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One Year......................$1.50
Six Mouths.................... 75
Four Months.....-- --------....... 50
One square, one time, $1; each subse
quent insertion, 50 cents. Obituaries and
Tributes of Respect charged for as regular
advertisements. Liberal contracts made for
three, six and twelve months.
Communications must be accompanied
by the real name and address of the writer
in order to receive attention.
No communication of a personal char
acter will be published except as an adver
Entered at the Post Office at Manning as
Second-Class Matter.
Governor McSweeney and Staff are
going to New York to assist the na
tion in welcoming Admiral Dewey
home. We are glad South Carolina
is to be represented in the great
The Dreyfus farcial trial still drags
its way along, and judging frorm the
demeanor of the President of the
court, there will be another convic
tion. For humanity's sake the United
States put a stop to the cruelty of
Spain in Cuba, and if Dreyfus is con
victed again in the face of the evi
dence as published, some near-by for
eign power should, for humanity's
sake, interfere and prevent the pun
ishment. It does not look right for
civilized governments to look indiffer
ently on and see, even one man cruelly
and unjustly punished, and it is as
humane for a government to interfere
for one innocent man as it is for
thousands. The principle is the same.
Germany and Italy are the govern
ments that should speak .and act, as
Dreyfus is charged with selling his
government's secrets to them. If he
did not, they should say so and for
bid ais punishment.
The press of South Carolina mourns
the death of Col. Franz Melchers,
which occured last Sunday night at
his home in Charleston, the city he
loved so well. Colonel Melchers was
the editor of the only German news
paper published in the State-the
-"Deusche Zeitung." He stood high
among his newspaper brethern, and
as a citizen he was beloved through
out the State. Colonel Melchers was,
born in Germany, but when the call
to arms came he was among the first
to respond in defense of his adopted
State, and in war and in peace his
record was pure and enviable. Col
Melchers was one of natures noble
men, and no one could come in con
Stact with him but what would go
away impressed with his gentleness
and nobleness of heart. He loved
his, adopted State and served her
with fidelity. He was indeed a pa
triot, scholar and a gentleman, and
by his death the editors throughout
the State loses a true friend, and the
country loses one of her noblest citi
There has been some agitation re
cently over the question of "Income
returns" and according to the pub
lished reports Clarendon is among
those classed as having no incomes
returned. We do not know why this
is so, because this county certainly
has a number of persons and institu
tions liable under the income tax law.
The man with the little ox must pay
his taxes with no chance to hide; that
little oxens tail will stick out and the
Auditor is sure to find it, and put its
value on the tax books, then why not
get at those who have incomes and
make them pay their just portion of
the taxes. The people are constantly
crying against high taxes, and yet if
they know a man who is a tax dodg
er they will not report him. We be
lieve if everything liable to taxation
was properly returned, there would
be less cause for complaint about
high taxes. This tax problem is one
of the hardest public men have to
contend with, there is no man in pub
lic life who does not want to devise
some practical plan to lighten taxa
tion, and yet notwithstanding this
desire, we cannot see how it can be
done without first arousing the peo
ple to the necessity of reporting tax
dodgers; stop this dodging and more
money will come into treasury, hence
a lighter levy.
Lucas CouNTr.
FEaxx J. CHENEY makes oath that he is
the senior partnr of the firm of F. J. CHE
NEY & CO., doing business in the city of
Toledo, county and State aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of One
Hundred Dollars for each and every case of
catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of
Hall's Catarrh Cure. FEAxE J. CHENEY.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
sEAL Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Send for testimonials,
free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Debt is disgraceful, but not being
able to get into it is often more so.
The work of the bill collector is al
Washington Letter.
(From our Regular Correspondent.)
Washington, Sept. 1.-Washington
democrats are much pleased with the
nomination of Hon. John 11. McLean
for governor, by the Ohio democratic
State Convention, not only because
they believe him to be a strong can
didate but because they like the man
and think the Ohio democrats honor
ed themselves in honoring him.
Those who know what is going on
under the surface, in Washington,
are wondering whether 3r.McKinley
is going to be so unwise as tv allow
himself to be used by the little clique
of New York millionaires to in
crease the value of their property in
Santo Domingo, by putting his fin
gers in the revolution now going on
there. They have had power enough
to bring Secretary Hay back to Wash
ington two weeks earlier than he was
expected, and it is understood to be
at their request that Mr. McKinley
will return tomorrow, instead of a
week later. They are not asking
mueb! Only that Mr. McKinley will
stop the revolution and declare a U. S.
protectorate over Santo Domingo. A
nice mess that would be, with all the
other race troubles we already have
on our hands.
The rush for commissions in the
new volunteer regiments for the Phil
ippines is greater now than it was for
those in the ten regiments recently
organized, but reports from the va
rious recruiting stations show that
enlistments are much slower,so much
slower that the War Department has
notified all the recruiting officers that
they are expected to get more recruits
than they have been getting.
A prominent Boston business man,
who was in Washington this week
said of the platform that will be adopt
ed by the Massachusetts democratic
State Convention, which will meet
Sept. 21: "It will reaffirm every
plank of the Chicago instrument, will
roast the trusts in stinging English,
denounce the inhuman massacre of
the liberty-loving Filipinos, and de
clare that the imperialist policy of
McKinley, if unchecked, will be the
death knell of the republic." The
same man predicted that Massachu
setts would send a solid Bryan dele
gation to the National Convention.
In view of the promise niade in the
official proclamation of the Philippine
Commission, issued last April, that
"Local funds collected for local pur
poses, shall not be diverted to other
ends," there is ground for the com
plaints at Manila, reported by uncen
sored cablegrams, via Hong Kong,
on account of the action of General
Otis in using funds collected as local
taxes for the support of the army.
The country was told that every ef
fort would be made by the adminis
tration to obtain the confidenee of
the peaceable Filipinos. Taking the
taxes collected fir local benefit to
help support an'invading army will
strike most persons as a very poor
way to obtain the confidence of the
Filipinos. It was because cf broken
promises that they revolted against
Spain. The McKinley administration
as repeatedly stated its entire ap
proval of the acts of General Otis; it
is therefore directly responsible for
this wrongful use of money collected
over there. It may have been the
knowledge that a portion of the ex
penses of the large army in the Phil
ippines was to be paid with taxes
collected from the natives which
prompted Secretary Gage to say that
neither additional war taxes nor more
bonds would be necessary to meet
the increased expenditures caused by:
the increased army. The American
people, as a whole, regardless of indi
vidual opinions as to the future of the
Philippines, will never endorse a na
tional policy that includes deception
nd oppression of a weaker people.
Such a policy will quickly wipe out
Mr. McKinley's platitudes about the
Stars and Stripes standing for the
same thing in the Philippines that
they do in this country. The people
of this country would not allow such
imposition upon themselves, nor will
they stand for its being practiced1
upon the people of any other country
by the government of the U. S. For
tunately the days of reckoning with
the officials of our government are
not so far apart as they are in other
Sb much has been written about
the better class of Cuban's favoring
annexation that most readers have ac
epted it as a fact, but a New York
business man who was recently in
Havanna declares that he hunted in
vain for this alleged annexation senti
ment among any class of Cubans. He
says that after talking with all clpsses
of Cubans he became satisfied that
the predominating sentiment towards
the U. 5. among them was hatred.
He thinks this is because of differ
ence ~in race and customs, a differ
ence that is practically permanent.
'his gentleman was not prejudiced.
He went to Havana believing in the
existence of a strong annexation sen
timent and was disappointed because
he could not find it.1
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident, of which Mr. John
Oliver of Philadelphia. was the subject, is
narratted by him as follows: "I was in a
most dreadful condition. My skin was
almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coated,
pain continually in back and sides, no ap
petite-gradually growing weaker day by
day. Three physicians had given me up.
Fortunately, a friend advised trying Elec
tric Bitters; and to my great joy and sur
prise, the first bottle made a decided im
provement. I continued their use for three
weeks, and am now a well man. I know
they saved my life, and robbed the grave
of another victim." No one should fail to
try them. Only 50 ets per bottle at Rt. _B.
Lorea's Drug Store. 5
stages of Water.
Camden, Sept. 1, 8 a. m.-Height
of Wateree river, 5.2 feet, being a
fall of 1.9 feet during past 24 hours.
Sept. 4, S a. m.-Reight of WVat
eree river, 6.4 feet, being a fall of
3.1 feet during past 24 hours.
Columbia, Sept. 1. 8 a. mn.-Height
of Congaree river, 1.4 feet, being a
fall of 1-10 of a foot during past 24
Aug. 4, 8 a. m.-Height of Conga
ree river, 7-10 of a foot, being sta
tionary during past 24 hours.
St. Stephen's, Sept. 1, S a. mn.
Height of Santee river, 5.9 feet, be
ing a rise of 1-10 of a foot during
past 24 hours.
Sept. 4, 8 a.- m.-Height of Santee
river, 6.1 feet, being a fall of 4-10 of
a foot during past 24 hours.
Wives! Simmons Squaw Vine Wine or
Tablets bring hap~pir'ess to sorrowing hus
bands and barren homes. Sold by Dr W
M~ Rr.intn
There is no insurance against the
flames kindled by a woman's eyes.
A Wonderful (ire )l Diarrbopa.
From the rimes, Hillstille, Va.
I suffered with diarrhoea for a long time
and thonght I was past being cured. I had
spent oneh time and money and suffered
so much misery that I had almost decided
to give up all hopes oi recovery and await
the result, but noticing the advertisement
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy and also sowe testimonials
stating how some wonderful cnres had been
wrought by this remedy, I decided to try it.
After taking a few doses I was entirely well
of that trouble, and I wish to s.ay further to
my readers and fellow sufferers that I am
a hale and hearty man today and feel as
well as I ever did ia my life.-O. R'. Moore.
'Sold by R1. B. Loryea, druggist.
Most paren.ts prefer buy babies to
girls because they never come a-miss.
- '-0-6 -
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible brn, scaid,
cut or bruise. Bncklen's Arnica Salve, the
best in the world, will kill the pain and
promptly heal it. Cures old sores, fever
sores, ulcers, boils, felons, corns, all skin
eruptions. Best pile eure on earth. Only
25 cents a box. Cure guaranteel. Sold by
R. B. Loryea, druggist. 1-5
The man who augurs bad luck is
the worst kind of a bore.
, Quick Results.
Coolidge, Ky., Aug. 1, 1898.
I have been suffering with femle trou
bles and was unable to get relief. I was
persuaded to try Benedicta and after one
month's treatment I can recommend your
remedy to suffering women.
Mns. H. R. GILriEAT.
Sold by R. . Loryea.
The bone of contention usually has
but very little meat on it.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
The fool and his father's money are
soon separated.
An Unsolicited Testimonial.
I take pleasure in stating that I pur
ebased of R. B. Loryea, the druggist,
International Poultry Food and it proved
very beneficial in removing Cholera from
my chickens, and up to this time they have
been free from it, and I expect to use the
Poultry Food in the future.
Manning, S. C., Angnst 4. 1899.
We carry a full line of International
Stock and Poultry Food, Heave Cure.
Colic Cure, Harriess Snap, etc.
-- -e
Men who are considered well-to-do
ar sometimes hard to do.
A Woman's Letteet.
Coolidge, Ky., Aug. 20, 1898.
New Spenzcer Medicine Co.: Since writ.
ing yon in Julv. I have continued to use
Benediota and am surprised at the results.
Before using the remedy I suffered from
-omb troubles an d a weak stomach, but the
three bottles of Benedicta haus completely
ured me. It is a great medicine for deli
:te women. Mns. H. Rt. GILEuarH.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
A girl is truly a peach when she
posesses a stone heart.
Bears the TeKind You Have Always Bought
The pretty girl doesn't have to bang
up mistletoe at Christmas.
That Throbbini Ieadache
Would qnickly leave you if you used Dr.
ing's New Life Pills. Thousands of suf
~erers have proved their matchless merit
or sick and nervons headaches. They
nake pure blood and strong nerves and
build up your health. Easy to take. Try
them. Only 25 cents. Money back if not
nred. Sold by R. B. Loryea, druggist.
It isn't always the most economical
irl who has the smallest waist.
Thomas Rhoads, Centerfield, 0., writes:
"I suffered fro~n piles seven or eight years.
io remedy gave me relief until DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, less than a box of which
permanently cured me." Soothing, heal
ng, perfectly harmless. Beware of conn
:ereits. D. 0. Rthame. Summerton; Dr.
W. M. Brockinton, Manning.
Whenever a doctor dies, an under
taker buries his best friend.
~ The Kind You Have Always Bought
'he man with a shady character
>ught to be able to keep cool.
De~itt's Little Early Risers expel fe
the system all poisonous acrm~~a:.s
regulate the stomach, bowels and liver and
purity the blood. They drive away dis
ease, dissipate melancholy and give health
ad vigor for the daily routine. Do not
;ripe or sicken. D. 0. Rhume, summer
ton; Dr. W. M. Brockinton, Manning.
Age and her little brother will al
ways tell on a girl.
Gu-shot wounds and p)owder burns,
ets, bruises, sprains, wounds from rusty
nails, insect stings and ivy poisoning,
riuickly healed by DeWitt's Witch Hazel
alve. Positively prevents blood poison
ing. Beware of counterfeits. "DeWitt's"
is safe and sure. D. 0. Rhame, Snmmer
ton; Dr. W. M. Brockinton, Manning.
As long as a man follows the races
he can't expect to get ahead of them.
A Th'lousand T'ongumes
Could not express the rvptuire of Annie
E. Springer. cf 1125 Howard st.. P'hiladel
phia, Pa., when she tound that Dr. King's
New Disc' very for Coinsu:u ptioni had com
pletely cured her of a backing~ cough that
for many' years had made life a buirden,
all oilher remedies and doctors co::ld give
her no help., but she samys of this Royal
Cure-- it soon remiovedl the pain in my
chst and I can noa sleep soandly. some
thing I can scarcely remember doing be
tore. I feel like soundimg its praises
throughout the Universe." So will every
one who tries Dr. King's New Discovery
for any trouble of the Tihroat, Chiest or
Lungs. Price 50e. and $1.00. irial hot
tIes free at iR. B. Loryea's di ut store;
every bottle guaranteed. 5
C B NQlIL cures
Elf'5Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Rhen
maem and Sores. Price, 25 cents.
Sol by IR B. Tnryea.
An agreemiient has bsen reached to 1
pull off the Jeffries-Sharkey fight before
the Coney Island Sporting club this fall.
While 16 men were descending into
the Couchard mine as Haute Croix
the cable broke and they were all
Work on a new 40,000 spindle mill in
Columbus, Ga., will begin in October,
the last of the stock having been placed
with eastern capitalists.
Recent experiments with thorite, the I
new high explosive, have proved so sat
isfactory that it will be recommended
for use in the Philippine campaign.
Rev. Thomas Payne, a venerable &
Baptist minister, was arrested in the
mountains o- Tennessee, near the North v
Carolina line, on the charge of moon
The smelting and chlorination plant r(
of the Golden Reward company at
Deadwood, S D., has been totally de
stroyed by fire. It was the largest plant
of the kind in the hills.
At Columbus, Ga., Eugene Smithand p
Miss Lillie Satcher were married on a
street car.
The cotton mill owners of 'Fall River a
are endeavoring to form a combination,
the trust to be capitalized entirely at
home. h
At Rockwood, Tenn., Tom Dodson
was shot and instantly killed by Police.
man Johnson, who was trying to arrest
Dodson. f
The government has arrested a num
ber of persons at Peck, Fla., charging
them with particiption in the Crum
whitecapping affair.
Colonel William J. Bryan has con
tributed $250, one-fortieth of the cost,
to the new building of the Cumberland
Presbyterian church at Salem, Ills., the
church of which he was a member when o
a boy.
Mayor Jones of Toledo has outlined a e
pyrotechnic campaign for governor. He
will tour the principal cities in an auto. tf
mobile accompanied by a firstelass
singer, who will entertain people with g
songs composed by the candidate.
A meeting of Water Oak Camp Wood
men of the World will be held Friday eve
ning,Sept 8th. A fnll attendance is earnest
ly reqnested. Perons desiring to send their
applications as charter members will please t}
hand them prior to that time.
lsArc M LonYEA, Clerk. T
C B GEIGEr., Con. Com.
WHEREAS information has been 1
received at this Department that
an atrocious assault with intent to
murder was committed in the county ti
of Clarendon on or about the 26th
day of August, 1899, upon the body
of Samuel T. Tobias by Bill Dixon St
and others, and that the said Bill
Dixon and others have fled from jus- B
Now, THEREFORE, I, M. B. Mc- 01
Sweeney, Governor of the State of si
South Carolina, in order that justice
may be done, and the majesty of the
law vindicated, do hereby offer a re- D
ward of One Hundred Dollars each
for the apprehension and delivery of
the said Bill Dixon and others to the
Sheriff of Clarendon at Manning,
with proof to co vict.
hereunto set my hand, and
caused the great Seal of
the State to be affixed, at
-. Columbia, this thirty-first
SEL* day of August, A. D. 1899,
and in the one hundred
and twenty-fourth year of
the Independence of the
United States of America.
By the Governor: 0
Secretary ofgState.w
We, the undersigned citizens,think
it proper to raise a fund to be used
for the purpose of arresting and
bringing to justice Bill Dixon and SI
his confederates, and therefore sub
scribe the amounts placed opposite
our names for said purpose: u;
Louis Levi.................. $25 00
Thomas & Bradham...-...-...25 00 WV
Estate M Levi................ 2500
John S Wilson.............25 00
Daniel J Bradham........... 25 00 1.
The Bank of Manning........5 00
Louis Appelt................. 10 00 G
J H Timmons............ .... 10 00 le
T C Oweus................. 10 00
J WV McLeod................. 10 00 SI
FPPErvin....................-5 00
WV E Jenkinson............. .5 00
S A Rigby................ -.. 10 00 a
J HRigby..................o5O0
W EBrown.......... ....... 200
J Frank Geiger............... -2 00
Town Council of Manning.... 100 00 o
B A Johnson & R M Strange.. 10 00
Thomas Nimmner............. 2 00
E C Dickson.................. 2 00
S J Bowman............. ... 2 00
Huggins & Chandler.......... 5 00
M C Galluchat............... 5 00
Joseph Sprott...-............ 10 00
WV M Brockinton ............. 5 00
John W Heriot........ 5 00
W P Legg.......... .......... 2 00
WV Charlton DuRant...-......-200h11
H TAvant.... ... .. ........ 200 m
FN Wilson...................-2 00
E L Wilkins............. .... 10 00
I I Bagnal................... 1 00
C Ml Mason...................*5 00
Chas G~eiger................ 2 00
Robt Bel................ ..... 200
P B Thames...........-......3 00 1
(i L Dickson..................2 00
C WV Kendall............... .5 00
J T Stukes................... 1 00
E S Ervin.................. 250 1
J MlBradham................. 1 00
E CHorton................... 00
T Ml Wells.......... ......... 1 50 W
Total............ ........$400 00
The Penitentiary authorities will pay a
reward of fifty dollars each for the capture
and delivery at their office of the following
escaped convict-.:
Alfred Boozer is 23 years old, Sfeet 10 7-8
inches high; black hair, c-yes and brown
comlexon- scar on front part of right
thigh; sear letlt middle linger aind dim scar
back of right hand.
Glenn West is 25 years old, 6 feet 3-4
inches high; black hair, brown eyes, and rg
light brown complexion; scar hack of right
wrist; smaill scar right corner of right eye- IX
brow; se.tr from gunshot wound on front
of left shoulder.
Will Dickson, or Dixon is 26 years old, yg
and 5 feet 7 3-4 inebes bight black hair,
eyes and complexion; long scar forehead, 1.
back of left hand; vaccination scar left arm;
2 scars back of right thigh and scar back of
Jerry Jackson is 23 years old, 5 feet 10)
inces high; black hair, eyes and complex
ion ; born on left groin un d lower part of
stomach; soar on each wrist, right forearm;
scar back of right hand; 3 fingers on left
hand crooke.l; small scar left side of neck
and head. D. J1. GRIFFITa,
Snpt. S. C. Penitentiary.
Columbia, C. C.. August 22, 1839.
The patriotic girl always uses pow-I
der and wears bangs on the Glorious
Early in the summer from what we could gather from the great
ry goods journals of* the count ry. all classes of goods would advance
ary materially before the approaching ffall season would open, and
e at once set about to place our orders for Fall Goods, which now
sults in our being able to name prices on many lines much cheaper
tan many of our competitors buy them.
Now this statement may have the sound of arrogance, but all
e ask of those who doubt is, visit our store and see our goods and
rices and we will convince them of the reliability of this statement.
One other fact we would like to impress upon our patrons, that
iction goods and job lots never eiter our store, for experience has
ught us that such stuff never gives satisfaction. There is nothing
ke nice, new, fresh goods-sold at the right prices.
If there is any department in our store irn which we take a
eater interest than any of the rest, it is the Dress Goods Depart
ent, and if there is any part of the store service in which we take
eater pleasure, it is in serving our lady friends. Ladies, don't feel
tat you are imposing on us when you come to our store to look at
)ods, it is a pleasure for us to show you. It matters not whether
)u buy or not, we will serve you with pleasure and we would have
>u feel like it was a pleasure for us to wait upon you.
Our Fall and Winter Dress Goods are all uj> and ready for your
ispection, containing all of the latest style fabrics and novelties of
ie season, with a very elaborate line of Velvets, Silk and Gimp
rimmings to suit every piece of our Dres3 Goods.
We are showing this season the prettiest line of Black Crepons,
ir Ladies' Skirts, ever shown in this town, at 50c, 75c and $1 per
ird; the line at $1 is something very rich. Our line of Dress
oods at 25c per yard, in Plain and Fancy, is the strongest we have
er shown. You will be pleased when you see our beautiful line
Dress Goods this season.
It is a Iact that goes without saying that we have given to the
dies of this town a Millinery Department unequalled by any in
is part of the State. Our Millinery opening this season will be
e most elaborate we have ever undertaken.
Our MISS COPPEDGE is now in Philadelphia buying our fall
ock and studying the styles. She will remain in Philadelphia and
altimore until the 15th of this month. Miss Coppedge will buy
ir stock from the largest Millinery houses on this continent, and
e is instructed to buy nothing but the latest styles in everything.
The ladies will be notified in due time when we will have our
ress Goods and Millinery Opening.
If you wvant a good, solid, durable Shoe at a reasonable price,
me to our store and you can get just what you want, but if you
nt a cheap paper bottom shoe that is not worth carrying home,
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r cheap, trashy stuff.
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ies for Ladies and Children. We feel justified in saying that the
.C. G3odman Shoe for Ladies at $1.50 is the best shoe ever put
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t of other good bargains.
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ost fastidious.
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Fifty Boys' Black and Blue Cheviot two-piece Wool Suits at
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75, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00 and 4.00.
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ich we offer at 5,00, well worth S.00.
When you want something nice in Gent's Suits dlon't fail to
e us a call. We can please you.
Gents Hats and Caps.
In this line we feel that we have a line of goods beyond the
ach of our competitors. We succeeded in getting a line of Drum
ers' Sample Hats and we are able to sell them to you at less
Lan wholesale cost ; in other words, we wvill sell you a Hat that
tails at 1.00 for only 50c., and a Hat that retails at 2.00 for
00, and a Hat that retails for 3.00 we will s4ll you for 1.50.
all and see these Ihats and be convinced that they are worth
mr attention.
Yours truly,
Will be the result of changes we are making.
We have already, by the application of the paint
ers' brush, given the outside of our mammoth build
ing a new and fresh appearance that we are greatly
proud of, and which we know will be admired by all.
A Similar Renewing and Cleaning
Is going on daily on the inside by the arrival of
New and Attractive Goods.
Remember that we are hungry and thirsty for your
trade, and in order to control your purchasings this
fall and winter we must give you the
Biggest Values
To be had for your money, and we know from our
long experience in business that we are in a position
to sell you Good Goods Cheaper Than",
You Can Find Them Elsewhere.
And as soon as we get straightened up and in shape
we will quote you some of our Many Rare
Treats in store for you. But even then a whole
newspaper could not enumerate the
You must come and price for yourself and be
vinced that the place to buy Good Goos.
Cheap is at
Samples of Dress Goods cheerfully furnished the ladies,
and polite attention guaranteed all.
Cillers aild Mill M~enl
We have the best stock of Mill Supplies consisting of Fittingsa
Lubricators, Belting and Oils, that has ever been brought to this market.
Farmers, we have an excellent stock of Cane Mills and .Evaporators, ad
can sell you a splendid Mill and Evaporator for $27.00 these gdods should
bring $30.00. We have very much increased our stock of wagon repair Xa..
terial, we can sell you a good set of Wagon or Buggy Wheels for $6.00.
House keepers when in want of a New Stove for the kitchen come and -
see our "Leader Stoves" they are the best ever shown here.'
We can give you a fifteen year guarentee on.the fire backs of our t'.
This institution, famous in the history of education in South Carolina,
as recently been thoroughly reorganized and now, with a large and able
aculty, is' prepared to do college work of the very highest grade.
early twenty thousand dollars have been appropriated for improvements.
A splendid new bullding is being erected which will contsin a large Andito
inm, a Library, a Reading-Room, a Museum of Natural Science, a beauti
ful hall for the Literary Society and some needed offices. The building will
e furnished with new heating apparatus throughout, all the rooms will be
upplied with new furniture, new pianos will be purchased, new physical,
hemical and mineralogical laboratories will be equipped-in short evey -
hing that is necessary in the work of a first-class woman's college willb --
rovided. The site is unequalled in South Carolina for beau? and- for
ealthfulness. Limestone College makes its appeal to the pepe strictly
on its own merits. Literary, Scientific and Commercial Courses. The reg
lar college degrees are given by the authority of the State of South Caro
ina. An especially fine Course In Pedagogy is offered to those desiring to
ecome teachers. There are three departments, the College, the Seminary,
nd the Primary. Let Limestone's friends and former students tell the
ews all over the South. The revered Capt. Ii. P. (Griffith is the Senior Pro
fessor, Professor Wade R. Brown, recently of Winthrop College, is the new
rofessor of Music. For further information, address the President,
L. B. DuR A NT,
Rardware, - Cutlery - and - Crockery
STJMTElR, 8. 0.
In order to accommodate my growing business, I have
oved my quarters into the spacious store lately occupied by
he Ducker-Bultman Company ,and I am prepared to fill all
rders. Call or write for what you want. My stock is com
lete, in fact larger than ever before, having added to myunm
nense stock of
ardware, Stoyes, Housefurnishiing Goods,
Harness, Saddles, Leather, etc.,
A Large Line of Crockery.
I also handle in large quanties Paints, Oils and Window
My store is headquarters for Guns, Pistols, Powder,
Shot, Shell and all kinds of Sporting Goods.
Engine and Mill Supplies.
All of our Stoves warranted.

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