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In Northern Markets.
Our Miss Coppedge is now in the
Northern markets where she will re
inain until the middle of this month
buying our fall and winter stock of
Millinerv. Any of our lady patrons
who desire anything in the way of a
Hat or Bonnet specially gotten up
can just write out a description of
what they want and we v.ll forward
same to Miss Coppedge and she will
do her best for you.
We have always made special ef
forts in our Millinery and Fine Dress
Goods lines to please our lady pat
rons and it is our desire this season
to show to the ladies of Manning and
Clarendon county the finest and most
complete line of Ladies' Fine Milli
nerv and Dress Goods we have ever
shown in this town before. And we
would also impress it upon the minds
of our patrons that our line of Staple
Dry Goods has no equal in this town
when you compare price and quality,
for our goods were all bought before
the recent rise in all classes of dry
It matters not what other people
may say about these cheap goods,
you comte to our store bef"re you
buy and you will save money.
Yours truly,
Notice is hereDy given
that no advertisements will
be hereafter changed in this
paper where the copy is
brought in later than Sat
urdav noon.
To rent: The store next to post office.
Dr. Abe Weinberg of Camden has been
spending a few days with his parents here.
Kendall has a pretty United States flag
flying from his store.
Don't throw the supplement page away.
It contains a nice lot of news matter.
A good Buggy Umbrella for $1.50. Legg
& Hutchinson.
Joseph F. Rhame Esq., and family have
returned home from their summer vacation.
The store next door to the post office is to
rent. Apply at this office.
Died on Monday 28th day of Augustucar
New Zion Mrs. J. T. Evans aged about 26
Why stay hot? when you can get cool
quick and easy at Brockinton's up-to-date
soda fount.
The Pine Grove school opened last Mon
day with Professor McLaurin of Marion as
One-horse Wagons with or without Bod
ies. We can not be ondersold. Legg &
Mr. I. C. Strauss of the Sumter Bar was
in towh last Monday on professional busi
Good second hand Buggies, Road Carts
and Harness e'>ing at less than one-halt
cost. Legg & Hutchinson.
Miss Janie Ingram will be glad to serve
her many friends at the store of Mr. S. A.
Dont fail to see our line of men's and
boy's riding saddles, a good saddle for
$2.00. Legg &Hutchinisonl.
-Died last Wednesday at New Zion Nancy
Montgomery, a well thought of colored
With every pair of shoes you buy of Ken
dall's Rtacket sto-e from $1.25 up, you get
a piece of glass ware fully worth 25cts.
Tuesday 29th day of August Mrs. &elina
Baker was found dead in her bed at her
home near New Zion.
be s Buggies, Buggies finished in all
kinds of coara~ end built on all sorts of
springs. Legg a. Rutchinson.
Everybody $hat wants a good time can
*take advantage of the excursion to the "Isle
of Palms" on the 12th inst.
Sick headache is the bane of many l:ves.
Dr M1 A Simmons liver medicine cures
and prevents this annoying complaint.
Sold by Dr WV M Brockinton.
Excursion from Manning to Charleston
through to the Isle of Palms Tuesday Sept.
12. Rcund trip tickets good for three
days. $3.25. Tickets on sale at drug stores.
Read Rigby's advertsenment, it giv-es you
something to ponder o'ver, in it there is
soimething to make you consider wvhether
or not he means to sell goods this season.
Rigby is a mover when you get him start
ed, and he has started.
The unhappy mortal whose liver is inac
tive is miserabie without apparent cause.
Dr 31 A Simmons' liver medicine makes
life wot living. Sold by Dr W M1 Brock
The friends of Mr. J. R. FEurze of Sum
mertoni will regret to learn tbat he met
with a painfal accident last Wednesday.
While leading his horse by the mane, it
gave a jerk and threw Mr. Furze agains.t a
stump and fractured his hip. The woun d
is quite painful.
To eat with appetite, digest with comfort
and sleep with tranquility, take a dose of
Dr M~ A Simmons' liyer medicine occasion
ally. Sold by Dr WV M Brockinton.
The steeple chase, steam earonsal, ferris
wheel, fish suppers, concerts, surf bathing.
&c, will guarentee enjoyment for all who
go on the excursion from here to Charles
ton and the Isle of Palms on Tfuesdaty,Sept.
12th. Special agent L. C. Roach insures
a delhghtful visit.
Simmons' Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets
regulate the menstrual organs and guaran
tee regular, natural montbly periods. Sold
by Dr W M1 Brockinton.
The Jewish day of atonement begins
next Wednesday evening and continues
until Thursday evening. All of the Jewish
merchants will have their places of busi
ness closed on Thursday next. This is an
ancient custom and every Jew who honors
his farther and mother, and is not asham
ed of the religion of his fathers will as best
he can obseive the day of atonement.
Frequently protracted consti patton caus
es inflammation of the bowels. Remedy
use Dr M1 A Simmons' liver medicine.
Sold by Dr W 31 Brockinton.
The Manning Gaurds were to he inspect
ed last Friday. and Colonel Frost Assistant
Adjutant and Inspector General was here
for the purpose, but just before the hour
arrived a telegram called him back to Col
umbia and the inspection was postponed.
The day before he was at Panola. but that
company was not ready, thus mgaking it a
waterhau~l for the inspecting othecer.
Parties who contemplate having survey
ing done will take notice that I shall de
vote my entire time to it the coming year
and guarantee satisfaction, both as to work
and rates. E. J. BROWNE, Surveyor. tf.
In our issue of week before last, in an
account of a sensation near Foreston, we
said that Ed Meyers had died in the peni
tentiary, this statement was made upon
information received by us, but it turns out
to be a mistake. Capt. D. J. Griffith Su
perintendent of the penitentiary wired us
as follow yesterdasy. "'Ed Meyers is alive
and in my custody." We make this cor
recica so as to remove the impression that
Last Friday was tobacico daiy n Manning
and tie in mrket wa.s highly satisfactory to
the sellers. Thousands 'r pndns were
tb i a ''os wWr't v wit r
ise" to brin t'Losands more. : is -
mted tiat about 50. pounds of the ye
low leaf was sold. This is about the hirgest
sale fr oue day that this market has had
vet, but fron what we can gather, it would
'not surprise us to sc: the quantity doub
For toning up the system after chil
birth rd ha stnittng O)complete andl spevdy
recover. Simmions Squaw Vintie Wine or
Tablets are invaluable. Sold iy Dr W' M
The Game Cock Racket ;tore ilute
cit-rs our readers some iue nt
through these columns. and lr. Grier tiw
proprietor extenls a cordia! itvitat" to
the pt-ple of thisv to visit tOV .s
crowded storte when theVgo to Si'umte r. H.
carries an immruenise stock of goods Ia we
can bespeak or lim the politst of attenton
to customers. Reiuetmbetr the Gamie Ctovk
Racket store when in Saiuter svarching for
Chamberlain's cough reiiedv has saved
the lives of thousands of eroupy chiltro.
It is also without an equal for coMs and
whooptUg cough. Fo: sale by R. B. Lor
yea, druggist. Ejanllav
Kendall is back from New York and it
doesn't take but a minute after visiting his
store to be made aware of that fact, because
the goods that are being unpacked give
everv evidence of a determination to push
the trade to a conclusion. Kendall says
that if he cannot draw trade to Manniig
this season it is because the people do not
want to buy goods at short profits. Just
read his advertisement this weck and it
will impress you with his earnestuess to
sell goods.
The great succes of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera" and Diarrhoea Remedy in the
treatment of bowel complaints has made it
standard over the greater part of the civl
ized world. For sale by R. B.. Loryea.
In our advertising columnis hts week
will be feund Mr. 1. M. wange who is
doing a geteral uerchandise business in
the store occupied formerly by 1. A. John
son, between Loryea's drug store, And the
Manning Hardware Co. . Strange is a
voung progressive merchant who is out for
the stuff, afid he knows that the only way
to get it, is to keep up wita the couitetti
tive procession. That he intend,, to com
pete for the trade is a certainty, and a visit
to his store will sbow that he means bus:
To rnn a woman crazy, let her menstru
ations b& either too frequent or too mnuch
at one time. Simmons' Squaw Vine Wine
or Tablets correct this trouble. Sold by Dr
W M Brockinton.
Dr. J. F. Geiger has awarded to Mr. S.L.
Krasnoff of Manning a contract to build a 2
story residence, opposite the mansion now
in course of erection for. Major Levi. Mr.
Krasnoff is a meehanie' of ability, having
had the advantage of a training in Russia.
He is a gra;luate of the Moscow Polyteehnic
school, and has had a good deal of practi.
cal experience in all of the branches of the
building art. Parties desiring to build, or
to have painting done in a first class man
ner will do well to consult with Mr. Kras
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lackamp. Elston,Md.,
write: "One Minute Cough Cure save the
life of our little boy when nearly dead with
croup." D. 0. Rhame, Summerton; Dr.
W. M. Brockinton. Manning.
In scanning over our adve'rtising col
umns do not overlook the advertisement of
L. B. DuRant, the hardware man of Suru
ter. This store, on account of its increased
patronage, was forced to give up its old
quarters to seek a more commodious house;
.this was found in the spacious store lately
occupied by the Ducker-Bultmlan Company
and right there is where the farmer, the
mechanic, the housewife and the hunter
can get supplied. Mr. L. B. DuRant is a
hardware mian of long experience and his
store is thcroughly known to our readers.
Recently be has added to his stock a line of
window glass and building material; this
was done to maeet the demands of his pat
ron s.
M B Peavev, Byrumville, Ga, writes: Dr
M A Simmons' liver medicine cured my
whole family of chills and fever. It also
cures dyspepsia and headache. I believe
it stronger than Zeilin's Black Draught.
Sold by Dr WV M Brockinton.
There will be an entertainment in the
Institute Hall next Friday evening under
the auspices of the instructors and pupils
of the Summer Normal School. An admis
sion fee of 10 cents will be charged, and the
proceeds will be devoted to raising a li
brary fund for -the Moses Levi M1emorial
Institute. Some of the features of the pro
gramme will be vocal quartets, choruses,
recitations, a specimen ot the work done in
literature study in the summer school, to
be set forth by some papers prepared and
read by the teacher-pupils in the discussion
of that beautiful poem from Tennyson.
"Enoh Arden." The entertainment will
begin at 8:30 o'clock.
"What might h'ave been"---if thit little
cough hadn't been neglected-is the sad
reflection of thousands of sonsumptives
One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs and
colds.) D. 0. Rhame, Summerton; Dr. W.
IM.Brockinton, Manning.
We have received a letter from a lady
living in Salem, who is connected with one
of Clarendon's best families; the letter i
tn appeal to us to aid her in tracing a foul
slander that has bteen circulatd againt
her in her county. The relatives of thi
lady arc now actively engaged in trying t
Iferret out the author of the villianousat
tak upon her character, and it the party i
found we wvould be surprised it he we re
not harshly dealt with. It is cowardly. in
ieed, for a man to go tab->ut a commnunity
breathing foul insinuations aga inst a wo
tn's charneter, andi if the origmator of the
eport which was freely circulated ini M.an
nng can ce traced, the comminutt in
which he lives should scorn him to suichan
extent, that he wvill be forced to leave; any
man that will blacken a woma n' character
without truth to back him u', is danger
ous to a community and the sooner lie
leaves the better it will be% hor anidhi
neighbcs. h
TT' the farmers of C~arendion:
Knowing that horses have advanced in
the markets of the west, and the continued
low price of cotton. We aire always alert to
the interest of our county, hence we have
bought Crown Wilkes son of Damon W\il
es sired by George Wilkes, which has ai
record of 2-22. this is a standard bred horse
nd wortby of his ancestry. Parties desir
ing to raise colts will do well to look at this
horse before breediog. lie wili alw'ays he
found at our stables. TIhtomas & Bradham,
Manning. S. C. ilt3
An alarming telephone message reached
Manning late lat Saturday night saying
that "Bill Dixon" 'ad his "pals" had been
located in Dial's Bay and that they were
surrounded. Shriff Bradiham imtm ediate
lx, ater the f uncial of Mr. Tobias, avas call
ed up and' asked for instructions: replying,
he told them to caplture the men at all haz
ards and tlhen he sent rigt oif to the chain
gang for Mr. Beaturegard Hairvin ,and his
dogs. As soon is Mr. Hairvin and his dogs
reached here De'utyv Gamible and Mr. 1'at
McLeod accompanied Mr. lHrvin and they~
set out for Dhils bay, arid on reuachinug
there, they forund it was a false alarmn. The
parties suispected were a conp!(e at nte
groes known by sonme peole in Salem, who
w ere ver there to conusolt am root doctor,
ttlev cmie from Darlington and did not
aaswer ihe description of either Dixon or
the othrs wanted. This is only one of tite
m aany false alairims the sheriff is pestered
w ith. Neverthees.; lie has not despaired
of catching thetm.
A Word to Mothecrs.
Mothrs of children aieted with croup
or a severe cold need not hiesitate to admin
ister Chamberlain's Cough Remedy'. It
contains no optate nor niarcottic ini any
ori and may be given as contiidently to
the babe as to an adult. Lie great success
that has attended its use in thte treatment
o colds and croup has won for it the appr
vvl and praise it has received throughout
e ~nited States and in many foreign
I lads. For sale by R. B. Loryea, druggist.
W\ hav bcen vrv lenient to our snb
scribr-r!. %nd have not worried them aLoult
nm: nev this slulimm, r, )Vu th- tilit has Com.
Ai WiO lrx o~ :"1,4Vlit. ThO-W1 hO
a t a:rLir ::nd I(annot conw! to1 tow
mlt;ay ns ou r monv by m 1ail, eitherN bV
rt.:strd mtal ol moe ordL. The m1a
a-e:m ut of TI Tims Is vi ry hard prs' ed
at this time and :t mast colect fro:u toe
owing. We have decided to take iu) our
subscriltionL list on the 15th, day of Sep
te::ber next and every name found on It
)ver one year in arrears will be stricken off.
A man or woman who has been accommo
b us for over ft year and then does
not pav up shows a lack of appreciation
and will not payat all. 1Remember that we
w, strike (A e-:erv name that is in arrears
. ya - itaifn what vou owe
the pal'er, h(ok on the labi I and the date
t-. nW 1:how v "wn vemr ti:e was ou.
tn en' :re dyi l.sia by dieting. iEat
InV.whole fo(io and ilenty of it.
NdlDysp.plsia Cu're d1iget-st food without1t
aid f romI !;t. tomvach, :1nd is mnade to eIn..
1). 0. Rham, Sunmirton: Dc. W. M.
1;r.o.kin1tonj, Manning.
Th "homas White Stir elub, a colored
literarv socity of this town gave a 11ost
iiful. -ntertainnient last \Vedreslay
Light at the A. .1. E. chirh. The princi
PLa f1 e ature was :, contest in declamations.
Lnd those participatin, did themselves and
their race credit. Uesides the recitations
and declamations, a musical program was
very niv carri,-d out, in fact, the singing
of t'iL ib, antd'thie piano performances of
.Miss Jenkins were entertaining indeed,
and showed excIllent training. Professor
Morris. late of Allen University, acted as
president, and Messrs. W. C. Davis, J. 11.
Lesesne, ant Louis Appelt were chosen
judges. The particip:znts in the contest
were Misses D B-nbow, Jenkins, Maek and
Chavis, 3Messrs. BuIl and Boyd, after whi ch
the judges retired and awarded the vict ory
to Miss Lillian Mack who was crowned
oucen of the evening.
Professor Morris then gave the large au
dience a talk which was interspersed with
wholesome advice. le took the position
that there was only one way to settle the
race problem in this country, and that was
to give ootsiders who are intermeddling, to
understand that they are not needed or
wanted and that by honest toil, and educa
tion the peopie of the South, hwli, and
black will adjnst their diffterences. Pro
tessor Morris is a good speaker and the
sentiments expressed bv him on this occa
sion are not new to himn, we heard them
from him before.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers benefit per
manently. They lend gentle assistance to
n1ature, causing io paini or weakness, per
aneutly curing constipation and liver ail
mnits. D. 0. Rhatme, Summterton; Dr. WV.
11. Urocknton. Manning.
A frave Officer Dead.
Poor Saw Tobias is dead, the victim of a
cold-looded murd:r, at the hands of a
murderous band of outlaws, whom we be
lieve ;ire beyond the pale of the law's pro
tection and need not expect to be taken
Last Saturday afternoon about 4 o'clockI
Constable Sam T. Tobias breathed his last,
and with that last breath went out the life
of as brave and daring a n an as ever -
dertook to execute the law's mandate. be
deceased was 46 years of age and leaves a
wife and four children, the eldest of whom
is the wife of Clerk of Court J. H. Tiu
nmons. There is a grown single daughter
and two small children. The family sup
port was taken.
The funeral took place Sunday morning
at Oak Grove church, and it was attended
by an immense throng of sorrowing rela
tives and friends; among the latter were
o:cials and professional men, all of whom
ad a hiah regard for the deceased. It was
a sad, sad funeral. Rev. P. . Vells con
ducted the service, an.1 when the body was
tken from the church and the coffin open
ed at the grave many stout hearts gave
way, and from the eyes of strong men
aine tears. It was one of the saddest
sights the writer has ever beheld. 'The old
mother, bent with the age of three score
and ten years, came and knelt down and
ooked into the face of her beloved son, and
hoked w'ith grief, the poor old soul could
not tind relief in tears. The wife whose
eart was being eaten out with grief,look ed
for the last time upon the lace of the man
she promised at the altar to obey and
onor, the father of her children, the
prop to her life; the children with their laist
farewell looked upon "papa's" face. The
riends of his boyhood, his business a'nd
social associates, all looked upon bin :or
the last time on this earth, and then the
coffin wxas lowered into the grave and the
last resting place of a brave and true man
was covered with fiowers.
Was this an unusual assemblage to pay
the last tribute of respect to neighbor and
riend? Yes; there was not a man in that
vast assemblage who did not have a feeling
to avenge the death of Sam Tobias, and his
death will be avenged. Fortunately we
ave a law-abiding and just community;4
there is no disposition to wvreak vengeance
upon innocent people as has been under
similar circumstances,done in other States.4
The tpeople want Tobias' murderers, and
they alone shall suffer the penalty.for their4
oardlv crime.
Samue TC. Lobias came from a family
noted for honest an d brave men. His father
sv one of seven brothers that went into
the war andi their names are linked with
the brauvest of soldiers. The deceased was
t quiet and peaceable citizen. For several
v ars he has served as magistrate's consti-1
ole iand throughout his long service he~
neer faltered to do his duty, and he won
the esteem of his sup~erior officers as well as
the community generally. The county lost
i ood citize~n, a brave and an honest offi
A tmarkable Case.
Antioc. 3Miss., Junly 1, 1898.
1 want to thank you for the great benefit;
I have received from your wonderful rem
ed, lienedicta. I was induced to try a bot
tle, anld it benefitcd me so much I used an
ther and I am now entirely well. T1here
s certainly no medicine like it and I can
recorinlnd it to all women,
MIr~s. ETrra L~txasTox.
S-old by 11. B. Loryeca.
Th'le 'Teaceris Entertained.
A reception was tendered the ladies and
entlemen attending the "summer school"
by the cit:zens of MIanning at the resi
ecc of M1r. S. A. Rigby last Thursday
evening. It was a miost enjoyable atiair; it
was a grand sotciaul success.
Aiter the guests had assembled in the
spciu p.:r ors. Captain W. C. Davis, in
a very sen-ible and eloquent sp)eech deliv
ered in address of welcome, which was re
snendeiid to by Professor~s L. W. Dick and
S. M1. Rice. 'The parlors were thronged
with beautiful women and handsome men,
adthe I Oscene was inspiring indeed; it
fily too.k the rheumatic twinges from the
dtor's legs and made him feel that Time
hd turned backwards. Everywhere one
would look thiere was a couple in conversa
tion and soime of them seemed not anxious
for us to hear, so mu~ch so that whben by
accident we would find ourself close, a re
ma'::t wouM come, "Won't you ask M1rs.
--to sing" They wanted the piano
in c :ntinnous motion. Well, there was
lenty of music and song, and we have not
the s!Ightest doubt that love camne in for its
Atn elegan t collation was spread in? the
dining room which was immensely en
oved. There was cake andi cream, ices
ad lemonale, flowers and pretty girls.
The number present is estimated at about
One hiundredi, and possiblv more. Those
whlo attended speaik in the highest praises
'fte comimittee of :iargeinents, antd the
cmiii L'ttee arLe uinder mnany' obligations to
'irs. Roigby for the use of her home and
thus aiding the citizens in entertaining the
'It was a leasuire to the citizens of Man
ning to have the privilege of entertaining
such an intelligent body and we hope that
ihen they return here next year to be able
to (10 5o again, even on a more elaborate
serde. W~e wanted the teachers to feel they
are welcome in our midst, and we believe
the citizens, through their committee, sue
eeedd, at least we hope so.
Keep Q!uiet.
and( use Chamberlain's colic, cholera and
di rrhoea remedy for all pains of the stom
ach and all unnatural looseness of the bow
els. It always cures, For sale by R. B3.
ory-a,,rggst [janiay
We Welcome Them.
At the home . the bride at Kelton. last
Friiay, Ang. 2.>, Miss Lula Wotl was initr
riel to Mr Minter Turner o! this place.
The marriag was a (iiet affair. Mr.
Elgar Norma;.tn, who did the honior of the
CCasioi to the -roon. being the only
triend present, outside the immediate fam -
ilies. Mr. anl Mis. Turner left on the
midday train for a week's sojourn in the
moantains of North Carolina.
Miss Wood is one or Union County's most
:harming young ladies, lovely in face and
:haracter; while Mr. Turner is (ecidedly
:ne of our most excellent and popular
young men, having all the traits that coi
bine to make a christian gentleian; aad
in his business career has made an envia
ble reputation. On oeptember 1st Mr.
Turner assmnes a responsible position with
Mr. S. A. 1igby of Manning,. (" . the
rgest dry goo'ds and cotton merchant of
at set-tion. We eomn end Mr. and Mrs.
turner to tio goo people of Manning and
wish tlm a happy voyage through lif.
Union Times
C.0A. . T O It. .
Bears the You Have Always Bouglt
Sons of Confederate Teterans.
Ellitor THE TiMES:
Please allow us, through your pa
per, to make a call to the sons of
Confederate veterans in Clarendon.
In almost every county in the State
the sons of veterans have organized
, camp to perpetuate the memories
-)f their fathers who fought for their
ountry in the war for Southern in
dependence. We should have done
3o long ago, but inasmuch as we have
not, it is not yet too late, and we call
upon every young man in the county
>ver 16 years of age whose father or
zrandfather served in the war until
its close or was honorably transfer
red or discharged, or was killed, to
meet in the court house at Manning
an Thursday, the 14th day of Sep
tember, at 11 o'clock, for the purpose
:>f forming a camp of Sons of Confed
rate Veterans. This includes all
ons or grandsons of those who were
in the Confederate service at the
-lose of the war, either in infantry,
:avalry or the navy.
It is only proper that we should
orm this organization. It will not
be many years before those who did
4ervice in that great struggle, one of
the greatest that was ever enacted in
the history of wars, will have passed
iway, and we as their descendants
hould keep bright the memories of
their noble services by forming an
>rganization which should last and
be handed down to coming genera
tions. That fraternal feeling which
as felt by our fathers in the great
truggle should be none the 'less felt
by us as their descendants, and let
s show our feeling by perpetuating
,he memories of a noble cause. We
iope to have several addresses from
)rominent Confederates on that day,
and all old Veterans are cordially in
ited to meet with us.
Let every son or grandson of a Con
ederate Veteran in Clarendon coun
y over 16 years old meet in the court
ouse on Thursday, September 14th,
ind let us have a good organization.
B. A. JoHNSoN,
Notice to Teachers.
The regular summer examination for
rhite teachers will be held at the institute
>uilding in Manning on September 13th,
xamination to begin promptly at 9 o'clock.
L. L. WrELLs,
19-2t] Co. Supt. of Ed.
Methuselah completed nine cen
;uries, and he never saw a bicycle.
The girl with a dimple learns how
:o work it at a remarkably early age.
A diseased stomach surely undermines
iealth. It dulls the brain, kills energy,
lestroys the nervous system and predis
>oses to insanity and fatal diseases. All
lyspeptic troubles are quickly cured by
odol Dyspepsia Cure. it has, cured
housands of eases and is curing them
~very day. Its ingredients are such that it
an't help curing. D. 0. Rhame, Summer
on; Dr. W. M. Brockinton, Manning.
The skillful physician demanuds a skilfid0
Spharmacist; the patient reCqpdres both.$
Promptness. j
~Since we entered the drug busi
Sness we have faithfully endeav
ored to meet these three re
RELABLIT:.Our drugs are
Sabsolutely pure. No adultera
SKILEery precaution exer- I
cised in the filling of prescrip
) tions. Closest attention to the
most minute details, Correct
ness in preference to haste.0
SPROMPTNESS: No unwarranted
)delay, no tardiness, no procras
tiainin filling prescriptions.
Our large and increasing pat
ronage indicates that these
methods are appreciated by the
One hundred and twenty-five acres
f land in Douglas township; 55 acres
~leared; two settlements; two tobac
o barns; pack house. Frame dwell
ing within one mile of Pine Grove
ighi School, and one mile of Seloc
For particulars ap~ply TIMES office
19-'Jt] Seloc, S. C.
For Sale.
Two tracts of land containing 100
ares each, near Manning Court
House, with dwvelling houses and
ther necessary out buildiugs, with
about twenty-five acres cleared land
>n each tract, fine tobacco land; bal
ane in timber and cane break
branches; fine pasture land. Will
sell for half cash-balence in one and
two years.
I have also three good horses that
I will exchange for cattle.
Money to Lend
On implroved farming lands-inter
est at 7 per cent. Long time given
ad payments to be made in instal
meents. For particulars apply to
Sumter, S. C.,
Or to F. B. HOFFMAN,
4 Bowling Gireen, New York, N. Y.
P] g UBIA TEAcures Dyspep
I 5 sa ostpto n Indi
gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price,25 ets.
Sold by R. B. L~on
-Fall AllllollcMell.
Bul Peope MusI Hae g
With such a condition of affairs, the business man is
put to his trumps to study out the most effectual way of
meeting the people and sharing their burdens, to remedy
the bad effects caused by any turn in affairs which op
crate adversely to the people. It is unnecessary to in
troduce nmyself to the readers of The Times, they know
me, and they know full well that my many years of ex
perience, both as a farmer and a merchant, give me a de
cided advantage over many others. I have used my ex
perience that it may count for the best interests of my
business. In doing this I had to study the needs and
and wants of my patrons, studying their condition as
well as their welfare, because upon their welfare de
pends my success. Every business man, to keep up
with the progressive spirit now pervading this country
must study the markets just as a lawyer or doctor must
study his books. This must be done or he cannot buy
his goods to meet competition.
I have made deals by which I can sell goods at prices
that cannot be duplicated anywhere, and I am going to
do it. A visit to my store will convince any buyer that
my immense stock has been selected with the greatest
care, and contains everything, that can be used in the
fanily, or on the plantation.
There is no store in this section of the State that has
a more varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic
Dress Goods, Notions, Fancy
Goods, Trimmings, Clothing,
Hats, Gents, FurnishingGoods,
Shoes, Hardware and Cutlery..
Sadlery, Harness, Crockery, Glassware, Wood and
Dress Making Department Up-Stairs,
My Grocery Department is thorough and complete; I buy direct by
the chr load from the best mills and packers. Sugars, Coffees, Teas,
and everything in the Grocery line in such quantities purchased to give
my patrons the advantage of wholesale figures and can save my pa
trons money. ' I am paying'all the market will permit for cotton and
in a position this year to make it advantageous for the people to bring
their cotton to Manning. I solicit a continuence of past favors.
J. W. fcLeod.
Everybody has their "ups and downs," but ours are quite different
from all others, from a business standpoint. The quality of our Goods is
always UP and the prices DOWN, and away down below others.
Now to prove my statement. Right here in the beginning of the fall
season I am going to sell you
oods Cheaper Than You Have Ever Bought Them
From any retail concern in this State. I am in a position to do so.
I have just come from New York, where I have made the biggest deal of
my life, and I am going to give you the benefit of it. Come and see me
when you want anything and you can get some special
New York Bargains.
I guess you have heard BARGAINS, BARGAINS, so much until you
:onider it as only a by-word of ours, but, friends, you can sure get TRUE
VALUES at my store. Just ask any one that has visited my store sine
September 1st what we are doing with prices, and if they don't tell you
that our ups and downs are just as we say they are, then Il treat you.
I have bought too many goods to he holding them at from 50 to 100
per cent profit, and 10 and 121 per cent is all we want, and wve will depend
pon the volume of business for our profits.
Wesay unhesitatingly that we have by far the
Begl 18Sl[ed 810kOfGODS1 1h0068I lieOll.
You can get anything you want from a Ball of Thread to a Silk Shirt
Waist in our Dry Goods Department, and anything from a pair of 25c
Pants to a fine $15 Black Suit in our Clothing Department. and anything
from a 15e Baby Shoe to a $4.89 Patent Leather or a $3 Julia Marlowe Shoe
in our Shoe Department, and anything from a 19e Trimmed Hat to an $8
Pattern Hat in our Millinery.
If you have any money at all the RACKET STORE is surely the
place to spend-it.
For Dress Gocles
And fine Plaid Skirt Goods, go to the RACKET. For Clothing that
its and wears well, go to the RACKET.
For extra Long Waist Pants and somethiing that will suit any kind of
wear, for grading tobacco or even to get married in, go to the RACKET.*
For a Suit that will make any boy from three to nineteen years old
feel and look like a man, go to the RACKET.
Well, I need not mention anything about the Shoes, as everybody
that sees our stock declares they never saw such values, and often wonder
ow we can sell so cheap. The great secret is knowing where to buy them
and going and get them yourself, and above all, getting what the trade
Iwhnts all esthe silk worms would commit suicide if they only knew
how cheap we are selling Silk Front Shirts. Just think, a Silk Front
shirt for 49c, and a better one for 74c. We have some bargains in Plain
White and Colored Cotton Shirts.
Our Store is Packed
From counter to ceiling with bargains for you from New York and
now is the time for you to take advantage of this offer.
You just ought to see our Calicoes, Outings, Pereales and Worsteds.
You can get the best (Simpson's) Calicoes for only 4c.; cheaper ones for 3
Wn 3ee have about 50 pieces of 12tc Outings, extra heavy, that we offer
for 8*c.
Worsteds at your own price, from 7tc to 10sc. We have also 25 pieces
Cotton Flannel Back Suitings, worth 13c, for 7c only.
How about some Crockery, Glassware, Rugs. Matting. Window
shades, Curtain Poles. Scrim or Lace Curtains, Umbrellas, Stationery, Cor
sets-the famous F. C. Corsets-Towels, Doilies, Table Linen or Oil Cloth,
Embroideries, Laces, Handkerchiefs, Neckties, Underwear, Hair Brc.shes
and Stamped Goods.
Picture Frames, Trunks, Valises, Lunch Baskets, Men's Hats, Caps,
Boys' Hats and Caps, Suspenders, Undershirts, Night Shirts, Blankets, Cot
ton and Wool Blankets, Comforts, Bed Ticking, Bed Spreads, Mackin
toshes, Overcoats, Ready-Made Skirts, Flannels, Drapery, Jewelry and all
kinds of Millinery Goods, such as Velvets, Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers,
Birds, Wreaths, Veilings and everything else in that line.
Watch this space next week and we will quote some prices that will
cause you to wonder. Again, come and see me.
Yours for big values,
Is at hand and most people are looking around to see
vhere they can supply their needs for the least money. To
hose thus interested I extend a hearty invitation to call and
Ixamine my line of
Dry Goods, Notions, -:. .
-:. -:. Hats, Caps, ShQes,
-:. -:. Groceries, Etc., :. :
Yhich you will find complete. I have the goods and they
nust be sold. Come and get prices and feel that your money
s well spent.
Keep your attention on this space in future and we will
>ffer something to interest you.
Remember us when you come to town.
I Am King!
Constantly arriving and will be sold to meet competition.
I am in business as a business man, and I propose to do
>usiness on business principles. In the purchase of my
oods, great care has been used to get every advantage for
he benefit of my trade. I am prepared to far;ish the trade
ith everything that is sold in a first-class General Mer
handise Store at
In soliciting patronage through this medium, I desire to tender my
hanks to the public for the encouragement given me so far, and promise
he trading public generally to use my best efforts to retain its confidence.
have a complete stock of
)ry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Crockery,
Glassware, Shoes Hats, and a
Grocery Department
that is equal to any in this market in the way of quality and prices.
take special care in the selection of my Groceries, to guard agaist inpure
Lnd bogus goods, and by doing so, I have built up a nice family, as well as
>lantation grocery trade. I earnestly ask my friends all over the county
o;visit my store when they come to Manning; all that I want, is a fair' op
>ortunity to convince the people that. King's Store, opposite the Court
ouse square is where honest goods, honest treatment, -and honest prices
an be had, and where the bigg~est market prices will be paid for all knds
if produce. come to see me. Yours truly.
W. Ci. K INGQ.
To baceo Plailters of (5iareldonl
Will find it to their special advantage to bring tifeir Tobacco to
Where they will receive courteous and prompt attention from the Man
ger and other officers of the Company.
We have a large and commodious Warehouse, Ordering and Grading
looms and all facilities for the accommodation of our friends.
Give us a trial and we assure you that we will get the
H ighest Prices for Your Tobacco.
Come and see us and inspect our Warehouse. We will cheerfully give
'ou all information in our power.
0. M. MA8SON,
Manaager. __
keat B8akupt Sacrifice Sale.
A nice assortment of Hamburg Edging, ranging from 1* to 14
cents per yard,
Infants' Lawn Caps at 9 cents.
Embroidery Caps at 14 cents.
Infants' Silk Caps that sold at 43 cents, to be closed out at 25
Window Shades, with patent rollers, from 10 to 18 cents.
Special job in Stationery. Foolscap and Legal Cap, 6 cents per
quire. Other prices in Stationery equally as low.
Dress Goods, Ribbons, Domestics, etc., from 10 to 25 per cent be
low New York cost.
We still have 500 or 600 pairs of bankrupt Shoes which we are
selling regardless of cost, and must go in the next few days.
Cor. Main and Republican Streets, Sumter, S. C.

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