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WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 13, 1899..
On. Year......................S1.50
5j' 2onbi..................7
Four ..th. .. ............ 5
One square, one time, SI; each subse
quent insertion. 50 cents. Obituaries and
Tributes of Respect charged for as regular
advertisements. Liberal contracts made for
three, six and twelve months.
Co;mlmuLicattions must be accompanied
by the real name and address of the writer
in order to receive attention.
No communication of a personal char
acter will be published except as an adver
Entered at the Post Office at Manning as
Second-Class Matter.
We have heard with regret, the re
moval of Mr. L. I. Parrott, as steno
grapher of the Third Circuit. Mr.
Parrott has made many friends
throughout the Circuit, and when
they learn that he loses his place for
no cause of complaint, but only to
give place to Judge Buchannan's
brother-in-law Mr. G. D. Tillman Jr.,
his friends will feel that he has not
been treated altogether right. Judge
Buchannan has the power to appoint
a stenographer for his Circuit tis true,
but we are surprised at his action in
this particular case. As far as we
know, Mr. Parrott has filled his posi
tion satisfactory to the bar and the
bench, and we have never heard of
any cause for his removal, other than
to make a place for a relative. We
are indeed sorry Parrott lost the po
sition upon which he depended to
support his family, and we are sorry
Judge Buchannan thought it proper
to give his brother-in-law, who is a
single man, the place.
We are constantly being asked for
advise about cotton, and it often em
barrasses us, for the reason that sev
eral years ago, there was a ccndition
very similar to that existing now, and
we advised, the holding of cotton.
Every sign pointed to a short crop,
and the indications were very favor
able to high prices; many people, did
hold their cotton and by doing so
suffered severe losses. There exists
a condition right now, which points
to a short crop, and gives indication
of good price, nevertheless, a burnt
child is afraid of fire, and we would
not advise any man to hold his cotton.
We honestly believe the sooner the
cotton is put on the market the bet
ter it will be for the producer. Cot
ton markets at best, are treacherous,
and the sufferer is the man who
toiled to make cotton. We are anxious
for the people to get every cent pos
sible for the product but we cannot
advise the~holding of a single bale.
~Sell it as soon as you can get it ready
in our opinion is the safest rule to
F'.oreston News.
In my last letter I neglected to say
that Mr. C. E. Land has opened a
grocery and dry goods business here.
build a cotton seed house near the
R. it. depot.
Mr. C. M. Mason is having a tele
phone line put up between this place
and Manning; it will be coripleted
Mr. J. M. Wilson, who has been
visiting his mother here, left for Che
raw S. C. .aast week..
I have seen several articles in your
editorial columns recently on the tax
question, ard I heartily agree with
what you have said; I do not think
the people are in a position to stand
an additional levy for any purpose,
and I venture to say, the man in
South Carolina, who can devise some
means to materially reduce taxes, and
still pay the goverment expenses, can
carry the taxpayers with him. It is
doubtless true that there is more than
one reason why our taxes are high,
but I wish to state that I have been
been informed that only 80 cotton
seed licenses bought in this county
since the license law has been in
force, I am told about 8 years. I
believe, that if every one who has
bought seed cotton in this county in
violation of the law, had paid the li
cense, the county would have been
out of debt Ibelieve itis the County
Supervisor's business to look after
this matter. Is he doing his duty?
I am further informed that some buy
their license when the season is far
advanced, and one person bought
last year 1898 on the 15th, day of
December the last loneful day on
which to buy, in order that the li
cense might be valid; and still anoth
er bought in January, 1899. Now, it
appears to a man "up a tree," these
licenses were bought so late in the
season and out of season, through an
over sight, or negligence on the part
of the buyer, or for fear of being re
ported, by some one to the grand
jury. In fact I am informed that one
of the parties were reported to the
grand jury, then sent and paid up to
keep from being hauled up. Did the
grand jury do their duty? Has the
Clerk of Court the right to issue li
censes between the 15th of Decemn
ber and the 15th of August can
he issue a license on the 15th of
Dec. the last day of the season,for any
one may buy seed cotton from then
until Aug. 15th with out license, with
out some suspicion? And when he
does that, he issues a license to run
one year from date, which will be
cotton buyer has bought cotton for
two seasons on one license. There
appears to be something wrong some
how, somewhere. For a person to
buy seed cotton with out first procur
ing a license, is a violation of the law
and it is as much a violation for him
to buy for one day without it, as it
is for his neighbor to buy one year
without it. "The chain is no strong
er than its weakest link."
It is wrong because, he has an un
fair advantage of his competitor, and
it i, wrong, because the taxpayers are
cheated out of wbat belongs to them
according to law.
If you say, it is a bad law, and
should be repealed, I agree with you,
and I beliEve it was your good self
who labored so earnestly to rid us of
it during the last sitting of the Ge n
eral Assembly, but only succeeded in
getting it through the Senate.
While it is a law let's all respect it,
and those who will not, force them
to do so. And now, if I have been
misinformed as to what I have stated,
any man may go to the records and
examine for him self, both my infor
mant and I are ready to apologize.
Foreston, S. C. Sept. 11.
FrissK J. CHENEY makes oath that be is
the senior partner of the firm of F. J. CHE
NE-r & Co., doing business in the c:ty of
Toledo, connty and State aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of One
Hundred Dollars for each and every case of
catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of
Hall's Catarrh Cure. FiAN J. CHENEY.
Sworn to before we and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
A. W. Gi.EAsoN,
SEAL Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Send for testimonials,
free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
i old by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Bryan will go to Ohio and speak in
the interest of McLean.
The makers of wall paper in London
have formed a trust and raised prices.
M. Y. Darnell, sheriff of Haralson
county, Ga., was run over and killed by
an engine on the Southern railroad at
Moskidine, Ala.
The Wilder guards, a crack military
organization of Knoxville, has volun
teered to go to the Philippines or
wherever the president may see fit to
send them.
The officers of the Roane Iron com
pany, who own the large furnaces at
Rockwood, Tenn., announce that on
Sept. 15 they will begin the erection of
another large furnace at that place.
William Youngblood, national Re
publican committeeman from Alabama,
expresses his disapproval of the action
of Circuit Judge Shelby in displacing
Clerk N. W. Trimble of the United
States court to make room for Major
Charles J. Allison.
Sarah A. Baker, the oldest American
actress, is dead near Philadelphia. She
was born in 1818.
The city school board of Chattanooga
has rejected Lee's history on the ground
that it was partial to the south.
St. Joseph's Orphan asylum at Hart
well, a suburb of Cincinnati. was de
stroyed by fire. No lives were lost.
While digging a well on Lookout
Mountain G. M. Jarnagan and others
discovered gold quartz in large quanti
The mayor of Macon has wired Ad
jutant General Corbin offering to receive
troops from cities reported infected with
yellow fever.
Great Britain and the United States
have practically agreed upon a tampo.
rary line defining the boundary betweer
Alaska and Canada.
The attorney general of South Caro
lina has served notice on ex-Peniten
tiary Superintendent Neal's bondsmen
that they will have to pay up his short
age or suit will be entered.
McKinley will present to Dewey the
sworft voted him by congress.
The new battleship Kearsarge made a
record of 17% knots on her trial trip.
Advices received from New York
state that the Southern railway has
bought the Knoxville and Bristol road.
American apples are in such great
demand in Germany this year that ship
ments have commenced one month ear
lier than usual.
A factory has been started at Titus
ville, Fla., for the manufaoture of re
cently patented tents to protect orange
trees in winter.
Judge Baldwin of the Connecticut
suprma court declared in an address
that it was wrong for doctors in cases of
mortal disease to seek to prolong life.
The farmers of Troup county, Ga.,
have passed resolutions declaring they
will hold their cotton until the price
reaches 8 cents and calling on planters
[throughout the south to join in the
The Garden City hotel at Garden
City, L. I., owned by the A. T. Stewart
estate, has been barned.
Admiral Dewey expressed the hope
that the dry season in the Philippines
would see the insurrection quelled.
The Alabama Steel and Wire com
pany's plant, now in course of construc
tion at Ensley, will be in operation by
Oct. 15.
The Southeastern Passenger associa
tion has issued a circular givtag a rate
of one fare for the round trip during
the state fair in Atlanta.
The German ambassador at Washing
ton gave a dinner to Mr. Chambers,
chief justice of Samoa, and the fact is
taken to indicate a better state of feel
Two hundred coal miners at the Sale
creek mines, near Chattanooga. hay.
gone on a strike because the compan.1
was furnishing coal to the Dayton Coal
and Iron company, whose miners are on
a strike for higher wages.
Admiral Henry F. Picking, command
ant of the Boston navyyard, is dead.
Andrew Carnegie, it is said, will be
the next Liberal candidate for parlia
ment from Sutherlandshire.
The lowest price on record for "fu
ture" coffee was reached in New York
when October deliveries sold at 4.4u
A small body of troops from San Sal
vador have crossed the frontier of Nica
ragua and attacked the garrison located
near the Pacific coast.
New Jersey won the Hilton challenge
trophy on the rifle range at Sea Girt.
defeating the Georgia team, which cap
tured the prize last year.
Mayor S. L. Davis and his six coun
cilmen of Hobson City, Ala., Calhoun t
county's new exclusively negro town. a
have been inducted into office.
miatism and Sores. Price, 25 cents.
Jury Unable to Agree After iemain
ing Out All Nlah.
DARIEN, Ga., Sept. 8.--From 9 o'clock
yesterday morning till 6 p. m. the case
Df the state versus Henry Dolegal,
harged with assault on a white woman,
was being tried. The trial was con
ucted strictly in private, no one being
permitted to enter the courtroom except
those connected with the case.
The defense did not put up a single
witness, while the state had three, viz.:
Troop Wallace, father of the woman
who claims to have been assaulted, the
woman herself, Matilda Hope by name,
ind Dr. P. S. Clark.
About 3 o'clock the evidence was com
pleted and the judge granted a short re
xss for dinner, after which the counsel
for both sides argued the question till 6
o'clock, when, the case being rested,
Judge Seabrook after a short charge
permitted the jury to retire.
Some thought a very few minutes
would suffice for a verdict to be agreed
n, while others thought differently. The
latter proved to be correct, as the jury re
mained out from 6 p. m. yesterday till
9 a. m. this morning. The judge was
then sent for and told that the jury
stood seven to five for conviction with
no hope of any nearer agreement. Judge
Seabrook then declared a mistrial and
appointed next Wednesday as the day
for another trial.
As has already been stated, Delegal's
sons and wife, charged with the mur
der of Joseph Townsend, will be tried
in Effingham county next Wednesday
under the grant of a change of venue
mud Henry Delegal will take his second
trial at that session of court.
Judge Seabrook has certainly shown
his desire to avoid unneccessrry delay
~nd expense to state and county by a
promptness in calling these terms of
court and a close attendance upon his
duties. His action all through the
matter calls for admiration.
Nenr Industrial Euterprises Reported
During the Werk.
BALTIxORE, Sept. 8. - Among the
many new industrial enterprises re
ported by The Manufacturers' Record
uring the week the following are the
more important:
A 10-000 spindle cotton mill, $250,000
iron mining and manufacturing com
pany and $50,000 ice manufacturing
company in Alabama.
A $300,000 coal mining and coke man
afacturing company, $ti0,000 cotton mill
md $40,000 terminal company in Geor
A $30,000 company to build 800-barrel
rice mill and $50,000 lumber plant in
A cottonseed oil mill, $5,000 ginnery
nd round bale compress and $65,000
otton mill in Mississippi.
A $10,000 truck package factory and
$14,000 wagon factory supplies factory
in North Carolina.
A 5,000-spindle cotton mill, $3,000
ginning company, $50,000 telephone
company, $100,000 construction com
pany in South Oarolina.
A $150,000 telephone company, 6,000
spindle cotton mill. $10,000 handle fac
tory, $100,0CO coal mining company and
100-barrel flour mill in Tennessee.
A $25,000 knitting mill, $10,000 lum
ber company and 75-barrel flour mill in
[ocal CapitalIsts Will Build a Road
Around the City.
ATLANTA, Sept. 8.-A company, with
plenty of money, and bomnposed of some
>f the most prominent men of the city,
will soon apply to the state of Georgia
for a charter to construct a belt line of
railroads extending completely around
the city and touching at various points
with the different railroads entering
Atlanta. It will have double tracks,
mnd the roadbed will be made flrstclass
n every particular.
The main object of the belt line will
be to allow the transfer of freight cars
around the city instead of through the
business portions as at present. When
the line is built, and satisfactory ar
rangements are made, Atlantians will
be troubled with no more freight cars in
the center of the town except those that
contain goods for the business sections.
The grade crossing evil is one that
has been considered a serious drawback
to the city for many years, and the
prospects of its early elimination will
be greeted with delight. Numbers of
people have been killed and injured at
the Whitehall, Loyd and Pryor street
rrossings, to say nothing of the count
less delays to traffic and business re
sulting from the switching of freight'
trains there every day.
Coal 3Miners on a Strike.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 3. - The
iiners employed by the Terrell Coal
company, the Helena Coal company,
the Falliston Coal company and the
Birmingham Grate Coal Mining coin-:
pany, all operating around Helena,
have struck for higher wages, the op
rators in each instance ignoring all
committees and refusing to reply to
their demands. The strike was ordered
by the United Mine Workers' organiza
tion and involves about 1,600 men. All
is quiet at the mines, where no effort is
made to operate.
R~ainz Prevents a~ Famine.
BoMBAY, India, Sept. 11.-Rain has
improved the crop outlook in western
ndia and the fears of a famine have
been removed. The weather conditions
oreshadow more rain. The cotton crop
has also been benefited.
Watches al
1 want my friends and the public gerz
Wedding, Birthday c
Vhat in the future, us well as the past, I amn
Natches Clocks Sterling Silver
Fine China Wedgewood E
h complete, and it will afford mec pleasure t
Special and prompt attentiol
tprices to suit the times.
tlantic Coast Line il
Watch Inspector. L.. .
Take Care o
We take this method of riformirng
ha t w e hav e just receiv ed a~ nice asso
re repared to furnish our cus.tomnerr
Iiso. Our prices are on the "ivre e
rth ai small sumi, buy from us a pair<
We have Spectatcles and Eye Gh
atxefootinn "umnr'nnteed
mspensary :iaen in -rouble.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Sept. 7.-A sensa
tion was sprung at the meeting of the
dispensary board yesterday by charges
filed by Captain J. C. Black against
Commissioner Douthet and Superin
tendent Bryant. Commissioner Douthet,
according to the charges, has been giv
ing away dispensary liquors and wines
without accounting for the same. Su
perintendent Bryant is alleged to have
been selling liquor contrary to law.
Yellow Jack Patient at Sea.
SAVANNAH, Sept. 7.-The health au
thorities of Savannah are advised that
a case of yellow fever has been discov
ered at Miami, Fla. The report which
comes to Savannah is to the effect that
one case has been found in the town
and that it has been carefully isolated.
The patient has been placed on a
schooner and the vessel taken into the
ocean, where it will be away from other
Trial or 15oys For 31urder.
CAMDEN, S. C., Sept. 11.-The case of
the state against Edgar Harriet and
Frances Chestnut, for murder, was
ended here by the jury acquitting Chest
nut and finding Harriet guilty of man
slaughter, -ith a recommendation to
mercy. They are boys, and the de
ceased was a boy 10 years old. The
children quarreled over their dinner,
and Harriet struck Henry Ancrum on
the nose with a spoon. A small cut
was mado, severing the facial artery,
and on account of ignorance, or neglecc,
the child was permitted to bleed to death.
Half a Million Bales Short.
ATLANTA, Sept. 7.-Commissioner of
Agriculture 0. B. Stevens has returned
to Atlanta after a close inspection of the
crops throughout Middle and South
Georgia. He states emphatically that
cotton will be at least 500,000 bales
short, and that in order to realize 75 per
cent of the crop of 1898 conditions will
have to remain favorable for some time
to come.
Romte Has a Large Blaze.
ROME, Ga , Sept. 7. - Rounsaville
Bros.' large wholesale grocery and pro
duce house on East First street, has
been totally destroyed by fire. The loss
on the stock is estimated at $30,000 and
the building $5,000. Insurance $25,000.
The firm will rebuild at once.
Bisinarck's Iron 'Nerve
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy
are not fonnd where stomach, liver, kid
neys and bowels are out of order. If you
want these qnalities ani the success they
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develop every power of brain and body.
Only 25c at R. B. Loryc .'s drug store. 6
Women are always included when
speaking of mankind; for man em
braces women.
An Unsolicited Testnionial.
I take pleasure tu s.Ating tnat I pur
ebasc-d of R. B. Loryea. the druggist,
Intemfatio-:a1'PouLrY Food and it proved
very ben-ficia' in removing Cholera from
my ehickens. and ny to this time they have
been free from it, and I expect to use the
Pooltrv Food in the future.
_1nning, S. C., August 4, 1899.
We carry a full lize of International
Stock ani Poultry Food, Heave Cure,
Colic Cure, Harness Soap, etc.
If our faults showed on the surface,
most people would look as if they had
the measles.
2r the ~The K nd YHaeAlwas Bought
It is foolish to begin at the bottom
and work your way up-if you are a
A Woman's Leitee.
Coolidge, Kyv., Aug. 20, 1808.
New Spencer Medliciune Co.: Since writ
ing you in July, 1 have continued to use
enedicta and am surprised at the results.
Before osicg the remedy I suffered from
womb troubies an d a weak stomach, but the
three bottles of Benedicta has completely
cured me. It is a greal miedicine for deli
cate women. Mu~s. H. 1R. GILurEAT.
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You can't judge a man's character
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Volcanic Eruptions
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joy. Bnecklen's Arnica Salve cures them,
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ist. ______ __6
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ud Let Live" plan; hence you can,
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sses of all styles, grades and prices.
We are going to make it to the advant
age of every one in Clarendon County to buy
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Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets,
Cloaks, Shoes, Clothing and
Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Gro
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Northwest Cor. Main and Liberty Sts.,
S-tmter, - S. C-..
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lowr ha heeooe In
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lina. -
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lood Rio Coffee at.................................... 8J to 19%c lb.
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This institu~tion, famous in the history of education in South Carolina,.
las recentl-y been thloroughly reorganized and now, with a large and able
-acult ,. is prepared to do college -work of the very highest grade.
early twenty thousand dollars have been appropriated for improvements.
'splendid new building is being erected which will contain a large Audito
-ium, a Library, a Readin-B~oom, a Museum of Natural Science, a beauti
ul hall for the Literary Society and some needed ofices. The building will
>e furnisned with new heating apparatus throughout, all the rooms will be
upplied with new furniture, new pianos will be purchased, new physical,
bhemical and mineralogical laboratories will be equipped-in short every
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hardware, - Cutlery - and - Crockrjry
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Harness, Saddles, Leather, etc.,
A Large Line of Crockery.
I also handle in large qluantieS Paints, Oils and Window
My store is headquarters for Guns, Pistols. Powder,
hot, Shell and all kinds of Sporting Goods.
Engine and Mill Supplies.
All of our stoves warranted.

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