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W S 1N ESDAL. A UG. 23, 1890)
Notice is herey given
that no advertisements will
be hereafter changed in this
juter where the copy is
broutr1t in later than Sat
urdtv 110011.
Do you want a nice cheap hat for
yourself or your child? If you do,
you can get what you want from us
at half price. We have been for
tunate in securing a large line of
drummer's sample hats at half price,
and we are able to offer them at less
than wholesale cost. If you want
any of these very cheap hats, come
while they last for they are cheap
VERY CHEAP. We never howl
bargains when we have no bargains
to offer. But this line of sample hats
is a bargain you don't find every day.
Yours truly,
A. S. Dibble, Ezq., of the Orangeburg
Bar, was in Manning yesterday.
Miss Lizzie Dancan, of Georges, is visit
ing her mother, Mrs. Louisa Huggins.
Dr. C. W. Barron has returned home
from an extended stay in Tennessee.
Miss Sallie Murry, of Edisto Island, is in
Manning visiting her friend, Miss Mayme
Mr. Harper Johnson formerly of Claren
don, but now of lichland was in Manning
last Thursday.
Professor Coleman, of the citadel acade
my, was in Manning yesterday, in the in
terest of the school.
While cutting trees in the woods near
Packsville yesterday, Moses in dal, colored,
was killed by a tree being felled upon
Fresh turnip seed, at Rhame's drug store.
Mr. Louis Levi, !as rented one of the
Nettle's stores, and will move into it to
morrow. The change is made on account
of room.
There is a young lady in this town, who
sings with so much expression. that her
own mother can't recognize her face when
she is singing.
Tiry a barrel of Perfection flour if you
want the best.
The colored folks are making prepara
tions for an oratorical contest on August
30th, and much interest is being taken in
the scheme by them.
Died at Silver last Friday Levi Lesesne,
aged six years. The deceased was a son of
the late L. F. R. Lesesne. The body was
inteied in Manning cemetery.
With every pair of shoes you buy of Ken
dall's Racket store from $1.25 up, you get
a piece of glass ware fully worth 25cts.
The usually quiet and moral town of
Summierton has recently been troubled
with a sensation of a scandalous character,
much to the mortification of the good peo
ple of that community.
Died this :sorning, at the residence of
her son, Mr. J. H. Burgess. at Jordan,
Mrs. Sarah Burgess, reliet of the late Capt.
Joseph C. Burgess. The deceased was
about seventy-tive years of age, and a
woman of lovely character.
'There is much complaint in this county
about the reckless violation of the fish
laws, and yet the parties complaining will
not do their duty by prosecuting _those
violating the law. Those complaining,
claim that the violators of the law are do
ing great damage to the fish interests, to
such an extent that it has become a nuis
Make baby's birth quick, easy and almost
p~ainless by taking Simmons' Squaw Vine
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr W M1 Brock
Supervisor Owens requests us to an
nounce that the seed cotton license law re
quires those engaged in buying seed cot
ton to take out a liernse, wvhich is good
fromu August 1st to December 15th. That
h.. expects to tour the county, and all per.
sons engaged in the purchase of seed cot
ton withont a license will be prosecuted by
him. This duty was imposed upon him
by the grand jury and he proposes to act
without discrimination. Mr. Owens hopes
that he will be spared the unpleasant duty
of prosecuting for the violation of the
In diairboea Dr Y A Simmons' liver
medicine is invaluable, it gives tone to
the stomach, aids digestion and assists na
ture in carrying off all impunrities. Sold
by Dr W M1 Brockinton.
Among our advertisers will be found Mr.
WV. G. King, who has established a busi
ness in the "McLeod block," and who, by
attending strictly to that business, worked
up a nice trade. Mr. King is satisfied
with small profits, and thereby his sales
'are constantly increasing. He keeps a
general merchandise store, where the buy
er can be supplied with anything and
everything at competing prices. King is
a bard worker, and deserves doing a good
business, because what he tells a buyer can
be relied upon, and any goods bought at
his store, not turning out as represented
will be made good without at y argument.
We take pleasure in commending W. G.
King's store to the readers of THE TIMEs,
and we can promise them, that they will
receive honest and polite treatmnent. Mr.
James G3. H. Setzer who has sold goods to
thousands of people in Clarendon, is the
he~ad salesman in King's store, and he will
be glad to have a call from his host of
f riends.
The Summer Normal school, now in ses
sion at the "Moses Levi Menioiial Insti
tute," convened here last Thursday with
Professors L. W. Dick and S. M. RiceJr.,
of the Aiken Graded school in charge.
These gentlemen are tcacher with fine rep
utations and we have every reason to be
lieve that their work here will greatly
benefit our teachers. The attendance is
fairly good, there being about 30 teachers
enrolled, and they are given a regular
course of study and instruction, in ar
ithmetic, geography. english etc. In a
conversation with Professor Dick we were
highly gratified to hear him speak so
well of the teachers of Clarendon. He
says they arc very bright arid intelligent
and that they are attentive students, all
of which is pleasant to know of those
who have the moulding of the coming
generation's ideas. It is to be hoped that
before the school breaks up, the teachere
will give a public entertainment, in ordet
that cur people may have the pleasure of
coming in social contact with them. Wi
know that at present they have no time
for social functions, as their time is all
taken up with their books, and from the
serious countenances we see we imagine
that they are taking advantage of this grea
opportunity for improvement, provided by
the State. Tbe last evening of the schoo
might be set aside for a public recep
Mr. C. IV. Kendall has gone -North
to buy his fall goods.
Mr. Samuel W. Barron left this
morning to accept a position at Hub
N. C.
Mr. Joe Wells returned home Mon
day evening from his trip to Asheville
N. C.
Mr. Frank Barron goes to Packs
ville to keep books at lradhamn's
st ore.
Mr. Louis Levi. has returned home
from his trip to Chicago looking hap
py and improved in health.
Fie h Rutabaga seed.R bamas dig store.
Mr. Murrett Mouzon will hold down
the position of book-keeper at the1
store of Mr. J. W. McLeod.
J udging from the nuinber of stores
opening up in the country there iust
be a fine prospect for seed cotton
Mr. C. J. Lesesne one of Kingstree's
merchants, after spending several
days in Clarendon visiting relatives
returned home last Monday evening.
The up-country has gone wild on
rollor mills, if a little of that craze
will reach this section, "ur people
will be able to eat unadulterated
flour once more.
A telegram reached here just before
going to press announcing the death
from sunstroke of Dr. Reubin B. Lor
yea, at Tryon, N. C. The body will he
buried in Sumter S. C.
Simmons' Equaw Vine Wine or rablets
are effeetive, elegant to take, and produce
no unpleasant after results. Sold by Dr
W M Brockinton.
Mr. Aaron Weinberg has just re
ceived a patent for a cord-ball hold
er, which is a very useful counter at
tachment for a store. Mr. Weinberg
thinks he has a good thing in his pa
tent and is already receiving propo
sition from manufacturers.
On the 17th inst Mrs. S. W. Reep,
a highly respected young woman of
York county was found assassinated
in her bed, and her husband has been
arrested and lodged in jail, suspected
of the crime. It is thought that an
other woman is connected with the
horrible tragedy.
Always destroy the dread of becoming a
mother by takiing Simmons' Squaw Vine
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr W M Brock
The council did some good work
on a few of the sidewalks by putting
down some clay, now if they will buy
a cart and mule and haul clay on the
streets in the course of a year we will
have decent driveways in our town,
and the bicycles could then run some
where else than on the walks.
Parties are making inquiries relat
ing to the establishing of a round
bale plant at this point. We are not
sufficiently informed on the subject
to know whether our farmers desire
to market their cotton by the new
process. It is claimed that by the
round bale process the producer gets
about one cent per pound more for
his cotton; at any rate it is now too
late for this season any way.
We are very much pressed for inon
ey and our subscribers would confer
a special favor if they will come for
ward now and settle. It is utterly
impossible for us to meet our obliga
tions unless we can collect what is
due us. We have printers to pay,
paper and ink to buy, and all of this
requires money and this we must
have. THE TIMEs does a straight
business and makes every endeavor
to give the people an honest paper.
Ho! for a good time. Take advantage of
the excursion to the "Isle of Palms" on
september 5:h.
Mr. Ed Green of New Zion, has
proved himself to be in the land of
the living by coming to Manning last
Monday with a load of tobacco which
he placed upon the floor of the Peo
ple's Tobacco Warehouse, and which
brought him such a satisfactory price
that he came in with a years sub
scription and high praizes of the
treatment he received at the tobacco
warehouse. Mr. Green says he will
not only come bac~k again, but will
endeavor to get his friends to bring
their tobacco to Maninng.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers benefit per
manently. They lend gentle assistance to
nature, causing no pain or weakness, per.
maneutly curing constipation and liver ail
ments. D. 0. IRhame, Summterton; Dr. W.
M. Brockinton, Manning.
At yesterday morning's session of
the Summer school, one of the teach
ers rose, during the discussion of en
glish, and asked the following ques
tion. '"Professor which is correct"
"them molasses or those molasses?"
The class laughed of course, and the
teacher in rather explanatory eumbar-.
asssment turned to the class and
said "I have heard both terms used
and I want to know which is correct."
"-Them molasses" might go all right
enough in that teachers section but
if he goes to mixing it up with "those
molasses" of the teachers of other
sections he will tind himself stuck in
these molassesses.
What's thc MIatter With Hler!
Foreston's annual August sensation came
offlon scdule time last Thursday night.
It will be remembered, that onr courts have
had the matter of investigating the charge
of heinous crimes upon the person of a
Mrs. George Richb'ourg, who lves a short
distance from the peaceable town of For
eston; the result of these investigations
were, that a negro was convicted and sent
to the penitentiary for a ternm of years,
not upon the evidence adduced~but because
the fellow was a triffling chap, and on
general principles he went up. In that
trial the testimiony showed that whoever
molested .\rs. Richbourg, if' she was mo
ested, did not succeed in their horrible
purpose, and the most that could be made
of the case, was an attempt to committh
crime. This is the case which created con
siderable excitment, and the one in which
lynching was threatened, and would have
been carried out, had it not been for the
doubt which existed among the good peo
ple of the community where the crime was
alleged to have been cotmmitted.
One year later, the samne woman, was
again in the court, as the victim of ain al
leged outrage, but this time, the evidence
showed the crime had been commuitted, and'
although circumustantial, it was woven
around one Ed. Meyers, w'ho recently died
in the State prison; he was convicte3,
with a recommuendation ti micyi, and the
judge sent him to the penitentiary for life.
Notwithstanding the conviction was Lad,
there must have been a doubt, even in the
jury room, or no negro proven to have
committed such a dastardly crime upon a
white woman, would have gotten oirt with
a recommendation to mercv.
Now the month of August has come again
and with it, comes this same Mrs. Rtich
bourg with her troubles; she creates a sen
sation among the neighbors, with her an
nual report of another attempt upon her
by a negro. This time her supposed as
sailant, does not get any nearer than four
steps o1 her and by having a pistol handy
she succeeds in defending herself. The
story as given us is as follows: Os last
Thursday night Mrs.George Richbourg was
stan dingt in her door, and she saw a negro1
approaching, she went back into the hotnse,
got a pistol, carne out, and as the negro
came towards her she attempted to nre, but;
the pistol snapped. Again she fired on
him when he was about tour steps away;
this time she got her gun off, and the fel
low wheeled, hollered and fell; on seeing
her would-be assaillant where she could
haudle him, she went to the wood-pile to
get an ax to knock him in the head, but
|when she returned, the fellow had crawed
of' through some pea-vines, leaving a trail
trail he was traced over a fnce into a pas
ture, where he escaped. The alarm was
given and paltit-s went over the ground,
but the do's had lieked ull) the blood on
the ground, tnd the, hos in the pasture
feaste1 cu nhe- blood there.
As it was with Mrs. Richbouirg's alleged
forier imisfortuilea, so it is with this clse,
:- reen'of donhut txists as to whether any
:atttalI. to lnrui this woilian %was md;L&-,
, - (S l ti are. t!Ir . vt - il I 1 ne .,ion .
anid in th. month ; Au:g-t that she eha ims
to be the viili (4 a ne..ro's 1", t. It may be
pos-ih! that sihe is not iauring under
om mnital delusiolin. but the tregntency
of h: r tiwnbles, create a suspicion of doubt.
To ptrk a;re a girl to i-e a w.fe, and a wife
a 'otI r give hei Siimons' Squaw Vine
Wine or TableI. SI by Dr nt .1 Brock
Siiamterls DrV Gilis.
Probablv Sumter is etvinced now that
thlehto bovs fron MLnning siceeded in
proving that the boys of humter can
"blow" bt-tter than they can thy ball Last
Wedlesdav morning our juveniles went to
Snter to cross bats with the boys of that
citv, ats a return compliment, and although
one of the best players conld not get off to
go to Sumter they undertook to "do" Sum
ter with only eight players, and the follow
ing from the Sumter Item of the next day
shows thie result.
"The game of ball between the Manning
and Sunter kids yesterday afternoou re
sulted in a tie, the score at the end of the
ninth inning st,tiding 4 to 4. The game
was well plyed an(d closely contested, al
though the Mannieg team had only eight
players on the field. If there was any ad
vantage in point of sizo and weight,it was in
favor of the home team, and if the Manning
team was the same that took part in the
game in Manning the kick of the Sumter
kids does not hold good. The game was
not played to a finish as it was beginning
to get dark at the end of the ninth in
A Mother Tells How She Saved Her
Little Daughter's Life.
I am the mother of eight children and
have had a greLt deal of experience wtth
medicines. Ltst summer my little daugh
ter had the dysentery in its worst form.
We thought she would die. I tried every
thing I could think of, but nothing seemed
to do her any good. I saw by an adver
tiseient in onr paper that Chamberlain's
olie, Cholera and Diarrhoex, Remedy was
ighly recommended and sent and got a
bottle at once. It proved to be one of the
very best medicines we ever had in the
house. It saved my little daughter's life.
I am anxious for every mother to know
what an excellent medicine it is. Had I
known it at first it would have saved me a
great deal of anxiety and my little daugh
ter much suffering. Yours truly, Mrs. Geo.
F. Burdick, Liberty, 1R. I. For sale by R.
L3. Loryea, druggist.
ie Means Business.
Our readers will note the announcement
of Mr. J. W. McLeod, a merchant who does
a business second to none in this section.
that his name is a household word is be
canse he is identified with the mercantile
interests and farming interests. He is a
farmer as well as a merchant, and if any
man knows the needs of the farmer it is
J. W. McLeo:d. His immense store is full
of goods bought to great advantage, and as
a lcvel-beaded business man, he is giving
his patrons the benefit of his heavy deals
in stocks of merchandise. The corps of
clerks in McLeods' store will give close at
tention to serving enstomersand we vent
ue that a cash buyer will not leave his
store without having his wants satisfied.
Mr. McLeod, besides selling goods is an
ctive worker to buill up the -Slanning
mark-t, with that end in view he has ar
anged to compete with the other markets
n the purchase of cotton and is prepared
o handle the staple with advantage to the
It is not necessary for us to tell the peo
>le of this county who "Jake" McLeod is,
for his many a-.'s of kindness speak for
im louder'praizes than can tihe words of
any newspaper. A man with the benevo
lent disposition of Jake McLeod can be
relied upon to treat his customers proper
A Rtemarkable Case.
Antioc, Miss., July 1, 1898.
I want to thank you for the great benefit
[ have received fr'om your wonderful rem
dy, Benedicta. I was induced to try a bot
te, and it benetited me so much I used an
other and I am now entirely well. There
s certainly no medicine like it and I can
ecomend it to all women.
Mu~s. BErrIE LAiSTOo.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
It is easy to bear the aches of
aother man's corns.
Gun-shot wounds and powder burns,
cuts, bruises. sprains, wounds from rusty
nails, insect stings and ivy poisoning,
iuickly healed by De~Vitt's Witch Hazel
balve. Positively prevents blood poison
ing. Beware of counterfeits. "DeWitt's"
is safe an d sure. D. 0. Rhame, Summer
ton; Dr. WV. M. Brockinton, Manning.
Stages of Water.
Camden, Aug. 18, 8 a. m.-Height
f Wateree river, 3.5 feet, being a
fall of 3-10 of a foot during past 24
Columbia, Ang. 18, 8 a. mn.-Height
f Congaree river, 1-10 of a foot, be
ing a fall of 1-10 of a foot during past
St. Stephien's, Aug. 18, 8 a. m.,
eight of Santee river, 1-9 feet, be
ing a fall of 1-1 of a foot during past
4 hours.
For headache caused most likely by a
disordered stomach, accompanied by con
tpation, use Dr M A Simmons' liver med
icine. Sold by ])r W M Brockinton.
The soothing and healing properties of
hamberlain's Cough Remedy, its pleasant
taste and prompt and permanent cures,
have made it a great favorite with the peo
pe everywvhere. For sale by RI. B. Loryea,
The Ancient Order of Hibernians
is usually whiskey straight.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lackamp, Elston,MId.,
~vrite: "One Minute Cough Cure save the
ife of our little boy when nearly dead with
ro p." D. 0. Rhame, Summerton; Dr'.
W. M. Brcckinton. Manning.
Most people believe in the total de
pravity of somebiody else.
J F Griffin, Lancaster, S C, says: For 18
aers 1 have used and recommnended Dr M
Simmons' liver medicine to all painters
is their best mledicine for painter' cohle and
r~id liver. I find it far superior to Zeil
n's. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
Give a man an inch and he wvants a
umbler full.
You can't cure dyspepsia by dieting. Eat
lol, wvholesome food and plenty of it.
Kdol Dyspepsia Cure digests food without
td fromi tile stomach, andI is niade to cure.
D. 0. Rhlame, Summerton; Dr. W. M.
Urokinton, Manning.
A cynlie is a man who is never hap
py unless he is unhappy.
Keep the stomach and bowels in good
condition, the waste avenues open and free
by an occasional dose of Dr M .A Simmons'
liver muedicitne. Sold by Dr WV M Brockin
Men always bow to fate; but not as
a matter of courtesy.
Chaberlain's cough remedy has saved
the lives of thousands of eroupiy children.
It is also witho'ut an equal for colds and
whooping cough. For sale by R1. B. Lor
yea, druggist. [janlay
It's at wise father that knows as
much as his own son.
"What tmight have been"-if that little
cough hadn't been neglected-is the sad
reflection of thousands of sonsumptives.
One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs and
olds. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton; Dr. W.
M. Broc1.int-on Manning.
Manning hasn't taken on a balloon
growth like some towns, but she has
outstripped towns, even of larger
size. A few enterprising citizens saw
that by establishing a wholesale and
jobbing house here they could get
the key to the gates of the best mar
kets in the United States, and as soon
as this was demonstrated to them,
they at once concluded to put Man
ning in as close touch with the com
mercial centers as Charleston or oth
er markets. And today in THE MAN
NisN Tines block under the manage
ment of Mr. H. T. Avant, is a whole
sale and jobbing grocery establish
mnent, where the dealer can see what
he buys and from people known to
This establishment is a great ad
vantage to the trade here, because
this grocery company can effect
freight arrangements that a retail
dealer cannot, and thereby save a
considerable amount in freight. The
wholesale business in a small town is
an experiment, and should receive
every encouragement, because it
takes pluck and money to run such
are institution.
Keep (quiet
and use Chamberlain's colic, cholera and
d irrhoea remedy for all pains of the stom
ach and all unnatural looseness of the bow
e13. It always cures. For sale by It. B.
Loryea, druggist. [janlay
Attention, Mfannmgn Guards ?
Headquarters Manning Gnards, I
Manning, S. C., August 1, 1899. f
You are hereby ordered to meet at your
aramory every Saturday at 4 o'clock until
this order is changed. Bring all the guns
at once.
By order of W. M. LEwis,
J. C. GaAmu, Captain.
First Sergeant. aug2-tf
DeWitt's Little Early Risfrs cxpel fet m
the system all poisonous aocumulat.ons,
regulate the stomach, bowels and liver and
purify the blood. They drive away dis
ease, dissipate melancholy and give health
and vigor for the daily routine. Do not
gripe or sicken. D. 0. Rhame, summer
ton: Dr. W. M. Brockinton, Manning.
Have you a plat of your land on record?
If not, you should have it done. Reason
able rates and good service are offered you.
E. J. BnowNE, Surveyor. Manning, S. C.
Notice of Discharge.
On the 7th day of Sept, 1899, I will ap
ply to the Probate Judge for Clarendon
county for letters of discharge as adminis
tratrix of the estate ot J. H. McFaddin,
Sardinia Aug. 3, 1899. [3t,
The man who is satisfied with him
self is very easily satisfied.
To keep young-keep well, keep the
nerves calm, the body ruddy and well fed,
n d with Dr M A Simmons' liver medicine
regulate the stomach and bowels. Sold by
Dr W M Brockintun.
Straw hats usually show which way
the wind blows.
A diseased stomach surely undermines
health. It dulls the brain, kills energy,
destroys the nervous system and predis
poses to insanity and fatal diseases. All
yspeptic troubles are quickly cored by
Kodoi Dyspepsia Cure. It has cured
housands of cases and is curing them
very day. Its ingredients are such that it
an't help curing. D. 0. Rthame, Summer
on; Dr. W. M. Brockinton, Manninig.
When you want the best flour, ask your
gocer for Perfection.
Is4 now in position to offer to the trade
Brand New Goods at
Rock Bottom Prices.
He asks that the public call in person
nd examine his stock, consisting of
Cashmeres and
Scotch Lawns
Duck ini all Shades & Colors
Figured Lawns
White Lawns
Checked Muslins
Colored Muslins
Piques in all shades & colors
In fact we keep everything in the Dry
Goods line. All we ask is to come and see
for yourself. If quality and low prices
will sell goods we are satisfied we can sell
you. We make
Goods and Shoes
We have 'used every effort to buy the lat
est styles, at the very lowest price, and if
you need anything in thbt line it will pay
you to look at my goods before buying.
We have the biggest
BargaiRS in Clothlig
ever brought to this town.
Our stock of
is of the best quality. We carry a large as
sortment in that line at prices that cannot
be beat.
1,000 cakes Bull's Eye Soap, two cakes
for Sc.
,00 cakes Octagon Soap, 4c cake.
500 cakes Magic Cleaner, 14-lb cakes, six
for 25c.
400 pkgs Gold Dust, 5c pkg.
100 pkgs Gold Dust, 4 lbs to pkg, 25c.
Ground Black Pepper, 4-lb pkg, 5c.
Gold Band Hams, strictly No. 1, 12.'c lb.
lest Corn Starch, per pkg, 6{c.
Best Lump Starch, Sc lb, six lbs for 25c.
Good Flour, S3.90 per barrel.
Large assortment of Coffees and Tobacco,
Can Goods, etc., at prices to suit the hard
Bul Pee MusI Hae G
With such a condition of affairs, the business man is
plit to his trumps to study out the most effectual way of
meeting the people and sharing their burdens, to remedy
the bad effects caused by any turn in affairs which op
erate adversely to the people. It is unnecessary to in
troduce myself to the readers of The Times, they know
me, and tiey know full well that my many years of ex
perience, both as a farmer and a merchant, give me a de
cided advantage over many others. I have used my ex
perience that it may count for the best interests of my
business. In doing this I had to study the needs and
and warts of my patrons, studying their condition as
well as their welfare, because upon their welfare de
pends my success. Every business man, to keep up
with the progressive spirit now pervading this country
must study the markets just as a lawyer or doctor must
study his books. This must be done or he cannot buy
his goods to meet competition.
I have made deals by which I can sell goods at prices
that cannot be duplicated anywhere, and I am going to
do it. A visit to my store will convince any buyer that
my immense stock has been selected with the greatest
care, and contains everything that can be used in the
family, or on the plantation.
There is no store in this section of the State that has
a more varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic
Dress Goods, Notions, Fancy
Goods, Trimmings, Clothing,
Hats, Gents, FurnishingGoods,
Shoes, Hardware and Cutlery.
Sadlery, Harness, Crockery, Glassware, Wood and
Dress Making Department Up-Stairs,
My Grocery Department is thorough and complete; I buy direct by
the car load from the best mills and packers. Sugars, Coffees, Teas,
and everything in the Grocery line in such quantities purchased to give
my patrons the advantage of wholesale figures and can save my pa
trons monev. I am paying all the market will permit for cotton and
in a position this year to make it advantageous for the people to bring
their cotton to Manning. I solicit a continuence of past favors.
J. W. fcLeod.
Manufactures the finest Line of HOS
IERY for Cents', Ladies' and Children
known in the Southern States, and while
this Famous Line of Goods have such a
wide reputation, yet they are sold at a
popular price, namely:
l0c. per Pair or Three
Pair for 25c.
We are Sole Mill Agent for this splendid
Line of Goods in this County and we
recommend this Line of HOSIERY to our
friends as being worthy of their attention
for during our long experience in the Dry
Goods business we have never seen as
nice Line of HOSIERY offered for as little
To impress it upon the trade that we are Agent for the Famous
J. & P. Coats Spool Cotton,
and we are prepared to sell it just as Cheap as any wholesale dealer in
Charleston, New York or any where else on the continent; try me and
Dry Goods.
As is well known our Dry Goods Department is one of the
strongest lines in our Store and we wish to announce to our friends that
we now have in Stock an immence line of all kinds of Homespuns,
Checlks, Calicos, Jeans and Dress Goods, and when the season opens
we will have in Stock the most complete Lice of Dress Goods in this
part of the country and all we ask you to do is to watch our ads. from
We have gone through our Shoe Stock and thrown out all odd lots
of Shoes, one two and three pair of a kind, and we are offering them at
a great sacrifice. You can get Shoes at almost any price you want.
Call and see this Line of Shoes and you will get some bargains that
will astonish you.
50 Sacks good rice, 100 lbs., only $:3.50. per sack.
100 dozen 3 lb. cans finest Tomatoes, $1.00 per dozen.
500 lbs. Good Coffee, Sie. per pound.
500 lbs. very good Coffee, 10c. per pound. -
500 lbs. Best Rio Coffee. 121c. per pound.
25 bbls. good straight Flour, $4.00 per barrel.
25 bbls, good Family Flour, $4.25 per barrel.
25 bbls. Best Patent Flour, $4.50 per barrel.
Bacon and Lard at the lowest cash p~rices.
17 lbs. Granulated Sugar for $1.00.
See our Blue Jay plug tobacco at 3l5c per lb.
10 Bars of the best laundry Soap for 25c.
Yours truly,
This institution, famous in the h
has recently been thoroughly reorg,
Faculty, is prepared to do collegf
Nearly twenty thousand dollars have
A splendid new building is being eree
rium, a Library. a Reading-Room, a :
ful hall for the Literary Society and s
be furnislhed with new heating appar
supplied with new furniture, new pi
chemical and mineralogical laboratoi
thing that is necessary in the work o
provided. The site is unequalled in
healthfulness. Limestone College mi
on its own merits. Literary, Scientif
ular college degrees are given by the 2
lina. An especially fine Course in Pe<
become teachers. There are three de
and the Primary. Let Limestone's i
news all over the South. The revered
fessor. Professor Wade R. Brown, re(
Professor of Music. For further info
Take Care o
We take this method of informing
that we have just received a nice assc
ire prepared to furnish our customer
vision. Our prices are on the "Live i
with a small sum, buy from us a pair
We have Spectacles and Eye GI
satisfaction guaranteed.
Gilers am
Remember when making repairs
have the best stock of Steam Fitting
Also Belting, both Rubber and
low prices. In fact, we cannot be r
bought when it was cheapest.
We also have Lubricating Oils at
Wood choppers, we have a splen
guaranteed Axes at 75e, 85e and $1.
We have the finest line of Pock(
Also Razors and Shears.
Veey tru
"Prove all things, hold fast that
whbich is good."
Our Prescription Department is
under the supervision of experienced
and skilled pharmacist; the strictest
attention given to the compounding
of Prescriptions.
We carry full lines of all Proprietary
T. W. Wood & Sons Famous Seed, tested
md true, in all varieties.
A full assortment at all prices.
We carry a full line of all goods apper
aiing to a well appointed and complete
Drug Store, and feel satisfied of our ability
o please the public and our friends.
R. B. LORYEA, The Druggist
The A
Have you called on lIERIOT,
the Baker, yet? If not, do so
and purchase a trial lot of
his Bread, Rolls, Cakes and
Fancy Crackers, all of which
are guaranteed to be fresh.
He also keeps in stock the
best line of Canned Goods
and Meats to be found in
town. Will give you special
bargains also in Heavy Gro
ceries. s i Your patronage is
solicited. if fresh goods and
low prices availeth anything
you will call again.
In Rear of Bank.
One Hundred and Fourteenth Year be
gins October 2th. Furnished room and
board in College Dormitory $10 and $12 a
month, according to room. One free tui
tion scholarship to each county of South
Carolina. the holder to be appointed by
Probate Judge and County Supt. of Educa
cation. Entrance examinations, and Com
petitive examinations for vacant Boyce
Scholarships (which give S150 a year), on
September 29 and 30.
Total expenses for holders of scholar
ships $103 or $121 according to room; for
stdents not holding a scholarship $40,
tuition fee, in addition. For catalogues and
information in full, address
C AN O IL curs
Cus unBruisesEhU
ratim and Sores. Price, 25 centa
For Sale by . B. Torven. Drnuist
) IN 1845.
IY, S. C.
istory of education in South Carolina,
ized and now, with a large and able
work of the very highest grade.
been appropriated for improvements.
ted which will contain a large Audito
kfuseum of Natural Science, a beauti
oMe needed offices. The building will
itus throughout, all the rooms will be
anos will be purchased, new physical,
ies will be equipped-in 3hort every
f a first-class woman's college will be
South Carolina for beauty and for
Lkes its appeal to the people strictly
ic and Commercial Courses. The reg
uthority of the State of South Caro
lagogy is offered to those desiring to
partments, the College, the Seminary,
'riends and former students tell the
Capt. H. P. Uriffith is the Senior Pro
,ently of Winthrop College, is the new
mation, address the President,
f Your Eyes.
our friends and the public generally
rtment of the best Glasses made, and
a with accurate and scientific aids to
tnd Let Live" plan; hence you can,
of good glasses.
ses of all styles, grades and prices.
I Ml Men
and overhauling machinery, that we
that has ever been brought to this
Leather, which we are selling at very
ndersold in the last articles, having
1l prices.
did axe to offer you at 60c each; also'
t Cutlery ever shown in the county.
ly yours,
'Millinery, Millinery.
The ladies of Clarendon are invited to visit
my millinery parlors, where they will have
an opportunity of selecting from a beautiful
line of Hats. The very latest designs.
Every attention is given to styles.
Miy stock consists of
And All the Latest Trimmlngs.
Miss S. E. McDONALD,
The Prudential Life Insurance Co,
Issues up-to-date Life Policy.
The Palaflue and San Fire Ins, Companies.
There are none better.
Insure Against Sickness.
$2 a year pays $5weekly indemnity.
10 "' " 25 "
J. L. WILgN, Mianning, S. C.
Land Surveying and levellng.
I will do Surveying. etc., in Clarendon
and adjoining Counties.
Call at office or address at Samter, S. C.,
P 0. Box 101.
Bring your Job Worki to The limes office.
Fresh Supply Just In,
Office lately occupied by the late B.
Pressley Barron, Esq.
Another Grand Forward tlovemnent at
Prices reduces nearly 25 per cent. for
next year. Modern appointments, com
forts and equipments. New infirmary.
High standard in thirteen Departments.
Able Faculty of specialists Best homelike,
social and religious influences. Closest
personal attention to every student. Those
having daughters to educate can't afford to
miss seeing the new catalogue. Sent on
application. 9-3L.
\ or Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Alwas Bought
'Bears the
Slgnatnre of 49 7 4 4

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