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Notice is herely given
that no advertisements will
be hereafter changed in this
paper where the copy is
brought in later than Sat-,
urday noon.
Mr. Eddie Horton is quite sick with an
attack of acute rheumatism.
Base Balls and Bats. R. B. Loryea, the
Miss Fannie Bell of Hartsville is visiting
the family or Mr. B. A. Johnson.
Go to Brockinton's for a delicions ana re
freshing drink, when heated.
Miss Barie 3ass tf Darlogion is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. B. A. Johnsoa.
Fresh and genuine Turnip Seed. R. B.
Loryea, the druggist.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Lachicotte of Colum
bia were visiting the family of Rev. James
McDowell and left londay night for Paw
ley's Island.
Why stay hot? when you can get cool
qnick and ea.sy at Brockinton's np-to-date
soda fount.
The artesian flow in front of the court
house is fine, and now our town authorities
should send some of the water to the State
chemist to be analyzed.
New crop Turnip Seed just received. R.
B. Loryes. the druggist.
A representative of the American tobacco
Co., was in town one day last week, and
expressed himself highly pleased with
Manning's facilities for handling tobacco.
Convulsions, cramps, chronic female dis
eases and hysterics are cured by use of
Simmons' Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets.
Sold by Dr WV M Brockinton.
The appointment for lientenacy's in the
Philippine service for this State has ntar
rowed down to Messre Woods and Bristow
of Darlington and Mr. A. C. Davis of this
Sick headache, wind on the stomach, bil
iousness, nauses, are quickly cured by a
few doses of Dr 31 A Simmons' liver medi
eine. Sold by Dr W 31 Brockinton.
The area covered by the reoent flood in
Texas is about as large as the entire State
of South Carolina. Contributions from all
over the Union are being sent to assist the
The dangers of a malarial atmosphere
may be averted by occasionally taking Dr
M A Simmons' liver medicine. Sold by Dr
WV M Brockinton.
Cards are out announcing the betrothal
of Mr. Louis Levi of Manning and Miss
Corinne D'Ancona of Chicago. We tender
our hearty congratulations and hope for a
speedy nuptial celebration.
To arouse a dormant liver and seure
permanent regularity of the bowels, use Dr
M A Simmons' liver mnedicine. 8old by Dr
W M1 Brockinton.
The examination for scholarships for
*Winthrop Training School will be held in
Manning on July 21st. Examination will
begin promptly at 9 o'clock. This county
is entitled to three beneficiaries.
Remove causes of menstrual suppres
sions, exaggerations and irregularities by
taking Simmons' Squeaw Vine Wine or l'ab
lets. Sold by Dr Ve M Brockinton.
Manning played ball with Juneville yes
tarday. It looked as if Juneville would
win the gatce, but the Manning boys ral
lied at the eighth inning. and at the end of
the ninth the game stood 25 to 23 in favor
of Manning.
Sour stomach is one of the first symp
toms of a coming bitious attack. Cure it
with a few doses of Dr M1 A Simmons' liverf
medicine. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
Rev. W. A. Pitts requests us to announce
that he will begin a meeting at Bethlehem
church next Sunday, July 17. at 8:30 p in.
Services each day the following week at 11
a. mx. apd 8 p. mi. Rev. W. E. Wiggins
will assist in the meeting. Public invited.
To cure depression of spilits, falling of
the womb and weakness of back usual to
change of life, take Sinmmons' Squaw Vine
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr WV M Brock
Last Saturday afternoon during an elec
tric storm a house on the "Hilton place,"
about five miles southwest of Manning, c
cupied by Jim HiltoL'. colored, and !amily,
was struck~ by lightning and destroyed.
Hilton was in the door and was inistantiy
killed, and his wife and child were severe.
.ly injured.
Ladies agonized by female disorders
should avoid unpleasant exanminatiotns and~
at once cure themselves with Simmons'
Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dri
W 31 Brockinton.
TVhe trustees for the new school have not
as vet selected teachers, an d applications
are'rolling in on them by tho score. Major
Levi, one of the board is up north, and the
selection of teachers may be put off until
he returns, or can be communicated with
so that the full board may act on this most
important matter.
"We have sold miany different cough rem
edif s. but none has given better satisfac
tion than Chamberlain's,'' says Mr. Charles
Hlolzhauer, droggist, Newark, N. J. "It is
perfectly safe and c-an be relied upon in all
c-ases of coughs. colds or hoauseness. Sold
by R. B. Lorye2, druggist.
General Joe Uvheeler has been ordered t->
the Philippines and is accomupamexd by his:
daughter, Miss Annie, whao has bee n ar
pointed a hosp'ital nurse. Thbis noble
youngt woman saw service in Caba; to
serve~ her count-y~ and to be with he-r
fathe-r, she go-s t o ctbe th-- brow of the
sick and dying American so liers. God
bless her.
E F Kenemna, Pickens, S C. writes: Dr M
A Simmons' liver medicine has for 10 years
gtreatly b:nefited me and many others. I
think it a better medicine than Blck
Draught; use it in pre.:rence as it is mild
er, yet more eflicient. Sold by Dr WV M
The voun ' ladies of cu. No. 1 of the
M ethodist Sunday schoAl, as'isted by teir
friends of oth-r denominai ive an
entertainmient at thint tu, lli,Tn
day evening', July 2-. T.he program wi
consist of m s,,Dng. recita"aNnse.
Admission, 25 cents for adults: 15 cenuts fr
childIren. The proceeds to go to the Ei
worth Orphanage.
A unique and novel entertainment Will
be given in the new tobacco warehouse. It
is a "Cake Walk" with all the newest "rag
time" iusic. The projectors of this scheme
will exert themselves to make the af'air an
enjoyable one, and after the "Cake Walk"
there will be dancing. A first class band
has been ;ecured for the occasion. Ieal
tI. advertisement in another column.
A Spartanbuirg jury convicted a wealthy
merchant of manslaughter and Judge Gary
sentencei him to ten years in the penitein
tiary. The party convicted was Mr. John
Stuckey, who shot and killed his former
bookkeeper in a dispute about a settle
ment. Mr. Stuckey has relatives in this
county. An appeal was taken to the s'I
preme court and the prisoner was admitted
to bail in the sum. of $~>,000.
While the clouds were gatthering thick
and black last Saturday tfternoon a fv
minutes before the welco:ned rain, ani
everybody was ;eaup3ring off of the streets
to save their dry jackets, our old weather
and political prophet gaz,'d upwards:-nd to
wards the agitated and fleeting clouds, and
when a flash of lightning blinded his gaze
and big drops of water from above struck
him on the nose, followed by a low, ruw
bling growl troma overhead, he chucaled
out. "Hogg of Texas rammed Billy Bryan
down Tammany's throat, and I prediec
rain for this afternoon, so boys, hoist your
umbrellas," and the rain came sure enough.
Throw away your almanacs and barometers
when "Old tock" is about, if a prognosti
cation on Bryan and the weather is what
you want.
There was a very pleasing entertuninent
iven at the academy building last 'Thurs
day evening under the direction of Mrs. J.
L. Wilson. It was on the order of a musi
cal-cor'edy and the entire program was
rendered in an excellent manner. The
music was vtry due, especially so was a
duet by Mrs. WVilson and Nliss Maggie
Huggins. 'The "zJ se Trap," a siXrkling
little comedy, was eindered well and all of
the parti.ipants in the entertainment have
the thaniks of this community for an even- i
ing's pleasure. We hope Mrs. Wilson, who
gives evidence of an 1 adapttbilitV for train
ing the young folks, wi1 l get up another
enteitanment son and that in the nn:n
bers on the prograni her voic" will be hL ard
more frequeii, as t is a rare tr t to li.,t-ni
to a cultured voice when c):u bned with
natorAl sweeta 7.
There are soene sad disapointments in
this world and even those of young and
tnder years are not exemot fromn the trials
and sigh-produciug events. Last sunday
two couples of "undergrowth" enjoyed
each other's society pretty much the whole
day, the bovs hardly taking time to eat
their dinner before they were back with
the girls. There was service in one of the
'hurches that night; the girls attended
with elder fols, and when the service was
:ver and the congregation was dispersing
for their homes, up steps one of the young
sprigs of gallantry, with hat in hand, and
beaming eyes to ask the "honor of escort
ing you bome." To his utttr dismay he
ot for a reply the sad information that
"Mamma says I've seen enough of* you for
ne day." His companioa asked her cor
panion if he was to be treated likewise, an d
for a reply got "the cold st ire and marble
eart," accompanied with the words, "I'm
'ith her," and off trotted the pair of palpi
ting young hearts, swearing vengeance
%gainst old meddlesome parents.
Ulstrict Conference.
The Sumter District Conference will con
rene at MIanning, S. C., the 26th of' July.
TIhe local preachers of the district wbo
expect to attend will liease notify rme at
:nce, that homes may be provided for themi.
The delegates, also, who expect to come by
private conveyance or who do not expect
to attend will confer a great favor by in
forming me of the fact.
P. B. WELIs.
MIanning. S. C., July 12. 1899.
lHe Fooled the Sur'geons.
All doctors told Renick Hamilton of
West Jefferson, 0., atter suffering eighteen
months from rectal listula, he would die
unless a costly operation was performed;
but he cured himself with five boxes o?
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the surest pile cure
on earth, and the best salve in the world.I
25 cents a box. Sold by R. B. Loryea,
druggist. 4
There will be a reunton of the survivors
of Company "H," 26th S. C. Rtegiment at
Belah, Florence County,S. C.,on Saturday,
the 22d inst. Prominent speakers have
been engaged to address us on the top.
ics of the day. All veterans, their wives,
sons and daughters are cordially invited to
join us with well filled baskets of rations.
W. H. Frovm, S cretary.
Bethlehem, S C., July 11, 1899.
Ah Epidemic of Diarrhoea.
M~r. A. Sanders, writing from Cocoanut
Fla., says there has been quite an epidemnic
of diarrhoea there. He had a severe at
tck and was cured by four doses of Cham
berlain's Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
He says he also recommended it to others
and they say it is tbe best nedicine they
ever used. For sale by Rt. B. Loryea, drug
Attention, Hampton Light Dragoons !
MIembers of the Hampton Light Dra
goons are hereby ordered to appear on
their drill ground at Panola Academiy on
Saturday, the 22d inst., at 11 a. mn., for dis
tribution of appropriation. New uniforms
and reorganiz'ition.
By order of
R. C. R:cIunn~sosc, Jn., i
W. Rt. DisatL:, Capt. Comdg.
Orderly Sergt.
Qnick Rests.
Coolidge. Ky., Aug. 1, 1898.
I have been suffering wiith female trou
bles and was unable to get relief. I was
persuaded to try Benedicta and after one
month's treatment I can recommend your!
reuedy to suffering women.
Sald by 1R. Rk Lor3 ea.
T1he famous Panola baseball nine who
won a series of bralliaut matches wihout
sustaining a defeat two summie rs ago have
put on their war paint and taken the flid.
Their first victory wvill be over the J uni
villes at Panola on 'Thursday evening, 13th
inst. They will then proc'eed to discomtit
Samrerton's so-calledl "invincibles' the
folowing week, of which exciting gameth
public will bit given notice. e
Panola, S. C., July 11, 1890.
Uilorionis News
Conmes from Dr. C. Ii. Car;.ile of Washita,
I 'T. lie writes: "Four bottles of Electrice
itters has cured Mrs. Drewecr of scrofulIa,
which had caused her great sulfering for
,ears. Terrible sores would break out on
her head and tic", and the bes t doctors
could give no help; but he" cure is om
lee and her he ia is excellent." Thi
shows' whatt thous ad. havie paroved-that
known. It's the suin remedy for e
zema. tetter, salt rheum,~ ul.eer, bo'il and
runnn ' ore. It sti. .u~ lier id
nes and howelso expll piorisn, helps i
gestion. builds up) the strength'iiJ.aOly A0
ents. oaid by R. I L: ryvadruist.
Gurantee. -I
'Tho lawyer wituts mol v fee-sible
Eears th UTheKir~dYou aAHav Wys 80! h
A man naturally looks pail after
kiang +the bkt.+
MR1id Their Piqpas Go to CUba!
No clue. ' the i. ntitv of the de-ai baby
in thc rinv r li East Battery (in Tu
dymri has bou establishei by the
Lae Th coroneIr's. ju'ry he-ld an inqu~je.st
anl bprougI, ht ill Iie verlict that the un
knownr waif w.:s mless. The matter
ended the re. Te child wais buried and its
murd.rers were let to -o on laughing at
their cver work and th. clumsy work of
the law. It was shlown at the post-mortem
examin-tion that the child had lived after
beimg born. and there were some slight
brnises about the boiv. It was nothing
more, however, than the discarding of IL
little cre:ture that had come into the world
withua b-eing we:eome, 1. and belonged to
pe;oplIc who wouil h.ave been compromised
by its L.: here. So there was nothig
: toI .iU ::, . but toss it int) the river.
The ftet thatt six babies have been !ound
in th waLers of the harbor in the past
mlotlh ime a coniitlon of affairs which
should <I., tanid a'n investigation by the
polic' au thorii' h1 e chi.d found Tlues
diay oli E' bt''at 11ry was he third 1).eked
up inl that :oeality.
I he story of this hist ind has caused a
great dal ~of talk throughout the city, and
the publie cnilot understaud Low six
chilir-TI can be born and murdered v.-.th
ont somwbo.dv nlot directly interested dis
cov-ring the fact
-It is at d(1iate matter, but it is never
theless serions," s:id a lawver in Broad
stret veste-rdiaV, "and it looks to me as
thougl some steps shouid be taken to dis
cover the guilty pirties. Ordinarily the
tinding of a ('tad baby does not create any
grent amount of comment, but when six are
'Ound ill a nwrIth, ind three in exactly the
samie location. it certainlv se emas that soie
action should be taken."
At the Plohce Station it is said that the
baby's inlentity is not known.-Ne% s and
Courier. July 7.
Keep O(uiet
nd use Chamberlain's colic. cholera and
d irrhoea remnely for all pains of the stom
iLe and all ununtural looseness of the bow
:15. It always cures. For sale by It. B.
Loryea, druggist.
Chamberlain's cough remedy has saved
the lives of thousands of Croupy children.
It is also without an eTai oi eid s and
whooping cough. For sale by 1. B. Lor
a, dhruggist. Uanlay
shur"es of Water.
Camden, July 7, 8 a. m.-Height
of Wateree river, 4.8 feet, being a
rise of 2-10 of a foot during past 24
July 10, 8 a. m.-Height of Wat
ree river, 5.5 feet, being a fall of
1-10 of a foot durineg past 24 hours.
Columbia, July 7. 8 a. m.-Height
>f Congaree river. 4-10 of a foot, be
ing a rise of 1-10 of a foot during past
4 hours.
July 10, 8 a. iii.-Height of Conga
ree river, 0.0 of a foot, being sta
ionary during past 24 hours.
St. Stephen's, July 7, 8 a. m.
Height of Santee river, 1.2 feet, be
ng a rise of 4-10 of a foot during past
4 hours.
The .ppe'ite of a Goat
I envied by all poor dyspeptics whose
tomach and liver are ont of order. All
och should know tiat Dr. King's N.vew
Life Pills, the wonderl stotiach and liver
enledy, gives a splendid appetite, sound
ligestion and a reglar bodily habit that
nsurcs perfect helalth and great energy.
July 25c lt I. B. Loryea's drug store. 4
New Zion News.
pecial to THE 'IIMES:
Mr. Editor, I see that you want
ome one to write for THE TIMES
rom every community. New Zion
s a lively p~lace and if I was a writer
ike Bill Nye or Bill Arp I could
eep busy writing the news and fun
ny things that happen at this place,
ut as I'm neither of thiose gentle
nen, will try and give the readers of
THE TIMES the news once more. I
ee that President McKinley has
bout decided to call for volunteers
o go to the Philippines and I may
ever have an opportunity to write
for THE TIMES again.
The New. Zion and Salem boys
rossed bats on July 4th. The Salem
oys left the ground after the game
was played with sad faces to know
hat New Zion put it on them 7 to 22.
The 4th of July was spent at this
:lace in ball playing. There were
hree games played on the New Zion
round, and after the ball Mr. J. H.
DuBose and Miss Minnie Fleming,
were joined together as husband and
We have fine seasons and crops are
ooking wvell.
Tobacco generally in this section
s good. Curing has commenced.
essrs. J. P. Gibbons and J. P. Tur
beville cured a barn last week, pro
uing a fine color. .. It will not be
ong before the farmers who plant
tobacco will be made glad by the
nusic of silver, and what a good time
we boys wvould have if W. J. Bryan
was elected President of the United
.nd McSweeney Governor of the
State to manage the silver and whis
key. Governor McSweeney is gain
ing ground at this place and I hope
all1 over the State, and it is believed
that his administration will be "hew
to the line and let the chips fall
where they may." Not only the Gov
rnor, but all men who are intrusted
with an office should discharge their
:uty regardless of faction or friction.
Mr. Tracy McCullom of Columbia.
is home on a visit.
Miss Hattie Kennedy, a daughter
>f Hon. J. W. Kennedy, is on the
sick list. A. F.
New Zion, July 10, 1899.
Beas the ~ ,The Kind Youl Have Always Bought
Piniewood Points.
Editor THE Trox:
The pulpit of tile Methodist church was
oeeuppied last Sunday morning by Rev.
fI. Felder of Summaerton, and the after
noon services were conducted by Rev. J.
usell, the Presb~yterian minister of Mag
Iolla. The1 Presbyterians will have pro
t IctedI meeting here, commencing tomor
rl'w morning, andl c'otinuinfg until next
Sondl~ar.. It is r-umolred around that we
wil snoni have another place of worship.as
the Presbyterians are expectIng to build,
and11 we do trust the'. will be fortunate, as
it will indeed help the looks of our little
The young me-n of our social circle
are reguested to mieet here next Wednes
day to organize a base ball cltub though it
is verv hlate in the season, but we hope to
lly a few games with the outside teams
and show them what we can do.
Mr. A. G. Stack had his 2nd story taken
from his store, and now it is one of the
prtiest stores in Pinewood.
Mr. Sami W. Barron of this place,former
i of Manning, witnessed the game of ball
a't Summerton b'-tween Manning and the
Mr. A. N'. Griffin was among the visitors
at Summerton on the fourth.
Mr. anud Mrs. E. P. Geddings of Sum
merton spent lest Sunday here, the g~uests
o the-ir mlother'i Mrs. E. L. Griffin.
Mrs. W. 6. Brougthton has returned home
alftr aI few days' leasaInt trip to her rela
tIveS in Orangeburg.
Miss L. Dukes of Orangeburg is visiting
her sister, Mrs. W . S. Broughton. EW
Onya st rong-inded woman can
keel) her calendar torn off up to date.
C UBA N O IL cures
PaU sCuts, Burns, Bruises, Rhen
matim and Sores. Price, 25 cents.
S. G, Military Academy.
Office of Chairman Board of Visitors,
Charir-ston, S. C. July 1, 189t).
On- vacancy in Beneficiary Cadetship in
the S iib Carolina Military Aca.lemuv ex
is;ts in L iis, Clarendon county. Blanks for
application for permit to entc ercompetitive
examination, with sheet giving necessary
information, can be obtained from the re
spective county superintendents of educa
tion. All applications, fully and clearly
made out, must'be in the hands of the
Chairman by the 1st day of Aagust.
11-3t] Chairman Board of Visitors.
Just received a big stock of Wood's
Turnip Seed-all varieties.
Wood's Seeds are Tested and True.
If you would have a good stand
and a sure crop of Turnips be sure to
purchase your seed from us.
fi THE..
Play Ball!
Complete line of Base Balls and
R. B. LORYEA, The Druggist
Is now in position to offer to the trade
Brand New Goods at
Rock Bottom Prices.
He asks that the public call in person
md examine his stock, consisting of
ashmeres and
Scotch Lanwns
Duck in all Shades & Colors
Figured Lawns
White Lawns
Checked Muslins
Colored Muslins
Piques in all shades & colors
In fact we keep everything in the Dry
soods line. All we ask is to come and see
or yourself. If quality and low prices
vill sell goods we are satisfied we can sell
ru. We make
Goods and Shoes
We have used every effort to buy the lat
st styles, at the very lowest price, and if
you need anything in that line it will pay
you to look at my goods before buying.
We have the biggest
88rgains In CIothing
tver brought to this town.
Our stock of
.s of the best quality. We carry a large as
sortment in that line at prices that cannot
de beat.
1,000 cakes Ball's Eye Soap, two cakes
or oc.
1,000 cakes Octagon Soap, 4c cakt .
500 cakcs Magic Cleaner, lablb ce kes, six
or 25c.
400 pkgs Gold ust, 5c pkg.
100 pk-gs Gold Dust, 4 lbs to pkg, 25c.
Ground Black Pepper, 4-lb pkg, 5c.
Gold Band Hamis, strictly No. 1, 12.ic lb.
Best Corn Starch, per pk-g, Gic.
Best Lump Starch, 5c lb. six lbs for 25c.
Good Flour, S3.00 per barrel.
Large assortment of Coffees and Tobacco,
Can Goods, etc., at prices to suit the hard
Geo.SHacker &Son
Doors, Sash, Blinds,
M~oulding and Building
Sash Weights and Cords and
Builders' Hardware.
Window and Fancy Glass aSpecialty.
.17T01:NEY A T L A 11
.J. s. witsoN. w. c. DUna.MT
Attorneyjs and C'ounselors at Law,
Bring yur Job Work in The Tine office.
Exacting, economical and critical bnyers
included, are urgently requested to call and
examine our late arrivals of
New and Seasonable Styles
In Dress Goods of all kinds, Organdies.
Percales, Duck, Lawns, Vassar Checks,
Piines, Org.ndie Adalisque, Shirting
Prints, etc.
Our Notion line is complete for you.
Men's and Boys' Straw and Crash Hats, the
latest go, from 10c up.
Our shoe department is complete with
the latest styles and at prices to suit the
most exacting buyers. Prices from G5c up.
Ladies' and Children's Oxfords, black
uind tan, to snit and please.
Gent's Negligee Shirts, in the latest ci1
Drs and styles, from 25c up. We can suit
yonr taste and pucket-book almost always.
Jnst arrived, a beantiful line of Flower
Pots and Jardinirres.
Our Clothing Department is full of bar
gaius for you. Come and let us show you
what we can do for von in this line. It
3osts nothing to look anl examine.
Knives and Forks, Hatchets, Saws, Chis
ls, Files, Plows and numerous other arti
.les, too numerous to mention, at prices
hat will surprise you. Come and be c.an
We allow no one to undersell us in pure,
,resh goods. Our Grocery department is
stocked with the choicest and best goods
:hat money can buy. We not only aim to
keep the best, we do it.
Try us for good quality, honest weight
Lnd low price; you will get it.
Remember that we are headquarters for
-verything kept in a general merchandise
Also remember that we defy competition
tud guarantee satisfaction of every lpur
hase made of
Yours truly,
Which is fitted up with an
eye to the comfort of his
customers.... -
Done with neatness and
dispatch. . . . . . .
A cordial invitation
is extended.
The public is invit
brilliant entertainme:
had in many years.
A magnificent Ban
sic and Refreshments
Dancing Afte
Gent's will pay 50
dies free.
The ->
Have you called on HERIOT,
the Baker, yet? If not, do so
and purchase a trial lot of
his Bread, Rolls, Cakes and
Fancy Crackers, all of which
are guaranteed to be fresh.
He also keeps in stock the
best line of Canned Goods
and Meats to be found in
town. Will give you special
bargains also in Heavy Gro
ceries. 1 e Your patronage is
solicited. If fresh goods and
low prices availeth anything
you will call again.
In Rear of Bank.
Millinery, Millinery,
The ladies of Clarendon are invited to visit
my millinery parlors, where they will have
an opportunity of selecting from a beautiful
line of Hats. The very latest designs.
Every attention is given to styles.
My stock consists of
And All the Latest Trimminntrs.
Miss S. E. McDONALD,
To Consumers Of Liger Beer:
The Germania. Brewing Company, of
Charleston, S. C., have made arrangements
with the South Carolina State authorities
by which they are enabled to fill orders
from consumers for shipments of beer in
any quantity at the following prices :
Pints, patent stopper, GOc. per dozen.
Four dozen pints in crate, $2.80 percrate.
Eighth-keg, $1.25.
Quarter-keg, S2 25.
Half-barrel, $t.50.
Exports, pints, ten dozen in barrel, $9.
It will be necessary for consumers or
parties ordering,to state that the beer is for
private consumption. We offer special
rates for these shipments. This beer is
guaranteed pure, made of the choicest hops
and malt, and is recommended by the
medical fraternity. Send to us for a trial
Brewing Comnany,
Charleston. S. C.
40, S. C.
ed to attend the most
it that Manning has
d will furnish the mu
will be served Free.
r Cake Walk.
cents admission. La
ihairman Committee.
What we are doing for fixing the people for the long,
- hot days is a caution.
Laces and Ribbons, Fans and Umbrellas, Linen and
Ginghams. '
2 Light Weight Skirt Goods and all sorts of Waist
Goods, Summer Corsets and Mosquito Netting, Summer 0~
Undervests, Summer Lap Robes.
Well, there is no letting up. It's
Selling, Selling, Selling
from o y n A I Cst, At Cost, w-U
from Monday morning till Saturday night. Our name is
"SELL." e
- Selling Boys' and Men's Suspenders at............... 5 e
- Ladies' Vests at....................... ........... ...
Calicoes ....... ................................ . 3 e E -
Best Ticking................. ....................... 4 c
Apron Gingham....................................... 4 e
Well there is no end to these, 11, 18, 20, 25, 35c, 38 and 50a
About 1,000 yards at a sacrifice.... .5, 7, 8, 10 and 121c
-ta This is worth double what we ask for it.
Shoes, Shoes.
Well, there is no use in saying a thing about this line.
100 pair Odds and Ends that we are selling at 50 and 75 c
Some of these shoes actually cost $2, but we want to
make room for our fall goods, so they are going at 50c
and 75c.
Ladies' and Children's Slippers to no End,
Our $1 48 Slippers, now for...... ........... .......$1 00 1
* Our 1 89 Slippers, now for.............. ...... .... 1 25
Our 1 75 Slippers, now for.......................... 1 18
Our 1 69 Slippers, now for... ............ ...... 1 15 -
Our 1 33 Slippers, now for..... ................... 1 00
Our 1 00 Slippers, now for.......................... 60
2 Our 69e Slippers, now for. ......................... 40
Our 50c Slippers, now for......................... . 9
-010 Children's Slippers equally as cheap if not cheaper.
500 Novels at a bargain.
How can you sit down and notice these prices and
not admit that they are positively the cheapest you have
ever tieard of?
We sell you goods at just what they are marked.
-No- Coie and see me.
isThe Racket Store. Yellow Frn. _
We have opened up now in a larger building on corner
of Main and Republican streets and are better prepared to
serve our customers than we have ever been.
Rice, Meal, Grits, Bacon, Sugar and Lard at lowest prices.
100 Bags Coffee, in bag lots, at 7 1-4c, 8 1-2 and 9 1-2c per lb.
10() Boxes Tobacco at 28, 30 and 35c lb.
Tomatoes, Salmon, Sardines at less than packers' prices.
Call and see lis before purchasing elsewhere.
195 East Bay - . - Charleston, S. C.
ai Weg W14 !e E to Emi You Wite Uc for hiicis -e
Percival Manufacturing Co.,
Doors, Sash and Blinds,
Meeting Street. - - CHARLESTON, S. C.

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