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The Manning times. (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, September 20, 1899, Supplement to The Manning Times, Image 5

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Supplement to The Manning Times.
VOL. XV. MANNING, S. C., SEPTEMBER 20, 1899. NO. 21.
Five years have passed 1
were, has developed into a mass
promptly, while others seemingl
est dealing with everybody has
man. This is more to be desir
This brings us upon the t
friends than at present. and we
Now our various lines of
ings with our various lines of zo
And now in subittingv 0
don't want them to trade with uz
- =2W
Heavy C Homespun, ic per yard.
Yard-wide Sea Island Homespun.
very good for the money, only 4 pei
Crown Suiting Plaids, colors abso
hutely fast, only Sie per yard.
Good Check Homespun, 3?, 4, 4i,
and 6e per yd., according to quality
Heavy Shirtings, something that is
a bargain, Gi, 7 and Sc per yard.
A very large and well-selected lin4
of Outings at 4i, 5, 6i and Sie per yd.
The best grades of yard-wide Sea
Island Homespuns at 4j, 5 and 6c yd.
Yard-wide Bleach Homespuns at 5,
7 and 8c per yard.
Yard-wide Lansdal Cambric, as
long as our present stock lasts,10~c
per yard.
10-4 Sheetings, 15, 2?0, 25 and 35c yd.
We challenge the market to show a
Fine Dre
Since the firm of Horton, Burgess
& Co. went out of business we have
been master of the Fine Dress Goods
trade of Manning, and why? Because
we make this branch of our business
a special study and keep right up
with the styles, because it requires
more attention and study than any
other department in the store, and
the result is, we have met with sue
A beautiful line of Bareade Wors
teds at 9e per yard.
A nice line of G-4 double width Di
agonal and Brocade Worsteds at 10e
per yard.
A very desirable line of :34-inch
wide Fancy Worsteds at 10ie per vd.
that looks cheap at 25e.
Our line of 25c Dress (Goods. in both
Silks and
I don't suppose we would fall far
that we carry the largest stock of S
few days ago a mans camne into our
silk dress for his sister to get marr
Brocade Silk at $1 per yard, a nice I
nice Black Satin at $1.50 per yard. I
the goods, but would go out arnd see
turned and said lie had been to ever
piece of silk with enough yards in it
could find three pieces from which tc
him the outfit.
Our line of Waist and Trimming
terns. The most complete line of Si
this town. In short, we have Trimmi
we have on our shelves. Also the mo
Stiffenings to be found in this town.
A complete line of Skirt Binding
apidly away since we opened busi
ive oak whose roots and branches
v were more able than we were h:
been the main road to success.
?d than wealth, for money has wi
hreshold of another busy season,
ilso are confident that our friends
ods. they will see that we have gi
ir claims to our friends we have 1)
for we don't, believe in a man c<
Our Miss Coppedge ]
ing the different points
.ttern Hats and Fall ar
raps. Remembe
It is no use for us to (
this department. In o
en in vain. REMEMI
better line of Jeans than we are o:
fering at 8:, 10, 123. 15, 20 and 25c yt
A line of Gient's line Pants Goof
at 25 to 50e per yard which we def
competition to meet.
A line of fine 81 Cassimeres, f<
making fine Pants, which we picke
up at a bargain and ofter them to ou
eustomers at 75e per yard. Now
you are a judge of fine Cassimere yo
will never pass this great offer.
Pour thousand yards Fast Colore
Calicoes at 4c per yard that are sol
everywhere at Sc per yard. No'
please don't confound these Calice
with the cheap calicoes that are noa
being sold everywhere. Every yar
of them is absolutely Fast Colors an'
are just one cent cheaper on the yar
than you can get them anywher
ss Goods.
Plain and Fancy Weaves are th
richest we have ever shown and lad;
friends will be pleased when they se
our 25e line this season.
We also carry very nice lines o
Dress Goods at Th and 50e per yard
in all of the latest shades.
A beautiful line of Black Crepoi
Skirting at 50, 75 and $1, which
certainly the richest line of Blael
Skirting ever shown in this town.
Our lines of Black Brilliantine an(
Serge ~Skirtings are also complete
Also a nice line of Blue Serge Skirt
We would also impress it uponI ou:
lady friends that our linc of 25c BlaelI
Barcade Skirting is up-to-date h
every respect.
short of the mark were we to asser1
ilks of any house in tow!), for just
store and wanted to buy a nice black~
ed in. We showed him a nice Blac,
lack Armure Silk at $1.25 per yard, a
je exp~ressed himself as pleased witlh
if he could not better it. He soon re
y store in town and could not find a
for a whole dress and at our store he
make a selection. Of course we sold
Silks contains someI very choice Pat
1k Velvets and (imlps ever shown in
ngs to suit every piece of D~ress Goods
it complete line of Dress Linings and
of every description.
ness upon our own account. As n
have taken a firm hold upon the p
tve been swept away. Now the qu
Honesty and integrity has been ou
ngs and can ly away, but a g-ood ii
and in asking our patrons for a hb
will find our goods and our prices
ON PAPER as LARGE as our im
-en them a faithful description of
ut one plea to make them, that is,
ansidering friends or favorites wher
ias just returned from 1
of Fashion, and she v
Ld Winter Millinery evi
r the Day, Thi
anlarge upon the meriit
rder to give to them a I
Makes of Corsets Known to the
r e
fI'o nver met any one
- wo did'nt like
The Thompson (Glove Fitting Cor
sets are so well known to the ladies
of this country that we could say
nothing to increase their p)opularity
Sufficee it to say we carry a nice as
sortment of these famous Corsets in
stock and only wish to impress this
fact upon the minds of our lady pat
At50 i udobedy hegrats
selrw aeevrpto u
0hleadt ietetaesm
* tme indoueytely theti gives
thelvesgood tisfaction tadsanol
dor costter wever thw oret lh
ianv of our friends can well rememi
eket-books of the trading public.
estion will naturally arise, how was
r motto, and it is under this banner
anie will live long after a man has I
eral portion of their trade we feel il
)eyond the reach of successful com]
agination might make them, yet w11
rhat we have to sell.
that they come an(d see our goods at
he goes to spend his money. but I
;he Northern Markets, -
ill, on next Thursday, tI
.r shown in the town of
rsday, Septemb
s of our Millinery Depar
irst Class Millinery Dei
101 Extra Long is a Corset that is
in high favor with the young ladies
of this country. In fact the R. & Gi.
Corsets are known all over the civil
ized world, and their splendid wear
ing qualities. A shapely form makes
them the admiration of the female
A large lot of the R. & G. always
carried in stock.
Hosiery, Hosiery.
We are sole agent for Clarendon(
county for Mr. WV. Scott Hlarvin' s
famous line of Factory Hose. f
This line of Hosiery deserves a fI
large patronage by the public, for in
the first place it is a home industry
and we should encourage home in- I
dustry: and1 in the second place no
better line of goods can be found fora
the same money.
The Harvin Factory Hose has al- E
ways been sold at 10 and 121e per:
pair straight, but by our special ar-v
rangement we are able to offer these t
excellent lines of Hose in Gent's, La- t
dies' and Misses,' at 10ce per pair or
three npir for 25c.
I (
>er, we started in a very modest v
Financial depression has swept o
such phenomenal success accomp
we will continue to fight for an lh
>assed away.
tat they will find it to their intere
>etition, for we have quoted you b<
en our customers enter our large s
A our prices and compare them w
[v where his dollar will buy the m<
rhere she has spent sei
ie 28th day of Septem
Manning, and we will
er 28.
tment, for the ladies of
)artment and, the sple:
ITEMBER 28, and all
We also carry an immense line of
all other grades of Gent's, Ladies',
Misses' and Children's Hose and
down at the right price.
A large line of Ladies' Black Hose
at 5e per pair.
A very large line of Ladies' Fast
Black Hose at 10c per pair.
A large line of Ladies' Gray Mixed
Hose at 10c per pair.
An immense line of Ladies' guaran
teed Fast Black Hose at 15c per pair
or two p~air for 20c. Also a beautiful
line of Ladies' Fast B3lack silk fin
ished Hose for the most fastidious
tradle at 25e per pair.
Clothing Department.
In invitin the publi tocal n
nspet ou lie ofGen'IB'an
hldensClthn weaecofdn
'ewl eable to ofe thmtelr
all invigthe lbrke ocals.n
Fifet ouMe Blac Clatv ostend
uis l on and sqare cut Sacks,
Tewilenty-fie tofer Blue the Black
~ergan e aests inoflo-rathin for
allundu Sintr w10 haeer shwnl
.ndrthe v1e.50 lThest stylee Suits pre
eali the anfrkets inmnssi
ift se's k lYWose
We picke rud a squ argai cof Sack
Trnt''-fnenMensnBl andn Black
'ay, our small stock scarcely filling on
ver our country since then, but still w
ished ? We answer by hard work a
inest living. The greatest ambition
st to (10 so, for never in the history o
low many lines of goods bought in tb
tore and warehouse which contain 3,1(
ith what they can do at other stores
>st, but by all means consider quality,
reral weeks buying our I
ber, and all the balance o:
, at the same time, displa
'Manning and Clarendon
adid patronage given us
the balance of the Week
which will not fade and are well
worth $12.50, but we got them at a
bargain and offer them to our trade
at $0 per Suit.
We also have an immense stock of
all grades of Men's Suits from $3 per
suit up, and the trade will not be dis
app~oinlted when they call to see our
line of Gent's Clothing.
Boys' Clothing.
/ Sh
// sol
' th<
S all
Whaeheretofore only carried a
limited quantity of Children's Cloth-* sto.
ing and this year we put in a large
and well-selected stock of Children's
Clothing, ranging in prices for Knee
Suits from 1.00 to 3.50 per suit and
nice enough for any boy to wear.
Fifty Boys' Wool Mixed Suits,fromn
3i to 15 years old, only 1.00, worth 1.25.
Fifty Boys' Black Blue Cheviot
Wool Suits at 1.25 that are often sold.
at 1.50 and 1.75 per suit. .sen
Alarge lot of very nice Knee Suits na~
at 1.50, 1.75. 2.00, 2.30 and 3.50 perto
We also carry a large lot of Boys' pen
Knee Pants, from 25 to 75c per pair. Sla
.o' n hl~glHt wal
We arc now showixng the largest
tock of Gent s anud Children's Hats nice
nfd Caps we have ever shown, and higl
vihat is better still, we are offering
hiem at prices never before heard of. bier
a-fourth of the store we then occupied. But this small twig, as it
e have bore the brunt of the storm and have met every obligation
ad continued application to business, coupled with square and hon
to which we or any man can aspire is to be-regarded as an honest
I our business were we better prepared to meet the wants of our
e early summer much cheaper than our competitors can buy them.
)0 square feet of floor space which are crowded from floors to ceil
nd then if we can't make it to their interest to buy of us then we
for cheap, trashy goods are dear at any price.
7all and Winter stock of Millinery and gath
E the week, display the Rarest Collection of
y our line of Fine Dress Goods, Capes and
know too well the interest we have taken
heretofore shows that our efforts have not
Shoe Department.
First of all, we wish to impress
one fact upon the minds of our cus
tomers if you want good, solid, hon
est Shoes you can get them from us,
but if you want something for a
makeshift that will last you a cou
ple of weeks at best, we want to
tell you that you can't get such
S~ shoes at our store. We have no
room in our store for such stuff.
We buy nothing but the best
es on the market and we buy only from reliable houses, hence there is
t. a cheap paper bottom shoe in our stock.
Our line of Ladies' genuine Dongola Shoes at 1.00 and 1.25 will wear
11 ajnd give good satisfaction to the ladies who buy them.
Our line of Ladies' Heavy Pebble Grain Shoes at 1.00 is the best line of
oes we have ever seen offered for this money and the lady who buys
s line of Shoes will be pleased.
Remember that we are agent for the famous -H. C. Godman Black
ttom Shoes for Ladies and Children, and we unhesitatingly declare
s line of Shoes the best we have ever put upon our shelves. We have
ml thousands of pairs of these Shoes and have never had one complaint
m them. We ask 1.50 for the Godman Lady Shoes and 75c to 1.25 for
Children's and Misses'.
We also sell the famous Hine & Lynch Fine Dress Shoes for Men,Iand
>se who want a Shoe that will give satisfaction will do well to buy a
r of Hine & Lynch Shoes.
We also carry a nice line of Gent's, Boys' and Children's Shoes, in
of the leading styles.
Our lady friends who wish a nice pair of Dress Shoes will do well to
a pair of our Paris Kid Shoes at 3.00 per pair and if these are too
'ensive we have other lines at 2.00 and 2.25 ner pair.
Call and see us when you want good Shoes, for we carry an immense
ik of Shoes, and we have them at the right prices.
We are now getting in our School Book supply and by the time the
>ols open we will have a full lot of School Books on hand, such as
e been adopted for use in the schools by the State Board of Educa
We also carry a large stock of School Supplies, such as Tablets for
and pencil, Pens and Ink, Writing Paper and Copy Books and
es. Give us a call when you want School Books or School Supplies.
If any of the Graded Schools of the county wish to secure books
er than are adopted by the State Board, just give me a list of their
Lts and wve will cheerfully order them.
Glassware aild Crockery.
We keep on hand all the time a complete line of all kinds of Glass
a and Crockery, and when a lady needs anything in this line she will
much if she don't see what we have to offer.
A'lso a beautiful line of Plain and Decorated Lamps. We give you a
plain Stand Lamp, with chimney and burner, complete, 18 inches
t, for only 20c. Beat this if you can.
l'wenty-five dozen Tumblers to arrive at 15c for a Set of six Tum

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