
cut or bruise. IUcklen's Arnica Salve, the
best in the world, will kill the pain and
promtly heal it. Cures old sores, fever
sores,' ulcers, boils, felons, corns, all skin
eruptions. Best pile ture on earth. Only
25 cents a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by
. B. Loryea, druggist. 1--5
Attention, Guards !
Headquarters Manning Guards,
Mann ing, S. C., June 20, 1899. j'
There will be a picnic given by the
Guards at Jun eville, Saturday, July 1st, at
which place there will be a drill and shoot
ing match. Let every man be there. All
old members of the company having uni
forms will please return them.
By order of W. M. LEwIs,
J. G. G?am, Captain.
1st Sergeant. [8-2t
We received, with thanks, aid to our
ew church building fund from the fol
loing friends, churches and Sunday
Mt Zion Zero Bapti.-.t ch arebi (Rev. C
W. Wbatson, pastor) ............. $3 t00
.\t. Zero $unday school....... ...... 57
Mt. Zero s.unday school (Cross Road) 51
Ebenezer Zaptist church ..... 30
L. W. JEasxuo, Pastor.
Dr M A Simmons' liver medicine has a
national icputation, extending over about
sixty years, as a most succesful liver regu
McLauiin at Wefford.
United States Senator John L McLau
rin delivered an address at the Wofford
commUencemeut which will set the politi
cians on him with vengeance, and when
the popular feeling is considere.1, his ut
terances not being in full accord with pub
lie sentiment, is proof conclusive that Mc
Laurin is a man of individnal ideas with
the bravery to express them, regardless of
consequences. If MeLaurin was a politi
cal trimmer, looking out for office, he would
join in the popular clamor and receive the
applause of those who are opposed to ex
pansion. but he prefers being a student of
Statecraft and leave the art of demagogery
to others. The following is a synopsis of
his speech taken from the Spaitanburg
Senator McLaurin delivered one of the
finest efforts that has been heard for a long
time in Wofford chapel. His audience was
attentive and appreciative, for the message
he brought was worthy of it. The Senator
gained many friends in the city by his elo
quent address, and his visit will be remea
bered with pleasure.
He thanked the two literary societies for
the honor they had conferred upon him,
and hoped they would be charitable in
their judgment, succeeding as he did so
many estimable men on that platform.
Then in a few well-chosen words he paid
beautiful tributes to Calhoun and Preston,
the pure statesman and the unrivalled ora
tor. In speaking of them he said that the
statesman and orator are never the pro
duct of despotism, but are the incarnation
of the genius of patriotism.
He spoke then of our high civilization,
how we have advanced to it, its dangers,
its great responsibilities and its obliga
tions. Civilization seems nothing but the
unfolding of God's plans for the human
race, and history is but the epitome of these
A stable civilization must make great
moral progress as well as intellectual and
poltical, and it takes ages to produce it.
Egypt, Syria, Rome and Greece had noth
ing but the civilization of the ages behind
them and they lacked the most important
element, moral progress, and so passed
How can the dark ag-s which succeeded
these nations' decay be accounted for? It
seems that the divine ruler meant to roll
back the progress then, for the great civIli
zation of the nineteenth century, as effect
ed by the Christian religion, which at that
ti . e was hailed by a bewildered race. It
is a question whether our civilization could
have been evolved from the civilization of
the ancient nations.
There is a remarkable connection be
tween the progress of civilization and re
ligion. The Puritans stood for both civil
and religious liberty; the Wesleyan refor
mation not only caused religious liberty,
but gave us democracy.
The speaker then told of Washington
and Lincoln praying to God after battle.
This official recognition of the God of bat
tle illustrates the rule of God over our
He said the present was a time of tre
mendous transition, and the nations which
did not keep abreast of the time would be
certainly overwhelmed. Science has made
great progress, but that enchanted land is
only half-known.
We cannot peer into the future and it is
useless to speculate, but it is safe to say
that the twentieth century will be as great
a improvement on the nineteenth, as the
nineteenth was on the eighteenth.
America has lead in the progress of the
nations and will continue to do so. The
most potent factor in effecting this is the
common school system of education; the
diffusion of general intelligence. Our ed
noational level is above that of any other
nation. The Senator then took an instance
of our superiority the late war with Spain,
the illiteracy of Spain being 68 per cent.,
U~nited States, 7 per cent. He said some
one had made the statement that it was the
man behind the gun who won the war; it
was more, it was the common school behiad
that man.
America not only leads In scienee and
industrial development, but also in the scI
ence of government: in new pnineiples and
new forms of government.
The speaker then reviewed shortly the
political growth of our government; how
happily the banners of Spain and France,
the countries of tyranny and despotism
were driven out: how the persecuted and
oppressed of other nations made the land
of power, and established a government of
freedom; how many crises had been safely
passed through...
In speaking of the crisis of the civil war,
a unique struggle in history, the Senator
said, ''The right of the Caucassian to gov
ern came from God. Race instinct has pre
served and is preserving the South; this is
a white man's country and a white man's
He said that our country would never be
injured by outside forces, but from those
within. One of the most dangerous of
those just now is the American trust, which
had taken for its motto what the Delphic
oracle told Philip of Macedon, "Make coin
thy watchword, and you will win all-" But
this modern form of evil will be counter
acted as feudalism was by the crusades, or
overthrown as the doctrine of the divine
right of kings was overthrown by Crom
wei. When they become unbearable,
trusts will be governed by public laws.
There have been two great crises in Eng
lish history which differently settled,would
have changed the history of the world, the
battles of Hastings and Waterloo. We are
rapidly approaching another crisis. Napo
leon said before his death that the next
hundred years would see the world Cossack
or epublican.
To this crisis there is no compromise;
there must be either the one, ignorance,
Romanism, bigotry. or the other, intelli
gence, Protestantism, freedom.
The Anglo-Saxon race has led for uni
versal freedom. The question is, will our
nation, the sponsor of a Christian civiliza
tion shrink from the obligation imposed
upon humanity of helping other nations to
freedom, after having gained its own?
But what are oer obligations? One of
hese is to preserve th? fr:.a institutions so
that future ages may enjoy them. i'his
responsibility will soon rest upon the
young men, and they should fit themselves
for it by education; the highest civil virtue
is the result of education. There are no
born statesmen; they are the product of cir
cumstanes, great ambition and consum
ing patriotism.
Another obligation is to seek for the bet
terment and elevation of all the human
race through establishment of political in
ttutios5 and the enlightening influence
of our Christian civilization. One of the
best means we have to establish this is
through commerce.
This country has met one of its respon
sibilities when it established a land of free
dom in America; it met another responsi
bility in established free public institu
ions: it meets another responsibility in
the question of' extending our borders.
In the East there is to be a last final
struggle between the two forces, freedom
and despotism. The czar has proposed
disarmament, but he has plans for the en
slavement of the East and tne expulsion of
England. The time for disarmament will
ot come until the designs of God have
been fulflled; so we should prepare our
selves for the struggle of universal freedom.
The late war was for humanity. So
president and congress say, and not for
conquest. Cuba and the Philippines are
o our hands as a sacred trust; let us use
tem in giving to the world an answer to
how to govern; to establish freedom; and
to elevate their population and magnify
our nation in the eyes of the world.
The events of '98 have been pregnant.
We have taken our place among the fore
most nations of the world, and must now
assist in deciding the questions of the
We cannot afford to shrink from our
.Istin. '[he Hebrew nation was recre
ant to hr responsibilities, and it was scat
tered throughout the earth.
Ve have a divinely appointed task, which
we are fulfilling; wherever the American
ciiizationi has gone, it has fructified the
nition and established political and re
ligious liberty. T1he statesmen who deny
this task, this obligation is a demagogue,
and the Christian who does so is a trai
tor to his God and to his religion.
cste hainYuHaeAlways Bougdt
Quick Results.
Coolidge, Ky., Aug. 1, 1898.
I have been suffering with female trou
bles and was unable to get relief. I was
persuaded to try Benedicta and after one
month's treatment I can recommend your
remedy to suffering women.
Uns. H. R. G.LREA.TE.
Solcd by R. B. Loryea.
It's a poor poultry yard that doesn't
contain more than three feet.
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada E.
Hart, of Groton, S. D. "Was taken with a
bad cold which settled my lungs; coigh
set in and finally terminated in Consump
tion. Four Doctors gave me up, saying I
could live but a short time. I gave myself
up to my Savior, determined if I could not
stay with my friends on earth, I would
meet my absent ones above. My husband
was advised to get Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption, coughs and Colds. I
gave it a trial, took in all eight bottles It
has cured me, and thank God I am saved
and now a well and healthy woman." Trial
bottles free at R. B. Loryea's drug store.
Regular size 50 cents and $1.00. Gnaran
teed or price refunded. 1
Jealousy is a key that opens many
Keep quiet
and use Chamberlain's colic, cholera and
diarrhoea remedy for all pains of the stom
ach and all unnatural looseness of the bow
els. It always cures. For sale by R. B.
Loryea, druggist.
Chamberlain's cough remedy has saved
the lives of thousands of croupy children.
It is also without an equal for colds and
whooping cough. For sale by R. B. Lor
yea, druggist. [janlay
It is easy to bear the aches of an
other man's corns.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you if you used Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Thousands of suf
ferers have proved their matchless merit
for sick and nervous headaches. They
make pure blood and strong nerves and
build up your health. Easy to take. Try
them. Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cured. Sold by R. B. Loryea, druggist.
C.BoT O t. IA..
Bushe Kind You Hae Always Bought
To relieve sick stomach during pregnan
cy, tone up the system and give courage for
the ordeal, take Simmons' Squaw Vine or
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr W M Brock
The majority of people who want
to be coaxed, ought to be clubbed.
Pure blood is full of life and vitality and
carries vigor to the organs of the body. Dr
M .1 Simmons' liver medicine creates rich,
pure blood. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
About the worst joke a woman can
play on a man is to marry him.
Restore the menstrual and generative:or
gans to natural conditions so they will do
their duty by taking Simmons'Squaw Vine
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr W M Brock
A fair exchange is no robbery-un
less it's a church fair.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia of Barcelona, Spain,
spends his winters at Aiken, S. C. Weak
nerves had caused severe paina in the back
of his head. On using Electric Bitters,
America's greatest blood and nerve remedy,
all1 pain soon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs. All
America knows that it cures liver and kid
ey trouble, purifes the blood, tones up
he stomach, strengthens the nerves, puts
vim, vigor and new life into every muscle,
erve and organ of the body. If weak,
ired or ailing yon need it. Every bottle
guaranteed, only 50 cents. Sold by R. B3.
oryea, druggist. 1
tiyeerin and Foreordinationl.
A glycerin man in conversation with
a reporter the other day said that the
majority of those who are engaged in
the business of shooting wells believe
in foreordination. "I think that a man
will not die till his time comes," he
said. "A man is liable to die at any
calling, no matter how safe it may be
considered. He will pass through all
kinds of dangers and never sustain the
slightest injury. Then he is knocked
out of existence when he least expects it.
"Glycerin men have to be quite
nervy, but there is not one cf them who
does not feel that he is in no great dan
ger. They think they will live out their
allotted time and will not be blown up
until the predestined event is due. We
are handling death every day and know
it, but by the exercise of caution and
common sense there are but few of us
comparatively that are killed. The rail
road men are much more liable to acci
dental death than glycerin men are."
Bradford (Pa.) Era.
Cheerful Antipodean Truth Teller.
An ex-sea captain, now living in Syd
ney, many years ago was in charge of a
ship carrying some convicts. The con
victs mutinied, murdered the crew and
ordered the captain to navigate them to
the islands, and, being a prudent man,
he did so. When satisfied as to their
course, the convicts deliberated, decided
that he had behaved himself well and
put him ashore on the first large island
they came to. He was a musician and
took his violin with him. A threatening
crowd of savages greeted his arrival,
but Orpheus played to them till they
thought him a god, brought him unlim
ited pigs and yams and bowed in adora
tion. Finally he married the chief's
daughter, succeeded him and ruled the
island for years, till a ship called in and
he sailed away-Sydney Bulletin.
Must Have Been a Cannibal.
The writer of a book of travels, tell
ing of the insect pests encountered in
British Guiana, makes a statement of
which the best that can be said is that
is is probably not so bad as it sounds.
"One lady that I knew, while busy at
her toilet, felt something crawling on
her shoulder. She screamed and called
her husband, and he had just time to
knock the centiped off before biting
her in the neck."
Asthma From Asparagus.
Among the curiosities of medical lit
rature are the stories, many of them
well authenticated, of the peculiar sus
eptibility of certain unfortunate indi
viduals to certain odors and emanations.
Among the substances which have been
kown to have produced attacks of
spasmodic asthma are roses, musk, tea,
ipecacuanha, the odor of a cat, fried
ish, the dust of oats, malt, rice, feath
ers, wool and that caused in the demoli
tion of old houses. Dr. Eugene Do
schamps has added asparagus to this
long list. He has published a full clin
ical report of a victualer over 40 years
of age who suffers from sovere spasmod
io attacks of coughing whenever he at
tempts to prepare raw asparagus for the
ook. -New York Herald.
Fourk was the most highly esteemed
fleh at a-Bomian table.
gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price,25 ct.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
Exacting, economical and critical buyers
included, are urgently requested to call and
exrmine our late arrivals of
New and Seasonable Styles
In Dress Goods of all kinds, Organdies.
Percales, Duck, Lawns, Vassar Checks,
Piques, Organdie Adalisque, Shirting
Prints, etc.
Our Notion line is complete for you.
Men's and Boys' Straw and Crash Hats, the
latest go, from 10c up.
Our shoe department is complete with
the latest styles and at prices to suit the
most exacting buyers. Prices from 65c up.
Ladies' and Children's Oxfords, black
and tan, to suit and please.
Gent's Negligee Shirts, in the latest cl
ors and styles, from 25c up. We can suit
your taste and pucket-book almost always.
Just arrived, a beautifal line of Flower
Pots and Jardinieres.
Our Clothing Department is full of bar
gains for you. Come and let us show you
what we can do for you in this line. It
costs nothing to look and examine.
Knives and Forks, Hatchets, Saws, Chis
els, Files, Plows and numerous other arti
cles, too numerous to mention, at prices
that will surprise you. Come and be con
We allow no one to undersell us in pure,
fresh goods. Our Grocery department is
stocked with the choicest and best goods
that money can buy. We not only aim to
keep the best, we do it.
Try us for good quality, honest weight
and low price; you will get it.
Remember that we are headquarters for
everything kept in a general merchandise
Also remember that we defy competition
and guarantee satisfaction of every pur
chase made of
Yours truly,
The baseball season has arrived
and we have just received a complete
stock of
All styles and prices. Call and
make your selection.
R. B. LORYEA, The Druggist
AL LAN'S0 Compound
R @ Extract of
Makes weak people strong. The
reat Nerve Tonic and System Ren
Price, $1.00 a Bottle.
For sale by
R. B. LORYEA, The Druggist
T he 2
ave you called on HIERIOT,
the Baker, yet? If not, do so
and purchase a trial lot of
his Bread, Rolls, Cakes and
Fancy Crackers, all of which
are guaranteed to be fresh.
He also keeps in stock the
best line of Canned Goods
and Meats to be found in
town. Will give you special
bargains also in Heavy Gro
ceries. i ( Your patronage is
solicited, if fresh goods and
low prices availeth anything
you will call again.
In Rear of Bank.
Mlillinery, Millinery.
The ladies of Clarendon are invited to visit
iy millinery parlors, where they will have
in opportunity of selecting from a beautiful
ine of Hats. The very latest designs.
Every attention is given to styles.
My stock consists of
And All the Latest Triminlns.
iss S. E. McDONALD,
But remember that the vital parts of patents
edrw wihget accurac anklor the
Snd desrptive sketch and rough drawing.
pontga fopeim~ir exmnation and
merian and Foeg Ssfactoryrefee ncs
Labels. Caveats, Copy- service. Conscientious
dDesign, and wrk, Professiona in'
Correspondence with Inventorssolicited.
Office lately occupied by the late B1.
Pressley B3arron, Esq.
FW I'Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Rheu
matim and Sores. Price, 25 cents,
Sold by R R. TLorea
Is now in position to offer to the trade
Brand New Goods at
Rock Bottom Prices.
He asks that the public call in person
and examine his stock, consisting of
Cashmeres and
Scotch Lawns
Duck in all Shades & Colors
Figured Lawns
White Lawns
Checked Muslins
Colored Muslins
Piques in all shades & colors
In fact we keep everything in the Dry
Goods line. All we ask is to come and see
for yourself. If quality and low prices
will sell goods we are satisfied we can sell
you. We make
Goods and Shoes
We have used every effort to buy the lat
est styles, at the very lowest price, and if
you need anything in that line it will pay
you to look at my goods before buying.
We have the biggest
Bargains in Clothing
ever brought to this town.
Our stock of
is of the best quality. We carry a large as
sortment in that line at prices that cannot
be beat.
1,000 cakes Bull's Eye Soap, two cakes
for 5c.
I,000 cakes Octagon Soap, 4c cake.
500 cakes Magic Cleaner, 11-lb cakes, six
for 25c.
400 pkgs Gold Dust, 5c pkg.
100 pkgs Gold Dust, 4 lbs to pkg, 25c.
Ground Black Pepper, 4-lb pkg, 5c.
Gold Band Hams, strictly No. 1, 124c lb.
Best Corn Starch, per pkg, Gic.
Best Lump Starch, 5c lb, six lbs for 25c.
Good Flour, $3.90 per barrel.
Large assortment of Coffees and Tobacco,
Can Goods, etc., at priccs to suit the hard
The Prudential Life Insurance Co.
Issues up-to-date Life Policy.
The Palatine and Sun Flire Ins. Comnpanies.
There are none better.
Insure Against Sickness.
$2 a year pays $5weekly indemnity.
10 " " 25 " "
J. 1. WILSON, Manning, S. C.
To Consumers oI Lager Deer:
The Germania Brewing Company, of
harleston, S. C., have made arrangements
with the South Carolina State authorities
by which they are enabled to fill orders
from consumers for shipments of beer in
ny quantity at the following prices :
Pints, patent stopper, 60c. per dozen.
Four dozen pints in crate, $'2.80 per crate.
Eighth-keg, $1.25.
Quarter-keg. $2.25.
Half-barrel, $4.50.
Exports, pints, ten dozen in barrel, $9.
It will be necessary for consumers or
parties ordering,to staite that the beer is for
private consumption. We offer special
rates for these shipments. This beer is
guaranteed pure, mnade of the choicest hops
nd malt, and is recommended by the
edical fraternity. Send to us for a trial
Brewing Comnany,
Char'1eston, S. C.
Geo.S.Hacker &Son
Dors ashATT~R Blids
Dosegt Sah, Blindsan
Builders' Hardware.
Window and Fancy Glass a Secialty.
A Cood Tonic
Elixir, Calisaya Bark &
Gentian Root
Improves the appetite, aids diges
tion and wards off Malaria.
Prepared at
Is to sacrifice every article at an Extremely Low Price and get
the money that is tied ap in so large a stock. By reading the
prices given below will convince you that we propose to do that.
We offer you the following goods at prices named until they
are all sold:
A large lot of Cashmeres and Henriettas at New York cost.
Organdies, all shades and colors............... 5c and up.
Scotch Lawns.... ............................. 3c and up.
Calicoes ................................... ... Se and up..
Duck, in all shades and colors.................. 7c to 10e.
Check Homespun.......... .................... 3c to 5c.
White and Red Damask Table Cloth.......... 22e to 75c.
A good 36-inch Bleach.......................... 4te to 5c.
Table Oil Cloth................................. 15e.
A splendid Spool Cotton, 200 yards to spool, as
good as Coats' 2 spools.............. 5c.
We have the most complete line of Shoes in town. You can
buy from us a good Brogan, solid bottom, at only 85c.
Ladies' Slippers, from 40e to $2.50.
Children's Shoes, all sizes and prices.
We only ask you to come and inspect our immense stock of
Clothing to convince you that, for the cash, we are offering the
best values in'Clothing that the people of Clarendon have ever
A nice Spring Suit.................... ..... .........$3 50
A Grey Flannel Wool Suit.. .........................4 00
A Blue Flannel Wool Suit...........................3 85
A good Wool Suit... . ........................... ..2 00
Bring the boys with you, we can fit them at any age and give
you a good Suit from 50e up.
We can actually down New York on Shirts. All sizes.
A good Outing Shirt........ .................. .. ... 12*
A good Negligee Shirt.... .............. ..... ...... 18 c
A splendid full size Shirt ............................. 35 c
A Full Dress Shirt, sold elsewhere at $1.25; we only
ask ..................................... ......... 75 c
We have just opened up our Spring Hats and can give you as
low prices as anyone. Come and see them.
Odds and Ends.
A 10-piece Chamber Set... . ......... ......$1 95 and up.
A 3-piece Water Set.......................... 75
A good 8-day Clock........... .......... 1 50
Warner's and R. & G. Corsets at prices never as low before.
Men's Drawers..................................15c and up.
Our line of Groceries is complete and we can make you prices
to suit the hard times.
We are agent for Ballard's Obelisk Flour and always keep a
fresh supply on hand.
A good barrel of Flour............................... $4 00
Cock Robin Tobacco, 35e by single pound, or 32e in 10-pound
Fine Coffee. ................................. 10e pound.
Bring us the cash and we will satisfy you before you leave
our store.
We have opened up now in a larger building on corner
of Main and Republican streets and are better prepared to
serve our customers than we have ever been.
Rice, Meal, Grits, Bacon, Sugar and Lard at lowest prices.
100 Bags Coffee, in bag lots, at 7 1-4c, 8 1-2 and 9 1-2c per lb.
100) Boxes Tobacco at 28, 30 and 35c lb.
Tomatoes, Salmon, Sardines at less than packers' prices.
Call and see us before purchasing elsewhere.
THOM~AS WILSON, President.
95 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
mi e Wed1 De taa4 t Hav Tou !ite Us for liices -'a
Percival Manufacturing Co.,
Doors, Sash and Blinds,
Meting Street, - - CHARLESTON, S. C.

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